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LOVIN12 cum was strong her lips



Jamaica Day 1

by Drifter

Part 12

Later Ted and I double fucked Carol the way she loves...
one in her cunt and one in her ass. Somehow we stayed well
occupied until Shiela returned. Then Ted was humping Carol's
tight ass and I rose for Shiela one more time.

We cleaned up as best we could and returned to the cabin, I
am sure, smelling like a whore house in June. Shiela was busy
doing flight attendant things. Ted pulled out a book and started

As we eased into our seats, Carol smiled at me with this
question in her eyes and said,

"Oh shit Dave....when I get started like this I just don't
want to stop... I don't believe it but I am dying for more cock.
Would you mind if I visited the flight deck and the pilot guys?"

I smiled and looked over at Ted and asked if that were
possible. He nodded and added they would love to see Carol at
their door. Carol smiled and first headed for the rest room to
clean up a bit more. She was back shortly and she leaned over
and kissed me deeply. Then breaking the kiss she said,

"You OK with this? fucking all three of them?

"I don't mind... but I will want a full report."

She was gone a good two hours. I curled up and napped,
knowing my new wife was in the pilots compartment fucking her ass
off with three more strange men.

She woke me as she slipped in past me to her seat. She had
this huge grin on her face as she leaned over and kissed me. The
taste of cum was strong on her lips and it was clear she had had
a great time. I sat up and looked at her. There was dried cum on her chin, her tits, her legs. As I looked her over she smiled
and said,

"I intentionally didn't clean up first, I wanted you to see
me like this.... my cunt and ass are full of cum and dripping
loads, I swallowed a ton. The Captain fucked my tits and shot
all over my face. It was so hot.... Each of them fucked me
several times. I kept sucking their cocks making them hard again
and they would fuck me again. The airplane flew itself and I
took all three of them at the same time..... twice."

I was hard instantly as I listened to her and looked at this
sex addict. I loved it all and her. Then she smiled and asked,

"I want you to fuck me with all their cum in me.... will you
do that please?"

I smiled and pulled my hard cock out. Without hesitation
she straddled my lap and eased her stretched cunt, so full of
cum, over my raging hard. She moaned and started raising up and
down on it as she mumbled....

"I love it... thank you darling for understanding and being
so free about sex."

Later she cleaned up and slept the last part of the flight.
In fact I had a hard time waking her up in Jamaica. As we
deplaned we made plans to call Ted and Shiela soon and we caught
a cab to our resort.

We swam in the ocean and lay on the beach just resting until
dark. We returned to our room and showered and started to dress
to go to dinner. Carol handed me a pair of brief shorts she had
bought for me saying,

"Put these on please darling... but no underwear. I want
you to advertise your nice big cock."

I complied and then pulled a loose knit shirt on top of it.
As I looked into the full length mirror my cock was clearly
outlined including the crown. Hell everyone could tell for sure
I had been circumcised. Carol smiled and licked her lips,

"I love it. When you get hard it will really show."

"When I get hard my cock will stick out beneath these

She only smiled her most deviant smile. Then she stepped
into her briefest mini skirt. It barely covered her sweet hairy
nest and the cheeks of her ass. Her long trim legs looked great
leading up to what was barely under the skirt. We both knew that
a lot of people were going to get a good look at us this night.
Then Carol said,

"I wish I could go topless like this. God I am so horny. I
am dying to fuck, more strange men and women. Honey, are you OK
with us fucking anything we find that interests us?"

I cupped her full bare tits and twisted their hard nipples
lightly and replied.

"Yeah baby... I am soooo ready."

She then pulled a small piece of clothe over her head and
over her great boobs. It fit under her arms leaving her gorgeous
shoulders bare. It sort of covered the top of her tits and the
nipples but the lower swell of her tits peeked out as she moved.
She raised her arms above her head and her nipples peeked out at
me. She smiled,

"Like it?"

"Love it..... "

Every one's heads turned to follow Carol as she entered the
dining room. I even noticed a few women glancing at my shorts.
We were seated immediately and a good looking young black man was
our waiter. His name was Paul. Carol winked at me we both
reacted to the familiar name. Reading each other's minds was
getting so easy. Carol gave him a warm smile and asked sweetly,

"Paul... if I get hungry during the night do you offer room

Paul smiled knowingly. It wasn't the first time he had been
asked a similar question for sure. He nodded looking Carol over
boldly and answered her,

"Of course Madam, I am eager to please my customers. Just
ask for me at room service. Would that be service for one or

And he glanced over at me.

"Just one Paul... but Dave likes to watch... me eat...."

"The restaurant closes at midnight... I hope that won't be
too late for Madam's hunger."

"That will be perfect Paul, shall we say that you will
surprise me with something special from the menu at midnight. We
are in room 100."

We ordered drinks and dinner and Paul disappeared. In a
moment Carol said softly,

"How do you feel about a young black man fucking your hot

"I enjoyed the conversation hon and I look forward to the
show even more. My cock is trying to get out of these shorts

Carol looked down and smiled broadly.

Then a different waitress sat two drinks on our table that
we hadn't ordered. She smiled and told us they were from the
couple at the booth across from us. We looked over and saw a man of about 50, obviously fit and handsome, with a knockout of a
lady of about 25, somewhat spanish looking and from what I could
see, built very voluptuously in a very low cut blouse. As I
dropped my eyes to her legs under the table I could see no
covering at all. Her skirt had to be as short as Carols. They
smiled back at us and nodded. We picked up the drinks they had
sent and toasted them and Carol whispered.

"Shall we?"

"Of course."

Before we could do anything the man stood and walked over to
our table. He introduced himself as Don Johnson, and told us he
and his companion, Joy, were here for a few days of fun in the
sun and would we like to join them for dinner. His eyes were all
over Carol and his cock swelled as he saw her bare pussy looking
up at him from under her short skirt. Carol smiled knowing he
was looking at her bare pussy. We followed him back to their
booth. I slid in on one side of Joy and Carol slid in on the
other side of her. Don with a large grin on his face slid in
beside Carol. The booth was small for four people but that made
it nice as I felt Joy's long bare leg against my own. I was sure
Carol was enjoying the same sensations with Don on one side and
Joy the other.

Over dinner we enjoyed lively conversation and a little
groping under the table. My hands had roamed over Joys trim legs
several times under the table. Each time I moved my hand higher
she only smiled at me. The way Carol winked at me I was sure Don
was doing even more. Then she closed her eyes briefly and sighed
and I knew her clit had been touched.

Carol opened her eyes and suggested we skip dessert and
sighed loudly,

"Why don't we go to our room for a after dinner drink or
something, Ok with you Joy?"

Joy smiled and said

"We would love to Carol."

As we walked out Don slid his arm around Carol's trim waist
and I did the same to Joy, defining our new pairing, at least for
a while. Our room was down a long outside corridor covered with
vines and flowers with a view of the ocean. I dropped my hand
under Joy's brief skirt onto her ass. It was bare to my hand.
As I explored it she smiled at me and then I realized she wore
thong panties. She leaned offering her lips. I met them and it
was a kiss that was so hot and so sexy. She bit and sucked and
played with my tongue in her mouth. Shortly she broke the kiss
and whispered,

"I love the way you kiss Dave, I hope you kiss my other lips
as well."

"I will enjoying trying."

Now we both looked around to see where Carol and Don had
gone. They stood watching us. Don was behind Carol his hands
under her brief top playing with her bare tits. Carol had one
hand behind her and I could easily guess what it was full of.
Then I was surprised, but only a little, as Don said,

"Joy honey, why don't you suck Dave's cock out here. Maybe
someone will come along and catch you."

Well we knew what one of her fantasies was. She moaned
softly and slid down to her knees in front of me unzipping my
shorts and pulling Mortimer free. Her lush mouth swallowed me
and I almost came immediately. Carol seemed to think that looked
like fun so she soon had Don deep in her mouth also. I was
enjoying myself tremendously and then I looked up to see one of
the young resort maids walk by with a handful of towels. She
only smiled as she enjoyed watching what we were doing. Then she
nodded and left. I had to assume she had seen this a number of
times. Joy groaned loudly as she saw the maid watching us and it
was obvious from the way she shook it caused her to cum wildly.

I blew my load in her mouth then and she took it all
eagerly. As she slowly stood up, we kissed again, the taste of
my cum in her mouth excited me a lot. I held her as we watched
Carol finish Don. As Don came in Carol's expert mouth Joy caught
my hands and placed them on her bare tits under her thin blouse.
Her nipples were rigid and my cock started to grow against her
ass. When Carol stood up again we all laughed and headed for our
room. In the room no one hesitated and the few clothes we had on
were quickly gone. Don smiled as he ogled Carol's body and he

"I wish things could be so open at home. Even in California
where we live, open sex is not so accepted."

Joy wasn't into talking as she lay back on the bed pulling
my face to her eager cunt. It tasted good, hell it was great. I
glanced up to see Carol easing her hot pussy down onto Don's
large hard cock.

Joy came easily and frequently. She was a screamer and she
moaned and groaned and screamed as she came over and over again.
Finally she pulled my face out of her wet cunt and up to her
lips. As we kissed she started my cock in her wet cunt. I thrust
in, in one stroke, and she gasped and came again. I had never
seen anyone come so easily. I broke the kiss and whispered in
her ear that I wanted to fuck her ass and she stiffened and came
again. She could hardly talk as she looked into my eyes and
nodding she only said,

"Yes... yes... yes"

I pulled out and she rolled over and raised her ass high in
the air for me. I pressed my hard wet cock into her rose bud.
She opened immediately and I slipped in. It was hot and tight
and as I hit bottom she came again. I lost it then and filled
her darling little ass with my cum. When I pulled out she rolled
over and pulled me into her arms and we lay there spent for the
moment as we looked over at our other partners. Don had
Carol on her back, her legs up on his shoulders and he was
plunging into her cunt hard and fast. As he made his long hard
thrusts Carol was chanting,

"Again... again..."

She looked over at me and smiled and said huskily,

"Oh shit honey, I love to be fucked."

I smiled and said,

"And you are so good at it.

"Still get hot watching another guy fuck your wife?"


"Oh shit I'm cumming again.... watch Don fuck me while I cum darling."

Don came too and they fell beside us on the bed. Don's
cock was still in Carol as she leaned over and kissed me. Then
she looked at Joy and moved her lips to hers as the two of them
kissed deeply. Joy spoke when they broke the kiss,

"I want to eat you Carol."

Carol smiled and rolled over waiting for her. Shortly they
were in a hot 69 and both were getting mouthfuls of Don and my
cum from each other's cunts.

We sat around having drinks and talking. They had been
there a couple of days already. They told us anything was OK
inside the resort walls. Almost anything was OK all over the
island, but on our resort beach people fucked openly.

Carol loved that and I could see the wheels turning when a
knock came at the door. I looked at my watch and said,


Carol walked to the door. We were all still nude and Carol
swung the door wide open. Paul stood there with a big grin as he
looked Carol and then Joy over. Carol pulled him into the room
and soon was on the bed with his large black cock deep in her
pussy. As he stroked deeply into Carol she moaned,

"Oh yes baby, give me that big black cock... I love it."

Joy had her turn with Paul as Don and I doubled fucked
Carol. Watching had us all turned on again.

The three of them left shortly agreeing to meet again the
next day. Carol and I showered and fell in bed exhausted. You
know from Part One of this tale how the next morning went.

After we quit laughing at her comment about she should have
driven we got up off the floor and showered again and dressed. I
wore similar revealing stuff as the night before. Carol wore a
mini skirt, no panties and a see thru top. She looked so hot.
Hell she was so hot. We were both ready to fuck anything that
looked inviting.

end part 12b

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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