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LOVIN08 sucked the way she



Part 8

by Drifter

Carol Gets her Way

"Paul I thank you for your honesty and your concern. I
wasn't devastated the other night but I did feel strange about
it. Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed it very much. You are quite
good. As Carol said to me I couldn't tell if the mouth on my
cock were male or female. I just felt very out of character."

"I understand Dave, as a man who has been through the same
thing and as a therapist. We lay pretty strict behavioral
patterns on ourselves, stereotypes. If I have any words of
wisdom for you, go slow with any new practice. Be selective who
you play with and don't worry if you take part in some behavior
foreign to your norms. Norms change all the time Dave but they
change slowly for the most part."

I smiled at him and Carol. Carol was fidgeting on the
couch. Her mini skirt had slipped up or she had pulled it up to
her waist. Since she wore no panties her lovely pussy was in
plain sight. We all smiled knowing what was coming soon,
certainly if Carol had anything to say. Then Paul said,

"I would like to have another party at our house, maybe
Friday, tomorrow. If you two and Patty and Charley would like to
join us again. We have already asked three other couples to
attend. You will like them. I assume that you are all four of
you open to swinging now. Is that a fair statement?"

Carol looked over at me for an answer. I knew what her
answer was. Was I ready for Carol to fuck wholesale? Was I
ready? I thought about it and smiled at Carol. Her smile was
enough to light up the room.

"Yeah Paul, I think that is a fair statement."

With that Carol stood up and shucked her clothes. She was
absolutely a greek goddess standing there. Her face and body
were perfection and she was mine and I hers. It was nice we
could share our good fortune with friends.... and sometimes just
acquaintances ..... and maybe even a few strangers.

Paul and I stripped too and Carol took charge, (so what else
did you expect?). Carol directed Paul to sit,

"I want your cock in my mouth Paul."

Paul was obedient and I stood there watching with pleasure
as Carol kneeled in front of him and swallowed his hard cock.
Then she mouthed the head of his cock licking and kissing. She
had one hand wrapped around the base of it. After a few moments
of this as Paul moaned and enjoyed Carol, she raised her head up
and looked at me with such passion and love and she smiled and

"Kiss me darling."

I knelt down beside her and our lips met. Her mouth and
tongue tasted different but it was obvious why. She plunged her
tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked on it the way she loved
for me to. I opened my eyes as I kissed her and noticed she was
stroking Paul's hard cock as we kissed. Paul's cock was rubbing
against her cheek, leaving trails of pre-cum on her perfect
peach-like complexion. Her other hand had my cock in it and she
stroked me slowly in counterpoint to Paul.

She broke the kiss and turned her head slightly and sucked Paul's cock into her mouth again. My face was so close, an inch
away from Paul's throbbing cock, I could smell Paul's cock. Then
she pulled her mouth from Paul's throbbing cock and kissed me
again. She repeated this several times. Each time the taste of
Paul was stronger on her tongue.

Then the next time she released Paul's cock from her mouth
she kissed me and she whispered hoarsely, breathlessly,

"I want you to take Paul's cock in your mouth my love. I
want it so bad. Do that for me.... please.... I want to see you
take Paul's cock in your mouth and suck it just a little."

She kissed me and then pulled away pressing Paul's cock to
my lips. She rubbed it back and forth across my lips. I could
feel his juices on my lips. I glanced up at Paul. He had his
head back on the couch his eyes closed in pure pleasure. He sat
there as I had many times with Carol and Patty before me as now
Carol and I knelt.

I looked back at Carol and opened my mouth to ask the why
question of her but she pushed Paul's cock as I opened my mouth
and I felt the smooth velvet knob of Paul's hard cock in my
mouth. I sat there immobile looking into Carol's beautiful eyes,
just holding Paul's cock in my mouth. Carol still had her hand
wrapped around each one of our cocks. Then Carol whispered,

"Oh my darling I love you. I wanted you to do this and you
did. Now my beloved taste Paul's cock and his juices. It is
nectar... suck gently my sweet."

I was as in a trance... I only wanted to please my lady at
that moment. I savored the taste of the cock in my mouth and I
started gentle suction. Carol saw my cheeks suck in and she
leaned over and kissed the side of my lips and Paul's cock at the
same time,

"Yes Dave...yes my darling... suck.... and lick... and take
it deeper in your mouth. Not too far or you will gag...just till
it touches the back of your palate. You will learn to take a
cock deep in your throat as I do... but not now. That takes time
and practice."

Carol kissed me again and stroked both of our cocks slowly.
Paul was moaning with pleasure, pleasure afforded to his cock by
Carol's hand and my mouth. That excited me just as when I eat a
lady and she starts moaning... Then Carol pulled his cock out of
my mouth and into hers. I watched as she slid her mouth up and
down on it, not too deep, but wetly, noisily and I heard Paul
moan louder. Then she pulled him from her mouth and looked at me
and asked softly,

"Would you like to finish Paul off darling? He is very near
to cumming. Do you want him to cum in your mouth or shall I
finish our sweet friend?"

I smiled and kissed her lips deeply and then moved my mouth
to take Paul again. I emulated Carol, sliding my mouth up and
down Paul's cock rapidly as I sucked and licked the underside. I
felt Paul hunch deeper in my mouth and I looked at Carol. Her
eyes glowed with lust and love... but at that moment mostly wild
lust as she said,

"Yes... do it sweet... make him cum in your mouth...."

Then Paul let it go and I was forced to swallow and gag and
choke as his cum flooded down my throat and out my lips all over
Carol's beautiful face so close. I gulped as much as I could and
let the rest fall to Carol as she licked it up and swallowed it
quickly. Paul shot several more times but less forcefully and I
was able to swallow it all. His cock slowly dwindled and fell
from my lips. Carol leaned over and drank from my mouth in a
kiss like none other I had experienced. Then we rolled over on
the floor and I was between her long trim athletic legs and she
guided my needy cock into her sweet hot cunt. She fucked me
harder, faster, wilder, than I had ever known. I thrust into her
and she thrust up to meet me and it was difficult to stay in the
saddle of this bucking fucking bronco. I have no idea how long
we fucked in the floor of Paul's office as he watched but it was
a while. We came and came.... When we both were finally
satiated we were soaked with sweat. As we collapsed Paul
applauded and he smiled and said,


Nothing more was said then. We arose and dressed. Carol
kissed Paul goodbye and he and I shook hands warmly as good
friends. Carol and I slowly strolled down the hall and out of
the building. As we walked across the grass Carol said,

"Hate me?"


"Tell me"

"I love you with all my heart Carol."

"And I you David."

"Yes, we do...."

"Dave darling....Thank you for doing that for me. At that
moment I wanted you to suck Paul's cock more than anything else
on earth.... Now,.. anything you want me to do... I will do
without hesitation. Just ask me darling...... Did you hate it
too bad?"

"No,.... it was exciting... different..."

"Would you do it again?"

"I don't know.... like Paul said... in the heat of passion
of an all out orgy.... maybe...... I prefer women...."

"You'd better."

The apartment was empty when we got back. Patty and
Charley were still out. We cuddled up on the couch and held each
other. We had kissed and hugged and touched lovingly for
sometime when Carol spoke,

"Dave.... there are going to be six couples at Paul and
Gloria's tomorrow night counting us.... three of them we don't
even know."


"I am sure they are acceptable simply because Paul and
Gloria have included them.... but they are strangers."


"You OK with three new, completely strange men fucking me?"

"Aren't you?"

"Yes...yes... it is so exciting.. would you mind if I
pulled a train?"

I looked at her. That was a new one on me. I asked,

"What is a train?"

"A train... is to have several men take turns fucking you
one after the other until they are all exhausted."

"Wow... have you done that before?"

"Yeah, my sophomore year here.... I wrote about it in my
story. I lived in a coed dorm that semester. One weekend... one
of those when it seems every one has disappeared, six or seven
guys were having a beer bash in the room next to mine. It had
been going for awhile when they invited me to join them for a
beer.... but my price of admission was sex for all. I was in a
strange mood, feeling lonesome and a little blue... so I accepted
and that night I pulled my only train. It was unreal. After a
while I was cumming continuously as one cock replaced another....
and another... and another..."

end of part 8

This is one of my first postings, Comments, constructive
criticism, suggestions would be greatly appreciated but be
gentle.... good comments bring more....
The End... for now...


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