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LOVIN19 cum spots her flat tummy


Lovin Part - 19

by Drifter

cheating For Fun

Carol and I enjoyed cuddling in bed but as usual, soon we
were slowly fucking our heads off. Later as we lay there wrapped
in each others arms Carol said,

"Dave honey, I've never snuck off to a motel with a man before. Let alone two men. It excites the hell out of me, but
are you sure you are OK with it?"

"Yeah Carol ... I'm glad to see your old appetites coming
back a little. I was worried about you. But I want to hear all
about it after. And Carol... I think I will sneak over to Sid's
in the morning as soon as Sam leaves for work."

"Yes... yes.. yes... yes... I love it...."

We talked into the night about all the new possibilities.

The next morning at 8:15 I called Sid on the phone. Carol
was on the extension listening as I whispered,

"Hi Sid...Has Sam left yet?"

"Not yet honey... he leaves at 8:30 each morning like
clockwork... why are you whispering?"

I winked at Carol laying beside me in bed and whispered into
the phone,

"Carol is asleep in the bedroom. I have about an hour
before she will wake up."

"OK baby, I will leave the door unlocked. I will be in the
bedroom waiting for you. And Dave.... I am dying to fuck you."

And she hung up.

Carol and I hung the phones up and Carol said,

"Wear just a robe....."

Carol was looking out the peep hole in the door as Sam left.
She smiled and said,

"Have a good time cheating on me honey".

I kissed her deeply and walked across the hall. I locked
the door behind me and headed for the bedroom. At the door I
dropped my robe and walked in nude, with a huge hard on. Sid
was laying propped up in her bed just as nude. She looked so
goooood. She looked at my hard cock, smiled and sighed,

"Come here Dave and give that big thing to me."

She was good and she loved it.... neither of our new friends
believed in preliminaries. Hello was extended foreplay to them.
First we enjoyed a straight fuck for a long time. Then she blew
me and after that I ate her. It was all excellent. Sid knew what
she was doing for sure. My hour was up so fast I couldn't
believe it and I kissed her and said,

"I have to go now baby... Carol will be awake soon and I
have to go to my office this morning. I loved fucking you.... I
want a lot more... I want in your cute ass too....."

"Hmmm Dave I loved it too.... you can fuck me anytime honey
and you can have my cute ass tomorrow morning.... 8:35 sharp. I
will be right here waiting with a tube of KY."

I kissed her and slipped into my robe and walked back across
the hall. Carol was waiting and she went down on me before I
even said a word.... After she drained me she said...

"She tastes good..... I think I will let her seduce me...."

I went down on my lady until she was completely satisfied.
I gave her all the hot details and then I left for my office and
checked in.

My boss, Dr Jane Good, a really great looking woman of about
45, told me to take my first week off with pay to just get
settled. Before I left I set up my office and then went home
for lunch. When I walked in Carol answered my call from the
bedroom. I went to the bedroom and there she was still naked
with a glazed look in her eye.

I crawled in bed with her and kissed her and tasted pussy on
her lips. I smiled and said,

"Tastes like you and Sid had a good time while I was gone."

"Wow, can that girl eat pussy. I'm damn good but she is
great. As good as my mom and I thought no one could come close
to her.... she just left ten minutes ago."

"OK let me get us both a cup of coffee and you can tell me
all about it."

Soon we were sipping our coffee and Carol started,

"You hadn't been gone 30 minutes when Sid called. She asked
me over but I told her I hadn't dressed yet, that I was still
laying in bed bare ass, could she come over here. I told her the
door was unlocked to come on in. She was here in a flash and it
was clear that all she had on was her robe. I had just slipped
into mine when she walked in on me in the bedroom.

My robe was wide open, my pussy and my tits in clear view
and as I expected she enjoyed looking over the merchandise. I
thought 'what the hell' and left it open and walked into the
kitchen and made us coffee. She kept looking at my tits and cunt and licking her lips and I knew she was going down on me very
soon. We sat at the glass table and she had a clear view of
everything either above or through the table. As we sipped our
coffee she said,

'You are one hot looking lady Carol, from here I can see
every thing you have.... nice. I appreciate a hot looking lady
like you too. It is easy to see why Sam couldn't quit talking
about you last night after you guys left. I think my horny
husband wants in your panties real bad my friend.'

'And that would be OK with you?'

'Yeah Carol that would be very OK with me... we have an open
marriage... we both enjoy whoever we please. If you want to jump
in the sack with my hubby, please do. He would love fucking you.
He is damn good too.'

'Maybe I will Sid.'

I got up and got the coffee pot to refill our cups. When I
returned her robe was as open as mine... no explanation... just
there. I poured her coffee as I enjoyed looking at her great
tits and her hairy pussy. I set the pot down and I let the
fingers on my right hand trail over her neck lightly. She
shivered and looked up at me. My hip came in contact with her
shoulder and I felt her hands slide inside my robe onto my ass as
she turned to face me. Her eyes were locked on mine for a
reaction. I placed my hands on each side of her head and pulled
her face into my naval... from there she simply leaned forward to
bury her nose in my damp pussy which was conveniently tongue high

I let out a groan as her tongue found my clit. After a few
seconds I stepped back and said,

"Let's go in on my bed sweetheart. I am dying to taste you

In here she drove me over the wall again and again. I
returned the favor expecting her to stop but she went down on me
again and I came so many times. It was great. As I said she
just left a few minutes before you got here.... oh and she said
nothing about the two of you fucking this morning.

I loved it and shortly I went in to fix us lunch as Carol
showered. We ate and talked. Carol smiled and said,

"I expect Sam to call anytime and say he has everything set
up for sometime real soon. As direct as he is I don't think he
will let much time go by. If the phone rings we should both pick
up at the same time so he won't know you are listening."

I agreed and looked at my watch...12:45. We started to
unpack some more and the phone rang, 1:15. We both picked up and
Carol said in a sultry soft voice,


"Hi Carol... Sam.... can you talk?"

"Yes baby I can talk. Dave is in the shower. What did you
want me to say?"

"I want you to say you are ready to go with me and my boss
to a favorite motel of mine nearby. I told him how hot you are
and we are both eager to get to know you real well."

"Hmmm Sam that sounds like great fun.... I think I can get
away.... I will tell Dave I am going shopping at the mall.

"Can you be out in front of the apartment building in 30

"That is pretty short notice Sam."

"Baby there are two hard cocks dying for you. Don't
make them wait."

"Hmmm OK Sam... I will be there somehow, tell me about your

"His name is Joe and he is about five years older than I am,
good shape... loves to fuck. We travel a lot together and we
party together frequently."

"Is he big?"

"About 6' tall."

"No you silly, is his cock big?"

"Yes, about the same size as mine... 8 inches."

"Hmmm I will be ready in 30 minutes Sam... hurry."

She hung up and looked over at me. I was hard, had my cock
out and was stroking it. Carol smiled and said,

"Does this mean you approve?"

"I do."

"Hmm I have just enough time to give you a blow job, dress
and meet the boys downstairs."

She was a couple of minutes late as she hustled her cute ass
out the door at 1:50, in a mini-skirt and tank top. No panties.
No bra. Very fuckable as we like to say.

From the end of the hall outside our apartment there was a
window that overlooked the pickup area in front of the building.
I strolled down to watch. I saw Carol walk out toward a car and
Sam and another good looking guy get out. I had told Carol I
would be watching and she walked up to Sam and kissed him
briefly. Sam was driving and so she walked around to the other
side of the car and Joe. I couldn't see well but the two of them
were talking and smiling. He looked her over and then as she
slid into the car his hand patted her ass under her skirt.

As they drove off I had a lot of mixed emotions. I was hot
as hell... sorry I wasn't going to be able to watch the two of
them fuck Carol... jealous a bit.... I looked at my watch, it was
2:00pm. Were they at the motel yet?..... Who was going to fuck
her first?..... Would they double fuck her right away?.... Would
she suck both of their cocks first?...I was driving myself crazy.
All sort of images ran through my head. Carol had said she would
be back by 4:00. I knew I couldn't stand this so I picked up the
phone and dialed Sid's number.

I got back to the apartment at 4:05... Carol came in at
4:15. She had a huge grin on her face as she looked at me and
closed the door behind her.

She clearly had not showered and there were traces of cum on
her cheek, forehead and chin. She smiled lecherously at me as I
sat back and prepared to enjoy the show. She pulled the tank top
over her head and there were several dried cum spots on her neck
and both big tits. Her nipples were red from being sucked. She
shoved her skirt to the floor and stood in front of me wide
legged. There were more dried cum spots on her flat tummy, her
cunt hair was matted with dry cum. Her cunt lips were still
swollen and open.

She turned around and there was cum on her back and ass.
She looked around and smiled at me as she bent over and spread
her ass cheeks. cum was still dripping out of her open ass and
her cunt.

I laughed and said,

"I do believe you had a good time huh?"

She walked over and sat in my lap her arms around my neck
and she reeked of sex. She kissed me tonguing me and her mouth
tasted strongly of cum. I was getting turned on again even after
fucking Sid for two hours.

"Dave it was 'unusual'.... I had a wonderful time. Those
guys really love to fuck...... I hope maybe it will be OK with
you if I again... maybe soon. Want to hear all about it.?"

My cock jumped under her ass and she laughed and said,

"I see you do honey."
end part 19


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