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LOVIN09 sucked tongue out


Lovin Part - 9

by Drifter

-- The Trains Roll and The Lion Roars--

Nothing further was said by Carol about the oral session
between Paul and I and that was fine with me. I was having all
sorts of reactions to the new experience and wasn't sure where to
go with it. I was glad to have Carol and Patty to fuck and eat.
I knew how I felt about that. I had enjoyed it with Paul but....

Everyone was busy packing up our stuff and shipping it, last
minute preparations for the wedding, the honeymoon, a great deal
of sex and talk about the party coming up that night at Paul and
Gloria's. Patty was as eager as Carol to take on three new
strange gentlemen in one evening, Of course Charley and I
weren't the least bit interested in their wives.

Carol and Patty both looked tremendous. Beautiful, full
bodies, glowing and eager. They both had worn very brief mini
skirts, low cut silk blouses garter belts and sexy hose and high
heels. I got hard just looking at our lovely ladies. I also got
my hand slapped playfully as I explored under their skirts.

There were two other couples there already when we arrived
other than Paul and Gloria. The ladies were almost as good
looking as Carol and Patty... dressed similarly... hiding little
most of the time and nothing when they moved the slightest. I
could feel my cock growing and I could just imagine what Carol
was thinking. The two men were late forties, good shape and
great looking dudes. Our eyes met and she winked and licked her
lips. I noticed Patty smiling at Charley similarly. Gloria was
her normal knockout sexy self. I was looking forward to fucking
that sweet lady again shortly. Then the last couple arrived with
a hell of a surprise.

With them was a gorgeous, young, (I guessed 16 or 17) sexy
doll of a female. She was tall and slender but built like I
love, big tits narrow waist, great ass and fine legs. Her face
was model status. Her body was grrrrrrr.

Gloria had slipped up behind me and she slid her arms around
my waist. She pressed those great tits of hers into my back and
whispered into my ear, driving me crazy with her tongue as she

"That is their daughter Dave, isn't she something. She has
been coming to our parties for about a year. I understand both
Mom and Dad have been fucking her for a couple of years prior
to that. She is a love. I don't know how she is to fuck but I
love eating her and vise versa."

Then Gloria spoke louder,

"Cindy come over here please dear I want you to meet David."

Cindy sort of floated toward me her undulating hips doing a
number on my mind as did her swaying tits. Our eyes were all
over each other's body and when our eyes finally met, we both had
a gleam. She walked up to me, her tits against my chest, her
arms around my neck. My hands were on that fabulous tight ass of
hers and my hard cock was knocking on her door. She smiled up at
me and kissed me deeply, I felt her tongue reach down my throat
and wrap around my cock from the inside. We seemed to be the
first couple doing anything. I unhooked the only connection I
could find on her dress and it fell into a puddle around her
feet. It was the only thing she had on. I was shedding the
little I had worn and we were in another hot kiss, as we settled
to the floor. I didn't know, or care what else was going on at
that moment.

I felt her spread her legs and guide me between them as she
started Mortimer in her hot tight young cunt. It is nice to meet
someone who knows exactly what they want. Her young snatch was
marvelous, so tight and so caressing. As I shoved my cock into
her she squeezed it repeatedly as it slowly slipped in to the
hilt. I started my best moves and she met them with her on. Not
a word had been said between us as she wrapped her legs around my
back and began humping hard into my cock. Holy shit, if she
learned what she knew from her Dad, then he had taught her well.
I wasn't sure which one was her Dad but I hoped he was the one
Carol was fucking as I looked over and saw her on top of this
dude. Our eyes met and she winked and blew me a kiss. I did the
same then Cindy pulled my lips back to her pouty mouth with a low
throaty growl.

Cindy believed in being thorough. As soon as we had cum all
over each other fucking, she dropped her gorgeous lips to my cock
and had me hard again in unbelievable time. Then I was behind
this sex machine and fucking her ass. I can't tell you how tight
and smooth and fantastic it felt fucking this teen in her cute
little ass. She was a sex machine and I loved it. My first hour
was spent exclusively with Cindy and I sure didn't feel like I
missed a damn thing. Then I heard Paul ask for our attention.
Cindy and I had just collapsed and she said her first words to

"Hmmmm Dave, that was are good... like my Dad,
do me again please before this party breaks up."

And she kissed me and beautifully bare ass, strutted sexily
to Paul's side. Paul kissed her briefly and cupped a large bare
tit. As he held her with his arm around her fondling her
delightful full firm tit he made his announcement.

"My friends, my dear close friends, next week is the wedding
day for Carol and Dave and for Patty and Charley. Carol has made
a very interesting request of our group. In the vernacular she
wishes to 'pull a train' tonight consisting of everyone here,
male and female, in any sequence with as many repeats as desired.
I think it is a marvelous way to exit the single world. Patty
has reserved her decision about doing anything similar until
later she says. Our hot Carol awaits any and preferably all in
the master bedroom."

There was a round of applause and folks, all nude now and a
spectacular looking group, headed toward the bedroom to fuck my
girlfriend, soon to be my wife. I strolled in and watched as the
first hard cock slid into my lady. She was so beautiful and so
sexy. I watched for a moment then I walked up behind one of the
ladies I had yet to meet. My hard cock standing out in front
pre-announced me as it pressed into her sweetly curved bare ass.
She looked over her shoulder at me with a great smile and
simultaneously reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around
my cock. Names were exchanged briefly and we drifted off to
another bed.

Some time later I returned and sat beside my lady who was
entertaining Cindy at the moment. Cindy's face was buried in
Carol's cunt and Carol was fucking her hips into Cindy's tongue
rapidly as she panted rapidly and moaned nearing her climax. I
leaned down and kissed my sweet passionately and she damn near
sucked my tongue out of my mouth. She was so wildly passionate
that it surprised me... like an animal at feeding time. She
exploded in her orgasm just then and held me to her so tightly as
she strained her pussy into Cindy's face. Then she dropped and
lay limp. Cindy crawled off saying how good Carol tasted. I
stroked Carol's beautiful face as she looked up at me and smiled
and said,

"That was number eight darling, I can't believe how
sensitive my entire body is. I am one huge fucking erogenous
zone. I kissed her and told her I loved her and wanted her to
have a ball (or two).

As I got up to leave another one of the men I did not know
crawled between Carol's long trim perfect legs and Carol guided
his hard cock into her. I stood there and watched for a moment
as he fucked my bride-to-be. The way Carol fucked back into him
made me hard all over and I sought out my next partner.

The night was long and about midnight I returned to Carol
and she looked exhausted. Gloria had just eaten her sweet pussy out. I crawled between my love's legs and shoved my cock into
my most favorite cunt in the entire world. Carol opened her eyes
and in sort of a fog she grinned up at me,

"I'm glad it's you darling .... fuck me and take me home."

I did and I wrapped her in a light blanket and carried my
love to the car. I held her in my arms as Charley drove us home.
At home I drew a hot bath and gently eased her in it. With a
large soft sponge I bathed my lady slowly. Kissing her gently as
I did. Then I patted her dry and carried her to bed. As I
tucked her in bed she smiled and said,

"I love you... thank you for being my guy."

"How many?"

"How many times did I get fucked or eaten....?


"Eighteen I think...."

"Are you OK?"

"Do you love me?"

"With all my heart. You make my heart sing and Mortimer

"Then I am just fine...... but I don't want to fuck anyone
but you for awhile...."
end part 9


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