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LOVEX3 1 girls living the townhouse across


WARNING: Graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual
activity involving sexual intercourse, oral sex and
masturbation in a loving but unconventional relationship.
Do not proceed to read this if you are under the legal age
for viewing such material or you are in a place or under a
jurisdiction that makes the reading or possession of such
material illegal. If you have received this material
unsolicited it is not due to the author distributing it in that
manner. This story was posted to
or sent by email only in response to a request from parties
identifying themselves to the author.

Copyright has been notarised under the author's real name.
Reproduction for commercial purposes in whole or part
without permission prohibited. The author has the resources
to pursue Copyright violators.

Finally this is a true story about one of the most memorable,
pleasurable and important experiences of my life. For those
who get bored with this part of the story (mainly
masturbation) the explicit sex starts in Part 2. This part
mainly focusses on our initial sexual relationships and sets
the stage for what happens next.


Here is the unusual but true story about how I got involved
in a three way relationship. I have used the girls real first
names as I know they won't be further identified. Obviously
from the way I say some of the things in this story I became
close friends with Julie, Shelley and Carol. We had great fun
looking back at and talking about the pieces that formed this
relationship. This story is built from some of those pieces
and most surprisingly it is true. All the participants know
this story has been written and hopefully may even write
their own perspective of it. We are Australian and although
I have tried to remove the influence of local dialect some
may remain - consider it local colour (color).
Love Times Three (Part 1 of 3)

This all takes place in a townhouse I lived in when I was 23.
The townhouse has two levels with a small yard that adjoins
other similar dwellings. There were about 15 townhouses in
this complex, generally staggered in a pattern so you had a
lot of privacy. This initially took place in January, late on
Saturday afternoon and that evening. The only other
townhouse I could partially see into and which could see
part way into mine was across directly the garden. The
upper balconies are set back from the front of the houses
and are usually quite private.

I was sitting/lying on the upper balcony in a swim suit
known as "Speedos" after spending most of the day at the
beach. I was at the time a surf lifesaver (voluntary life
guard) and this is the swim suit style most commonly worn
and it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. There were two
girls living in the townhouse across from mine, one called
Julie - age 22, and the other called Shelley - age 24. I had
only a passing acquaintance with them - you know how you
say hi to someone when you see them but that is about all
you ever get to say.

I had been training at the beach most of the morning and
afternoon. When I got home I was pretty tired and crashed
out on the balcony to rest for a while before checking out
what my friends were up to that night. While lying on the
sun lounge I started to think about following up with a
particular girl I had been flirting with the previous Tuesday
night called Carol. We had been eyeing each other for a
while and chatting on and off for a couple of months and I
finally plucked up the courage to get to know her better
about two weeks before.

Last Tuesday we had finally gotten around to the hand
holding, kissing and cuddling stage - not being in any
particular rush to push my advances to her and possibly
frighten her off (or so I thought). We had done a lot of
kissing and caressing (still clothed) that night. I could tell by
Carol's body language and little responses that she had been
feeling as turned on as I had been from the attention we paid
each other. However, she didn't want to take things further
then (as I correctly suspected she was having her period and
a bit embarrassed about it).

Needless to say I was as horny as hell and masturbated when
I got home that night - to thoughts of her body's response
under my touch and imagining what might lie in the not to
distant future. I am not shy and pretty uninhibited, so I
usually walk around naked, with a hard-on or not, with the
blinds or curtains in whatever position they happen to be in.
However I do not deliberately expose myself - this place
was pretty private and I knew no-one could see in (or so I

The night when I masturbated after seeing Carol I was
stroking my cock while sitting on the side of the bed nearest
the balcony doors/windows (glass across the full length and
height) with vertical blinds. The blinds were partially open
to let the breeze through and the bedside lamp was on.

The bathroom belonging to the girls across the drive was
roughly in line with my bedroom balcony and fitted with
frosted glass. As mine was - in line with their balconies and
fitted with the same glass. Usually the bathroom windows
do not open much and you can't see out very well. - I had
modified mine so I could open it right up as I like a lot of air
through the bathroom to clear steam, etc. Shelley (the 24 yr
old) had also changed their bathroom window to do the

Well, as you might have guessed I had been caught in the
act but didn't know it. Apparently Shelley had been watching
me masturbating in my room for quite a while, to the point
where she had bought a set of small binoculars.

Julie, the other girl, didn't know until she was in the
bathroom that particular Tuesday night and found the
binoculars Shelley had accidentally left behind. Guess what
she saw when she looked out the window? She didn't
connect what the binoculars were there for until she saw me
doing something "unusual" behind the blinds and picked
them up out of curiosity for a better look.

I don't know how long she was watching as I spent quite a
long time slowly stroking my cock while imagining what I
was going to do with Carol. Thinking about feeling the
shape and texture of her breasts, teasing her nipples to
tighten and erect them, caressing, feeling, looking and
tasting almost every inch of her.

Anyway, not long after I came I noticed the silhouette of a
head outlined in their bathroom window. Apparently
Shelley used to close the bathroom door to stop the
background glow of their hall light so I never noticed
anyone before. Seconds after I looked up and started trying
to work out if there was someone over there the head
disappeared and I saw an indistinct shape move out of their
bathroom. I wasn't sure if someone had been looking my
way and didn't think much more of it. After all, I was in my
place, in private and if someone was interested enough to
go to the trouble to watch, so be it. But I watched that
window closely for the next few nights.

So here I am, Saturday afternoon, lying on the sun lounge
on the balcony thinking about Carol and getting pretty
aroused. I thought about the girls across the drive and was
sure they were out and took off my swimmers (the balcony
is only viewable from their bathroom window and a little
from one bedroom and I was checking both). The warm sun
on my penis was really pleasant and I was soon fully erect
and slowly stroking although I didn't intend to come.

Having initially thought about the girls across the garden, I
soon wasn't only thinking about Carol but also Shelley who
was really quite a picture. What worked me up even further
was imagining her over there watching me, and, me
watching her from my window (something that hadn't
occurred to me before - what a wasted opportunity). It was
an hour later or so when I eventually went inside. As I
turned around I thought I caught the shape of a head
moving across their window, just a glance and nothing I
could tell for certain.

Later I showered, shaved and went to get changed. Having
forgotten to recharge my electric razor I went back into the
bathroom without turning on the light. The power outlet is
beside the window and I looked across the garden as I
walked in.

By now it was getting quite dark outside and with a heart
thumping double take I saw the unmistakable form of a
woman lying on the bed in the room directly across from
me. Now I had seen lots of naked women - the beach has as
many uncovered as covered breasts - so I wasn't too
interested and I do respect the privacy of others. But.... I
did notice as I went to walk away that she looked like she
was... doing something.

I don't have binoculars but I do have a camera with a big
telephoto lens. So I went and got it (no film) and using the
window sill as a support had a close look across the drive. I
was more curious than anything else, and when I saw that
she was masturbating I nearly dropped the camera. I think
all the blood in my body rushed to my cock! I was instantly
so hard I was trembling and nearly unable to hold the
camera still.

Needless to say I couldn't keep my hand off my penis as I
watched this girl quite rapidly bring herself to what looked
like a pretty powerful orgasm. As soon as I saw her breasts and neck begin to blush and her hips rotate slightly upwards
I recognised the sign she was about to come and I couldn't
stop myself from joining her. We shared a simultaneous
orgasm and I had only stroked myself about 20 times.

Just as I came I realised this girl may been at the window
earlier and perhaps she was masturbating to what she had
seen. This doubled the intensity of my coming to be what I
can only say was one of the most powerful orgasms I have
ever had from masturbation (lots of times I have come but I
consider orgasm to be different feeling yet again). With
come all over my hand and running down the wall I kept
watching (without the camera) to see which girl it was. In a
few minutes I was pleasantly surprised to see Julie sit up,
draw a robe around her and walk to the window. She
looked straight across at my bathroom window, shrugged
her shoulders and left the room.

Over the next few months, Julie and I played a little peek a
boo game, never really sure if the other was watching. I
knew when Julie was watching because I could see her
silhouette at the bathroom window or her bedroom
window.. She just assumed I was because my bathroom
window was open and she had left her blinds partly open
(the girls had assumed a long time before that I was trying
to peep at them due to my modified window and were quite
surprised that I hadn't been).

As I said earlier Shelley had been secretly watching me for
quite a while. Julie didn't know this although she suspected
it once she found the binoculars. It was quite funny when it
turned out that often both Shelley and Julie were watching
me at the same time but didn't know it (Shelley from the
bathroom and Julie from the corner of her bedroom
window). Both girls pretty much knew when the other was
or had masturbated (distinctive noises during, body language
before or after, etc.) and this in turn usually led to the other
privately joining in.

I often got to watch Julie enjoying herself and usually I
would make my way to my bathroom window while
cleaning up after masturbating, to see her fully spread and
concentrating on her own self stimulation. Sometimes I
changed my masturbation technique to better enjoy the
experience. Instead of bringing myself to climax I would
stop before it (maybe fake my climax) and then move to
watch Julie. This way I could stroke myself to a better,
fuller (and messier) orgasm and time it to coincide with her
peak of pleasure.

Getting to see Shelley masturbate was a different story. Her
room was not visible from my place at all. Shelley used to
watch me from their bathroom and wonder why I would
sometimes stand transfixed looking out of my bathroom
window after I masturbated. She guessed I was looking into
Julie's room but not why as I seldom used the camera and
lens to watch Julie (something about needing both hands

One night when Julie was away for work (a fairly common
event) Shelley watched me from the bathroom window.
When I moved hopefully to my bathroom window she
moved to Julie's room. At the time I didn't know it was
Shelley as she had a towel wrapped around her hair and a
robe on that was not unlike Julie's. But when she spread
herself across the bed I was pretty certain it wasn't Julie as
by now I knew those curves and features almost as well as if
we shared a bed together.

I went and got the camera and soon the telephoto lens
removed all doubt as I zoomed into to see Shelley's
beautiful face and more ample bust topped with delicious
orange-pink rosebud nipples (Julie had cute, pink, pencil
eraser buds). Both had firm beautiful breasts but the shapes
were distinctly different.

As I soon witnessed, Shelley masturbated at a pace and
intensity that also was very different. She was also much
more explicit, making sure I had a clear view of the focus of
her passion at all times. I could tell she was enjoying her
display as much as I was because she moved to make sure I
could see how she stimulated herself. At times it seemed
her display was intended to teach me what she liked, how to
satisfy her, how to tease, tempt and reward her. Watching
Shelley was like watching a private show, whereas watching
Julie was more like sharing something special.

I soon learnt that whenever Julie was away Shelley would
waste no time in taking advantage of the situation. She was
far bolder than Julie and started blowing me kisses
goodnight after she finished her private show. I returned the
favour so there was no longer any doubt we each knew the
other was there. I soon started blowing kisses to Julie too
and after her initial surprise she returned them
enthusiastically. It was my kisses that confirmed Shelley's
suspicions (as she watched from their bathroom) that Julie
and I were definitely having fun with each other.

Shelley moved out the next year just after Carol and I
started living together. I didn't know but Carol and Julie had
gone to school together and were old friends. So instead of
finding another room-mate Julie moved in with us. Carol
didn't know about the peeking games Julie and I had
engaged in until much later. Needless to say Julie and I
teased each other terribly when we lived together, although
in a much more modest way then we had before.

....... to be continued (see Love Times Three Part 2)


This ends Part 1. It is a bit wordy but I suppose I am having
difficulty putting such a wonderful experience down as a
short story - I can still remember every detail.

Please let me know if you enjoyed what I have written. If
you haven't enjoyed it, taking note of the last paragraph
below, let me know. One cannot grow in any endeavour
without constructive criticism. Please feel free to critique by
sending email to davlstr at telstra dot com (sorry there is no
link but I hate spam).

If you have a moral objection to me writing this story or find
the topic objectionable in itself then stop reading this type of
material in general. The author believes in personal liberty
and free speech that does not incite hatred. If you do not
like the story because of your beliefs then please understand
that I may not share some of those beliefs. E-mail telling me
otherwise will be enthusiastically ignored.


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