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LSHXXX1 6 video mirror and down her


LSH: Braniacal Genius
part one: Death and a Statue

by Alexi92

The mission had gone very wrong. M'Onel flew as fast as he could from
the planet's surface, tears in his eyes. Almost half the Legion had been
killed before they had been able to put a stop to that maniac's
machinations. Fortunately people had survived and the universe was saved
but the number of casualties prevented anyone from celebrating their
victory. They would muddle through somehow though. Probably hold another
recruitment drive. They had to, they were the Legion of Super Heroes.


Spark watched as her last chance off the planet flew away like a
rocket. She tried to cry out to M'Onel but he didn't hear her, not even
with his super sensitive hearing. It was like with the others.

Just before the others had left they acted as if they couldn't see
her, like she didn't exist. It was her worst fear come to life, being
forgotten, ignored, and lost forever. And now it had come true. Not even
Garth acknowledged her, she had tried everything to get his attention, she
had shouted, hit him, she had gone so far as to give him a zap with her
electricity powers. Nothing had worked, he had been totally centered on
Irma. He was crying into her shoulder mumbling something sadly about Ayla.
But Ayla was right there trying to get his attention! How could he not
even sense his own twin sister's presence?

Spark shouted, pleading, desperate to be heard, not to be abandoned
on this planet. She didn't want to be alone. She began to cry.

"It's no use Spark," a voice behind her said. "As far as he's
concerned you died. They all think you died."

She turned to identify the speaker. Her mouth gaped at the sight of

"You're mine now," said Brainiac 5. "You belong to me."

It couldn't be, Spark told herself. Brainiac 5 had been killed by the
madman they had been sent here to destroy. How could he be right in front
of her? From the words he was saying it didn't seem like Brainy. Maybe he
had died and then his body was taken over by a hostile being. It was
possible, weirder things had happened.

"Who-who are you? What have you done to Brainy."

Visible annoyed the being reached into his pocket and pulled out
small cylindrical object. "For the last time, it's Brainiac 5. You've
called me Brainy for the last time."

He began to manipulate the cylinder. Spark was beginning to doubt that
her theory of possession. Whoever this was it sounded a lot like Brainy. If
it was then he would be able to get her home...

And as that comforting though came to her the cylinder in Brainiac 5's
hand began to glow brightly and Spark passed out.


It was the money. No one ever thought about it but it was the money.
That's where the true power lay in the universe. Of course he practically
owned the Universe so it was only right that he knew what it was all about.
The third and fourth richest men in all the United Planets used their money
to get what they wanted. But they didn't understand its true power. No one
did except him, only Querl Dox, Brainiac 5.

No one remembered, Vril Dox II was Brainiac 5's ancestor, they had always
focused on Brainiac 1. Their mistake. Of course he had always remembered it
but never gave any thought to the practical applications until that jaunt
into the 20th century. Inconceivable really.

All it had taken was a deposit into a bank and instructions left to an
investment firm, both of which he knew would still have records intact a
thousand years later. When he had returned he found that he had become the
richest man, period. Just as he had predicted.

And as he walked down the hallway of Legion headquarters he thought
about the true ramifications of it all. He would finally be able to indulge
every track of his great intelligence.

He stopped in the memorial room and thought about the new statues
that would soon be added.

Brainiac 5 waited for three minutes until he received a telepathic
communication from Saturn girl informing everyone to report to the Space
Cruiser, there was an emergency which would be explained in detail once
they were on their way to the planet. Urgency was of essence.


The first thing that had stuck Spark as odd when she began to wake
was that she had been standing up. That became a passing thought when her
eyes opened and she beheld dead Legionaries. Only they didn't seem dead.
She saw XS, Umbra, and Triad directly in front of her standing next to each
other, arms to their sides and backs straight. They weren't moving, as
though they were statues.

When she tried to turn her head to see who else was in the room she
found she couldn't. Panic swept over her, she couldn't move her body! Oh
grife, what was happening? Were the others in the same predicament as her,
wanting to move but unable? Who had done this to her? Where was Brainy?

All she could do was blink.

Now that she looked at the others she could make out their eyes
moving back and forth, trying to figure something out, anything. By using
her own peripheral vision she could see that others were to each of her
sides. Possibly the other dead Legionaries.


Brainiac 5 walked into the room he had jokingly called the throne
room when he had constructed the building. It was supposed to be a storage
closet meant for some of his larger inventions. Upon further thought he had
installed an actual throne in the room. It really was a perfect size for
such a thing. He even took the time to make the room seem like a throne
room out of a fantasy holo-vid. The lighting in the room was solely due to
torches hanging on the walls. (They were powered through nuclear means
though.) Empty pedestals stood along the walls, awaiting sculptures to
display. A large red carpet lead from the door to the foot of the throne
which was raised three steps above the rest of the room.

The throne itself was another inspiration based on the visit to the
20th century. The throne was an exact duplicate of the chair Meteron of the
New Gods had sat upon. To fashion a throne based on the God of Knowledge's
chair amused Brainiac 5.

The latest additions to the throne room stood like guards on both
sides of the carpet. To his right XS, Umbra, and Triad. To his left
Shrinking Violet, Kinetix, Spark, and Kid Quantum. He walked between them
and observed as their eyes registered him. He wondered which of them
thought he was their salvation and which had figured out his true

He ascended to the throne and sat in it, his great intellect deciding
how to proceed. He took from his pocket the cylinder and inserted it into
an appropriate crevice in the throne's arm.

He decided. "Turn towards me and line yourselves side by side."

The seven Legion girls obeyed his orders. Brainiac 5 smiled as he saw Umbra and Kid Quantum's eyes shut as they tried to stop themselves, their bodies betraying their efforts. This would be more fun than he had anticipated.


He owned the planet. The "emergency" had been a ruse. All it had
taken was to leave some communication technology on the far side of the
hemisphere the last time he had visited to complete construction on his
fortress. Theirs were simple minds, easy to trick. Even Saturn girl with
her telepathy couldn't compete with a 12th level intelligence, let alone
try to read anything in his mind he didn't want read.

It all went according to plan. Once they landed on the planet he used
the mental intensifier he made last week to control the mind of Saturn Girl,
and through her the others. He then had Saturn girl implant the memory of a
terrible battle with a maniac able to destroy the universe into every one
of the Legion of Superheroes save himself. The battle was supposed to have
been rough leaving six of the girls and himself dead. The robots came and
took the girls to his fortress after he had made sure that all six
unconscious and under the mental control of the intensifier.

He would have taken all of the females but some of them weren't very
appealing, who would want a snake or a green monster. True the snake had
the power of illusion but at his level of intelligence he could see through
any illusion instantaneously. Phase and Saturn girl were more than
desirable but their intense emotions toward their respective lovers would
eventually have overcome his intensifier. Then they could have stopped his
plan from reaching fruition.

Brainiac 5 was about to send the "survivors" on their way when he saw
Ferro playing with Koko. He had planned to let Spark go with the others so
that she could take care of the damned monkey but if Ferro could handle the

He had Saturn girl include one addendum to the battle. At the last
second Spark heroically gave her life to kill the madman when he tried to
kill Live Wire.


All seven stood before him in a row, silently awaiting their next
order. No doubt they were all mentally screaming for help or for the
ability to kill him.

Glorious, his ancestors would be proud. Well maybe not Stealth, but
the others without a doubt.

Brainiac 5 looked over his toys, for that is what they were now, and
assessed each one's strengths and weaknesses to decide which he would start

Kid Quantum, Spark, Kinetix, Triad, XS, Umbra, and Shrinking Violet
all in a row, his to play with as he saw fit. Almost everything he had ever
dreamed of.


"Kid Quantum come here."

Jazmin Cullen walked toward the throne and knelt in front of it on
one knee, head bowed to the ground. The dark skinned heroine from Xanthu's
costume was designed much like a 20th century leotard, leaving her legs
exposed while covering her torso and arms. This meant that in the kneeling
position she was in she could feel her breath on her thigh.

"Your power is to create stasis fields, effectively freezing time in
an area."

Jazmin made no response. Actually she was sure she was unable to.
She had spent the last hour trying unsuccessfully to move any part of her
body. Growing up playing with James and his stasis belt she was used to the
idea that if she couldn't move her body then speaking was impossible. She
simply stayed kneeling, cursing Brainiac mentally for whatever it was he
had done to her.

She shut her eyes and tried to concentrate on the sensation of her
breath hitting her thigh when an odd sensation, something like a touch, on
her shin, above her boot, caused her to loose focus. Opening her eyes
Jazmin could see Brainiac 5's head was level with her shin. Although her
leg obstructed some of her view she could see parts of his face...

Oh grife, he was licking her leg! His hand came up and pushed her
head back so that Kid Quantum was staring at the ceiling. His way now
unobstructed he began to move up her shin. She could feel his tongue snake
up her shin, past her knee, and onto her thigh. On her thigh he shifted the
path of his tongue to lick her inner thigh. As he began to move his way up
she closed her eyes, bracing herself for what was to come. His tongue
slowly traveled the way of the thigh towards her pussy. Her breath began to
become more labored in her fearful anticipation of what was to come. His
tongue reached the end of her leg...

And was gone. Jazmin kept her eyes shut, uncertain of what had
happened. Brainiac 5 had stopped but she didn't know why. She couldn't
even feel the tongue on her leg anymore.

A voice whispered into her ear ",I stopped at the costume."

Kid Quantum opened her eyes to find Brainiac 5 standing over her. He
took her head in his hands and pulled her of her knee onto her feet. When
he was assured she would not fall over he returned to his throne.

"You can speak now. I will give you that one privilege Kid Quantum.
It's not as if anything you say can affect your fate."

All she could think to say was ",Why?"

Brainiac 5 looked down at her. "Show me your breast."

Jazmin's eyes grew wide with horror. "No. I won't."

Despite her response Kid Quantum's hands grabbed the collar of her
costume and began to pull the costume apart. She tore the front of her
costume down the middle to just above her navel.

"No, stop," she pleaded. "Please stop."

Brainiac 5 sat back, silent, his eyes glued on his teammate's
movements. Her other hand took the now loose costume covering the left
portion of her chest and pulled it away to reveal her beautiful, brown
breast. She closed her eyes, humiliated.

"I'll tell you what," Brainiac 5 said. "I'll give you a chance to
convince me to let you and the others go, do you want to take it?"

"Yes!" Kid Quantum exclaimed, a chance to get out of here!

"Good. There is one condition."

"I won't have se..."

"Nothing so blatant. You must play with the nipple of your exposed
breast while you try to convince me."



Almost of their own volition her left hand moved to her breast and
her fingers grabbed her nipple. She rolled it between her fingers until it
began to stiffen.

"You're sick. You need help. This isn't right..."

Her fingers squeezed lightly and pulled away from her body,
stretching the nipple and breast until they could stretch no more and the
nipple slipped from her fingers back to its normal shape.

"You can't treat someone like this. You're a Legionnaire. You're
supposed to be a hero."

Her middle finger circled the border of her aureole and begin to snail
shell inward until it reached the protruding nub which she began to flick
rapidly with her index finger. Her eyes began to tear as the green teenager
continued to watch, her words having no effect, as if all the tracks of his
mind were focused solely on her humiliating herself. She blurt out a last
ditch attempt.

"I thought you loved Andromeda."

He shot straight up in his throne. "Stop. Who told you that?"

"No one, I just heard it around somewhere."

He stood up, his eyes filled with a rage she had never seen before,
not even in the most dangerous of villains. He shouted at the top of his
lungs, rage bellowing with each syllable.

"Who told you that?!"

Had she control of her body she would have cowered. Instead she stood,
barely able to squeak out ",S-spark."


Spark watched shocked and terrified as she watched Brainy command Kid
Quantum like a puppet. She couldn't see what Kid Quantum was doing but if
she was following Brainiac 5's commands then it must have been a horrible
sight. She waited in anticipation when Brainiac 5 gave Kid Quantum the
chance of freeing the captive Legionaries.

When Kid Quantum mentioned Andromeda and after Brainiac 5's reaction
Spark thought that perhaps the young, black girl had gotten through to
Brainy. If there was anything that could have pulled him from his insanity
it was Laurel Gand.

After Spark's name had been spoken Brainiac 5 walked down the steps
from his throne and advanced toward her. The look in his eyes was anything
but that of a man that had seen the truth of his misdeeds. Rather they were
filled with and anger she had never seen in him before. He walked toward
her and backhanded her, throwing her backwards to the floor.

Because of Brainiac 5's mind influence she was unable to move, if she
had wanted to.


Brainiac 5 disappeared from Jazmin's vision and she heard someone
being hit and falling to the ground. She wondered what had happened. He had
gotten so angry at the mention of Andromeda. At first Kid Quantum thought
that perhaps she had gotten through to him but after hearing someone being
hit she began to doubt that he had returned to normal.

She could see him again when he began to climb the stairs to his
chair. He sat and took a few seconds to compose himself. When he was calm
again he looked at her.

"I'm afraid you weren't very convincing. Show me your other breast."

"No please."

But her right hand was already repeating the process her left had
made but moments ago. As the material of her costume was pulled aside,
creating the effect of a frame of fabric pushed out of the way by her
breast. Then her hands came up to her chest. Kid Quantum tried to figure
out what her body was doing next and marveled in horror as her hands
pressed her breasts together, lifting them, creating cleavage.

But she hadn't been told to do so. Maybe, Jazmin hoped, maybe she had
gained some control over her body. Brainiac 5 noticed it too.

"Interesting." He came down to her from his throne, his curiosity
piqued. "You were not told to present your breasts to me, but you did so
of your own will. This may mean that the effects of the intensifier can be

Brainiac 5 watched Kid Quantum, his mind going through every
possibility in seconds. After weighing the possibilities he spoke up.

"Kid Quantum, if you want, you may attack me in the chance of gaining
your freedom."

Kid Quantum tried. If she had free will she would have. Even without
it she should have attacked him when he had given her leave to. But no
attack came. Instead, her hands still on her breasts, she slowly knelt down
on her knees, bowed at Brainiac 5's feet, and stayed in the position.

"Interesting," Brainiac 5 muttered looking down at the girl.

Jazmin couldn't understand it. She wanted to be free, but instead of
fighting she had bowed at his feet. Her mind shouted at her body to stop,
to get up. She howled in her mind at the unfairness of it all, she had been
given a chance at her freedom and it had been lost because... she couldn't
come up with an explanation why.

She could hear Brainiac 5 mutter to himself. "Anticipating my
commands... after being forced to obey my spoken orders... her mind adapts
to my mind... does my mental bidding... maybe after a point the intensifier
isn't needed."

Oh grife no. No not that, she couldn't bear to think about it. If she
understood his mumbling then she would never have free will again. Every
move she made, her every action would be determined by Brainiac 5 while she
was forced to endure the humiliating sensations.

From her position, bowing on the ground, Kid Quantum could see
Brainiac 5's foot move away. She heard his footsteps as he climbed back
into his throne, and also heard him say quietly ",Time to test this out."

Without a word being spoken she rose from her position and stood,
facing the Colluan sitting on his throne. She tore her costume all the way
down to it's end at her groin. Pulling apart the now open costume to reveal
the entire front half of her body, Kid Quantum could only guess at what her
body was trying to do. When she had finished her costume looked as if it had
a large open 'V' starting at her shoulders pads and ending at her exposed
pussy. Brainiac 5 smiled at her, it was shaved.

Jazmin had been forced to shave her pubic hair when she had adopted
her brother's mantel of Kid Quantum. She had not been pleased at the
Xanthan government's design for her costume but she had accepted it. They
had claimed that with so few physically attractive women in the "Amazers"
that they needed every chance to showcase the one good looking woman's body
they had. Now the costume was being used to showcase that body in a very
different way.

Kid Quantum's hands played with her nipples, making them both hard
using the techniques she had thought would be the apex of her humiliation
only minutes ago. Once both nipples were firm her hands moved toward her

One hand pulled away what costume remained covering her pussy
allowing the other total access to her most private area. As her fingers
began to work themselves caressing the outer lips Kid Quantum's sense of
humiliation was beginning to vanish and be replaced with pleasure. The
pleasure of her actions but of also doing Brainiac 5's bidding. At first
the heroine tried to resist the thoughts but as her hand started to
penetrate her body and she began to become wet resistance was fast becoming
an inconceivable concept, giving way to arousal.

With one hand to her crotch she walked over to one of the empty
pedestals along the wall. With her free hand she attempted to climb up
onto the raised pillar. When that proved unsuccessful she floated onto the
pedestal using her Legion Flight Ring. All the while her fingers pumped in
and out of her wet sex.

Once she found herself on the pedestal she laid back. Her back found
support against the wall and she moved herself so her face and pussy faced
toward Brainiac 5, her master. Her legs were spread wide open as to give
her master a full display of her masturbatory act.

Her other hand found its way to her pussy and pulled apart the outer
folds of her pussy. The other hand play with her clit, massaging the
throbbing protrusion. Kid Quantum began to make groans of pleasure as she
worked herself toward orgasm.

Jazmin's hands began to work faster as she could feel the orgasm
nearing. Brainiac 5 watched intently as the frantic pace continued to

Kid Quantum no longer cared that she would never be able to command
her own body. She no longer cared about anything but Brainiac 5. (This
would have come as a shock to Brainiac 5 because it was not a side effect
of the intensifier he had planned.) She wanted nothing more than to be
whatever Brainiac 5 wanted. If she could only be with Brainiac 5 she would
be complete. All thoughts she had of escape, freedom, humiliation, self,
and fear gave way as she thought of her master fucking her. She began to
buck her hips imagining his cock pumping in and out of her.

Her head tilted back as she began to moan.

"Mmmmmm! Ooooooh my lord Brainiac! Unh! Master! Master! AAAAAAAAA..."

As she reached orgasm Brainiac 5 pressed a button on his throne
activating a stasis field around the pedestal. She was frozen in a moment
in time, her hands pawing at her cunt, fingers stroking her clit, her face
locked in eternal pleasure. Jazmin had become his first sculpture in the
throne room.

Of course the stasis field was special in a way. While her body would
never age Kid Quantum's mind was not affected by the field and was
experiencing time at its proper flow, but in a body that was orgasming. He
had ensured that she would orgasm for a long as he desired, for eternity if
need be.

She would effectively be brain dead if he didn't release her from her
timeless bliss before a certain point, overstimulation of the pleasure
centers of her brain could be a bitch, but it was okay. Brainiac 5 had
already calculated exactly when that moment was. And if he left her in
there after that, well that was okay too. He had enough brains for the both
of them, and then some.

--to be continued--

Braniacal Genius
part two: Lamp
by Alexi92

Not all of him wanted to do this. Brainiac 5 by all accounts
was for the most part an intelligent, noble, if somewhat scatterminded,
being. But he had twelve personalities. Not multiple personalities as
some like Triad possessed, but twelve distinct personality cycles. Each
one dominated who he was for the better part of a year. Some were
happy, some were dedicated to work, one was depressive, one was insane,
and one, the one manifesting itself now, was an insane sex fiend. It
was one of the problems of having a 12th level intelligence.

He understood that Vril Dox II, the first in his family to be
born with the 12th level, had cycled in periods of passionless
manipulation, romantic tendencies toward the family's first maternal
figure, Stealth, depression, and impassioned distraction. Of course
Vril Dox II lived in chaotic times so all his associates, Stealth
included, had chalked it up to the fact that Vril Dox II was insane.

Of course for Brainiac 5 no such luck existed. Fortunately
throughout the cycle of his personalities certain character traits
persisted. This meant that when he changed personalities people assumed
it was some genius thing they couldn't understand. And a few thought he
was insane.

Querl was always fascinated with science and the discovering of
new things. He always hated to be disturbed when he was doing something
he felt was important. He always loved Andromeda.

When Kid Quantum mentioned the name of Laurel Gand's superhero
name Brainiac 5 suddenly knew what his entire plan of sexual
conquest had been missing, Andromeda. That is why he had not taken the
Xanthan teenager in carnal pleasures, preferring instead to torment the
girl through sexual humiliation. He was saving himself for Andromeda.

Nass, he thought to himself, that is sick.

Looking over the remaining six Legion girls he thought about
how sad it was that none of them was Andromeda. Spark was sprawled on
her back from when he had hit her earlier. Hit her for revealing his
feelings to Kid Quantum. Damn her.

"Spark get up and approach the throne."

Spark sat up and pushed herself off the floor. After getting
her balance she walked to the steps of Brainiac 5's throne. There she
stopped, head bowed, again immobile due to the mental intensifier now
implanted in the arm of the throne in front of her.

Brainiac 5 looked at the girl from Winath. Although she was the
twin of Legion founding member Live Wire the only thing the two shared
that might imply their sharing a womb at one point was their short
orange hair. That and their costumes which shared a lightning motif,
implying their ability to produce and project lightning.

From the corner of her eye Spark could see Kid Quantum frozen
in perpetual orgasm, costume torn open to reveal her chocolate brown
breasts and pussy. Ayla suddenly became afraid about what Brainiac 5
had become.

Spark and Brainiac had both been in the group that had been
sent to the 20th Century by the Emerald Eye. There she spent a fair
amount of time in his lab distracting Koko. Spark had grown close
enough to the Coluan that she had defended him when she felt Supergirl
was using him by preying on his desires for a strong blonde
superheroine to love.

Brainiac 5 had spent his life keeping everyone at arms length
and so perhaps it was Spark's perceived closeness that made him
particularly enjoy the sight of Spark standing in front of him in his
complete control. He commanded her to look at him and he was surprised
at what he saw.

The intensifier should have had complete control over every
muscle in her body except for those surrounding her eyes. But as he had
found with his experience with Kid Quantum the intensifier was not
acting the way he had intended. When he saw Spark looking at him he his
surprise was not that she was able to maintain the use of her face but
at the emotion it displayed.

She looked in pain at the betrayal she had suffered by one she
had considered her friend. Tears streamed from her eyes, closed tightly
trying not to look at his face. Brainiac 5 had expected anger, fear,
perhaps confusion from his captured Legionaries. What he had not
expected was what he was seeing from Spark, sadness. Sadness not only
for her own situation but for what he had become.

Brainiac 5 was surprised but not affected. That is why when
Spark made a final plea, somehow able to speak despite the intensifier,
that her words fell on deaf ears.

"Please Brainy," Spark whispered. "Please stop this."

Brainiac 5 simply pressed a button on the arm of his throne and
waited. Within seconds a small robot, little more than a globe with two
arms, floated in carrying a small package covered in a brown paper
wrapper. Brainiac 5 took the package and the robot left the room.

"Spark take off your costume."

Tears still in her eyes, Spark's hands went to her collar and
peeled off the tight superheroine garb she had always been proud to
wear. Unlike Kid Quantum's costume hers covered her entire body below
her neck within one continuous jumpsuit. Taking it off proved to be a
longer process than Brainiac 5 had anticipated since the gloves were
attached to her sleeves.

When Spark pulled the costume down off of her chest she
revealed another difference between her dress style and Kid Quantum's.
Unlike Kid Quantum Spark wore a lacy white bra. Spark took some solace
that her naked breasts weren't on display like Kid Quantum's on the
pedestal. Continuing to pull her costume off she revealed a skimpy pair
of matching white panties. Brainiac 5 smiled at the bright orange
pubic hair visible through the sheer white material.

Stepping out of the legs of her costume Spark hoped that not
all of Brainy was lost and that he wouldn't make her take off her bra
and panties. It was unlikely considering what he had done to Kid
Quantum but Spark had been closer to Brainy than almost any other
member of the Legion.

Brainiac 5 had Spark hand him her costume. She stood before him
in her underwear wishing for the Brainy she knew to once again inhabit
the green body sitting in the throne.

Instead he held up the package in his hands. "In here I hold
clothing that you can wear if you take off your underwear. I assure you
it is much more than you are wearing now, much more. I allow you to
choose. If you decide not to I willing to let you stay the way you are
on a pedestal in a similar position to Kid Quantum."

Spark gasped.

"I know you can see her. I know a lot. If you want to cover up
with this outfit I promise you that you will not be reduced to a living

Maybe I was right, though Ayla. Maybe he is being nicer to me
because we were closer than he was with Kid Quantum.

Brainiac 5 held out the package, tempting her to cover up.

Spark watched the package as if hypnotized. "Okay."

She quickly removed her bra aware of Brainiac 5's eyes on her
movements. Ayla's pert young breasts were quickly freed from their
covering and Spark began to remove her panties as fast as she could to
keep her total time naked to a minimum. As she exposed her pussy her
cheeks reddened. After what seemed like an eternity she finally slipped
the panties down and then off her legs. Quickly she grabbed the package
out of Brainiac 5's hands and tore away the paper wrapping.

Spark's mouth opened in a silent "oh" at the sight of the
outfit within. The outfit was made of polished black rubber. She let
it unfold and saw that it was a bodysuit, similar to the costume she
had been made to strip from but with some sort of hood. Painfully aware
of her nudity Ayla's thoughts did not stay on the new outfit's design
for long and she was soon struggling to pull it on her leg. Once it was
on her leg up to her knee, clinging tightly to her body she noticed,
she put her other leg into the outfit. She pulled as the tight rubber
molded itself to her legs. Spark shuffled, pulling the outfit higher
and higher on her body.

By the time the lower portion of the outfit was completely
clinging to her body, mimicking every curve in her legs and molded
almost completely against the crevice of her butt, she noticed that her
pussy didn't seem to be experiencing the same sensation of the rubber
pressing against her body. Looking down she was shocked and appalled to
find that her cunt was protruding from a slit on the outfit's crotch.

Spark had given up wearing clothing that only covered her breasts and
genitals for an outfit that covered everything but the most important
part of her body. She looked up at Brainiac 5 to protest but he simply
told her to continue.

Crestfallen she continued to pull the skintight outfit up her
torso. The outfit had enough give in them to accommodate her breasts
somewhat. No doubt Brainiac 5 had designed the outfit specifically for
her. And while the rubber still clung to her tits it did not try to
flatten them to her chest. That was some relief she thought.
Unfortunately there were holes for her nipples and they protruded from
the rubber mounds of her covered breasts, hard from the sensation.

Spark's face reddened but she continued to pull the black
outfit on. She pulled the rubber up her arm, testing the flexibility of
the gloves by wriggling her fingers. When the outfit was on her
shoulder she repeated the test as she covered her other arm. Once the
outfit covered everything her old costume had she stopped. She was
relieved to find that despite the tightness of the rubber on her neck
she had no problems breathing. Looking down she saw the outfit was
little more than an extra layer of skin. You could see every curve of
her body. She was still mortified at how her nipples and cunt were
obscenely exposed and enhanced by the outfit.

"Put on the rest," Brainiac 5's voice said from above her.

She tried to argue, perhaps complain about the outfit but in
all the excitement putting on the outfit and the horrible secrets the
experience had contained Spark had forgotten about the control Brainiac
5 had on her mind.

She pulled the hood over her head and was saddened to find that
it was as tight as the rest of the outfit. Her short hair kept too much
of it from being pulled to the side of her head but the tight rubber
pressed her ears against the side of her head.

But another surprise was still to come. As Spark pulled the
hood over her head she realized it wasn't just a hood but a mask as
well. Pulling it over her face she found that while there were holes
for her nostrils allowing her to breathe there were no holes for her
eyes. She was blind in the outfit, unaware of what was happening in the
world around her except for strained sounds that were able to penetrate
the rubber around her ears. Something pushed its way into her mouth.


Brainiac 5 pushed a small tunnel of rubber connected to the
mask into her mouth with his fingers. This let the mask cover her lips
while leaving an opening to her mouth. He stepped back to look at
Spark. Her entire body was covered with the tight outfit. It was
seamless, as he had designed it, the only visible parts of her body
were the cunt and nipples. The openings gave him access to her cunt,
nipples, mouth, and nostrils.

The mask was a piece of art he told himself. The shape of her
head was recognizable but it was impossible to tell who was in the
outfit, of course he knew but no one else ever would if he so desired.

Spark shivered as he let his fingers brush against her nipple.
Brainiac 5 smiled. From his pocket he took out a small box with a
microphone on it. He had designed it after a radio had seen in the 20th
century, much more aesthetic than the micro-communication devices that
they used nowadays. He had designed this one himself and the receiver
for it was a small speaker device embedded in the rubber covering
Spark's ear.

"If you can hear me nod," Brainiac 5 said into the radio.

The genius was pleased when the rubber head nodded in

"Good," Brainiac 5 said. "From now on you are never to be
released from that outfit."

The mouth of the rubber mask opened as Spark tried to voice
disapproval but Brainiac 5 cut her off before she could speak.

"You may not speak. From now on you are never to say another
word again. Soon enough you will be gagged and it will be impossible
anyway but when you are not gagged you are only to communicate through
moans, grunts, and other sounds you can make without speaking, unless
for some reason I grant you leave to speak. Do you understand?"



Right on time another robot floated in carrying a box. Brainiac
5 took it and the robot flew off. From the box he took a long
cylindrical object, one half of it was metal but the other half hollow
glass. He had invented it earlier today when he had decided to take

"Spark," he into the radio. "I'm going to put something into
your mouth now so open up."

The mouth of the mask opened and Brainiac 5 placed the metal
half of the cylinder into her mouth. He tapped lightly on her jaw and
Spark closed her mouth.

"I want you to keep that in your mouth at all times. It is a
light bulb Spark, a special light bulb designed for your mouth.
Whenever someone touches or licks your right nipple I want you to use
your powers to flow electricity in your mouth to light the bulb. When
someone touches or licks your left nipple you are to stop, turning off
the light. Nod if you understand Spark?"

The rubber head nodded.

"Good. Now let's test it."

Brainiac 5 reached out and touched Spark's right nipple, the
one on his left. It took a couple seconds but the light in Spark's
mouth lit up with a dull glow adding a new illumination to the room
but not blinding to look at. He reached out and touched her other
nipple and the light vanished.

"That's good Spark but I expect you to react sooner. Eventually
it should become second nature. You are never to let that light out of
your mouth unless it is pulled out. If it falls you will be punished.
And from now on Spark your name is Lamp."

He looked at Lamp and noticed that her nipples were beginning
to soften after being used to their new bondage. Brainiac 5's hand went
to the box again and pulled out a spray bottle of irritant that he had
created. Lamp gave a muffled gasped as he sprayed the irritant on her
nipples. Brainiac 5 smiled, the irritant caused an incredible
ever-lasting sensation similar to an itch on any skin it came into
contact with. The nipples in response once again became hard, this time

Soon the irritant no longer affected other who came into
contact with it and Brainiac 5 touched her right nipple again. This
time Lamp made a relieved moan before the light came on. His touch had
momentarily relieved the sensation the irritant caused but by now was
back again. He touched her left nipple and again Lamp moaned before
doing her task. Now she would look forward to turning the light on and

Brainiac 5 looked over his work and on a whim sprayed the
irritant on Lamp's cunt. Lamp gave as best a shriek as she could with
the bulb in her mouth as her lips swelled, pushing out from the slit
in the outfit. Brainiac 5 opened the lips with his hand causing Lamp
to whimper. Careful not to get any on his fingers he sprayed Lamp's
clit with the irritant.

Lamp shrieked again. The clit, swollen beyond expectation,
protruded from Lamp's cunt and hung there irritated by the chemicals
sprayed upon it. Brainiac 5 rubbed his finger against it and Lamp
orgasmed from the relief and sensation. The light bulb fell from her
mouth as she moaned and Brainiac 5 quickly caught it.

"I told you never to drop the light bulb Lamp," the Coluan said into
the radio. "Now I'll have to punish you."

He drew back his arm and spanked Lamp as hard as he could on
her cunt. Lamp orgasmed again but screamed in pain as much as pleasure.
Brainiac 5 replaced the light bulb in her mouth and spoke into the

"Next time I'll use a whip or a stick."

Lamp only whimpered.

"I'm going to move you now so when I push you had better follow
where I'm pushing you."

He pushed towards the steps leading up to his throne, telling
her when to take a step up. Soon he had positioned her right next to
his throne so that he could easily turn the light she held in her mouth
on or off, or if he wanted, to play with Lamp's super sensitive cunt.
Looking at his statue of Kid Quantum playing with herself and then to
his new lamp Brainiac 5 decided that this throne room was shaping up
very fine indeed.
--to be continued--

Braniacal Genius
part three: Powerless Slave

by Alexi92
Brainiac 5 summoned Triad, the Cargggite with short haired
brunette to approach his throne. From her place in the line of
captured mind controlled superheroines Luornu Durgo walked to the
steps of the throne. A large robot entered the room and floated
behind the young girl a few centimeters to her left. Another
slightly larger robot floated in and stopped behind Triad waiting
for its programming to continue.

Brainiac 5 readied himself and gave a command to the
Cargggite. "Triplicate."

Triad's power activated, she triplicated herself, and
within seconds three girls identical to the singular heroine
known as Triad stood before the throne, Triad Purple, Triad
Neutral, and Triad Orange. While Triad Neutral's costume was the
same as before Triad Purple and Triad Orange's costumes had
become more as their names implied. None of them were under the
control of the intensifier.

Brainiac 5 had expected this. He had no illusion that his
intensifier could control someone after their psyche tore apart
into three distinct individuals. His device just couldn't cope
and accommodate fast enough. He was still unsure how a
Cragggite's mind differed from its singular and triplicate

It took the three Triads a moment to realize that they were
free but once they did all three began to move at once to attack
Brainiac 5. The robots behind Triad Neutral and Triad Orange
clamped their arms around the identical girls, holding them most
efficiently. Triad Purple, with no such robot to prevent her
movement launched herself at Brainiac 5 in attack.

Brainiac 5 had been expecting such an attack and was able
to grab Triad Purple in mid air, pull her down, twist her around,
and pull her toward him. Her butt ground uncomfortably on his
groin as she tried to struggle free and he was afraid he would be
unable to refrain from erection. Fortunately the control his 12th
level intelligence granted him over his body was sufficient to
keep his cock at bay. He held his right hand to her mouth,
silencing any comments she might have made while his other arm
pulled her body to him, restring her.

"Let her go!" Triad Neutral shouted angrily, still being
held by her robot captor. Beside her Triad Orange was crying and
pleading that Brainy let them all go.

Brainiac 5 ignored them, his plan hinged on convincing
Triad Purple to follow his command. While she was the most
adventurous, impetuous, and risqué of the three she was still
very close to her "sisters". However their differences in
personalities had caused much antagonism between the three and it
was on this that Brainiac 5 hoped to appeal to.

"Listen to me," he whispered from behind her ear. He let
his hand fall from her mouth, using the hand to hold her neck so
she wouldn't try head butting him. He used his hold on her neck
to position her head so that her ear was just in front of his

"Fuck off," Triad Purple said, trying to break free.
Brainiac 5 was stronger than she had expected. It was a common
mistake, most people thought that with all the attention he paid
to his work he never took time out to train his body.

"I want to explain something to you," he whispered. His
voice was calm, he was in control, he had thought everything

"Don't listen to him, what ever he says!" Triad Neutral
called out to her "sister".

"You heard her Greeny, fuck off," Triad Purple pulled at
the hand around her neck hoping for the traitor to loosen his
grip enough for her to release herself.

"I can give you control," Brainiac 5 whispered.

"I don't want what you can give me!"

"Don't listen to him Triad!" screamed her sisters in

"I can give you control," he repeated. "Control over Triad.
Complete control to do whatever you want."

"What?" Triad Purple stopped struggling.

Triad Orange and Triad Neutral suddenly became afraid for
their sister. What could Brainiac 5 be telling her? Brainiac 5
was a genius, there was no telling what he could do to Triad with
just the sound of his voice.

"Don't you want to be the dominant personality?" Brainiac 5
continued. "You can make them do what you want, be the one making
decisions. They should submit to you not the other way around.
You're the one that has the guts to do things, not the timid
mouse child or the bland boring neutral."

Triad Purple couldn't help but agree with what Brainiac 5
was saying. And he should know, he was a genius after all. As
Brainiac 5 let go of her she didn't move but to nod in agreement
at the teenage genius' words. Yes, she should be in control. She
was the one who should make the decisions.

Something was wrong, thought Triad Neutral. Triad Purple
was free but she wasn't doing anything. Triad Neutral wondered
what sort of insidious plot Brainiac 5 was trying to pull off.
Only days ago he had seemed the normal Brainy, working diligently
in his lab, snapping at anyone who interrupted him. Now he was
doing horrible things to his teammates. She had watched him turn
Kid Quantum into the pornographic statue and then Spark into the
obscene lamp now beside his throne. But they had been under his
control, now here she was free of his control and Triad Purple
was falling under his spell again. Triad Neutral wanted to cry.
Beside her Triad Orange shouted in dismay at what Brainiac 5 was
doing to their sister.

Triad Purple continued to nod her agreement as Brainiac 5
used his words to convince her of how right he was and how she
could be the one in charge of the three Triads. What she was
unaware of was that Brainiac 5 was also reshaping her mind in a
technique he had invented that would have made his ancestor, the
original Brainiac, proud. Brainiac 5 had twisted the resentment
and desire to be in control Triad Purple already possessed
towards her sisters into something more in line with his way of
thought. And as he conveyed to her what he wanted her to do she
began to get turned on.

She turned to him, a big mischievous grin on her face, and
fell to her knees. Triad Purple kissed his hand and he patted her
head with the other. Behind her the other two Triads screamed
their horror at her submission to Brainiac 5. Triad Purple didn't
care, Brainiac 5 had given her sisters and soon she would be in

She got up and walked to the door of the throne room. The
robots holding the other Triads floated, picking the helpless
heroines, both screaming, off the ground, and followed Triad
Purple out of the room.

Brainiac 5 looked over who remained for him to completely
transform into his toy. Decisions, decisions. He began to rub
Lamp's permanently extended clit between his fingers. Lamp
orgasmed, her moan muffled by the light bulb she held in her

XS was a tempting target with her almost childlike
personality, brown skin, and body shaped to perfection by
constantly running at super speed. But then so to was the
arrogant blue skinned Umbra. Shrinking Violet would be ever so
easy to screw around with because of her shyness, despite the
influence of exhibitionism she had gained from being controlled
by the Emerald Eye.

Then there was Kinetix. The young redhead had gone through
many transformation over her short time as a member of the Legion
of Superheroes, all due to her quest for power. Her thinking was
that the more power she had the more people she could help. Noble
sentiments indeed but the drive to acquire power had changed Zoe
Saugin's powers more times than anyone cared to count.

It was during her short tenure as leader that Brainiac 5
had quit the Legion in disgust at their over reliance on his
thinking skill. He had rejoined hours later but the experience
did not put Kinetix in the best light in Brainiac 5's eyes. Quite
ironic he reflected, that she was now powerless because of him.

His plans for Kinetix had been very specific. Perhaps it
was from his experiences with his ancestor Brainiac or the
Coluans who raised him, but Brainiac 5 hated people who let their
quest for power overwhelm them. To him Kinetix was representative
of those kind of people and so it was to her that he had designed
a special position.

"Kinetix approach my throne."

Kinetix began the walk to the throne but had gotten no more
than five steps from her place in line when Brainiac 5 sprung up
from his throne and tackled her. Controlled by the mental
intensifier lodged in Brainiac 5's throne Kinetix could do
nothing as she hit the floor. Brainiac 5 straddled her stomach
and made her look at him. He reached into the folds of his sleeve
to pull out a small, metal scalpel.

He could see the fear in Kinetix's eyes, exactly the effect
he was going for. The entire ordeal he had planned for Kinetix
was meant to emphasize her lack of power, all of it caused by
him, Brainiac 5. He would modify her body as he willed and all
she would be able to do is watch him do it and feel the pain.

Kinetix's costume consisted of long green gloves that stopped a
few inches beneath her shoulders and a green jumpsuit which
covered the top half of her body like a strapless gown. It was
mere simplicity for Brainiac 5 to grab some of the material
covering her breast to create enough slack to cut the costume
down the side with the scalpel.

Getting off the red headed superheroine, and careful not to
cut any of the skin lying underneath, Brainiac 5 had quickly made
incisions down the entire length of both sides of the costume.

Brainiac 5 peeled away the costume from the red head's
chest. He was slightly disappointed that she didn't wear a bra.
He let his finger play with her bare breasts while he watched
beads of sweat form on her forehead.

He peeled away the rest of the costume, pulling hard to
free the costume anchored down underneath her body, and threw it
in a corner. Kinetix now lay naked on the floor of the throne
room, her body pressing against the cold plastic. All she could
see was the ceiling high above her, rafters made of metal, and
Brainiac 5's face staring down at her, a cruel grin on his face.

Brainiac 5 let his fingers run through the red pubic hair
of Kinetix's bush. Somehow Kinetix was able to muster up a faint
whimper. Smiling Brainiac 5 stopped and brought the scalpel to
Kinetix's face and let the metal blade lightly brush against her

"So tell me Kinetix," said Brainiac 5 ",what do you think I
should cut next?"


Brainiac 5's head jerked up at the loud sound echoed
through the room. The source of the sound was a rapidly growing
Violet, her eyes slanted in anger. Somehow Violet had been able
to break through the power of the mental intensifier and...

He dodged as a large fist shot toward him. Blast, he had
forgotten Violet's strong affection for Kinetix. Of course she
could break the will of the intensifier if he put Kinetix in what
Violet considered mortal danger. Hot Nass in Hell, how could be
so stupid!

"XS!," he shouted over the incredibly loud fuming deep
breaths of Violet's rage. "Get me to the top of Violet's

XS, running as fast as the wind picked up Brainiac 5 and
deposited him on the shoulder of the giant Imskian in less time
than it had taken to order it. She ran back to her position in
line, exhibiting the same affinity for mental wishes as Kid
Quantum had earlier.

Brainiac 5 reached for a small remote control on his belt.
The device looked like a tazer, with two small prongs at the end
of it. He had based it on the mind control research wave of his
ancestors and adapted it to this small box. Pressing the
activation button Brainiac 5 aimed the two prong at Violet's ear.
Waves began to rise up from the metal prongs and emanate from the

As the waves began to bombard her mind Violet froze in
place, the anger melting from her face. Much stronger than the
mental intensifier the wave device was only to be used in worst
case scenarios, unlike the intensifier it completely erased the
pre-existing personality of the victim. Violet was now a mindless
puppet waiting for someone to give her an order.

"Put me down Violet," sighed Brainiac 5. Once firmly on the
ground he ordered Violet to return to normal size. The Coluan
took Violet's hand and led her to right before his throne.

"Get on your hand and knees Violet," he said.

Violet followed his orders silently, bending over her
masters specifications. Brainiac 5 sat down in his throne. He
lifted his legs and brought them down to rest on Violet's back, a
footstool, that's all she would be good for now. He decided to
let her keep the costume on, there would be no fun in watching a
mindless autonomic strip.

Taking his legs off of Violet's back he stood himself up.
He had a robot bring in the supplies he had prepared for Kinetix
and got back down to work.


After Violet's loud scream Kinetix was unsure of what had
happened. She heard Brainy order XS around, a funny reverberating
buzz, and then Brainiac ordering Violet to return to her normal
size. Kinetix was pretty sure that Violet had broken free of
Brainy's mind control but then she heard Brainiac 5 order Violet
to her hands and knees. She felt a quick pang of anguish, poor

Poor everyone, Zoe, as others had before her, couldn't
believe what Brainiac 5 was doing. A robot floated over her head
carrying something. It was soon floating the back the way it had
came but now with its hands free.

Kinetix waited for Brainiac 5 to return to torment her.
Despite what may have happened to Vi, she was relieved for what
had happened. Zoe had been expecting for Brainiac 5 to somehow
get her clothes off like the others but she didn't think that he
would do it like that. She had been so afraid that the scalpel
would slip and rip into her skin.

Kinetix heard a buzz. The sound was consistent and
continued at the same constant tone.
it was when a sharp sting hit the sole of her foot. The sting
moved across the foot sole, as unremitting as the buzz in her
ears. Then the sting was gone. Just as fast as it had disappeared
the sting returned but this time on her other foot sole. The
sting left and returned all over her body: left inner ankle, left
outer ankle, left inner thigh, left outer thigh, right inner
ankle, right outer ankle, right inner thigh, right outer thigh,
abdomen, pussy lips, stomach, left breast, right breast, crevice
between her breasts, chest above her breasts, left palm, right
palm, right ring finger, left upper arm, right upper arm, and

Kinetix was rolled over by two hands and the stinging
occurred on her butt cheeks, all over her back, and the back of
her neck. She was turned over again and the buzz got louder.
Brainiac 5 came into Kinetix's view, his face in deep
concentration. She watched as his hand held onto her jaw keeping
it steady. His other hand came to her face holding a tattoo

Grife! That was what the buzzing and stinging was. Brainiac
5 had tattooed all over her body. Now, grip firm on Kinetix's jaw
he brought the needle to her cheek. The needle moved up and down
across stinging her cheek, her eyes began to tear at the thought
of what was happening to her face.

"Stop that," Brainiac 5 commanded.

Kinetix held back the tears as the needle continued
defacing her other cheek, forehead, area above the upper lip,
and finally below her lip just above her chin.

The buzz of the needle abruptly stopped as Brainiac 5
switched the thing off. "Your lucky," he told her. "In the 20th
century the tattoo procedure took all sorts of precautions to
prevent possible harm. They even had to bandage the damn things
for a short while after the procedure."

Brainiac 5 disappeared from her sight again and Kinetix
heard him put away the tattoo needle for something else. Grife,
what now? The tears she had begun holding back began to leak from
her eyes, running down the side of her head to the floor. The
robot floated in the room once again, it left carrying the foul
tools Brainiac 5 had used to desecrate her body.

"Get up," Brainiac 5 commanded.

Kinetix pulled herself up, parts of her body were a little
sore from the needle but 30th century technology prevented any
real bad pain. As she raised she caught glimpses of what the
Coluan genius had drawn on her body. A robot brought in a video
mirror and Kinetix was able to see exactly what Brainiac 5 had
done. Her entire body looked like a wall of graffiti, images and
obscene words covered her body.

"Go ahead, look yourself over," Brainiac 5 said cheerily.

Looking in the video mirror and down at her body Kinetix
was able to determine every tattoo Brainiac 5 had put on her
body. On the soles of her feet the Legion of Superheroes logo was
drawn in yellow ink, the inside of her left ankle had an "N"
while the right inside ankle had an "S", the outer ankles both
had the word "slave" written in inch high block letters, on the
inside of her thighs "keep open" on the right leg and "at all
times" written on the left were tattooed, her outer thighs both
displayed the word "Slut" in large, thick letters. Inviting any
who read it, "Insert here" was written on her pussy lips, while
"Takes all cummers" with an arrow pointing at her cunt was
written on her abdomen. "B5" was branded on her right butt cheek,
the left butt cheek had the words "Legion of Super Whores"
emblazoned on it, on her stomach a big red heart followed by "to
eat cum", down the crevice between her breasts and on the palms
of her hands "place cock here" was written, on her right breast
"please suck" encircled her nipple while on the left breast a
star badge declared "super whore", wrapping around her left upper
arm like an armband a picture of Kinetix sucking a green cock,
and around the other arm a picture of Kinetix taking it doggie
style from Brainiac 5, covering most of back was a detailed
picture of Kinetix bent over and spread open giving a "fuck me"
look, around her right ring finger in place of a Legion ring a
replica ring was tattooed in yellow but with "B5" in place of the
letter "L", around her neck "property of Brainiac 5" was written
in a ring, and above her breasts "Worthless" was written from
shoulder to shoulder in bold, red letters.

While these all were horrifying tattoos Kinetix couldn't
take her eyes from what Brainiac 5 had written on her face.
Across her forehead was written "super whore". Tattooed on her
left cheek was "please fill with cum" with "Licks Cunts Too!"
displayedon her other cheek. "Cock sucker" was written above her
upper lip and repeated under her bottom lip.

Kinetix's hand came up to the video screen and touched the
image of her once beautiful face. Oh grife, this was too much.
She saw his reflection as Brainiac 5 came up behind her holding a
gun-like device. His arm came around her, pointing the gun right
under nose. She didn't resist. Brainiac 5 pulled the trigger. She
felt a sudden sharp pain that lingered. It felt like something
pierced... Oh Grife no! Her eyes opened wide at the realization
and Brainiac 5 nodded.

"That's right, pierced right through the septum."

Brainiac 5 took out a ring an placed it through the new
hole in Kinetix's nose. He rotated it so that the ring's small
opening rested on her upper lip. He threaded the last link in a
small chain, no more than two feet long and half an inch thick,
through the ring's opening. Finally, using a small tool torch of
some sort, Brainiac 5 welded the ring shut.

Brainiac 5 led Kinetix to the foot of his throne using the
chain like a leash. Kinetix saw Violet on her hands and knees in
front of the throne, thankfully with her costume on.

"Violet's my footstool now, I really couldn't think of much
else to do with her," Brainiac 5 explained. "Come on."

Brainiac 5 half led, half dragged Kinetix up the stairs,
sitting her next to Violet so that Violet's ass and Kinetix's
breasts were at the same height. He took the scalpel from earlier
out of his sleeve and cut away the crotch of Violet's costume.
Kinetix sat transfixed and horrified as Brainiac 5 tore away the
costume and then panties hiding Violet's crotch. Using the
irritant he has used on Spark earlier Brainiac 5 sprayed Violet's
clitoris causing it to extend from its hood. He held the piercing
gun to it and fired.

A ring was placed through Violet's clit, Brainiac 5 took
the other end of the chain attached to Kinetix's nose and
threaded it through the clit ring. For the second time in the day
he welded a ring shut around the chain.

"There," Brainiac 5 said satisfied. "Since you two were so
close you can be that way forever."

Zoe moved and the chain pulled taught. Violet's clit was
stretched tight as the ring in it was jerked by the chain.

"Oh my God Vi, I'm so sorry," Kinetix cried.

Violet made no sound, her mindless stare continued into the
distance, her expression blank. Violet felt no pain, was unable
to. But as far as Kinetix was concerned every movement the
redhead made could cause pain to her friend. And as far as she
knew ever movement did. The chain's length would never let
Kinetix move into a position where she could see her friend's
face and know the truth of the dead mind Violet now had.

Kinetix would forever be attached to the vegetable she had
once called Violet, and never see more than of her friend than an
exposed cunt and asshole.

Kinetix felt so powerless.

All was going to plan. Brainiac 5 sat back down in his
throne, put his legs up on Violet's back, reached over, grabbed
Lamp's clit and made the living appliance orgasm again.

--to be continued--

LSH: Braniacal Genius
part four: Messenger and Dogs

by Alexi92
XS walked the short path so many of her Legion sisters
had taken, unable to do anything that Brainiac 5 did not
command. Her grandfather Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash,
had been mind controlled by his fair share of villains but XS
couldn't think of a story she had been told about her famous
ancestor where he watched his teammates be humiliated in
perverted acts of sexual deviancy while he could do nothing to
stop them. And she was sure that her grandfather had never
been betrayed by a friend who then made him participate in an
act of sexual humiliation for the rest of his life, just like
Brainiac 5 was going to do to her.

Though XS was the granddaughter of Barry Allen most
people wouldn't have made the connection based on looks alone.
Jenni Ognats had inherited most of her physical traits from
her father's side of the family. Where as Barry had blonde
hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin, Jenni had brown hair,
brown eyes, and light brown skin. But there was no doubting
her Allen heritage, she had inherited her grandfather's super
speed, and while not as adept at it as other members of the
Allen clan she was still a formidable hero.

In many ways that speed was her only connection to her
family. After joining the Legion of Superheroes she rarely had
time to see her father and her mother had died shortly after
she was born. The rest of her family was concentrated in the
20th century. But when XS ran using her super speed it felt
like Bart, Wally, and her grandfather were running with her.

Until Brainiac 5 had taken over her body she had thought
that she could feel at one with her family any time she needed
simply by running. Now XS was walking to Brainiac 5's throne
upon his command for her to stand in front of him. It was
unlikely that Jenni would feel that her family was with her
ever again.

Usually XS thought so fast that she would cover a broad
range of subjects in her head before others could assimilate
what was happening. At times it made her seem flighty, almost
juvenile. But now, standing in front of her abductor, her
entire mind was preoccupied with what Brainiac 5 was going to
do to her.

Brainiac 5's other projects were easy to see from her
standing point. Spark, or Lamp as Brainiac 5 called her now,
stood next to the throne almost completely covered in rubber
if not for her exposed nipples and cunt, enlarged due to
swelling. Violet was on her hands and knees while Brainiac 5
rested his feet on her back, costume intact except for the
crotch, which had been cut away. Kinetix, naked and covered in
obscene tattoos, sat in front of Brainiac 5's throne, her nose
connected by a chain to Violet's clit, her face in sad
resignation to her fate as the green teenager's toy.

XS' super fast mind sped through all the horrific things
Brainiac 5 might do to her. So far the only thing he hadn't
even approached was try to have sex with anyone.

"XS?," Brainiac 5 asked. "Do you like to run?"

XS nodded, confused, she wasn't sure where he was going
with this. At least she seemed to have some control over her
body now. Something told her it was only because of Brainiac
5's inclination. He still owned her.

"Good," said Brainiac 5, pleased at the response.
"Because you're going to do a lot of it. You are to be my new

The news came as something of a relief to XS. It didn't
sound too kinky, and he said she would get to run. She could
endure whatever it was he had concocted, at least she would
feel her family's presence.

Of course to the right mind anything can be made into a
function of sexual perversion. The level at which Brainiac 5
worked was far beyond even that.

"Strip and be quick about it. Keep the boots though, I
don't want your feet to get calluses."

XS took of her Legion flight ring and dropped it. The
small metal bauble bounced on the ground beside her feet with
a barley audible "ping". It bounced a few more times before
finally settling. She pulled off her gloves and let them fall
atop the ring. XS then unbuckled her Legion belt putting it on
the growing pile by her feet.

Taking a deep breath to steel herself, XS pulled the
zipper from her collar down the front of her costume,
unzipping the white and blue jump suit with its shortened
sleeves and short pant legs to the crotch. She slipped the
costume off her shoulders and arms then wiggled to pull the
tight material off her fit round bottom.

Now standing only in a black sports bra, white cotton
panties, and her boots, XS let the costume descend from her
hands to the pile. The panties, white cotton briefs, had been
the only thing Jenni had brought back with her from her trip
to the 20th century. Unlike the group that visited the past a
year later XS could only bring back the clothes she wore since
her mode of time travel had been running through the time
stream at incredibly fast speeds.

XS gave a pleading glance at Brainiac 5, but he motioned
her to continue stripping. Jenni pulled the sports bra over
her head uncovering her exquisite young breasts. She placed
her arm up to cover her breasts, flattening them to herself,
as she discarded the sports bra into the heap of clothing next
to her. Kinetix gasped at XS' motion, a display not only of
freedom but action independent from Brainiac 5's command that
none of the other Legion girls had been able to accomplish.
Brainiac made no show of surprise and did nothing to stop the
attempt at modesty.

XS let her free hand pull down her panties but soon had
to let her breasts spring to their natural shape in order to
untangle herself with both hands from the cotton knot she had
created around her legs. Her hips gyrated almost hypnotically
as she struggled with the panties, her cunt being thrust
forward and back while she attempted to maintain her balance.
Bent over XS finally pulled her panties off her legs. That
done she stood up, her hand covering her crotch while her arm
was once again hiding her breasts.

Brainiac 5 took his feet off of Violet's back and
reached over the arm of his throne. He tossed XS a sack hidden
to the side of his throne and Jenni's body was revealed in all
its naked splendor as her arms came up to catch the bag. At
Brainiac 5's command XS opened the sack and all concerns with
modesty were lost when she witnessed the contents, two large
dildos shaped like human penises and an electronic chastity

Eyes wide with fear, XS looked up at Brainiac 5 who had
put his legs back upon Violet. Jenni had a sinking suspicion
what they were for. Brainiac 5's mental intensifier compelled
her to stay even though every part of her wanted to run from
the offensive bag.

"Take them out XS," Brainiac 5 told her.

Jenni reached into the bag with her right hand and took
the three sex toys out, a firm grip on the phalluses while the
chastity belt hung loosely from her fingers. The dildos seemed
repulsive to her and she was loathe to hold them in her hand
but without a firm grip they would fall to the ground.

XS watched the Coluan teenage genius, her heart beating
fast even for a super speedster, anxiously dreading his next
command. Brainiac 5's feet slid down Violet's back, following
the path of her spine. The Coluan let his feet fall off at the
curve of her ass and let his left rest momentarily on the
chain connecting Violet's clit to Kinetix's nose. Kinetix gave
a whine as the weight on the chain pulled her head toward
Violet's sex. Brainiac 5 relented, took his foot off the
chain, and stood up. He gave Lamp's clit a flick with his
fingers causing the rubber clad girl to momentarily moan. This
caused Brainiac 5 to smile before he descended the steps to
stand before XS.

His green fingers played with her nipples while XS stood
still holding the sex toys and the sack before her. He pinched
the nipple hard which caused the heroine to wince. Then
Brainiac 5's head thrust forward, inches in front of her right
breast, and his tongue snaked out from his mouth. XS could
feel his breath hit her exposed tit and her nipple hardened.
Brainiac 5 prepared to lick her defenseless breast but
suddenly thought better of it. He brought his head back and XS
let out a mental sigh, her breast remained untouched.

Taking the objects from her hands he commanded her
",Turn around then get on you hands and knees." XS began to
turn when he added a forethought. "And put your head to the

Her back to the dastardly youth, XS could see the eyes
of Umbra, the only Legion girl captured but not yet called,
staring at XS. The blue skinned heroine wasn't looking to
comfortable watching a nude XS bend over to get on her hands
and knees. I'm not to comfortable my self, thought Jenni. Her
hands and knees firmly planted on the ground, XS lowered her
forehead to the ground causing her ass to stick up high in the

XS could imagine the sight that bestowed itself to
Brainiac 5, her ass and pussy aimed at his body, presenting
themselves to whatever he wanted to do with them. Jenni could
feel of the cool air against her holes as she waited for
Brainiac 5's manipulations.

Jenni was not soon disappointed. Brainiac 5 shoved one
of the dildos into her ass. Without any lubrication the pain
to Jenni's virgin ass was incredible and she cried out in
dismay. XS could hear Brainiac 5 grunt as he pushed the six
inch phallus into her resisting anal opening, her cries of
agony going on unabated. When he had succeeded in getting the
entire thing into her she whimpered at the pain of her
sphincter and the discomfort of the enlodged intruder.

The voice of Brainiac 5 came to her ears again as he
said ",Kinetix shove this in her cunt."

The other dildo, now pushed by Kinetix's telekinetic
powers, rammed straight between XS' pussy lips, ripping
through her hymen, until the entire seven inch cock replica
was infixed in her tight cunt. Jenni screamed out at the
overwhelming and sudden excruciating torture of the act.


When XS' shriek had subsided to a prolonged whimper and
the pain had dulled down to merely severe pain, Brainiac 5
picked up the electronic chastity belt. It was simply a belt
that locked around the waist and created a solid shield of
energy keeping the vaginal and anal openings locked and
covered. Just like chastity belts of old the electronic model
also had the added feature of keeping anything shoved in the
anal and vaginal openings before the chastity belt was put on
stuck in there. Brainiac 5 circled the belt around Jenni's
waist and locked it.

Brainiac 5 went back to his throne and sat down, his
feet resting on Violet's back once again. He found the remote
unit to the chastity belt hidden by the chair's complex
external circuitry design and activated the belt on XS. The
energy formed and covered XS' entire crotch and ass, looking
much like a bikini bottom and being a transparent yellow,
leaving nothing to the imagination.

Waiting for XS to be in a state to understand him once
again, Brainiac 5 amused himself by having Kinetix suck on
Lamp's enlarged clit until the rubber girl almost lost hold of
the light bulb in her mouth. Kinetix was then made to play
with herself until she had orgasmed twice.


The dildos in her ass and cunt still hurt immensely but
XS had finally began to think rationally again. She could hear
Kinetix go through a second orgasm and Brainiac 5 walk down
from his throne.

"Stand up XS. I want to talk to you."

XS forced herself to stand up, the dildos inside her
shifted bringing pangs of pain and hints of pleasure to her
body. She turned around and this time, though the pain was
still great, it wasn't as bad.

"You're going to be my messenger XS," Brainiac 5
explained to her. "When I tell you to you are going to run at
super speed and find a person so that you can give them my
message. For the most part they are going to be in the
fortress, but at times they will be outside, anywhere on the
planet. At times I will have you deliver something, take
someone somewhere, or pick someone up. You should be able to
adapt, I've decided to give you pretty liberal control over
your own body. You aren't able to run away or anything but you
will be able to fight and avoid dangerous stuff that might
come up in your missions.

"There is one thing though. Before you give someone my
message you are to drop to your knees and give them oral sex.
If they are wearing clothing over their groin you will take it
off, pull it up, pull it down, unzip it, or rip the material
away, whatever is easiest, just so that you can please them
orally, their sex and your mouth. Then give them my message
and return. You should probably do it at super speed so you
can give the message as soon as possible. And don't worry that
you don't know how. When you were unconscious after I first
captured you the knowledge was implanted in your mind. You're
now know everything you need to perform cunnilingus and

"Oh, and about the things shoved up your holes. You'll
probably feel pain and discomfort at first but soon you'll get
used to them being in there that they'll only be a little
uncomfortable. On the other hand all the running you do will
cause them to rub against your insides something fierce,
stimulating your clit, causing pleasurable sensations as they
wiggle inside of you. I expect that soon enough you'll want me
to send you out on messages."

Brainiac 5 stopped his account of her future. He patted
XS' cheek and pinched her right nipple.

No, XS' mind screamed, she didn't want to run, not like
this. No, god please no. She prayed to the speed force for
someone to help her, Impulse, grandpa, the Time Trapper,
anyone. She couldn't bearto
runwiththesethingsshovedupherholes. Howcouldthisbehappening?

Brainiac 5 interrupted her silent cries. "Go summon

XS ran from the room, the dildos in her hurt still but
she was beginning to get wet from the constant friction they
were causing.


Triads Orange sat on the floor of an empty room hugging
her legs to her chest. Triad Neutral sat beside her, legs
sprawled, leaning back on her hands. Both were waiting for
their "sister" Triad Purple.

Once they had left from Brainiac 5's throne room,
carried by two robots, Triads Neutral and Orange were taken to
the room. Its walls were white like the walls of a hospital
room, but lacking any adornments. There weren't even any
windows, the source of light remaineing a mystery, no doubt
which could be chalked up to Brainiac 5's brilliant design.
There was only one door, but even that was hidden, invisible
to the Cragggites' eyes.

Soon after the two were brought to the room Triad Purple
had entered, walking on her own. The most audacious of the
three Triads had been convinced to join Brainiac 5 and all
pleas by her sisters for help had been ignored. Instead Triad
Purple had the robots force Triads Neutral and Orange to their
knees and put electronic collars around the necks of the ones
she had been closest all her life before leaving the room. The
robots let go of the girls to follow Triad Purple from the

Sensing a possibility for escape the two Triads tried to
bolt for the door, but were hit by an overwhelming pain when
they stood up. The girls fell back to their knees and the pain
subsided. Subsequent attempts to stand caused only more pain
until they withered back to their knees. Finally giving up
they sat down to wait for their sister's return.

They had waited for what seemed like hours when the door
opened and in entered Triad Purple. The two captives gaped at
their sister's appearance. Triad Purple had changed from her
Legion of Superhero's costume into a mockery of a ringmasters
outfit. A tight purple collared shirt with matching purple bow
tie had holes allowing her naked breasts to protrude, nipples
erect, while a purple sequined jacket hung on her shoulders
ending in tails just along her finely toned legs. On her hands
were purple gloves. The back of the left glove featured two
red and two gold buttons absent on its twin. Crotchless purple
pants hugged her ass, displayed her pussy for all to see, and
descended tightly down her leg coming to an end at a pair of
purple stiletto heels. The whole outfit was topped off by a
purple top hat Triad Purple wore on top of the short brown
hair of her head.

"Hello sisters," Triad Purple said cheerily. She took of
her hat and it vanished. Triad Purple's eyes lit with
mischievous glee. Triad Neutral could see that Purple had
succumbed to the force of Brainiac 5. But where others had
been under mind control Triad had broken free of the control
and Purple's submission had been her own choosing.

"Isn't it wonderful," Purple purred allowing a gloved
hand to circle her left nipple seductively. "Look at this
wonderful outfit Brainiac 5 has given me."

"It's not worth it," Neutral shot back. "Now help us get
out of here."

"No," Purple said. "I don't have to listen to you
anymore. I'm in control now. I get to make the decisions."

"But Triad," whined Orange ",we're all the same..."

Purple cut her off. "No! I'm sick and tired of you two
always choosing what to do. Now you do what I say."

"Look," said Neutral getting annoyed ",we'll work this
out. But for now just help us. You're our sister Triad, you're
us. I'm sorry that we haven't been listening to you but
helping Brainiac 5 to torture and humiliate our friends isn't
the way to get our attention."

"You don't understand," said Purple. "I'm in control
now. My master has given you to me. You belong to me just as I
belong to Brainiac 5."

"No!" Triad Orange cried out hysterically. "You don't
belong to anyone."

"Oh but I do," said Purple. "I do anything that Brainiac
5 tells me. He told me that I could have Triad. You have to do
everything I tell you. "

"Not likely," spat Neutral. "There's two against one
Triad Purple."

"That may be but Master Brainiac 5 gave me this." Purple
pressed the red buttons on her left glove and the pain that
coursed through Triad Neutral and Orange's bodies when they
had tried to stand returned causing the two to scream.

Purple released the button and her sisters collapsed
completely to the floor, gasping for air, slowly recovering
from their torment.

"It's getting rather tiring calling each other Triad. I
think we should have different names. So from now on I'll be
Triad. Neutral you can be Lu."

"I'm already Lu," said Neutral, picking herself up.

"No. You were Luornu," explained Triad Purple. "Now
you're only Lu."

"You're insane! I'm Triad."

Triad purple pressed one of the red buttons on her

"AAAAH!" screamed Triad Neutral. Her entire body felt
like it was on fire, while being electrocuted and asphyxiated.
"I'm Triad!"

And again.


Triad Orange crawled over to Triad Neutral. "Oh Triad,
just say you're Lu! Please!"

Triad Orange doubled over in pain as her pain collar was

"Her name is Lu. You will never know her as anything
else ever again. Now what's your name?!"

"I'm Tri..."

The pain was activated again.

"AAAAAH! I'm Lu! I'm Lu!" the girl once known as Triad
neutral cried, tears flowing down her face. And suddenly her
mind exploded in bliss, her entire body felt like it was fine,
more than fine, happier than it had ever been. And then it
went away.

"Good. Now you see, I can give you just as much pleasure
as I can pain."

Triad Neutral, now Lu, was really scared. The brief
moment of happiness was disorienting, it had been incredible.
If she wasn't careful she might become addicted to the

"And you," Purple said, caressing Orange's face. "Always
afraid to do anything exciting. You can be called "Mousey".
Okay Mousey?"

"I d-don't," Orange stammered, hesitating. Her body was
suddenly flooded with the pain for only a moment and she
quickly shouted out. "Yes! Mousey! Call me Mousey!"

"Good Mousey," Purple said.

Mousey gave a gasp as the same pleasure her sister had
experienced flushed away the awful pain. When it had passed
she sighed happily. Purple thought she could hear Mousey
whisper ",Thank you."

"Aren't you both just so good, learning your names so
fast?" asked Triad. "You're both going to love being under my
command, I just know it. And Brainiac 5 told me the perfect
way to keep you under my control forever. You get to be my
little trained dogs."

"Now hold on," said Lu rising. "I'm not going to be
anyone's dog..." As she stood the pain ripped through her
body. Lu looked at Triad, but the purple clad ringmaster... no
not ringmaster, trainer, Lu suddenly realized. The purple
trainer didn't have her hand on the button.

Lu fell, whimpering in pain.

"Bad Lu," said Triad angrily. "You should know that dogs
can't stand on their hind legs. Brainiac 5 specially designed
the collars so you can never walk on your legs. If any
significant pressure is put on your feet then the pain
steadily increases."

Triad went over to Lu's lying body. "Such a bad dog
trying to stand on her legs," scolded Triad. "I guess I'll
have to show you what will happen if you ever try that again."

Triad picked Lu up, forcing the once neutral Triad to
her feet. The pain ripped through Lu instantaneously. As she
continued to stand the pain increased and increased. She
wanted to fall but Triad kept her upright. Lu screamed at the
top of her lungs, agony intensifying with every second. She
wanted to die, she wanted to do anything, just so the pain
would stop. And then it was too much, Lu feinted.


Lu awoke on her back. The room felt strangely cold and
as she struggled to sit up Lu found out why, she was naked.
Triad Orange, Mousey, Lu reminded herself, was sitting on her
knees in front of her sister, watching Lu with a concerned
look on her face. Mousey was naked too. Triad was nowhere in

"Are you all right?" asked Mousey.

"I'm fine," said Lu.

"I'm so glad," Mousey said, and hugged Lu tightly.

Lu was uncomfortably aware of their nudity when Mousey's
breasts rubbed up against her own. Lu's got goose bumps as she
moved to comfort her sister back and their bare skin touched.
Looking down Mousey's back, catching glimpse of the beautiful
skin no doubt identical to her own, Lu noticed for the first
time that she was wearing black gloves.

Lu pulled out of the embrace and held her hands up in
front of her. "What are these?"

"They're gloves, Triad put them on us when you were
unconscious. She said that they're specially designed to keep
us from using our hand like humans."

Lu examined the gloves. They were more like mittens at
closer glance. Shaped like a little like a dog's paws they
were obviously meant to keep Lu from using her fingers. Her
fingers were each in their own separate sleeve but the sleeves
had been attached together, even the thumb, making Lu's hand
look like a continuation of her arm that just tapered off into
a point. She had no idea how Triad had gotten them on her,
except for them being black it was impossible to tell that she
had gloves on. It was like they were vacuum sealed or

Lu tested the flexibility of her new hands. She was
disappointed that the material wouldn't stretch at all, her
fingers were permanently locked in position. All Lu could
really do with her hands was fold the fingers into her palm.
Lu attempted to peel the gloves off with her teeth but found
that the material was so tightly sealed to her body she
couldn't even feel where the material stopped covering her
skin. Lu lowered her hands in defeat.

"What happened?" Lu asked Mousey.

"After you passed out Triad started taking your clothes
off. I pleaded with her to stop but she pressed the button on
her glove. I couldn't stand it, I'm so sorry." Mousey began to

"It's all right," Lu assured her sister. "I understand.
What happened next?

Mousey wiped away her tears with her arm. "She took off
all your clothes and she started rubbing you... you know,

"What?!" Lu cried out.

"You know..." Mousey shifted to sit on her butt, spread
her legs, and pointed at her cunt. "There."

"Stop that, I know what you meant."

"Oh sorry." Mousey crossed her legs Indian style and
continued. "Triad only rubbed it a few times until you got wet
then she stopped. Then Triad told me to sit still and she took
off my clothes and I didn't resist because I was afraid of the
pain. She rubbed my, know.., too. It felt kind of funny
but it felt kind of good. She said I was such a nice doggy
that I deserved a reward. Then she gave me that feeling of

"But what about the gloves?" asked Lu.

"Oh yeah. Then she left and came back with the gloves.
She put it on us and then she left."

"That's it?"

"Well... She gave me the happy feeling again because I
held up my hands so she could put the gloves on."

Lu sighed. Mousey was never the strongest part of Triad,
and now it sounded like the happiness effect was making her
will even weaker. Add that to the evidence that Triad was
continuing Brainiac 5's plans of sexual humiliation and things
did not look bright. Triad had rubbed them until they got wet
for Valor's sake! She had heard about such things back in the
institution on Cragggite and the repulsion of the idea was one
of the few things that she shared with the rest of Cragggite

Lu began to crawl to the door on her hands and knees in
hopes of finding some way to escape. Something grabbed her leg
before she got too far. At first Lu was afraid it was a hidden
robot but when she looked back it was only Mousey.

"What are you doing?" Mousey asked frightened.

"I'm going to see if I can find a way out of here.
Brainy doesn't control our minds so we might be able to

"But what if Triad finds out?" Mousey was now very
scared. "What if she turns on the pain again?"

"I'm willing to risk it," Lu said. She wasn't sure if
she really was but the thought of becoming a dog for Triad was
just a little too much for her to bear. Lu began to crawl
towards the door again.

"Stop Lu!" Mousey pleaded. "I know it's bad but the pain
is worse. At least if we do what Triad wants we'll all be

Lu stopped and considered this. Finally she made up her
mind. "Not like this. It's not the same." Lu crawled on. She
ignored Mousey's further cries, making a break for the door.

The suddenly something pulled painfully on the hairs of
Lu's pussy. While nothing like the pain Triad caused it was
still enough to make Lu shout. Lu looked over her shoulder and
saw Mousey's head over her ass. Mousey had Lu's pubic hairs in
her mouth, trying to pull the fleeing girl back.

"Mousey, stop that!" Lu shouted back.

Mousey continued and finally the pain became to much for

"Ow. Okay, I'll stop! I'll stop!"

Mousey's head shot up from Lu's cunt. "Really?

"Yeah, just don't do that." Lu turned around and crawled
back, Mousey happily crawling next to her.

"Can I ask you something?" Lu asked when they had gotten
back to the spot they had started from.

"Go ahead."

"Why didn't you just use your hands?" Lu inquired. "The
grip isn't too great in these things but it would have

Mousey thought about that and finally said sheepishly
",I didn't think of it."

Great, thought Lu, she's becoming more and more of a dog
every second.

Mousey yawned. "I'm tired."

Lu lied back, the cold plastic floor chilled the skin on
her back. "It has been a pretty long day. A long screwed up

Lu felt Mousey snuggle up next to her like they had done
when they were kids and afraid. She didn't try to push Mousey
away, she was too tired and it was oddly comforting to do
something they had done when all three of them had been Luornu

"I'm sorry," Mousey whispered.

"It's okay," Lu whispered back and drifted off for the
third time that day.


Something was licking her pussy. Lu's eyes opened and
she felt the tongue poke into her. Lu looked down the length
of her body to see Mousey bent over between her legs.

"Stop that!" Lu shouted.

Mousey continued to explore Lu's inner pussy with her
tongue. As disgusted as Lu was her body began to get exited.
Lu bit her lip to keep from screaming, but if it was in
pleasure, horror, or to encourage her sister, Lu couldn't
decide. As Mousey continued to lick at her pussy Lu's gloved
hands began to clumsily play with her breasts.

Mousey's mouth was soon attacking Lu's cunt at a fevered
pace. Lu, breathing fast and hard, nearing what felt like a
release of pure pleasure, began to push herself into Mousey's
attentions. Her mind exploded as an orgasm shook her body and
she moaned loudly.

Mousey stopped her tongue's movement across Lu's cunt
and crawled up Lu's sprawled body. Mousey hugged her sister
around the neck, body crushing against Lu's, their breathing
synchronized, stomachs and breasts pushing upon each other
with each exhale, wetness from their cunts mixing together,
mouths inches from each other moving closer as if to kiss...

Lu heard a lone clapping and pushed Mousey off of her.
Triad leaned across the wall applauding their grand show. Lu
was mortified at what she had done, that Triad had watched.
For the second time in less than twenty-four hours Lu wanted
to die.

"That was stupendous," said Triad. "I knew my little
doggies were wonderful performers. That was everything I
imagined it would be. Now which one of you is Lu and which one
is Mousey?"

"I'm Mousey!" Mousey said. A little to eagerly Lu

"You did such a good job Mousey," Triad cooed. She
pressed a yellow button on her glove and Mousey sighed with

"And you Lu, you were spectacular too, the way you
shoved your cunt into Mousey's mouth. I think you deserve a
reward too." Triad pressed the other yellow button on her

Lu was overcome by the happy feeling again, as if her
entire body was in bliss. It felt like she was having multiple
orgasms, each one ten times stronger than the other. Her
entire life was meaningless to this great feeling.

And then it was gone. Lu felt an emptiness and that
scared her.

"Oh, but without your costumes it's so hard to tell you
two apart," exclaimed Triad. "However will I tell you apart?
Brand your butts? Pierce a name tag through your nipples?
Maybe I should tattoo your names on your foreheads? Or what if
I weld different colored nose rings in you?"

Why didn't you just give us different color gloves? Lu
thought to herself.

"Please don't do any of those Triad," begged Mousey.
"They sound like they hurt so much. And some sound like they
would be permanent. Please no."

Lu couldn't believe horrified eyes. Even though Mousey
might not have been aware of it she was standing on her knees,
hands raised in front of her chest, arms pulled into her body,
fingers folded to her palms. Mousey was begging like a dog.

Triad tussled Mousey's short hair. "Oh, is my little
Mousey scared she's going to be hurt? Don't worry Mousey, I'm
sure I can come up with something painless."

Mousey dropped from the begging position back to her
hands and knees, face broken into a big smile. "Thank you

"Oh you're a good little Mousey aren't you?" Triad

And to Lu's disgust Mousey answered. "Yes, I'm a good

"Yes you are," said Triad petting Mousey's head and
stroking Mousey's smooth back.

Mousey, encouraged put her head to Triad's pussy,
exposed by the crotches pants the purple clad trainer wore.
Mousey began to lap at Triad's cunt but Triad pushed Mousey's
head away before the doggie girl could continue.

"Bad Mousey, doggies aren't supposed to do that to
humans," Triad scolded.

"But..." Mousey began, confused. "I thought..."

"Bad Mousey." Triad pressed a red button on the glove
and Mousey screeched in pain.

"I'm sorry Triad," Mousey cried. "Mousey is sorry."

"Mousey is a girl dog," explained Triad. "Mousey
should only be interested in boy dogs."

"But there are no boy dogs here for Mousey," Mousey

"No, no there aren't," Triad said thoughtfully. "But
there could be."

Lu didn't like where this conversation was heading.

Triad walked to the door. "I think I've just figured
out how to tell you two apart," she called back.

When Triad had left Lu shouted at Mousey. "What in
Valor's name do you think you're doing?"

"Mousey is..."

"Stop that," Lu screamed. "You're not a dog, you're a
girl. You're Luornu Durgo, you're Triad."

"But Triad says I'm Mousey," Mousey protested.

"No," Lu cried, tears falling down her face. "You're
Triad. I'm Triad. We're all the same person. We're not dogs."

"It's all right," said Mousey, crawling over to Lu.
Mousey put her cheek to Lu's. "We're together, that's all that
matters. It doesn't matter if you and I are dogs. Remember Lu,
we're always together."

Lu's tears continued to flow.

"It's all right Lu," Mousey assured her. "We're
doggies, we're all right. As long as we're together, you, me,
and Triad, it's okay if we're doggies."

"But we're not doggies."

"We are if Triad says we are."

"But you're Triad. I'm Triad."

"No, I'm Mousey, You're Lu."

"I'm Triad," Lu sobbed weakly.

"Triad is a person. You're Lu."

"No, I'm not," Lu cried.

"You're Lu."

"No, I'm Tri...."

"You're a doggie, just like me."

Lu looked at Mousey. "I am just like you." It was
true. It was always true.

"Of course you are. And I'm a doggie. My name is
Mousey. Your name is Lu."

"Your name is Triad," Lu pleaded. She had to remember,
if Mousey wasn't Triad then all was lost. There was only one
thing to do. Lu activated their power. Lu and Mousey became
one. And everything was made clear. The three of them were

And the one was three.

And as long as they were always together nothing could
ever go wrong.

And the body split into two different girls.

"I'm Lu," Lu mumbled. I was her name... it had to be.
Triad was a human, Lu was a doggie.

"It'll be okay Lu."

"Will it Mousey?"

"Of course it will, Triad will see to that."

"Triad will never leave us?"

"Of course she won't, Triad loves her doggies."

"Triad loves her doggies."

"Yes she does."

"Mousey?" Lu asked.

"Yes Lu?"

"I guess I'm Triad's doggie."

"So am I Lu."


Triad entered the room hiding her left hand behind her
back. Lu and Mousey looked up at their master. The thought
still didn't seem right to Lu, but then Lu was only... a...

"Oh have you been crying?" Triad bent down and stoked
Lu's face gently. "Well Triad has a surprise that will cheer
you up."

Triad brought her hand from behind her back showing that
she held a sonic razor. "Don't worry doggy, soon I'll be able
to tell you apart from your sister. Which doggy are you?"

"Lu," said Lu, responding to Triad's gentle stroking
with closed eyes, rubbing her cheek against Triad's hand.

"You're a good doggy aren't you Lu?"

"Yes Triad, I'm a good doggy."

"And do you love Mousey Lu?" asked Triad.

"I love Mousey."

The two robots from before floated into the room. Triad
stopped stroking Lu's face and stood up. One of the robots
grabbed Lu's legs and held them firmly to the ground. Lu
struggling in protest, her gloved hand hit the side of the
robot but didn't affect the mechanical grabber a bit. Mousey
let out a whimper but did nothing to help her sister.

Triad pressed a red button on her glove and pain shot
through Lu. Lu stopped protesting and the other robot held her
hands to the ground just as firmly as the one holding her
legs. Triad came up to the side of the captive girl and
brought the sonic razor to her scalp. Carefully Triad cut of
all of Lu's short hair. Lu didn't move in fear of the pain as
the hair was cut from her head. Occasionally she would watch
locks fall in front of her to the ground. Lu's tears began to
well up as Triad sheared her head.

When Triad was finished she rubbed Lu's bald scalp
feeling for any stubble, but the sonic razor had done its job
and Lu's head was as smooth as could be. Triad smiled to
herself. The robots let go of Lu and the now bald dog's
encased hands quickly shot to the place her hair had once
been. Unable to feel anything she broke down crying.

Triad pressed a yellow button on her glove and Lu moaned
in ecstasy, her hair forgotten. The two robots removed all
traces of hair from the floor and left. Lu stopped moaning as
the happiness left her system. A gloved hand made one more
search for hair that wasn't there. Lu hung her head sadly but
didn't cry.

Mousey walked over to her now bald sister and whimpered
at Lu's sad expression. In an attempt to cheer her up Mousey
put a sympathetic cheek to Lu's. Lu snuggled into her sister's
neck. Neither one brought their arms up to hug the other,
because that wasn't what dogs did...

Some time in all the comforting Triad must have left
because she entered the room once again holding a purple
duffel bag.

"C'mere Lu," Triad said, patting her legs. Lu took her
head from Mousey's supportive neck and sadly crawled slowly to
Triad. Triad pushed Lu's head to the ground so the bald dog's
ass shot in the air. Triad positioned herself behind Lu and
took out a strap-on dildo from the duffel bag. The strap-on
had a special second dildo attached to the inside of one of
the straps so that it would penetrate the wearer.

Triad began strapping the apparatus on Lu, making sure
that the inner dildo was firmly installed in Lu's vagina. Lu
screeched as the plastic penis was pushed into her and then
strapped in place. Triad made sure that all the straps were on
nice and tight then locked them with a padlock. She filled
the keyhole with glue she had in the duffel bag making sure
that the strap-on was there for good.

Triad admired her work. With the bald head and fake
penis protruding from her body Lu looked like boy, were it not
for the tits. Triad pulled on the projecting dildo and grunted
in satisfaction, Lu squealed in terror as her hips were pulled
down by the action. Good, it was as if the strap-on were apart
of Lu's body. And with the dildo inside Lu's cunt in a way it

"Wh-what did you do to me?" Lu wailed, crying once

"I made you a boy dog," Triad explained to the silly

"But why?" Lu wept. "I was willing to be your dog, but

"This way I can tell you apart from Mousey," Triad said.
"Mousey needed a boy dog she loved and Lu always sounded like
a boy's name so I decided to just make you a boy. Now you have
a cock just like a boy and a bald head like boys have. Now
Mousey has a beautiful boyfriend she can love. I thought about
doing something about your tits, but they just look so

With that Triad carefully pushed Lu on her back. Lu's
fake cock pointed up in the air, never destined to get soft.
Triad kissed each of Lu's tits and Lu cried out a short groan
of pleasure.

"Come here Mousey," Triad called.

Mousey crawled over to Triad and the recumbent Lu.

"Mousey," Triad said to the naked dog ",Lu's a boy dog
now and going to be your boyfriend from now on. Does that make
you glad?"

"Yes Triad!" exclaimed happily. "Mousey is very happy to
be with Lu."

"Then why don't you go show Lu how happy you are?" Triad

Mousey crawled over to Lu's prostrated body and began to
lick Lu's face. Lu tried to move her head out of the way but
eventually surrendered, allowing Mousey's tongue to coat her
face with saliva.

"Very good Mousey, but that's not how you show boy dogs
you're happy" said Triad. Triad guided Mousey away from Lu to
the middle of the room.

"Stay," Triad commanded. Then she went back to Lu and
pulled on the bald dog's tits forcing the human pooch to get
up. Triad guided Lu to a spot right behind Mousey.

"If you want to show a boy dog your happy," Triad told
Mousey ",you have give your pussy to him. Now show Lu you want
him to have your pussy."

Mousey pushed her rear to Lu, her pussy presented

"Good," Triad said satisfied. "Now Lu, you have to check
to see if Mousey is really happy. Check to see if she's wet."

Lu let her gloved hand come off the floor to check but
the pain shot through her.

"Not like that," Triad reprimanded. "You're a dog, a dog
smells if the bitch is happy or not. You have to smell for her
pussy juice, if you can smell if she's wet then you know if
she's happy or not."

Lu brought her nose to have above Mousey's presented
pussy and breathed in deeply. She could smell the bitch's
cunt. The poignant musky aroma of Mousey's moistened mound hit
Lu's nostrils like a freight train.

"Is she happy?" asked Triad.

"Yes," said Lu.

"Then you have to show her how happy you are. Give her
pussy something good."

Lu gave Mousey's cunt a long lick with her tongue. The
taste of the bitch's juices and vagina lingered wonderfully in
Lu's mouth. Triad laughed loudly.

Wiping a tear from her eye and grinning wildly Triad
stopped them. "No, no Lu, you silly little doggy. You have to
put your cock in Mousey's pussy, you should fuck her to show
her you appreciate how happy Mousey is."

Of course, thought Lu. She had to stand on her knees to
level her plastic cock with Mousey's raised cunt but she
plunged the artificial phallus in quickly. Too quickly, Mousey
gave a loud squeak as it plunged into her cunt. To maintain
her balance Lu rested her hands on Mousey's back. Lu rocked
her hips, pushing the dildo in and out of Mousey and causing
the dildo in her own pussy to vibrate. Soon both human dogs
were rocking back and forth, grunting and moaning.

Mousey orgasmed loudly and Lu followed suit soon after.
Lu pulled her cock out of Mousey's cunt, the fake penis
covered in Mousey's cum.

Watching Lu pull out, Triad squirmed against the wall
she was leaning against. Triad had watched the two human dogs
fuck and it turned her on. Her fingers were moving in and out
of her own pussy franticly, grateful for the easy access given
by her pair crotches tight pants.

"Oh, look at your cock and cunt," Triad grunted
",they're all messy. Both of you come here."

Lu and Mousey crawled to Triad and Triad pushed the
bald human doggy to its side. Triad made Mousey lie with her
pussy in Lu's face. The trainer told Lu to thank Mousey for the
fuck by licking Mousey's pussy. Lu started and Mousey moaned.
Triad put her own pussy into Mousey's face and the dog that
had once been her sister was soon licking her to pleasure.
Triad then attached her mouth around Lu's fake cunt, sucking
Mousey's love juice from the plastic appendage. The three of
them lay in a triangle bringing one another to pleasure for
another hour.


Lu and Mousey were bent over lapping up water from dog
dishes with their names written on the side. They had just
finished a meal of dog food, also served in dog dishes. They
had eaten eagerly, hungry after all the work they had done.

After their triangle fuck Triad started to teach the
dogs tricks. When they messed up they were given pain but when
they had mastered the trick the happiness feeling flooded
their bodies. Lu and Mousey were soon able to beg, roll over,
shake hands, and fetch just like real dogs. Among their
schooling they had been made to fuck like the dogs they were
over and over. Triad even made Lu fuck Mousey's ass, which
Mousey hadn't liked. Her ass was still sore but Triad promised
the young bitch that it would get used to the feeling of Lu's
cock in it. Mousey wasn't so sure but Triad knew best.

Once, while Lu was pushing her cock into Mousey's eager
cunt Triad had taunted the bald dog with reminders of
humanity. "What would Chuck think if he saw you happily
fucking a dog with your own cock?" Triad had whispered in Lu's
ear. The mention of the boy from Lu's past, the object of her
affections, had caused the bald girl to break into tears,
still fucking Mousey's cunt with wild abandon.


Triad stood in a empty, well lit hallway about to enter
the room once again. Brainiac 5 had given her everything she
had always wanted and so much more. Now she was the one in
charge. When she wanted to do something she did it, no
protests from her stuck up sisters. Her sisters were her happy
doggies now, they loved her for what she was, didn't question
her orders, or think themselves better. Everything was

A blur shot in her vision and XS was suddenly in front
of her. XS wore only boots and a transparent bikini bottom and
her tits shook violently from lack of support while running at
super speed. The nude speedster looked excited, like she were
on the verge of an explosive orgasm. Triad was taken aback,
Master Brainiac 5 had been busy in her absence.

XS fell to her knees, mouth attaching itself to Triad's
exposed pussy. Triad felt XS' tongue go over her cunt at super
speed, licking all her parts seemingly at the same time. The
super speed tongue was like a ray of pure pleasure against her
twat. Triad came in record time. XS shot up from the cunt,
rattled off ",Brainiac 5 says to return," and ran off in
another blur.

Triad fell against the wall recovering from her almost
instant orgasm. In the distance XS shouted in pleasure,
finally experiencing the orgasm she had been anticipating.


"So these are the dogs you have trained?" Brainiac 5

"Yes Master Brainiac 5," answered Triad. To each side of
her Lu and Mousey stood on hands and knees. Triad let her hand
touch Lu's bald head. "This is Lu, he's a good doggy. Go and
shake master Brainiac 5's hand Lu."

Lu crawled up the steps holding her breath. Performing
in front of Triad was one thing but this was different.
Kinetix, sitting at Brainiac 5's feet, and XS, standing on the
opposite side of the throne of Lamp, stared at her in
horrified fascination, eyes focused on her bald head more than
her nudity. They were all naked, but a shaved head...

Lu moved around Violet, still and on all fours in front
of Brainiac 5. Lu wondered if the Imskian had also been turned
into an animal, but a glance in Violet's vacant eyes erased
that possibility. Rising to her knees, Lu extended her arm,
gloved hand folded to the palm. Kinetix gasped at Lu's cock,
jutting from the human dog's body in its permanent erection.

Brainiac 5 shook Lu's hand and she dropped back down on
all fours. Lu crawled back to Triad's side, once again
breathing normally.

"He's a wonderful dog," Brainiac 5 said.

"Thank you master," Triad flushed.

"Tell me, does he use his cock often?"

"Oh yes," Triad said proudly. "I make sure Lu fucks his
girlfriend regularly."

"I assume by girlfriend you mean the bitch."

"Of course. Mousey here loves Lu."

"Good, good," said Brainiac 5. "I want one further
demonstration and I'll let you get back to training them."

"Anything my lord," said Triad bowing.

"Good. I think it's time my worthless slut got fucked,"
Brainiac 5 exclaimed. Kinetix was shaking her head franticly,
trying to deny it.

"Have Lu fuck her," continued Brainiac 5.

"You heard Master Brainiac 5," Triad told Lu. "Go fuck
Kinetix, see if she's happy."

Lu climbed the steps once again. This was something she
had practiced more than begging, more than fetching, more than
shaking hands. Lu could do this with confidence.

Kinetix tried to back away from the advancing dog but
the chain in her nose kept her from moving very far. And
though Kinetix was lying the wrong way, on her back instead of
on her hands and knees, Lu sniffed at the pussy in front of
her. Kinetix tried to push Lu's head away but Brainiac kicked
the slave and Kinetix stopped resisting.

Lu couldn't smell any damp on Kinetix's pussy so the dog
followed her training and licked the organ into moistness. The
fragrance of a nicely wetted cunt reached Lu's nostrils. Lu
moved up Kinetix's body, allowing her hands to rest on the
redhead's tits, and thrust her plastic cock between Kinetix's
pussy lips.

As she pumped into the tattooed slave Lu hoped Triad
would be pleased. As for herself, Kinetix's squirming was
already bringing Lu to the brink of an orgasm.

--to be continued--

Braniacal Genius
part five: Babe

by Alexi92

Brainiac 5 wasn't a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but
the idea intrigued him. He had long mastered the art of mind
control, as evident by the sex slaves he had surrounded
himself with, but what he was working on was completely

The whole thing was so involving for Brainiac 5 that
Umbra stood alone in the throne room, the last of the captured
Legionaries, ignored for the better part of a day. She
wondered, half in terror, what insidious, deviant plans the
boy genius enslaver had cooked up for her.

Brainiac 5 had left the throne room, telling Kinetix he
had an experiment to attend to and would be back soon. Until
then Kinetix was to try and make Violet orgasm with her
tongue. Of course Kinetix had no way of knowing that Brainiac
5's footstool was brain-dead but the red-haired slave went to
her shameful task, burying her face Violet's cunt, the chain
between the rings in Kinetix's nose and Violet's clit going

Umbra watched the slave service the Imskian footrest and
was partially relieved to not be given such a fate. Whatever
Brainiac 5 did to the blue skinned girl from Talok VIII it
surely couldn't be as bad as the display she was watching.
Although if the dog show Triad had become was any indication
of Brainiac 5's progression of perverted fates for his slaves
then she was in big trouble.

It was all up to Brainiac 5, and he had gone insane.


"Will you be laughing maniacally sir?"

Brainiac 5 looked up at one of the fortresses' many
robotic servants. He had considered turning one of the girls
into a maid but eventually dismissed the idea. None of the
Legion girls he had captured could match the efficiency of a
robot, with the possible exception of XS, but he needed her as
a messenger.

Still the personality pathways Brainiac 5 had installed
in the robots was annoying. Every time he finished an
invention they expected him to act like a mad scientist from a
bad twentieth century movie.

"No, I'm not going to laugh. Personality pathways off."

There was a soft click as the robot became a mindless
mechanical drone.

The virtual reality interface was done. Brainaic 5
inspected his latest work with admiration. Once put on the
subject's head it would inject a small interface, connected to
the main apparatus by small wires, directly into the subject's
brain. From that point the subject would truly experience the
VR program as preprogrammed senses were fed into the
appropriate sections of the brain.

The subject was Umbra. If it worked Brainiac 5's tasks
would be complete. There was a method to his madness, there
had to be when his madness was occurring in a brain with
twelfth level intelligence.

Well, decided Brainiac 5, time to see if it worked. It
probably would, but one could never be sure. It wouldn't be an
experiment otherwise. Once Umbra was submerged in the false
reality he had created for her he would prepare her real body
for when she came out of the Virtual Reality program. It would
entail stripping her, but any burden for the pursuit of

He had to stifle a giggle.

I wonder, Brainiac 5 thought, what a blue nipple will
taste like.


The light was incredibly bright. She tried to create
darkness to combat the light but her powers wouldn't work.
Something was wrong, very wrong. Umbra could feel reality
reshuffle around her. The experiences with the Legion of Super
Heroes were becoming further and further distant, like a dream
from long ago. Instead she saw something else, a street
corner, a....


Umbra shivered as a slight wind breezed past her bare
pussy. The night was cold, but there was nothing that could be
done about that. Umbra stood on the street corner in a leather
halter top and miniskirt, the black material contrasting
against her blue skin in the same way her dark hair shaped the
smooth features of her face.

The miniskirt was tight, conforming itself to the shape
of her well toned ass. But just as it was tight the thing was
short, ending less than halfway down her thigh, barley
covering her hairless pussy, unencumbered by panties of any

In every way Umbra looked like the streetwalker she was.
The only exception was her face and its lack of make-up. It
was what Umbra liked to call a natural beauty, and it worked,
bringing in the customers by the truckloads. It was a wonder
that her holes weren't looser, she was just as tight as if she
had never had fucked a man in her life.

And it was weird, Umbra couldn't remember ever fucking
anyone before. That was preposterous of course, but the
nagging feeling that she had never let a cock into her
experienced blue cunt wouldn't leave her. But obviously if she
was a whore she was used to fucking and sucking, wasn't she?

Such thoughts made her head hurt. Umbra quickly forced
the notions from her mind. She was Umbra, nothing more than a
whore to be used by men.

"God you're disgusting."

Umbra turned to confront the voice and came face to face
with a hero. She couldn't believe it, M'Onel from the Legion
of Super Heroes was here talking to her. Umbra had seen vids
of him and one look at his handsome face took her breath away.
He really was the embodiment of the greatness of life, just
like Valor. Now here he was in person. Umbra couldn't help it,
she was enamored with him at first sight.

"Look at you," said M'Onel. He stood tall and proud in
his Legion costume, looking at Umbra with disgust. "You should
be ashamed, nothing more than a receptacle for cum. How can
you even think to gain anyone's respect when you fuck anything
that can pay? You use the ultimate expression of love as if it
was valueless as a sandwich. You're a worthless slut."

Each word M'Onel spoke was like a dagger to Umbra's
heart. The man she adored was berating her. He could never
love her, and the revelation was devastating.

In the back of her head something screamed at her. It
tried to convey a message of truth, of knowing M'Onel long
before this encounter. Trying to tell her that M'Onel thought
no such thing. She wasn't a whore but a respected hero, and a
virgin. But the message could not get through, blocked by the
electronic genius of Brainiac 5.

Umbra tried to hold back her tears as M'Onel continued
his tirade about her wanton ways. As he concluded to tell her
of how she was an enemy to love he said ",but what the fuck."

She looked up at him, surprised to find that she had
lowered her head in shame. M'Onel held out a wad of cash. (You
don't know what cash looks like, a part of her screamed, it
was discontinued centuries ago. It was ignored.)

"Let's fuck whore."

Her spirits soared, and Umbra decided, if she couldn't
get his love at least she would get his cock. She reached out
and took his money.

At super-speed Umbra was whisked away from the street
corner to an alley. It happened so fast that she was unable to
recognize what part of the city they were in, but to Umbra it
didn't matter.

M'Onel shoved the blue whore against a wall in the
alley. Umbra, although her back hurt a little, glided her
hands into M'Onel's pants, wrapping her fingers around the
hero's rapidly hardening cock. Umbra savored the sensation of
the dick in her hands, trying to memorize the feel of every

"Enough of that shit," M'Onel whispered into Umbra's
ear. "I want to fuck you, now!"

The words sent shivers of anticipation down Umbra's
spine. She pulled M'Onel's cock from the pants of his uniform.
Never letting go of her dream organ with her left hand, her
right hand pulled the tight miniskirt she wore up to her hips,
letting her bare cunt free. M'Onel's hand cupped her groin to
feel the pussy he had paid for. Umbra gasped with delight.

"No underwear and shaved," laughed M'Onel. "You really
are a slut. Good."

With the hand around his cock Umbra guided M'Onel's
member into her awaiting cunt. M'Onel slammed their bodies
together, his penis propelled forward into her body. As he
rocked back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of her
body, she put her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs
around his torso.

M'Onel held Umbra, her back against the wall, pumping in
and out of the blue cunt like a man possessed. Umbra was in
the throes of passion, shouting wildly, as the hero brought
her toward climax with his powerful cock. As her first orgasm
tore through her body images and thoughts flooded her mind.


In the throne room Brainiac 5 watched Umbra buck her
hips wildly, fucking a man who wasn't there. Her costume had
been removed so the image she presented was a naked, light
blue skinned teenager on her back thrusting a throbbing pussy
in the air.

But Brainiac 5 was more interested in the readouts for
the artificial reality apparatus she wore on her head.
Corresponding with her climax, the memories the helmet was
supposed to suppress were flooding into Umbra's mind. The
Umbra in the virtual world would have full knowledge of the
real world.

Fortunately Brainiac 5 had foreseen such a complication.
It wouldn't affect the program, it just meant that there was a
possibility she would resist.

But considering how franticly she was thrusting her hips
that didn't seem likely. And it was fun to watch.


What had Brainiac 5 done? Umbra considered the question
for a scant ten seconds before it was pushed back for a more
pressing matter. M'Onel continued to fuck her body and Umbra
could feel the starting of another orgasm. She knew she should
resist but the feel of M'Onel's cock inside of her was so
gratifying. And to know the truth, that this was actually her
first sexual experience, it was enough to make Umbra forget
about Brainiac 5.

"Yes! M'Onel!" Umbra shouted, using her arms and legs to
pull him to her, making his cock dig deeper into her body. The
stimulation was too much for both of them and they came
simultaneously. M'Onel's hot cum coated the walls of her
vagina and Umbra savored the warm feeling inside of her.

Still holding her tightly, his cock slowly shrinking
inside of her, M'Onel turned around and rested against the
alley wall. He slid downward until he slumped against the
brick barrier, Umbra sitting astride his lap, connected to him
by his inserted cock. They were both exhausted.

It was perhaps because of that exhaustion that Umbra
failed to realize that though M'Onel's cock was gradually
becoming flaccid, it was still filling her as though it were
constantly erect. At first Umbra happily attributed this to
the fact that he was still erect, intimately filling her body,
but she soon realized that he was getting bigger, far bigger
than she remembered when they were fucking.

Then it hit her, she was shrinking. And though she
didn't feel herself getting smaller she felt everything else
getting bigger, including the cock shoved up her cunt. She
continued to grow smaller and the effect M'Onel felt, that of
vaginal walls contracting around his cock, caused him to get
erect again. Which meant that he was actually getting bigger
as she grew smaller. It was pleasurable to her at first but
soon that gave way to pure pain as his cock threatened to
impale her.

Umbra began to struggle to pull herself off of M'Onel.
After much grunting and groaning Umbra was finally able to
dislodge herself from the large cock. Standing over the
exhausted M'Onel Umbra was surprised to find that she hadn't
shrunk as much as she had originally thought, maybe half her
original size. Her clothes no longer fit her so she took them
off and went off in search of a solution. Umbra was a little
disheartened to find that her breasts had not proportionately
shrunk as well and were now A cups, if that.

Across the street from the alley was a store with a big
window. It reflected things very well and Umbra soon saw
herself. She was a child! No wonder she had no breasts, she
had turned into a child, no more than ten years of age. She
had de-aged.

Was de-aging, she corrected herself. The image in the
reflective window was showing a girl getting slightly younger.
At this rate she would be a helpless baby in no time at all,
and after that...

Umbra ran back to M'Onel in hopes of soliciting his
help. She tried to run faster but she continued to shrink,
regressing into a five year old. Her little legs moved as fast
as they could but by the time she got to the sleeping M'Onel
she was a toddler.

She tried to wake him by pushing him with her tiny
little arms. "M'Onel! M'oneggglg!"

ggglg? Even her speech was being affected. She wanted
M'Onel to wake up, find a cure, anything. She couldn't die
like this, not helpless. Not... it was getting hard to stand
up. Umbra could feel herself losing the ability to stand up,
legs too small and weak to support her weight. She was turning
into a baby.

"NoooooooaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Umbra cried in a
last attempt at protest.


It was enough to wake M'Onel up. He awoke from his nap
to find the blue skinned whore gone and a small naked baby
girl in her place. The resemblance between the two was
uncanny. This child, he decided, must be the whore's daughter.
Abandoned no doubt.

M'Onel gently picked the infant up and cradled it in his

"Who are you?" he whispered softly. "You're such a cute
little thing aren't you?"

He couldn't leave the child here, that was for sure.
Holding the child gently in one arm he stuffed his cock back
into his pants. M'Onel decided there was only one thing to do
with the abandoned baby of a whore.
The baby began to cry.


Umbra tried to communicate with M'Onel. Speech wasn't an
option, every time she tried to say something it either came
out as a wail or as some gibberish. It was inconceivable, how
could she retain her intelligence and yet not even be able to
talk. It was impossible, it was infuriating, it was scary.

M'Onel just walked around with her cradled in his arms.
Sure it felt like a safe place to be, but as a baby it was
just too... too... too wrong.

She tried to speak again but it only came out as "Ga gla

M'Onel held her at arms length and looked at her. "What
was that? Did you say something baby?"

"Goo ke fa mmm," Umbra prattled excitedly. Could M'Onel
understand her childish language?

"I thought as much. Now what am I going to do with you?
Obviously you can't stay with me."

Umbra was crestfallen. He hadn't been able to
communicate, he was just humoring the little baby. The
helplessness was frustrating.

Suddenly she felt an overwhelming need to pee. And
though she tried to hold it in it felt like it was about to
flush straight through her system and expel. If she couldn't
fight, couldn't stand up, or even communicate at the very
least she was going to hold back her urine long enough to get
to a diaper. Umbra mustered up all her might, all her
determination and willed herself not to pee.

The urine fell from her body as a golden arc onto
M'Onel. He gave baby Umbra a sheepish look like he should have
expected it and didn't blame her, after all she couldn't help
it if she couldn't control her urinary tract yet.

But to Umbra it was the ultimate defeat. She truly was
helpless, in every sense. She couldn't even hold back her
piss. No control whatsoever.

She really didn't want to but she couldn't help it, the
baby Umbra cried.


M'Onel took baby Umbra to a nearby hospital and
explained the situation. He wasn't sure what condition the
child was in. Baby Umbra tried to speak up, explain she was
all right but all that came out were some giggles. She had
gotten used to it. Umbra had resigned herself to her fate. She
was a baby, fine. At least she wasn't de-aging anymore. In
time she might even begin to grow up again. Until then she was
a baby.

The nurse took her from M'Onel and Umbra began to cry.
She didn't like being taken from M'Onel. But the nurse began
to rock her back and forth and Umbra found the motion
relaxing, she stopped crying.

They ran a few tests on her but everything checked out
okay, she was a normal baby. Umbra soon figured out the codes
for getting what she needed. When she was hungry she cried and
someone brought her a bottle of milk. When she soiled her
diaper she cried and someone would change it, cleaning her


Brainiac 5 couldn't help but smile. Despite the onrush
of memories the entire process was working quite well. The
mind was a wonderfully adaptive organ, if it sensed a loss or
a gain it adapted to it fairly quickly. According to the read
outs Umbra was learning very quickly how to be a baby. She was
unlearning the behavior she had grown accustomed to as an
adult and was fast picking up the thinking processes of an

Of course once she had an infant brain again it would be
near impossible for her learn how to be a "grown up". That
information would have been lost and Umbra would need to
relearn it all, just as slowly as she had the first time
around. In other words, once Umbra was in baby mode Umbra was
stuck in baby mode.


Umbra wanted her blanket. Where was her blanket? She
cried and the nurse lady came, bringing Umbra's blanket. The
nurse tucked the blanket around Umbra and the baby stopped


Brainiac 5 removed the artificial reality helmet from
Umbra's head and the blue skinned girl began to cry. She
couldn't understand what had happened, she had been happy in
the hospital and now she was in a funny room. It seemed
familiar but it was scary so she cried. She cried because she
didn't know where she was, she cried because her body had
changed, getting bigger, she cried because she was sad.

Brainiac 5 sat Umbra up and clutched her to his chest.
He began to rock the girl gently, his hands resting on her
large tits, fondling the light blue orbs, bringing the nipples
to hardness. He began to hum a tune he had heard somewhere, a
calming tune.

Umbra began to coo. She recognized the green skinned man
from somewhere, and she liked the way he was holding her, it
made her feel good.

"Is baby Umbra okay?" Brainiac 5 asked?

Umbra began to make her gibberish noises and was quite
surprised when she spoke real words. It was a triumph she told
herself, but she wasn't sure why. It was all very confusing.
She just wanted to say something to the nice green man.

"Baby Umbra feel good."

"I'm so glad." Brainiac pinched Umbra's nipple, the teen
sized baby giggled. "I'm going to take care of you from now
on, would you like that?"

"Yay." Umbra clapped, pleased. Then she peed on the


A robot was cleaning up the mess.

Brainiac 5 had diapered Umbra with a large diaper he had
developed for her. Just before putting it on his new baby he
played with her cunt until she had an orgasm. He wondered if
she simply retained her childlike mind and motor skills but
the hormone levels appropriate to a teenager of her age and

Now she was playing with Mousey, screaming in delight as
the human dog pranced around. Umbra was wearing only the
diaper, looking like a refugee from an x-rated costume party.
Mousey licked Umbra's tit, her tongue tasting the blue breast,
concentrating on the hard nipple.

The blue skinned girl caught Mousey by the neck and began to kiss her on the head. Mousey nuzzled her new friend
and Umbra gave the once meek Triad a big hug.

"Very cute," Triad, the only one to still keep the name,

"Yes," agreed Brainiac 5 from his throne.

"But I don't understand, your plan is to torture and
humiliate the Legion girls isn't it? To turn them into sex
slaves. So what's the point of turning Umbra into a baby, she
doesn't even understand what's happened to her."

Brainiac 5 sighed. "Triad you do not know my plan at all. Umbra's role in it is to become a baby. I need a baby."

"Then why not really de-age her? I know you could."

"Well yes, but then I wouldn't get to watch the teenaged
Umbra prance around acting like a baby, it's far sexier than a
real infant. And once my plan is over I'll get to fuck that
teenage body anytime I want. As for the humiliation, it's
there. Somewhere deep in Umbra a part of her is the same
person screaming like hell to be let go. Just like Lamp."

"I understand."

"I doubt it. Now, I just need someone to breast feed
Umbra and make sure she orgasms regularly. I need a mother."

"Don't look at me."

"I wasn't, you're the last person I want raising my

"Oh. Good."

"Of course when my plan is over I'll fuck you whenever I
want as well."

Triad was silent.

And somewhere, deep inside her mind, a part of Umbra
screamed like a banshee, trying to explain that she wasn't a

--to be continued--

Braniacal Genius
part Six: The Tour

By Alexi92

5 days later...

"Help Andromeda!"

Laurel Gand awoke, sweating profusely, stands of blonde
hair stuck to her face. This was the third night in a row she had
been having these dreams, ever since Saturn girl had informed her
of the deaths of eight Legionnaires at the hands of a mad maniac.

Each night the dream had been different although each had a
similar theme.

The first night she dreamt that she watched her Legion
friend, Brainiac 5, get slaughtered, unable to do anything
herself. Then, as he lay dying, she left him, not knowing that
her comrade still breathed, hoping for rescue.

The second night Andromeda dream she was in the middle of a
passionate kiss with the Brainiac 5 when an unknown force ripped
him away from her. She watched Brainy get pulled away, unable to
see the path that would lead to his rescue.

And now this dream tonight. Brainiac 5 lying in a coffin as
he was attended to by his fellow Legionnaires. Andromeda could
only watch as they replayed his last moments, fighting an evil
energy force, burning up as he destroyed the evil. And then
falling from space onto the ground below shouting for Andromeda's
help and not getting it.

It was too much for Andromeda to take, she knew signs when
she saw them. Obviously her bond with Brainiac 5 was stronger
than she had known. Sure, she knew that he had feelings for her.
Everyone knew that. But she had never been sure of her own
feelings for him.

Until now. By Valor, if there were the slimmest chance that
he was still alive she would find him.

Andromeda crawled out of the bed her fellow nuns had
provided her when she had joined their order. She slept naked,
there were no men in the entire complex except for those in the
hospital. Her statuesque body glimmered with sweat as she went to
her closet. She had large breasts which bounced slightly as she
walked and her pussy hair had all been shaved away. She no longer
needed to now that she was part of the nunnery but it was still a
habit from when she wore the Legion of Super Heroes costume.

That same costume, the orange sleeved swimsuit with long
loincloth continuing from a large black vertical strip down the
middle of the suit, hung in her closet, unused for over a year.
As she reached for her space nun's habit she stopped herself. Her
arms moved toward her old costume and she gently stroked the

All her memories of Brainiac 5 took place while she was
wearing her old uniform. Their first meeting, the time when he
saved her life by coming up with the antidote to her fatal lead
poisoning, their unsatisfactory last good-byes.

Andromeda took the costume from its hanger and pulled it
on. It stretched tight over her body, practically form fitting.
The material beneath the loincloth but over her groin, the only
thing protecting her modesty when she flew around, began to ride
up her cunt so she pulled it out. Next were her white star shaped
earrings. Finally she put on the white gloves and boots and flew
out the window, headed toward the planet Saturn girl said
Brainiac 5 had been killed on.


Andromeda needed to find a light. The fortress she had
found on the planet's surface seemed to be completely devoid of
people or light sources. Stumbling around the corridors she
eventually fell into a room with an open door. Her hearing could
detect the shallow breathing of multiple individuals.

She used her hands to scan the area about her. While she
inched across the floor her finer tip met up with a rubber
object. Following the outline of the object with her hand she
marveled at the resemblance to a human body. But then her hand
rubbed against a piece of flesh and she knew it was no dummy but
some woman encased in rubber.

The rubber figure moaned and the room was bathed in a dim
light. The source of the light came from a light bulb protruding
from the rubber woman's mouth. Andromeda let her eyes adjust to
the light, allowing the hazy shapes around the room to take

Kid Quantum, her costume torn down to the front was frozen
atop a pedestal, her unmoving hands caressing her own genitalia.
Kinetix covered in piercings and ink writings lay huddled near
Violet. A chain led from Kinetix's nose to Violet's pussy, the
Imskian was on her hands and knees remaining immobile in front of
a large chair. The woman in rubber, totally encased in the
material except for the two protruding nipples and the oversized
cunt with swollen lips and clit, stood absolutely still in the
middle of the room next to Andromeda.

Andromeda touched the woman's right nipple again and the
figure moaned anew. Grife, Andromeda realized, it's Spark.

These were all Legionnaires that had been killed by the mad
maniac but they were here, alive. A realization dawned on
Andromeda that was almost correct, they hadn't been killed by the
mad maniac but captured. They were alive but they had been
tortured or brainwashed, maybe both.

But where were the others? Perhaps they had really been
killed. This was too much for her to take in. She had to sit
down. She walked to the chair Violet was bent in front of, and
plopped herself down in the chair, her legs wide open as she
leaned back and tried to figure it all out.

She noticed a button on the chair's arm. Curiosity got the
better of her and she pressed it, wondering what, or who, it
would reveal.

The air around the pedestal Kid Quantum was upon shimmered
as the stasis field surrounding the black heroine dropped away.
Kid Quantum let out a loud moan as she was finally able to
complete her days long orgasm.


The sudden sound caused Andromeda to sit up suddenly. She
looked over to Kid Quantum who had collapsed on her back from the
strain of her long ordeal of pure pleasure. With her super
hearing Andromeda could hear Kid Quantum whisper so faintly that
even her enhanced senses could barley pick it up.


Brainy! Kid Quantum had mentioned his name, maybe he was
alive! A sudden warmth from hope spread through Andromeda's chest
as she considered the chance that her beloved was alive.

XS ran into the room, naked except for a belt and
transparent yellow bikini. Andromeda tried to stand but before
she could start XS was on her knees in front of the Daxamite's
crotch. XS lifted the flap of Andromeda's loin cloth, tore away
the black material underneath, shoved her head in Andromeda's
crotch, and began to lick Laurel's pussy at super speed. Before
Andromeda could protest she was overcome by an orgasm brought on
by XS' attentions.

Fast as a dart, XS was back up. "BrainiacFive requestsyour
presencein thediningroom. Followme."

XS took off. Andromeda, startled by XS' actions faltered
for a moment before following the speedster through the labyrinth
of corridors in the fortress. She couldn't be sure but she could
swear XS was breathing heavier than usual, as if Jenni were doing
more than just running.

And back in the throne room Kid Quantum was gone.


XS ran into the dining room at 75 miles per hour and
stopped suddenly. She fell to her knees as the orgasm which had
been building up within her, caused by the dildos shoved in her
cunt and asshole, hit like a typhoon.

Brainiac 5 ignored the speedster as she began to obscenely
play with her tits, pulling and then twisting the nipples beneath
her fingers. Instead Brainiac 5's attention was on Kid Quantum,
who had somehow made her way into the dining room faster than the
fastest girl alive.

Kid Quantum's pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet as she
stood before her master. Her hands furiously moved around her
cunt as she played with herself nonstop.

"Kid Quantum? How did you get out of the stasis... Oh,
Kinetix let you out didn't she?"

"Master I'm so horny," Kid Quantum pleaded.

"Yes, you would be, stuck in an orgasm for, what has it
been a week? What do you want me to do about it?"

"Please master Brainiac 5, fuck me."


There was a long pause and Andromeda was forced to breathe.
It came as quite a shock to her as she had been unaware that she
was holding her breath.

Andromeda stood right outside the door of the dining room,
listening to the conversation Brainiac 5 and Kid Quantum were
having. At first she had stopped only to rest after a long
exertion trying to keep up with XS. Now, she listened to hear how
Brainiac 5 would answer.

Brainiac 5 sighed. "All right, if I can't have Andromeda I
may as well."

No, Andromeda screamed to herself. Andromeda didn't doubt
that Brainiac 5 was somehow in charge of this horrid place. For
some reason it was the only answer that made sense. It was all
her fault for not giving him the attention he needed. She had to
make everything right.

With speed that would put XS to shame, and only attainable
with a surge of power brought about by an emotional boost of the
most extreme dimensions, Andromeda shot into the dining room,
pushing Kid Quantum away as she hurtled toward Brainiac 5, his
cock hanging out of his pants, prepared to be shoved up Kid
Quantum's eager cunt.

Andromeda stopped right in front of the Brainiac 5. She
grabbed his cock with her hand, holding onto it possessively.
"What the hell do you think you're doing with this?"

"Andromeda?" He was stunned by her sudden appearance, his
face betrayed his surprise.

Laurel gave the green cock a gentle squeeze. "This is mine,
and no one can have it until I'm done with it."

Brainiac 5's lips began to grin but she kissed him before
it became a full smile. They stood there kissing passionately,
her hand still around his hard cock.

Thousands of thoughts swarmed through Andromeda's mind as
she began to realize the ramifications of what she was doing, but
she didn't care. Fuck the nunnery, she decided.

Disengaging from the kiss Andromeda slowly lowered onto her
knees. After a quick lick of her lips she clumsily brought her
mouth around the hard green cock.

Brainiac 5 gave a satisfied hum as the woman he had lusted
after for years brought her lips around his sexual organ. The
plan had been a success! Andromeda was his, oh the bliss. He
could feel her tongue as it tasted every inch of his cock,
insatiable in its exploration.

Then Andromeda began to suck, milking the green tool for
all it was worth. It was too much for him to take after years of
anticipation. Brainiac 5 could feel the cum ready to shoot from
his cock. Giving a strong mental to hold it, something he could
do with a 12th level intelligence, Brainiac 5 let his hands fall
to Andromeda's abundance of blonde hair. He let his finger run
through the yellow locks as he had imagined doing so many times

He got a large grip of hair and slowly began to tug
Andromeda off his dick. She gave a slight whimper but acquiesced
to his silent command. He pulled her up so that their faces were
level and she gave him a saddened expression.

"Don't you want me?" she asked pathetically.

If only you knew how much, Brainiac 5 thought, but the
first time I cum in you it isn't going to be in your mouth.
"There's a bedroom right above us, get us there."

Andromeda gave Brainiac 5 a relieved smile. She scooped him
up in one arm and shot through the ceiling to the level above.
She landed on the floor of a lavishly decorated bedroom with a
large four poster bed. As they made their way to the bed Brainiac
5 ripped Andromeda's costume from her body with a few
strategically placed tugs he had worked out after their first

Laurel made no show of surprise at how easily Brainiac 5
was able to remove her costume. She flung herself onto the bed
and pulled the Coluan on top of her. With the aid of super
strength she tore his clothes off even quicker than he had
removed hers.

For a while they simply kissed, allowing themselves to
enjoy the feel of their naked flesh pressing against each other.
Brainiac 5's hands made their way to Andromeda's firm tits and
let his fingers dance around the aureoles.

Andromeda responded by cupping his balls and putting
another hand on his ass. With a final squeeze to her tits
Brainiac 5's hands roamed to her full round ass. After a time of
groping one another Andromeda pulled away from the kiss and said
", Brainy, fuck me."

He obliged her wish and slid his cock between her cunt
lips. Andromeda hugged the boy genius to her as his green pole
descended deeper and deeper into her most treasured orifice.

Both of them felt complete. Andromeda could feel the rigid
member within her, moving slowly to fill her with Brainiac 5's
greatness. To Brainiac 5 it was if the great warmth of creation
was enveloped around his cock.

With an eerie silence within the room the two heroes fucked
one another. Their hips thrust against one another and Brainiac
5's jade cock dipped into Andromeda's creamy white pussy

The room's silence was broken as Andromeda began to scream
with pleasure as the emerald cock bore into her. Her body
convulsed as her first orgasm washed over her body. It was like
no pleasure she had ever known, and to know that it was brought
about by the man she loved increased it's power tenfold.

Brainiac 5 continued to probe her cunt with his cock and
Andromeda felt the waves of another orgasm stir within her. She
shouted out with passion ",AAH! Yes! Fuck me Brainy!"

Andromeda's screams were like music to Brainiac 5's ears.
He shoved harder into her, loving the feeling of her vaginal
walls sliding around his cock to accommodate the intrusion. His
body slapped against her hairless pussy as he shoved the entire
length of his shaft into her body.

Invulnerable she may have been but the mixture of pain and
ecstasy from Brainiac 5's cock stretching her cunt to new limits
sent another orgasm through Andromeda's body.

"God yes! Give it to me Brainy! I want your seed!"

Ask and you shall receive, Brainiac 5 thought to himself.
He began to release the rigid command he held over his body to
hold back his own orgasm, hoping to bring Laurel to climax a few
times before he felt his first. But now he relaxed the control he
had maintained and his body was flooded with rapture as the full
effects of the senses he had been suppressing came to him at

She feels so incredible, he thought as his body was racked
with orgasm after orgasm. Brainiac 5's cock shot forth streams of
cum into Andromeda's vagina. She could feel each burst of her
lover's gooey seed as it discharged within her. Each explosion of
semen spread a tranquil feeling within her. It was, she was
shocked to discover, what she had hoped to find by joining the
nuns. Who would have guessed that what she was searching for was
to be found within the cock of a wonderful green boy with twelfth
level intelligence.

Brainiac 5 collapsed, exhausted, onto Andromeda. Andromeda
lay still enjoying the sensation of Brainiac 5's breath fall onto
her bare chest. Careful not to disturb him, Andromeda brought her
arms around his back in a tender embrace and let her lover sleep.


When Brainiac 5 woke the two fucked once again. This time
Andromeda, not Brainiac 5, passed out from exhaustion. Brainiac 5
pulled his cock out of Andromeda's well used cunt. It gave a
slight twitch and a final stream of semen shot out of it and fell
upon Andromeda's abdomen. Brainiac 5 rubbed the glob of cum onto
Andromeda's pussy giving the cunt a glossy sheen. He continued
his massaging of Andromeda's vagina until she stirred slightly
and quietly muttered ",Brainy."

He got off the bed and had a robot bring him a new change
of clothing. Once dressed he went back to the bed and kissed
Andromeda's tit, allowing his tongue to brush against her nipple.
Then he walked out of the room towars his laboratory.

As he walked he contemplated his situation. He had finally
fucked the woman he loved. Not only that but he had slaves
performing their perverted tasks. Life would be perfect except
for two things, first Kid Quantum was free. Admittedly she was in
no condition to do anything but be horny, but he still needed to
do something with her. The second problem was that he had no idea
what to do with Andromeda. He loved her but how would she react
to all the women around the fortress.

His original plan had been to get Andromeda to the planet
and then seduce her with the help of the slaves. By the end
Andromeda would have seen nothing wrong with him fucking any of
the slaves. But her coming and fucking him before he had time to
prepare meant that another approach had to be taken.

So be it.

When he entered his lab he found that Kid Quantum had
gotten there first. She had wrestled a robot to the ground and
was fucking it's cylindrical arm, bucking up and down while
screaming loudly for an orgasm on the fringes of her reach.

Brainiac 5 sighed.


Andromeda woke up alone and naked. Brainiac 5 was nowhere
to be seen and at first Andromeda was worried that the whole
thing had been a dream. The unfamiliar surroundings of the
bedroom in Brainy's castle assured her that she had indeed found
her tranquility. But where was Brainy?

She began to worry that the whole thing had been a one
night stand, that Brainiac 5 had used her and now no longer
needed her. It made sense, what with all the odd things she had
seen in that one room filled with Legionnaires in obscene
displays. What if she were to be next?

The door to the room opened and Andromeda turned to it like
an eager dog awaiting its master. In the entrance stood Brainiac
5, fully clothed, hiding something behind his back with both

"Andromeda," he said stiffly.

No! She had lost him. Tears began to well up in her eyes as
she tried to imagine her life without him after finding the true
extent of what he offered last night.

"B-Brainy?" she said unsure of herself.

"Laurel, do you understand what I've done on this planet?"

Andromeda shook her head.

"I've enslaved a large number of the females from the
Legion of Superheroes. Now they exist only because it pleases me
to see them sexually humiliated as they are. Do you understand
what I'm saying?"

Andromeda nodded.

"Good. But you see, I haven't fucked any of them yet. I was
waiting for you. I was unwilling to fuck any of them until I was
absolutely certain I wouldn't be able to fuck you first. I love
you Andromeda."

Andromeda looked at him, hope in her heart. She wasn't sure
where he was going with this but if there was a chance that he
would keep her... And he loved her!

"But I am going to fuck every woman in this fortress
eventually. Triad, Kinetix, XS, even Lamp."


"That's Spark's new name, but that's not the point. The
point is that I am going to fuck them."

"But what about me?" Andromeda said, a tear flowing down
her face.

"I want you with me. I want you at my side for the rest of
my life but you're going to have to understand that I am God on
this planet and that if I want to fuck the slaves then I am going
to fuck the slaves, and there is nothing you can do about it."

"So I'm to be a slave?"

"No, by god no. I could never be married to a slave."

"Married?" Andromeda asked, eyes wide. She had not been
prepared for this.

"From now on you're the queen of this castle, able to
command the slaves as I do. But never forget that you're my cunt.
I own you. You are my wife but you are to do everything I say.
Have you got that?"

"Yes!" Andromeda shouted happily. She ran up to him and
hugged him tightly. "Oh thank you, Brainy."

"Now turn around, I'm going to brand you."

Brainiac 5 brought his hands out from behind his back to
reveal they held two electric brands and a red solar radiation
projector. Andromeda didn't move and Brainiac 5 shouted angrily
",God damn it Laurel I thought I made it clear that if we're to
be married you have got to do everything I say. Now turn the fuck
around and get on your knees so I can brand your ass so the
slaves understand that you're worth more than they are. Otherwise
I'm just going to turn you into just another fuck toy that I
might never use."

The threat was just the motivation she needed. Andromeda
turned around uncertainly so that her back was to him. Bending
down, she got on her hands and knees, pushing her ass in the air,
presenting it to her new husband for branding.

Behind her Brainiac 5 looked down at the beautifully round
ass that was being shoved towards him. Such a shame to defile it,
he decided, but defile it he must. He gave the unblemished ass
cheeks one last caress with his hand and bent down to kiss them.

His good-byes to the perfect ass finished, he aimed the red
solar projector at Andromeda's ass and turned it on. A wide ray
of red solar radiation, the only thing that would neutralize a
Daxamite's powers, shone on the posterior of his wife, making
them susceptible to the burning of the two brands he had brought
with him.

The first brand was activated. It heated almost
instantaneously, ready to be used to permanently char some flesh.
Brainiac 5 pressed it against the left ass cheek and the words
"Brainiac 5's Queen" were forever burned onto Andromeda's butt.
Andromeda screamed as the normally invulnerable girl was
reintroduced to physical pain.

Brainiac 5 then activated and used the second brand on the
right cheek so that it read in "Brainiac 5's Cunt." Again
Andromeda cried out, tears falling from her eyes due to the
overwhelming pain of being burned by incredibly hot brands.

Brainiac 5 tuned the brands off and lay them against a wall
to cool down. He then switched off the solar projector and threw
it away on the floor to be later cleaned up by a utility robot.
He stood back to examine his work. The words looked good,
blackened flesh stood out dynamically from the skin of
Andromeda's ass. Two overpowering sense hit him, the smell of
cooked flesh and the sound of Andromeda sobbing.

Brainiac 5 walked around the prostrated body of Andromeda
to stand in front of her. Her head was to the ground and she was
fighting a fit of uncontrollable crying. Tears ran down her face
to drop onto the floor as she tried to stop her sobbing. Brainiac
5 knelt down on his knees and lifted Andromeda's face level with
his. He began to kiss away the tears as they formed in her eyes,
holding her head gently in his hands. Soon she had her crying
under control and hugged him firmly in her arms.

"You were wonderful," Brainiac 5 told her. "Now put on your
clothes and let's take a tour of your domain."


The clothes Brainiac 5 had mentioned were not what
Andromeda expected. Her costume had of course been destroyed the
night before. With no other clothes readily accessible, (and
never to be accessible according to Brainiac 5. No one was to
ever leave the planet, which was just fine with Andromeda),
Andromeda was to wear what Brainiac 5 provided her with.

What he had provided her with was a flowing backless purple
gown. The exposed back area descended to just below her ass, as
if the outfit was made to show off her brandings. Walking was a
little difficult because of the lingering pain caused by the
branding but Brainiac 5 was patient, moving slowly to accommodate
his wife. He would often reach over and trace her new ass
decorations but her winces from the pain kept him from playing
with them for as long as he would like.

The first room he brought her to was the training room for
the Triads. The door opened and Brainiac 5 led Andromeda into the
room. Inside Triad, still dressed in her obscene trainer's
uniform (a skin tight purple sequined tuxedo with breast and
groin cut out), was teaching Mousey to bring Lu to pleasure by
sucking on Lu's strap-on cock.

The three Cragggite sisters looked up at the sudden
intrusion on their session. Their expressions widened in shock at
the sight of Andromeda.

"Andromeda is that you?" asked Triad.


Lu pulled her fake cock away from Mousey's face and crawled
toward Andromeda and Brainiac 5 as fast as she could. "Andromeda!
You've got to help us! PleaAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Lu fell to her side as Triad pressed a button on her glove,
sending shock-wave after shock-wave of pain through the human
dog's body. Andromeda stared at the former Triad surging in pain
on the floor, her hair was completely shaved off and a false cock
was protruding from between her legs. Gods, Andromeda thought,
what did Brainy do to these people?

"I'm sorry my lord," Triad apologized.

"It would seem you do not control her as you once claimed,"
said Brainiac 5 disappointed.

"No, my master, I do, it was the shock of seeing Andromeda
that made her act so disobediently. May I assume that you have
gained yourself another slave."

"You may not. Andromeda is my wife Triad, and your
mistress. You would do well to remember that."

"Yes master," Triad said nervously.

"I gave two of the Triads to the third," Brainiac 5
explained to his wife. "Anything that happens to them is the
outcome of Triad's choosing."

"I see," said Andromeda. So the Triad on the floor wasn't a
result of her husband's warped mind but of another Triad. Somehow
the thought made her feel a little better.

Triad had her two dogs perform a small show for her new
mistress. As Lu fucked Mousey's ass Andromeda noticed a bulge
growing in Brainiac 5's crotch. She reached into his pants and
grabbed a hold of his cock. He gave her a quizzical look and she
smiled at him. Brainiac 5 pulled Andromeda's gown off her
shoulders while she liberated his cock from his pants. They
kissed as Andromeda stepped out the last of the gown and Brainiac
5 guided his cock into her moistening cunt.

Soon the two were fucking on the floor, Andromeda was on
top, sliding her body onto Brainiac 5's stiff rod. From the
center of the room Triad and her pet sisters watched their owners
groan in pleasure as Andromeda impaled herself on the green cock.

"See Mousey," said Triad, not taking her eyes of the
copulating pair ",that's how you're supposed to do it."


It continued from room to room, Brainiac 5 showing
Andromeda how each room in the fortress was set up and then the
two fucked. In the throne room he showed her how Lamp worked by
stimulating nipples to make the light in her mouth turn on and
off. Laurel tried it a few times by licking the exposed nipples
and then pulling on the extended clit. Lamp moaned loudly and the
newlyweds used the sound as background music while they fucked.

Andromeda was saddened that Violet no longer had a working
mind but promised Brainy she wouldn't tell Kinetix about it. She
had to admit, it was rather funny the way Kinetix fawned over a
Violet like every move the slave made was having adverse affects
on her friend.

Kid Quantum turned out to be in the kitchen being employed
as a plate for their next meal. Andromeda watched as robots began
to stuff lettuce leafs for the salad into the black girl's gaping
cunt. Brainiac 5 said that it was only temporary, Kid Quantum
would be employed elsewhere once he thought of something. Tonight
though, they would eat off her body. Andromeda could barley
conceal her anticipation.

The final stop on the tour of the fortress was a nursery.
Andromeda wondered about this, afraid that Brainy had already
fathered a child. But when she made her way to the crib she saw
that the only baby was Umbra, lying asleep naked except for a

"Umbra is now a baby," explained Brainiac 5. "She thinks
like a baby, acts like a baby, and even talks like a baby."

"She doesn't look like a baby," said Andromeda. Umbra's
body was unchanged from the last time the two had met, it was
still the fit body of a well developed, athletic, teenaged girl.

"No she doesn't," said Brainiac 5. He reached out and
squeezed the nipple on one of Umbra's tits. The blue skinned
teenage baby awoke with a start and began crying.


"Shhhh," Brainiac 5 soothed, stroking Umbra's face.
"Daddy's here, and so is mommy."

Umbra, seeing Brainiac 5, began to calm down, sniveling.

"Uh, uh. Ma-ma?"

"That's right honey, Ma-ma is here." Brainiac 5 pulled
Andromeda into Umbra's line of sight from the crib.

"Ah, hello baby," said Andromeda uncertainly.

"Ma-ma!" Umbra shouted gleefully. Her arms lifted in the
air, beseeching to be held.

"She wants you to hold her," said Brainiac 5.

"Oh." Andromeda reached into the crib and awkwardly picked
the teenaged sized baby up. Brainiac 5 showed her the proper way
to hold baby Umbra, just like a real baby, only with the legs
dangling over one arm. Umbra snuggled into Andromeda's breast
and cooed.

Suddenly Umbra began to cry loudly. Andromeda was at a loss
at what to do.

"She's hungry," Brainiac 5 explained. He pulled Andromeda's
gown from one shoulder to expose the breast closest to Umbra's
head. Umbra's mouth encircled Andromeda's nipple and she sucked
hungrily. Andromeda looked up imploringly at Brainiac 5 and he

"Once she figures she can't get any milk she'll stop."

"Then why did you show her my breast if you knew I couldn't
produce milk?"

"I wanted to see her suck your tit."

Of course, sighed Andromeda to herself. But Brainiac 5 was
right and Umbra soon gave up sucking on the nipple. Instead she
gave out a loud cry.

"Put her on the ground," Brainiac 5 said.

Andromeda gently put Baby Umbra onto the floor and Brainiac
5 approached the teenage baby. He pulled out his cock from his
pants and placed it in front of Umbra. Umbra's mouth quickly bit
down onto the proffered head. Baby Umbra began to suck with all
her might, trying to get milk from the green cock. Brainiac 5's
dick hardened as the constant sucking continued. Soon the cock
quivered and shot a load of cum into Umbra's mouth which she
swallowed greedily. At Brainiac 5's mental command load after
load of the warm goo was ejected into Umbra's mouth from his cock
as Umbra hungrily consumed the precious seed.

Her hunger satiated Umbra let the cock fall from her mouth
and the last of Brainiac 5's streams of cum shot onto her tits.
Umbra giggled.

"Was that necessary?" asked Andromeda.

"I told you that I would be playing with the slaves. And I
mean to. Now come here."

Andromeda smiled and pulled her gown off once again, a
hungry look similar to Umbra's in her eye.

His personality changed.

He was aware of the horrible nature of the things he had
done. But he had Andromeda.

"Oh Brainy, I love you," she whispered in his ear.

And somehow he knew it was all okay. For the second time in
his life he was happy. And the other tracks of his mind began to
think of other things he could do for his fellow Legionnaires,
not the ones that were now his possessions, for they were his,
but he could continue his games and spread the joy of his work to
others. By his calculations Saturn girl should be on her way to
rescue the others any day now. He wondered what kind of toy Live
Wire wanted her to become.

Brainiac 5 grabbed Andromeda's ass, a hand on each
branding, and pulled apart the cheeks.

"I want to ream your ass Andromeda."

"God yes Brainy. I want it so bad."

Baby Umbra laughed for no apparent reason.

Thus ends "Braniacal Genius". You may be wondering why I
called it "Braniacal Genius" instead of "Brainiacal Genius." The
answer happens to be that I wanted the title to be as close to
Maniacal Genius as I could. I felt the extra "I" in Bra(I)niacal
was a little too much. What a difference an "I" makes.


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