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LOVLETT3 thick outer labia thinner ones inside

Copyright 1998, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved Date of first publication
in Mr Double's Palisade : June 30th 1998.

This story may be freely distributed on condition that this notice
remains attached, but not for profit, and providing the usual precautions
have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized persons,
especially under age children, or by people who might be offended by its

===================================================== Author file:
Lettr03B.txt ( ff Fff Mf Fm MfFm Inc )

Love Letters, Letter 3

by Max Free

Dear Charley,

You must destroy this letter immediately after you have read it: it is

It had to happen, of course. Jill had promised that she would not tell
anybody anything about the sex she had with her mother and with me but it
seems that 'nobody' did not include Betty! As Jill told me later, she just
HAD to tell somebody and then her choice of Betty was no doubt the best she
could make. Jill for some time resisted the temptation to tell Betty
anything, but recently, they were together in Betty's room, Betty brought
up the subject of sex between girls. She had heard at school that some of
the girls did it together, it was even said that for a girl to be really IN
she had to be bisexual. Betty said she wondered how making love with a
girl would be, anyway it seemed much less risky in many respects than with
a boy. When Jill agreed with that and said that it was also really very
nice, Betty said "You sound as if you have already done it once!" and then
Jill confessed that she had indeed done it, with her mother!

This is what further happened that afternoon, as told to me by Betty:


"I could not believe my ears when she said that, but when she said that
they had really done it, and even several times, I wanted to know WHAT they
did and then Jill said "I'll show you, we often have not planned anything,
it just happens, e.g. we kiss each other and then one of us gets a little
excited and goes a little further, like this...." and then she first gave
me a few kisses, just on my cheek, but then she kissed me in my neck, which
made me shiver a little, and when she then entered her tongue in my ear I
was lost. She continued to kiss me, first on my mouth licking my lips, and
next she even pushed in her tongue. It was nice to feel our tongues make
love inside my mouth and soon I reciprocated, following her tongue when she
drew it back into her mouth. I did not resist when Jill then started to
stroke my nipples, through my blouse, on the contrary I liked it very much,
my nipples immediately hardening under her touch. Jill had already
understood that I was completely in her power now and without asking me she
let her hand descend from my tits down between my legs, that I immediately
spread a little for her, where she started to rub my clit, also still
through my clothes. She gave me such a nice feeling that I did not for a
moment think to protest, so she soon had me sighing and then moaning and
even asking her not to stop. I of course often masturbate but I told Jill
that having somebody else do it is even much nicer. And when then Jill
entered her fingers inside my panties, I simply removed them and then
proposed to remove all our clothes.

Jill was only too happy to accept my suggestion and soon we were naked
and busily fondling each other. The first thing Jill did when I was naked
was to take one of my breasts in her mouth and then to suck it while
tonguing its nipple, a great feeling. When Jill then told me that the
nicest feeling, however, was to have one's cunt licked, I cried "Ugh, how
nasty!" but she nearly forced me to let her lick me there and then I soon
surrendered completely, Jill's tongue did things to me that were heavenly!
And when Jill then began to lick my clit, while cautiously starting to fuck
me with one finger searching upwards for my G-spot, I soon started the road
of non-return toward a mind-blowing orgasm. I remember crying "Yesss
yessss oooooh yessss.... go on...... ooooooh!".

Jill then took me in her arms and for some time gave me little kisses
and softly stroked and squeezed my breasts telling me how nice they were,
bigger than her own. We then decided that we would often do this together.
But I must admit that, when Jill then asked me if I would now return the
favor, I hesitated, but I was also very much tempted to try. So, when she
lay down on her back, raised her legs and spread her cunt lips for me with
the fingers of one hand, I knelt down before her and, while holding her
soft thighs with both hands, began to tease Jill's clit with the tip of my
tongue, immediately getting very favorable reactions from Jill who cried
"Yes, Yes, there....Yes, there... Go on Go on". This, and also the smell
of her cunt, excited me so that after a few minutes I ventured to go a
little further down with my tongue and finally I had to admit that this was
even very nice, I liked the smell and now also the taste of Jill's cunt,
licking her slit with my whole tongue from her hole, that I now and then
also entered as far as possible, up to her clit and back! I found it
moreover tremendously exciting to be able to control Jill's sensations, to
feel her reactions and looking up over her little black bush to see her
face contorted with her passion, moaning with her mouth wide open. And
when I finally gave her her climax, this was also for me a great
satisfaction. I think I am for ever addicted to girl-girl sex." >>>

So far Betty's story.

Amy told me a few days later that coming home unexpectedly she had found
Jill and Betty making love on the floor in the drawing room; it seems they
had just reinvented the sideway 69-position and had much fun with it. Each
girl lay with her head on a thigh of the other while she licked her cunt.
They were both panting heavily with the pleasure they received, and they
did not notice Amy who stood in the door opening looking at them. After
Betty and Jill had finished, first Betty and then Jill having had her
climax, they rose to lie down on the sofa and then they saw Amy, who said
"Jesus, girls, that was really great!"

Betty was a bit upset by her sudden appearance, but Amy immediately set
her mind at ease, saying "Sorry, I should of course not have stayed, but
you were so beautiful together, I just could not tear myself away. Maybe
you could let me participate one day, I would certainly like that." and
then she left them saying "If you want to continue, I won't disturb you

That evening Amy went to 'tuck in' Betty, as she did sometimes when she
came home late, after Betty had gone to bed, and Betty told Amy how glad
she was that she had not been mad or even upset about her making love with
Jill. When Amy then kissed her, softly stroking her breasts, Betty asked
"Did you mean it when you said that you would like to be with us next
time?"and when Amy then said that she would be delighted to participate,
Betty told her that she had an appointment with Jill next Saturday and that
she was also invited. Jill had told her how nice it always was with her
mother and she very much liked the idea of making love with Amy too.

So the three came together that Saturday night, naked on Betty's bed.
Betty was very excited when her mother immediately pushed Jill on her back
and began to lick her cunt while kneading her breasts, now and then looking
up over Jill's neat little black bush to feast her eyes on her flawless
body and to look at her face. When Amy then started to suck Jill's clit
while gently finger fucking her, Jill soon began to cry "Yesss Yesss Ooooh
I'm cummmingggg Eeeeeh!"

When Amy had finished with Jill, she saw that Betty had a finger in her
cunt and was rubbing her clit. It then seemed only natural when she went
to her and pushed her also on her back to give her the same treatment she
had given Jill. And soon also Betty climaxed crying "Oooh Mommy! Sweet
Mommy.... I love you..... Oooh Yessss!" while Jill lay looking at them
with a big smile.

When Betty had calmed down a little, Jill had said to Amy "Now it is
your turn" and then Amy obediently lay down on her back and raised her legs
to let Jill lick her cunt and finger fuck her. When she had Amy sighing
and moaning softly from the pleasure she was receiving Jill had said to
Betty "Let's do this together. Now you suck her cunt she is already very
wet. She tastes very different from Mommy, but also very nice, more like
you, you will like it!. I will then suck her breasts, I know she likes
that very much." When Betty seemed to hesitate, Amy had said "Yes please
Betty, that would be so hot!" and once she had cautiously tasted her
mother's cunt juice she continued to lick, put her fingers and then her
tongue inside her mother's love hole until Amy had the greatest orgasm she
had ever experienced. When she found a little energy again Amy hugged the
two young girls saying "Thank you Thank you That was great. How I love you

Some days later, Jill, once she had started to take Betty into her
confidence, now also told her that I often fucked her, sometimes together
with her mother. This excited Betty very much and when that evening Amy,
asked if that was true, confirmed it, Betty told her how she often
masturbated imagining that I undressed her and forced her to have sex with
me. When she then asked Amy if that didn't show her to be an immoral girl,
Amy, not hesitating one second said "I believe that many girls have such
thoughts, but not many will tell their mother and I am glad you did. And
of course it is not bad, in fact, if you want it I will try to persuade
your father to make your fantasy come true. I have no doubt that that will
be very easy, your father is a very horny man and given the chance he will
not hesitate to accept fucking you, his little daughter! I had been
thinking already that it was about time you started fucking. I would not
like you to start with some young, clumsy, boy, so I have been thinking
about letting Peter start to fuck you, under your father's guidance, but it
would be even much better with your father himself, also because Peter
would have to use a condom."

Betty was very surprised and talked about incest and so on, but Amy had
said "But you did not have any hesitation to do it with me! No, that is
all bullshit. The only two questions of importance are 'Would you like it
and, Will you not regret it later on'. You are old enough to answer these
questions yourself. Personally I do not see any harm in Peter or your
daddy fucking you, as long as you - and he, but don't worry about that -
like it and you do not get pregnant. From a viewpoint of health, fucking
with your father or brother is certainly safe, which cannot be said of
fucking with some more or less unknown boy. And let me tell you that most
people regret more the things they could have done and didn't, than
anything they did! And now is your chance! "

When then Betty said "I think it would be terribly exciting with daddy"
Amy said "Well, I also think this is exciting. Just hold yourself ready. I
will see with your father, not if I know that for sure already - but when
he wants to do it."

I must confess that I was very surprised that my 13 year old daughter was offered to me to be fucked, but the answer was YES and I did not think
that I could stand waiting for it another day, especially as it was a
Saturday, so we decided that that night Betty and Amy would simply swap

That evening we had a barbecue in the garden, just for the four of us,
i.e. Amy, Betty, Peter and I. During this barbecue I hugged and kissed
Betty once or twice, stroking and gently squeezing her nice breasts and her
buttocks, and when we had eaten enough Betty and I disappeared toward the
master bedroom with its king size bed, leaving Peter and Amy to clear up.

I asked Betty to have her shower together with me. We had of course
seen each other naked before, we are not at all prudish in our family, but
it was long ago since I had washed Betty and then never when I was also
naked myself. It was really delightful to soap Betty, letting my hands go
everywhere over her beautiful slender but already very feminine body. It
took Betty a few moments before she dared do the same for me and I had tho
guide her hands towards my cock and balls but then she seemed to take great
pleasure in feeling me everywhere. For me it was a great delight to feel
her soft hands on me, and especially on my most intimate parts. When Betty
saw and felt my cock grow in her hands she said "I excite you Daddy, but I
am also excited, my cunt has become very wet ... and not from the water."
and then she embraced me and kissed me warmly, pressing her body against my
erection. After that we dried each other and quickly went to the bedroom
to lie down on the bed. There I had a good look at my beautiful daughter,
with her blond hair spread out around her head, her nice innocent face with
blue eyes, a pert little nose and a mouth made for kissing. With already
well developed breasts on a gracious body, a little tuft of blond hair on
top of her slit, modestly nearly completely hidden between her long slender

I had left on only a few small lamps so that there was a cozy
atmosphere. I immediately took her in my arms, kissing and fondling her,
and Betty then said "I am very excited, Daddy, but also a little bit
anxious, especially when I look at your cock. It has become so big and
threatening, even though I know you will be very gentle with me."

And I replied "You're right Betty. Today I am not going to rape you
like in your fantasies - we can play at that some day later if you then
still want it. But you know of course that I may need to hurt you at the
moment I tear through your hymen. This sounds a bit violent but if you
very much want me to enter you, you will hardly feel it if anything. It
will be like a piercing. And if you don't want it we won't fuck; as you
know one can also have a lot of pleasure without really fucking. Your
mother told me how much you liked to make love with her and Jill, and I
know also that you have been masturbating since you were only a little
girl. In fact, didn't you also already do some petting with boys?"

"Not very much, mostly only some kissing. Some boys also felt my
breasts; one boy once slid his hand inside and stroked my naked breast,
that was very nice, Once a boy slid his hand inside my panties and started
to rub my pussy. I liked that but we were interrupted and I never again
had the occasion."

"Tonight we are going to let you have the initiative first . Under the
shower you have already felt how my cock reacted to your hand. Now I would
like it very much if you rubbed my cock for a few moments. I'll show you.
Yes, don't be afraid to grasp it firmly, it likes your hand very much. And
now pump my cock in your hand, up and down, a little firmer, yes firmer
still. Do you see how my glans is laid bare like that. The same happens
when I fuck you which is one of the reasons why men so much like to fuck,
the glans being very sensitive. Aaah, yess, like that. Now with your
other hand you can stroke my nipples, they are nearly as sensitive as
yours, or you can softly caress my balls,. Softly! I said. Hmmmm yes,
like that, ooh I love that Betty. Do you see that some liquid oozes from
the little split in my cock? Just touch it with your tongue. Do you see
how slimy it is? It's appearance means that I am getting ready for my

You like it very much to have your cunt licked, don't you? Well,
similarly, men like it to have their cock in a mouth, especially when the
glans is laid bare. Yes, just take my cock in your mouth and suck it, i.e.
do the same with your mouth as you did before with your hand. Like if you
are sucking on an ice cone, up and down, hmmmm yessss like that.......
Oooh stop it or I will cum in your mouth, I would really like that, but
this first time I want to cum inside your love hole!"

I then took position between her beautiful young legs and pushed them up
and outwards, laying open for my view her rosy cunt. Beautiful rather
thick outer labia, thinner ones inside, gaping a little and showing her
virginal hole already very wet and slimy from the liquid oozing out of it.
A nice rather large clit, obviously already quite swollen and just showing
its head, ready to be sucked and licked. Which I immediately began to do
first using my hands to feel her buttocks and then to grasp and gently
squeeze her breasts. Very soon I had Betty softly moaning and then I asked
her what she wanted, that I enter my cock or if she wanted to sit on top of
me to do it herself. As I had expected she wanted to be taken by me and so
I went to lie above her and pushed my cock into her hole. It was quite
narrow but also very wet so that my cock entered more and more when I began
to gently fuck her. Betty liking the feeling then relaxed more and more
and I went in ever deeper. I dit not pause when I felt the obstruction of
her hymen but just pushed through it and went deep into my little 13 year
old daughter's vagina. She gave a little cry, more of surprise than of
pain, and then even grasped my arms and began to make fucking movements to
meet mine. Obviously she liked the feeling very much and when I then began
to rub her clit with a thumb she soon again began to moan and cry, finally
having a tremendous orgasm, unbelievable for such a young girl. I then
increased my fucking while she lay there panting under me and soon I cried
out "I'm cumming Betty, I'm cumming" and spurted the biggest load of my
life into her while Betty cried "Oooh I feel it, I feel it", and had
another orgasm, a smaller one this time." I then rolled off my little girl and took her in my arms, hugging her. We fell asleep like that, fully
satiated, each of us. Neither of us had ever felt happier.

The next morning it was a great new experience to wake up with Betty at
my side. In fact I woke up while she was lightly stroking my cock and
balls. As it was now Sunday we could do what we wanted, and I took her in
my arms and we talked about a lot of very intimate things. I also asked
her if she preferred to make love with Jill or Amy, or with me. She
replied that there was no comparison, it was great to fuck, but also to
make love with a girl. She would like to continue to do both for the rest
of her life. She then asked me who I preferred, Jill or her and I could
assure her that both were great to have in my bed and I proposed that we
should once be the three together, then she could judge for herself. And I
would find it very exciting to see the two girls make love.

Very soon Betty wanted to fuck again and we did. This time I let Betty
be in control of operations, on top. She easily took my cock inside her
cunt with a sigh of delight and then proceeded to fuck me to orgasm without
cumming herself. She did this with a happy smile on her face, very proud
of her performance. I held my beautiful slender little girl by her hips
and it was great to see her moving up and down to massage my cock. She had
me soon grunting from delight and I saw on Betty's face how happy that made
her. I had my climax, crying "Ooohh Betty... Bettyyyy...", while she
looked at me intently as if she wanted to record this scene to remember it
for all her life. She did not cum herself but nonetheless she was in
ecstasy from bringing a man to orgasm for the first time in her life, and
not just a man, but her father! I drew her down to me in order to kiss her
sweet face and we then lay there for some time savoring the feeling of each
other's bodies. Then I rolled over putting her on her back and I dutifully
licked her cunt clean of her juice and my cum. This started a whole lot of
delighted cries from her and then, when she asked for it, I gave her her
climax, by sucking her clit while kneading her delicious breasts and
rubbing her sensitive nipples.

When we finally went to have breakfast we found Amy and Peter already
up. They had been both been very busy and naughty that night, together!
Here is what Amy told Betty and me at this breakfast:

<<< "Last night when I heard that you both had finished in the shower, I
went upstairs hoping that I might see you fucking and I was very lucky -
you hadn't closed the door of our bedroom - so I could see and hear
everything. I left only when you both had had your orgasm and were lying
in each other's arms.

To see my husband fuck our little daughter had made me terribly horny
but I did not want to interfere so I just left to go to sleep in Betty's
room. But when I passed Peter's room I heard some familiar noises, so I
took a look inside, cautiously opening the door. I found Peter, as I
expected, lying naked on his bed, his eyes closed, busily masturbating. I
noticed that Peter at 14 already has a magnificent cock of considerable
dimensions < Peter grins proudly > , and seeing it there standing stiff in
his hand did nothing to calm me down. So I entered the room, removed my
kimono, sat down on Peter's bed and said "Can I help you? I mean, I would
be so happy if you let me do it."

Peter seemed a little upset to find me sitting an his bed, and was
obviously surprised when he saw that I was naked and when then my words
came home to him. He was still searching for words when I had already
started explaining to him that I had become very horny seeing you fuck
Betty. This information of course was a lot for him to digest and he let
me push him down on his back, take his stiff cock from his hand and start
to gently rub it. When he then finally seemed to want to say something I
said "Please Peter, don't say anything, just relax and let me do, you will
see how nice this is" and soon Peter closed his eyes and began to sigh and
pant with the pleasure I gave him, after some time laying his hand on my
arm and calling out to me "Oooh Mommy, this is so naughty, it is so nice,
yes please go on." And when I felt that he was well on his way towards
cumming I then proceeded to suck his cock. No wonder that, feeling this
for the first time in his life, and then from his mother, he wanted to sit
up, but I pushed him back and soon he laid his hands on my head and then,
moaning loudly, arrived in the seventh heaven spurting a big load of cum into my mouth. It tasted very nice.

Licking my lips and swallowing his cum, I took him in my arms and let
him come to while I softly stroked his firm body, now and then kissing him
and telling him how much I love him. When Peter at last was able to speak,
he told me that the feeling of his cock in my mouth and my tongue licking
it by far exceeded any nice feeling he had ever been able to obtain
masturbating. And then, first seeing me naked and now lying in my arms,
feeling my soft body and especially my breasts was just great, but he
worried about having come in my mouth. I told him that I like it to let a
man come in my mouth, it is exciting and I like the taste of cum even if it
is rather special.

After lying like that for some time I felt that his cock was beginning
to grow again and then I told Peter that I was still very horny, perhaps
even more so than when I arrived in his room, and I asked him to return the
favor I had done him by now giving me my orgasm. This of course confused
Peter, he had no idea how I wanted him to do that. He knew about fucking,
but did I really want him to? He had never done it! And could he fuck his
mother? But I told him not to worry, he must forget all that nonsense
about incest, that being just a taboo held alive by people for no good
reasons. And I told him also not to worry about you, probably you were at
that same moment again very busy fucking his sister. He should think of me
as just a woman, not as his mother, and mother Nature would take care of
the rest.

I lay down with my legs spread high offering my open cunt already wet
and slimy from my juices and asked Peter to put his cock into my hole.
Peter had already seen me naked now and then, but the sight of my wide open
cunt ready to be fucked was nearly too much for him. Nature taking over he
approached me, however, bringing his cock near my cunt, and then, grasping
it to guide it in, I said "Please , Peter push it in." It then slid in very
easily, provoking a very nice feeling for us both. Peter cried "Oooh
Mommy, that is nice!" and then I asked him to fuck me and that was no
problem either, the movement came quite naturally when he felt how nice it
was to rub his cock inside me. Of course I helped a lot with my own
movements, by pushing on his buttocks with my feet and by massaging his
cock using my cunt muscles.

When I felt that Peter was soon to cum I was already so excited that I
needed only to rub my clit a little to get my orgasm, crying "Oooh Peter,
my love, how nice, how nice!!" and then the added stimulation of my spasms
made him cum again instantly while he cried "Mommy mommy it is too much!"
These young boys are terrific, John, you could never have come twice so
soon in succession and both times with lots of jism. < Peter grins

After this we lay in each other's arms again for some time feeling both
very satisfied. I never went to sleep in Betty's bed tonight and Peter
even fucked me several times more before it was morning when we got up to
have breakfast with Betty and you, I'll never forget this night." >>>

When Amy had finished her story of this memorable night, Peter said,
looking at Amy gratefully and lovingly, "I am so happy. My first fuck
could not have been more beautiful. I hope we can continue to be often

That breakfast was one of the happiest we ever had or no doubt will
have. When during it I said that I would so very much like to see Amy and
Peter fucking it was decided that that night we would have a foursome in
our room. And that was what happened. I started with Betty, preparing her
for fucking by a lot of kissing, sucking her beautiful breasts and later
her cunt and Peter did the same with Amy. This already was very exciting,
to feel and hear Betty's reactions to my love making while seeing and
hearing what Amy and Peter did. But the greatest excitement for me was to
finally fuck Betty while looking at Peter and Amy fucking, to see how
Peter's cock entered and left Amy's cunt. I waited to see them have their
orgasm before I spurted my cum into Betty.

Later when Betty had for some time again sucked my cock I told her I
wanted to see her do the same with Peter. This was the first time that
Betty and Peter would touch each other intimately, so they were a little
timid at first, especially with Amy and I looking on, but after Betty had
first just touched and then gently rubbed Peter's cock she courageously
began licking the underside of its glans - she knew that that is the most
sensitive spot on a cock - and then, hearing Peter's reactions, she put it
in her mouth. She liked that so much that she immediately started to
really suck.

Meanwhile Amy was also sucking my cock. When Peter then felt that he
was going to cum, he did not want to do that in his sister's mouth.
Knowing that he should not fuck his sister and seeing his mother kneeling
before me so that her cunt, still wet and slimy from her earlier fucking
with me, was as it were presented to him, he withdrew his stiff cock from
Betty's mouth and with a word of excuse he rose and plunged his cock into
Amy's cunt where he soon exploded. Hearing my son's climax I immediately
spurted my cum in Amy's mouth.

The three of us then collapsed on the bed . Betty seeing her mother with my cum on her face and cum and juices oozing out of her cunt, went to
her to give her a nice French kiss, saying "I like the taste of Daddy's cum and then she went down to Amy's cunt to clean her up there. After she had
done some licking there she said "Peter, I like your cum too, next time
please cum in my mouth." When Betty had finished with Amy we saw to it that
she also got a nice orgasm: I finger fucked her while I licked her big clit
and Amy and Peter kissed and sucked her breasts.

When this night Betty again started to suck Peter I at the same time
doggy fucked her and Peter and I came simultaneously, Betty very proud and
happy to receive much of Peter's cum in her mouth this time. When she then
turned around to look at me I saw that Peter's last spurts had fallen on
her lips and on her cheeks. I'll never forget how my blond little girl looked at me from her innocent blue eyes with blobs of cum on her face,
dripping down in long strings. She passed her tongue around her lips to
swallow Peter's cum and then said, with a naughty smile "Just as nice as
yours daddy."

Peter had orders not to fuck Betty in her cunt, because we thought it
was too risky, there are too many reports concerning very young girls getting knocked up by young boys. But although there are many ways for a
boy and a girl to have pleasure without fucking, they would certainly like
to do so one of these days, so we decided to get Betty on the pill. Jackie
told us that she did the same for Jill. As long as Betty is not protected,
Peter will have to be content with fucking Amy, unless also Jacky would
like to do it with him, and why not?

Amy and I liked this foursome so much that we decided to soon repeat it
and then record it on video.

I can assure you that any idea of ever leaving Amy - and Jacky, Betty,
and Jill - has evaporated.



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