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LOVLETT5 video that proves and illustrates what

Copyright 1998, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved Date of first publication
in Mr Double's Palisade : July 28th 1998.

This story may be freely distributed on condition that this notice
remains attached, but not for profit, and providing the usual precautions
have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized persons,
especially under age children, or by people who might be offended by its

============================================================== Author
file: Lettr05B.txt ( mf Mff MFf MMf MMff MMFF Inc )

New character in this letter: Susy , Charley's just 11 years old daughter.

Love Letters, Letter 5

by Max Free

Dear Charley,

Bobby had so much liked Betty's blow job, about which I told you in my
previous letter, that he dared ask her to spend a night with him. Betty is
a very nice girl, so she accepted his invitation and she told me later that
she was glad she did. Once they were in his bed, both naked of course,
Bobby immediately started to lick Betty's cunt and after a while he told
her that she tasted different from his and also her mother, but very nice
too! The young charmer told her also that he very much liked the
smoothness of her skin on the inside of her thighs, near her cunt; he gave
her a lot of kisses there and caressed her there using his cheeks. Betty
discovered that this young boy was very good at cunt sucking, being very
attentive to her slightest reaction on what he was doing 'down there'.
After she had then in her turn sucked his cock for some time, they had a
very nice fuck. Betty told me that they will certainly continue to sleep
together now and then in the future maybe sometimes also together with
Peter; Bobby is a nice boy and his cock may not be very big yet but he
seems to use it extremely well.

But that was just a little episode in our sexual life here. The big
news is that Amy has added a new name to the list of people who will be
eternally grateful to her: Jake!

You remember Jake, Jacky's husband, who left her about two months ago.

The other day Amy was walking through our Central Park when she saw him.
He sat on a bench and looked miserable. Amy was very surprised to see him
there. We had heard that he had left town after he and Jacky had
separated. Amy would not have been Amy if she had not sat down next to Jake
and gotten him to pour out his heart. In fact it was nearly a confession he made to her. He told her that he had always very much liked little
girls. Then, on a business trip, he had met this very young girl, taken
her to his hotel room and made love with her. He had been her first and
she had liked the experience very much. He had then rented a small
apartment where he could receive her whenever they found an opportunity.
This had gone on for several months until her parents found out what their
little darling was doing every time she was supposed to attend a special
course at school. Jake was lucky that they did not go to the police, but
they told him that they would do so if he did not leave town immediately.
So now he was back in town, looking for a job and afraid to go back to
Jacky. Amy found out that he knew nothing about the sexual developments at
home. She did not tell him anything about these either, but she invited
him for a visit a few days later, telling him that she might then have a
very nice surprise for him.

Amy immediately went to see Jacky after this meeting, and this is a how
their conversation went, as it was reported to me by Amy:


"Jacky, you'll never guess whom I met in the park today!"


"Jake! And listen, I think that something good could come from this
meeting. But let me first tell you what I found out about him.

As you probably knew already or at least had guessed, Jake is a young girls addict. Recently he was found to have sexual relations with a young girl and he had to leave town in a great hurry. He also lost his job. So
you understand that he is very unhappy. Your reaction might be to say that
he got what he deserved but I think that you now have a good opportunity to
get him back, I do not mean as a repentant sinner, but giving him the
possibility to realize his sexual fantasies at home. Look at how John
became as reborn when he could fuck you and Jill. He now even likes it
again to fuck with me, as with a good friend, not as with his lawful wife!
It is our complicity that has changed our relation, and I am sure that you
could change your relationship with Jake in the same way and become happy
with him again. I know that Jill and Bobby would be very glad if he came

When Amy started to talk Jacky wanted to intervene angrily but the more
she heard of Amy's ideas the more she understood what could be all the nice
consequences of carrying out her plan, so now she sighed and said "As I
already said once, you missed your career as a go-between, or even a Madam.
I even have become quite wet down there. OK, yes, let's do it Amy." And
she went to Amy, hugged her, gave her lots of kisses and said "You are a
great friend to have, I love you Amy. But how precisely do you propose to
get Jake back."

Amy then continued "Jake, before he left you, felt guilty about being
sexually attracted by young girls, probably also because of the temptation
Jill has always represented for him but that he never gave in to. Anyway,
at the time, you would certainly have been very indignant if he had told
you that he wanted to fuck Jill. What I propose is that we tell him how
happy John has become - and me too! - now he can fuck not only you but
also Jill. We don't tell him yet that John also fucks Betty, but we tell
him that HE can fuck her if he wants to, and, very important, with your
full agreement! I am sure that Betty will very much like to fuck with him,
she is such a hot little girl and he always was one of her favorite men.

By the way, if Jake wants to, I'll let him fuck me too, I find him very
attractive! I am sure John would be very excited if we proposed to him to
have a foursome with us two and Jake. And wouldn't it be terribly exciting
to see big Jake fuck my little Betty, and then maybe also Jill? What do
you think, shall we try to get Jake in our camp in this way? OK. So much
for our strategy, now the tactics! We could maybe organize a foursome for
Jake with Betty, Jill and John. When he sees or at least realizes that
John also fucks Betty he might even realize he can also fuck Jill without
feeling guilty about that, assuming that Jill would like to be fucked by
her father too, and why not? Later on we two and Peter could also
participate. My cunt begins to drool already at the thought of all the
possibilities at such a meeting. Now what do you think, Jacky?"


Amy and Jacky ended up in bed together for some very nice sex, while
they continued to discuss how they would 'brainwash' Jake and fantasized
about all the nice possibilities that would be created by carrying out
Amy's plan.

When Amy told me about this, I was of course very enthusiastic. Her
plan would certainly permit Jake and Jacky to have a new start and I very
much welcomed the help I would get from Jake in keeping our women sexually
satisfied. I imagined also that fucking the girls now and then together
with Jake would be very exciting.

Betty was quite surprised when we told her that we would like her to
fuck with Jake, but she was immediately enthusiastic about it. We knew
that she liked him very much and she now confessed that already when she
was much younger she had often fantasized fucking with him when she
masturbated, although she at the same time found him a bit eerie, because
he is so big and dark.


We decided that Amy should be alone with Jake for explaining our ideas
to him. When he arrived at our house, he still did not have the slightest
idea of what we had in store for him. As Amy told me later, his visit
started in the most conventional way possible, with a cup of tea in our
drawing room. Jake then told Amy how he had already found a new job, which
of course pleased Amy enormously, at least there would be no material
problems when Jake came back home.

Jake was a bit surprised when he noticed that the curtains at the French
doors were drawn shut and the light was on. Amy told him that he would
soon understand. We had decided to show Jake parts of the video we had
made, to convince him that he could fuck Betty (and Jill), rather than to
organize a foursome for Jake with Betty, Jill and me. This proved to be
the right choice.

This is the story of their meeting, as told to me by Amy: <<<<<

Our discussion started like this:

"Jake, you probably are curious what the surprise is that I mentioned
when I invited you."


"Before I go on, Jake, I count on you not to tell anybody anything about
what I am going to tell and show you. No, you needn't promise, we know we
can trust you.

Since you left Jacky, much has changed here, especially in a domain that
must interest you very much, i.e. sex! Your family and ours now form a
sexual community free from prejudices and taboo's, the main principles
being that we have sex only between us and that we are free to do anything
with anybody as long as both agree to it. Just imagine what that would
mean for you if you joined us! And we all, including Jacky, would like
that very much! But you must really be very open minded to join us, you
must accept for example that John now often fucks Jacky, just like I accept
that. I have even participated in their love making.

As a further example of our freedom, John also fucks Jill regularly, and
sometimes even Jill and Jacky together.

"But, Amy, Jill is only a little girl!"

"Yes Jake, but she likes it very much to fuck! And she likes it also to
make love with girls, I have made love with her myself! But let me show
you a video that proves and illustrates what I have been telling you and
even more! I'll switch off the light and then just look, it is only very
short, but to the point!"


The video
A closeup shows a girl's pussy between a pair of nice slender cream
colored legs. On top of this pussy is a small patch of well groomed blond hair. The girl, with the fingers of one hand, holds open the lips of her
cunt, the narrow entrance to her cunt hole is clearly visible and also the
girl's clit, its swollen rosy head just showing. It is clearly a young girl's cunt even if its outer lips are quite meaty and its dark pink inside
is very wet, slimy and glistening. It looks like a cunt that has just been
fucked or maybe licked.

A mouth with a long pointed tongue extending from it comes in the field
of vision, it is the mouth of a girl, this girl begins to lick the open
cunt, each time from the cunt hole up to the top, where she now and then
flicks the clit with her tongue. The 'victim' starts to moan, obviously
she is a very young girl.

A closeup view of the victim's beautiful, young but ample breasts. A
hand begins to fondle and squeeze them and then there is a closeup of a
nipple being licked, this time by a man, but he cannot be recognized. The
moaning increases.

A voice says "Now I want to fuck her."

The camera focuses on the cunt again, there now is a big hard cock at
its entrance, with the knob bared, held by a girl's hand. The hand helps
to introduce the cock into the cunt hole. This hole obviously is quite
narrow, but as it is very wet the cock slides in easily. Then fucking
starts. A woman cries "Yes, fuck her!" The camera concentrates on the cock
entering and leaving the cunt that seems to become more wet with every
stroke, the cock coming out of the hole glistening with moisture. The
moans become louder, then change to near screams of lust and finally the
fucked girl begins to cry out "Ohh Daddy, yes ,oh yesss, I'm

The camera focuses on the girl's distorted face, her mouth open, she is
panting heavily, her eyes are closed, it is Betty!.

On screen Betty opens her eyes looking up at her partner and cries out
"Oh daddy...". The camera turns towards the man, yes, it is John!, his
eyes are closed, his mouth is open, his face shows his intense emotion.
After a few seconds he cries 'Oh my darling I am cumming too. Unnngg
Aaaarrrgh" and we hear Betty cry "Ooooh Daddy, I feel it squirt inside me!"
Then the camera records how John and Betty hug and kiss each other. Amy
joins them and hugs and kisses them both, saying "It is so exciting to see
you two fuck and you are so beautiful together. I love you!"

********************** end of the video
When Jake saw who were the two fucking on the video, he called out "My
God , it's Betty!....... with John!"

After I had stopped the video, I said "I can tell you that Betty and
John often have sex together."

Jake, still upset then cried "But Amy, that is incest! How can you let
them?" But then I explained to him "That is exactly one of the prejudices
we have done away with. You have seen for yourself how happy Betty is to
be fucked by John - we did not know it, but she had since long phantasms
about sex with John. And I am also very happy he fucks her, so why should
it be bad?"

Jake, obviously very aroused by what he had seen and heard, then
exclaimed "Oh Amy, yes, I think you are right, they were really happy

Then I continued "I also very much like to look at them fucking. But
most important of all, John has completely changed now he can do what he
probably always wanted to do, without admitting it, even to himself. John
is very happy now and we also have a much better relationship than before,
as a result, especially sexually! And, listen Jake, when we asked Betty if
she would also like to fuck with you if you came back she was immediately
very enthusiastic. She has always found you very exciting. But not only
Betty would like you to come back, we all would, and especially, as I told
you already, Jacky, who hopes that our new sexual freedom would do the same
for you both as it has done for us. And your children would of course also
be very glad if you came back."

Jake had already heard sounds of splashing and voices of girls in the
garden and now he called out "But that is Jill outside!" , and he rose
wanting to go and have a look, but I pushed him back in his chair, saying
"Wait, yes, Jill is there, with Betty. You'll meet them in a few minutes,
but let me first tell you just a few things more. In the first place, you
can have Betty, to fuck her, immediately. Our bedroom upstairs is ready
for you. But there are two conditions, first I must know if you are 100%

Jake then swore a solemn oath that since he had left Jacky he had only
fucked the one little girl about whom he had told me and always using a
condom. So, as furthermore he had had a vasectomy, just like John, and
moreover the girls being on the pill, he could fuck our little girls without taking any precautions.

Then I said "That is very nice, the second condition is that you must
from now on not fuck outside our circle any more. But with 4 girls/women
available I do not think that that will be a problem."

I did not give him time to ponder over this last announcement and I
continued "You told me how much you like young girls. Now you can make
many of your dreams come true without having to be afraid of bad
consequences and without having to feel at all guilty. Wait here, Jake,
and I'll ask Betty and Jill to come in. Oh, and don't be surprised, we now
always swim naked."

Jake was speechless, overwhelmed by his emotions but I felt that I had
completely convinced him. I went to the French doors, opened the curtains
and the doors and called out to the girls "He is all yours!" Then I said to
Jake "I now leave you in the hands of these two naughty girls", and I left.

Betty told me later what had happened then:


When we came in, Jake rose from the sofa. He was completely bewildered,
probably also because we were both naked, but we did not leave him time to
think! We ran towards him and first Jill slung her arms around him, hugged
and kissed him and said "Oh Daddy, I'm so happy that you are back, please
never leave us again", and then I also kissed him affectionately. Next we
pushed Jake down back on the sofa and fell down on both sides of him,
starting to kiss him again. Jake understood that he was completely at our
mercy and started to return our kisses, letting his hands roam over our
bodies, with special attention to our tits and the inside of our thighs and
our pussy's.

After a few moments of this we took Jake, still completely overwhelmed
by what was happening to him, upstairs to the master bedroom where we asked
him to get rid of his cloths and join us after having a shower.

When Jake came back to the bedroom he was greeted by the exciting scene
of his daughter's behind, her cunt fully exposed. I was lying on my back
with my legs raised and Jill was kneeling between them busily licking my
slit, with two fingers inside my cunt hole pushing upwards towards my
G-spot, making me sigh and moan from pleasure. When Jill heard her father enter, she looked up and seeing that he had a nice hard-on, she said 'I
have already prepared her for you daddy, she needs you very much now, just
fuck her' and she made room for him so that he could admire me, my cunt that I held spread open for him with two hands, very wet already after
Jill's ministrations.

I felt terribly horny offering myself to Jake like that, especially when
I saw how excited he looked at my cunt. But I was also a little afraid
when I saw this big, dark, hairy man with his enormous stiff cock, already
drooling a little, ready to penetrate me.

Jill seemed to realize that I was a bit afraid and she said to Jake,
"Let me help you, Daddy" and she took his cock in her hand to guide it into
my cunt. Jake, taken like that by surprise cried "Jill!" , but then he put
his cock inside my slit, and let Jill move it up and down a few times, also
rubbing my clit with it. When she then paused at the entrance of my fuck
tunnel and said "Now Daddy!", Jake pushed his cock inside me, but really
very slowly and cautiously, obviously he did not want to hurt me. His cock
entered me very easily, however, I was so excited and wet down there. Then
Jake, poised above me, supporting himself on his arms, started to fuck me.

Daddy told me once how much he likes to experience my cumming, first my
moans and cries and then to feel my vagina pulsate, squeezing his cock. I
therefore started to rub my clit to try and get my cum just before him, but
once he was inside me and felt how nice it was to be there, he started to
fuck me like mad. Very soon I heard him cry out and felt an enormous quantity of cum violently spurt into me. Jake then rolled beside me,
panting heavily. Jill, like me, was very surprised by the violence of,
first Jake's fucking, and then his cumming and said "Whew Daddy, you really
needed it", and, realizing that I had been left far behind, she resumed
licking my cunt, first cleaning it from her father's cum that oozed out and
then continuing to lick my slit and suck my clit, now and then pushing her
long thin tongue inside me, meanwhile gently rubbing and pinching my
nipples. When Jake had recuperated somewhat, he looked on with great eyes
how his daughter satisfied her friend.

Jill's love making was delicious, as always. She made my pleasure last
as long as possible but finally she let me have my orgasm. When I had
regained my breath I hugged Jill saying "Oooh thank you Jill. That was
marvelous. I love you." But Jill replied "The pleasure was also very much
mine. I can never get enough of licking your cunt, but I will never forget
for the first time tasting my Daddy's cum and then mixed with your juices."
Jake then said to Jill "It was very nice of you Jill, to take care of
Betty. I should have done that, but I just could not prevent myself just to
fuck Betty like an animal.

Sorry Betty, it is such a long time since I had sex, and then all of a
sudden a nice young girl like you!" And he bent down to me and gave me a
warm hug, not forgetting to meanwhile squeeze my breasts. I then
magnanimously said "Next time better, Jake. I may call you Jake, no? But
don't you think we owe Jill more than just a 'Thank you'? Let us take care
of her now together" and I changed positions with Jill, Jill lying down
with a look of happy expectation on her face, her legs bent back, holding
her cunt open for me. I then said to Jake "You stroke her breasts and suck
her nipples, she likes that very much and mommy told me you have always
wanted to do that. Her skin is even smoother than mine, isn't it?" And
then I started to lick her slit. Jake hesitated a little to stroke the
breasts of his little daughter, he still had a lot of inhibitions. But
when he saw how I licked Jill's cunt, and when she said "Please Daddy,
please." he very cautiously began to stroke her not very big but very
beautiful golden breasts while kissing her on her eyes. And once he had
started he seemed like drunk with passion. Very soon he began to kiss
Jill's breasts and to suck her nipples, while he stroked her smooth belly.
Jill soon let us know her feelings, first with a few sighs and then
beginning to pant.

After a few minutes I looked up over Jill's neat little black bush and
said "Jake, you must really taste her. Her taste is so nice and she likes
it so much to be licked there. Come, try it. I know you did it already
with a little girl, but daddy says that there is nothing more exciting than
licking the cunt of his daughter." And when I saw the look of surprise on
Jill's face I added "Yes, daddy fucks me also now and then and I like it
very much to feel his big cock inside me and to see and hear how I excite

When then Jill said "Oh please, yes Daddy, yes, please do what she says"
, Jake rose to replace me between Jill's legs and when he then saw her
nice, very wet little cunt, its swollen red petals spread wide open and
showing her cunt hole ready to receive his cock, his expression became one
of extreme excitement, but he did not start to fuck her immediately, he
first took hold of her buttocks and gave her a lot of hot kisses on her
cunt. Then he started to lick her there, to push his tongue inside her
fuck hole and to suck her clit, while he let his hands roam over her body,
and now and then squeezed her breasts. Jill was very excited, realizing
that it was at last her father who was making love with her. Very soon
Jill even began to cry "Oooh Daddy... Fuck me Now fuck me!" and Jake did
not hesitate, though he stuck his big cock into her love hole very
cautiously as if he expected her at any moment to tell him to stop. But on
the contrary even hearing cries of encouragement and excitement from his
daughter and not feeling any obstruction, he soon was fucking her normally,
this time trying not to cum before Jill. In this he succeeded, but when he
heard her cries when she climaxed he needed only a few strokes to cum himself - while holding Jill in his arms and looking down at his cock
inside her cunt - Jill screaming when she felt his cum jet into her vagina.
Afterwards he told us that he had thought 'Now I am one with my
daughter. This is what I always wanted. I will never forget this moment'.

After this we did not make love any more, anything more would certainly
have been an anti-climax, but Jake hugged and kissed us both still many
times. >>>>>

Finally Jill and Jake gave Betty a lot of hugs and kisses and then Jill
took her father home where he found not only his wife but also Amy. After
Jake had embraced his wife and told her how happy he was to be back again,
he took Amy in his arms and, and giving her many kisses, told her how great
and nice her surprise had been. We heard that that night Jake went to bed
with both Jacky and Jill but he fucked only once more, with Jacky, to
celebrate his home- coming, Jill lovingly stroking his balls while her
parents were fucking, she was so happy he was back home.

When Jake woke up the next morning his two women had gone, but smelling
coffee, he went downstairs, where he was greeted by Jacky and Jill, both
naked, Jacky crying "Sleepyhead, we needed you, and all you do is just
sleep!" and then she pushed Jake into an easy-chair, drew open his bath
robe and called to Jill "Come and get him!"

Jill then sat down on Jake's knees and undertook to rub cock, while
looking at him with great satisfaction, giving him a hard-on in no time.
Amy had sat down next to them, savoring the sight of Jill masturbating
Jake. But after a few minutes she took over Jake's cock from Jill and told
her to impale herself on it. Jacky was very excited when she then saw her
husband's cock enter her daughter's cunt. When Jill then started to fuck
her father Jacky stroked her breasts and her belly and after some time
rubbed Jill's clit, using one finger, thus assuring that Jill and Jake
reached their orgasm at about the same time. When Jill heard her father cry "Ooooh I'm cummingggg!" and felt his cum squirt into her cunt hole, she
also had her orgasm collapsing in his arms.

Jake told me all this when he came to see me in the evening to thank me
for letting him have our daughter. I was alone in the house with Betty,
who was upstairs. I called Betty down and I said to Jake "If you still
have a little jism left, go ahead, she is dying for you to fuck her once
more and I would very much like to see you fuck her" and then I grasped and
rapidly undressed her.

I had surprised Betty, submitting her like that to our desire, but she
also liked it: she seems to like it to be 'used', as long as it is a kind
of game anyway. Jake did not hesitate and at the same time undressed also.
I then pushed naked Betty down on the couch and Jake, who already had an
impressive hard-on, immediately pushed up her legs, making her spread her
thighs, to lick her cunt.

Betty was very excited to be thus 'taken' by two big men as it made come
true and even improved on one of her phantasms. Jake started to fuck Betty
while I crouched near her head and kissed her on her face and in her neck,
kneaded her breasts and sucked her nipples. It was great to see big dark,
hairy Jake bend over blond Betty's young girl body and enter his big cock into her little cunt, while Betty, very excited, cried "Ooooh Jake Ooooh!"
She had an orgasm nearly immediately.

When they had finished I quickly also removed my clothes and then it was
my turn to fuck her, while Jake looked on avidly how my cock entered my
little daughter's cunt, still full with his cum, and occupied himself with
her ample breasts. Betty again had an orgasm when she felt my cum jet into
her. After that both Jake and I had her once more but then we were
completely exhausted though also very happy, just as Betty.

Jake and I decided later that we would have such trio's more often, also
with Jill, Amy and Jacky. We both liked it very much to look on at the
girl being fucked.

As I told you, I saw Peter fuck Betty when we made the video a few weeks
ago, but I had often dreamed of fucking my daughter alone with my son. I
had this trio with Peter and Betty a few days later.

It was great to have Betty in my arms, feeling her young body, her
slender legs, while we were hotly kissing each other. Then she completely
surrendered herself to Peter and me making love to her together, I kissing
her breasts while Peter licked her cunt. It was terribly exciting after
that to see his nice slender cock enter her cunt and, while he then fucked
her, to stroke her soft body all over, kissing her on her mouth and
entering my tongue very deep, finally feeling her have her climax in my
arms while she cried "Oooooh Oooooh Peter...... Daddyyyy....!".

Then it was Peter who kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples while I
pushed my cock into her cunt, still filled with Peter's jism. I brought
her to climax again when she felt my cum spurt inside her.

Later I fucked her from behind while she was sucking Peter's cock. It
excites me enormously to see her give Peter a blow job, but especially when
I am at the same time fucking her. When Peter came into her mouth, I was
so excited that I came immediately too. After that we kissed her sweet
face together, her face still full of Peter's cum. Before we went to sleep
Peter and I gave her another orgasm, sucking her clit and her nipples
together, taking turns. We are certainly going to repeat this now and

The Saturday after this trio it was my birthday. I woke up with very
nice feelings. I first thought that I was dreaming but I soon found out
that Jill was sucking one of my nipples and Betty was sucking my cock while
Jake was fucking her from behind. I did not see Amy, I heard later that
she had organized this foursome as a special birthday present. I very much
like foursomes because I then can fuck while I at the same time look at
what the others are doing and listen to their cries, moans and shouts. I
soon was fucking also, Jill. Then we swapped in order to each fuck our own
daughter. I finished fucking my little Betty doggy wise while she sucked Jake's big cock and Jill, sitting on Jake's mouth, let him lick her cunt. I
was surprised to see how much of Jake's cock Betty could take and also that
she swallowed all his cum.

Jacky, Amy, Peter and Bobby meanwhile were busy downstairs doing all
kinds of nice things to each other.

When we at last came down for breakfast, or rather brunch, they all sang
"He is a jolly good fellow".

It was a very memorable birthday. We had a lot of fun preparing our
brunch, all naked, and also during brunch itself and after it. One of the
treats I asked for was a lesbian demonstration by Amy, Betty, Jacky and
Jill. It was very difficult for us men to remain inactive seeing how the
girls amused themselves with each other. First Amy and Jacky, and at the
same time Betty and Jill satisfied each other. Then the mothers sucked their daughters to climax. They ended up with a daisy chain of sucking and
gasping females that the men could not stand any more, each of us just
taking the nearest girl or woman and fucking her.

The women had so much liked their making love together, that they since
then now and then organize a lesbian orgy. Amy and Jacky especially like
it to see the girls being used and also to bring a girl to climax together.

In order to make Jake feel completely at home we a few days later
organized a foursome with Jake, Jacky, Amy and me. In the first place I
wanted to see Jake fuck Amy.

It was the first time I saw Amy being fucked by an adult male, and I was
not disappointed. I had asked Jacky to 'prepare' Jake and it was already a
big treat to see Jacky suck Jake's big, fat cock. She managed even to
'deep throat' him, one had to see it to believe it, how she took the whole
of his enormous cock inside her mouth letting it go down into her throat,

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