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LOVIN04 sucked the way Carol



Loving - Part 4

by Drifter

Three Becomes Four

The air was tense in the room. Carol was obviously
concerned about how this was effecting me. She had been totally
honest with me and I had to be the same. My problem was that I
was torn. On the one hand the idea of watching another man fuck
Carol was a real turn on to me. The idea of participating in a
foursome was a turn on. The idea of joining another man in
double fucking Carol and Patty was a turn on. And I obviously
didn't want to stop fucking Patty. All of that said to me, say
yes, welcome Charley, or anyone else Carol wants to fuck, into
the nest.... now or in the future.... just as she had done with

The other side was I was scared that I would lose Carol. I
was so fucking silly in love with her I honestly did not know how
I could go on without her at that point. What if she fell in
love with Charley, or preferred him to me? Then I blurted all of
that out to my love. I couldn't help it but as I told her my
fears about losing her, tears welled up in my eyes.

Carol started crying then and pulled me into her arms. We
were lying on our bed nude and Carol pulled my face into her
chest using her big soft tits as a pillow. We just lay there for
a while cuddling and crooning soft noises at each other. Then
Carol started,

"Oh my silly lover, will you ever realize just how much I
love you. If you went out of my life I would die. If you are
unhappy I will be miserable. Nothing will ever come between us.
If you want me to forget about Charley, or any other man beside
you, then I will do so gladly. If you want me to forget about
Patty then I will do that. You are the only person I have to
have in my life. What ever it takes to make you happy I am
ready for. I know in my heart that you would do the same for

Carol pause briefly as I sat up and looked into her eyes.
Then she continued,

"You know better than anyone, I love sex, fucking and
sucking and doing it all, male and/or female. Darling, Patty
is not my first girl fuck and, if you are OK with it, she won't
be my last. You are not the first man I have fucked, and if you
are OK with my doing it, you won't be my last. We have never
talked about our past experiences but if you ever want to hear
any or all of mine, you but have to ask. I would love to tell
you. It makes me hot as hell. As I said, if you agree, you won't
be my last male fuck. Nor do I expect to be your last girl fuck.

Charley appeals to me the same way Patty appeals to you. It
would be fun. When you are about to cum can you honestly say you
know who you are fucking, Patty or me? It would be the same if
Charley or any other man were fucking me. It would be exciting.
Threesomes are fantastic. And I love two men fucking me at the
same time, I have fantasized about three but, as yet, I haven't
experienced that. If you knew for certain that I would always be
your lady, would you really mind if Charley fucked me? Would you
want to watch Charley fuck me? I know I sometimes get off just
watching you and Patty fuck."

I stared into her eyes and saw only love and a willingness
to do anything I asked of her. I also understood a lady that
enjoyed all the sex that came her way and I loved that. I knew
at that moment what I was going to say. Carol loved me. I had
little to worry about in that quarter. She loved me as I loved
her. Then I closed my eyes and carefully imagined Carol spread
on our bed with Charley crawling between her legs his hard cock
in his hand. Carol reaches out and takes him in her hands as she
guides him into her beautiful cunt..... then I heard Carol laugh
softly and she said,

"Darling I think I know what you are imagining, Charley
fucking me, and Mortimer is casting his vote loudly."

I opened my eyes as Carol wrapped her fingers around my
rigid throbbing cock. I kissed her long and tender and it slowly
turned into a heated dual of tongues. Slowly Carol fell over on
her back and pulled my cock into her wet pussy. It was the
slowest gentlest fuck we had ever experienced. It was slow and
loving and tender and I knew I would never question Carol's love

Later as I withdrew my limp cock I smiled at Carol and said,

"Actually, I am sorta eager to watch you fuck Charley. The
idea appeals to me... a lot. I want to find out if the reality
is as hot as I think it will be. Are you ready?"

She smiled with a familiar twinkle in her eyes as she said,

"I am darling. Lets join Patty and Charley. But if you
decide it isn't right, tell me and it will be over."

I smiled and said,

"I think I am going to enjoy this, and Carol, about your
past adventures, would you write them down, you know, like a
story. I would love to read all about your past sex life
darling. It has to be damned interesting... and hot."

She smiled with lust in her eyes and said,

"I would love to. I enjoy writing about that. I have a lot
of it written already, it is yours when ever you wish. It is in
my bottom drawer under my panties. It is titled simple 'Carol's
Story". Help yourself, I will try to add the rest soon, since we
met. Now come on, the only person in this house that you and I
haven't fucked is Charley. Lets go fix that oversight."

I laughed and said,

"I will just watch you fuck Charley, I don't think I am
ready for that yet."

"Dave honey, you don't know what you are missing."

As we walked into the bedroom through the open door, Patty
and Charley were talking, cuddled in a heap looking well fucked.
We were all four nude and I looked at Charley's cock and smiled
as I thought adolescently,

"Heh heh, his cock is smaller than mine. (but barely)"

Carol announced our presence as she sat on the bed just
behind Charley her hip against his equally bare ass. I slid up
behind Patty like a spoon and my limp cock fit nicely in the
grove of her ass, my arm around her waist my hand resting on her
soft round tummy. Carol rested one hand on Charley's muscular
shoulder and the other on his leg maybe two inches from his limp
cock. I noticed it begin to stir as Carol lightly stroked his
thigh. Then Carol said,

"Hi loves, enjoying yourselves I see. We may never get all
the cum and pussy stains out of these sheets. the
point.... what Dave and I want to do is invite the two of you to
live with us JUST the way Patty and Dave and I have. We are all
highly sexual critters, or at least that is what Patty has told
me Charley."

I felt my cock growing as I watched Carol reach down and
take Charley's rapidly growing cock in her hand and as she
caressed it lovingly she continued,

"Charley, Patty and Dave and I fuck each other quite
indiscriminately. In twos and threes. If you join us we feel it
would only work if we included you in any or all of the games as
you might choose to join."

His cock was rigid as Carol slowly stroked it up and down,
fucking it slowly with her hand. My cock was rigid and pressing
hard into Patty's ass. She reached back and started doing the
same to me that Carol was doing to Charley. I pulled her hand
away and slid my cock between her legs. The head stuck out
beyond the front and Patty stroked it lightly sending tingles all
over me. I dropped my fingers to her hard clit and delicately
stroked it.

Carol and Charley watched us for a moment and then Carol

"Fuck this is so hot, roll onto your back Charley, I want
your cock in my pussy."

Charley was an obedient young man and quickly was in
position as Carol straddled him and looked over at me and said,

"Dave would you guide Charley's cock into my cunt please."

I had never touched another man's cock, hard or soft. Carol
looked into my eyes and I knew this was my way of approving and
helping her fuck Charley. I reached over and wrapped my fingers
around Charley's cock. It jumped from my touch and I smiled and
raised it up until it touched the lips of my darlings cunt. I
started the head of his cock in her very wet cunt lips. I almost
came as she eased down, Charleys cock disappearing into my lady's
hot snatch, inch by inch, pushing my hand out of the way. I let
my fingers trail up to her swollen clit and I brushed it lightly.

She shuddered and looked over at me and sighed,

"Hmmm Dave it feels so good in me. Charley's cock feels so
good in my pussy. I want to fuck it so bad.... tell me to fuck
Charley's cock Dave. Tell Charley to cum in my hot pussy."

Carol's words had us all so fucking hot we were about to
vaporize and Patty was just directing my cock into her wet cunt as I said,

"Yes Carol, I love watching you sit on Charley's big
cock. Fuck my love hard Charley, cum in her sweet pussy. Make
her cum please. Make her pussy happy."

Carol looked at me with love in her eyes. That was replaced
with a look of pure lust as she started to raise and lower on
Charley's cock. I was stroking into Patty. Patty came shortly
and then she said,

"Dave, do my ass please."

I was happy to.

As I entered Patty's tight ass hole Carol and Charley rolled
over with Charley on top. Carol wrapped her legs around Charleys
ass and moaned,

"Yes baby, oh yes Charley.... feels so good.... oh fuck

I came in Patty's ass as Carol talked fucking to Charley.
And I watched as Carol flushed bright red and started to cum.
Charley didn't slow down but continued until Carol came a second
time and he followed her quickly with his own.

After regaining a bit of strength, Charley rolled off of
Carol and Carol giggled and sat up dropping her head to Charley's
cock. He was hard again quickly as Carol expertly sucked it. It
didn't take long until Charley came in Carol's mouth as Patty and
I watched fascinated. As Charley came, Carol took the first blast
and swallowed it. She pulled her head off of Charley and pulled
Patty's mouth to it. Patty took the second blast and gave his
cock back to Carol. Carol slowly sucked the rest and swallowed
it. When she sat up again she had his cum all over her lips. She
smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me. As her tongue
slipped into my mouth I realized I was tasting Charley's cum on
my sweetheart's tongue. I sucked on it the way Carol likes and
then I felt her transfer a wad of Charley's cum into my mouth. I
stopped in shock and then relaxed and swallowed. Patty and Carol
swallowed lots of cum and they weren't dead.

When she broke the kiss she smiled at me and repeated
something she had said earlier,

"You don't know what you are missing cowboy."

The night was one of my most memorable. I enjoyed watching
Charley fuck and eat Carol a number of times and he and my Carol
watched Patty and I. At one point Carol asked Charley and I to
double fuck her. I lay on my back and Carol took my cock in her
cunt. Charley stood behind her and eased into her ass hole.
Carol became incoherent babbling and groaning with pure pleasure
as we syncopated our thrusts. When we were able Patty demanded
equal time from Charley and I. Sometime as the sun came up Carol
and I returned to our bed after showering. Classes would have to
do without us this day. As we settled in bed Carol cuddled in my
arms and she kissed me sweetly and asked,

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, a lot"

"You like watching me get fucked by another guy?"

"Hmmm yes I do."

"Did you like double fucking me and Patty with Charley?"

"Oh yeah, that was good."

"Did I shock you when I gave you some of Charleys cum when I
kissed you?"

"Yeah you little bitch... but it didn't kill me"

"I love sucking cock Dave, I can't see why you men are so
afraid of that. It really is fun. You really ought to try it.
I would love to teach you how."

"I will stick to girls thanks"

"OK for now. Maybe I want you to be bi-sexual like me."

"Maybe, but for now you can have the men"

"Do you don't mind if I fuck Charley anytime I want to, or
he wants to?"

"No I don't mind, if I am here I will enjoy watching or I
will fuck Patty. Or I will join the two of you. If I'm not here
I expect you to give me all the details."

"Hmmm I would love that Dave...... Dave you know it is OK
with me if you fuck anyone you want to don't you?"

"Yeah, I sort of got that idea sweetheart, and same with
you. But I think it is critical to share all the details with
each other after it happens. No hiding... no secrets."

"I agree Dave, I love great fuck stories."

"Carol..... would you really like to have three guys fuck
you at the same time?"

"Hmmm, I think so sweetheart, I can almost imagine a cock in
each of my love openings...hmm my ass... my hot cunt..
nice. Do you like the idea?"

"Yeah.... maybe we could find another good friend

"Dave darling, if you are serious, I have a friend, a
psychology professor I had a mad fling with my sophomore year. He
has been after me for a repeat ever since. You would like
Paul...... and his sexy wife."

end part 4
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly

There are many parts to Lovin... Then Carols story is a separate
work. If you like it there will be more.

The End... for now...


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