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LOVIN06 cum mouth filling


Loving - Part 6

by Drifter


I glanced over at Gloria and Patty in a thrashing 69.
Looked like they were having fun. Why is same gender sex so easy
for women and so difficult for men?

The evening progressed and after resting between each bout,
the three of us guys serviced each of our ladies in a triple
fuck. The ladies all obviously loved it a lot.

Much later in the evening after lots had gone on among all
six of us, I was seated alone, nude like everyone else, at the
bar at one side of the pit having a drink. Carol, nude and sexy
looking, just out of the shower walked up behind me and pressed
those great tits of hers into my back. Her cunt hair, still wet,
pressed into my ass. Everyone else was in the hot tub I noticed
through the window having sex of some variety. I sighed and

"Hi baby, having fun?"

"Yeah I am sweetheart, how about you?

"I nodded."

"Problem Dave?.... Have I gone too far tonight baby? What's

I turned and pulled her into my arms as she stepped between
my spread legs. I stroked her back and trim ass as I kissed her
pouty lips gently. Then I cupped her great ass in both hands and

"Still love me?"

"God Dave so much, what is wrong darling? Have I fucked us

" darling nothing like that .... you have talked to
me so much about becoming bi that I caught myself wondering what
it felt like when Paul shoved his cock up your ass. When you
were giving Charley head as Paul fucked your cunt later I
wondered what Charley's cock felt like in your mouth. Damn Carol
what is happening to me?"

She kissed my lips, my eyes, my neck gently lovingly and
beamed at me. Shortly my cock was hard and she eased up on my
lap and took it in her darling warm cunt. I sighed with the
pleasure. I have fucked this lady hundreds of times and it still
thrills the hell out of me. Carol squeezed my cock hard and

"First my darling man I love you so fucking much.... Do you
like your cock in me?"

"Oh fuck do I? Unbelievably."

"Do you like it when I finger fuck your ass?"

"You know I do?"

"Do you like to suck my clit?"


"Listen you dummy, I love all that stuff. I also love it
when Patty or some other woman eats me or I eat them. I love the
feeling of a hard cock in my cunt and my ass and my mouth or
between my tits. I love it when two or three men fuck me. I
just love it all. I draw no lines. I admit I just don't
understand why you, and men in general, are so hung up on some
forms of sex. But if it is a problem forget my stupid comments.
I just wanted you to be with me at everything."

Carol was just sitting there, with my cock in her cunt and
it felt great being connected like that as we talked. I smiled
at her and said,

"I know... I love it that you are so open. I sometimes
wish I was but other times I feel like a fag even thinking about
that stuff."

She hit me on the shoulder and said,

"You ass. Oh I love you so fucking much. And by the way,
before I forget to say it, thanks for letting me realize another
of my fantasies tonight."

"You are welcome, growing up with you is going to be so
interesting over the next 50 years."

"Yeah, but remember you still owe me about 999,900 fucks."

Then I looked into her eyes and said,

"Carol, what is it like to suck a cock?"

She looked at me and kissed me gently then she replied,

"It is nice... unless of course the guy is an ass and pounds
you, but forgetting those types, with you and Paul and Charley,
for example, the good guys, it is really lovely. The head of
your cocks are nice smooth soft knobs that feel like velvet in my
mouth. As I suck them and go up and down on your cocks it
thrills me beyond words. I love the taste and feel of a randy
cock in my mouth, I love the pre-cum tartness. It took me years
to learn how to do it but now I love it when you guys shove your
entire cocks down my throat and fuck it like another cunt. And I
love it as you cum in my mouth filling my mouth so full I have to
swallow fast to keep from loosing any of it. I love the taste
and the texture of cum. I simply love sucking cock darling.....
did I answer your question?"

"Yeah, you sure did. It sounds ... interesting... I wish I
had the balls to try it sometime but I could never do it to a
guy. If I could do my own I would in a minute, maybe if I could
do a guys without him knowing it was me.... I don't know... you
really have me confused baby."

She began fucking my cock still in her cunt as she said,

"Shhhh baby, just fuck me and don't worry about it. If
someday we have the opportunity, I will help you do it. If not
that is OK too. I would like to watch you do it though...

The heat had overtaken us and we began to fuck like wild
people. It was so good. When we had blown our "nuts" completely
off, Carol stepped down off my lap. Then we heard a hello, and
Paul walked up to us and kissed Carol briefly as he wrapped an
arm around her naked body and another around my shoulders. Carol
kissed me deeply and then kissed Paul just as deep. Then she

"We were just enjoying a quite sexy moment together but we
are glad to see you sweetheart."

Paul cupped one of her gorgeous full breasts and said,

"Carol you are such a goddess."

Carol caught one of our cocks in each hand. They quickly
revived for my lady. Without a word Carol dropped to a knee and
took turns sucking our cocks. We were both enjoying it. Then
Carol said,

"Paul, would you please suck Dave's cock. I have never seen
a guy suck another guy's cock."

I sort of froze as Carol continued stroking our cocks in her
hand. Then Paul, without a word, dropped to his knee beside
Carol and kissed her and then shifted his mouth to my cock. It
felt wonderful, almost as good as Carol. He sucked harder and
faster and I felt Carol's finger up my ass and I soon came in
Paul's skilled mouth. He cleaned me completely and then he and
Carol stood up and they kissed , obviously tongueing the hell out
of each other, with my cum.

When they broke I looked at Paul and all I could say was,

"Thanks Paul, that is the first time a man has ever done
that, it felt great."

"I appreciate the complement, I do enjoy it. If you and
Carol would ever like to drop by for more.... of everything....
please do."

He walked off then and Carol kissed me,

"Did you like it?"

"You know I did... it was damn good."

"What do you think of Paul now?"


"Is Paul a piece of shit in your eyes now cause he sucked your dick?"

I got her message, still...but I said,

"No and I get the point Carol. ..... let's go home shall

"Yes my love, I am ready too. I want to cuddle in your arms
and go to sleep with the man I love."

end part 6
This is one of my first postings, Comments, constructive
criticism, suggestions would be greatly appreciated but be
gentle.... where would you like to see this story go...?
The End... for now...


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