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LOVEXMAS sucked the head while her hand


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
I Love Christmas -(lovexmas.txt) - A little too much eggnog, a
tender moment, and a longer than expected nap- the kids have never found
anything like it under the tree in the morning. M/F M/f m/F inc

I Love Christmas

Jack was in a much better mood. He had been gruff through the entire
season and downright surly when they had piled up the presents to wrap
them. Kathy had to admit that they looked like so much gold piled on the
But she put an extra splash of rum in the eggnog and now Jack was
much happier, if a bit clumsy as they arranged the boxes under the tree.
She thought he had lost his balance again when she felt him grab her
It was late and they were going straight to bed after they put the
presents under the tree, so Kathy had thrown the bathrobe over her
nightgown. Pulling up the rear exposed her naked behind. She looked back
in surprise and saw Jack disappearing behind her.
He was in a much better mood and it looked like he was going to
share his new-found Christmas spirit with Kathy. He supported himself
with his hands on her hips as his tongue delved the furrow between her
legs. Kathy lowered her shoulders to the floor and pushed up her ass at
Jack thought the little splash of rum he had added to the eggnog had
helped Kathy forget all the thousand details she had been driving him
mad with the last few weeks. She seemed pretty relaxed as she ground her
pussy on his face while he ate her.
Now that they were done making sure the kids had a financially
ruining holiday, Jack thought he was going to get an early present for
himself. She had looked so good kneeling there with her butt in the air
that he couldn't resist a feel. Then she didn't jump or anything and he
was going for it.
She was obviously helping him as his tongue slipped inside her. She
certainly wasn't rejecting the idea and Jack was becoming convinced that
she was going to let him make love to her under the tree.
Kathy didn't look at it as letting him. Letting him implied the
opposite of stopping him and she hadn't been stopping him. She was glad
he was showing the urge again. The only letting him was staying (mostly)
still while he performed.
"Goddammit, Kathy, I love you," was her warning when he got to his
knees behind her.
It wasn't problem. He had prepared her very well with his tongue.
She was receptive if not squirmingly ready. Two children had not left her
loose and unappealing, but her tightness was more forgiving to a hurried
At the moment Kathy appreciated Jack playing the anxious boy. It
felt more passionate for him to stress her and make her feel like that
tight youngster again. They both were reliving days of long ago as Jack
pushed his cock into her from behind beneath the Christmas tree.
It was good to be inside Kathy. Jack loved fucking his wife. He
marveled that they didn't do it more. She was so wet and nice and perfect
in there. It felt like where his cock should be.
It felt like where his cock should be to Kathy too. She was glad he
wanted to share her body. She felt so connected when he pushed his cock
deep inside her. She wanted him.
Like a bad novel, Kathy felt Jack pull his cock out of her. He had
promised her something that he had no intention of delivering... No, he
was simply helping her straighten up so her could slide her nightgown over
her head. He lay bathrobes and nightgown by the tree and lay Kathy
on them.
Jack wanted to make love to his wife, not fuck his wife's butt. He
pulled his pajama top over his head and threw it to the side. He was
going to feel his wife's body while he was inside her.
This time his entrance was an adventure. He teased Kathy with a
partial penetration and let her lift her hips from the floor to take more
of him into her body. He gave more and she responded more. Then he slid
all the way in and pinned her hips back to the floor.
"Merry Christmas, baby," he grinned.
"Merry Christmas, dear," she replied.
Then they did not so much have sex as have a love affair all on the
floor. Jack seemed tireless as he worked his cock in and out of her belly.
He touched and caressed her and her fingers dug grooves in his back.
Her heels dug his thighs. Her legs flew wide apart. She clamped her
thighs about his waist. She lifted her feet straight in the air. Jack
continued to enjoy the feeling of being inside her.
It melted into a swirled dream of jumbled images and then suddenly
it was later. Kathy snapped awake first. There was sunlight in the room.
It was morning! She snapped into action, trying to push the still sleeping
Jack off her so she could dress before the children...
She froze holding Jack's shoulders a few inches in the air. She
turned her head. Jack Jr. and Heather were standing in the doorway arch
with nervous grins on their faces. Jack made a noise in her face.
"Look, honey," she said trying to keep panic out of her voice.
"Shit!" Jack said without giving his self-censor a chance.
"I know what you got for Christmas," Heather tittered, "It's the
present that IS the box."
"Where did you learn talk like that?" Jack inquired sharply, not
letting the fact that he was laying naked on Kathy deter his fatherly
sense of control.
"Junior tells me stuff like that all the time," Heather said.
"I do not!" Junior argued.
It was the first time he had taken his eyes off his mother's breasts since he had entered the room. Heather, a year and a half older and more
devious, had more interest in the whole scene that any particular part.
Particularly when the only part that interested her was hidden between
her mother's thighs.
Heather smelled compromise. Heather smelled hush privileges. She
stepped closer to remind them they were naked. Kathy had taken away
Junior's fun by crossing her arms across her chest, but Heather knew Jack
was going to have to reveal his cock when he got up.
"I'm just looking for a tag and I don't see who you two are for,"
Heather said.
"Don't be a brat," Kathy scolded, "You're old enough to know what
was going on here. Now take your brother and get out of here so your
father and I can dress."
"No fair!" Heather pouted. "Junior got to look at your boobs a long
time and I don't get to see anything. Daddy should have to get up at
"Did you hear your mother?" Jack snapped. "Leave us alone a minute
so we can put some clothes on."
"Or you'll get up and show me your thing?" Heather snipped. "Why
don't you just do that? Then I'll leave peaceably."
"You'll leave crying," Jack sputtered. "If I have to get up I will
put you across my knee and give you a paddling you'll never forget."
"Promises, promises," Heather taunted him.
"Jack! control yourself!" Kathy shouted as Jack leapt up.
It wasn't even a chase. Heather was immobile as she stared at her
father's wang. By the time she had seen it and reacted, she moved half a
step before Jack's hands closed on her. He pulled her across to the sofa
and used her body to cover his midsection.
He was shocked that she wore panties under her nightgown. Kathy
never had and he wondered where Heather learned that. It presented more
than a puzzle to the nude father with his 17-year old daughter across
his lap with her nightgown around her waist. It represented a line that
he now had to cross.
The nightgown had come up with one motion. To pull her panties down
and expose her rear would be a deliberate act. Jack was gaining more
perspective on the situation as the first heat of his anger cooled. Did he
want to expose his daughter and strike her bottom? Was this the way to
respond to being caught in an embarrassing situation?
"If you want, daddy, I can rub it for you," Heather said and moved
her belly on his lap.
The panties were down and the first crack landed only slightly
before the yelp of shock and pain. He was going to make her a smart ass
all right. He was going to make her ass smart and see if she still sassed
He had to hold her hands away. He had to be deaf to her pleas and
promises. He had to listen to her sob when it hurt enough to make her cry.
He had to deal with the disturbing reality between his legs.
Spanking his daughter was making his dick hard. And when she got up
everyone would know it.
The realization made his hand thump on Heather's rump with no force
and stay there. He had to try and get them away for a minute.
"Now you scoot and give your mother and I some privacy," Jack said.
None of them was prepared for the tirade Heather was about to
"Why?" snapped the sobbing girl, "So you can have another quick one
with Mom? I gave you the hard-on. You should use it on me. mom said we're
old enough. You beat my ass to get it up. You should at least let me have
the pleasure from it."
"Are you crazy? I'm your father!" Jack sputtered.
"And you get a hard-on from beating my butt," Heather shot back.
"How sick is that? If you can get excited over my butt, why can't you
let me be excited too? And mom can show Junior all about women so he
doesn't have to peep at me when I'm in the shower."
"I do not!" Junior denied and they were reminded he had been
watching the entire circus unfold.
Kathy quickly pulled her legs closed, but she realized that Junior
had moved around and had been staring directly into her crotch for some
time. It was far too late to prevent him from seeing. She was undone by
a flash of Junior over her, staring in her face as his cock went in and
out of the cunt he entered the world from.
"No!" Jack said and dumped Heather onto her ass on the floor. "I am
not going to have sex with my daughter. I am not going to do it."
Heather came back up like a cat from her fall. Her smile looked odd
beneath freshly-cried red-rimmed eyes. Her eyes were on the erection that
sprouted from Jack's lap.
"But daddy, that looks like it could be so good for both of us,"
Heather cooed.
The blow their morality suffered seemed to have affected their right
to power. But it was not morality, it was their pride. They had been
caught literally and figuratively in their own lie- that sex did not
exist. At least as far as their children were concerned.
What Heather wanted was wrong. Fathers don't screw their daughters,
no matter how willing they are. There were all those complexes about
sleeping with your parents. And Kathy? Jack couldn't imagine her mothering
extending to letting Junior between her legs and... He couldn't imagine
The kids weren't disappointed in Christmas. They were just subdued
in their appreciation of the generous gifts since they had been in the
sphere of a much more immediate and primal kind of excitement.
"What has happened to Heather?" Jack asked in a private moment with
"You can't blame her for your hard-on," Kathy said, "You got that
all by yourself."
"And I don't know why. Honest. I've never thought about our daughter that way," Jack pleaded.
"I know you haven't," Kathy soothed, "But the only reason is that
she is your daughter. If she was a neighbor girl, you wouldn't have any
problem admitting she was sexy."
"Are you trying to talk me into sleeping with our child?" Jack
asked, amazed.
"Of course not," Kathy sighed, "I'm just telling you why little
Ernie popped up while she was across your lap."
They were interrupted by Junior with a question. The next time the
subject came up had a very different tone.

The kids' faces were bigger than they should be. And they seemed
stretched out around the edges. Interestingly, everything else seemed to
be a blur. It was the dining room- no, there were stairs. And maybe it all
had been a dream. The eggnog did seem pretty strong.
He was in bed. He must have done that thing about lifting Kathy's
nightgown because she was stroking his cock as it sprouted to record
proportions. Then he felt her mouth on his cock. He didn't have to know
where he was to like that.
Kathy was making it special for him. She wasn't sucking up and down
in her usual business-like approach, just trying to get him hard so he
could put it in. Her mouth moved around the edges as if it was too small
to take him in. Jack enjoyed the leisurely approach.
"Close your eyes, daddy," Kathy said as he felt her slide up his
She pulled him over on top of herself and Jack tried to put it in.
She was tight like a virgin again. She felt so light in his arms. She
sighed loudly as his cock slid into her.
His eyes opened. It was not Kathy's husky moan. It took him some
time to verify Heather's face beneath him. It kept swimming out of focus.
"You've done it now, you have to finish," the girl under him told
him matter-of-factly.
And he did. She was wrapped around him, pulling him inside her. He
found that he did have to complete the act. She was a wonderful girl,
this girl, whoever. She moved with him as if she was the mirror of his
mind. Fresh, young nipples grazed his chest. She arched up to meet him on
every thrust.
It was too young, too tight- too fast. He needed more, much more of
this creature dancing to his every step. But she went haywire on his cock
and he couldn't hold back the flood. She demanded he fill her with the
sternest coercion of her cunt. He did. He was. And the swirling stopped
for a moment.
"Heather? What's happening to me?" he asked.
"You're about to get a blow-job for Christmas," said the devilish
Part of that could have been real. Not fucking his daughter, though.
But whatever she said about a blow-job was coming true. He wondered who
they could have got to give it to him. It wasn't Kathy for sure. He
wondered if it was one of her friends or if they had hired a pro.
The memories were very different in Junior's room. Junior had
outgrown his bed a year ago and Kathy barely fit. She had a sense of
confinement that made her think she had become property.
In some half-formed way she was being given to a boy- a boy no
older than her son- to be used like his whore. The poor child was clueless
and Kathy found something maternal in helping him find the mark, even if
it was to aid him violating her.
He kissed her breasts incessantly as his cock sawed in and out of
her. She began to move her hips to break the boredom. This poor child
obviously was not the cause of her predicament. He was as much a pawn in
this as she. There was no reason for him not to enjoy what was obviously
his first time with a woman.
"I love you, mom!" he said loudly as he hugged her to himself and
came in her.
She found it amusing that boys always call on their mothers at times
like that.
"Now you got to suck it for me," he said as he knelt over her.
"Heather said you got to suck it."
Even her thought was chilling. What a coincidence that he would say
her daughter's name. For a second she thought it might be Junior looming
over her with his cock hanging in her face.
Better to just try to focus on the cock.
It came back to life quickly and then he wanted to put it between
her legs again. He held her much closer and didn't distract himself with
anything but thrusting this time. He felt so comfortable in her arms as
he screwed her.
Jack hoped it was a pro. He wouldn't be able to trust himself if he
knew one of Kathy's girlfriends could suck cock like this. She was making
him want it bad with licking and ball-kissing and then giving him almost
enough of her mouth- but not quite.
"I want you to cum in my mouth, but I've got to get ready for that,"
she said and swung a leg over him.
The little butt was too far away to see clearly, but the mouth began
doing incredible things that he could feel in detail. He felt that mouth
slide farther down his cock than mouth had ever slid before. Then it
pulled back and sucked the head while her hand stroked the shaft.
She wasn't taking him part-way there this time. He could feel the
tremble of eruption in his cock. Then her mouth went down. A few quick
bobs with his cock in her throat and Jack was Vesuvius. He felt her nose
press against his balls as she took his spurting cock all the way down.
"Now you need to sleep," someone rubbing his temples said as he
recalled over and over the explosion balls-deep in her mouth.

"You'll never guess what I dreamt," Jack said as he stretched.
"You dreamt you were screwing your daughter," Heather answered.
"You mean that whole thing....?" Jack sputtered.
"Yes, daddy, it was a dream," Heather said, "You've been having it
for months since Christmas. Right from lifting mommy's nightgown to
cumming in my mouth."
"I think it's some kind of denial that Heather is pregnant," Kathy said from the kitchen.
"And that you're going to be a daddy-grandpa," Heather teased.
"It was the drugs," Jack protested.
"Of course it was the drugs, daddy, but you're the only one still
making a big deal out it," Heather said. "We did it. It happened. And
nobody is blaming anyone anymore. I'm not fucked up. I'm knocked up, but
I'll probably be able to graduate before I show."
So much for their normal family. The realities seeped back and Jack
sat up on the couch. He hadn't been responsible and he had. He certainly
didn't have enough realization to make an informed choice. He didn't
decide to screw his daughter. But as major honcho all-protector, he
hadn't protected them from himself.
And Heather was right about the other part, too. Kathy certainly had
gotten over being drugged and screwed by their son. Jack thought she was
the one in denial but he was a minority of one.
And the worst part was his favorite part of the dream had Heather
over his lap. He really didn't want to have sex with her again. But he
did have the urge to spank her.


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