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LOVIN03 cum and Carol could tell



Loving - Part 3

by Drifter

Two Becomes Three

I kissed Carol again passionately. Then I kissed Patty with
equal passion. Then I pulled back just a bit and looked to the
two of them. Carol reached over and touched my cheek with love
in her eyes as she whispered,

"Oh God I do love you...thank you.... for understanding and
being open."

And she leaned down and kissed Patty with the same passion I
had shared with the two of them. I leaned back a bit more to
give them room. Watching them was getting me so excited I sort
of shook. Their kiss had continued as with old lovers and their
hands roamed to all the old familiar places, as it says in the
song. They toyed with each other nipples, knowing well what the
other enjoyed. It was clear they had done this before... a lot.
I was so fucking hard I thought I might cum just watching these
two sexy females.

It wasn't long as I watched when Carol began to kiss down
Patty's lush body toward her sweet cunt, pausing on the way to
enjoy and give pleasure here and there, and at the same time
shifted her own body, bringing her pussy to Patty's waiting lips.
I had seen two women doing 69 only in porno movies. This was
better... exciting.....beautiful. As I watched I grew even
harder and so ready. After a few moments Carol raised her head
up and looked at me,

"Are you enjoying this honey? Do you like watching us?"


"No problems... with this sweetheart? If there are I will
stop and it will never happen again."

"Don't even think about it Carol. I love watching the two
of you. I don't think I have ever seen anything as sexy in my

"Oh Dave darling I am so glad. I thought you would enjoy
this. May I remind you there are at least six receptacles at
your use between the two of us. We each have three and if you
want Patty we can roll over to make her available to Mortimer."

"Can I have all of them?"

"Oh yes, I hope so ... though a few are kinda busy at the
moment.... others are available."

Then she blew me a kiss and returned to Patty's pretty

I watched the two of them as they got back into it and soon
first one, and then the other exploded, as they took turns

I had watched long enough and I crawled over behind Carol and
slid my fingers into her dripping wet cunt. Patty had Carol's
clit in her mouth and Carol was tossing wildly. I wasn't
entirely sure if I had gotten Carol's message clear but she did
say six. Now I slid my wet fingers out of her cunt and up to her
brownie. As I rubbed it she moaned and pushed back into my hand.

I got more lubrication from her cunt and again slipped my finger
into her ass. She groaned louder without raising her head from
Patty's clit. I slipped a second finger into Carol's twitching
ass and as soon as it relaxed around my fingers I pointed my
hard cock at my new target. I pressed the head into her tight
rose and to my delight it opened slowly and allowed my cock
entrance. It felt so fucking good. Different from a vagina,
tighter, smoother.

I stopped and let everything adjust for a moment and then I
started to fuck my darling's ass hole. Slowly at first and then
as I heard Carol grunting with each thrust I went faster, harder
and deeper. I was about to cum and Carol could tell as she
raised her head and said,

"Oh yes Dave, cum in my ass.... og yes... oh fuck me...."

I exploded and flooded her sweet ass hole until it ran out
around my dwindling cock. It was sooo gooood.

When the three of us managed to get to our feet we headed
into the shower. Then we dried each other and moved into the
kitchen for a late supper. As we sat there talking over dinner
about small stuff, Carol looked at me and asked,

"Were you surprised that Patty and I are bi-sexual my

"Only a little... no not at all as I think about it. You
are so sexual Carol, I'm not surprised that you would enjoy women
as well as men."

Patty leaned over and kissed me sweetly saying,

"You are a fucking jewel Dave. Most guys couldn't handle
it. Most guys would be threatened by us. For Carol's sake I am
so glad she found you, specially since I get to share you. I
wish you had a clone."

Carol laughed and said, "Maybe we can find one yet baby.
Just remember I did find my Dave."

I was flattered, I felt very loved and I was getting horny
again. I smiled and said,

"There are several unopened packages that I think Patty has
for me. Are you two ready to resume our fun and games?"

By morning I had explored all of Patty's delightful gifts
fully, and Carol's one more time. The high-lights of the night
as far as I was concerned were when Carol helped me get Patty's
tight ass hole and my cock well lubricated, and then she guided
my cock into Patty's tight back door as she kissed me deeply...
Then again later as Carol sat astride my cock, so deep in her hot
wet cunt as Patty sat astride my tongue. I was very occupied as
Patty and Carol kissed passionately and played with each other's
lovely tits. At one point I wished I had a video of the three of
us that night.

Several weeks later we redid it all and made that video.

Patty soon moved in with Carol and I. We got a bigger bed
and the three of us slept together, taking turns on who is in the
happy spot in the middle. I learned that polygamy is wonderful
but has it's drawbacks. I don't mean the trivial stuff, I mean I
was deeply in love with Carol and I loved Patty... not the same.
Patty always felt just a little bit out of our center. Soon she
started, as she put it, 'Her quest for her Dave' as she called
it. I was profoundly flattered.

Patty dated a lot of guys and after each date, came into
our shared bedroom and related to us all the details of her
evening. Patty obviously loved to fuck, like Carol, and like
Carol, it didn't take much to get her engine going. She is
lovely, sexily built and just sexy. Lots of guys were after
her ass. A lot of guys enjoyed her ass. She, like Carol had
with me, dated a guy a few times and looked carefully to see if
he was mate material. If not he was gone. If there was some
potential Patty fucked them to see if they were good enough at
sex to keep longer. There were a couple of exceptions. Both of
them were unacceptable as mates but as Patty said, "Boy they
could fuck." She visited them regularly.

Then Charley came along. Their first date Patty did not
come home that night. Carol and I got a little worried but
decided Patty could handle herself. When Patty came in around
7:00 in the morning, Carol and I sat waiting to hear how he was
in the sack, our assumption. Patty dropped her surprise as she
said "we sat at the coffee shop all night talking."

We liked Charley immediately when we met him. Charley was
a big likable guy and he and I hit it off well with lots of
common interests. He and Carol hit it off well too and Carol
enjoyed flirting with him a bit. I found I enjoyed that too as I
watched them.

Charlie was around a lot and Patty became convinced he was
the one. She described how they had fucked beside the campus
lake and other strange places and how good Charley was. Can you
believe I felt a little jealous..but just briefly. Carol and I
went on a week-end trip leaving Patty with an empty apartment to
fill... and she did. When we got back Sunday night, we found
Charley and Patty in the spare bedroom. There were all kinds of
fast food, deliverable fast food, packages all over the kitchen.
It was pretty clear they had not been off the place all week-end.

As we noisily entered the apartment, Patty came out to meet
us. She was nude and she glowed, I had never seen her so happy.
Carol looked at her and they had the following conversation as I
listened quietly:

"Good huh?"

"Oh yes!"

"What have you told him?"

"Everything. I told him Saturday night."

"He is still here huh..."

"Yeah. He is so much like Dave. He loves it all, good at
it all and likes the idea of me being bi. Wants to watch."

"So what now?"

"We need to talk, he is sleeping. Poor baby I really
wore him out this week-end. Fortunately when he wakes up he will
be ready to go again."

"Lets go into our bedroom."

Then Patty smiled and gave us both a deep tongue twisting
kiss welcoming us home. As we crawled onto our bed Carol and I
automatically shed our clothes. Patty started,

"I don't know how to approach this exactly... Charley asked
me to move in with him.... I would much rather Charley moved in
here with us.... but that has some real loaded questions in it.
I mean I couldn't live here for long, watching the two of you
fuck, if I weren't fucking both you and Dave. It just wouldn't
work.... I think if Charley lived here with us it wouldn't be
long until he would want some of your gorgeous ass Carol....
especially as much as the three of us fuck openly and I sure
don't want to lose that. He couldn't just watch as Dave and I
fuck our heads off. He is OK with Dave fucking me but he would
want to fuck you too Carol. How could he not? We all know that.
Frankly I would like to watch him fuck you Carol. I always
enjoy that."

Patty looked at Carol and then at me. I guess I had a
worried look on my face and so Carol said,

"Patty why don't you go back to Charley for awhile and let
Dave and I talk."

Patty kissed us both again heatedly and then headed for the
door as she said,

"Whatever you guys decide is fine. I can still drop by here
occasionally to enjoy fucking two of my three favorite bed
partners. Charley is cool with that. By the way we will be
getting married after graduation like you two. We don't plan on
letting that stop us with you guys. And maybe some others."

And she was gone with a twinkle in her eye.

Carol and I just looked at each other for several minutes
without a word. I knew Patty was right, if Charley moved in, it
couldn't be long until he fucked Carol. No one could resist
wanting her. I knew that Carol loved sex and if caught in "heat"
so to speak she would fuck what ever cock was offered. I knew
that and it excited me beyond words. I was no different than
Carol on that...... but was I ready to watch another guy fuck my
lady? Then I thought of how many times Carol had watched me fuck
Patty...... almost every day since Patty moved in with us.

Carol broke the silence,

"Dave, Patty can just move in with Charley. We both know
that if Charley moves in here that the next time I get totally
turned on I would "welcome him fully" I know you know what I

"You mean you would let him fuck you."

"Yeah.... I would.... If I were in the throws of fucking
you and Patty and Charley tried to fuck me I would welcome him.
I know it and you and Patty know it. It doesn't mean I don't
love you Dave... it's just I know myself and what would happen."

"I know, Carol how many times have you watched while I
fucked or ate Patty, many many, how can I say to you I don't want
you to fuck Charley... or anyone else you might want?"

"All you have to do is say it. I am yours Dave. Lock stock
and barrel. Remember I have been fucking Patty too and you have
been so cool about that. You know that what I have with Patty is
different from what we have. If Charley fucked me that would be
different too, just a fuck, and nothing compared to what we have.
But if you aren't completely, totally comfortable with it just
say so. I will be happy and Patty will be happy if you are

"What do you want Carol? I have loved having two women
available to fuck anytime I wanted. I'm sure you would enjoy
two men fucking you...... what do you want us to do?"

end part 3


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