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LSHXXX3 video mirror and down her


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18 although it will
probably be
read by kids who pretend to be older than they are. For shame.
All characters copyrighted by DC Comics, yadda yadda yadda.

Braniacal Genius
part three: Powerless Slave

by Alexi92
Brainiac 5 summoned Triad, the Cargggite with short haired
brunette to approach his throne. From her place in the line of
captured mind controlled superheroines Luornu Durgo walked to the
steps of the throne. A large robot entered the room and floated
behind the young girl a few centimeters to her left. Another
slightly larger robot floated in and stopped behind Triad waiting
for its programming to continue.

Brainiac 5 readied himself and gave a command to the
Cargggite. "Triplicate."

Triad's power activated, she triplicated herself, and
within seconds three girls identical to the singular heroine
known as Triad stood before the throne, Triad Purple, Triad
Neutral, and Triad Orange. While Triad Neutral's costume was the
same as before Triad Purple and Triad Orange's costumes had
become more as their names implied. None of them were under the
control of the intensifier.

Brainiac 5 had expected this. He had no illusion that his
intensifier could control someone after their psyche tore apart
into three distinct individuals. His device just couldn't cope
and accommodate fast enough. He was still unsure how a
Cragggite's mind differed from its singular and triplicate

It took the three Triads a moment to realize that they were
free but once they did all three began to move at once to attack
Brainiac 5. The robots behind Triad Neutral and Triad Orange
clamped their arms around the identical girls, holding them most
efficiently. Triad Purple, with no such robot to prevent her
movement launched herself at Brainiac 5 in attack.

Brainiac 5 had been expecting such an attack and was able
to grab Triad Purple in mid air, pull her down, twist her around,
and pull her toward him. Her butt ground uncomfortably on his
groin as she tried to struggle free and he was afraid he would be
unable to refrain from erection. Fortunately the control his 12th
level intelligence granted him over his body was sufficient to
keep his cock at bay. He held his right hand to her mouth,
silencing any comments she might have made while his other arm
pulled her body to him, restring her.

"Let her go!" Triad Neutral shouted angrily, still being
held by her robot captor. Beside her Triad Orange was crying and
pleading that Brainy let them all go.

Brainiac 5 ignored them, his plan hinged on convincing
Triad Purple to follow his command. While she was the most
adventurous, impetuous, and risqué of the three she was still
very close to her "sisters". However their differences in
personalities had caused much antagonism between the three and it
was on this that Brainiac 5 hoped to appeal to.

"Listen to me," he whispered from behind her ear. He let
his hand fall from her mouth, using the hand to hold her neck so
she wouldn't try head butting him. He used his hold on her neck
to position her head so that her ear was just in front of his

"Fuck off," Triad Purple said, trying to break free.
Brainiac 5 was stronger than she had expected. It was a common
mistake, most people thought that with all the attention he paid
to his work he never took time out to train his body.

"I want to explain something to you," he whispered. His
voice was calm, he was in control, he had thought everything

"Don't listen to him, what ever he says!" Triad Neutral
called out to her "sister".

"You heard her Greeny, fuck off," Triad Purple pulled at
the hand around her neck hoping for the traitor to loosen his
grip enough for her to release herself.

"I can give you control," Brainiac 5 whispered.

"I don't want what you can give me!"

"Don't listen to him Triad!" screamed her sisters in

"I can give you control," he repeated. "Control over Triad.
Complete control to do whatever you want."

"What?" Triad Purple stopped struggling.

Triad Orange and Triad Neutral suddenly became afraid for
their sister. What could Brainiac 5 be telling her? Brainiac 5
was a genius, there was no telling what he could do to Triad with
just the sound of his voice.

"Don't you want to be the dominant personality?" Brainiac 5
continued. "You can make them do what you want, be the one making
decisions. They should submit to you not the other way around.
You're the one that has the guts to do things, not the timid
mouse child or the bland boring neutral."

Triad Purple couldn't help but agree with what Brainiac 5
was saying. And he should know, he was a genius after all. As
Brainiac 5 let go of her she didn't move but to nod in agreement
at the teenage genius' words. Yes, she should be in control. She
was the one who should make the decisions.

Something was wrong, thought Triad Neutral. Triad Purple
was free but she wasn't doing anything. Triad Neutral wondered
what sort of insidious plot Brainiac 5 was trying to pull off.
Only days ago he had seemed the normal Brainy, working diligently
in his lab, snapping at anyone who interrupted him. Now he was
doing horrible things to his teammates. She had watched him turn
Kid Quantum into the pornographic statue and then Spark into the
obscene lamp now beside his throne. But they had been under his
control, now here she was free of his control and Triad Purple
was falling under his spell again. Triad Neutral wanted to cry.
Beside her Triad Orange shouted in dismay at what Brainiac 5 was
doing to their sister.

Triad Purple continued to nod her agreement as Brainiac 5
used his words to convince her of how right he was and how she
could be the one in charge of the three Triads. What she was
unaware of was that Brainiac 5 was also reshaping her mind in a
technique he had invented that would have made his ancestor, the
original Brainiac, proud. Brainiac 5 had twisted the resentment
and desire to be in control Triad Purple already possessed
towards her sisters into something more in line with his way of
thought. And as he conveyed to her what he wanted her to do she
began to get turned on.

She turned to him, a big mischievous grin on her face, and
fell to her knees. Triad Purple kissed his hand and he patted her
head with the other. Behind her the other two Triads screamed
their horror at her submission to Brainiac 5. Triad Purple didn't
care, Brainiac 5 had given her sisters and soon she would be in

She got up and walked to the door of the throne room. The
robots holding the other Triads floated, picking the helpless
heroines, both screaming, off the ground, and followed Triad
Purple out of the room.

Brainiac 5 looked over who remained for him to completely
transform into his toy. Decisions, decisions. He began to rub
Lamp's permanently extended clit between his fingers. Lamp
orgasmed, her moan muffled by the light bulb she held in her

XS was a tempting target with her almost childlike
personality, brown skin, and body shaped to perfection by
constantly running at super speed. But then so to was the
arrogant blue skinned Umbra. Shrinking Violet would be ever so
easy to screw around with because of her shyness, despite the
influence of exhibitionism she had gained from being controlled
by the Emerald Eye.

Then there was Kinetix. The young redhead had gone through
many transformation over her short time as a member of the Legion
of Superheroes, all due to her quest for power. Her thinking was
that the more power she had the more people she could help. Noble
sentiments indeed but the drive to acquire power had changed Zoe
Saugin's powers more times than anyone cared to count.

It was during her short tenure as leader that Brainiac 5
had quit the Legion in disgust at their over reliance on his
thinking skill. He had rejoined hours later but the experience
did not put Kinetix in the best light in Brainiac 5's eyes. Quite
ironic he reflected, that she was now powerless because of him.

His plans for Kinetix had been very specific. Perhaps it
was from his experiences with his ancestor Brainiac or the
Coluans who raised him, but Brainiac 5 hated people who let their
quest for power overwhelm them. To him Kinetix was representative
of those kind of people and so it was to her that he had designed
a special position.

"Kinetix approach my throne."

Kinetix began the walk to the throne but had gotten no more
than five steps from her place in line when Brainiac 5 sprung up
from his throne and tackled her. Controlled by the mental
intensifier lodged in Brainiac 5's throne Kinetix could do
nothing as she hit the floor. Brainiac 5 straddled her stomach
and made her look at him. He reached into the folds of his sleeve
to pull out a small, metal scalpel.

He could see the fear in Kinetix's eyes, exactly the effect
he was going for. The entire ordeal he had planned for Kinetix
was meant to emphasize her lack of power, all of it caused by
him, Brainiac 5. He would modify her body as he willed and all
she would be able to do is watch him do it and feel the pain.

Kinetix's costume consisted of long green gloves that stopped a
few inches beneath her shoulders and a green jumpsuit which
covered the top half of her body like a strapless gown. It was
mere simplicity for Brainiac 5 to grab some of the material
covering her breast to create enough slack to cut the costume
down the side with the scalpel.

Getting off the red headed superheroine, and careful not to
cut any of the skin lying underneath, Brainiac 5 had quickly made
incisions down the entire length of both sides of the costume.

Brainiac 5 peeled away the costume from the red head's
chest. He was slightly disappointed that she didn't wear a bra.
He let his finger play with her bare breasts while he watched
beads of sweat form on her forehead.

He peeled away the rest of the costume, pulling hard to
free the costume anchored down underneath her body, and threw it
in a corner. Kinetix now lay naked on the floor of the throne
room, her body pressing against the cold plastic. All she could
see was the ceiling high above her, rafters made of metal, and
Brainiac 5's face staring down at her, a cruel grin on his face.

Brainiac 5 let his fingers run through the red pubic hair
of Kinetix's bush. Somehow Kinetix was able to muster up a faint
whimper. Smiling Brainiac 5 stopped and brought the scalpel to
Kinetix's face and let the metal blade lightly brush against her

"So tell me Kinetix," said Brainiac 5 ",what do you think I
should cut next?"


Brainiac 5's head jerked up at the loud sound echoed
through the room. The source of the sound was a rapidly growing
Violet, her eyes slanted in anger. Somehow Violet had been able
to break through the power of the mental intensifier and...

He dodged as a large fist shot toward him. Blast, he had
forgotten Violet's strong affection for Kinetix. Of course she
could break the will of the intensifier if he put Kinetix in what
Violet considered mortal danger. Hot Nass in Hell, how could be
so stupid!

"XS!," he shouted over the incredibly loud fuming deep
breaths of Violet's rage. "Get me to the top of Violet's

XS, running as fast as the wind picked up Brainiac 5 and
deposited him on the shoulder of the giant Imskian in less time
than it had taken to order it. She ran back to her position in
line, exhibiting the same affinity for mental wishes as Kid
Quantum had earlier.

Brainiac 5 reached for a small remote control on his belt.
The device looked like a tazer, with two small prongs at the end
of it. He had based it on the mind control research wave of his
ancestors and adapted it to this small box. Pressing the
activation button Brainiac 5 aimed the two prong at Violet's ear.
Waves began to rise up from the metal prongs and emanate from the

As the waves began to bombard her mind Violet froze in
place, the anger melting from her face. Much stronger than the
mental intensifier the wave device was only to be used in worst
case scenarios, unlike the intensifier it completely erased the
pre-existing personality of the victim. Violet was now a mindless
puppet waiting for someone to give her an order.

"Put me down Violet," sighed Brainiac 5. Once firmly on the
ground he ordered Violet to return to normal size. The Coluan
took Violet's hand and led her to right before his throne.

"Get on your hand and knees Violet," he said.

Violet followed his orders silently, bending over her
masters specifications. Brainiac 5 sat down in his throne. He
lifted his legs and brought them down to rest on Violet's back, a
footstool, that's all she would be good for now. He decided to
let her keep the costume on, there would be no fun in watching a
mindless autonomic strip.

Taking his legs off of Violet's back he stood himself up.
He had a robot bring in the supplies he had prepared for Kinetix
and got back down to work.


After Violet's loud scream Kinetix was unsure of what had
happened. She heard Brainy order XS around, a funny reverberating
buzz, and then Brainiac ordering Violet to return to her normal
size. Kinetix was pretty sure that Violet had broken free of
Brainy's mind control but then she heard Brainiac 5 order Violet
to her hands and knees. She felt a quick pang of anguish, poor

Poor everyone, Zoe, as others had before her, couldn't
believe what Brainiac 5 was doing. A robot floated over her head
carrying something. It was soon floating the back the way it had
came but now with its hands free.

Kinetix waited for Brainiac 5 to return to torment her.
Despite what may have happened to Vi, she was relieved for what
had happened. Zoe had been expecting for Brainiac 5 to somehow
get her clothes off like the others but she didn't think that he
would do it like that. She had been so afraid that the scalpel
would slip and rip into her skin.

Kinetix heard a buzz. The sound was consistent and
continued at the same constant tone.
it was when a sharp sting hit the sole of her foot. The sting
moved across the foot sole, as unremitting as the buzz in her
ears. Then the sting was gone. Just as fast as it had disappeared
the sting returned but this time on her other foot sole. The
sting left and returned all over her body: left inner ankle, left
outer ankle, left inner thigh, left outer thigh, right inner
ankle, right outer ankle, right inner thigh, right outer thigh,
abdomen, pussy lips, stomach, left breast, right breast, crevice
between her breasts, chest above her breasts, left palm, right
palm, right ring finger, left upper arm, right upper arm, and

Kinetix was rolled over by two hands and the stinging
occurred on her butt cheeks, all over her back, and the back of
her neck. She was turned over again and the buzz got louder.
Brainiac 5 came into Kinetix's view, his face in deep
concentration. She watched as his hand held onto her jaw keeping
it steady. His other hand came to her face holding a tattoo

Grife! That was what the buzzing and stinging was. Brainiac
5 had tattooed all over her body. Now, grip firm on Kinetix's jaw
he brought the needle to her cheek. The needle moved up and down
across stinging her cheek, her eyes began to tear at the thought
of what was happening to her face.

"Stop that," Brainiac 5 commanded.

Kinetix held back the tears as the needle continued
defacing her other cheek, forehead, area above the upper lip,
and finally below her lip just above her chin.

The buzz of the needle abruptly stopped as Brainiac 5
switched the thing off. "Your lucky," he told her. "In the 20th
century the tattoo procedure took all sorts of precautions to
prevent possible harm. They even had to bandage the damn things
for a short while after the procedure."

Brainiac 5 disappeared from her sight again and Kinetix
heard him put away the tattoo needle for something else. Grife,
what now? The tears she had begun holding back began to leak from
her eyes, running down the side of her head to the floor. The
robot floated in the room once again, it left carrying the foul
tools Brainiac 5 had used to desecrate her body.

"Get up," Brainiac 5 commanded.

Kinetix pulled herself up, parts of her body were a little
sore from the needle but 30th century technology prevented any
real bad pain. As she raised she caught glimpses of what the
Coluan genius had drawn on her body. A robot brought in a video
mirror and Kinetix was able to see exactly what Brainiac 5 had
done. Her entire body looked like a wall of graffiti, images and
obscene words covered her body.

"Go ahead, look yourself over," Brainiac 5 said cheerily.

Looking in the video mirror and down at her body Kinetix
was able to determine every tattoo Brainiac 5 had put on her
body. On the soles of her feet the Legion of Superheroes logo was
drawn in yellow ink, the inside of her left ankle had an "N"
while the right inside ankle had an "S", the outer ankles both
had the word "slave" written in inch high block letters, on the
inside of her thighs "keep open" on the right leg and "at all
times" written on the left were tattooed, her outer thighs both
displayed the word "Slut" in large, thick letters. Inviting any
who read it, "Insert here" was written on her pussy lips, while
"Takes all cummers" with an arrow pointing at her cunt was
written on her abdomen. "B5" was branded on her right butt cheek,
the left butt cheek had the words "Legion of Super Whores"
emblazoned on it, on her stomach a big red heart followed by "to
eat cum", down the crevice between her breasts and on the palms
of her hands "place cock here" was written, on her right breast
"please suck" encircled her nipple while on the left breast a
star badge declared "super whore", wrapping around her left upper
arm like an armband a picture of Kinetix sucking a green cock,
and around the other arm a picture of Kinetix taking it doggie
style from Brainiac 5, covering most of back was a detailed
picture of Kinetix bent over and spread open giving a "fuck me"
look, around her right ring finger in place of a Legion ring a
replica ring was tattooed in yellow but with "B5" in place of the
letter "L", around her neck "property of Brainiac 5" was written
in a ring, and above her breasts "Worthless" was written from
shoulder to shoulder in bold, red letters.

While these all were horrifying tattoos Kinetix couldn't
take her eyes from what Brainiac 5 had written on her face.
Across her forehead was written "super whore". Tattooed on her
left cheek was "please fill with cum" with "Licks Cunts Too!"
displayedon her other cheek. "Cock sucker" was written above her
upper lip and repeated under her bottom lip.

Kinetix's hand came up to the video screen and touched the
image of her once beautiful face. Oh grife, this was too much.
She saw his reflection as Brainiac 5 came up behind her holding a
gun-like device. His arm came around her, pointing the gun right
under nose. She didn't resist. Brainiac 5 pulled the trigger. She
felt a sudden sharp pain that lingered. It felt like something
pierced... Oh Grife no! Her eyes opened wide at the realization
and Brainiac 5 nodded.

"That's right, pierced right through the septum."

Brainiac 5 took out a ring an placed it through the new
hole in Kinetix's nose. He rotated it so that the ring's small
opening rested on her upper lip. He threaded the last link in a
small chain, no more than two feet long and half an inch thick,
through the ring's opening. Finally, using a small tool torch of
some sort, Brainiac 5 welded the ring shut.

Brainiac 5 led Kinetix to the foot of his throne using the
chain like a leash. Kinetix saw Violet on her hands and knees in
front of the throne, thankfully with her costume on.

"Violet's my footstool now, I really couldn't think of much
else to do with her," Brainiac 5 explained. "Come on."

Brainiac 5 half led, half dragged Kinetix up the stairs,
sitting her next to Violet so that Violet's ass and Kinetix's
breasts were at the same height. He took the scalpel from earlier
out of his sleeve and cut away the crotch of Violet's costume.
Kinetix sat transfixed and horrified as Brainiac 5 tore away the
costume and then panties hiding Violet's crotch. Using the
irritant he has used on Spark earlier Brainiac 5 sprayed Violet's
clitoris causing it to extend from its hood. He held the piercing
gun to it and fired.

A ring was placed through Violet's clit, Brainiac 5 took
the other end of the chain attached to Kinetix's nose and
threaded it through the clit ring. For the second time in the day
he welded a ring shut around the chain.

"There," Brainiac 5 said satisfied. "Since you two were so
close you can be that way forever."

Zoe moved and the chain pulled taught. Violet's clit was
stretched tight as the ring in it was jerked by the chain.

"Oh my God Vi, I'm so sorry," Kinetix cried.

Violet made no sound, her mindless stare continued into the
distance, her expression blank. Violet felt no pain, was unable
to. But as far as Kinetix was concerned every movement the
redhead made could cause pain to her friend. And as far as she
knew ever movement did. The chain's length would never let
Kinetix move into a position where she could see her friend's
face and know the truth of the dead mind Violet now had.

Kinetix would forever be attached to the vegetable she had
once called Violet, and never see more than of her friend than an
exposed cunt and asshole.

Kinetix felt so powerless.

All was going to plan. Brainiac 5 sat back down in his
throne, put his legs up on Violet's back, reached over, grabbed
Lamp's clit and made the living appliance orgasm again.

--to be continued--


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