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LOVIN22 girls that summer We sometimes took


Lovin Part - 22

by Drifter

It was 3:30pm when I awoke. I was alone in bed. I got up
and walked around the apartment looking for Carol but she was no
where to be found. Then I discovered I was starving. I fixed
myself something to eat and opened a beer and turned on the TV.
TV was boring and I hit the off button and noticed a thick document laying on the coffee table. On the front it read
CAROL'S STORIES. I had been meaning to get this out. Now I
opened it. I flipped through Chapter One quickly, Carol
had told me all about it on the plane. I turned to:

Chapter Two - Sex, An Attitude.
by Carol

When I awoke the day after my deflowering by my
folks and their friends. It was late in the day and I
remembered what all had taken place and I smiled. I
felt wonderful. I had a delightful tingle in my loins
as I remembered the wonderful way my young pussy had
been treated by the four of them. But mostly I
remembered the way my Dad had fucked me so hard and
long and the way my mom had eaten my hot little cunt.

Now as I thought of that I started to get wet and
very horny. I sat up in bed and was still completely
nude and I bounced out of bed and ran toward my parents bedroom. No one was there so I headed for the guest
room to find Tom and Tedi but it was empty also. There
bags were gone. They had left.

I ran downstairs still nude looking for somebody.
On the dining room table I found a note and a video tape. The note from my folks simply said They would be
back in a couple of hours. I picked up the tape. It
was labeled CAROL'S INITIATION. My mind raced and I
headed toward the VCR. I soon had it rolling and there
we were drinking that strange wine. I watched
fascinated as the previous night was repeated for me.
I had my hand in my wet pussy soon and I came over and
over as I watched four adults fucking me everyway
possible. And me fucking them back enthusiastically.

At the end of the tape, my Dad stood alone in the
scene as he explained the rules of the tribe. The one
I remembered the most was being encouraged to fuck any
member of the tribe whenever I met one. I was going to
love this.

After the third time I watched the tape I turned
it off and took it to my room and put it in my special
place. A place where all my special keep sakes were
kept. Then I lay on my bed and thought through it all
again and again.

When I heard a noise downstairs I jumped from my
bed and headed toward my parents returning. I bounded
into the room as they closed the door behind them.
They smiled at me lovingly and Dad said,

"Hi Sweetheart, did you find our note?"

"Yes Daddy... and the tape. Thank you so much for
making the tape. I watched it three times. I was
beginning to think I dreamed last night but the tape
fixed that."

My mom walked over and kissed me deeply. I
returned the deep tongue work and felt her hands on my
bare tits. When the kiss broke she said,

"Why don't we go to the Common Hut for awhile."

Daddy agreed and I asked,

"What is the common hut you guys keep talking

My Dad answered,

"The Anatese People keep one large hut just for
sex. Anyone can have sex anytime and anywhere they
wish but the common hut is just for sex. It saves a
lot of time. When you ask someone to go with you to
the common hut the meaning is clear. Your mom spent
most of a month in the common hut right after we were
initiated. Every man and teen age boy in the village
and many of the women invited your mom to the common
hut. It was considered very bad manners to refuse. Not
to mention the fact that your mother was a real sex
machine. She taught the entire village how to really

Then I asked,

"So if we go to the common hut it means that you
two are going to fuck me again?"

"That's right darling"

My mom said as she cupped my breasts again,

"I'm eager to taste your young pussy again

"And where is this common hut?"

"Why baby it is your bedroom."

Hours later we all moved downstairs again and had
lunch or supper. It was late and I was in a sexual
blur again. Dad had fucked me repeatedly and each time
mom ate my pussy afterwards. I returned the favor and
our act had Dad hard, ready to go so we started over
again. Now we slowly ate and talked. I learned that I
was taking a native birth control drug. That I was
safe from that worry. Then I asked,

"How do I know a tribe member when I see one?"

My Dad got up and opened a drawer and handed me a
small jewel box. I opened it and there was this pin
with a strange symbol on the face of it. I had noticed
mom and Dad wore ones just like it most of the time.
My Dad gave it to me and said,

"Wear this. If you see someone else with one then
you have met a tribe member."

"And I can fuck them if I want too."

"Yes.. it is considered very rude to refuse if you
don't have a strong reason. It is such a pleasant
surprise when you meet someone, no one I know wants to
say no."

"How many are there?"

"Across the US... thousands. Concentrated in the
South West US. There are a number, maybe 20, at the
University where we work darling."

"And I can fuck any of them any time I want to?"

"Yes baby... and any one else you want to fuck."

"Wait a minute... I can't believe this. My
parents are giving me permission to fuck any one I want

mom said,

"Yes baby, you can even use our home for it if
you like. Just be responsible. That's a big burden
and will slow you down a lot. Remember the rules and
enjoy. We think sex is the clue to world peace. If
people just fucked more war might disappear. Or at
least it would be harder to get mad about anything."

Then Dad said,

"Don't get your mom and I arrested. You
understand that. You will want to fuck every chance
you get for a while but that will slow down as you find
out the men who are really good at it. You will get
fussier about who you fuck."

I couldn't believe this. My first urge was to run
down the street naked and invite everyone to fuck me.
Instead I dressed and went to my best friend's house.
When Patty opened the door I pulled her upstairs to her
bedroom and closed and locked her door. I swore her to
secrecy and then I told her the whole story. Patty had
already lost her cherry and, like me, adored sex. She
and I had played around masterbating and eating each
other for a year or so. She told me each time she got
fucked in great detail.

When I finished my story she sat spell bound. She
looked at me and knew I was telling the truth. She
smiled and asked,

"Can your folks initiate me?"

They did and Patty and I must have fucked 30 guys and 8 or 9 girls that summer. We sometimes took them
to my house. My parents arrange to be gone for a few
hours when I asked them to. Patty and I continued to
have sex with my parents regularly also. We settled
down to enjoying my parents, each other and these two
guys in a foursome. We tried it all that year. Patty
and I fucked her Dad one week when her mom was gone.
Patty still fucks her Dad when her folks visit or she
goes home.

college came and away Patty and I went. We got
quite a reputation our freshman year. But like high
school, things settled down to a few good men in
college. We graduated, entered grad school and
continued our favorite passtime.

Note: The following Chapters in this Journal are
details about some of the experiences Patty and I had
in High School and College. I hope you enjoy them.

I closed Carol's Journal and sat it down after marking
my place. I would return to it someday soon I knew. I put it
away in the drawer where it belonged and wondered why it had been
out. Carol occasionally reread it for fun.

I looked at the clock, 6:00pm and again I wondered where
Carol was. Then the front door opened and Carol was home. She
rushed over and kissed me and curled up in my lap. She smiled at
me and said,

"Hi sleepy head. Jane must have worn you out last night.
I want to hear all about it, then I will tell you where I have

I kissed my love and gave her all the details minute by
minute. She loved it and responded kissing me deeply. Then she
sat up and said,

"We have a date tonight. Someone new.
end part 22

Comments, constructive criticism, suggestions would be greatly
appreciated but be gentle.... where would you like to see this
story go... or should I let it end here?

The End... for now...


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