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LOVEX3 3 split between her lips drawing


WARNING: Graphic and explicit descriptions of sexual
activity involving sexual intercourse, oral sex and
masturbation in a loving but unconventional relationship. Do
not proceed to read this if you are under the legal age for
viewing such material or you are in a place or under a
jurisdiction that makes the reading or possession of such
material illegal. If you have received this material
unsolicited it is not due to the author distributing it in that
manner. This story was posted to
or sent by email only in response to a request from parties
identifying themselves to the author.

Copyright has been notarised under the author's real name.
Reproduction for commercial purposes in whole or part
without permission prohibited. The author has the
resources to pursue Copyright violators.

Finally this is a continuation of the true story about one of
the most memorable, pleasurable and important experiences
of my life.


Love Times Three (Part 3 of 3)

Almost reluctantly Carol began to return to earth, slowly at
first and then more rapidly until she slumped spent and
content. Then her eyes opened just a little too quickly and
she cast a furtive glance around as if to reorient herself and
take stock of the situation. I was still nuzzled in her loins,
savouring the warm wetness and Julie was stretched out
beside her, close but not touching.

I pulled back a little and I could feel the tension creep into
her body as she fully realised what had happened and
although nothing was said it was obvious she was more than
a little embarrassed. The next few minutes or even seconds
would be critical as to how things progressed in the future.
This was about more than assuaging the burning, throbbing
need in my crotch. It was about how all three of us saw
each other in light of this new experience. No words were
exchanged, no looks passed between us but it was obvious
this was a watershed moment.

Julie broke the momentary impasse by retrieving a tissue
from the bedside table and passing it to me. My mouth,
cheeks, chin and nose were coated in the sweet remnants of
Carol's passion.

Silently Julie left the bedroom and I moved into the warm
spot she left and snuggled up to Carol, holding her close
and kissing her hair. She wriggled around a bit, raised
herself on one arm, smiled and kissed me briefly before
falling back on the pillows. She closed her eyes and in a far
off dreamy sort of voice said that was wonderful, and that it
wasn't even her birthday.

Before I could reply Julie reappeared and I patted the bed
near my knees as I slid across the bed, bumping Carol over
a bit to make more room. Julie settled beside me, propped
on one elbow with her head near my ankles. As I rolled
back to a more comfortable position my still fully erect
penis flicked back and forward directly in the line of vision
between the two girls. Ever tried to hold a conversation
with someone when there is a flower pot or vase in your line
of sight? Very distracting to say the least.

Both of the girls tried to speak at once, their eyes moving to
look at each other. Neither pair of eyes got there, focussing
instead on my interfering manhood as the first awkward
words came tumbling out. Without any fuss or even a
sideways glance Julie reached over and wrapped her hand
around my cock, pushing me to the side so her sight line to
Carol was unobstructed. Holding me gently she almost
absentmindedly stroked one finger across the girth of my
now even harder penis. After swinging her hair aside she
looked at Carol and said Carol and I looked beautiful

Carol glanced at Julie's slow moving finger, lifted herself on
one elbow, leaned over and kissed me before murmuring
something that included the word "wonderful" to Julie.
Carol lowered her head onto my shoulder and traced her
fingers across my chest and abdomen. I could feel her eyes
looking at Julie's hand around my cock and I could see Julie
was alternately looking at Carol's face or travelling fingers.
Occasionally she glanced at me or at the hard organ in her
grasp. Julie had never been this close to my cock and I
knew she wanted to explore a little but wasn't sure about
Carol's reaction. The atmosphere was charged and Julie
and I were both tense waiting for Carol to make the next

We didn't have to wait long. Reaching down Carol
supplanted Julie's hand with her own and began to stroke
the full length of my hardness. Julie rested her hand on my
thigh and ran a finger across my scrotum as Carol pumped
my length just the way I liked it best. Carol was clearly
going to show off to Julie how well she knew her way
around my cock, a sort of show and tell without words.

I was responding well to her touch, feeling the familiar
tightness building deep inside me. While I was still able to
coherently form words I jokingly mentioned this part of my
present was coming early as I still had one gift left to
unwrap before the big present.

Carol missed a half stroke before resuming at a slightly
slower pace. I felt her head move a little and I knew she
was looking at Julie, mentally chewing on the ramifications
of carrying out what we had earlier agreed. Julie knowingly
looked from one of us to the other. Nuzzling close to
Carol's ear I whispered it was OK, I was happy with what
she was doing and nothing else was needed to make my
birthday special. She nodded a little upon hearing this.

Our little tableau stayed the same for a few more minutes
and then without comment Carol sat up, turned around and
lay back down without releasing my cock for more than two
seconds. She was now lying parallel to Julie but her head
was level with my cock and I wished every saved up wish I
had that she would take me in her mouth and relieve the
burning need surging through my body.

Leaning over a little Carol slid her mouth along the side of
my almost aching cock. Stroking and moving me with her
hand as necessary she worked her lips up and down my
shaft, darting her tongue out to wrap around the head of my
cock as she slurped her way to the top.

Julie watched from the foot of the bed. Carol's head and
hair blocked most of her view but she knew what was
happening and shifted her gaze from Carol's moving head to
my eyes and back again. Julie was still wearing the short
silk housecoat I had given her as a "welcome home" present
when she moved in with us. Her hardened nipples were
plainly evident through the soft material and by the way she
shifted a little I guessed her pussy would be wanting some
attention soon.

Carol kept working her oral magic. She rolled slightly
toward me and took half my cock in her mouth in one swift
movement. My involuntary intake of breath told her this
was a most welcome sensation. She lifted her leg, opening
herself to me as she knew I loved to look at and touch her
while receiving this exquisite pleasure. With half closed
eyes I placed a lazily moving finger between her lips and
caressed the length of her cleft before inserting half a finger
inside and moving it slowly around.

We must have kept this up for several minutes when I
noticed a change in Carol's mouth movements but I didn't
look up to see why. A minute later I felt her shift again and
before I could turn my head to look I felt a finger tentatively
exploring her wetness, slipping through the copious sweet
juices before settling on her clit. I knew it was Carol's
finger without looking as it moved with confidence to settle
on exactly the right spot. I was surprised as Carol seldom
touched herself this way, preferring me to do clit duty
whenever we made love.

I looked down to watch her devouring my cock. Her mouth
was rising and falling in time with the tempo of the fingers
running across her clit. But her eyes were fixed on
something else.

Julie had shifted her hand from my balls to her crotch. Legs
apart, she was fervently rubbing her pussy through her
panties. The soft white satin fabric was clearly very damp
revealing the folds hidden from sight beneath. Her pussy mound was right in front of Carol who couldn't miss every
detail from such close quarters. Julie slowed her rubbing
and Carol slowed both her head and fingers in time with her.
I lifted a little and reached down to hook a finger into the
waistband of Julie's panties and with her assistance they
hissed down her legs in a second.

We all gasped a little as Julie was exposed to us close up for
the first time. She had what I could only describe as a
pretty pussy. Not too much honey blond hair framed what
would normally be petite pink petals, every tuck and fold in
proportion. As we watched she slipped a finger along the
split between her lips, drawing a little wave of moisture
along and over her temple of pleasure, swirling her fingers
around her hooded clit before her fingertips disappeared
between her lips to repeat their journey. Carol's mouth
almost stopped moving but not her fingers, as she watched
fascinated by Julie's own touching.

Carol and I were transfixed as we watched Julie's nether
lips fill and splay lewdly. I almost came when I saw the
whitish-pink tip of her clit begin to peek from her hood as
her finger swept up, over and around it. As if feeling my
near orgasmic surge Carol began to pump my cock wildly in
and out of her mouth. Unable to hold back I started to come
and so did she.

My first spurt must have got Carol by surprise as she lifted
off me in a hurry and fell to the side coughing a little but still
lost in her own pleasure. I grabbed my cock and pumped
myself through a powerful orgasm, the second thick jet of
semen streaking across Carol's cheek as she lifted off.
Another landed on me and yet another landed straight on
Julie's beautiful pussy. Her fingers scooped the hot fluid up
and smeared it over her lips and clit and as another less
powerful spurt landed on her thigh she started to come too.

As a birthday present it was pretty good. As my orgasm
waned my cock gave more than an occasional spasm as I
slowly stroked myself to the sensual view of two beautiful
women at the peak and plateau of orgasm.

This was the start of something wonderful - we took the
first steps into a truly shared relationship and we all fell in
love with each other. I think the bliss we shared that first
night we all made love together brought us close in a way I
had never felt before. For a long time Carol still considered
me to be hers, but eventually her possessiveness gave way
and Julie and I were free to openly express the feelings we
had for each other.

The girls tried making love by themselves a few times but by
their own account they were not all that interested without
me. From this we concluded they were not generally bi-
sexual and it was the uniqueness of the relationship and love
we all felt that made the sexual thing happen between them.

Eventually we went our separate ways. I was first to move
out, taking up a career overseas. From an emotional
perspective this was the hardest decision I have ever made,
but at the time I guess we all knew that life had to go on.

The End


So ends this "chapter" of our relationship (I suppose it is the
first chapter). There are some very memorable experiences
we had as three people in love, both non-sexually and
sexually - sometimes one becoming the other.

Should I write the next chapter, about some of these

Please let me know if you enjoyed what I have written. If
you haven't enjoyed it, taking note of the last paragraph
below, let me know. One cannot grow in any endeavour
without constructive criticism. Please feel free to critique
by sending email to davlstr at telstra dot com (sorry there is
no link but I hate spam).

If you have a moral objection to me writing this story or
find the topic objectionable in itself then stop reading this
type of material in general. The author believes in personal
liberty and free speech that does not incite hatred. If you do
not like the story because of your beliefs then please
understand that I may not share some of those beliefs. E-
mail telling me otherwise will be enthusiastically ignored.


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