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LSHXXX2 panties fast she could


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18 although it will probably be
read by kids who pretend to be older than they are. For shame.
All characters copyrighted by DC Comics, yadda yadda yadda.

Braniacal Genius
part two: Lamp
by Alexi92

Not all of him wanted to do this. Brainiac 5 by all accounts
was for the most part an intelligent, noble, if somewhat scatterminded,
being. But he had twelve personalities. Not multiple personalities as
some like Triad possessed, but twelve distinct personality cycles. Each
one dominated who he was for the better part of a year. Some were
happy, some were dedicated to work, one was depressive, one was insane,
and one, the one manifesting itself now, was an insane sex fiend. It
was one of the problems of having a 12th level intelligence.

He understood that Vril Dox II, the first in his family to be
born with the 12th level, had cycled in periods of passionless
manipulation, romantic tendencies toward the family's first maternal
figure, Stealth, depression, and impassioned distraction. Of course
Vril Dox II lived in chaotic times so all his associates, Stealth
included, had chalked it up to the fact that Vril Dox II was insane.

Of course for Brainiac 5 no such luck existed. Fortunately
throughout the cycle of his personalities certain character traits
persisted. This meant that when he changed personalities people assumed
it was some genius thing they couldn't understand. And a few thought he
was insane.

Querl was always fascinated with science and the discovering of
new things. He always hated to be disturbed when he was doing something
he felt was important. He always loved Andromeda.

When Kid Quantum mentioned the name of Laurel Gand's superhero
name Brainiac 5 suddenly knew what his entire plan of sexual
conquest had been missing, Andromeda. That is why he had not taken the
Xanthan teenager in carnal pleasures, preferring instead to torment the
girl through sexual humiliation. He was saving himself for Andromeda.

Nass, he thought to himself, that is sick.

Looking over the remaining six Legion girls he thought about
how sad it was that none of them was Andromeda. Spark was sprawled on
her back from when he had hit her earlier. Hit her for revealing his
feelings to Kid Quantum. Damn her.

"Spark get up and approach the throne."

Spark sat up and pushed herself off the floor. After getting
her balance she walked to the steps of Brainiac 5's throne. There she
stopped, head bowed, again immobile due to the mental intensifier now
implanted in the arm of the throne in front of her.

Brainiac 5 looked at the girl from Winath. Although she was the
twin of Legion founding member Live Wire the only thing the two shared
that might imply their sharing a womb at one point was their short
orange hair. That and their costumes which shared a lightning motif,
implying their ability to produce and project lightning.

From the corner of her eye Spark could see Kid Quantum frozen
in perpetual orgasm, costume torn open to reveal her chocolate brown
breasts and pussy. Ayla suddenly became afraid about what Brainiac 5
had become.

Spark and Brainiac had both been in the group that had been
sent to the 20th Century by the Emerald Eye. There she spent a fair
amount of time in his lab distracting Koko. Spark had grown close
enough to the Coluan that she had defended him when she felt Supergirl
was using him by preying on his desires for a strong blonde
superheroine to love.

Brainiac 5 had spent his life keeping everyone at arms length
and so perhaps it was Spark's perceived closeness that made him
particularly enjoy the sight of Spark standing in front of him in his
complete control. He commanded her to look at him and he was surprised
at what he saw.

The intensifier should have had complete control over every
muscle in her body except for those surrounding her eyes. But as he had
found with his experience with Kid Quantum the intensifier was not
acting the way he had intended. When he saw Spark looking at him he his
surprise was not that she was able to maintain the use of her face but
at the emotion it displayed.

She looked in pain at the betrayal she had suffered by one she
had considered her friend. Tears streamed from her eyes, closed tightly
trying not to look at his face. Brainiac 5 had expected anger, fear,
perhaps confusion from his captured Legionaries. What he had not
expected was what he was seeing from Spark, sadness. Sadness not only
for her own situation but for what he had become.

Brainiac 5 was surprised but not affected. That is why when
Spark made a final plea, somehow able to speak despite the intensifier,
that her words fell on deaf ears.

"Please Brainy," Spark whispered. "Please stop this."

Brainiac 5 simply pressed a button on the arm of his throne and
waited. Within seconds a small robot, little more than a globe with two
arms, floated in carrying a small package covered in a brown paper
wrapper. Brainiac 5 took the package and the robot left the room.

"Spark take off your costume."

Tears still in her eyes, Spark's hands went to her collar and
peeled off the tight superheroine garb she had always been proud to
wear. Unlike Kid Quantum's costume hers covered her entire body below
her neck within one continuous jumpsuit. Taking it off proved to be a
longer process than Brainiac 5 had anticipated since the gloves were
attached to her sleeves.

When Spark pulled the costume down off of her chest she
revealed another difference between her dress style and Kid Quantum's.
Unlike Kid Quantum Spark wore a lacy white bra. Spark took some solace
that her naked breasts weren't on display like Kid Quantum's on the
pedestal. Continuing to pull her costume off she revealed a skimpy pair
of matching white panties. Brainiac 5 smiled at the bright orange
pubic hair visible through the sheer white material.

Stepping out of the legs of her costume Spark hoped that not
all of Brainy was lost and that he wouldn't make her take off her bra
and panties. It was unlikely considering what he had done to Kid
Quantum but Spark had been closer to Brainy than almost any other
member of the Legion.

Brainiac 5 had Spark hand him her costume. She stood before him
in her underwear wishing for the Brainy she knew to once again inhabit
the green body sitting in the throne.

Instead he held up the package in his hands. "In here I hold
clothing that you can wear if you take off your underwear. I assure you
it is much more than you are wearing now, much more. I allow you to
choose. If you decide not to I willing to let you stay the way you are
on a pedestal in a similar position to Kid Quantum."

Spark gasped.

"I know you can see her. I know a lot. If you want to cover up
with this outfit I promise you that you will not be reduced to a living

Maybe I was right, though Ayla. Maybe he is being nicer to me
because we were closer than he was with Kid Quantum.

Brainiac 5 held out the package, tempting her to cover up.

Spark watched the package as if hypnotized. "Okay."

She quickly removed her bra aware of Brainiac 5's eyes on her
movements. Ayla's pert young breasts were quickly freed from their
covering and Spark began to remove her panties as fast as she could to
keep her total time naked to a minimum. As she exposed her pussy her
cheeks reddened. After what seemed like an eternity she finally slipped
the panties down and then off her legs. Quickly she grabbed the package
out of Brainiac 5's hands and tore away the paper wrapping.

Spark's mouth opened in a silent "oh" at the sight of the
outfit within. The outfit was made of polished black rubber. She let
it unfold and saw that it was a bodysuit, similar to the costume she
had been made to strip from but with some sort of hood. Painfully aware
of her nudity Ayla's thoughts did not stay on the new outfit's design
for long and she was soon struggling to pull it on her leg. Once it was
on her leg up to her knee, clinging tightly to her body she noticed,
she put her other leg into the outfit. She pulled as the tight rubber
molded itself to her legs. Spark shuffled, pulling the outfit higher
and higher on her body.

By the time the lower portion of the outfit was completely
clinging to her body, mimicking every curve in her legs and molded
almost completely against the crevice of her butt, she noticed that her
pussy didn't seem to be experiencing the same sensation of the rubber
pressing against her body. Looking down she was shocked and appalled to
find that her cunt was protruding from a slit on the outfit's crotch.

Spark had given up wearing clothing that only covered her breasts and
genitals for an outfit that covered everything but the most important
part of her body. She looked up at Brainiac 5 to protest but he simply
told her to continue.

Crestfallen she continued to pull the skintight outfit up her
torso. The outfit had enough give in them to accommodate her breasts
somewhat. No doubt Brainiac 5 had designed the outfit specifically for
her. And while the rubber still clung to her tits it did not try to
flatten them to her chest. That was some relief she thought.
Unfortunately there were holes for her nipples and they protruded from
the rubber mounds of her covered breasts, hard from the sensation.

Spark's face reddened but she continued to pull the black
outfit on. She pulled the rubber up her arm, testing the flexibility of
the gloves by wriggling her fingers. When the outfit was on her
shoulder she repeated the test as she covered her other arm. Once the
outfit covered everything her old costume had she stopped. She was
relieved to find that despite the tightness of the rubber on her neck
she had no problems breathing. Looking down she saw the outfit was
little more than an extra layer of skin. You could see every curve of
her body. She was still mortified at how her nipples and cunt were
obscenely exposed and enhanced by the outfit.

"Put on the rest," Brainiac 5's voice said from above her.

She tried to argue, perhaps complain about the outfit but in
all the excitement putting on the outfit and the horrible secrets the
experience had contained Spark had forgotten about the control Brainiac
5 had on her mind.

She pulled the hood over her head and was saddened to find that
it was as tight as the rest of the outfit. Her short hair kept too much
of it from being pulled to the side of her head but the tight rubber
pressed her ears against the side of her head.

But another surprise was still to come. As Spark pulled the
hood over her head she realized it wasn't just a hood but a mask as
well. Pulling it over her face she found that while there were holes
for her nostrils allowing her to breathe there were no holes for her
eyes. She was blind in the outfit, unaware of what was happening in the
world around her except for strained sounds that were able to penetrate
the rubber around her ears. Something pushed its way into her mouth.


Brainiac 5 pushed a small tunnel of rubber connected to the
mask into her mouth with his fingers. This let the mask cover her lips
while leaving an opening to her mouth. He stepped back to look at
Spark. Her entire body was covered with the tight outfit. It was
seamless, as he had designed it, the only visible parts of her body
were the cunt and nipples. The openings gave him access to her cunt,
nipples, mouth, and nostrils.

The mask was a piece of art he told himself. The shape of her
head was recognizable but it was impossible to tell who was in the
outfit, of course he knew but no one else ever would if he so desired.

Spark shivered as he let his fingers brush against her nipple.
Brainiac 5 smiled. From his pocket he took out a small box with a
microphone on it. He had designed it after a radio had seen in the 20th
century, much more aesthetic than the micro-communication devices that
they used nowadays. He had designed this one himself and the receiver
for it was a small speaker device embedded in the rubber covering
Spark's ear.

"If you can hear me nod," Brainiac 5 said into the radio.

The genius was pleased when the rubber head nodded in

"Good," Brainiac 5 said. "From now on you are never to be
released from that outfit."

The mouth of the rubber mask opened as Spark tried to voice
disapproval but Brainiac 5 cut her off before she could speak.

"You may not speak. From now on you are never to say another
word again. Soon enough you will be gagged and it will be impossible
anyway but when you are not gagged you are only to communicate through
moans, grunts, and other sounds you can make without speaking, unless
for some reason I grant you leave to speak. Do you understand?"



Right on time another robot floated in carrying a box. Brainiac
5 took it and the robot flew off. From the box he took a long
cylindrical object, one half of it was metal but the other half hollow
glass. He had invented it earlier today when he had decided to take

"Spark," he into the radio. "I'm going to put something into
your mouth now so open up."

The mouth of the mask opened and Brainiac 5 placed the metal
half of the cylinder into her mouth. He tapped lightly on her jaw and
Spark closed her mouth.

"I want you to keep that in your mouth at all times. It is a
light bulb Spark, a special light bulb designed for your mouth.
Whenever someone touches or licks your right nipple I want you to use
your powers to flow electricity in your mouth to light the bulb. When
someone touches or licks your left nipple you are to stop, turning off
the light. Nod if you understand Spark?"

The rubber head nodded.

"Good. Now let's test it."

Brainiac 5 reached out and touched Spark's right nipple, the
one on his left. It took a couple seconds but the light in Spark's
mouth lit up with a dull glow adding a new illumination to the room
but not blinding to look at. He reached out and touched her other
nipple and the light vanished.

"That's good Spark but I expect you to react sooner. Eventually
it should become second nature. You are never to let that light out of
your mouth unless it is pulled out. If it falls you will be punished.
And from now on Spark your name is Lamp."

He looked at Lamp and noticed that her nipples were beginning
to soften after being used to their new bondage. Brainiac 5's hand went
to the box again and pulled out a spray bottle of irritant that he had
created. Lamp gave a muffled gasped as he sprayed the irritant on her
nipples. Brainiac 5 smiled, the irritant caused an incredible
ever-lasting sensation similar to an itch on any skin it came into
contact with. The nipples in response once again became hard, this time

Soon the irritant no longer affected other who came into
contact with it and Brainiac 5 touched her right nipple again. This
time Lamp made a relieved moan before the light came on. His touch had
momentarily relieved the sensation the irritant caused but by now was
back again. He touched her left nipple and again Lamp moaned before
doing her task. Now she would look forward to turning the light on and

Brainiac 5 looked over his work and on a whim sprayed the
irritant on Lamp's cunt. Lamp gave as best a shriek as she could with
the bulb in her mouth as her lips swelled, pushing out from the slit
in the outfit. Brainiac 5 opened the lips with his hand causing Lamp
to whimper. Careful not to get any on his fingers he sprayed Lamp's
clit with the irritant.

Lamp shrieked again. The clit, swollen beyond expectation,
protruded from Lamp's cunt and hung there irritated by the chemicals
sprayed upon it. Brainiac 5 rubbed his finger against it and Lamp
orgasmed from the relief and sensation. The light bulb fell from her
mouth as she moaned and Brainiac 5 quickly caught it.

"I told you never to drop the light bulb Lamp," the Coluan said into
the radio. "Now I'll have to punish you."

He drew back his arm and spanked Lamp as hard as he could on
her cunt. Lamp orgasmed again but screamed in pain as much as pleasure.
Brainiac 5 replaced the light bulb in her mouth and spoke into the

"Next time I'll use a whip or a stick."

Lamp only whimpered.

"I'm going to move you now so when I push you had better follow
where I'm pushing you."

He pushed towards the steps leading up to his throne, telling
her when to take a step up. Soon he had positioned her right next to
his throne so that he could easily turn the light she held in her mouth
on or off, or if he wanted, to play with Lamp's super sensitive cunt.
Looking at his statue of Kid Quantum playing with herself and then to
his new lamp Brainiac 5 decided that this throne room was shaping up
very fine indeed.
--to be continued--



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