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LOVIN18 cum then and brought



Lovin Part 18

by Drifter

New Friends

At 6:15 we knocked on the door of Apartment 214. It opened
and there stood Sam. Sam was a big, great looking guy... roughly
our age, like Sid, and a huge friendly smile split his face as he
welcomed us. Carol had worn a clinging blouse and a reasonably
short if not micro mini skirt. She looked hot. Not quite 'catch
me fuck me', but hot. I didn't miss it as his eyes ran over
Carol's bod and his eyes opened wide with appreciation. He shook
my hand nice and firm and pulled us into the room. I handed him
the bottle of wine I had run out to get. He looked at it and

"Nice choice Dave."

Sid came out and greeted us warmly. She had on a low cut
peasant blouse cut off just beneath her big tits leaving a lot of
cleavage above and bare mid-drift below. A tight pair of brief
shorts completed her garb as she was still barefoot. Sid was the
casual type. Sam and I were both in boring slacks and polo

Over drinks we chatted telling each other brief versions of
our life story. As Carol told about her parents she winked at me
as she said they had been very close, that phrase now had a
totally new meaning. The drinks were good, the company very good
and we all started to feel very comfortable with each other.
Carol was feeling more than comfortable with Sam as she relaxed
and started getting a bit "careless" about her short skirt. All
of us got repeated brief glimpses of her pale blue panties. I
enjoyed the same kind of brief glimpses of a lot of Sid's nice
tits as she bent over me serving another drink or snacks. I kept
looking for her nipples to appear but it didn't quite happen.

Sid caught me looking several times and smiled. I noticed
the same between Carol and Sam. It is fascinating how as couple
sex play develops the couples sort of drift off separately as
pairs, even though still physically all together in the same
room. Sid and I were starting to communicate as were Sam and
Carol. At this point no one knows if the others are into open
swinging, or just cheating on the spouse, or just flirting. I
would have moved faster and harder if Carol hadn't been so unsure
recently. The truth is I was dying to fuck Sid and was pretty
sure Sid was just as eager. In my mind I wondered did she swing
or cheat. I was sure she was not a tease?

Carol seemed to be into it too but I decided to wait and
talk it over first before going too far. However it was obvious
Carol was OK with a bit of teasing, whether it was foreplay or
not. As I glanced over at them she was looking up at Sam
attentively and her hand rested on his leg.

The next time Sid went out to the kitchen I stood up and
followed her. Carol looked at me and just smiled briefly. I
took that as a signal she was OK with where things were at the
moment. In the kitchen Sid looked at me and smiled warmly. I
returned it and boldly looked over her hot body. Her nipples got
hard as I watched and when my eyes met Sid's again she said,

"Thank you... can I put my clothes back on now.?"

"You are beautiful Sid and God what a body."

She only smiled and looked at me as if it was still my move.
I walked closer and let my hands rest on her hips and said,

"I am real glad we have started making friends so soon. We
were afraid people might be unfriendly here."

She placed her hands on my chest and looked up saying,

"I am a very friendly type Dave if I like someone. When I
first saw you I hoped you and I would become close friends.
Having a close friend right across the hall would be very nice I
think. With Sam gone all day and out of town a lot, I do get
lonesome over here all by myself."

I glanced down at her lovely full tits again and then back
at her. She smiled and said,

"You seemed to like those Dave. Carol has quite a pair too.
Carol has a nice everything. Are you a tit man Dave?"

I smiled and let my hands slide around her resting well down
on her trim ass as I pulled her against my hard cock saying,

"Among other things... I did notice you had it all, great
tits, cute ass, fabulous legs and a beautiful face."

She smiled and kissed me briefly, her lips open her tongue
darting out. It was very brief and she said,

"Hmmm Dave we are going to be very good friends... soon I
hope. Come see me anytime you can 'get away'. OK?"

"I will Sid.... "

And I slid my hand up over her bare tummy and under her top
onto a bare tit pushing the top up out of the way. Her tits were
firm and needed no bra for support. As I played with both of
them she sighed and closed her eyes. Then we heard a loud
crash in the other room and she jumped, pulling away. She pulled
her top back down covering her tits and we both rushed into the
other room to find Sam sitting on the floor, the coffee table
overturned. Sam looked up at us and said simply,

"I slipped."

No one questioned it but just left it alone. Carol looked
at me and I could tell she was fighting the desire to laugh. She
winked at me.

Sid broke the tension saying lets eat dinner and we all
moved to the dining room. Over dinner it was light and free and
fun. They were fun people and I was sure we all would become as
Sid had suggested, 'Real close friends'. I felt Sid's leg
against mine several times during dinner. I liked her open

After dinner I heard Sam say to Carol,

"Would you like to see my new computer. I have a CD you
might find amusing."

Carol accepted and looked over at me,

"I'm going to see Sam's new system honey?"

"Great Carol, I will help Sid clean up while you guys are in there playing."

They disappeared and Sid and I soon had everything tucked in
the dishwasher. As she bent over the dishwasher I walked up
behind her and pressed my half hard cock against her ass. I felt
her press back and then stand up, turning and sliding her arms
around my neck. Our lips met in a hot open kiss this time that
went on and on. I was grinding my fully hard cock into her and
she was grinding back.

She broke the kiss and leaned into me her breath coming in
gasps and she said,

"Damn Dave, I have never been so ready with any guy like
this. I am so hot it is ridiculous. I want you... I know we
can't now but God I want you."

My hands were on her bare tits again and I was still dry
fucking her slowly as I said,

"Yeah Sid.... I need you and soon... tell me do you just
fuck around on Sam or is he into it too?"

"Yes..... to both questions. Sometimes I just like to fuck
another guy and not let Sam know anything about it. We have
also swapped a bit from time to time. Is Carol into it?"

I smiled and said,

"I would like to get her interested. She seems to like

"Oh Sam will try to get it going with Carol. I know that
for sure. He probably will just ask her to fuck. He does that
frequently and it works more times than you would think. In fact
he is probably trying to get in your wife's pants in the spare
bedroom right now. Does that bother you?"

"No... in fact I hope he succeeds. It would be fun if all
four of us were into it."

"Yeah, Dave.... it would."

Then I heard Carol's voice call me.

We straightened up and I kissed her lightly and we walked
out of the kitchen to rejoin Carol and Sam. Sam seemed pleased
with himself and Carol smiled and said,

"Sam has a really nice 'system'. But if you guys will
forgive us I am bushed. All that unpacking..."

So we said our good nights and walked across the hall. I
felt a little disappointed. New pussy does that to me. I was
sorry I had to wait. Inside our apartment we locked the door and
strolled hand in hand to our bedroom. I kissed her and then
looked at her and said simply,


"I think we may just become really good friends with our new

I laughed and said,

"Sid is certainly interested but you first"

"I like Sam... he turns me on a lot. I was so tempted. I
wanted him to fuck me while we were back in the bedroom. I
thought about letting him but I had to wait some how. As you
noticed I flashed my panties at him a lot tonight. He enjoyed
it. He couldn't seem to keep his hands off me. Not that I
minded.... while you and Sid were in the kitchen the first time
he waited until the door closed and he smiled at me and then
looked down at my tits and said,

'I love your big tits Carol.'

"He filled both of his hands with my tits. I was a little
surprised. I have never had any one do it like that before. So
I let him play briefly and then I said to him,

'You better stop Sam honey, Dave and Sid might come back in
here any minute.'

'Oh shit Carol, these feel so good.'

But he released my tits and sat back and said

'Carol I would love to fuck you. I know that is pretty
direct but that's the way I am. Why waste time. I want to know
if you ever fuck anyone other than Dave.'

I smiled at him and said softly almost a whisper,

'I have a time or two. You are really direct Sam... I like

'Carol can you get away? Could you meet me at a motel. God
I bet you are great in bed.'

"Slow down Sam.... I admit I am attracted to you. I have
never known anyone so up front about wanting to fuck me. Lets
get to know each other a little more and then we will see.'

I leaned over and kissed him lightly and tongued his lips.
He slid his hand over under my dress and right to my pussy. He
sure didn't believe in preliminaries. I wasn't expecting his
hand on my pussy and I jumped. He slipped off the couch and fell
knocking the coffee table over and then you guys came in."

I laughed and said,

"He is straight forward."

I told her about Sid and I in the kitchen the first time in
detail. Then I asked her,

"And then...?"

"Well during dinner he played with my legs under the table.
I just spread my legs and smiled at him. He couldn't quite reach
my panties with out being obvious, even though I slumped down in
the chair to help. So he just stroked my thighs. It had a hell
of an effect... I was wet as hell.

Later in the spare bedroom he closed the door and kissed me
immediately. I returned it and if he can tongue a pussy like he
tongued my mouth he will be a winner. He broke the kiss and I
felt his hand under my skirt pulling my panties aside. He
slipped two fingers in my cunt without any hesitation. As he
finger fucked me he said,

'Damn Carol you are wet.... so ready to fuck. Why don't we
have a quicky now.'

Dave honey I was tempted. His approach blew me away. So
animal so crude yet I loved it. It was all I could do to say no.
I knew you and Sid were getting along well and wouldn't interrupt
us. But I reluctantly told him,

'Sam... I want to.... I'm not being coy.... I would love for
you to fuck me... and you will.... but not tonight. Dave is...'

He was still finger fucking me slowly...

'OK Carol I understand... difficult with Dave so near.....
but I have to know... tell me you like to suck cock?'

'I love to suck cock... I love it when a guy cums in my

'Like to fuck?'

'I adore fucking, Sam.'

'In your cute ass?'

'Yes... yes.... and between my tits. And I like girls and I
love two guys at the same time so if you have a good buddy....'

'Oh Yeah Carol, my boss would love to join us... we are
going to have a lot of fun... and Dave never has to know....
unless you decide to tell him then the four of us could really
get it on.'

I started to cum then and he brought me off nicely. After a
few more minutes of kissing and touching, we returned to the
living room and that is when I called you."

"Wow... Carol, they are our kind of people. I like both of
them the little I know so far. A little sneaky but fun."

"I agree.... it was fun to pretend that you and I were
sneaking around on each other."

"Yeah it would you like to carry that on for

She looked at me with that old familiar gleam in her eye,

"Hmm sounds like fun... you wouldn't mind... not being

"Nope.. I think it would be fun to pretend to cheat on each
other and then share our stories."

"I do too Dave.... yes.... lets do it...."

end part 18

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go...?

The End... for now...


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