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LOVLETT2 hurt me It looks big


Copyright 1998, MAX FREE, ALL Rights Reserved

File: Lettr02B.txt Title: Love Letters, Letter 2 ( Mf MFf Ff Inc)
Author: Max Free

New character in this letter: Jill, Jacky's 14 year old daughter.

Love Letters, Letter 2

by Max Free

Dear Charley,

Amy is really incredible!

Some days ago, when they had tea together after a shopping expedition,
Jacky told Amy that she was worried about Jill. Jill is her daughter and
has just become 14. I now and then see her in a swimming suit when she
comes to have a swim with Betty in our swimming pool and I noticed, trust
me for that!, that she is starting to become a real little woman. Jill had
told Jacky about girls from her school who had been raped or at least
practically raped, sometimes even by several boys, often after they had
been given alcohol or drugs. The problem was that although Jill was now
quite afraid of boys she might according to Jackie nevertheless soon seek
to be fucked, as she seemed very curious about sex, was really horny and
would hate it to remain a virgin while her friends boasted of the boys they
had had, even if they had lost their virginity by rape.

Amy told me that she then had suggested, half in earnest, that Jacky buy
a dog for Jill. She had read somewhere that dogs can be great sex
partners, she would even like to try and let a dog fuck her once. Jacky
had declared her to be crazy.

Meanwhile Amy thought that she had found a way to let Jill satisfy her
natural desires in a more, although not completely, 'conventional' but also
nice way and without any risk. She said nothing to Jacky, but that evening
she said to me, out of the blue, "John, tell me would you like to fuck
Jill?" And I answered, not aware that she was serious "Amy, what a
question! Hell, of course! It would be terribly exciting, even if, or
perhaps because she is practically a child still!" Amy then went on "John,
don't be silly, I am sure you have seen that she is not a child any more.
In fact Jacky is certain that she not only wants, but also needs to be
fucked ." And then she told me why Jacky worried about Jill, that she was
not at all against Jill to start fucking, but that she was very much afraid
that her first sex with a boy would be very disagreeable, or, even worse,
could ruin her life. And then Amy said "When I heard this I nearly
immediately thought of you. Why not let you initiate Jill to real sex.
You certainly would do it much nicer and in a safer way than some clumsy or
brutal overexcited schoolboy, maybe even during a gang bang. And I also
thought that you would very much like to do it. I'm certain that Jacky
will agree that it would be ideal if you did it. Now what do you say?"

When I understood that Amy was really serious about this I told her that
I thought it was a great idea and I hoped very much that Jill would accept
me as her 'first fucker'.

When Amy told Jacky the next day of our proposal, she immediately said
"Of course, I should have had that idea this myself. I think that he would
be very nice with Jill, I myself anyway like it very much to fuck with
him." and she later told me that she had no difficulty to persuade Jill.
According to what Jacky told me her discussion with Jill went somewhat like


"Jill, I wanted to ask you something. It is about sex. You know that I
am aware of it that you often masturbate, that you did so already when you
were a little girl. You will remember that I told you once that I was glad
you did, for several reasons, one of the reasons being that it prevented
you to seek sex with boys too early. But I have understood that
masturbation alone does not completely satisfy you any more, and that you
are longing to have real sex, i.e. to fuck with a boy. Right?"

"Oh Mommy, yes, you are right, I believe that if I had known a nice boy I could trust, I would have done it already a long time ago. Do you think
that is very bad of me, that I am a slut?"

"No Jill, it is very natural for a young woman to want to fuck, but I
can understand, after what you told me about the girls who have been raped
at your school, that you are afraid that it could be a bad experience. I
think it would be terrible if you would live such an ordeal. Now I am
going to tell you something that not many people know. I had my first sex
when I was even younger than you are now - I was just thirteen - with a
young uncle. He seduced me, easily I must say, and we did it in secret of
course; at that time parents were less open about sex than nowadays but
even today not many parents will like their thirteen year old daughter to
start fucking and certainly not with an uncle. Anyway, I liked it very
much, my first time was a great experience and I continued to have sex with
him, and only with him, until I went to university. In fact we continued
to have sex occasionally in later years whenever we had an opportunity. So
I of course fully understand your feelings and that you are burning to
start real sex."

"Oh Mommy, how exciting and how very nice of you to tell me that! I
wish I had such an uncle, I would maybe not wait till he asked me and I am
sure that you would let him fuck me!"

"Of course I would my darling. Or I should say I will, because you have
one, and even next door. Don't you call him uncle John, even if he is not
a real uncle? And don't you think he is an attractive man? I think he is!
I know that he would be very glad to initiate you to the mysteries and
pleasures of sex and I am sure that he would do it very gently and that you
would like it very much."

"Oh Mommy, you know, when I go for a swim next door and uncle John is
there too, I often look at that big bulge in his swimming trunks and I
often tried to imagine how it would look when set free." < blushing>
"Sometimes I think of him when I masturbate! But do you think that he
would like to do it? And wouldn't aunt Amy be very mad if she came to know
about it?"

"Don't worry about aunt Amy, Jill, in fact it is her idea! And, as I
said, John will be very happy to do it." >>>>>

My first fuck with Jill then just 'happened' a few days later. It was a
beautiful sunny day and I was alone at home when Jacky and Jill came over
to our house for a swim in our pool. After some frolicking I dared the
girls to swim naked. Jacky immediately removed her swimsuit and then also
Jill, saying "Now you must too, uncle John." I of course obeyed. I must
say that these girls were a feast for the eyes. I knew already how
beautiful Jacky is but now I could also admire Jill. She is the very young and slender copy of her mother: a soft featured face, a little less
Japanese than her mother, but also with beautiful long black hair, a smooth
brown skin without a blemish, firm apple form breasts, a flat belly with a
nice little black tuft on her mons, round young girl's buttocks , long
slender legs between which I could now and then see the top of a promising
little slit. My cock immediately began to rise a little, which did not go
unnoticed by the ladies!

We continued to cavort naked with a lot of touching, but not really
sexually and then Jacky was called away (?) so that Jill and I remained
alone. We continued to play together in the water but when we became a
little tired I took Jill upstairs to have a nice hot shower together. We
then dried each other using beach towels. This of course was still more
exciting than just being naked together and Jill was very interested to see
my cock again beginning to rise when she after some coaxing from my part
ventured to very cautiously dry my 'private' parts after I had dried hers.
She said "Oh, uncle John, I am exciting you!"

I then asked her to make better acquaintance with my dick and balls by
feeling them with her bare hands. She started to do this very timidly but
soon began to explore them in earnest, letting my nuts move inside my
scrotum and then moving down the skin on my meanwhile completely erect cock
to uncover its glans. She of course knew how men are made but she liked it
very much to get this 'first hand' information. I used this occasion to
tell her that my glans was very sensitive, just as hers on her clit, and
that it was most sensitive on the underside. She could use this
information when she ever would lick my cock. At this statement she looked
up at me a little doubtful, but she obviously stored the information for
later use, if ever. When she had finished her exploration she said "I like
it to feel your cock, uncle John, and to feel it stiffen in my hands."

Jill of course knew what the outcome of all this would be and when I
asked her if she would like now to come with me to the bedroom she answered
by embracing me, drawing herself against me and my hard-on and giving me a
very nice kiss. I then put a hand on her buttocks and pushed her to the
bedroom where we lay down on our king-size bed. I there took her in my
arms and we had the following conversation, while I gently stroked her
youthful, resilient tits with their already hard nipples:

"I am so happy uncle John, and so excited, to be with you like this"

"I too Jill, you are really a very beautiful girl. But please call me
just John, Jill."

"OK.... John."

"As I am a methodical man I will first tell you what we are going to do,
and why, and then we will do it. I am first going to fondle your body in
many ways. I know that you have very much liked it to masturbate, already
since you were a little girl, your mother told me since you were seven.
Now I am going to give you pleasure in the same way as you have always done
it yourself, in the first place because I like to give you pleasure - and
you will find that the pleasure is even greater if some one else
masturbates you instead of doing it yourself. But, as you know,
masturbation also makes your cunny very wet and your juice will make your
vagina very slippery so that my cock will be able to slide in easily and
without hurting you.

Most girls masturbate by rubbing their clit, some also push a few
fingers inside them, which also helps to keep their clit 'oiled' and while
girls rub their clit they may also knead their breasts and rub and pinch
their nipples. I am going to do all that too, but I can do something even
nicer, and that is use my tongue instead of my fingers, everywhere, and
especially on your nipples but also on your cunny. And don't think for a
moment that that is nasty or gross. I am sure you are very clean there and
men like it very much to lick a girl's cunt and to smell and taste her

While talking I had of course already started to fondle my little
sweetheart and now I softly kissed her face, her eyes, her full mouth,
while I let my hands start to roam all over her body, paying much attention
to her breasts but also going down to her flat belly. Then I kissed her
neck, her shoulders and then, while continuing to stroke her everywhere,
her small but full breasts, where I paused for some long moments sucking her nipples, and finally her belly. I really liked to stroke her, she has
a very smooth skin. And she liked what I did, she first shivered from
excitement and then soon began to sigh and finally pant. She obeyed me
immediately when I then pushed her legs apart, spreading them wide for me.
I saw that her cunt lips were dark, like her mother's. When I separated
them delicately, I saw that Jill's cunt was already very wet. I then
started to make her even wetter by softly rubbing the sheath of her clit
while again sucking her nipples for some time. Jill then began to moan
calling out "Ooh un. Ooh John!"

I then lay down between her legs and taking her delicious buttocks in my
hands I stuck my tongue into her cunt causing her to utter a little cry of
surprise and to clasp my head between her deliciously smooth thighs. Then
discovering how nice the feeling of my tongue there was she released my
head and I started to lick her wet cunt in earnest, continuously moving
from her cunt hole to her clit, using the full width of my tongue to have
as much contact as possible. Jill obviously was delighted with the
feeling, judging by her cries and moans, and was soon making fucking
movements and pushing against my tongue, holding my head in her hands, to
even intensify the feeling. When I thought that she was now completely
ready for fucking I sat up and after waiting for a few moments to let her
gain her breath, I said "This is the point of no return for fucking, if you
want me to stop, say so now."

And Jill of course replied "No No No. Go on Please go on!"

Then I said "You know of course how a man fucks a woman but did you know
that a woman can also fuck a man? I'll show you. I am going to lie down
on my back and now you go and sit on my legs, looking towards me. Now take
my cock in your hand, yes, go ahead, don't be afraid, it still likes to be
touched by you. Yes, that's it, now lift yourself up a little, put a
little bit of my cock into your cunt hole and sit down again, leaving my
cock inside you just a little. I'll hold you. Yes like that!"

" Oooh, this is exciting. I like to touch it, it is so hard and still
smooth and sexy."

"I am glad you like him too, I am sure you are soon going to like him
even more. OK, now bend forward on your arms and start to fuck me making
my cock enter your hole, first only a little bit and then ever more. Like
this you will be in control, isn't that nice? If you want to you can now
give me a very nice feeling and finally make me cum by rubbing my cock in
your hole by going up and down. You have some muscles there that you can
also try to use and massage my cock with. You will not only give me a very
nice feeling, but also yourself, but try to first make me cum. After that
I will make you cum by sucking your clit."

Jill then said looking down between her legs "It is so exciting, but
won't it hurt me? It looks so big!" and I replied "Just try, you will find
that it will enter you easily."

Jill then started to fuck me, at first very cautiously but then with
ever more determination; she was a quick learner, fucking came naturally to
her. At first my cock had barely entered her but now she let it slowly
penetrate her more and more until, to her amazement, she had it in her
completely. She even managed to use these famous muscles a little. Jill
liked very much what she was doing and I did too! To see this beautiful,
sweet young teenager girl moving up and down while my cock entered and came
out, glistening and slithery with her juice, from between her cunt lips,
and to feel my cock move inside her, while she now and then squeezed it
with her cunt muscles, was terribly exciting. Not amazingly her narrow
hole very soon had the better of my prick and, after warning her that I was
going to spurt my cum inside her, I did, grasping her haunches and saying
"Ooh. Jill this is terribly nice. Do you feel me cumming? Oooh....
Ooorrh..... "

Jill then lay down on me and, while my cock slowly retreated from her
hole, we kissed and hugged each other with great delight my hands going
down over her back to feel her resilient, smooth buttocks - nice!

After we had lain like this for some time I said "Let me now clean you
up" and I went to sit between her legs, pushing them up to lay bare and
open her pussy. It was quite a sight, a lot of my cum was oozing out,
mixed with her juices and a little blood. She did not seem to have
suffered from her defloration, she told me later that she had expected to
feel some pain but she had hardly felt it happen, completely concentrated
on the delightful new feeling of a cock inside her slippery virginal
vagina. I then started to lick her clean, savoring the once in a lifetime
taste of mixed virginal juices, cum and blood. And of course I soon
started to excite Jill very much when I alternated sucking on her clit and
pushing my tongue into her hole while softly kneading her beautiful girl breasts. I soon had her crying out from delight and then she had her first
climax from a man. I had my tongue inside her and felt her spasms while
she pushed out a lot of juice. When I sat up I looked at her, her
beautiful young body completely relaxed, her legs wide showing her wet cunt still open, her eyes closed, still panting a little. I was so excited by
all this that I had gotten a new hard-on and just HAD to enter her again,
but this time for some real fucking with me on top, my preference, with her
head in my arms, kissing her sweet face. Jill responded enthusiastically,
lifting her legs and pushing me inside using her feet and holding me by my
hips, tugging me inside her at each stroke. I soon came, spurting a new
load of cum inside her while she looked up to me with loving eyes saying "I
feel your cum! I feel it squirting! Oh, I love you John!".

After this we did a lot of talking. She knew or at least had guessed
that I also fucked her mother now and then - she also knew why: because her
father neglected her mother - but I told her that I would like it very much
to also fuck her regularly. I only cautioned her to tell nobody outside
what we did, or even hint to it, lest I land in jail.

Later Jacky joined us again, while we were having a drink in the garden.
Mother and daughter hugged each other affectionately and Jill said that it
had been the greatest experience in her life until then and that she hoped
that her mother would not mind to share me. Jacky then said "Not at all.
Perhaps we can even now and then have him together if he doesn't mind!" and
Jill, beaming, looking at me, exclaimed "Ooh..! John! Wouldn't that be

And these were no vain words! One night a few days later after nicely
fucking Jacky in her bed, she said "Now I have a surprise for you" and the
surprise was Jill! Obviously Jacky had arranged for her to enter the room
while we were fucking and there she was sitting on a chair, patiently
waiting for her turn, already naked! When she heard what her mother said
she rose saying "You two were really beautiful together .... and exciting
too! I hope that John still has a little of that white stuff for me!" and
then she went to lie between us. Her mother immediately undertook to
excite her a little more saying "I think that John is not quite up to it
yet, but I am sure we can bring him in condition again in no time by
showing him a little lesbian stuff together" and Jill said "Oooh Mommy...
isn't that naughty, I heard that some of the girls I know from school now
and then do it together, but a mother and daughter making love!" And Jacky
then said "This is something else you did not know about your mother. When
I was young I often did it with a girl friend of mine and we liked it very
much, even if we would have liked to make love with boys too. Now let us
do it together, I know that excites John very much, at least it did when
Amy and I did!"

And it excited me very much indeed! Jacky started with kissing Jill's
breast and licking and very gently biting her nipples, at the same time
rubbing her cunt. Then Amy pushed Jill's legs up and apart to lick her
cunt and suck her clit while finger fucking her. Soon she had Jill cry out
with delight "Oooh mommy Ooooh Mommy!" Seeing Jacky arouse her young daughter like that in no time brought me in condition for fucking again. I
could not wait and I moved behind Jacky and, holding her hips, entered her
from behind. Jacky reacted by looking up for a moment saying "Oooh John,
how nice!" but, after I had fucked her for a few minutes, she looked over
her shoulder, sighed and said "It is great John, but you must now first
fuck Jill. She loved it so much the first time and she came here because
she very much wanted you to fuck her again. Judging by her wet cunt, she
is quite ready for it now." So I drew my cock out of Jacky's cunt and she
made room for me, grasped my cock, wet and slippery with her own juices,
and guided it into her daughter's narrow hole. I found this terribly
exciting. I immediately started to fuck Jill, for the second time in her
life. This time Jacky saw to it that we reached our climax at the same
time by sucking on Jill's tits and rubbing her clit while following the
progression of our excitement by looking at our faces and listening to our
sighs, moans, grunts and cries. One could see that it excited Jacky very
much to see and even assist her daughter fucking. When Jill, under the
loving eyes of her mother, had her climax while feeling me ejaculate inside
her, this was nearly too much for her and she cried "Oh Mom....John.....
It's too much... I'm dying.... I am just going to die...."

After Jill had recuperated in Jacky's arms I got Jacky to let me fuck
her again. I asked Jill to this time guide my cock into her mother's hole and she then continued to 'assist' us, now stroking my balls from behind,
then kissing her mother's breasts and finally diddling her clit. Jill
seemed to like it very much to make love together with her mother and me.
She really is a very sweet and hot girl.

Some days later Jacky told me that Jill had asked her to make love with
her again and she thought that they would continue to often do that. But
Jill also liked to have sex with me very often just like she herself. I
also like it very much to fuck mother and daughter and to see, and hear!,
them make love together and she likes it very much to see me fuck her
daughter, so we shall be very busy in the future.

Still, there is a problem. I am a little afraid of having to satisfy
three women of whom at least two are really insatiable! Well, at least it
is a very nice problem. When I talked about this with Amy, she said she
had a solution for it. Of course! Amy always has a solution, but I really
wonder what she has in mind.

I'll write you again as soon as possible. I'm sure there will be a lot
to tell.


P.S. I am glad you let Cindy read my last letter and I hope it will
help you two. I do not know if you should let her read this one, you
decide, but promise me that you will in any case destroy it after you
(both) have read it! Fucking a young girl of just 14 being considered a
sin under any conditions, the devil knows why. Oh, if you were wondering
how all this could happen without Jake interfering in one way or another,
he left Jacky to go and live on his own, at least for some time. He needed
to be alone to think about the future, he said.




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