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LOVIN10 sucked him off til came


Part 10

by Drifter

-- The Wedding and the Move --

The day of the wedding rehearsal came about and everyone was
in great spirits. Carol had recovered fully from the 'party' and
all was well. I wasn't involved in the stuff that transpired that
morning but Carol related it all to me:

As Patty and Carol waited at one end of Paul and Gloria's back
yard for the facilitator to tell them what to do, Patty leaned
over into Carol and said,

"Who is that darling young man over there?"

Carol looked where she was pointing and saw a cute young boy of about 15. He was about 5'5" tall, athletic build and very

"I don't know who he is Patty but he is a cutey isn't he?"

Without a word Patty walked over beside the young man and
started talking to him. Carol laughed wondering what Patty had
in mind. She had a pretty good idea, what she always has in mind
with men, sex. Carol slowly walked over to join them. As Carol
got within ear shot she heard,

"Carol is cool Timmy, don't stop talking."

Then to Carol she said,

"This is Timmy, I asked Timmy about his girl friend and he
was just telling me about her."

Timmy continued to describe for them his cute girl friend
and how much fun she was. He repeated what a great body she had.
Patty got this impish look in her eyes and she asked,

"I understand kids are doing things earlier and earlier now.
I was 17 when I gave up my virginity, are you and your girl friend doing it?"

Carol grinned at Timmy's response. He was surprised at the
question and blushed a bit. Talking with two older women of 28
was new to him, specially since they were both so pretty and so
sexy, and to have one ask him if he was screwing his girl friend
blew his mind.

Patty slid one arm around Timmy's waist and pulled him into
her tightly. Carol noticed Patty's tit pressing into Timmy's
shoulder and Timmy dropping his eyes to them. Patty had on a
silk blouse and, as usual no bra and Timmy saw a lot of bare
breast as Patty's blouse gaped open. As Patty held him against
her she smiled at him,

"Timmy honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you, I just assumed
a cute guy like you would have an easy time getting girls to do
it with him. I know if I were your girl friend I sure would."

Carol looked at Timmy pants and smiled as his cock stood out
clearly through them, hard as a rock. As Patty continued to work
him over with her tits, Carol moved in closer and said,

"Timmy you are adorable, embarrassed and so turned on. Patty
you have made Timmy's cock hard."

Patty bent forward and looked at Timmy's tented pants. As
she did her blouse fell open and her full firm tits were in clear
view. Timmy stared and sort of moaned, not having a clue what to
do next. Carol conveniently blocked the view of the rest of the
people at the other end of the yard and Patty dropped her hand to
Timmy's cock wrapping her long fingers around it and squeezing.

Timmy gasped and Patty sighed,

"Hmmm Timmy you do have a nice cock sweety, do you let your
girl friend play with it?"

Timmy groaned as Patty stroked his hard young cock through
his pants and answered,

"yeah... "

Patty smiled,

"Good, have you fucked her yet Timmy?"

"Yeah.... a few times..."

"Bet you like fucking her?"

"Hmm yes I did..."

"Wanna fuck me?"


And Timmy came in his pants. Patty kissed his cheek and
when he quit shooting off in his pants finally, said,

"Sorry Timmy.... go clean yourself up darling before someone
wonders what happened. Maybe I will see you later...."

Tim ran off to the nearest bathroom he could find and Carol

"Patty, you should be ashamed..."

"I know Carol, Ill make it up to him later."


Then Carol looked around for me... I was not in view... so
Carol strolled into the house to find me to see if we could get
out of here. She was tired of rehearsing and after the Timmy
teasing she said she wanted me. She walked around and then found
herself at the door to Paul and Gloria's bedroom. She smiled as
she recalled the last time she had used this room was the night
she had pulled the train. Now she slowly opened the door and to
her delight there I was ... and Gloria and Paul. I was shoving
my hard cock into Gloria dog style while she ate Paul. It was a
scene Carol never got enough of and it always was cause for
instant wet cunt on her.

She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.
It was only seconds until Carol was as nude as everyone else and
she maneuvered her self under Gloria and was licking and sucking on her engorged clit as I fed my cock into her cunt. Carol
enjoyed the feel of my cock brushing her face as she ate Gloria.
Paul and I both said,

"Hi Carol we hoped you would join us."

Then Carol felt Paul spreading her legs and soon his cock
entered her eager cunt. Paul alternated stroking his cock into
Carol's tight cunt and Gloria's mouth ending up cumming half way
between them spewing cum all over both of them before Gloria got
his cock back in her mouth to drain him. I groaned and shot
into Gloria's hot cunt shortly and the four of us lay there in
that great after cum moment.

We talked about missing each other and promises were made
for lots of visits. Paul really had this thing for Carol and we
knew we would all be together regularly. About that time we
heard the wedding facilitator calling so we dressed quickly
and headed for the back yard. Patty met us and asked Carol,

"Where did you go?"

"Looking for Dave, found him in a three way with Paul and
Gloria so I made it a foursome."

"Damn... I am so horny, I am going to find Tim and fuck his
young cock. Cover for me."

The facilitator had everyone walk through and Carol told
them Patty was tied up to go ahead.

About thirty minutes later Patty sort of staggered up to
Carol and she looked totally fucked. Carol looked at her and

"I gather you found Tim?"

"Yeah .... wow does that kid have stamina and a nice large
cock to go with it. His girlfriend is going to have a perpetual
smile on her face from now on. I caught him in the kitchen and
pulled him into the guest bedroom at that end of the house. I
sucked him off til he came in my mouth and he was still hard... I
fucked him in my cunt til he came and he was still hard. I
introduced him to anal and he loved that and fucked my ass until
he came and the little bastard was still hard. At that point he
ate me and ate me and ate me. He is real good with his mouth. I
think I must have cum seven or eight hundred times Carol... Shit
he was great. I tried to get dressed then but the darling still
had a hard cock and so I let him fuck my tits. Finally his cock
went down and I cleaned the string of pearls he gave me off of my
tits and neck and face and dressed and stumbled back here."

Carol looked up as Timmy joined them. He wore this grin
that covered his entire face. As he stepped up to Patty he
looked around and saw that they were screened from everyone else
and he patted Patty's ass and said,

"That was great Patty, thank you... especially for showing
me how to fuck your ass. I can hardly wait to show my
girlfriend. Carol smiled and said,

"Tim honey, Patty said you were very good. Think you could
get it up again and show me?"

Tim smiled even broader and said,

"You mean...?"

"Yeah I mean I want everything you did with Patty."

And if to assure him she wasn't kidding she raised the front
of her skirt to her waist. No panties and Tim stared at her trim
bush. His hand automatically went to it and he brushed it
lightly. Then Carol dropped her skirt and caught his hand and
led him back to the bedroom.

There Tim stripped in a flash. Carol only wore the small
dress and it dropped to the floor. She knelt before Tim's hard
cock and took him into her mouth slowly, washing his cock with
her tongue as she did. Just as Patty had said his cock stayed
hard as they repeated all the different sex acts that Patty and
Tim had enjoyed all over again.

Tim was fucking Carol dog style as the door opened and
Gloria walked in. Timmy froze and said,

"Aunt Gloria, what are you doing here?"

Gloria looked them over and smiled as she slowly undid her
dress as she said,

"Carol, I have been wondering if my sister's son was ready
for me to fuck yet. I see he certainly is, may I join you two?"

Shortly Gloria straddled Tim's hard cock as Carol sat on his
tongue and the ladies kissed each other heatedly. Gloria had
arrived just as Carol had satisfied the last of her requested
list of activities and she smiled, dressed and left Tim and
Gloria..... as Gloria dropped her mouth to Tim's nasty young cock.


The wedding day arrived... everything went off smooth as
glass. The only hitch at all came when the judge that was
conducting the wedding got a hard on during the ceremony. Carol
and Patty both had on low cut dresses and their tits were mostly
exposed. Even the nipples peeked out every time they shifted.
The effect on the judge was obvious to the four of us standing
before him. Carol and Patty both enjoyed his hard cock and winked
at him. The judge performed admirably considering and the deal
was shortly done.

At the reception, I learned later, Carol and Patty took the
judge, who was about sixty, and very hale and hearty and cute,
into a side room and fucked him silly. When Charley and I tried
to pay him later he smiled and said,

"The ladies have taken care of my fee thank you."

All too soon it was over and we parted company for a while
amidst tears of farewell. We each went our separate ways to our
honeymoons and soon to be careers. Carol and I made it to the
airport shortly after lunch and boarded our plane to a very
secluded resort on Jamaica.

As we got settled I noticed Carol watching this beautiful
Stew who also was looking at her repeatedly. As Carol watched
the stew ran her eyes over Carols mostly exposed tits, down the
front of her loose low cut blouse. The stew slowly licked her
lips. Carol told me she felt a flush as her panties became damp.
Then their eyes met and Carol smiled and looked away shyly......

end part 10
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be
greatly appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to
see this story go...?
The End... for now...


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