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LOVIN16A young body and loved


Part 16a

by Drifter

A Different Approach
A New Revelation - Carol's story
The next morning, we slept in very late, exhausted from the
previous few days. I awoke with Carol snuggling closer to me,
Carol kissed me and said,

"I want to go home... can we... please?"

Without a word I reached over and called the desk asking
them to get us on the next flight to DC. In due time we were
flying toward Washington DC and our new lives. New and even
better it turned out.

I watched as Carol dressed that morning.... she wore a light
cotton turtle neck sweater and a pair of linen slacks. She
looked gorgeous and her body could not be denied but it certainly
was a new statement. Accordingly I dressed a bit on the
conservative side too.

The flight included a lot of touching, kissing and holding
hands. We talked of many things, some old some new, Then out of
the blue Carol asked me,

"Have you read any of my journal yet?"

I admitted I had not. Not from lack of interest but our
lives had simply been too full up to this point. She smiled and
licked her lips slowly, obviously remembering, and then said,

"I didn't think you had or I'm sure you would have mentioned
it. You may be shocked darling, especially with Chapter One,
titled, How I Lost My Virginity, You have always said you were
amazed at how open I am about sex. When you read my journal you
will understand. I sure hope you can handle it."

I looked at my darling and wondered what the hell was going
on. Something had stolen my loves security in our bond. Even
though we had agreed from the start on everything we had done
sexually. Also that what had happened in both of our lives
before we got together was unimportant... probably interesting
but not a problem certainly. I now had to return that security
to her somehow at all costs. I smiled and kissed the tip of her
nose and said,

"I don't think I will be shocked love. Why don't you just
tell me Chapter One and see if I can handle it."

She looked at me for what seemed like a long time. Then she
sighed and said,

"Yes I think so... might as well get all the secrets out in
the open. I wrote it in great detail honey and I would like to
tell it to you the same way. OK?"

I nodded and took her small hands in mine, and she started.

Carol's story Chapter One.
How I lost My Virginity

I was 15 and three months that summer. I had just
finished my sophomore year in high school and my
favorite passtime was playing with myself. But I am
getting ahead of my story.

My mom and Dad, aka known as Dan and Connie, and I
were living in Dallas at the time and both of them were
teaching Anthropology at SMU. They were pretty well
known already at 35 having done some extensive (two
years) work with a newly discovered civilization called
the Anatese, in the remote areas of South America. They
had lived with this one tribe for that entire time. I
was six years old when they left. I stayed with my
Grand Parents, whom I adore, in Dallas for that time.
I will leave our last names out of this. You will
understand why soon.

I adored both of my parents.. They had always
treated me as an adult equal as much as possible. They
were very sensual people and there was always a lot of
touching among us. Nudity was acceptable around our
house and I was very familiar with my parents nude
bodies, as they were mine. They both were beautiful
I thought. At 15, I had learned well the joys of my
firm young body and I loved to masturbate and did
almost daily, usually fantasizing about my Dad doing to
me the things I had often secretly watched him do with
Mom. The mutual touching between my parents and I and
the nudity would always turn me on something fierce and
I would slip away to my bedroom to complete things

When I told my mom about masturbating she hugged
me close and only said 'That's good darling.. enjoy it.
We all do. If you need any help let me know.' I
wasn't sure what that last statement meant.

Then it seemed that the sexual nature of things
seemed to intensify. mom and Dad didn't even bother to
close their door when they made love. One Saturday
afternoon they were into it and I stood in their
doorway watching when my mom looked over at me as Daddy
slowly fucked her. She smiled and said,

'Hi baby... if you would like come on in and have
a seat here beside us.'

My Dad stopped briefly and said,

'Come on sweetheart.... '

I walked over and sat on the bed beside them.
They were in the middle and so I was very close. Daddy
started slowly again, stroking his big cock in and out
of Mom. His cock seemed so huge as I watched and I
wondered if I would ever be able to take one as big. I
was wondering what it would be like to have my Daddy's
cock in me. I started stroking my hard little clit
with one hand and my nipples with the other. My mom looked over and watched me and smiled as our eyes met
and her hand reached over and rested on my bare thigh
just below my pussy. Her touch drove me over and I
came the first time of several that day.

After that episode in their bed that time, my mom and Dad would hold me closer to them even when we were
nude. I learned that as my Daddy held me like that his
cock would get hard and I loved the feel of it against
me, especially knowing I was the one that had made it

I talked to my mom about sex and she told me how
wonderful it was and how she loved it. I had seen them
do it all, oral, vaginal, anal, the works. My mom tried to tell me how good they all felt but she ended
by saying,

'You will understand fully only when you do these
things yourself darling.'

Then my parents announced that some old and dear
friends were coming for a long week end visit and that
I had the option of hanging around or sleeping over
with a friend of mine. I thought it was strange the
way they put it. But I was disappointed they were
coming. Things were getting more and more interesting
around our house daily. I was sure all of that would
be put on hold. If I had only known...

These friends had been with mom and Dad in South
America for the entire two years. They were very close
and several times each year they got together, usually
at some conference at one place or the other.. giving
papers and all that. I normally spent this time with my

As to sleeping arrangements I told them I would
check it out and let them know. Tom and Tedi (no last
names for the same reason) arrived Friday about dinner
time. Lots of hugs and kisses and I thought, 'Boy they
really are close'. There was lots of catching up. At
one point during dinner that night, I got up to get
something from the kitchen. When I was out of sight I
heard my name mentioned so I stepped back and placed my
ear to the swinging door to listen to see what they
would have to say about me. I heard Tom say,

"Well Dan and Connie, your Carol is a beauty...
she is almost as well built as you Connie. Forgive me
but I couldn't help but notice. When are you two going
to initiate her into the tribe?"

My mom laughed and said,

"She is a beauty.... we have talked about her
initiation a great deal lately. We have started. It
has to be soon.... or we will miss the opportunity.
She is a sexy young thing and the boys are already
buzzing about. She enjoys her hot young body by
herself very well... and often."

I was a little embarrassed. Sex was very open in
our house to say the least, including my masturbating
while my folks had sex in front of me. I didn't think
that mom and Dad would ever tell anyone else about it.
Yet here they were telling their friends about me
playing with myself. And how did Tom know how well my
mom was built?

Tedi spoke,

"Our Cathy is a year older than your Carol, we did
her over this past winter. We have even set up our own
Common Hut in one spare bedroom. It has been wonderful
for all of us especially Tom. He and Cathy are in the
common hut an awful lot. I have to admit I join them
there pretty often too."

I heard my Dad ask,

"And are your guests invited into the Common Hut?"

Tom answered,

"Of course, you know the custom in the tribe. We
look forward to you and Connie visiting soon, and
Carol... right Tedi."

"Of course... how could we deny Cathy what we
enjoy so much with you two and the others. It sounds
like Tom is hot for Carol to join the tribe."

Everyone chuckled then my mom said,

"So is her Dad.... oh hell, and her Mom."

I wondered what was going on.... somehow I felt
highly excited by the conversation even if I didn't
fully understand it. I understood there was a sexual
connotation and I like that. I made a noise against the
door to let them know I was coming back as I returned
to the dining room. Feeling flushed and somehow
excited that they had been talking about me
masturbating and about Cathy in the common hut... with
my parents, and who were these 'others'. What was the
tribe? Sure sounded interesting...

end 16a


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