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LOVLETT4 video and that Jacky had volunteered

Copyright 1998, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved Date of first publication
in Mr Double's Palisade : July 7th 1998.

This story may be freely distributed on condition that this notice
remains attached, but not for profit, and providing the usual precautions
have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized persons,
especially under age children, or by people who might be offended by its

Author file: Lettr04C.txt (Mf Mff MFFm Fm FffMm Ffmm MmF Inc)

New character in this letter: Bobby , Jacky's 11-year-old son.

Love Letters, Letter 4

by Max Free

Dear Charley,

Life is beautiful! A few days ago I was sitting inside with the French
doors open, reading the paper, when Betty came in out of the garden, naked.
I had seen her already, first swimming and then sunbathing. When I looked
up at her when she came in, we just looked at each other, that was
sufficient. I rose, dropped my pants, sat down again and said "Come,
Betty." I had a nice erection already. Betty, my beautiful 13-year-old
girl with her well-made body, all its curves just right, beautiful tits,
long blond hairs, placed herself astride my cock. Then, looking intently
at me from her beautiful blue eyes and smiling sensually, she lowered
herself and, holding my cock with one hand, she let it enter her cunt hole,
immediately very deep. Her hole was very wet, she probably had already
while sunbathing imagined how my cock would enter her. When my cock was
completely inside her, I took her buttocks in my hands and took one of her
tits, it was just at the right height, in my mouth. She then started to
ride me, her eyes closed, her mouth opened a little, panting, concentrated
on her feelings, on getting her climax, while I continued to hold her
buttocks in my hands and to suck her tit.

While we were thus occupied, Amy came in. I was surprised that she
immediately turned around and went away, but after one minute she was back,
holding a camera.

When first Betty and then I had cum, Amy came to us where we lay
collapsed together on my chair, tapped Betty's buttocks while laying an arm
around my shoulders and kissed us saying "What a happy family we are, you
were so beautiful together! Later she showed us the pictures she had made.
I liked them all, but there were several I liked very much, for example the
one where Betty is concentrating on getting her climax, and also the one
where she has her climax, while she is pressing my head against her breast,
her eyes closed, her mouth wide open - she is creaming - and her face with
an expression of utter delight. For me the most beautiful one is when I am
cumming, clasping Betty's buttocks in an effort to enter my cock inside her
as deep as possible, because of the way she looks at me. Betty obviously
is delighted by the sensation of my cum spurting into her vagina, but her
look also expresses her love for me, her satisfaction that she can give me
this pleasure. Amy with those photographs has given us a present that we
shall cherish all our life.


Since our family foursome, Peter now and then spends the night with his
mother, he likes it very much that he can fuck her without taking any
precautions and Amy likes the variation and his impetuous way of fucking.
When they spend the night together I often sleep with Betty. She likes it
very much to fuck me lying on top of me, I then hold her in my arms kissing
her and stroking her body, especially her nice fat young buttocks.
Sometimes I first wet a finger, by sticking it into her cunt, and then I
cautiously push it into her ass, which she finds scary but at the same time

During one of these nights all of a sudden also Jill was there and I had
my first trio with Betty and Jill. When Jill arrived, Betty and I took her
immediately between us and after Betty had prepared her a little by licking
her cunt, I entered her from the side while she lay on her back with her
right leg raised. In this position I can suck her right tit, while Betty
sucks the other one. Very soon Jill's left hand descended to her clit and
she began to rub it, between two fingers like so many women seem to do
instinctively. She reached her climax very quickly, while my cum was
spurting into her, after which we congratulated her with a lot of hugging
and kissing. Later I fucked both again. There was no question of jealousy
between the two girls and it excited them both to see me fuck the other
while helping me to give her her climax. Afterwards it was also a great
experience for me to see my blond, chubby Betty and golden colored slender
Jill embrace, kiss and fondle each other and finally have a 69 to suck each
other's cunts and bring each other to orgasm.


Some time ago Amy told Jacky that Peter now and then fucked her, and how
nice that was. When Jacky then said that Amy was making her jealous, Amy
said, "Why don't you come to us tomorrow evening. I will invite Peter to
sleep with me and I am sure that he will be very glad if you will be there
too. These young boys have no problem fucking several times on one
evening. Moreover I shall ask John to be there too, so that Peter will not
be outnumbered."

When Jacky arrived in our bedroom that evening our party was already in
full swing, Amy was very busy sucking Peter's cock, while I was fucking her
from behind. When we saw Jacky, we asked her to quickly remove her clothes
too and then to join us on our bed. And when she had done that, Amy
immediately asked her "Would you like to take over from me? But be
cautious, Peter has a hair trigger cock!" Peter had been a little surprised
to see Jacky arrive, but he let her do and she very quickly proved to him
that she was an excellent cock sucker. Amy and I did not let Jacky suck
Peter to orgasm, however. We drew her away from him, lay her on her back
and then asked Peter to taste her cunt, while we sucked her breasts. Very
soon Jacky was crying for mercy, beseeching Peter to fuck her. While Peter
then fucked her, Amy and I continued to suck and fondle Jacky's breasts until both Peter and Jacky had cum. Jacky liked it very much to fuck with
Peter, his cock is not yet very big but indefatigable. I believe that
Peter fucked the ladies six times that night - would that qualify for the
Guinness book of records ? - and as I also did some fucking, the ladies
were quite well serviced. Before we separated, Jacky told Peter that as
long as she lived he would be welcome in her bed. Peter beamed.

The next day Jacky said to Amy "What a pity that Bobby is only just 11
years old, else I would get him to fuck me too." She had seen how nicely
Peter had fucked his mother. Until now Bobby only masturbated, a lot.
Jacky had once, a few years ago, talked with Bobby about his masturbation,
principally in order to make sure that he did not feel guilty about it, and
never would. It had also been the occasion to explain to him that his
masturbation was a sort of substitute for fucking.

Amy then told Jacky that she had read the other day about an 11 year old boy who had fucked a 3 year old girl and of another 11 year old boy who had
knocked up a 12 year old, so Bobby's age should be no problem and it should
be easy to find a way to get Bobby fucking his mother.

Finally this 'problem' resolved itself.

Bobby knew of course that his mother often slept with 'uncle John' and
he knew also that that included fucking. We had never made a mystery of
sex in general and not of our fucking either, we sometimes made a lot of
noise. When he, after one of our first fucking sessions, asked Jacky if I
had been hurting her, she explained to him what we had been doing and that
her cries were rather of joy when she was cumming. He then had said he
could understand that, because when he masturbated he sometimes also cried
or at least groaned when cumming.

Bobby did not know very much about all the other nice things that we
frequently did with each other but Jacky got the impression that he was
unhappy, because he felt that he was being kept out of certain things.
This made it very simple to start to involve him in our erotic activities.

That evening when Bobby entered his room, naked, coming from the shower,
he found his mother sitting on his bed. Jacky was dressed only in a kimono
and when she saw that Bobby was naked, she removed her kimono to be naked
also and this is what Jacky told us happened then:


I said to Bobby "You must not be surprised that I am also taking of my
clothes. I have a lot to tell you and it will be much easier if we are
both naked.. Come, sit here beside me. Come." And when Bobby had overcome
his surprise, he indeed came to sit next to me. Seeing his mother naked
had given him the beginnings of a hard-on. It had been some time since I
had seen his cock, and I saw that it had recently definitely become bigger,
he has a quite big cock for his age. We now had the following

"I see that I am exciting you Bobby, am I not?"

"Yes mommy, you are so beautiful."

"What do you like most Bobby? Is it my breasts, or my buttocks, or my
legs, or that tuft of black hair on top of my slit? What excites you

"Oh, everything Mommy, but perhaps most of all that little bit of your
slit that I can see."

When I then spread my thighs a bit: "Ohh yes, that is really exciting!"

"Thank you Bobby, it is very nice of you to say that. You know, women
like to hear that they are beautiful and exciting and that excites them
also. And also stiff cocks excite us! Tell me Bobby, did you intend to
rub your cock before going to sleep? You remember that we some years ago
talked about your masturbating? I told you how happy I was that you liked
it so much. Would you like me to do it for you tonight? That would be
even nicer for you than when you do it yourself, and I would also like to
do it very much." Without waiting for an answer I had already started to
softly stroke Bobby's penis and balls.

Bobby then lay down on his back and let me fondle him saying "Oooh yes
Mommy, that is nice."

When I after some time stooped and took his now fully erect cock in my
mouth he cried "Mommy, what are you doing!?", but soon he fully surrendered
to the delicious feeling of his cock in my mouth especially when I began to
move my head up and down rubbing his cock, after some time with his glans
exposed, using my lips and then also my tongue to excite him. I made him
very wild from delight and it did not take long for him to have his orgasm,
still without ejaculating, but it was a very authentic orgasm. I then took
her Bobby in my arms, letting his head rest on my breasts.

When Bobby could speak again, I said "This morning you gave me the
impression that you felt a little neglected, and I think justly so, but I
am going to make good. If you want it we shall from now on regularly spend
some time together and then we shall do all kinds of nice things. This
tonight was just a little sample, I find it very exciting to masturbate you." After that I gave him a kiss and left him to go to my room.

I am sure he did a lot of masturbating after I left. When we met at
breakfast, the next morning, Bobby gave me a big hug. Later we happened to
be alone at home and Bobby told me how much he had liked what I had done
the night before and asked me if we really would have to wait till evening
to do the same again. I then immediately took him up to my room. When we
were both naked on my bed I said "Before I make you cum again, you must
first make me cum. You will see that you will like to do that very much.
It will be at least as exciting as cumming yourself, although in another
way. I'll show you. But there are a few things I must talk about first

To begin with, I want to be sure that you understand that what we are
doing is very unusual, i.e. a mother and her son having sex together. I
am certain that what we are doing is not bad or sinful, but many people
think otherwise, and incest, certainly between a mother and her young son
is even punishable by law. So I must be 100% sure that you will never talk
about it with anybody or let anybody understand what we are doing. This
includes even your best friend. That also means that if the subject comes
up anywhere you must not take position or else you might betray yourself,
i.e. us. Best is to completely ignore any discussion of it. Ok?

Furthermore I want you to realize that although what we are doing is
nice, I expect and very much hope that some day in the future you will have
sex with a girl you are in love with, and no doubt that will exceed
anything we have been doing. I agree that we love each other too, but that
love will be different, even more important to you than ours. You will
realize that when you will experience it, and I hope that you will then
think back how happy we have been together. And even when you will have
found that girl I will always be ready for you to fuck me too if you want.

But enough about that, the next subject is female anatomy and
physiology. In order to be able to satisfy a woman you must know a few
things about her and also about yourself. Some of the things that I am
going to tell you now, you will learn later at school, but it does not hurt to be a little in advance there, only let nobody suspect that later. Come
here, Bobby, and feel my breasts, and then squeeze and knead them softly,
yes like that, now even a little firmer, yes, go on, women like that very

Women also like it very much to be kissed, and there are certain spots
that are very sensitive, the lips of course and for me as for many women it
is my neck, kiss me there now, hmmm yesss, now gently bite me in that
muscle there, yess, GENTLY I said, just nibble, yes delicious!!

Now go down and suck and lick my nipples. Being licked nearly always is
even nicer than being stroked. Do you feel how my nipples become hard and
stand up, a little like your cock. You may also nibble them, but just
tentatively, really very, very gently. Yes, nice...go on....

Now caress my belly and lower down over my hair there and further down
to my legs. When you do that, especially while kissing my breasts at the
same time, my thighs open automatically and you can caress their inside, do
you feel how smooth my skin is there? Also kiss me there. Do you smell my
pussy? It is the odor of the juices that are coming out of my vagina, my
love hole. When a woman gets excited, these juices provide the lubrication
for the cock that will be fucking her later. Yes, now you know you are
exciting me. Go on kissing me higher and higher, and now my legs
automatically spread further and rise so that my cunt is completely
exposed. I feel very vulnerable now. You see those small lips inside my
slit? Push these lips apart a little, I'll help you... ,now you see the
entrance to my vagina, the hole in which you will soon put your cock to
fuck me. You see how much liquid is oozing from my hole?

And do you see this here on top of my slit, that is my clit, it looks
like a very small cock lying under the skin, and it is exactly that. When
I push up its sheath a little, like this, you see that red- colored button,
it is similar to the bulb on your cock, but much smaller, although even
much more sensitive, then your glans, your bulb. Women use this button,
their clit, to masturbate, e.g. by rubbing it through the sheath on top
between two fingers, like this. Many girls start to masturbate already at
a very early age, but often they have to do it in secret because many
parents forbid them to do it, for no good reason at all. Many mothers even
each morning smell the fingers of their little girls and when they smell
cunt odor, the poor child gets punished. You can give me much pleasure by
rubbing my clit, you may try it, yes just with one finger on top is OK.
Hmmm yes, nice....

Did you like the smell of my cunt? Yes? Then you will also like to
lick my cunt and my clit just as I like to suck you cock. Come and lie
down between my legs now and lick my slit, while I hold it open for you,
from my hole upwards and then down again, hmmm yes that is nice Bobby, go
on .... And now fuck me with your tongue, yes stick your tongue in just as
far as you can. And now lick my clit or rather tickle my clit with your
tongue, oh yes, go on, cautiously stick a finger in my hole and fuck me
with it while you lick and suck my clit. I feel I am going to cum if you

I held his head in my hands while he continued to finger fuck me and
suck my clit and then all of a sudden it was there, the first orgasm I
received from my young son. I startled Bobby when I began to cry but I
pushed his head down and told him 'No no no go on. Eeeeeh Oh how nice.
Ooooh!' Bobby continued licking me until he had licked up all the juice
that had been released by my cumming and he obviously liked that very much.
Later I hugged and kissed Bobby and told him he had been fantastic, no
big man could have done better and he was very proud.

Then I said "Bobby, I would like it so much if you would fuck me now,
come here, then I will first suck your cock again to make it very hard
again." I soon had given him a complete hard-on again, young boys can
remain hard a whole day it seems. Then I lay down on my back and asked him
to put his cock into my love hole. It was great to see Bobby do that for
the first time, he is such a beautiful boy. As you know I am able to use
the muscles of my vagina and Bobby was agreeably surprised when he felt me
grip his cock. He needed no lessons to learn to fuck, he immediately
started to make the movement that every man seems to receive with his
chromosomes. He fucked me while supporting himself on his arms, in order
to be able to look had his cock going in and out of me. He also feasted
his eyes on my body, the body of the first woman he ever fucked, his
mother. He would never forget the sight, I'm sure. He tried to last as
long as possible but he still had his climax fairly quickly. He then let
himself fall down on me and kissed my breasts while hugging me.

This was one of the greatest days in my life. >>>>>

Amy and I had been so busy with all kinds of activities for several
weeks that we still had not repeated our foursome with Betty and Peter, but
now at last we were going to have it. We told Betty and Peter that we
would make a video and that Jacky had volunteered to handle the camera,
without actively participating in our activities.

As often before a 'special' night, we had a barbecue first, our 'camera
woman' Jacky also participated. During the barbecue I took Peter apart and
told him that we had a surprise for him, i.e., he could now also fuck
Betty, as she now was on the pill. We hadn't told him that yet. Peter was
of course very excited to hear this, and so I asked him, maybe
superfluously though, to see to it that his first fucking of Betty would
also be a great occasion for her.

After our barbecue we went to our drawing room where we had replaced
much of the furniture by mattresses on the floor. There was more light
than we usually have for our 'intimate' parties, for the video recording.
Once inside, we all removed our clothes and Amy and I lay down together,
telling Peter and Betty that they were 'on their own'. Peter and Betty
then embraced, a little self-consciously but obviously very happy that they
were now completely free to do what they wanted. Peter then undertook to
excite Betty, which was not a hard task, first by kissing her breasts and
sucking her nipples while caressing her blond bush, letting a finger stray
between her thighs. Then she invited him to lick her cunt, spreading her
legs as wide as possible and opening her cunt for him with her fingers.
When Peter then did what she had asked, she held his head with both hands,
on her face an expression of utter satisfaction. Soon Peter made Betty
pant from the nice feelings he gave her.

They were a very beautiful pair, Betty with her long blond hairs spread
out around her head, with her beautiful breasts proudly standing up and
very manly Peter, kneeling between her legs, his cock fully erect, licking
and sucking Betty's cunt while holding her buttocks. When Peter also
started to lick her big clit, Betty's moans soon betrayed that she was very
much ready to be fucked, but first she wanted to suck his cock. So they
decided to do a 69, which permitted Peter to continue to lick Betty's cunt.
When they then were on the brink of cumming, Betty having to release
Peter's cock and starting to moan again, Peter turned around and placed his
cock at the entrance of Betty's cunt hole making Betty cry out
"Yes...Yessss!" . Peter then drove in his cock into Betty in one go.
Betty cried out from the delightful feeling and also because it was her
brother giving it to her. Soon they were then steadily fucking, Betty
countering Peter's fucking movements by moving her pelvis. Their moans
became louder and louder until they both had their orgasm, simultaneously.
Betty helped to get as much as possible of Peter's cock inside her turning
up her pelvis and pushing on his buttocks with her feet, and cried "Oooohh
Peter.... Peter...!" when she felt Peter spurt his cum inside her. When
Peter had finished cumming he kissed Betty all over her face and finally
gave her a deep tongue kiss. They then stayed together for many minutes
more, Peter on top of Betty while his cock retreated very slowly from her
cunt hole.

Amy and I were very excited and also happy to see our beautiful children
united like that.

When Peter's cock finally left Betty's cunt hole, letting escape a lot
of cum and cunt juices, he rolled off her and then, seeing my chance, I
said to Amy "I would like to fuck her now" and Amy replied "Let me first
clean her cunt, I very much like the taste of Peter's cum, and mixed with
Betty's juices it will even be better. So I lay down beside Betty and
started to kiss her, fondling her breasts and licking her nipples, telling
her how great it had been to see Peter fuck her. Meanwhile Amy took
position between Betty's legs and began to lap up the juices and cum out of
her cunt. When she had finished, she made room for me and helped me to
enter my cock into Betty's narrow hole. I slid in very easily, she was so
well 'lubricated'. Amy then, while I fucked Betty, stroked my balls and my
ass hole. No wonder that I very soon spurted my cum into my daughters fuck
tunnel, while she hugged me firmly.

After we had rested a little and had a few drinks, Betty wanted to thank
Amy for this evening together and they did a 69 that excited Peter and me
so much that we asked them to lie together on our 'fucking table' - a
specially made low sturdy table the height of which is just right to enable
us to easily enter the cunts of a 69-ing couple - after which we joined
them, I again fucking Betty and Peter his mother, Amy now and then taking
my cock in her mouth and Betty Peter's.

I do not remember what we did after that, only that we all together
thanked our camera woman who accomplished the difficult task to record our
activities while being very aroused by them. I fucked her, holding her
buttocks, while she lay on her back on top of me, so that Betty could lick
her clit. Amy and Peter first were busy with her breasts and then gave her
lots of kisses when she had her orgasm.

We all slept very well that night.

Betty and Peter received a tape copy of their first fuck the next day. I
think they will view it very often in the future and also one day show it
to their children.


A few days later the two ladies decided that it would be very nice to
have a foursome with Peter and Bobby. Amy told me later how excited the
boys had been first to fuck their own mother and then to see their mother being fucked by their friend. Amy and Jacky also showed them how two women
make love and this had so excited the boys that they wanted to fuck their
mothers again immediately after.


I also wanted to see Bobby make love with his mother once, so one day
Jacky invited me for a threesome with her and Bobby. Bobby was very proud
that he was allowed to fuck his mother together with me, his mother's
lover. I saw Bobby fuck her very convincingly, and Jacky was very happy to
give him so much pleasure. Subsequently Bobby once again fucked her in her
cunt, missionary style, while I, kneeling with my back towards Bobby,
fucked her in her mouth, letting her finally swallow my cum. Bobby was
very excited to see my cock enter and leave her mouth while he fucked her
and to see her face afterwards with strands of cum all over it.


After all these stories about our sexual activities you might think that
we don't do anything else, which is far from true, but it is great that if
one of us wants to, he/she can nearly always immediately find a very
willing partner. And we may even, anywhere in the house or in the garden
all of a sudden have a small orgy. For example, when I came home from my
golf today and entered our drawing room I found Peter doggy fucking Betty
while she gave a thorough blow job to Bobby who was sitting before her on
an easy chair. Nobody was naked. It seems that Betty had found Bobby
jacking off, he had just opened his fly to take out his cock. Betty then
had spontaneously decided to 'help' him. And when Peter entered later, he
had simply lowered his pants, drawn down Betty's panties and raised her
skirt in order to enter his cock; he had his hands inside Betty's blouse:
he likes very much to feel her resilient breasts. Amy was there too, she
had come in when they were already busy and had sat down on a hassock to
look at them. She also was fully dressed, but she was obviously
masturbating, her hand disappearing under her skirt.

A few minutes after I had entered, Peter had his orgasm and then he
rose. When his cock slipped out of Betty's cunt, as always a lot of cum and
fuck juice gushed out. Peter fell down on the couch, panting, his
glistening, wet cock dangling. I of course had gotten an erection when I
saw what was going on, and I immediately replaced Peter, also just dropping
my pants. I very much like it to fuck Betty while looking at her sucking a
cock, and I came very rapidly, and then also Bobby. When Betty then fell
down, a little tired, she rolled on her back, her legs bent, so that her
cunt remained available, and then Amy immediately rose, knelt before her
wet cunt, still full of cum and started to lick her, swallowing Peter's and
my cum and her juices and quickly gave her the orgasm that she deserved so

It goes without saying that we after that saw to it that also Amy got
her climax. When she stood up, Peter gently pushed her on her back on the
couch and said "Now it's your turn." He then raised her skirt, uncovering
her swollen, wet cunt and started to lick it, at the same time pushing a
finger into her cunt hole to stimulate her G-spot - a treat I had taught
him some time ago for use with Betty - while Bobby and I opened her blouse
baring her full breasts in order to suck them and to nibble her nipples.
Amy had her orgasm in no time, screaming. Do all these stories not wet
Cindy's appetite? (I'm sure you do not need that!)



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