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LOVIN21 cum flavored tongue It now excited


Lovin Part - 21

by Drifter

A New Foursome and More

Carol sat there for a few seconds, having just 'confessed'.
Sam and Sid looked over at me to see what my reaction would be.
I tried to look serious but I couldn't. I stepped over behind
Sid and wrapped my arms around her cupping her great tits. As I
played with them Sam smiled and then pulled Carol into his lap.
I chuckled and said,

"Well the cat is out.... it was so much fun getting to know
you two. I loved pretending we didn't know what the other one
was doing... but we don't keep anything from each other. We love
to swing and we are delighted to have met you guys so soon."

They were as pleased as we were and soon Carol had straddled
Sam's lap and had his cock deep inside her. I bent Sid over the
back of the couch and was doing to her what Sam was doing to
Carol. We became almost as close with Sam and Sid as we were
with Patty and Charlie. We were together all of our spare time
for the next week. In between sex they helped us get our
apartment together and learn our way around DC. They showed us
around the tourist spots late at night when they were pretty
deserted. Sid and I watched one night when Sam fucked Carol in
the Lincoln memorial while Abe watched.

Not to be out done Sid and I fucked at our next stop, the
Jefferson memorial. The four of us did a lot of that in a lot of
public places. Carol went to the motel again with Joe and Sam.
They kept Joe thinking Carol was slipping out to be with them. We
all shared our stories of past escapades and plotted new ones.
But then Carol and I had to go to work.

When nightfall came after our first day, and we both got
home, we shared our days. We both were convinced we were going
to love our jobs, the work, the people we worked with. It had
been a great day. Sid and Sam came over after dinner with wine
to celebrate our first day. We all ended up in our king sized

Things were going great. Carol had arranged for Thursday
afternoons off so she could go to the motel with Joe and Sam. I
would get away frequently to spend a couple of hours in Sid's
bed. And of course I was enjoying fucking my sweet wife daily,
as well as the regular foursome we had going with our neighbors.
Then this Thursday night when Carol got home a little later than
usual from her motel date, I was starting to get worried. No too
worried cause I knew Sam would take care of Carol. Then she came
in the door. She, as usual, looked very well fucked. As was our
new norm, she kissed me hot and hard as she frenched me with her
fresh cum flavored tongue. It now excited me and I pushed her
down on the couch and went down on her. She was overflowing with
cum and I cleaned it all out of her hot pussy. She came several
times as I did it. Then I pulled her onto the floor and fucked
her dog style til I flooded her pussy again. We collapsed on the
floor and as we lay there Carol smiled at me and said,

"I have a new development to share with you darling. Joe
brought along a friend with him today. His name was Pete. He is
an old Army buddy of Joe's who is visiting for a few days. Joe
told him about me and our weekly get together. Today I fucked
all three of them, once all three at the same time. It was so
damned hot. Then when we started to leave Joe asked me if I
would like him to bring others with him occasionally since I had
enjoyed the three of them so much. He said he could arrange for
any number I would like, 3,4,5,6 or even more if I liked the
idea, I told him I would have to think about it. What would you
think if your wife agreed to a real fucking gang bang?"

"Sounds like a fun afternoon.... Carol, you have to be the
judge. As far as the sex goes I don't mind, but be careful, I
sure as hell don't want you hurt. I guess it is sort of like the
train you pulled before, only I was there."

"Would you like to be there honey? Maybe you could come as
a buddy of Sam's, not my husband."

"That could work, Joe doesn't know me. It sounds like you
like the idea of getting gang fucked."

"I do honey.... all those lovely hard cocks."

We headed for the shower as she told me she would keep me
posted and let me know what she decided. After the shower as we
ate, both of us bareass, I told her I had a interesting day, I
related the conversation I had with my good looking boss, Jane
Good. Jane had said,

"Dave, why don't you come over to my place tomorrow night
for dinner. To get to know each other better. Would your wife mind? It would be all professional of course."

Carol asked,

"Do you think she is interested in sex?"

"I think possibly. She has an incredible body and face,
though at the office everything has been warm but proper."

"Go for it Dave. It never hurts to keep the boss happy.
Speaking of that, Dr Chambers has sure been ogling my little butt
a lot. He is older but cute. I expect him to knock on my door
any day now."

"What will you do?"

"Open it of course, like I said it never hurts to keep the
boss happy."

When I got home from the office the next day Carol was
already there. She greeted me warmly and she asked,

"Well what time are you going over to Jane's house?"

"7:30.... it isn't too far from here."

"Hmmm, wish I could watch...."

"May not be anything to watch."

"Yeah right, and we just sit around and talk at the motel."

"Speaking of the motel Carol, what did you decide about the
group fuck?"

"I decided that since you said you would go with me, like we
talked, I wanted to do it. I called Sam and he thinks it is a
great idea. You are his cousin who has just moved to DC. That
way you can come as often as you like, no pun baby. Sam talked
to Joe on the intercom and Joe agreed to bring three of his good
buddies. That makes 6 counting you honey. I get all wet just
thinking about it. Is that OK with you?"

"Hmm yes.... as long as I am there."

"Want to help me suck all their cocks darling?"

I sat there silent for a moment thinking about it. I
seriously considered it but said,

"No... too public... maybe if it were just you and I and a
guy I didn't know."

"Would you let him fuck your ass too baby? You love my big

"Maybe... I don't know...."

"Want me to arrange a threeway with someone you don't know?
Maybe someone who is bisexual? There is a guy at the office who
has been flirting with me big time who brags that he likes it
both ways. I told him I had thought it might be fun to get
together with two bisexual guys. Maybe I will have him drop over
sometime.... or maybe we could go to his place. He has invited
me anytime... just a phone call...."

"Damn Carol.... can we talk about this later. I have to go
now or I will be late for dinner with Jane."

"Well at least you aren't saying no. I want this to happen
Dave. I want to watch you with another guy. I think you want to
as much as I want you to. I still get hot when I think about you
sucking Paul's cock."

I kissed her and left. As I stood at the door she told me
that Sid was coming over, Sam was out of town. I smiled knowing
what my wife would be doing all evening. As I drove toward
Jane's place I knew Carol was right. I wanted to try it all with
another guy.


At Jane's I rang the door bell. She opened the door and I
enjoyed the view as I stepped inside. She looked great, she had
on a silk kimono that reached the floor. But it hugged her body
and it was clear she wore nothing under it. It hugged her firm
breasts and her nipples stood out through the thin material. She
took the bottle of wine I had brought and turned to go to the
kitchen to put it away. It was then that I noticed her skirt was
slit up to her hips on both sides, and her ass cheeks did a dance
inside the silk material as she walked. Her great legs flashed
into view, making it sexier than if they were uncovered.

She handed me a martini and we sat on her balcony over
looking a local country club. In the distance you could see the
capital building. We sipped our drink and talked about the
office, other people there and the job. Then she asked me,

"Dave, could you get away to go with me on a site survey
visit. Soon I have to visit four different sites our people are
currently uncovering. It would give you a chance to see them
first hand. It would take a couple of weeks?"

"I would love to Jane. A trip like that sounds exciting."

She smiled.

Then she suggested I come with her... she had something she
wanted to show me. But first she refilled our glasses. She took
my free hand and lead me into her bedroom. There she pointed to
a artifact hanging on her wall. It was a huge sculpture. It was
of a large number of nude figures in ever sort of sex activity
you could imagine. The carving was very explicit.

"This came from one of the sites we will visit. I saw it
and fell in love with it and bought it. Those people knew how to
enjoy life wouldn't you say Dave?"

I smiled and said,

"They did Jane, I'm not sure I have tried all these

Jane laughed and said,

"I'm working on them as fast as I can."

I looked at her and knew where we would end up very soon, as
I said,

"Jane, I envy the man who is helping you in that."

"Thank you dear."

Her nipples were erect and I was starting to get hard. She
touched my cheek with her hand lightly.

"Perhaps you won't have to envy any one Dave."

She stepped a step closer and I could feel her tits brushing
my chest as her arms slid around my neck loosely, her hands
stroking my neck. We hadn't crossed that line just yet, but we
were about to. Then she said,

"Dave you are a very attractive man. I understand you are
married to a gorgeous woman. A real hot looking lady."

"Thank you Jane, for the compliment, I couldn't believe I
would be lucky enough to be working under a beautiful, as well as
a brilliant lady, like you Jane. And it is true, my wife is
damned sexy... like you Jane."

I let my arms encircle her small waist and pulled her into
me a little more. I could feel her hard nipples against my
chest. We were both committed, it was just foreplay from here

"Dave, honey.... this is getting very interesting... but you
have to understand that no matter what one does in their private
time the office must stay somewhat formal. There are times, even
at the office when exceptions are possible, like on trips... or
in the privacy of my office."

I pulled her into me a little tighter until my now hard cock
pressed into her and I said,

"I understand that someone in your position has to be most
careful Jane. It must be difficult for you to 'relax'."

"Dave... is your wife the jealous sort? Is she possessive?"

"Not at all Jane, we are both pretty adult about things."

I let my hands drop on her trim tight ass. I lightly
stroked her and patted and squeezed separating her ass cheeks as
I did. Her voice got a little huskier as she said,

"Hmm I like women who are willing to share things."

Our lips met ever so lightly.. and then again. I felt her
tongue dart out into mine briefly. I sucked on her lower lip
briefly. Then I said,

"Carol is very open about life Jane. Very open...."

And I slid my hands up and cupped both large breasts. She
gasped as my fingers closed on her hard nipples. Our lips met in
a deep french kiss. We were both gasping for air and I started
to unzip her kimono. It fell to the floor and she was stunning
to look at. Her tits stood out firm, swaying nicely with their
bulk. Her nipples were large and stood out delightfully. I
could hardly wait to get my mouth on them. Her cunt was covered
lightly with a trimmed hair number, I could just make out her
labia through her lovely mat. She was clearly wet. She stepped
over to the bed and lay in a delightful pose for me as I dropped
my clothes. I joined her and she pulled me between her long trim
legs. She caught my cock and guided it into her open cunt as she

"I knew you were going to be fun Dave."

We fucked hard for the next 15 mintes. She came hard and I
slowed down a bit, stroking deeply into her. She moaned softly
with each stroke raising her hips to meet me each time. She was
a great fuck. Then I felt myself getting close and she looked at
me and said,

"Yes Dave, cum in me .... fuck me please...."

A little later as I lay spent on top of her she kissed me
tenderly with a lot of tongue play and said,

"That was excellant baby... now I am starved."

I got up and she followed me. She pulled out two silk hoppy
coats. We slipped them on and headed in for dinner. Dinner was
delicious. She was a great cook too. The conversation was about
sex of course. The way different cultures did it. She talked
about the way the Romans had loved little boys as did the Greeks,
how some societies were openly bisexual, how retarded our society
was, at least on the surface. She mentioned she had a healthy
appetite when it came to sex.

We were on our coffee when she said,

"Just how understanding is your wife Dave.... can you spend
the night?"

"I think that can be arranged Jane, I will need to call so
she won't think I got hit on the freeway or something."

She stood up and handed me a phone. I smiled as I dialed
and she dropped her hoppy coat to the floor. Carol answered
after five rings breathless. I smiled as I could appreciate what
she had been doing with Sid. I said,

"Hi honey... just called to let you know I would be out all

"Fabulous... have fun with your boss darling."

"You too."

I hung the phone up and followed Jane back to bed for a long
interesting night.

It was 10am when I got back to the apartment. Carol was
asleep, tangled up with Sid, both nude. They looked so tempting
but I was shot. I showered and dropped into bed with them for a
much needed rest. Jane and I had tried almost all of the
positions shown on the carvings.

end part 21
Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go... or should I let it end here?

I get regular request to e-mail my stories directly to someone.
I cannot do that simply as a matter of time and energy and

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure


The End... for now...


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