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LOVIN14 sucking tongue into her mouth


Part 14

by Drifter

Bi Bi Baby

Patty turned to face Carol her face on my chest. Patty
smiled and said lethargically,

"Hi, loved watching you with King Kong over there. God what
a cock. How was it?"

We looked over but Jack was gone.... Carol sighed

"It was OK... but toooo big.... I loved taking him, damn he
stretched me..... but once was enough... I prefer my darling
husbands cock by far."

Patty giggled and said,

"I can see why...I sure enjoyed it... thanks for
sharing....., while we are on the subject, why don't the
two of you join the four of us for dinner tonight... and then

Patty pointed out Bob, Betty and Pete. Carol smiled and
licked her lips and said,

"Sounds like fun... OK with you honey?"

"Love to."

We were introduced and after appropriate flirting and
comments Carol and I headed back to our room....

"Dave honey ... I need to talk to you......I have a strange
confession....... I was jealous for the first time in my entire
life..... when I crawled off of Jack's cock and saw you fucking

I stopped and pulled her into my arms. I held her close as
we both felt our wet genitals melding together. I kissed her
softly and said,

"How can I fix it sweetheart? Shall I stop fucking other

"No Dave... no that isn't it..... I know you don't want to
stop.. I don't want to stop fucking other guys either... it just
was weird....."

"What can I do to make it better....?

"I don't know... just love me."

I kissed her again and said,

"Lets get a shower and I will show you who my favorite fuck
is. We can make slow love then afterwards."

We pulled apart painfully as the drying cum in our pubic
hair stuck together. I couldn't resist,

"See I told you I was stuck on you."

Some time later after we had showered, fucked hard and then
made slow tender love, Carol seemed to return to normal, almost.
Carol looked up at me as I lay on top of her, my limp cock still
in her sweet cunt and she said,

"Dave... please don't ever stop loving me.... when I was
fucking that huge cock I wanted you beside me. I wanted you to
help me get it into my cunt, that is your cunt. When you were
busy fucking Patty, and not even watching me, I felt abandoned.
Then I got jealous...."

I kissed her softly and said,

"Darling..... why didn't you tell me. I would have dumped
Patty and been at your side in a second."

"You really would have done that?"

"Of course."

She lay there looking into my eyes and in a moment she

"Remember when we sucked Paul's cock together?"


"That somehow made me feel like you really loved me. I
wanted you to do that and you did.... for me.... I know it is
weird but I felt like you did something you were so afraid of, to
just please me. When you said you would dump Patty to help me
take another man's cock I felt terribly loved again."

"Uh-huh... I want you to feel loved always ..."

"Would you do that again?"

"To show you I love you... I guess I would do about anything
to make you feel loved."

She kissed me slowly then, her tongue exploring my mouth
slowly, sucking my tongue into her mouth. When she broke the
kiss she sighed,

"I love to suck.... your tongue... your cock... other cocks,
cunts.... I love to use my mouth for sex."

"I know ... I do too.... I love to kiss you and eat your
pussy... not to mention other hot pussy,.... I have to admit
something to you... it has taken me a long time to come to grips
with this..... but I enjoyed sucking Paul's cock. I liked the
way it felt in my mouth and when he came in my mouth. It was as
good as you said."

She looked up at me and smiled with an evil glint in her

"Oh Dave... I'm so glad..... "

She kissed me more passionately and we both felt my cock
start to come alive again in her warm cunt.

"Dave honey, would you be interested in doing it again?"

"If the situation were right... just you and I... and him.
Like with Paul."

"God Dave I would love for it to happen. I still want you
to be as bisexual as I am. I want to see you enjoy sucking cock
and getting fucked in your ass. Just like me."

"Maybe someday baby."

"Talking about it made you hard again. I want to fuck you
in the ass with my dildo.. can I?"


She rolled me over on my back and slid down taking my hard
cock in her mouth. As she deep throated and sucked me, I felt
her wet fingers slowly enter my ass hole. It felt as good as
previous times. Soon she had two fingers sliding in and out of
my ass easily. She jumped up and as she started digging through
her bag for the strap on dildo she said,

"Get on your hands and knees please baby."

I rolled over in position. I heard the snaps as she hooked
the harness on her. I looked over at my nude beauty standing
there with this black harness around her trim ass and then I
looked at the dildo hanging in front of her. It wasn't the small
one, the one she usually used on my ass, it was a good 8" long
and as big around as my cock. She was lubricating it... stroking
it up and down like she was jacking off. She saw me looking and
she said,

"How do you like my new cock honey? You will love this."

"You going to tear me open?"

"No baby.... you are ready for this. If you are ever going
to take a real cock .... "

She walked up behind me and leaned down and tongued my ass
hole. I gasped as her tongue entered me and was surprised at how
open I was. Then she straightened up and I felt the hard rubber
start in my ass. She reached around and caught my raging hard
cock and stroked me as she fucked slowly in and out the inch she
was in me. I felt more and more enter my ass and I felt so
fucking full. I was in a fog then as I enjoyed her fucking me.
In a moment she stopped and said,

"It is all the way in honey. You have 8 inches of hard
simulated cock up your ass. I wish it were in my ass."

She started fucking me hard and fast then as she stroked my
cock. The dildo had a bump on the base that rubbed her hard
little clit as she fucked me. Soon we were both in a rage as we
fucked hard into one another. And then we came... and came...
and came....

When she finally pulled out she fell beside me.....

When I could move again I rolled over and kissed her and

"When it happens, Carol I want my cock in your ass at the
same time."

"Yes... yes... yes , is it OK if I try and make it
happen... soon?"

"OK sweetheart... anytime you want to.... but no one that I
know.... at least not yet."

"OK baby... I will choose someone for you carefully."
end part 14

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?
The End... for now...


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