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LOVEX3 2 movie and ignore and Carol


WARNING: Graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual
activity involving sexual intercourse, oral sex and
masturbation in a loving but unconventional relationship. Do
not proceed to read this if you are under the legal age for
viewing such material or you are in a place or under a
jurisdiction that makes the reading or possession of such
material illegal. If you have received this material unsolicited
it is not due to the author distributing it in that manner. This
story was posted to or sent by email
only in response to a request from parties identifying
themselves to the author.

Copyright has been notarised under the author's real name.
Reproduction for commercial purposes in whole or part
without permission prohibited. The author has the resources
to pursue Copyright violators.

Finally this is a continuation of the true story about one of the
most memorable, pleasurable and important experiences of
my life. For those who got bored with Part 1, this is where
the sex really starts. This part mainly focusses on our initial
and subsequent sexual relationships whereas Part 1 set the
stage for what happens next.


Love Times Three (Part 2 of 3)

Strangely enough Carol got a kick out of Julie and I playfully
teasing each other. She admitted one night she liked the idea
of seeing me flirt with Julie and then being able to make love
with me knowing Julie could only dream of doing this. A
kind of superiority thing I suppose (like a spoiled child, I can
and you can't, nah nah ne nah nah). Upon hearing this I
jokingly said Julie probably was joining in all by herself
anyway and Carol gave me a look that said I had better shut
up. So I did.

A few weeks later, just after I teased Carol for about two
hours and finally let her come (eventually from my tongue on
her clit), she flipped over, placed her pussy on my face and
went down on me like a demon. After a few minutes she
took me out of her mouth looked back between her legs and
said she wondered if Julie was really listening to us making
love. I said I didn't know and Carol replied that if she was,
she was going to give her something to really get off about
and gave me a head job I still vividly remember. I went to
work on her literally dripping slit and she came again just
before I did. A wonderful experience as she usually only
comes once, even more so as I came deeply and fully within
her mouth as she was to caught up in her own pleasure to
back off.

Over the next few weeks I worked out that Carol got off on
the thought of Julie masturbating to our love making. It
really turned her on and I would tease her by whispering in
her ear a description of how Julie must be pleasuring herself
while performing the same motions for real on Carol's pussy.
Carol began to more openly show off our passions to Julie,
playfully but deliberately getting me aroused where Julie
could see what was going on (such as on the sofa) and then
taking me off to the bedroom. I was a little uncomfortable
about this as I genuinely liked Julie and I knew she must be
unhappy about being made to sit through these little episodes.
Julie and I talked it over one day (by ourselves) and it was
both embarrassing and erotic. So was our possible solution.

The next night Carol once again teased Julie mercilessly with
our heavy petting and fondling. I was also a willing and
active participant as Julie and I had worked out a little plan
to try and give Carol a bit of a shock to settle her down.
After a hour of kissing, cuddling and caressing on the sofa
(angled toward but not directly facing Julie - who was
watching television)

Carol and I were both visibly very aroused. Each time Carol
started to disengage and move toward the bedroom I would
stop her. Eventually I had my hand under her dress and a
finger on her clit through the leg of her panties. She became
less interested in moving but nervous about us going so far.
I was confident the movie and sound was covering our
activities and told her so.

She had folded back the leg of my fairly baggy shorts for
better access and about half of my cock was exposed but
covered by her hand. Eventually, after a long time, I
deliberately started to massage her clit in a way I knew would
make her come, and fairly soon at that. Her passion started to
rise ever closer to a peak as the stimulation overcame her
caution and I half laid her on the sofa. I positioned myself
kneeling on the floor and partially in her line of sight to Julie.
Her head was at the end of the sofa that was more exposed
to Julie's view and from hips down she couldn't be seen unless
Julie moved to deliberately look. Julie pretended to watch
the movie and ignore us and Carol quickly stopped paying
her too much attention. Now for the next step.

I began to rapidly rub and finger Carol's entire pussy with my
right hand, keeping enough attention on her clitoris to quickly
build her orgasm but not enough to let her come until exactly
the right moment. I had done this lots of times and knew
exactly what she felt like just before she went over the edge,
and I was careful not to go too far. I knew if I lifted my left
arm Carol would have an uninterrupted view of where Julie
was sitting. Hopefully the timing was right and after a couple
more minutes I lifted my left arm and put it on the back of the

Julie made a distinctive and clearly unusual noise and I
pushed Carol to the brink of her orgasm while nodding my
head slightly. I moved the hair around Carol's face with my
left hand and when she opened her eyes I put my hand back
up on the sofa. At this point her body squirmed on the sofa
as she lifted her head onto her right arm and stared at Julie,
who was partially undressed but clearly and explicitly
masturbating on the other sofa. I couldn't see Julie but Carol
was absolutely transfixed by what must have been an
incredibly erotic sight.

The most amazing thing happened to Carol. I think she had
just started to go over the edge into orgasm when she first
spotted Julie and worked out what she was doing. At that
point she kind of froze on the spot. Her vagina was tightly
contracted around my fingertip and as I moved I found her
clitoris hard and prominent. I stopped rubbing and applied
just gentle pressure as her attention shifted to Julie and we
stayed like this for at least 15 seconds. Slowly so as not to
over stimulate her I began stroking her very pronounced and
very hard clit. It was so pronounced that I could feel the tip
protruding from her hood and my cock leapt to the hardest it
had ever been from feeling her in this state.

Then something amazing happened. Her body started to
orgasm but it appeared her mind initially didn't. Her body
was in the most powerfully deep orgasm I had ever seen and
she was still rivetted on Julie. Her skin flushed a deep deep
pink that slowly radiated from her breasts, neck and lower
tummy.. Her entire breasts flushed deep pink and only when
the flush reach her face did she close her eyes and draw in
one enormous breath as she slipped beneath the surface and
into that almighty orgasm. She came for nearly a minute - the
longest continuous orgasm I had ever seen someone
experience. Huge racking breaths, tightly clenched muscles
all over her body, tears running from her eyes and me gently
keeping her incredibly engorged clitoris stimulated enough to
maintain the fire within, but not too much lest it become

Just as Carol released one huge breath and took another I
heard a similar noise from behind me and I assumed Julie
took herself over the edge to orgasm. I would have loved to
watch but my entire attention was rivetted on Carol and
gently prolonging her orgasm. The experience was all
consuming for me as well as her and I didn't want to blow it
by trying to see Julie. Finally Carol started to relax and
return to earth, when suddenly her eyes snapped open to see
Julie with her own facial expression of near-post orgasmic
bliss. Julie didn't seem to care that we were in the room and
could see her. She was still running on the high from her
orgasm and not quite back down with the real world yet.

Carol looked at me and sat up. I started to stand up and
move around to sit beside her but my cock was fully erect
and sticking out the leg of my shorts. This prevented me from
comfortably moving (those bloody shorts could hurt) out of
the position I was in until either I deflated (not likely anytime
soon) or I took the shorts off. Carol saw my problem,
pushed me down, took my shorts off and pulled me up to my

My cock was level with her face and she immediately and
quite unexpectedly took me in her mouth. More amazingly
she turned me sideways so she could see Julie. I don't know
if it was intended (I assume it was) but when Julie eventually
looked could see my cock in Carol's mouth. Julie had been
slowly rubbing her pussy in her panties (she hadn't taken them
off) with her eyes closed while she relaxed and she now stood
up. While looking directly at Carol she slid her panties off
and sat back down. She then closed her eyes for a moment
and started gently and slowly rubbing her now fully exposed
pussy. She opened her eyes and stared straight at Carol and
what she was doing to me. Carol closed her eyes and set
about giving me more of the best head I had ever had while
occasionally glancing at Julie. I thought Carol kept her eyes
closed most of the time to avoid being embarrassed, but
from watching Julie's lifting and lowering gaze I realised it
was because Carol was rubbing her own clit through her
soaked panties and in synch with her mouth rising and falling
on my cock.

I couldn't last long from this amount of stimulation. Carol's
mouth on my erection, the sight of Julie masturbating and
watching us, the thoughts and glimpse of Carol rubbing
herself were going to be too much. I would probably have
come from the mental stimulation alone. Carol must have
sensed this as she suddenly backed off and I was left
uncomfortably close to coming, and I mean really close to
coming. Carol stood up, slipped her own panties off and sat
again in about one second. Holding my cock against her
cheek she used a slow stroking motion with her hand while
she worked her clit in rapid tight circles. Although I had seen
Carol touch herself before she usually did it without to much
interest. Never had she done so like this. She was immersed
in the heat of her own passion, occasionally tasting my cock
or watching Julie, who following Carol's lead, was also fully
ands openly masturbating. There was nothing demure about
this, both girls were rapidly and forcefully rubbing their
pussies so fast their fingers were literally flashing across their
clits. Looking down I could see Carol's finger buried in her
slit and her pussy folds wrapped around it as she slid up and
down and around and I started to come. Carol had her
mouth around the side of the head of my cock and most of
my come shot to the side and onto the sofa. I could hardly
stand as Carol bobbed my cock head in and out and around
to prolong and draw my orgasm out fully, which was one of
the most powerful I have ever had. With my cock still sliding
across her mouth I began to luxuriate in the sensation and felt
her begin to come again. She froze with my cock half in her
mouth, her face a blurred mask of that indistinguishable
pleasure or pain look and with her fingers still but pulling her
folds back hard against herself. Carol's clit was again fully,
almost what looked to be painfully swollen and prominent.
After several seconds my cock fell from her mouth as she
took several deep breaths and rolled over onto her side on the
sofa. I looked at Julie who was still quickly and deliciously
fingering her clit. She looked me straight in the eye and
collapsed into another orgasm. It looked like she came by
slipping a finger into her slit and pressing hard on her clit with
the base of her finger while using her palm to press down on
her cute little thatch of pubic hair. As her orgasm tailed off
she curled up on her sofa and I was left with a hard again
cock and a sense of bewilderment and wonder.

I didn't know what to do as Julie and I certainly hadn't
planned this. We thought Carol would see Julie playing with
herself through her panties, become embarrassed and take
flight for the bedroom. Where after making love (hopefully)
I could discuss Julie's feelings about our behaviour. I was
too stunned to do anything so I went and lay on the bed and
after a little while Carol joined me and we went to sleep.

Next day, a Friday, we all went to work and due to staggered
departure times, the three of us were never together.
Saturday was looking to be awkward. Once we were awake
I suggested we go and do the shopping. My intention that
this was a normal activity we usually did together and would
help everyone relax and have time to think about how to deal
with what had happened.

I thought I was going to be in for a rough ride as these two
rode their various emotional highs and lows over what had
happened, but it wasn't really all that bad. Carol and I had a
talk about what I had gotten out of the experience (the
biggest sexual thrill of my life).

Carol started to bravely claim she stayed there and did it for
me as she thought I might have enjoyed the experience.
Plainly this was not true, she had enjoyed it as much as I had.
I told her so amongst lots of kisses, cuddles and holding to
reassure her I still loved her, and it was OK for her to admit
she enjoyed watching Julie that I didn't think she was strange
for doing so.

In fact I told her it was pretty natural to be curious about
other peoples sexual activities and getting turned on was OK.
Eventually she admitted it was quite a horny sight watching
Julie touch herself. Out of the blue she then said she thought
she really gave Julie something to remember and masturbate over (I think she was referring to using her mouth on me in
front of Julie). Finally she got up the courage (and me too I
must admit) to talk things over with Julie and we all sat in the
lounge with coffee and biscuits.

Julie was really worried Carol would want her out of the
townhouse we shared and had pretty well decided that is
what we were going to say to her. She was really nervous
and almost crying when we started talking things over. We
never even mentioned the sex as all our emotions were
running riot. Interestingly, it was only then I realised that I
not only loved Carol, but also Julie, albeit in a slightly
different way.

It took a little while to work out that Julie thought we
wanted her to move out, the thought had never occurred to
me and I don't believe Carol had thought far enough through
the implications to have those thoughts either. At this stage
jealousy didn't surface, probably because it was hidden behind
a touch of embarrassment. Julie was really happy to realise
she had the wrong impression and that night we had a really
pleasant, warm, comfortable night together (no sex).

Our sex lives went back to normal, until my birthday two
months later. I didn't know but the girls had discussed
amongst themselves all the details about that night we shared.
Several times in fact. Later I realised why Carol just about
tore my clothes off after I arrived home from work a few

Occasionally when making love and touching her a particular
way Carol would ask me if I thought Julie might like how this
feels, or asked me to tell what I was seeing and feeling as
they both (the girls) were coming that night. Several times
she asked me what Julie's pussy looked like, could I see her
clit, could I rub her (Carol) like how Julie was rubbing
herself. This was all good fun and I suspected that Carol was
relaxing and beginning to enjoy reliving the experience.

I mentioned my birthday. Well as you have guessed my gift
was both girls making love to me. They had conspired to
treat me to a once in a lifetime experience and make me the
centre of their combined sexual attention. This was supposed
to be a them-give, me-take experience, but I enjoy giving as
much or even more than receiving. So their little plan was
altered when I said the biggest gift would be if I could eat
each of them to orgasm as the first part of my present.

They hadn't expected this as they had already planned that
Carol would fuck me to orgasm (and hopefully her too) while
Julie brought herself off with us. My desired variation really
threw them as they hadn't thought I could want anything
more than two mouths and two pairs of hands all over my
body and cock. They hadn't planned for me to do much to
them, if anything at all. Anyway with a little persuasion (and
a finger gently sweeping above the damp spot on Carol's
black lace panties) they finally agreed.

Carol was to be first as I guessed (correctly) if I could get
Julie to help me bring Carol off, Carol would more readily
help or at least allow me to bring Julie to orgasm. I didn't
really need any assistance but I wanted everyone to feel the
they were the centre of attention and be totally involved in
each others pleasure. It worked!

With only a little encouragement Julie happily began to caress
Carol's arms and tummy, gently stroking all those places that
I wished I could touch and caress if I had an extra two hands.
I hate rushing things and I was in seventh heaven as I kissed
and nibbled, pinched and tickled my way around Carol. Julie
and I soon fell into a rhythm where we could supplement
each others touch on Carol with a kiss or caress, making each
movement a little concerto of pleasure for her.

After the initial nerves Carol was well into her pleasure zone.
We had been making love to her for over an hour and had not
yet touched her vulva, although she had been trying to get me
to since not long after we eased her panties off. She was
wet.... not just wet but soaking. As I spread her thighs her
lips were swollen to the point of being puffy. Her wetness
was spread across her inner thighs and as she opened to my
touch her petals separated enough for me to see her clit
sitting fat and prominent at the top of her glistening flesh.

I didn't encourage Julie to touch Carol erotically, other than
in "neutral" sexual territory, but as I moved to use my tongue
on Carol's pussy Julie watched with look of love and passion.
Carol groaned and rolled her hips back and up as my first
touch of her pussy this night was my tongue slipping the
length of her folds and settling firmly over her clitoris. She
sank further into her pleasure as I worked my tongue firmly
around her delicious womanhood, as did I. I felt her arch her
back a little as something else added to her stimulation and I
looked up to see Julie slowly slipping Carol's left nipple in
and out of her mouth. Carol's nipple looked hard, puckered
and dark - a sure sign her usually pink buttons were sending
their own messages of bliss to her.

As Julie moved into a more comfortable position her legs
moved apart and I glimpsed the wetness gathered around the
legs of her panties. As mush as I wanted to reach out and
touch her I didn't for fear of shifting Carol's awareness from
deep within her own pleasure. Julie caught my glance and
reached down to run a finger along the outline of her labia
but I reached out and stopped her hand before it found its
intended target.

The combined ministrations of Julie and I brought Carol to an
intense, long and profoundly deep orgasm. The waves of
contractions moving through her were almost visible. She
flushed deep pink, almost purple on her breasts and neck. I
clamped my mouth over and around her sex while pressing
my tongue hard against her clitoris, applying a constant
pressure while holding her hips immobile with my hands and
forearms. Julie continued to gently suckle her nipple, rolling
the other between her long sensuous fingers. Carol's orgasm
went through several waves, each one slightly less intense
than the preceding one, each new wave being triggered by the
combination of Julie and I working our gentle magic on her.

........ to be continued in Love Times Three (Part 3)


This ends Part 2. Once again it is a bit wordy but the same
apology from Part 1 still applies.

Please let me know if you enjoyed what I have written. If
you haven't enjoyed it, taking note of the last paragraph
below, let me know. One cannot grow in any endeavour
without constructive criticism. Please feel free to critique by
sending email to davlstr at telstra dot com (sorry there is no
link but I hate spam).

If you have a moral objection to me writing this story or find
the topic objectionable in itself then stop reading this type of
material in general. The author believes in personal liberty
and free speech that does not incite hatred. If you do not like
the story because of your beliefs then please understand that
I may not share some of those beliefs. E-mail telling me
otherwise will be enthusiastically ignored.


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