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LOVIN07 hurt little and excited


Loving - Part 7
by Drifter

--The World Opens Wider--

The next few weeks after the mini-orgy at Paul and Gloria's
were hectic, with exams hitting all four of us hot and heavy. We
still had time for sex, always have time for sex, but not much
else except studying. We fucked, ate and hit the books. Soon
the exams were over, very successfully for all of us and then the
terrible realization hit us... school was over and we were going
to be separated soon. We, of course, had to go where our job
offers took us. Charley and Patty had accepted jobs in Baltimore,
Carol and I in Washington DC. Carol was to be a junior staff
anthropologist at the Smithsonian and I accepted a job as a
junior anthropologist with the Interior Department. We had only
a few weeks until we were suppose to report to work.

In the last weeks of school Carol visited Paul regularly
for some 'sex with her professor'. Carol loved fucking a
professor. I am always amazed at Carol's sexual appetite.... part
of why I love her...she can never seem to get enough sex. I
enjoyed hearing in detail how she and Paul had fucked and eaten
each other in those sessions, Paul was very inventive and did
mind games (like making up hot stories) on Carol as he fucked her
(hell he was a shrink after all). I was a little leery of seeing
Paul again. I had enjoyed his administrations too much that night
and it worried me a little. Each time Carol visited Paul, he
always sent back a message that he would like to see me
again...... to which Carol would add her encouragement.

Then we were all busy getting ready for the wedding. We had
decided on a double ceremony. Paul and Gloria were nice enough
to offer their sumptuous home for the wedding and reception. We
of course accepted and Carol, Patty and Gloria were together a
lot planning and arranging for everything. Of course from some
of the stories Carol and Patty related when they got home, they
spent a lot of time making love to each others cunts as well.

As an aside, if you are wondering why no mention has ever
been made of either Carol's or my parents, I will tell you that
we both were temporarily without. Both of our parent-sets were
field anthropologists and were in foreign, though different,
countries at the moment (had been for the last three years). I
had learned a lot about just how interesting Carol's parents were
from reading her Sexual Chronicles. I was indeed eagerly looking
forward to meeting them in person some day. (If you ever read
CAROL'S stories you will understand. We are thinking about
posting them on the internet. Carol is such a fucking show

Then one evening after Carol had spent that afternoon
fucking Paul in his office, she delivered a message from Paul to
me. We were cuddled in our bed having spent the night in a great
loving, fucking foursome with Patty and Charley (next to Carol
Patty is the greatest fuck in the world). As we lay there bare
ass in our bed and intertwined Carol kissed me sweetly, her
tongue lazily sweeping over mine, then she said,

"Sweetheart, Paul asked me... to ask you drop by his
office tomorrow. He knows you are avoiding him and he wants to
try and resolve your feelings of homophobia with him. He really
likes all of us. In fact he would like to have another party
like last time. Maybe ask a few others that he and Gloria play
with. He is afraid your reaction to his going down on you is
going to screw it all up. Remember darling, I asked Paul
to suck your cock. It wasn't his idea."

"Yeah I know Carol. It isn't Paul I am uncomfortable with.
It is me. I told you how all of your continual talk about the
advantages of bi-sexuality had gotten to me a little. I was
beginning to wonder how it would feel to suck a cock or be fucked
in the ass."

"Why are you so afraid my love? I love doing those things."

"I am not sure, probably because of the shit we males put
out as adolescents... I guess we are perpetual adolescents in
some ways."

"Just because Paul sucked your cock doesn't make you gay darling. Or Paul either... I think of Paul as a healthy bi-
sexual male animal and I love to fuck him. I also love eating
pussy ... am I a lesbian... not by a long shot booby."

"I hear you Carol... OK I will drop by and see Paul
tomorrow. I guess I have been acting pretty adolescent."

"Can I come too? After you two get your problem ironed out
maybe we could have some fun."

"I would like it if you were there. Moral support..."

"I'm a great fuck too..."

The last few minutes Carol had been playing with my cock and
it was now hard again. Mortimer is very responsive to my lady
loves attention. Carol looked me in the eyes and with a twinkle

"Speaking of sucking cock, I haven't enjoyed sucking your
cock for way too long sweetheart, relax and let me give you a
loving blow job....enjoy it my love."

And she slowly kissed her way down to greet Mortimer with
her lips and tongue. She does this thing on the underside of my
glans that drives me out of my mind. She holds my cock in both
hands and lightly licks and sucks alternately from the underside.
She blows her warm breath over it deep throats me. Then she
starts over with lots of variation. It is very wet and very
hot. As she sucks my cock deep into her mouth I die a little from
the pleasure. Then as she sucks me gently, running her mouth up
and down the length of my shaft, I usually feel her long finger
slowly entering my ass hole. I force myself to relax and as I
open and adjust to her finger(s) she begins to slowly finger fuck
my ass hole and I admit I love it. Disconcerting though it may
be.... then as I approach cumming in her darling mouth she slams
her fingers in my ass deeper and harder and sucks harder on my
cock, and I melt and run in great gushes through the head of my

That is what she normally did. This night as I lay there
like a spoiled puppy, letting my love pleasure me so well, I felt
her fingers in my ass as usual, after she had two fingers deep in
me and I was gasping for air like a fish out of water, I felt her
loving fingers leave and something foreign press against my ass
hole. I tightened and Carol pulled her mouth off of my cock and
she whispered,

"Relax darling, .... relax....I have a surprise for you... I
want to introduce you to something of my toys.....
Just relax and trust me to please you OK?"

"OK Carol..... but why?"

"Because it will feel good you big dumb jerk, what else?....
now relax and enjoy what I am going to do to you."

I felt this soft, warm, wet, yet firm object enter my ass
hole. (she told me later it had been in her cunt until she was
ready to put it in me). It was bigger than Carol's two fingers
but it also was more rubbery. And as I relaxed and she fucked it
in and out of my ass it felt gooooood. Carol's mouth was back
on my cock and frankly, while that lady is sucking my cock she
could shove a telephone pole up my ass and I would like it. Well
maybe not....
"Does that feel good baby? Do you like me fucking your ass
with my toy cock?"

"Uh-huh....feels good Carol..."

"Dave honey,.... I have a dildo in your ass.... a rubber
cock.... I wish I had a real cock,.... I would love to fuck you
in the ass with it..... do you like the way I am fucking you in
the ass with my cock?"

"Yeah Carol...I do.... like the way it feels... So full...."

She deep throated me and shoved the dildo all the way up my
ass. It hurt a little and excited me a lot. Then she raised her
head up from my cock and slowly moved up between my sprawled legs
on top of me. She kissed me and I could taste my pre-cum on her
tongue. I felt her wiggling her ass strangely and she was doing
something with her hands down there. I broke the heated kiss and
started to ask what she was doing when she said,

"Now my darling, I am going to fuck you."

I felt her pull her ass away from me and at the same time I
felt the dildo pull out some. Then she hunched into me and the
dildo drove back up my ass. I gasped... it felt good but ....

Then Carol said,

"Darling....I just put on the harness that attaches the
dildo to me like I had a cock. Now I am going to fuck you my
sweet man. I am going to fuck your ass just like you fuck mine.
I want you to enjoy it as much as I do...."

She started thrusting the fake cock in and out of my ass
slowly at first, until I started hunching to meet her thrusts,
then faster and faster just like I do when I fuck her ass from
this position. She thrust in and twisted her ass. Her hands
returned to my cock between us, her big tits pressed into my
chest and she kissed me deeply as she continued fucking me. It
was wild... I didn't care what I was supposed to think or felt great and I started cumming soon. The combination
of all of the concurrent stimulations was enormous and I came a
bucket... all over both of our stomachs. With my cum all over
our stomachs Carol pulled her hands away from my cock and now as
she fucked into my ass her stomach slid wetly over the underside
of my spewing cock. It was wild and I thought I would never stop

Finally I collapsed and Carol kissed me sweetly. In a
moment she raised up on her knees pulling the dildo out of my
ass. She crawled up beside me lay with one leg and that
artificial cock across my body. I looked down at it and realized
it was half the size my cock was when hard. The way it stretched
my asshole I was glad Carol had used a small one. I knew she had
several and had watched she and Patty use them on each other.

She had this impish look to her as she said,


"Well what?"

"Did you like me fucking you in the ass you dip shit what do
you think?"


But I said it very softly.

"What did you say sweetheart, I couldn't hear you?"

"I said, yes, I liked it?"

"You liked what Dave?"

"OK Damn it I liked you fucking me in the ass with that

"Good darling, I am glad. Lots of us women love to be
fucked in the ass. I adore it. Why shouldn't you enjoy it too?"

"I guess after tonight there is no reason."

The next morning I met Carol on the steps of Paul's
building. She kissed me and it wasn't a brief smack. She was
damned excited already...nervous. I hugged her to me and then we
headed for Paul's office. I had never been there before and I
was impressed. It was large and well appointed with a big
comfortable couch, where Carol had been fucked so many times by
Paul. Carol and I sat on the couch and Paul in a large
overstuffed chair across from me.

"Dave I am glad you came this morning. I feel we need to
get this problem out of the way. The other night at the house
when Carol asked me to.... suck your cock.... I was a little
surprised I admit. I had no idea Carol knew I was bisexual. But
I was happy to accommodate her request that night. I do sometimes
enjoy it. I assumed that you were open to my sucking your cock.

I am sorry if it has caused you concern and discomfort Dave. My
intention was anything but that. Carol has shared your concerns
with me during her delightful visits here. I want you to fully
understand Paul, I am not interested in men as a steady diet
('scuse the pun). The few time I have had sex with another man is in the context of the other night, as part of an open sex
party, an orgy if you prefer. When every one is fucking and
sucking each other and no one holds much back, I get swept up in
the moment and will do just about anything anyone asks of me. The
first time I did that I was devastated the next day. I was lucky
to have Gloria and a good therapist. Now I enjoy it all
occasionally, with no regrets..... but it took a while.

I thought about what he had said for a moment, Carol sat
there looking gorgeous and sexy and said nothing. But her
nipples were hard and showed clearly through her blouse.
end of part 7


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