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LOVLETT1 sucking one her nipples


Copyright 1998, MAX FREE, ALL Rights Reserved

File: Lettr01B.txt Title: Love Letters, Letter 1 ( MF MFF FF) Author:
Max Free How a devoted wife makes her husband happy.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the
written permission of the author. Else it may be freely distributed on
condition that this notice remains attached to it and that the usual
precautions have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized
persons, especially under age children, or by people who might be offended
by its contents.

Characters mentioned in this letter:

John(35), who is writing the letters, and Amy(33), his wife. Peter and
Betty, their children, resp. 14 and 13. Charles, the brother John is
writing to. Jacky and Jake, the neighbors. (About same age as John and

Love Letters, Letter 1

by Max Free

This is an extract from the first letter I sent to my brother Charles in
which I told him what my wife did for my sexual happiness.

Dear Charles,


You told me some time ago that you, like me, felt increasingly
frustrated in marriage. I am writing this letter to you about how Amy
solved my problem. You may let your Cindy read this letter, it might give
her some ideas although I do not know if any other woman could do what Amy
has done for me. You be the judge. As you know, after 13 years, I was
very unsatisfied with our marriage, i. e. especially with our sex and you
know how important that is for me. This has completely changed, however,
and I am very happy about this, also because of our children Peter and
Betty; especially at their age, 14 and 13, it is not good to have parents who are divorced or on bad terms.

As I said, it was all Amy's work. She had of course noticed how I
became more and more dissatisfied with the sex in our marriage, or rather
how I became more and more bored with it. During the first years of our
marriage I was quite happy fucking only Amy but in the long run I began to
long for a little variety, some sexual adventure. I did not have the
occasion to meet many women, however, except for those I meet
professionally and I have always thought it would be very foolish to start
something with one of the secretaries at our office or with a lab assistant
at our laboratory although I must admit I was often tempted to do so. And
I am not the man to go to a bar to pick up some lady there and spend a
night at a motel with her. So I became ever more unhappy and frustrated.

As you know Amy is very good in the field of human relations. She likes
people and has a great faculty for understanding them; it is not surprising
therefore that many people take her very quickly into their confidence. Of
course she had understood that I had a serious problem and she had even
understood what it was. Recently she then decided that it was great time
to bring my problem in the open and so last week she organized for us to
have a long weekend at a very nice and calm holiday resort, without the
children, and beside relaxing, playing tennis, swimming and having nice
meals, we did a lot of talking. When I told her openly that I would so
very much like to meet other women to have sex with, she did not get mad at
me but told me that she had already understood what my problem was, and as
she loved me and thought that our marriage was in many respects still very
good, she was going to help me to realize my dreams. She knew many women
and she was certain that several of them would welcome a sex adventure with
me. She even had in mind someone in particular.

Amy then told me who she had in mind, our neighbor Jacky. Jacky had
told her that her husband, Jake, had more and more often badly explained
absences and she thought he had adventures with other women. She herself
felt very much neglected, especially sexually. Jacky had said "I like to
masturbate while enjoying my phantasms, but not as my sole source of sexual
satisfaction." So she seemed an obvious first choice, she probably would be
willing, was easily available next door and Amy knew I like Jacky very
much. She is about the same age as Amy but she is very different. She is a
sweet, very charming woman of Japanese descent, rather small, slender and
very attractive in my eyes. I thought Jake was an idiot to prefer any one
else to her, but probably many people would not understand how I could
dream about other women, having such a nice voluptuous blond as a wife.
Anyway, I was immediately very enthusiastic about the idea of fucking
Jacky. I was so happy with Amy's offer to help me that we then had the
nicest fucking session since years!

A few days after our return home Amy told me that she had had a talk
with Jacky, somewhat like this:


" Jacky, I want to ask you to do something for me, you would really do
me a great favor but I think that you will also very much like to do what I
am going to ask you. Probably you will be quite surprised when you hear
what it is, but I assure you that I am very serious about this. Before I
tell you more, you must promise me, however, that you must never talk about
this with anybody and if you do not accept you must even forget that I ever
asked you."

"Oooh Amy, you sound very mysterious. Tell me. Yes, OK, I promise,
tell me Amy, you really make me curious. No, don't worry, you have my
word, go on!"

"Well, I wanted to ask you to have sex with John, not just once, but
more or less regularly, at least for some time. Of course only if and as
long as you would like it, but I have no doubt you will. I am sure he
would make you very happy, he likes you very much and finds you very
attractive, probably also because we are so different "

"Amy!!! Are you serious?? You want us to fuck??? For heaven's sake,
why? And wouldn't you hate me after some time if I let him?"

"I told you you would be surprised. But you will soon understand why I
am asking you this. In fact, you two fucking would solve two problems,
yours and his and what is more, in a very discrete manner. You told me the
other day that you are sexually starving, and John told me that he also is
sexually frustrated and is really dying, after 13 years of marriage, to at
least now and then fuck another woman. I assure you that you would indeed
also do me a great favor if you accepted because I love him and I think
this could save our marriage which in many respects is still quite good.
Also, both of us would hate it to leave one or both of the children and for
them it would be much better if John and I stayed together in good harmony.
Your acceptance would probably also revive our common sex life. Already
after I told him about my idea, we had a better fuck than we had had for
years. And, as I told you, John likes you very much, I even think that his
cock starts to swell each time he looks at you, but he is a real gentleman
and it would not do to try and seduce his wife's best friend. Unless his
wife agrees and even suggests it of course!"

"Oh Amy, you really mean this!? You really are a temptress! You could
make a lot of money as a matchmaker, you have very convincing arguments,
yes I am sexually starving and I like John very much, so if you agree and
even ask me, I would adore to be fucked by John! Only thinking about it
makes me wet already! But still ... I need to think this over before I
give you my answer."


Amy told me all this a few days later after Jacky had invited her for a
cup of coffee and, when she had made sure that Amy was still really very
serious about her offer, accepted "with great pleasure"! The two ladies
then decided that the next Saturday would be very convenient for a first
"meeting" between Jacky and me, Jake having announced that he would be away
"on business" ,as usual these days, and Amy having a bridge. We saw to it
that the children would be away so that we would be completely free to do
what we wanted.


That Saturday I went to the house next door at eight o'clock. I did not
need to ring the bell, Amy, only very lightly dressed in a kimono, was
waiting for me. After she had let me in I took her in my arms and we did a
lot of kissing. I noticed how different from Amy she smelled and also how
different she felt. I was immediately very excited.

After a few moments Jacky proposed that I also change to something less
formal. So I went upstairs, undressed and put on the terrycloth robe that
she had laid down there for me. Then I went down to Jacky, who was sitting
on a couch in the drawing room, with subdued light and soft music and I sat
down beside her. I believe she had planned to have a glass of wine first,
but being both sexually starved, we were very soon both naked, kissing and
making acquaintance with each other's body. I had always thought that
Jacky would have a very soft skin and I was not disappointed, it was like
that of a peach, and without a blemish. Her breasts were not big but very
beautiful, and very soon I was sucking on one of her nipples, causing Jacky
to sigh and groan with delight and to say: "How I have missed this all
these years, Oh John, I love you."

When I then went down her body, first kissing her stomach and then her
belly, she immediately opened wide her legs and lifted them high up so that
I passed over her nice little black bush to kiss her delightful cunt with
its dark colored lips. I found that Jacky was very wet, liquid dripping
out of her cunt. I could not resist its exciting smell, this also
different from Amy's, and I wanted to fuck her immediately, but I resisted
the temptation and went to lie between her legs to first kiss and lick her
cunt and clit for some time, pushing my tongue far inside her a few times
while she held my head. Soon Jacky went nearly hysterical, having one
orgasm after the other, but only when I felt she could really not stand any
more I moved up to enter her in one big push and started to fuck her while
holding her breasts and covering her face with kisses. I came nearly
immediately, Jacky again having an orgasm and crying out loud when she felt
my seed spurt inside her.

After we had come to earth again, Jacky undertook to clean up by sucking my cock and the result was of course that I had to fuck her again.

With her lying im my arms we then did a lot of talking before we went
upstairs to the bedroom to sleep. That night I woke several times and each
time I fucked Jacky, sometimes without even waking her, although she moved
to receive my thrusts and purred contentedly each time. I had in a long
time not fucked so many times in one night, I did not know I had it still
in me.

This morning we woke up early and, although I would have liked to
continue fucking, we decided not to and instead had a shower together, with
a lot of kissing and fondling, and then went next door to have breakfast
with Amy. We did not want her to feel neglected after what she had done
for us.

We went to my house only very lightly dressed, using the back doors in
our gardens where nobody could see us, and we found Amy in the kitchen,
still in kimono. Jacky ran up to her and kissed her saying "Ohh Amy, it
was even nicer than I thought it would be. I was really starving for sex
but moreover John is a terrific lover. Thank you very much for letting me
have him. I hope that you meant it when you said we could fuck regularly."

And Amy answered "I am so glad it worked out so well. Of course you two
can fuck as often as you want, I love you both so much."

After I had also embraced Amy, giving her a grateful, quick French kiss
while grabbing a buttock, we helped her to make breakfast for the three of
us. Jacky and I were very hungry and ate like wolves, but when we had
finished we immediately wanted to go on making love. Jacky asked Amy if
she would not like to come with us. She did not want Amy to feel neglected
and she thought that making love the three together would be a nice new
experience. Amy hesitated but when Jacky insisted she finally gave in and
we ran upstairs to our bedroom and its large bed, laughing and excited like
naughty children , shedding our few clothes on the way and soon we were all
naked on our king-size bed..

Amy made everything easy by saying that she wanted to see us fuck, she
had never witnessed a live fucking and she thought that would be quite
exciting. And she even helped to prepare me by pushing me down on my back
in order to suck my cock. Meanwhile Jacky started to kiss me and to suck
my nipples that are indeed as sensitive as a woman's. Under this treatment
from the girls I was very soon very much ready and wanting to fuck And I
started to do so under the cries of excitement and encouragement of both
Jacky and Amy. When at a certain moment I looked up at Amy I saw that she
was finger-fucking while caressing her clit and she gave me big
open-mouthed, tongue-showing grin.

Jacky and I this time made our pleasure last as long as possible but
finally Jacky had to surrender and climaxed noisily. I very soon after
also came and after I had shot my load into Jacky, I rolled off her
exhausted. To my great surprise, she then crept over to Amy who was still
rubbing her clit, pushed her on her back while kissing her and said "Let me
do this for you, I certainly owe you this but I also very much like to do

Amy had never before made love with another woman and started to resist
but Jacky said "Please, let me, I did this long ago with a girl friend and
we liked it very much. I am sure you will also like it, just let yourself
go." And then she began to kiss and fondle Amy in earnest, soon stroking
her breasts and then sucking her nipples while her hand went down between
Amy's legs. After some time I had enough energy again to participate and
soon Jacky and I had Amy moaning from pleasure. When then Jacky began to
lick Amy's cunt, sticking her tongue now and then deep into Amy's love hole and then sucking her clit and finger-fucking her, Amy had a series of
orgasms giving some high-pitched cries.

We then let Amy come to lying in my arms while Jacky rested her head on
Amy's soft belly looking up at us while softly stroking Amy's breasts.
Finally Amy sat up and embraced Jacky saying "Jacky, you have given me the
greatest orgasm ever! I never thought it would be so nice."

After that Amy asked Jacky and me to fuck once more, this time with me
lying on my back and Jacky with my cock inside her while she more or less
lay leaned backwards supporting herself on her arms and held by me. This
permitted Amy to lick Jacky's clit while looking at my glistening cock
going in and out of Jacky's hole. This was very exciting for all three of
us. Later Amy told me that she had seen this once in one of my porno
magazines and she had always wondered how it would be to do that.

We spent the rest of the day together in great harmony until we had to
fetch the children.


* * * * * * * * * *


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