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LOVLETT8 video which fuck Amy

Copyright 1998, Max Free. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication in Mr Double's Palisade : December 08, 1998

This story may be freely distributed on condition that this notice
remains attached, but not for profit, and providing the usual precautions
have been taken to prevent it being read by unauthorized persons,
especially underage children, or by people who might be offended by its

Author file: Lettr08b.txt FfgMm in many combinations, inc, interr

============================================================= This
letter, from Charley to John, is the last one in this series and tells us
how Charley and Cindy's life has changed as a result of Susy's stay with
John and Amy, but also as a result of getting new neighbors.

Love Letters, Letter 8

by Max Free

Dear John,

It is already more than two months ago since we arrived back home with
Susy after visiting you. I already told you one or two things about what
has happened here since, in the field of sex, but I think that the moment
has come to go into a little more detail.

On the day that we arrived back home Cindy told me something that she
had until then kept hidden from me. She told me that when Susy was still a
little baby, already from the first week of her life in fact, she had
regularly licked her little clit in order to let her experience the nice
feelings that it could give her. While boys nearly without exception start
to masturbate more or less early in life, girls often don't, sometimes with
bad consequences for their sex life later on. Also Cindy had discovered
sexual pleasure much too late in life and she wanted to prevent Susy having
the same problem. Very soon Susy began to show great enthusiasm when Cindy
licked her cunt, often at the same time pinky fucking her. Although Cindy
had liked it very much to pleasure Susy like that, she had stopped giving
Susy little orgasms when she started to rub her clit herself now and then;
she then was just 3 years old yet. Susy of course does not remember the
orgasms her mother gave her then, but they have obviously been very
effective in assuring her great sensitivity to sexual stimulation in later
years. Cindy had never told me about her early incestual activities with
Susy, as she was afraid that I would disapprove of them. All this shows
how little I knew Cindy in matters of sex. Luckily, when Cindy later told
me that Susy masturbated, I agreed with Cindy that Susy should never be
allowed to feel guilty about that. When Susy was a little older we even
told her, that it was a very good preparation for her sex life when
grown-up, though we warned her to masturbate always very discretely and
only at home.

During the first days after we came home we often played the video's
that you made of Susy's 'inauguration'. It each time excited Susy very
much to see Cindy lick her cunt for the first time, while Betty was sucking my cock, and then to see my cock enter her little cunt while she lay in
Cindy's arms.

Susy also often asks us to show her the video we made of our swapping
that night, how I held Cindy im my arms, cheek to cheek with her, while you
sucked her cunt and then entered her, and how you both had your orgasm
while I kneaded Cindy's breasts and she herself rubbed her clit in order to
get her orgasm at the same time as you. Susy also found it very exciting
to see the video on which I fuck Amy. She asked Cindy if she was not a
little mad at me for fucking my sister-in-law, but Amy told her that it in
fact excited her very much to see me fuck another woman. One of the happy
consequences of looking at these video's has each time been a lot of sex
activities of us three.

Shortly after we came back, Susy told Cindy in detail how she made love
with Betty during her stay with you, and this excited both of them so much
that they went upstairs where Susy showed Cindy how nice girl-girl sex can
be. This was a first time for Cindy. Until then her only experience of
lesbian sex had been licking Susy's cunt before I fucked her - I do not
count her activities with baby Susy, which had been rather one-sided. They
finally had a very nice side by side 69 on our bed, giving each other
countless orgasms. They told me about this when I came home later on and
they both said that it had been terrific and that they would certainly
often have sex together in the future. I made them promise me that they
would let me be present the next time they would make love together;
looking at girl-girl sex excites me very much.

I don't know if it is the result of all the cum that has been spurting
into her cunnie or because of the hormones that are released inside her
each time she has sex, but the little mounds on Susy's breast are
increasing in volume every day. Her boobs are decidedly on their way to
become as beautiful as her mother's.

Now that she has tasted the pleasures of real sex, Susy has developed a
great need for it. This does not mean that she wants to be fucked all the
time or even every day, after all she is just a little 11-year-old and she
has many other interests and activities that keep her busy, just as Cindy
and I, but now and then she really 'wants it'. For example, one night a
few days ago, Cindy and I were already asleep when Susy came to our room
and crept into our bed beside me. I woke up from the nice feeling of a
soft little hand stroking my cock. Susy then said "I couldn't sleep, may I
sleep with you?" Now also Cindy woke up; she made a little light and
removed the bed sheets revealing our naked bodies to each other, we
normally all sleep naked as you know, and then we placed Susy between us. I
immediately put Susy's hand on my cock again and I said "I like it very
much to feel your hand there, Susy." And then we had the most delicious
fuck imaginable, Cindy participating, first by softly rubbing Susy's little
cunt while she first rubbed and then sucked my cock, and later by sucking Susy's nipples while I licked Susy's now already nicely wet cunt and clit,
and then while we were fucking. Susy and I both had a fantastic orgasm.
When we had 'come to' after that, we together saw to it that also Cindy got
a great orgasm. I taught Susy how to 'fist fuck' Cindy, thereby very
convincingly replacing my not yet quite serviceable cock, and Susy was very
proud that she thus could even replace her father for fucking.

We have made it clear to Susy that she must never accept sex when she is
not in the mood for it, but that does not mean that Cindy or I will never
take the initiative. For my part, I will most of the time just feel her up
a little or squeeze her nice fat little ass now and then. But the other
day this led to a very nice sexual interlude. It was early in the morning
and I was sitting on a chair in our drawing room, alone, with only a
dressing gown on, when Susy entered and came to stand beside me to look at
what I was doing. I then absent-mindedly began to feel her up and found
that she wore no panties, the naughty girl. So I alternated rubbing her
clit and pushing my finger into her fuck hole that became very wet. I soon
became very excited too, stood up, pushed Susy's dress up, dropped my
dressing gown and began to fuck her from behind while she was bent over the
table. At that moment Cindy came in. A few months ago still, this would
have caused a terrible drama, now Cindy just said "Oooh nice!" And she came
to stand beside me and with one hand stroked my balls and my buttocks, with
the other stroking Susy's little 'boobs', looking at us with a loving
smile, until both Susy and I cummed. I then had to hold up Susy who had
lost all force in her legs when cumming; I took her in my arms and carried
her upstairs where we took a shower together. What a great start of a new

A few weeks ago I had to be away on business for a few days and Susy,
missing me very much, asked Cindy if she could sleep with her. In order to
comfort Susy, and also because she likes to give Susy pleasure, Cindy began
to excite Susy by kissing her, sucking her nipples and tongue fucking her.
Finally Cindy even, for the first time, produced a dildo to fuck her with
that. The two hot ladies then got the idea to call me by telephone to let
me hear how Susy was fucked by her mother. Luckily I was alone in my room
and soon I was also naked with a big hard-on, when Susy told me what was
happening to her: " Ohh Daddy, mommy is fucking me with her dildo, I
imagine that it is your cock. Oooh Daddy it is so nice, you are deep
inside me and now mommy is sucking my clitty at the same time....
ooooh....." And I told her how she excited me and that I was rubbing my
cock, imagining I was inside her love tunnel. Finally I heard Susy scream
when she had her orgasm; at the same time I jetted big wads of sperm in the
air, groaning with my pleasure. Some time later Susy let me hear how she
gave her mother her orgasm, fist fucking her while sucking her clit and
kneading her breasts. Their step for step report of their activities again
excited me enormously and I had another giant cum. Then they promised me
that Susy would be lying ready for me to be fucked when I would come home a
few nights later.

And indeed, when I arrived home and entered our bedroom after a quick
shower, Susy was lying on her back, her legs raised, showing her nice
little cunt, spread open, slimy with her copious juices. I had already a
very convincing hard-on and I entered my little girl while kissing her
wildly. Susy had her orgasm after a few strokes. I turned on my side with
Susy in my arms, kissing and stroking her with great delight. Afterwards I
thanked Cindy by fucking her also and letting my cum jet inside her; she
likes that feeling very much.

When I woke the following morning I found Susy on all fours licking
Cindy's cunt and naturally I then started to fuck little Susy as if we were
a doggies, holding her sweet, soft, little buns and stroking her small
breast swellings. We all three had our orgasms at about the same time and
then lay panting and laughing next to each other on our bed until we found
enough energy to go and have our shower.

Later Cindy said to me "I never thought that a girl of just eleven could
be so horny. Certainly most girls at her age at most just rub their clit
now and then until they cum. I am so happy for you but I must confess that
I also find it very exciting to see you fucking her and also to have sex
with her myself. And it is so nice that we can do all these things loving
each other and without the least bit of a guilty feeling. I wish my
parents had done the same with me, well, maybe I will still ask my father one of these days to fuck me. He is not that old yet and I am certain he
would like it if he could overcome the tabu's of his upbringing. That
would really be something to see my dad-in-law fuck her! And why should I
then at the same occasion not fuck his wife?

All these stories show how happy we are now that incest is not anymore a
forbidden word here. But I have even more very exciting news for you!
When I came back from the business trip I mentioned, I found that we had
gotten new neighbors, a tall black man and his young wife with their three
children, a son and two daughters. The wife is not black but brown. Cindy
very quickly made acquaintance with her and they decided to do their
jogging together every morning. So now we know that the man's name is Leo
Fanell and that he is 36, and that her name is Maria and that she is 27.
She is very beautiful, with long brown hair and a very nice figure. But
she especially has a very nice smile, a bit naughty. The son, Andy, in
fact Leo's son, also black and tall, is 13. The two girls, Sam, 10, and
Nicky, 8, are hers; they are small copies of their mother, also with very
beautiful, long, flowing, brown hair and that ravishing smile. Maria and
Leo both lost their spouse in the same air disaster and met during a
meeting of the next of kin. They now are very happy together, as also the
children. When the boy and his stepmother are walking together one could
sometimes get the impression that they are lovers and the girls are very
obviously in love with their stepfather.

My hot Cindy - yes she is really very hot since visiting you - soon
started to fantasize aloud about being fucked by the exciting big black
gentleman, and she continued "You could then fuck not only the nice woman
but also the older - older, that is the 10-year-old! - girl, and maybe
even the 8-year-old! And imagine that we could get together with your
brother's family and his friends, we would be 4 families with 20 people,
old and young, who could freely fuck. We could have the 8-year old girl initiated by Bobby and our Susy, if her daddy has not yet done that, and
Betty, Jill and Peter would certainly like to play with the 10 year old.
And how happy Jake would be with all these little girls available to him,
he was so happy fucking Susy! But we would need to rent a hotel to house
all these people. By the way, this would maybe not even be necessary,
maybe our neighbor could organize something, he is in the vacation

All this seemed a bit far fetched until Susy, who very quickly had made
friends with 10-yearold Sam, told us that she had gone over to see Sam and,
unexpectedly entering the drawing room of our neighbors, had found Leo
oldest daughter lying across his lap - fully dressed, but her skirt turned
up - , kissing her in her neck while one of his hands was busy with her
naked pussy, no panties in sight! The little girl was producing
enthusiastic sounds and Leo's wife sat looking at them with a big smile on
her face. Susy disappeared without having been seen in order to tell us of
her discovery. Later she told us that she was already dreaming about Leo
fucking her with his no doubt long black cock!

And Susy did not just talk about it with us, but also with her new
friend Sam, who confessed that Leo, and also 13-year-old Andy, even fucked
her regularly and that she liked it!

So, after their next jogging session, Cindy invited.Maria 'for a cup of
coffee' and told her about Susy's peeping and Sam's ensuing confidences.
She immediately set Maria's mind at ease by telling her about our own very
unconventional sexual activities. This made Maria tell her in detail what
had brought about the present complete sexual freedom in her family. This
was her story, Cindy wrote it down for you:

"Both Harry, my first husband, and I were brought up in sexually very
liberal families; nakedness or even sex were not considered to be synonym
for "sin" and if we wanted to know something about sex we just asked and
got the relevant information unbiased by religion or tabu. So when we
discovered that our little girls, Sam and Nicky, started to masturbate already at a very early age, when they were about 3 years old, we were not
alarmed, on the contrary, very content. And Harry even went further, when
he one morning found Sam rubbing her clit, she was about 5 years old, he
asked her if he would do it for her and Sam immediately lay down on her
back with her legs held high and wide and he brought her to a very nice
climax. She thanked him very warmly, telling him that it had been even
much nicer than when she did it herself. Harry continued to masturbate Sam
now and then, of course making it clear to her that this was to remain very
secret, only to be known in our family, because many other people, without
good reasons, said that it was sinful. From the day Sam told her little
sister how nicely Harry masturbated her, he of course had also to
masturbate Nicky now and then, which he did with pleasure.

One day, Sam must have been 7, Harry could not resist the temptation,
and instead of just rubbing her clit, he licked Sam's little cunt until she
had arrived in the seventh heaven. Sam immediately condemned him, to his
great pleasure, from then on to do that each time he masturbated her.

One morning, when Sam was about 9 years old, Nicky found Harry very busy
licking Sam's cunt. She stayed to look and learn. Sam let the whole world
know how nice it was what Harry was doing, crying "Oooh.... Oooooh Yes
Daddy.... Ooh yesss.... " until she had her orgasm. Nicky then of course
demanded to receive the same treatment and Harry, also of course, obeyed.
So, when I entered Sam's room looking for Harry, wondering what kept him so
long, I found him licking Cindy's little slit while Sam was looking on
gently rubbing her clit. I did not have to wait very long before Cindy
cried "Oh Daddy.. Yes... I'm cumming... ." and then had her climax, a
very big one for a little girl of 7! Once when Harry was away for a few
days the girls asked me if I couldn't replace him to suck their clits and I
was very happy to do so. Since then Harry and I shared masturbating them,
sometimes even when we were all four together.

Shortly after this event Sam waking up early felt lonely, Nicky having
gone to stay with her grandma for a few weeks. So Sam went to our bedroom
and climbed into our bed where she was received with open arms by Harry,
also literally. The fact that he was nude did not at all disturb her, we
always slept nude, but she remarked that his cock became stiff and asked
him why. Harry then had to go into some considerable detail about how
babies are made and Sam immediately wanted to have a demonstration. Harry
and I looked at each other and then I said "Well, why not?" So I spread my
legs and we let Sam see how Harry entered his cock into my cunt hole. We
did some nice fucking and Sam realized that my cries of joy and Harry's
groans at the end betrayed the same nice feelings that she always had when
masturbating. Seeing and hearing us fuck excited her considerably, causing
her meanwhile to masturbate to climax.

A few mornings later she visited us again, and she applied her new
knowledge by lying down on top of Harry, naked of course, and then rubbing
her cunny on his stiff cock until she had her orgasm. This, of course,
also excited Harry, who meanwhile stroked her back and kneaded her
buttocks, and, to Sam's great surprise, finally ejaculated. This, of
course, led to further elucidations of the procreation process. Sam
evidently began to like it more and more to have sex with Harry this way
and came to visit a few times more, each time getting her orgasm by rubbing
her cunt on Harry's cock and causing him to ejaculate. One day, however, a
few months after their first 'fuck', she made her 'fucking' movement a bit
large and she felt Harry's cock at the entrance of her cunt hole. I lay
looking on and I was very amazed to see how she immediately grasped his
cock and, using one hand to guide Harry's cock, pushed down on it to make
it enter her. She knew about her hymen and that tearing it up would hurt her but nevertheless when she felt its obstruction, she just gave a big
push. The hurt caused her to give a little shriek, but she was very
decided to have her fuck now with Harry and continued to push on his cock
until it reached the bottom of her vagina. Then she began to fuck him as
she had always done while lying on top of him, but now with his cock inside
her. This time they reached their climax at the same time. Sam afterwards
was very proud and happy. And Harry also had enormously enjoyed this first
fuck with his little daughter, she was so delightfully tight.

They never fucked again, a few days later Harry was dead."

After my husband's death I encouraged my daughters to have sex together,
more or less in order to replace the sex they had had with Harry. I showed
my girls how they could have a lot of sex fun together and then the girls,
realizing how much I also missed Harry's cock, also started to regularly
give me orgasms by sucking my clit and stimulating my body in all possible
ways together. Since then we often sleep all three together.

When we met at the meeting of the next of kin I told you about, Leo and
I immediately felt very much attracted to each other and I invited him and
Andy to come and stay with us for a few days as soon as he could. They
came a few weeks later. The same night Leo arrived we already slept
together, so very happy that we were not alone anymore. And we also found
that we were a great match sexually. The morning after I had a very open
talk with Leo, I told him about our sex life with Harry and I asked him if
he would agree to come and live with us, which meant that he would also
replace Harry for sex with my girls, on one condition: neither of the girls should ever be FORCED to have sex. At first Leo could not believe I was
serious, but finally he admitted that the idea of fucking my girls excited
him enormously. So I went to fetch Sam and asked her if she would agree to
have sex with Leo: he could of course not really replace her daddy, but he
could at least provide some of the pleasures that she was now missing so
very much. She went back with me to my bedroom with some hesitation, but
then Leo proved to be so gentle and loving that she finally let him
masturbate her to climax. The night of that same day Sam came to sleep
with us and then Sam even let him fuck her. It was amazing how tender this
big man was with my Sam even though it excited him terribly to fuck such a
young little girl. After their fuck Sam said to him "I love you daddy
Leo!". He was really moved by that, and I too.

When Leo then asked if Andy could also have sex with the girls, I agreed
with all my hart, but I asked Leo to see to it that Andy would use a condom
with them from their 11th anniversary on until they went on the pill.
Furthermore I told Leo that I wanted to be present the first few times Andy
fucked them, in order to make sure that they wouldn't do anything they
didn't like; Leo, of course, agreed with that. We also agreed that Leo
would not fuck Nicky until she was used to be fucked by Andy, if ever. But
Nicky had already shown to be a little jealous of her sister and she would
certainly soon like to be fucked by Leo too.

A week late we decided to legalize our union, and I have never regretted
that. Leo and Andy moved in with us.

Andy was very happy that he was allowed to have sex with Sam and Nicky
and this never caused a problem. The first time we were all together, Sam,
Nicky, Andy, Leo and I. It was Leo who 'prepared' Sam for her fucking with
Andy. Andy from the beginning had a hard-on and I just asked him if I was
allowed to touch him. I started stroking his beautiful cock without
waiting for a reply and after some time, to his great delight, I even took
his cock in my mouth, but only in order to wet it, then I let him free to
fuck Sam. They liked it very much. While Andy was fucking Sam, Leo
brought Nicky, lying in my arms, to climax by licking her cunt. Leo
declared that he had never tasted a more delightful little cunt, which made
Nicky very happy. When Andy had finished fucking Sam I went to kiss him
and I told him that I would like it very much to fuck with him too. He was
very surprised but not in a good position to refuse, I was already stroking
his cock to new hardness. So I again took his cock in my mouth, savoring
Sam's juices and Andy's cum that coated his cock and I went on to suck cock
until I felt he was ready again, and that he was very quickly. I then lay
down on my back and offered my cunt to him. He used it gratefully and I
found it very exciting to be fucked by such a young passionate lover. Andy
was very agreeably surprised when I started to use my cunt muscles to
massage his cock while he was fucking me. He had a very intense orgasm and
later told me that this was one of the best fucks he had ever had. I
returned the compliment, telling him that his cock would always be welcum
in my cunt.

During this meeting I promised, at Leo's request, that my daughters and
I would from then on normally not wear panties at home and only skirts,
never pants! This proved to have been a great idea. Knowing that we were
all the time immediately available kept both females and males constantly

It was at one of the following sex meetings with Leo and Andy that I was
fucked in my ass. It happened while I was fucking Leo, lying on top of
him. All of a sudden I felt Andy manipulating my ass hole, sticking a wet
finger in and finally his cock. I must say that I never thought that would
happen to me, but feeling Leo and his young son fuck me at the same time
excited me enormously and we finally all three had a very intense orgasm.
It was incredibly exciting to feel their cum jet into both holes about at
the same time and that triggered my orgasm. And Leo and Andy agreed that
feeling each other's cocks move inside me had been a great sensation."

When Maria had finished her story, they at last found the time to have
their shower together and there Cindy told Maria how she had also sex with
Susy now and then. Exchanging their experiences when having sex with their
daughters then excited both ladies to the point that they went to our
bedroom and did a nice 69. While lying resting in each other's arms after
this, Cindy suggested that, as our two families obviously had a very
similar life style, to let the members of both families have sex with each
other indiscriminately, with some limitations only for Nicky. The two hot
ladies agreed to start our new relations by having a foursome with their
spouses and do some swapping on the next Saturday night.

I of course was very happy when Cindy told me all this that evening when
I came home from work and we decided that also Cindy and Susy from then on
would normally not wear panties or pants at home; I can assure you that it
is very stimulating to know that my females are walking around with their
pussies bare and I often profit from it, and they too, by my having a quick
feel of their buttocks and between their legs.

So the next Saturday evening Maria and Leo came to us. We first did
some chatting, while drinking a glass of wine, and we agreed that our
children would be completely free to have sex with each other, only Andy
would have to take precautions when fucking Susy not to knock her up and
Nicky would not be fucked without my or Cindy's authorization. Then we
went to bed in our bedroom, we have two double beds, so no space problem.
And very soon I saw Cindy lying invitingly on her back to let Leo stick his
long black cock into her. I have no gay tendencies, but it was a very
beautiful sight. Leo is very well built and seeing this athletic black man fuck my blond Cindy - she had one of her beautiful legs on his shoulder to
make her cunt very much available and looked intently at his cock entering
her cunt - was excitingly beautiful.

But soon I was too busy fucking Maria to look at Cindy and Leo. Maria
proved to be really delicious. She has very beautiful breasts, not very
big but very full, with swollen areolae from which jut nice stiff nipples.
Also the smell and taste of her cunt were delicious, and she has very
beautiful legs, very soft and smooth, which she very soon used to help me
push my cock into her cunt. I could not prevent myself from starting to
fuck her and cum very rapidly. But after that I soon was hard again and
then I fucked her until she was cumming too. Leo and I now being
temporarily unavailable for fucking we asked our wives to show us how they
made love together and soon they were busy kissing and stroking each
other's breasts, sticking fingers and tongues in each other's cunt holes
and finally sucking each other's clits, all the time encouraging each other
with little cries and shrieks, which resulted in their both having, very
noisy, orgasms. We were meanwhile so excited that we fucked each other's
wives again! We were very happy all four of us - Leo told us that he
especially liked it very much to see me fuck Maria, being a voyeur helps! -
and we decided that we would share our wives very often.

Indeed, Leo and I shared again a few days later, but this time our
daughters! That was maybe even more exciting than sharing our wives! This
time we fucked the girls one after the other. Susy was very excited that
Leo would fuck her, but also a little afraid, such a big black man! So I
started to lick her cunt, while we let Sam lick and suck her nipples.
Meanwhile Leo stroked Sam's cunny a bit. Then Leo and I changed places and
very soon Susy was now getting very excited. When we thought that Susy was
aroused enough, we let Sam put her father's long black cock at Susy's
vaginal orifice and then Leo's cock entered without any problem, although
not completely, after which he started to fuck her slowly with long
thrusts. Soon both were panting, Susy began to cry "Yesss..... Yesss...."
and then gave a few very high pitched shrieks while cumming. Then Leo
came, grunting, and Susy shrieked again when she felt Leo's, no doubt very
copious, cum jetting inside her. Afterwards, big black Leo turned on his
back with my blond, little Susy in his arms and he gave her lots of kisses,
which she after a few moments began to return.

Meanwhile I had taken Sam in my arms and I softly stroked her cunny
while we looked at her father fucking. When Leo and Sam had finished, I
asked Sam "Shall we now?" , and she replied with her enchanting smile. For
this first time I let Sam fuck me, with her on top, while I held her smooth
buttocks. She was already very skilled, succeeding in making me cum just
before she had her orgasm herself, reacting to my spurting my cum inside
her while I pushed a finger into her ass hole. Afterwards we let the girls have a 69 and they had no problem whatever to make each other cum again.
The sight of these two little girls sticking their pointed little tongues
in each others pussies and licking each others clits made Leo and me so hot
that we fucked them again immediately!

Some days later Leo and Andy came over to fuck Cindy and Susy while I
went to Maria and her daughters. Cindy told me later how she had taken
Leo, Andy and Susy to our bedroom where they had all taken off their
clothes. Then Andy had a 69 with Susy. He pushed Susy on her back and
started to lick her pussy while at the same time fucking her little mouth.
Leo and Cindy looked on, Cindy stroking Leo's cock while he fingered her
pussy. Andy has already quite a big cock and seeing it go in and out of
Susy's mouth was very exciting. After only a short time Andy ejaculated into Susy's mouth and then he brought Susy to her climax by sucking on her
clit. Leo then took Susy in his arms while she licked her lips which were
still full of Andy's cum. Andy still or again had a hard-on - how these
young boys can fuck! - and Cindy asked Andy if he now would not prefer to
fuck her instead of Susy as then he could do so without putting on a
condom, and he immediately accepted. They were soon fucking like mad,
while Leo fucked Susy. Cindy told me that Andy is great in bed and that
they had a great orgasm together. I had no reasons to complain, as I had
been fucking both Maria and Sam again. Nicky this time was looking on and
later asked if I could not fuck her there and then, but Maria thought that,
because Nicky is so young, it would be better if Andy were her first lover,
as he has a less thick cock than I and Leo. But we let Nicky have several
orgasms, all of us, i.e. Maria, Sam and I sucking her clit, licking her
little smooth cunt and her stiff little nipples and kissing and licking her
everywhere else too, all at the same time. During one of her orgasms
Maria, who then was finger fucking her, took care to tear Nicky's hymen.
Maria remembered how painful her own defloration had been, and in this way
Nicky was hardly aware of losing her physical virginity. Maria just licked
Nicky's cunt a little more until no blood came out any more.

We initiated Nicky to fucking a few days later. All of us were there,
naked, in the big Fanell bedroom, and it was a great occasion. As I said
before, Nicky had been wanting to fuck already for quite some time
especially after she had once witnessed her sister's fucking by Andy; at
that occasion she had 'only' been allowed to suck Andy's cock. Nicky also
knew that her first fuck would probably not be painful, at least not very,
so she was not at all afraid, only eagerly awaiting the event. Nicky was
very beautiful when Maria took her in her arms, lying on her back. At 8
years Nicky is still a little girl, but she also is a very beautiful young woman with an enchanting smile, a beautiful little body and long slender
legs. Her long brown hair lying around her head and her legs slightly
spread showing her puffy cunt lips and a hint of her slit, she was an image
of pure seduction.

Maria started the procedures by asking Nicky "Do you really want to be
fucked now Nicky?" and Nicky answered "Ohh yes please Mommy, please." Maria
had decided that it was her little sister who would start to prepare her
for her first fuck, so Sam kneeled before her sister and pushed up her legs
while spreading them, showing to all of us Nicky's now open little slit.
Sam began to softly kiss her sister's pussie and then to lick her slit, now
and then pushing her tongue inside her sister's cunt hole and also now and
then licking and sucking Nicky's clit. Very soon Nicky was sighing and
telling Sam how nice her feelings were. When Sam finally sat up we could
all see how slimy her cunt hole now was from the juices that she was
producing there.

Meanwhile Cindy had taken care of Andy, first only softly stroking his
already very stiff cock and then cautiously sucking it; she just wanted to
make his cock wet without exciting him too much. When then Maria said to
Andy "Now take her, Andy" Sam made room for him between Nicky's legs and he
immediately started to push his long stiff cock inside her while Maria said
to Nicky "Just relax and enjoy this, Nicky, and remember it all your life:
your first fuck." And Nicky did exactly that, with a happy smile on her
face she looked at Andy's cock entering her, it went in very easily. When
Andy then started to fuck her, going deeper and deeper, while Maria stroked
Nicky's stiff nipples and kissed her face and Sam now softly rubbed her
clit, Nicky sighed "Ohh Mommy.... Ooh Andy.... this is so nice... .".
The two children's excitement became greater and greater until Andy began
to cry "I'm cumming... I'm cumming." Sam increased her rubbing and Maria
started pinching Nicky's nipples and Nicky had her orgasm when she felt
Andy's sperm jet inside. She had her first orgasm with a cock inside her
closing her eyes and shrieking: she certainly would never to forget this.

We let Nicky come too in her mother's arms, but then both Leo and I
wanted to fuck her too and our charming Nicky was only too happy to let us,
she said that her first fuck had not hurt her at all. It was really
delightful to fuck this little girl. She looked so innocent, even with her
legs spread high so that all could see the inside of her little cunny, its
little fuck hole filled with whitish juices. And her skin felt soft and
warm like that of a peach just ripe after basking in the sun. And when I
kissed her little clit, her flagrance was just as nice as that of that same
peach. When I looked up at her smiling face, I saw she was looking at my
hard cock and she said "Please uncle Charley, please fuck me." even pulling
open her cunt a little more for me. I was very surprised how easily I
could enter Nicky, of course she was already very wet and well lubricated
with Andy's sperm. Nicky very much liked to feel our big cocks inside her,
she said "It feels so full!." Both I and Leo, came very rapidly, because
she is so tight. Nicky was very happy when we had our orgasm even if she
did not have one herself with us. Later Andy also fucked Maria, to thank
her for her help he said, and while I fucked little Sam once more, Andy
fucked Cindy again, who now promptly had an orgasm again. I do not
remember all activities of that night but I know that we all went to bed
very happy. Nicky went to bed with Andy. I believe that Nicky has become
Andy's preferred girl, although he continues to fuck the other females now
and then, luckily, because that makes it possible for me and others to fuck
delicious young Nicky again now and then.

Well, I think I have told you everything important, John, except that
Leo has reserved a little island in the Caribbeans for our next holiday, at
nominal cost! You and your family and friends are also invited. AND THERE
WILL BE NOBODY ELSE! Just imagine how many women and nice little girls you
will be able to fuck, after you have done all the fishing, swimming,
eating, drinking and playing. Let me know soon who of you will accept this

With many many thanks again from your grateful brother and sis-in-law.

See you! Charley

============================================================= This is
the end of this series. I would be glad to receive comments on it. It's
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