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LOVIN13 black man sprawled nude large


Lovin Part - 13

by Drifter

Jamaica Day 2

It was already late morning when we walked into the dining
room. We were starved and both of us ate a huge breakfast. We
had the dining room to ourselves and we ate and chatted. Then
from nowhere Carol leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the

"Dave my love.... I can't tell you how glad I am that I
found you. I had thought for years that I would never find a
man who could deal with me. A man who could love me just the way
I am. I have lost so many boy friends when they tried to insist
I be monogamous. They were all eager to get me in bed but they
sure didn't want anyone else to. I just want you to know how
much I love and appreciate you. I have told you I would be happy
with just you and I would... but I love what we do, and that you
love me enough to do it with me."

I sipped on my coffee to keep from getting choked up and
then I replied,

"Carol you know how I adore you and all that we do.... But
I love you more....than just that. We just sort of fit well
together in lots of ways don't we?"

She smiled and winked saying,

"We certainly do Ollie."

Then serious again she said,

"I just want you to know I really am yours. You have allowed
me so much freedom, like Paul and his friends, the train, the
pilots, the waiter and all... I want you to know I will do
anything you want me to do to please you. Just let me know
what you want me to do.... what ever it is."

"I might surprise you Carol..."

She only smiled and blew me a kiss...

After breakfast we strolled on the beach for a bit. There
were a good number of nude bathers in and out of the water.
Carol smiled and slipped her blouse off. Her magnificent breasts were something to watch as we walked along in the hot sand. I
pulled my shirt off to get some sun but who cared?

Then Carol unhooked her mini skirt and now all she wore was
her sandals and a big smile. I dropped my shorts and was as bare
as she was. The situation was exciting to me and my cock grew a
bit... Carol of course, noticed and smiled at me.... We placed
our clothes on a table near by and enjoyed strolling down the
beach completely bareass. A lot of men and women looked Carol
over appreciatively and I had to admit I loved the way they
looked at her. So did she... I could tell the stares of the men were starting to have an effect on her. Her nipples were now
hard and standing out. There is this look she gets as she gets
turned on and she had it now.... in spades....

"They are turning you on aren't they, ogling your hot body?"

"Yeah Dave... that and my own thoughts..."

"Joy said last night that folks here openly fuck on the
beach... are you interested in finding a new cock and putting on
a little show for me and the rest of the world?"

I knew that idea would appeal to her and she looked over at
me and smiled. I smiled back and said,

"Go ahead.... I will lag behind and then watch you in

She leaned over and kissed my lips gently and whispered,

"I love you."

And she strolled ahead of me on down the beach only now we
both had a goal.... I could see Carol scanning the terrain like
the meat eating raptor she was. An animal looking for it's prey.
Only this prey would love to be the target... and I loved
watching her....

She hadn't gone 50 ft when she stopped and turned looking at
something. I looked where she was staring and saw this young black man sprawled nude on a large towel. He lay on his back and
his cock was laying limp up on his stomach. I realized then why
Carol was staring. His cock was huge.... bigger than anything I
had ever seen.... even in it's now flaccid condition it was huge.
Carol hesitated only for a moment then strolled over and stood
just off his towel. As I got nearer I flopped onto a lounge
chair about ten yards away from them and watched and listened,

"Hi .... my name is Carol....."

"Yes Carol... you are one beautiful woman.... I am Jack...."

"Hello Jack, are you visiting Jamaica or is this your home?"

As Carol chatted she made no secret of returning her eyes to
his large cock. She smiled as she realized it was starting to

"This is my home.... I live near here and enjoy the beach
and the lovely female visitors...."

His eyes slowly and obviously ran over her full charms so
open to inspection. Carol spread her legs wider and pulled her
shoulders back to emphasize her assets. As he looked Carol's eyes
went back to his huge cock. It was hard enough now that it
started to stand up on it's own. I saw Carol smile and lick her
lips. Then Carol met his eyes again and she said,

"Jack... you seem to be a growing young man....."

He laughed

"Looking at your fine body would make any man grow.... would
you like to share my beach towel...?"

Carol dropped to her knees. I enjoyed the way her firm tits swayed and bounced as she moved over closer to Jack. Then Jack

"Are you here alone Carol... I can't believe that."

Carol let her hand fall on his stomach as she knelt beside
him her knees just touching his side. Jack looked at her hand
momentarily and smiled at her. Carol started moving her hand up
and down his abdomen getting closer to his cock each slow move.
She responded,

"No I am here with my husband on our honeymoon."

"Hmmm sweet Carol... on your honeymoon and here with me?"

"Uh-huh..... my husband is wonderful to me. He treats me so
well... he makes love to me a lot... and I love it... and him...
but he knows I like.... variety..... and he allows me.... all
that I want... sometime he likes to watch when I am with other

Carol dropped her hand lower and she wrapped her fingers
around the shaft of Jack's hard cock. She slowly stroked up and
down the monster. Then she said,

"Jack you have the biggest cock I have ever seen.... We
were told last night that no one minds if couples fuck openly on
the beach... is that true?"

"It is true Carol, although sometimes it draws a crowd...."

Carol smiled as Jacks large hand dropped on her thigh.
Carol managed to spread her legs as his hand explored. As his
finger reached her love nest he found it wet..... Carol leaned
forward and kissed the head of his enormous cock. She licked
around the glans and kissed and sucked on the tip. She opened
her mouth wide and lowered her lips over the head of his monster.

As she did our eyes met. She smiled and winked. I winked back
and continued stroking my hard cock. She quickly returned her
attention to her new friend. I heard him say,

"Straddle my head Carol...."

Carol needed no further instructions and she moved quickly
so his tongue could find her swollen clit. I heard her gasp and
saw her shake as she came for his exploring tongue. Her mouth
lowered slowly on his cock, she was having trouble getting it
open wide enough to take him. After a moments rest she began
sliding her mouth up and down his glistening cock. Then I heard
Jack moan into Carol's cunt. Carol shuddered again and she came
so hard I feared she might pass out. But she recovered and
raised her mouth free to say,

"Jack..... I want you to cum in my mouth."

And she returned to him to make it happen. Soon he flooded
her mouth. Carol swallowed as fast as she could but a great
deal of it ran out of her lips onto his stomach.

I looked up then as I heard this brief applause to see two
couples, both as nude as we were, standing nearby applauding
Carol's efforts as they watched the action. The men sported hard
cocks and the ladies nipples were hard and petulant. I enjoyed
looking at both of the lovely ladies... they too were quite
spectacular, why else would they be displaying themselves so
invitingly on a nude beach.... Then one of the ladies I was
ogling, looked over at me and smiled. She turned and whispered
something to her partner and she walked over and sat beside me on
the lounge, her bare hip pressing into my leg. I still had my
hand wrapped around my hard cock. She looked at my cock and
smiled at me saying,

"Hi I am Patty... isn't that your wife with him?"

And she nodded in the direction of Carol and Jack.

"Yeah... that's my Carol."

She smiled again and I felt her hand on my cock as she
pushed mine away replacing it with hers.

"We noticed you two in the dining room last night. We were
going to ask you to join us when Joy and Don beat us to it. I
bet you guys had fun last night. Don and Joy are great in bed

"Yeah Patty. They were great....."

Then Patty gasped and said,

"Oh my look...."

I looked over in time to see Carol guiding Jack's monster
cock into her dripping wet cunt. The head slipped in easily but
then Carol had to fuck up and down on it slowly to open her cunt wider. Carol looked over at me and saw Patty playing with my
hard cock. I blew her a kiss and she smiled and said,

"Damn Dave.. this is the biggest cock I have ever tried to

I smiled at her and replied,

"Take it slow darling, remember that is my sweet pussy you
are letting him use. Take good care of it for me."

She lowered herself another inch on Jack's cock and gasped,

"Oh shit Dave..... it is splitting me... but I love it."

Patty was staring at Jack's cock forcing it's way into
Carol's cunt and she groaned and without a word straddled me
lowering herself onto my hard cock.

"Oh damn... you may not be as big as him but you fill me

And she started fucking up and down on my cock slowly as we
watched the show in the center ring. I noticed the other couple
with Patty fucking on the other side of Carol and Jack. I
pointed them out to Patty. She moaned and came then, when she
could talk she said,

"That other couple screwing is my husband, Bob, and his
sister Betty. Pete, the guy I was standing with is Betty's
husband... we are here for a week of sex and sun."

Then she started fucking my cock again,

"Hmm Dave, I love your cock..."

When I looked back at Carol she had several more inches of
Jack in her and now she was fucking up and down on him as Patty
was on me. With each stroke a little more of the huge cock
disappeared into her stretched cunt. I enjoyed the view of Carol
fucking that huge pole, but the things Patty was doing to my cock
stole my attention. I started thrusting up to meet her strokes
and soon we both were oblivious to everything but our genitals.
I came and came and I thought I would never stop. Patty was
cumming continually and working my cock over fabulously. Then I
lost it and felt Patty collapse on top of me. I couldn't move...
I didn't want to move. Some time later I felt a pair of very
familiar lips on mine. Carol was kneeling beside Patty and I,
kissing me tenderly. I opened my eyes and saw my love,

"Hi Carol honey, meet Patty."

end part 13


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