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LOVIN11 split up But that


Lovin Part - 11

by Drifter

Mile High and Jamaica Rounds

The plane finally reached cruising altitude and Carol and
I relaxed as we sipped our wine in first class. We spent some
time talking over some of the recent experiences at school, what
we expected to find in Jamaica and later what Washington DC and
our new jobs would bring. Then we simply let the wine take us and
thought about having a great time in Jamaica.

After a pause in the conversation I noticed the man across
the aisle from us looking Carol over appreciatively. He really
was enjoying leering at her full breasts. The blouse she had on
was very low cut. That with the fact Carol never wore underwear
gave him a spectacular view. After a few moments of his leering,
he and I made eye contact. He smiled sort of sheepishly, having
gotten caught staring at my wife's great tits. I smiled and he

"Well what can I caught me, ...your wife is a
gorgeous lady. Forgive me for staring like that."

"It's OK, ... I understand......I love looking at her
myself...... and I have to admit I enjoy it when other men "appreciate" her body like you were doing."

"She is something to look at ... you are a lucky man to
share a bed with her. You sound pretty open about it."

"I guess we are, oh by the way the name is Dave,.... my wife Carol... we are bound for Jamaica for a week of fun."

I noticed Carol making eye contact with the hot looking
attendant again, it was obvious that the attendant kept circling
by our seats. Carol leaned over and whispered in my ear,

"I think that gorgeous blonde attendant is giving me the
eye. Would you like to join me in some games with her? We have
hours before we get to Jamaica?"

"Sounds interesting..."

Carol watched the attendant and as their eyes met they both
smiled invitingly. As they watched each other, Carol slowly
slipped her right hand up and cupped her left breasts. The
swells of both large breasts showed clearly above the opening of
her low cut blouse. As Carol squeezed her breast now, even more
of it was pushed over the top. The attendant watched with rapt
attention. As Carol cupped and squeezed her full breast... she
fondled her hard little nipple in an obvious manner. I was
enjoying this interplay a great deal and was getting turned on.
I noticed the man sitting across the aisle from us enjoying the
show too.

There were only five people in all of first class, the three
of us and a couple toward the back. That couple was clamoring
for the flight attendant's attention. After going back and
talking to those people the attendant cast a 'I'm sorry' glance
at Carol and went forward out of sight to fulfil their demands.

"I'm getting so turned on Dave.....I can taste her already."

I knew she had intentionally said it loud enough so the guy
across the aisle would hear it too. In fact he probably had
heard everything we had said.

"I think the same can be said for her darling. Not to
mention me, I would enjoy her too. I'm not sure where we are
going to find room to do anything though."

Then we were surprised by the guy across the aisle speaking,

"Down stairs."

We both turned toward the voice and looked curiously at the
man who had been ogling Carol....a 40ish male, nice looking,
graying temples, with a great smile. As we looked at him he
spoke again,

"I'm sorry and I don't mean to butt in. I couldn't help
over hearing and watching the intriguing sex play going on.
Below us is a reasonably large storage area. Pilots take some of
the more friendly attendants down at times. Plenty of room for
three of four people."

I could tell Carol was "interested" in him as she looked him
over... his looks and his deep voice appealed to her immediately
(of course Carol would like him) and I introduced Carol and she
slowly removed her hand from clutching her breast and leaned
forward to shake his offered hand. From his angle Carol knew the
stranger had a clear view of both of her bare beauties, nipples
and all. She looked at him hungrily and licked her swollen
pouty lips. One of her unfulfilled fantasies was to have sex
with a stranger. Another was the mile high club. She might be both.

Ted was his name.... 'Damn' Carol thought, 'I didn't
even want to know his name... oh well that fantasy can wait. He
still looks very sexy.'

Carol heard me say to Ted,

"We have just gotten married but we have lived together for
some time.... we enjoy a bit of exploration occasionally and
think Jamaica will be pretty interesting and exciting. Ted.....
Carol and I both love excitement ... and you?"

"I am an airline pilot for this airline, that is how I am
familiar with the hold in this ship. The attendant that Carol
is playing games with is Shiela... and Shiela is a lot of fun...
no matter what your gender. I am currently single and am heading
for Jamaica to relax for a few days. My x wife and I, like you I
assume, enjoyed a open marriage ... it was a lot of fun. It had
nothing to do with our split up. But that is a long story."

"Hi Ted."

We heard this soft sultry voice, as we looked up it was
Shiela. She smiled in turn at each of us. Ted introduced us and
the smile she gave me made my cock curl and then straighten out.
But it wasn't anything to the look she gave Carol..... or the one
Carol returned. Shiela refilled our glasses and then she looked
at Carol and said,

"Carol, would you be interested in a tour of the aircraft.
Most people aren't aware we have a tiny elevator and a work area
below here."

"Hmm I would love to see it Shiela, but maybe we should all
four go look."

Shiela's eyes were on Carol's tits bared to her eyes. Then I
heard Shiela say,

"That sounds like fun too."

But you could see she had hoped for Carol alone down
there.... then she continued

"Sure Carol, that sounds great.... Carol forgive me...I
have to admit that I am somewhat taken by your beauty.. your
breasts are fabulous... I have been looking at them ever since
you sat down. I wish mine were like yours."

Then Ted volunteered,

"Carol is one hot looking lady.... very much like you
Shiela. I think we should all go on that tour soon. Carol and
Dave are our kind of people."

Shiela dropped her hand to Ted's face and she stroked him
sexily. A look of understanding and a sly smile appeared on her
face as she said,

"I have missed you Ted... it has been too long since you
'flew with me'. But we can have a lot of fun in Jamaica too.
Are you sure Carol and Dave are as open as we are?"

I was enjoying being an observer of all that was happening.
I had also enjoyed looking at Shiela's firm trim body. Her skirt
seemed to have gotten shorter since we boarded and barely covered
her panties according to my calculation. Carol told me later
that Shiela had rolled it up at the waist to make it shorter to
show off her great legs and anything else that might show. Carol
said she frequently did that when "hunting".

Then Shiela sat on the arm rest of Ted's seat and turned her
trim legs directly at me. At first her knees were together and
all I could see was a small patch of pale blue panty looking up
at me. I wasn't sure if the view was for Carol or me and I
didn't care. Especially when she let her legs start to relax and
open more and more. As I now stared at her beautiful love nest
through her sheer blue panties she said,

"Well Dave, are you interested in the tour? Some folks say
it is well worth taking."

I raised my eyes up to meet hers and she winked at me and
smiled invitingly. No pretense... it was clear to all four of us
where this was heading. I winked in return and said,

"I am certain it will be a lot of fun. I'm ready."

I let my hand rest on her leg just inside her knee. I
stroked it softly as Ted and Carol and Shiela watched. Shiela
smiled at me.

I noticed Ted's hand stroking her cute ass and my cock was
hard as a rock. No one could miss it as I thought 'fuck it,
everyone is as excited as I am'.

Everyone was excited. To make life more interesting, not
that it wasn't already damned interesting, I slid my hand higher
between her legs. She looked over at Carol who smiled then
Shiela said,

"Carol can you see where your husbands hand is?"

Carol laughed sexily and sighed,

"Yes Shiela... I bet it feels good?"

Sheila started to say something but I slid my hand higher
and covered her love nest through her panties. It was wet...

"Shiela darling your panties are very wet."

Shiela smiled broadly and nodded

"Why don't you slide them off?"

Carol chimed in....

"Yes Shiela that would be hot..."

Shiela slipped her hands up under her short skirt, pulling
it up to her waist and she caught the top of her sexy panties and
slipped them down. She raised her ass up briefly to let them
slide by. As she stepped out of them she handed them to Carol.
She was totally exposed from the waist down as her skirt remained
up around her waist. Then Shiela said,

"Give me your's Carol."

Carol slowly raised her skirt until it revealed her sweet
bare pussy but no panties.

Shiela let out a little sigh as my fingers entered her wet
cunt. When my thumb rested lightly on her hard little clit she

"Dave... you are going to get me off...."


"Can't we go down stairs?"

"Later.... I want to make you cum here first."

I stroked my fingers in and out and lightly caressed her
hard nub and she started hunching my hand. Then Carol said,

"Shiela look at me..."

We all looked and Carol had her skirt up, her legs spread
wide and she was caressing her cunt the same way I was doing
Shiela..... Then Carol said,

"Shiela would you like to eat this for me?"

Shiela moaned and froze against my hand, jerking in frenzy
as she came hard.

When she could walk again we all headed for the elevator
laughing and groping a bit with Carol and Shiela leading the
way. We squeezed into the elevator and that in itself was
fun.... barely room for four. I stood behind Shiela and my hands
found her full tits. Ted was behind Carol and his hands were
inside her loose blouse on her bare beauties. Shiela and Carol
were kissing passionately as the elevator made it's descent.

The elevator stopped, no one moved. Carol and Shiela were
too busy. Then Shiela broke her kiss with Carol and pushed the
open button. As Ted had indicated there was room and work
counters all around the room just the right height for sex.
Carol lead Shiela and as Carol sat on the edge of the counter she
spread her legs wide and pulled Shiela's head into her crotch.
Shiela was eager and Carol was shortly moaning and gasping as
Shiela expertly 'attended' her.

Ted and I enjoyed watching for a while and then I moved
up behind Shiela and patted her bare ass and caressed it lovingly
letting my fingers trail from her clit up to her cute ass hole and back. I was dying to sample this tall beauty and I pulled my
hard cock free and soon Mortimer roared again as I slipped into
Shiela's wet pussy. Shiela stopped eating Carol briefly to sigh
and say,

"Hmmmm Yes Dave do me ... give it to me please.... "

Funny she was asking me 'please' and it would have taken a
bucket of water to slow me down.... a big bucket. Then I leaned
down and kissed her neck as I shoved all of Mortimer home. As I
cupped her breasts I opened her blouse to feel them bare. they
were great... in a few minutes I wet my fingers in her dripping
pussy, so nice... and then eased a finger in her cute ass as I

"Shiela I want to fuck you in the ass.... OK?"

Shiela raised her head and Carol groaned at the loss of
attention to her clit. Shiela quickly sighed,

"Just go slowly please...."

And she returned to Carol. I pulled my cock free and aimed
and pressed firmly. This was not Shiela's first experience at
anal intercourse. She was very relaxed and my cock easily slid
to the hilt as I pressed.

Then I noticed Ted standing there with his cock out and
playing with himself, all by himself. I called to Carol and she
looked at his hard cock and quickly rearranged so that she was on
her hands and knees on the counter. Ted was soon in front of her
as she took his cock in her mouth lovingly. Shiela returned her
attention to Carol by laying on her back and sliding her head
under Carol's sweet cunt. And of course I reentered Shiela's ass
eagerly. It wasn't long until Ted fired into Carol's mouth
groaning with delight. I filled Shiela's ass to overflowing with
my sperm and Shiela and Carol continued the long run of climaxes
they had been enjoying.

When we were able to move, Shiela redressed saying she had
to get back upstairs. When I took my eyes off of her hot body I
noticed Ted entering Carol's cunt with his hard cock as Carol
moaned loudly,

"Yeah Ted..... it feels so good....
end part 11

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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