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LOVIN15 cum Carols lips guess


Lovin Part - 15

by Drifter

Then Carol noticed the time. We hit the shower one more
time and hurriedly dressed for dinner and our four new friends.
Carol looked radiant... and so hot. She slipped into a silk
sarong that had a deep v cut revealing a lot or her full tits and
it was as short as the mini's she had been wearing. It tied
loosely around her waist. It hid nothing and enhanced
everything. I had on another pair of short shorts that displayed
my cock clearly. But with Carol there, no one would be looking
at me. I looked at her and said,

"Damn you look so fuckable."

She winked and smiled and said,

"I am honey. I thought you knew."

"You mean you would cheat on your husband?"

"Never... but it isn't cheating if your husband approves of
you fucking other men.... and women... ."

We laughed and I caught her in my arms and kissed her
deeply. I slipped my hand inside her sarong onto one of her full
tits and as I squeezed it I said,

"You are so hot... those two guys don't know how lucky they
are going to be tonight..... their hard cocks are going to fill
every hole you have.. not to mention the ladies tongues...."

"Dave you are so good for me... and my ego. I know the
ladies are going to enjoy you so much."

And she caught my hard cock through my pants. Squeezing it
just as I was her tit. We were both fired up as we walked into
the dining room. Pete and Betty and Patty and Bob were there
already. They all slid out of the large booth to welcome us.
Lots of hugs and feels and then Patty took over and winking she

"OK Bob (her husband) and Betty (Bob's sister) in first.
Dave next to Betty, Carol next to Bob, Pete next to Carol and Me
next to Dave. Does this suggest anything folks?"

Everyone laughed as we all followed her instructions. Patty
and Betty were dressed as openly as Carol and I had a good view
of their nice bare tits every time either of them moved. As I
had hugged first Patty and then Betty I had run my hand up under
their short skirts and ascertained that neither of them wore
panties, just like Carol. It was going to be a hot night.

Our drinks arrived and we toasted each other. Then Betty
spoke up as her hand slipped into my lap onto my semi hard cock,

"Carol... we all loved watching you today..... please share
with us what it was like to take that huge cock."

Carol smiled and winked at me and said,

"Which one, I had one big one on the beach and my husbands
in my bed later?"

Patty laughed,

"I know, I was lucky enough to get a good sample of Dave's
wares today too..... Dave is nice and big ......but tell us
about that 12 inch monster you took at the beach."

I was amazed as Betty managed to unbutton my shorts and
lower the zipper. She had my hard cock out in her bare hand
stroking me as we talked. Then I felt Patty's hand on it too.
She looked over at Betty and said,

"Can we share?"

Betty laughed and said,

"We share everything else why not?"

I had two hands freely trading places on my cock as they
teased and stroked me.

I looked over at Carol and noticed her sarong was untied and
hanging open. Her full tits in clear view. Pete clutched one of
them in his hand and it was obvious Bob was busy under the table.
Did Roman orgies start like this?

Carol winked at me and said,

"I am so fucking hot. Thinking about that huge cock in me
this morning, Dave's in me this afternoon and what Bob and Pete
are doing to me now. The monster cock was a challenge and
stretched me more than I have ever been stretched before. I
loved the feeling of fucking it but once with something that big
was enough ladies."

Betty smiled and unbuttoned her blouse baring her lovely
jugs. Her fingers toying with her nipples making them large and
hard. Patty pulled her blouse down to her waist and copied
Betty. I filled my hands with one jewel of each lady and enjoyed
their full tits in my hands. Then Bob spoke up.

"I love this place... I mean anything goes here. A guest
can do anything and no one objects. The first night we got here
we watched some guy fuck his dinner partner right in the booth.
And look at us. Carol has Pete's cock in one hand and mine in
her other. If we tried this at home we would be arrested. And
the staff is ready and eager to fuck anyone that requests it.
Damn, I wish this place was in my home town.

Our dinner arrived and in spite of all the groping going on,
we ate ravenously. Carol kept looking over and smiling at me or
blowing me kisses. It seemed uncharacteristic of my lady. Almost she needed my OK.... very unlike Carol.

There was a lot of fore play going on of every variety, as
I watched Carol gave Pete a deep french kiss and then another to
Bob. Of course Betty and Patty and I had been busy doing the
same between bites of food. A few people were watching us with
great interest. It must have been one hell of a show, and when
eye contact was made with them they only raised their glasses to
toast our fun.

Then we all got quite a surprise... the manager of the place
came over to our table. He smiled and asked if we were having as
good of a time as it seemed. A really stupid question under the
circumstance. Then he said,

"Several people have suggested that since the six of you
don't object to being observed in your play.... would you
consider going onto our small stage and letting everyone enjoy

We had just been asked to put on a sex show..... Carol
looked at me and grinned impishly and nodded.... she loved to
have people watch. I spoke up,

"I can't speak for the others but Carol and I would love

The others agreed quickly and soon we all headed for the
raised dias in the center of the room. There probably were 20 or
30 other people in the room. We dropped what was left of our
clothing as we stepped up on the platform to a round of applause.

The staff produced three large mattress covered with black
silk sheets. They did seem to be prepared for this sort of
thing. We certainly seemed not to be the first group to do put on
a show. Patty proved once more to be the grand organizer,
stepping forward and introducing each of us by first name. She
mentioned she and Bob were married, that Betty was Bob's sister,
whom he had been fucking since they were teenagers, theat Betty
was married to Pete and that Carol and I were married and were
new acquaintances.

Then she said,

"For your entertainment since Bob and Pete have yet to enjoy
Carol the two of them will double fuck her while my sister in law
and I will take our darling Dave on."

None of us objected and we were all so fucking turned on we
fell to it immediately. With kisses and much fondling and tender
caresses we all sort of sank to the mattresses. Patty kissed me
and whispered

"Honey, if it is OK with you, lay on your back so Betty can
sit on your cock and I can sit on your face."

Who could turn down an offer like that. I was delighted. As
I lay back I looked over at Carol and she had already straddled
Pete and was fucking his cock as Bob slowly entered her sweet
tight ass hole. She had that glazed look on her face and as I
well knew she would now fuck anything presented to her.

I was pleasantly diverted then as Patty and Betty took all
of my attention. Sometime later, after both got off hugely, I
heard Betty suggest they swap ends. As they did I noticed Carol
now had a third cock in her mouth. Some volunteer from the
audience I assumed.

Everyone pumped their juices for sometime and then I felt
the ladies leave me as they fell off of me onto the mattress.
As I sat up Carol's eyes met mine. She was free at that moment
and she stood up and moved to meet me. I pulled her into my arms
and kissed her and tasted cum. I had come to expect and enjoy
the taste of other men's cum on Carol's lips. I guess I am weird
but the proof that my wife just fucked or sucked another guy was
hot to me. Then she surprised me when she broke the kiss and

"Take me to our room .... please honey."

We gathered up our clothes and still nude slowly walked out.
At the door we turned to see maybe ten couples in various
combinations of male and female on the stage, fucking their heads
off. I never thought Carol would walk away from an orgy... but
tonight she did. I said nothing until we were washing and
caressing each other tenderly in the warm shower.... Carol
kissed me and held me to her tightly and kept saying how much
she loved me.

As we dried each other I said,

"OK my beloved... what is going on. What is working in your
pretty head?"

She smiled and kissed me tenderly again and then started,

"Dave... I adore you... if you left me I would die.."

I started to protest but she placed a finger on my lips and
shushed me softly continuing,

"Just listen to me my love. I know you want to reassure me
of your love. I live for your love and I appreciate that more
than you will ever know.... but I want you to understand what I
am feeling tonight, right now.

In the last few days, since we got married, your over sexed
wife has fucked the jp who married us, Ted and Shiela, the three
pilots, Don and Joy, Paul the waiter, Jack on the beach, Pete
and Bob and three others I couldn't identify even if I saw them
again. That's 15 people not to mention the times we have had
sex. I enjoyed it... hell I loved .... well most of it, a lot at
first but somehow less and less. It seems that since I was
fucking Jack on the beach and saw you with Patty a lot of the
pleasure went out of it. I needed you beside me and you were
busy. As you know better than anyone, I love to fuck.. and I
know you do too. I don't want us to stop playing with others...
both of us.... but somehow now I want it to be more personal, ...
like with our Patty and Charley, and Paul and Gloria..... I
guess what I am saying is I don't want to fuck anyone that I am
not friends with, at least... a little, preferably even love
them a little like I love Paul and Charley and Patty and Gloria.

Oh hell... maybe that isn't even true. I can see us meeting
a nice new couple and enjoying an evening of gentle swapping if
we hit it off. I just don't want any more faceless fucks. If I
see someone I have fucked the day after, I want to recognize them
and be glad to see him or her cause I like them. I fucked three
guys tonight I wouldn't even recognize."

I looked at her and she had this pleading look on her
face... afraid I wouldn't understand or might disagree.

I pulled her into my arms and our cool nude bodies molded
into each others familiarly. I kissed her eyes and her neck and
her cheeks slowly tenderly trying to infuse my love for her into
her body and mind. I held her and softly stroked the smooth
skin on her perfect back and ass. It was loving touching with no
sexual urging. I picked her up and carried her to our bed and
laid her on her back. I lay beside her and slowly, softly kissed
every inch of her flesh I could get my lips on except her
genitals. I kissed down one side of her glorious body and back
up the other. As I did I told her how much I loved her, how dear
she was to me, how I wanted what she wanted, that the important
thing was not who or how many others we fucked but that we did
what ever we did together.

She started crying then, not silent little tears but large
boohoos, crying and gasping for breathe and wailing. I held her
close and stroked her head and face and kissed her softly, which
seemed to make her cry even harder. She cried for a good 30
minutes her body racked with such heart felt sobs. I cooed to
her and continually told her how much I loved her.... and held
her close.

Then she slowed down gradually. Soon she blew her nose
and wiped her eyes and looked at me and smiled brightly and said,

"Would you mind making love to me now ... please?"

There was something so dear in her eyes and at the same time
so sexy I was hard instantly. As she guided Mortimer into her
love nest I knew I would never fully understand my lady, and I
was just as glad. The sex that night was the absolute best we
had ever had. Every nerve in both of us seemed to be alive.
Every where we touched each other seemed to be as sensitive as
her clit or my under-glans normally was. We bathed in ecstasy as
we slowly loved each other in the ultimate.

end part 15

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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