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LSHXXX6 extreme dimensions Andromeda shot into the


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18 although it will probably be
read by kids who pretend to be older than they are. For shame.
All characters copyrighted by DC Comics, yadda yadda yadda.

Braniacal Genius
part Six: The Tour

By Alexi92

5 days later...

"Help Andromeda!"

Laurel Gand awoke, sweating profusely, stands of blonde
hair stuck to her face. This was the third night in a row she had
been having these dreams, ever since Saturn girl had informed her
of the deaths of eight Legionnaires at the hands of a mad maniac.

Each night the dream had been different although each had a
similar theme.

The first night she dreamt that she watched her Legion
friend, Brainiac 5, get slaughtered, unable to do anything
herself. Then, as he lay dying, she left him, not knowing that
her comrade still breathed, hoping for rescue.

The second night Andromeda dream she was in the middle of a
passionate kiss with the Brainiac 5 when an unknown force ripped
him away from her. She watched Brainy get pulled away, unable to
see the path that would lead to his rescue.

And now this dream tonight. Brainiac 5 lying in a coffin as
he was attended to by his fellow Legionnaires. Andromeda could
only watch as they replayed his last moments, fighting an evil
energy force, burning up as he destroyed the evil. And then
falling from space onto the ground below shouting for Andromeda's
help and not getting it.

It was too much for Andromeda to take, she knew signs when
she saw them. Obviously her bond with Brainiac 5 was stronger
than she had known. Sure, she knew that he had feelings for her.
Everyone knew that. But she had never been sure of her own
feelings for him.

Until now. By Valor, if there were the slimmest chance that
he was still alive she would find him.

Andromeda crawled out of the bed her fellow nuns had
provided her when she had joined their order. She slept naked,
there were no men in the entire complex except for those in the
hospital. Her statuesque body glimmered with sweat as she went to
her closet. She had large breasts which bounced slightly as she
walked and her pussy hair had all been shaved away. She no longer
needed to now that she was part of the nunnery but it was still a
habit from when she wore the Legion of Super Heroes costume.

That same costume, the orange sleeved swimsuit with long
loincloth continuing from a large black vertical strip down the
middle of the suit, hung in her closet, unused for over a year.
As she reached for her space nun's habit she stopped herself. Her
arms moved toward her old costume and she gently stroked the

All her memories of Brainiac 5 took place while she was
wearing her old uniform. Their first meeting, the time when he
saved her life by coming up with the antidote to her fatal lead
poisoning, their unsatisfactory last good-byes.

Andromeda took the costume from its hanger and pulled it
on. It stretched tight over her body, practically form fitting.
The material beneath the loincloth but over her groin, the only
thing protecting her modesty when she flew around, began to ride
up her cunt so she pulled it out. Next were her white star shaped
earrings. Finally she put on the white gloves and boots and flew
out the window, headed toward the planet Saturn girl said
Brainiac 5 had been killed on.


Andromeda needed to find a light. The fortress she had
found on the planet's surface seemed to be completely devoid of
people or light sources. Stumbling around the corridors she
eventually fell into a room with an open door. Her hearing could
detect the shallow breathing of multiple individuals.

She used her hands to scan the area about her. While she
inched across the floor her finer tip met up with a rubber
object. Following the outline of the object with her hand she
marveled at the resemblance to a human body. But then her hand
rubbed against a piece of flesh and she knew it was no dummy but
some woman encased in rubber.

The rubber figure moaned and the room was bathed in a dim
light. The source of the light came from a light bulb protruding
from the rubber woman's mouth. Andromeda let her eyes adjust to
the light, allowing the hazy shapes around the room to take

Kid Quantum, her costume torn down to the front was frozen
atop a pedestal, her unmoving hands caressing her own genitalia.
Kinetix covered in piercings and ink writings lay huddled near
Violet. A chain led from Kinetix's nose to Violet's pussy, the
Imskian was on her hands and knees remaining immobile in front of
a large chair. The woman in rubber, totally encased in the
material except for the two protruding nipples and the oversized
cunt with swollen lips and clit, stood absolutely still in the
middle of the room next to Andromeda.

Andromeda touched the woman's right nipple again and the
figure moaned anew. Grife, Andromeda realized, it's Spark.

These were all Legionnaires that had been killed by the mad
maniac but they were here, alive. A realization dawned on
Andromeda that was almost correct, they hadn't been killed by the
mad maniac but captured. They were alive but they had been
tortured or brainwashed, maybe both.

But where were the others? Perhaps they had really been
killed. This was too much for her to take in. She had to sit
down. She walked to the chair Violet was bent in front of, and
plopped herself down in the chair, her legs wide open as she
leaned back and tried to figure it all out.

She noticed a button on the chair's arm. Curiosity got the
better of her and she pressed it, wondering what, or who, it
would reveal.

The air around the pedestal Kid Quantum was upon shimmered
as the stasis field surrounding the black heroine dropped away.
Kid Quantum let out a loud moan as she was finally able to
complete her days long orgasm.


The sudden sound caused Andromeda to sit up suddenly. She
looked over to Kid Quantum who had collapsed on her back from the
strain of her long ordeal of pure pleasure. With her super
hearing Andromeda could hear Kid Quantum whisper so faintly that
even her enhanced senses could barley pick it up.


Brainy! Kid Quantum had mentioned his name, maybe he was
alive! A sudden warmth from hope spread through Andromeda's chest
as she considered the chance that her beloved was alive.

XS ran into the room, naked except for a belt and
transparent yellow bikini. Andromeda tried to stand but before
she could start XS was on her knees in front of the Daxamite's
crotch. XS lifted the flap of Andromeda's loin cloth, tore away
the black material underneath, shoved her head in Andromeda's
crotch, and began to lick Laurel's pussy at super speed. Before
Andromeda could protest she was overcome by an orgasm brought on
by XS' attentions.

Fast as a dart, XS was back up. "BrainiacFive requestsyour
presencein thediningroom. Followme."

XS took off. Andromeda, startled by XS' actions faltered
for a moment before following the speedster through the labyrinth
of corridors in the fortress. She couldn't be sure but she could
swear XS was breathing heavier than usual, as if Jenni were doing
more than just running.

And back in the throne room Kid Quantum was gone.


XS ran into the dining room at 75 miles per hour and
stopped suddenly. She fell to her knees as the orgasm which had
been building up within her, caused by the dildos shoved in her
cunt and asshole, hit like a typhoon.

Brainiac 5 ignored the speedster as she began to obscenely
play with her tits, pulling and then twisting the nipples beneath
her fingers. Instead Brainiac 5's attention was on Kid Quantum,
who had somehow made her way into the dining room faster than the
fastest girl alive.

Kid Quantum's pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet as she
stood before her master. Her hands furiously moved around her
cunt as she played with herself nonstop.

"Kid Quantum? How did you get out of the stasis... Oh,
Kinetix let you out didn't she?"

"Master I'm so horny," Kid Quantum pleaded.

"Yes, you would be, stuck in an orgasm for, what has it
been a week? What do you want me to do about it?"

"Please master Brainiac 5, fuck me."


There was a long pause and Andromeda was forced to breathe.
It came as quite a shock to her as she had been unaware that she
was holding her breath.

Andromeda stood right outside the door of the dining room,
listening to the conversation Brainiac 5 and Kid Quantum were
having. At first she had stopped only to rest after a long
exertion trying to keep up with XS. Now, she listened to hear how
Brainiac 5 would answer.

Brainiac 5 sighed. "All right, if I can't have Andromeda I
may as well."

No, Andromeda screamed to herself. Andromeda didn't doubt
that Brainiac 5 was somehow in charge of this horrid place. For
some reason it was the only answer that made sense. It was all
her fault for not giving him the attention he needed. She had to
make everything right.

With speed that would put XS to shame, and only attainable
with a surge of power brought about by an emotional boost of the
most extreme dimensions, Andromeda shot into the dining room,
pushing Kid Quantum away as she hurtled toward Brainiac 5, his
cock hanging out of his pants, prepared to be shoved up Kid
Quantum's eager cunt.

Andromeda stopped right in front of the Brainiac 5. She
grabbed his cock with her hand, holding onto it possessively.
"What the hell do you think you're doing with this?"

"Andromeda?" He was stunned by her sudden appearance, his
face betrayed his surprise.

Laurel gave the green cock a gentle squeeze. "This is mine,
and no one can have it until I'm done with it."

Brainiac 5's lips began to grin but she kissed him before
it became a full smile. They stood there kissing passionately,
her hand still around his hard cock.

Thousands of thoughts swarmed through Andromeda's mind as
she began to realize the ramifications of what she was doing, but
she didn't care. Fuck the nunnery, she decided.

Disengaging from the kiss Andromeda slowly lowered onto her
knees. After a quick lick of her lips she clumsily brought her
mouth around the hard green cock.

Brainiac 5 gave a satisfied hum as the woman he had lusted
after for years brought her lips around his sexual organ. The
plan had been a success! Andromeda was his, oh the bliss. He
could feel her tongue as it tasted every inch of his cock,
insatiable in its exploration.

Then Andromeda began to suck, milking the green tool for
all it was worth. It was too much for him to take after years of
anticipation. Brainiac 5 could feel the cum ready to shoot from
his cock. Giving a strong mental to hold it, something he could
do with a 12th level intelligence, Brainiac 5 let his hands fall
to Andromeda's abundance of blonde hair. He let his finger run
through the yellow locks as he had imagined doing so many times

He got a large grip of hair and slowly began to tug
Andromeda off his dick. She gave a slight whimper but acquiesced
to his silent command. He pulled her up so that their faces were
level and she gave him a saddened expression.

"Don't you want me?" she asked pathetically.

If only you knew how much, Brainiac 5 thought, but the
first time I cum in you it isn't going to be in your mouth.
"There's a bedroom right above us, get us there."

Andromeda gave Brainiac 5 a relieved smile. She scooped him
up in one arm and shot through the ceiling to the level above.
She landed on the floor of a lavishly decorated bedroom with a
large four poster bed. As they made their way to the bed Brainiac
5 ripped Andromeda's costume from her body with a few
strategically placed tugs he had worked out after their first

Laurel made no show of surprise at how easily Brainiac 5
was able to remove her costume. She flung herself onto the bed
and pulled the Coluan on top of her. With the aid of super
strength she tore his clothes off even quicker than he had
removed hers.

For a while they simply kissed, allowing themselves to
enjoy the feel of their naked flesh pressing against each other.
Brainiac 5's hands made their way to Andromeda's firm tits and
let his fingers dance around the aureoles.

Andromeda responded by cupping his balls and putting
another hand on his ass. With a final squeeze to her tits
Brainiac 5's hands roamed to her full round ass. After a time of
groping one another Andromeda pulled away from the kiss and said
", Brainy, fuck me."

He obliged her wish and slid his cock between her cunt
lips. Andromeda hugged the boy genius to her as his green pole
descended deeper and deeper into her most treasured orifice.

Both of them felt complete. Andromeda could feel the rigid
member within her, moving slowly to fill her with Brainiac 5's
greatness. To Brainiac 5 it was if the great warmth of creation
was enveloped around his cock.

With an eerie silence within the room the two heroes fucked
one another. Their hips thrust against one another and Brainiac
5's jade cock dipped into Andromeda's creamy white pussy

The room's silence was broken as Andromeda began to scream
with pleasure as the emerald cock bore into her. Her body
convulsed as her first orgasm washed over her body. It was like
no pleasure she had ever known, and to know that it was brought
about by the man she loved increased it's power tenfold.

Brainiac 5 continued to probe her cunt with his cock and
Andromeda felt the waves of another orgasm stir within her. She
shouted out with passion ",AAH! Yes! Fuck me Brainy!"

Andromeda's screams were like music to Brainiac 5's ears.
He shoved harder into her, loving the feeling of her vaginal
walls sliding around his cock to accommodate the intrusion. His
body slapped against her hairless pussy as he shoved the entire
length of his shaft into her body.

Invulnerable she may have been but the mixture of pain and
ecstasy from Brainiac 5's cock stretching her cunt to new limits
sent another orgasm through Andromeda's body.

"God yes! Give it to me Brainy! I want your seed!"

Ask and you shall receive, Brainiac 5 thought to himself.
He began to release the rigid command he held over his body to
hold back his own orgasm, hoping to bring Laurel to climax a few
times before he felt his first. But now he relaxed the control he
had maintained and his body was flooded with rapture as the full
effects of the senses he had been suppressing came to him at

She feels so incredible, he thought as his body was racked
with orgasm after orgasm. Brainiac 5's cock shot forth streams of
cum into Andromeda's vagina. She could feel each burst of her
lover's gooey seed as it discharged within her. Each explosion of
semen spread a tranquil feeling within her. It was, she was
shocked to discover, what she had hoped to find by joining the
nuns. Who would have guessed that what she was searching for was
to be found within the cock of a wonderful green boy with twelfth
level intelligence.

Brainiac 5 collapsed, exhausted, onto Andromeda. Andromeda
lay still enjoying the sensation of Brainiac 5's breath fall onto
her bare chest. Careful not to disturb him, Andromeda brought her
arms around his back in a tender embrace and let her lover sleep.


When Brainiac 5 woke the two fucked once again. This time
Andromeda, not Brainiac 5, passed out from exhaustion. Brainiac 5
pulled his cock out of Andromeda's well used cunt. It gave a
slight twitch and a final stream of semen shot out of it and fell
upon Andromeda's abdomen. Brainiac 5 rubbed the glob of cum onto
Andromeda's pussy giving the cunt a glossy sheen. He continued
his massaging of Andromeda's vagina until she stirred slightly
and quietly muttered ",Brainy."

He got off the bed and had a robot bring him a new change
of clothing. Once dressed he went back to the bed and kissed
Andromeda's tit, allowing his tongue to brush against her nipple.
Then he walked out of the room towars his laboratory.

As he walked he contemplated his situation. He had finally
fucked the woman he loved. Not only that but he had slaves
performing their perverted tasks. Life would be perfect except
for two things, first Kid Quantum was free. Admittedly she was in
no condition to do anything but be horny, but he still needed to
do something with her. The second problem was that he had no idea
what to do with Andromeda. He loved her but how would she react
to all the women around the fortress.

His original plan had been to get Andromeda to the planet
and then seduce her with the help of the slaves. By the end
Andromeda would have seen nothing wrong with him fucking any of
the slaves. But her coming and fucking him before he had time to
prepare meant that another approach had to be taken.

So be it.

When he entered his lab he found that Kid Quantum had
gotten there first. She had wrestled a robot to the ground and
was fucking it's cylindrical arm, bucking up and down while
screaming loudly for an orgasm on the fringes of her reach.

Brainiac 5 sighed.


Andromeda woke up alone and naked. Brainiac 5 was nowhere
to be seen and at first Andromeda was worried that the whole
thing had been a dream. The unfamiliar surroundings of the
bedroom in Brainy's castle assured her that she had indeed found
her tranquility. But where was Brainy?

She began to worry that the whole thing had been a one
night stand, that Brainiac 5 had used her and now no longer
needed her. It made sense, what with all the odd things she had
seen in that one room filled with Legionnaires in obscene
displays. What if she were to be next?

The door to the room opened and Andromeda turned to it like
an eager dog awaiting its master. In the entrance stood Brainiac
5, fully clothed, hiding something behind his back with both

"Andromeda," he said stiffly.

No! She had lost him. Tears began to well up in her eyes as
she tried to imagine her life without him after finding the true
extent of what he offered last night.

"B-Brainy?" she said unsure of herself.

"Laurel, do you understand what I've done on this planet?"

Andromeda shook her head.

"I've enslaved a large number of the females from the
Legion of Superheroes. Now they exist only because it pleases me
to see them sexually humiliated as they are. Do you understand
what I'm saying?"

Andromeda nodded.

"Good. But you see, I haven't fucked any of them yet. I was
waiting for you. I was unwilling to fuck any of them until I was
absolutely certain I wouldn't be able to fuck you first. I love
you Andromeda."

Andromeda looked at him, hope in her heart. She wasn't sure
where he was going with this but if there was a chance that he
would keep her... And he loved her!

"But I am going to fuck every woman in this fortress
eventually. Triad, Kinetix, XS, even Lamp."


"That's Spark's new name, but that's not the point. The
point is that I am going to fuck them."

"But what about me?" Andromeda said, a tear flowing down
her face.

"I want you with me. I want you at my side for the rest of
my life but you're going to have to understand that I am God on
this planet and that if I want to fuck the slaves then I am going
to fuck the slaves, and there is nothing you can do about it."

"So I'm to be a slave?"

"No, by god no. I could never be married to a slave."

"Married?" Andromeda asked, eyes wide. She had not been
prepared for this.

"From now on you're the queen of this castle, able to
command the slaves as I do. But never forget that you're my cunt.
I own you. You are my wife but you are to do everything I say.
Have you got that?"

"Yes!" Andromeda shouted happily. She ran up to him and
hugged him tightly. "Oh thank you, Brainy."

"Now turn around, I'm going to brand you."

Brainiac 5 brought his hands out from behind his back to
reveal they held two electric brands and a red solar radiation
projector. Andromeda didn't move and Brainiac 5 shouted angrily
",God damn it Laurel I thought I made it clear that if we're to
be married you have got to do everything I say. Now turn the fuck
around and get on your knees so I can brand your ass so the
slaves understand that you're worth more than they are. Otherwise
I'm just going to turn you into just another fuck toy that I
might never use."

The threat was just the motivation she needed. Andromeda
turned around uncertainly so that her back was to him. Bending
down, she got on her hands and knees, pushing her ass in the air,
presenting it to her new husband for branding.

Behind her Brainiac 5 looked down at the beautifully round
ass that was being shoved towards him. Such a shame to defile it,
he decided, but defile it he must. He gave the unblemished ass
cheeks one last caress with his hand and bent down to kiss them.

His good-byes to the perfect ass finished, he aimed the red
solar projector at Andromeda's ass and turned it on. A wide ray
of red solar radiation, the only thing that would neutralize a
Daxamite's powers, shone on the posterior of his wife, making
them susceptible to the burning of the two brands he had brought
with him.

The first brand was activated. It heated almost
instantaneously, ready to be used to permanently char some flesh.
Brainiac 5 pressed it against the left ass cheek and the words
"Brainiac 5's Queen" were forever burned onto Andromeda's butt.
Andromeda screamed as the normally invulnerable girl was
reintroduced to physical pain.

Brainiac 5 then activated and used the second brand on the
right cheek so that it read in "Brainiac 5's Cunt." Again
Andromeda cried out, tears falling from her eyes due to the
overwhelming pain of being burned by incredibly hot brands.

Brainiac 5 tuned the brands off and lay them against a wall
to cool down. He then switched off the solar projector and threw
it away on the floor to be later cleaned up by a utility robot.
He stood back to examine his work. The words looked good,
blackened flesh stood out dynamically from the skin of
Andromeda's ass. Two overpowering sense hit him, the smell of
cooked flesh and the sound of Andromeda sobbing.

Brainiac 5 walked around the prostrated body of Andromeda
to stand in front of her. Her head was to the ground and she was
fighting a fit of uncontrollable crying. Tears ran down her face
to drop onto the floor as she tried to stop her sobbing. Brainiac
5 knelt down on his knees and lifted Andromeda's face level with
his. He began to kiss away the tears as they formed in her eyes,
holding her head gently in his hands. Soon she had her crying
under control and hugged him firmly in her arms.

"You were wonderful," Brainiac 5 told her. "Now put on your
clothes and let's take a tour of your domain."


The clothes Brainiac 5 had mentioned were not what
Andromeda expected. Her costume had of course been destroyed the
night before. With no other clothes readily accessible, (and
never to be accessible according to Brainiac 5. No one was to
ever leave the planet, which was just fine with Andromeda),
Andromeda was to wear what Brainiac 5 provided her with.

What he had provided her with was a flowing backless purple
gown. The exposed back area descended to just below her ass, as
if the outfit was made to show off her brandings. Walking was a
little difficult because of the lingering pain caused by the
branding but Brainiac 5 was patient, moving slowly to accommodate
his wife. He would often reach over and trace her new ass
decorations but her winces from the pain kept him from playing
with them for as long as he would like.

The first room he brought her to was the training room for
the Triads. The door opened and Brainiac 5 led Andromeda into the
room. Inside Triad, still dressed in her obscene trainer's
uniform (a skin tight purple sequined tuxedo with breast and
groin cut out), was teaching Mousey to bring Lu to pleasure by
sucking on Lu's strap-on cock.

The three Cragggite sisters looked up at the sudden
intrusion on their session. Their expressions widened in shock at
the sight of Andromeda.

"Andromeda is that you?" asked Triad.


Lu pulled her fake cock away from Mousey's face and crawled
toward Andromeda and Brainiac 5 as fast as she could. "Andromeda!
You've got to help us! PleaAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Lu fell to her side as Triad pressed a button on her glove,
sending shock-wave after shock-wave of pain through the human
dog's body. Andromeda stared at the former Triad surging in pain
on the floor, her hair was completely shaved off and a false cock
was protruding from between her legs. Gods, Andromeda thought,
what did Brainy do to these people?

"I'm sorry my lord," Triad apologized.

"It would seem you do not control her as you once claimed,"
said Brainiac 5 disappointed.

"No, my master, I do, it was the shock of seeing Andromeda
that made her act so disobediently. May I assume that you have
gained yourself another slave."

"You may not. Andromeda is my wife Triad, and your
mistress. You would do well to remember that."

"Yes master," Triad said nervously.

"I gave two of the Triads to the third," Brainiac 5
explained to his wife. "Anything that happens to them is the
outcome of Triad's choosing."

"I see," said Andromeda. So the Triad on the floor wasn't a
result of her husband's warped mind but of another Triad. Somehow
the thought made her feel a little better.

Triad had her two dogs perform a small show for her new
mistress. As Lu fucked Mousey's ass Andromeda noticed a bulge
growing in Brainiac 5's crotch. She reached into his pants and
grabbed a hold of his cock. He gave her a quizzical look and she
smiled at him. Brainiac 5 pulled Andromeda's gown off her
shoulders while she liberated his cock from his pants. They
kissed as Andromeda stepped out the last of the gown and Brainiac
5 guided his cock into her moistening cunt.

Soon the two were fucking on the floor, Andromeda was on
top, sliding her body onto Brainiac 5's stiff rod. From the
center of the room Triad and her pet sisters watched their owners
groan in pleasure as Andromeda impaled herself on the green cock.

"See Mousey," said Triad, not taking her eyes of the
copulating pair ",that's how you're supposed to do it."


It continued from room to room, Brainiac 5 showing
Andromeda how each room in the fortress was set up and then the
two fucked. In the throne room he showed her how Lamp worked by
stimulating nipples to make the light in her mouth turn on and
off. Laurel tried it a few times by licking the exposed nipples
and then pulling on the extended clit. Lamp moaned loudly and the
newlyweds used the sound as background music while they fucked.

Andromeda was saddened that Violet no longer had a working
mind but promised Brainy she wouldn't tell Kinetix about it. She
had to admit, it was rather funny the way Kinetix fawned over a
Violet like every move the slave made was having adverse affects
on her friend.

Kid Quantum turned out to be in the kitchen being employed
as a plate for their next meal. Andromeda watched as robots began
to stuff lettuce leafs for the salad into the black girl's gaping
cunt. Brainiac 5 said that it was only temporary, Kid Quantum
would be employed elsewhere once he thought of something. Tonight
though, they would eat off her body. Andromeda could barley
conceal her anticipation.

The final stop on the tour of the fortress was a nursery.
Andromeda wondered about this, afraid that Brainy had already
fathered a child. But when she made her way to the crib she saw
that the only baby was Umbra, lying asleep naked except for a

"Umbra is now a baby," explained Brainiac 5. "She thinks
like a baby, acts like a baby, and even talks like a baby."

"She doesn't look like a baby," said Andromeda. Umbra's
body was unchanged from the last time the two had met, it was
still the fit body of a well developed, athletic, teenaged girl.

"No she doesn't," said Brainiac 5. He reached out and
squeezed the nipple on one of Umbra's tits. The blue skinned
teenage baby awoke with a start and began crying.


"Shhhh," Brainiac 5 soothed, stroking Umbra's face.
"Daddy's here, and so is mommy."

Umbra, seeing Brainiac 5, began to calm down, sniveling.

"Uh, uh. Ma-ma?"

"That's right honey, Ma-ma is here." Brainiac 5 pulled
Andromeda into Umbra's line of sight from the crib.

"Ah, hello baby," said Andromeda uncertainly.

"Ma-ma!" Umbra shouted gleefully. Her arms lifted in the
air, beseeching to be held.

"She wants you to hold her," said Brainiac 5.

"Oh." Andromeda reached into the crib and awkwardly picked
the teenaged sized baby up. Brainiac 5 showed her the proper way
to hold baby Umbra, just like a real baby, only with the legs
dangling over one arm. Umbra snuggled into Andromeda's breast
and cooed.

Suddenly Umbra began to cry loudly. Andromeda was at a loss
at what to do.

"She's hungry," Brainiac 5 explained. He pulled Andromeda's
gown from one shoulder to expose the breast closest to Umbra's
head. Umbra's mouth encircled Andromeda's nipple and she sucked
hungrily. Andromeda looked up imploringly at Brainiac 5 and he

"Once she figures she can't get any milk she'll stop."

"Then why did you show her my breast if you knew I couldn't
produce milk?"

"I wanted to see her suck your tit."

Of course, sighed Andromeda to herself. But Brainiac 5 was
right and Umbra soon gave up sucking on the nipple. Instead she
gave out a loud cry.

"Put her on the ground," Brainiac 5 said.

Andromeda gently put Baby Umbra onto the floor and Brainiac
5 approached the teenage baby. He pulled out his cock from his
pants and placed it in front of Umbra. Umbra's mouth quickly bit
down onto the proffered head. Baby Umbra began to suck with all
her might, trying to get milk from the green cock. Brainiac 5's
dick hardened as the constant sucking continued. Soon the cock
quivered and shot a load of cum into Umbra's mouth which she
swallowed greedily. At Brainiac 5's mental command load after
load of the warm goo was ejected into Umbra's mouth from his cock
as Umbra hungrily consumed the precious seed.

Her hunger satiated Umbra let the cock fall from her mouth
and the last of Brainiac 5's streams of cum shot onto her tits.
Umbra giggled.

"Was that necessary?" asked Andromeda.

"I told you that I would be playing with the slaves. And I
mean to. Now come here."

Andromeda smiled and pulled her gown off once again, a
hungry look similar to Umbra's in her eye.

His personality changed.

He was aware of the horrible nature of the things he had
done. But he had Andromeda.

"Oh Brainy I love you," she whispered in his ear.

And somehow he knew it was all okay. For the second time in
his life he was happy. And the other tracks of his mind began to
think of other things he could do for his fellow Legionnaires,
not the ones that were now his possessions, for they were his,
but he could continue his games and spread the joy of his work to
others. By his calculations Saturn girl should be on her way to
rescue the others any day now. He wondered what kind of toy Live
Wire wanted her to become.

Brainiac 5 grabbed Andromeda's ass, a hand on each
branding, and pulled apart the cheeks.

"I want to ream your ass Andromeda."

"God yes Brainy. I want it so bad."

Baby Umbra laughed for no apparent reason.

Thus ends "Braniacal Genius". You may be wondering why I
called it "Braniacal Genius" instead of "Brainiacal Genius." The
answer happens to be that I wanted the title to be as close to
Maniacal Genius as I could. I felt the extra "I" in Bra(I)niacal
was a little too much. What a difference an "I" makes.
But now that this is done I leave it up to you, readers, to
decide the order of how I write the follow ups. I've got three
planned and you can choose which gets written first. Just send
your votes to (e-mail defunct)

A) Emerald Vi returns, pissed off that she's been connected to Kinetix
by a chain through her clit. It's up to Brainiac 5 to take the Emerald
bitch down.
B) Saturn girl comes to rescue the girls but Brainiac 5
decides to make her into a suitable gift for Live Wire.
C)Gifts abound as Brainiac 5 sends a gift to Ferro and
brings Chuck Taine to the fortress to deal with the Triads.


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