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LSHXXX8 cum for her consumption She let


LSH: Saturn Sucks
by Alexi92

What has come before:
Brainiac 5's mind went somewhere else and
he betrayed the Legion of Super Heroes. Faking his
death and the death of many of his female teammates
he set up a fortress on a remote planet where he
enslaved and robbed most of the girl's of their free

Identities to Know:
Saturn girl - Imra Ardeen
Live Wire - Garth Ranzz
Andromeda - Laurel Gand
Brainiac 5 - Querl Dox

The four Legionaries were escorted out of
Leland McCauley's lunar office. They had come to
check up on some reports of illegal terrorist
activities, reports which McCauley had disproved,
although there was some doubt if his evidence had
been faked. Regardless there was nothing that they
could do, so Saturn Girl, Monstress, Ultra Boy, and
Invisible Kid found themselves reluctantly leaving
McCauley to resume his business.

"I don't believe we're just letting him get
away with it," Ultra boy complained angrily.

"Easy Jo," Invisible Kid said. He was leading
the four out of the McCauley building, back to their
own ship. "There's nothing we can do. As far as the
UP is concerned McCauley is innocent. It doesn't
matter what we really know, we've got no leg to stand
on legally."

"Well why can't Saturn girl read his mind?"
Ultra boy asked.

"I can't do that without his leave," Saturn
Girl reminded him. She had to speak loudly since she
was at the back of the line of Legionaries. "Without
his permission anything I read from him wouldn't be
legally admissible."

"Don't worry," Monstress said, letting her hand
rest on Ultra Boy's shoulder. "He'll slip up
eventually. It's only a matter of time before he pays
for his crimes. Haven't you ever heard of Karma?"

"Excuse me Saturn Girl, may I speak with you?"

Saturn girl turned, her blonde hair swinging
wildly. Evolvo stood, hidden in a corner, looking
around him nervously. The small boy was sweating, an
effect that wasn't too pleasant on his distorted,
large, bald, pale head. Supposedly he was supposed to
be the next stage in human evolution but he looked
like someone had inflated his head with helium. The
four heroes looked at him suspiciously. While
theoretically Evolvo was supposed to be a hero, he
was also fiercely loyal to McCauley, or at least
McCauley's money.

"May I speak with you?" Evolvo repeated. Then
looking at the others he added ",Privately."

Saturn girl nodded.

"I'll meet up with you guys at the ship," she

Saturn girl followed Evolvo through the
twisting halls. He walked with an excited gait to his
step, as though afraid of being found out.

"I really appreciate this," he stammered.
"There's something I have to discuss with you that
the other's can't know about."

"What is it?" she asked, curious.

"As you know, you're one of the three founding
members of the Legion of Superheroes. And since
McCauley really hates the Legion of Superheroes he
sort of sees you three as the biggest prizes in his,
I guess the best word would be revenge. The constant
humiliation he perceives he endures at the Legion's
hands is really making him a little nuts."

"Is he planning something against Garth, Rokk,
and myself?"

"Sort of."

Evolvo stopped suddenly and Saturn girl felt a
cold sensation touch her neck before falling


Since the villain of this story isn't going to
explain exactly what hit Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen to
her friends and family, we will endeavor to describe
it here. It was a sedative which is only effective in
liquid form. The miracle of this liquid is that it
needs only touch the skin before it begins to work.
No need for needles or rags around the nose & mouth.
Simply drip, drop, throw, or shoot it onto the skin
of your victim and voila, instant sleep.

In this case the liquid was shot, using a
modified squirt gun, by one Crugg, Khundish companion
to Leland McCauley. Exiled soldier from the planet
Khund, Crugg would be described by her peers, if they
had access to comic books, as a yellow version of the
Incredible Hulk, if he were a woman with pointy ears.

In the final bit of explanation we shall
provide because the villains won't mention it, the
reason Saturn girl didn't feel the liquid hit any
part of her body except the neck is because her
costume is effectively a cloth bodysuit which covers
her entire body from the middle of her neck to the
soles of her feet. It is pink but as with all Legion
costumes it has a large white stripe down the
middle. A symbol of Saturn is emblazoned on the
chest, thus signifying her as Saturn Girl.

That's all from us, let's return to the story
where Saturn girl is just coming to.


When Saturn girl awoke she found herself in
some sort of medical facility. She was lying on a
hard metal table in the middle of the room, stripped
down to her underwear, a standard set of bra and
panties. She sat up, groaning as she felt the onset
of a headache. As the cobwebs in her mind began to
clear she became severely agitated, uncertain of what
to think.

If she were a prisoner why wasn't she bound?
Where was her costume? Why a medical facility and not
a cell? Was it McCauley's plot or simply Evolvo's?
Could it be a third party? Why hadn't the others
noticed her disappearance? What as going on?

She tried to contact the other Legionaries
telepathically but nothing happened. If she hadn't
gotten a response she might have been worried but
NOTHING happened. It was as if she was no longer
telepathic. She tried as hard as she could, getting
more desperate as every second ticked by, trying to
contact anyone, to feel the sensations that
accompanied telepathic transmission. Nothing. In a
last ditch effort she focused completely on Garth and
pushed with everything she had, going to levels she
knew were dangerous.


Live Wire turned, confused.

"What is it?" Saturn girl asked him.

"I thought I heard something," he said
absently. He turned back and kissed his blonde
girlfriend. Garth returned to the fondling of her
tits through the cloth of her costume. He wasn't
positive but he could swear she wasn't wearing a bra.

Saturn girl melted at his touch and let her
hand move down his abdomen to his nether reaches.



She had lost contact with Garth. She had to get
out of here. Imra swung her legs around so that she
sat on the edge of the table. She scanned the room
for a weapon but found nothing. Aside from some
bolted down equipment the room was bare.

The door opened and Leland McCauley entered,
followed by Evolvo and Crugg. The Khund woman dwarfed
her companions, although Evolvo always seemed dwarfed
at his mere three feet in size. Saturn Girl's legs
snapped back onto the table as she pulled them to her
chest, trying to hide her exposed body from McCauley.

"Welcome Saturn Girl," McCauley said with an
arrogant smirk on his face. "I trust you're not in
too much pain. We wouldn't want your stay here to be
too unpleasant. Well actually I would but that can
wait for later. As for now, simply report any pains
you have and we'll endeavor to correct them."

"I've got a headache," Saturn girl said with a
confidence she wasn't sure she had.

"An unpleasant side-effect of removing your
telepathy I'm afraid," McCauley replied. He savored
the frightened look that came upon the girl's face as
his words penetrated her thoughts.

"No," Saturn girl whispered to herself. It
couldn't be so. She couldn't lose her telepathy.
Grife, it was like a form of amputation. She was no
longer the woman she was. A vital element of her
being had been taken away. She had to escape. She had
to find help.

"G-Give me back my costume."

McCauley's smile got bigger. "No can do. You
see we had to give it to your clone. You see she was
naked and we didn't want her to go around exposing
herself to everyone. So we gave her your costume."

"Clone?" Saturn girl asked, confused.

Evolvo spoke up from behind McCauley. "We
cloned you. An exact duplicate. We copied your brain
and overlaid it on your clone's design. She's just
like you in every way, personality, abilities, looks.
We even gave her your telepathic abilities, although
at a lower level so she won't be as much trouble as
you were. We sent her off to meet with your comrades
at your ship. As far as the Legion is concerned
Saturn girl returned safe and sound. In a way they're
right. She's just like you in every way, in all
aspects she is Saturn Girl. The only difference is
you've been robbed of your powers and happen to be at
our mercy."

A quick wave of despair came over Saturn Girl.
She imagined the entire plight before her. Nobody
knew she was here and an impostor had taken her place
so no one would ever suspect she had been kidnapped.
She was almost helpless. She still had her martial
arts training, and it wasn't as though she was a
complete idiot. But compared to her captors she was
powerless. Crugg and Evolvo could both be strong or
intelligent when they needed to be. Yet no matter how
scared she got there was always one ray of hope.

"The Legion will find me eventually," Saturn
Girl said confidently. "After all, I'm still me."

"Yeah, about that," Evolvo said. He pressed a
button on one of the room's machines.

Saturn Girl's mind went blank.


McCauley watched the row of monitors in front
of him. Behind him Crugg massaged his shoulders, her
large hand gently applying pressure to his tired

"I need a drink," muttered McCauley.

Crugg pressed an intercom button. "Bring in a
drink for Mr. McCauley."

The door to the room opened up and Saturn girl
entered carrying a tray of scotch. One could barley
recognize her. That's a lie, her face hadn't changed
a bit. Although her eyes seemed duller, as though
there was little thought going on behind them. Her
lips were in a happy smile. And happy she was. She
almost bounced forward, a spring in her step, a sway
in her hips. Her breasts jiggled with each movement,
unfettered by clothing of any sort. In fact she wore
nothing except a pair of blue tassels covering up her
nipples and a pink g-string.

Saturn girl presented the tray to McCauley. He
grabbed the glass and she moved the tray under her

"May I suck your dick Mr. McCauley?" Saturn
Girl asked enthusiastically. "I really want to feel
your big cock in my mouth."

"Not right now," said Crugg.

"Okay. I love you Mr. McCauley. Your cock is my

Saturn girl leaned forward and blew McCauley a
kiss. And with that she sashayed out of the room,
making sure her firm ass swayed seductively. McCauley
watched the undulating posterior until the doors

"I don't see why you won't let me fuck her."

"Call it a woman's jealousy," placated Crugg.
"Just enjoy the fact that one of your enemies is
forced to serve and humiliate herself in front of

"But all we've had her do is make her act like
a sex kitten and serve drinks."

"Don't worry Leland. I've arranged a special
show for you starring Miss Ardeen."


"Saturn Girl. It's her real name."



Only six thoughts flowed through Saturn Girl's
mind. It was inevitable, she had been brainwashed.
Six simple thoughts. I love Mr. McCauley. I wish I
had Mr. McCauley's cock in me. I will do whatever Mr.
McCauley or Miss Crugg tells me. The cock of Mr.
McCauley is my god. I'm so happy to be serving Mr.
McCauley. I hate the Legion of Superheroes.

But in the back of her mind, so quiet that mere
silence wasn't enough to hear it, different thoughts
tried to shout out their defiance. The Legion of
Superheroes is my family. I hate McCauley. I love
Garth. I Love Garth! Garth, help me.


Evolvo and Spider-Girl were on monitor duty in
the overly large control room. Spider-Girl was
manipulating various controls with her long red hair,
as her power allowed her to do.

Evolvo leaned back in his chair.

"Hey, Spider-Girl, suck my dick."

"Fuck you."

Yeah that too, Evolvo thought.


"Okay, come on in."

Saturn girl entered the room, her tassels
replaced by a small pink bikini.

"Imra, do you see the android of Mr. McCauley
in the middle of the room?"

"Yes, Miss Crugg."

"Good, I want you to fuck it while Mr. McCauley
and I watch. Act like the whore you are when you're
doing it, shout out loud, scream like a banshee, and
tell us how much you love having Mr. McCauley's cock
in you. We're going to be filming it so do your


Saturn girl walked to the prostrate android of
Leland McCauley. It was almost lifelike, with a large
cock pointing up from it's bare body.

"Oh Mr. McCauley!" Saturn girl gasped. "You
have such a big cock. I can't wait to get it in me. I
want to put your big cock in my hot cunt."

Saturn girl took off her g-string. "Please
shove your cock in me. I love you so much. I want to
fuck you forever. You make me so horny. I can't wait
to feel you in me."

The blonde heroine stepped over the android,
aligning her cunt with his cock and began to lower
herself onto the large cock. "I need your cock Mr.
McCauley. Give it to me. Give me your big fat cock. I
love your cock."

"More than Live Wire's?" taunted McCauley from
his seat.

"Oh yes, more than Live W..."

Saturn girl froze. Her cunt was a mere inch
from the android's artificial cock. Her cunt dripped
liquid onto the android, excited and eager. Yet
Saturn girl didn't fall on the member only seconds
ago she had been anticipating mounting. Instead sweat
streamed down her forehead as she began to mutter
"Garth" over and over.

The door opened suddenly and great bursts of
light filled the room. Crugg and McCauley were
instantly paralyzed. Evolvo strode in holding a
strobe gun and pulled Saturn girl away from the

"Garth?" Saturn girl muttered.

"Sorry, no" Evolvo said and continued to drag
Saturn girl out of the room. He took her to his lab.

"Those two idiots had no idea," Evolvo
explained to an almost comatose Saturn Girl. "My real
employer is allowing me to trade you for one of the
final components to a device he's showing me how to
create. With it Spider-Girl will be mine."

He pushed Saturn girl into a closet. Her body
soon vanished, replaced with a small, yellow



"It's about time you woke up. I was getting

Saturn girl sat up. Around her was another
sterile medical environment. She was pleased to note
that it wasn't McCauley's. XS helped her stand up.

"You were out of it for a long time," said XS.
"Brainiac 5 said you should only be out for an hour
after he injected you with that personality restoring
stuff. It's been two."

"Brainiac 5 is dead," muttered Saturn Girl. Her
eyes snapped wide open. Brainiac 5 was dead. So was
XS. The blonde heroine backed away from the tan
skinned speedster, suddenly afraid.

"You're dead," Saturn girl shrieked. And that
wasn't all, they were both naked. Saturn Girl's arms
quickly moved to cover her bare body. XS seemed
amused more than anything else.

"I'm not dead," XS giggled. "No one who died on
that mission really died."

Still keeping her distance, Saturn girl asked
"Where are we?"

"Same planet as the mission. We live here now."

Tears began to well in Saturn Girl's eyes as
relief and joy overcame her. She stumbled forward and
hugged XS. Their bare skin pressed together. XS
returned the hug, pulling Saturn Girl's body closer
to her own, savoring the warmth and texture of her
friends body.

"I'm so glad you're not dead," Saturn girl

XS pulled away only a tad from Saturn Girl,
just enough to look into her eyes. Saturn girl was
confused by the odd look Jenni gave her. It was
something she had never seen before in a friends
eyes, a wild haze of desperation caused by desire. XS
put her hands behind Saturn Girl's head and pulled
her into a deep kiss.

Saturn girl squealed as XS' tongue tried to
push into her mouth. Desperately she tried to pull
out of XS' grip, finally putting her hands on the
speedster's breasts and pushing with all her might.
The two friends were torn apart.

"XS!" Saturn girl shouted in shock, more than a
little terror showing in her eyes.

XS began to cry, a pathetic despairing cry.
"I'm sorry. Oh please, I'm sorry. It's this place, it
does horrible things."

Saturn girl reluctantly held Jenni in her arms
again, trying to console her friend. XS kept
whispering "I'm sorry" in unending repetition. Saturn
Girl tried to console the crying girl with words of
encouragement but it was all for naught. She tried to
find out what had happened to her teammate but was
unable to get a straight answer amidst all the

Finally Jenni said ", You'll find out after
you've been stuck here for a while."

"Not really, we're sending her back to the
Legion of Superheroes very soon," said Brainiac 5
from the doorway.

Saturn girl leaped out of XS' embrace and
covered herself with her arms once again. She was
surprised to see that XS made no move to hide her
exposed body from the green lad. XS had always seemed
more modest.

"Brainy? What the hell is going on here?"

"Just your typical enslavement scheme. I
enslave Legionaries, they fulfil my sexual deviant

Saturn girl began to feel a sense of dread
overcome her. "But what about Andromeda? I thought
you loved her? How can you subject other women to
your will if you love..."

Her attempts at reasoning with Brainiac 5
faltered when she noticed that just behind him
Andromeda was standing with a devoted look in her
eyes. Saturn girl had no illusions that the devotion
was for anything but for the green skinned genius.

"What are you going to do with me?" Saturn girl
asked, frightened.

"Don't worry," Brainiac 5 said calmly. "I'm
sending you back to Live Wire. One condition though."

"Anything," said a relieved Saturn Girl.


Brainiac 5 pushed a button on the wall and her
world went dark.


Her entire body had been encased in rubber.
Unlike the suit Lamp wore with holes exposing her
tits and inflamed cunt, Saturn Girl's entire body was
covered in hard black latex. Extremely hard black
latex. It was so stiff that it restricted all
movement, a rubber version of a full body cast. The
suit kept her stuck in a pre-molded position,
kneeling so that she was sitting on her calves. Her
arms were behind her, hands holding onto her ankles.
Her torso and neck were straight. The rubber was
flawless, no seams or lines. The entire thing looked
like she had been dropped in liquid rubber and it had
been left to harden.

She didn't look human. Rather she looked like a
life sized sculpture of Saturn Girl. The sculpture's
face had been formed so that Saturn girl looked
happy, eyes and mouth open. And that was the thing,
her mouth was open. The only opening in the entire
"suit" was the round "O" of her mouth which kept the
real Saturn Girl's mouth permanently open beneath the
rubber exterior.

Brainiac 5 worked on a computer panel making
the last adjustment to Saturn Girl's biology. He made
it so that she could live the rest of her life
encased in the rubber shell he had created for her.
She would become self sufficient, not needing to
breath or eat. Her body would recycle everything she
ended up receiving through her mouth. Her mouth would
never dehydrate. It was, in a way, one of his
greatest accomplishments.

When he was finished he pulled down his pants
and shoved his cock into the "O" of Saturn Girl's
mouth. He felt the moistness envelop his member.
*Saturn Girl?* he thought.


*Ah good, you're awake.*

*What's going on, I can't see anything.*

*You can't smell or hear anything either. It's
one of the side effects of your condition.*

*What are you talking about? And what 's the
funny tasting thing in my mouth.*

*That's my cock.*


*My penis.*

*Get it out! It's disgusting.*

*Stop it. It has to be there for us to
communicate. There must be some sort of contact
between us for us to converse telepathically.*

*But why does it have to be your cock?!*

Brainiac 5 explained to her what he had done.
How from now on she would live immobile within the
shell he had created for her. And how the only way
she could connect with anyone would be if they put
their cock in the "statue's" mouth. She began to
despair. He waited for her to calm down a little
before he continued.

*I'm not finished. Soon I'm going to take away
your ability to communicate, you'll only be able to
read minds. You won't be able to tell them anything.*

*Please don't do this. Please, I'm begging

*Also, you're going to be programmed with a set
of commands so that every time something is put in
your mouth you'll suck it, lick it, and so on.
Effectively, you're going to be a cock cleaning
machine. Just insert cock and enjoy the experience.
And that's how you're going to be described. People
will think that you're nothing more than a device,
never imagining that there's a person beneath the
black shell. You'll be given as a present to the
Legion of Superheroes, part of a diplomatic offering
from some obscure planet. I figure that the guys will
put you in the locker room so they can use you after
a workout.*

*No, this isn't right! This isn't like you!
Damn it Brainy! You shouldn't be able to do this! You
believe too much in love! I can read it in your mind.
Please, I love Garth! Don't take that away from me!*

Brainiac 5 pulled out quickly. Too quickly, he
stumbled backward. Andromeda caught him and helped
him steady.

"Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.

"I'm fine." But damn it all, Saturn girl was
right. It might have been true emotional outpouring
or maybe just psychological training but her
exposition was enough that Brainiac 5 didn't want to
separate her from Live Wire. It was maddening.
Matters weren't helped by the fact that the
personality which required him to be a sexual deviant
hadn't been in effect for six months. His personality
cycle was on one of the nicer personalities, he
couldn't just stick her on some street corner with a
sign touting "Automatic dick cleaner, insert cock and
enjoy life-like blowjob". But he couldn't let her go
either, she would blow his whole setup, and whatever
personality he had he wasn't about to lose Andromeda
for anything.

There was only one thing to do.


Dear Mr. Garth Ranzz,

Congratulations, you have been chosen to beta
test the brand new Automatic Dick Cleaner 5000. This
marvelous new invention, which you will find in the
attached crate, has been designed to look like a
statue of your loved one in order to avoid messy
explanations. The instructions are simple, put your
penis in the mouth and wait. The ADC 5000 simulates a
blow job as it washes your cock clean, a pleasurable
experience and a handy penis cleaner. And don't worry
about ejaculating in the ADC 5000, it has been
designed to use your cum for its own maintenance. No
matter how many times you cum in this machine it will
never be full.
So please, make use of your ADC 5000 as
frequently and as soon as possible.

B5 Enterprises


Garth Ranzz, Live Wire to the general public,
circled the ADC 5000, studying it carefully. Just as
the letter said it looked like a loved one. The
resemblance to Imra was uncanny. Still, even though
it was touted as a Cock Cleaner or whatever, Garth
knew it to be little more than a blow job machine. He
had seen them in the seedier areas when he had been
searching for his brother.

Admittedly this one looked a hell of a lot
better, and it did have the bonus feature of cleaning
as well as sucking, but the principle remained the
same. Put dick in, feel simulated blow job, cum, pull
out. It didn't matter that this one was fancier than
the other, he wasn't about to start using these
things now.

The doors to his room opened and Imra came in.
She kissed him on the cheek.

"What's this?"

Garth leaped mentally. "It's a-a, ah, a statue
of you."

"Really? Hmmm. Pretty good likeness."

"Not as good as the real thing," Garth
responded and kissed her. Their lips pressed together
and they felt their connection, as electricity and
thought merged. They pulled themselves together in a
mad embrace. Their hands roamed one another's body,
seeking to know every inch of their lover.

They tumbled, clinging to one another, into the
bedroom. Their clothes were shed quickly, pulled away
to reveal their athletic bodies sweating in
anticipation. Naked the two teens pulled each other
tight to hold their young flesh against one another.
Their kissing continued as their meshed bodies
squirmed and wiggled, trying to position it so that
Garth's cock could slide into Imra's hot throbbing

Finally the tip of Garth's cock brushed the
entrance to her pussy. Slowly they brought their
bodies closer together, allowing the length of his
shaft to penetrate her body with the utmost ease.
Unable to resist Garth abruptly pulled Imra to him
and their hips slammed against each other. Imra let
out a short scream of pain and surprise. Chills
flowed through their bodies, synched with help from
Imra's telepathic nudge.

Slowly Garth began rocking his hips, pulling
his shaft out of her pussy a little and plunging it
back in again. Imra moaned in approval and began to
move her own hips to coordinate with his. Their pace
gradually increased and their slow rocking became
frantic bucking as the two teenaged lovers shouted,
his cock ramming into her insatiable cunt.

Their two bodies became their universe. Even as
his rock hard shaft pushed into her moist ripe pussy
their hands explored one another's bodies and their
lips kissed every square inch they could reach. The
silent room filled with the sounds of grunting and
the slapping of balls against a woman's skin.

Soon their bodies screamed with pleasure as
they orgasmed in synch, both experiencing not just
their own but the others, creating a bonded orgasm of
double intensity. There was a new dimension of
sensation as their raw feeling for one another became
swept up in the moment of ultimate joy, making the
moment more powerful than either had anticipated. It
lasted only for that moment but its effects seemed

Garth rolled off Imra and pulled her close to
him. Exhausted the two lovers laid back content.
Unable to think straight Garth simply panted as his
mind recovered from the experience. Beside him Imra,
better equipped to handle such things had fallen
asleep, a smile on her face. Garth shared her smile.

But something nagged at him.

Live Wire wasn't certain but something was
missing. It was the Imra he had always known and
loved, but something was gone. Some small something
he couldn't even recognize. It was that one thing
that made him hesitate. He wouldn't dream of looking
for someone else, he loved Saturn Girl, it was with
her he wanted to spend the rest of his life. But
nass, something didn't feel right, as though the
Cosmic Powers That Be were trying to tell him

He got up quietly so as not to disturb the
snoozing Imra. Making his way to the main room of his
quarters he pondered his problem. His attention was
drawn to the dark silhouette of his beloved Imra that
the ADC 5000 seemed to embody. He looked down at his
cock, softening and covered in remnants of both his
and Imra's love juices.

It could use a good cleaning.


Saturn girl wasn't sure how much time had
passed since Brainiac 5 had put his cock in her mouth
last. Being encased in rubber and losing most of your
senses distorts one's perception of time. There had
been a lot of jostling. That she remembered. Lifting,
jostling, lowering, it was as though she were being
moved. To where she wasn't certain.

With her perceived long wait Saturn girl had a
lot of time to think. She thought about how much she
missed Garth and hoped he would save her from this
hell. She thought about why Brainiac 5 would do
something like this. She thought about her future,
sucking cocks and reading minds, never being able to
communicate with another being. Of how she would
never again feel Garth's arms around her, his lips
against hers, his mind joining with hers.

Just then the head of a cock entered her mouth.
Her tongue brushed against it, teasing it. It wasn't
completely by instinct, but neither a conscious
choice. Brainiac 5 had planted some sort of
programming in her. Unlike Brainiac 5 who had just
shoved his cock into her mouth quickly, instantly
filling her mouth with a long pole, this cock was
entering her mouth slowly, almost reluctantly. It
gave her time to experience the feeling of the shaft
moving into her mouth gradually, like a burrowing
worm. Her tongue made contact with the cock.

It was Garth! She could read him! He felt
contentment and confusion. She shared it with him,
savoring the feel of his mind once again. Eagerly,
more eagerly than her programming demanded, she began
to suck on his cock. She did it with love, attaching
a piece of herself to the act of sucking her
beloved's cock. Every move was driven by her passion
for him and for her need for his approval. She could
read from his mind that he had no idea that she was
in the rubber and that he had just finished making
love to what must be her clone, thinking the genetic
copy to be herself. Saturn Girl's enthusiasm in her
task increased. If nothing more she needed to make
sure that she could suck Garth's cock better than her
clone. She had to prove to herself that she could
offer something that made her special to him.

And maybe one day he would learn enough to
rescue her so they could live happily ever after.

Garth's cock shivered a little and Saturn girl
was afraid she had done something wrong. His seed
came spurting out of his cock. She swallowed it
greedily, happy to have something so important to
him. Her tongue scrubbed his shaft, licking off any
excess cum for her consumption. She let it stay on
her tongue a short while, relishing the taste of
Garth's semen.

She had brought him pleasure. It was a
satisfying feeling.

Garth pulled his cock from her mouth and she
felt a great emptiness. She missed him. She wanted
him to come back. She wanted his cock to stay in her
mouth forever.


Garth pulled his cock out of the statue's mouth
and felt great! Sex with Imra had been great! It was
near perfection, a bliss of unparalleled proportions,
enhanced by their love... and yet lacking something.
But when he shoved his cock into the machine he found
it. For some reason the statue sucking on his dick
made everything better. The moist whatever clamping
around his cock was the solution. Now he was whole,
his problems were over.

He almost kissed the machine but remembered
that he had only moments ago had his dick in it.


Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen were married a year
later. Before their marriage they would fuck
constantly. But even more often Garth would stick his
cock into the mouth of a statue he kept in his
private room. No one knew about it. No one thought it
anything more than a statue. But to Garth it was

The orgasms that the ADC5000 gave him weren't
as intense or pleasurable as the ones he got when he
made love to Saturn girl but they were pleasing.
Whenever he would fuck Saturn girl he would wash his
cock off by placing it in the Cock Cleaner. His cock
would be enveloped by a moistness and it would suck
on his cock for a few minutes until he shot his load
into it.

When Imra finally gave him a blow job he
noticed remarkable similarities too the ADC5000.
Still he thought the machine slightly better. After
they were married Garth came clean to Imra about his
obsession with the Cleaner. She was a little vexed at
first but understood. For one thing it meant she
never had to give him oral sex, and if she wasn't in
the mood she could just send him off to the machine.

For another thing she enjoyed watching him use
it. This came about during a time when Garth was on a
Legion mission. Imra just happened to put her finger
into the statue's mouth and made contact with Saturn
Girl. Saturn girl was unaware but Imra suddenly
learned the truth about everything. The thought of
being a clone scared her, but even more frightening
was the thought of losing Garth to the original. It
became so clear why Garth enjoyed using the machine
so much, the bond between him and the original Saturn
Girl was still very much alive. But Garth didn't have
an inkling of the original Saturn Girl's existence.
As far as he was concerned his wife was the original,
there was no other Saturn Girl. Imra decided to leave
it that way. But she always had a spark of jealousy
from that day toward the ADC5000.

So Imra began to take pleasure in the fact that
the ADC5000 had to clean Garth's cock and not just
pleasure it. She came up with inventive ways to get
his cock covered in disgusting things and watching
the real Saturn girl clean it off, her husband an
unknowing participant in the superheroine-turned-
cock-sucking-machine's degradation. She had Garth
fuck her analy, and then feed his shit covered cock
into Saturn Girl's mouth. Imra even had him fuck her
while she was menstruating, coating his cock in blood
for her predecessor to lick off.

Then finally she came up with the ultimate
idea. After a lot of needling Imra finally got her
husband to urinate while his cock was in the
Automatic Dick Cleaner 5000. Finally he relented and
she watched as he used the statue like a urinal. Imra
could imagine the original Saturn girl desperately
swallowing the influx of bitter piss as her beloved's
cock spewed it forth. It made her so horny that she
fucked Garth five times that night, each time making him use the ARC5000 when they were done and piss in
it some more.


15 years later.


Lyrna Ranzz sneaked into her father's office,
closely followed by her boyfriend. She was fourteen
and the eldest daughter of Garth and Imra Ranzz.
Although petite she shared her father's orange hair
and mother's good looks. Her boyfriend Ans's was
large, well built, and purple, a native of Gronz who
had immigrated to Winath with his family. His
incredibly muscular body was offset by his shaven
head and beady eyes.

Ans's had been pressuring Lyrna to take their
relationship to the next stage. Lyrna had talked to
her mother about it. Her mother had advised her to
take Ans's to her father's study. There she was
supposed to take Ans's to the statue her father loved
so much and have Ans's put his penis in the open
mouth. It sounded odd but Lyrna's mother said it was

"What am I supposed to do?" Ans's asked again
in a whisper

"My mom said you put your penis in the statue's
mouth and it will satisfy all your sexual desires."

"Is this a trick?"

"No, my mom says it's perfectly safe."

"I dunno, your parents never really liked me."

"What're you afraid of, that it'll cut off your
dick? They Legionaries for Valor's sake."

"I'm not afraid of nothin'."

"Then put your dick in the statue's mouth."

Ans's tiptoed to the statue and pulled down his
pants. His cock wasn't overly large, although his
balls were enormous, the size of tennis balls.

"It looks like your mother," Ans's said

"I know. Quit stalling and put it in."


A cock entered her mouth. She knew instantly it
wasn't Garth's. She wanted to protest. She was
special, only for Garth. She sucked his cock, washed
off shit, blood, and dirt. She even swallowed his
pee. She attended to him multiple times every day.
She could read his love for her. No one else should
use her.

But it was another cock. And it belonged to a
bad person. She wanted to expel it but her
programming wouldn't allow it. Her mouth sucked on
his cock, her tongue washed it, licking his
disgusting pole with abandon. All the while she cried
out to herself against it.

Soon his cock shivered. She could read from him
that it was the first time a mouth had been around
his cock. She was his first. Semen shot forth and she
swallowed the vile goo. And more semen shot forth.
And more. And more. She swallowed load after load but
it kept coming. During each swallow more and more
filled her mouth. Soon she wouldn't be able to hold
it all. The desperate swallowing would lead her to
choke. She would die. No. Not like this. Not away
from Garth.

But finally the semen stopped. She swallowed it
all down and dutifully licked off any excess on his
shaft. There was a lot and she had to make two

She would make it up to Garth. She'd do an
extra special job next time he put his cock in her
mouth. She owed it to him.


"I'm telling you, it's incredible."

"Yeah right."

"No really, you've got to try it."

Ans's snuck into Mr. Ranzz's office with his
older brother Dar'r. Mrs. Ranzz and Lyrna were in
town shopping and Mr. Ranzz was in the fields
overseeing the harvest. It was the perfect time.

"If you say so."


Garth? No. Not Garth. Not again. Please no. Why
didn't they understand she was for Garth? This one
was mean too. His cock was bigger than the last one

She read his mind. He was the other one's
brother, older brother. And according to his
knowledge of biology he should produce twenty times
more semen than his brother. Oh no! He'd kill her.
There was no way she could survive that much cum in
her mouth. She couldn't spit it out because of the
big prick in her mouth preventing that option.

She would die. Garth. She needed help or she
would never be with Garth again!

She began to suck on his cock. Her tongue
brushed over his head and then began licking it like
a candy cane. Her tongue tickled the small membrane
beneath the head.

Please no. Garth!

She continued to read, searching for
information to help her. The older the male from
Gronz the faster and more intense they ejaculated.

The cock slid out of her mouth a little but
slammed back in even faster. It began pumping in and
out of her mouth while she continued to suck and lick
it ever closer to orgasm.



The door burst open and lightning saturated the
room. The two Gronzian boys were knocked off their
feet, Dar'r's cock pulling out of the statue's mouth.
The two hoodlums writhed in pain as Garth Ranzz's
lightning flowed through their bodies. Then the
lightning was gone.

Garth entered the room, fury and lightning
hopping from his eyes. The two young boys wisely fled
in terror and Garth was forced to swallow his rage.
But sprock if Lyrna was ever seeing that boy again.

Garth went to his "statue" to make sure it was
undamaged. He looked over every inch of the thing and
couldn't find a scratch until he got to the foot. It
was a small thing, not even a centimeter. But a small
piece had cracked off. Apparently years of electric
current running through it had caused part of the
statue to overheat, bake, and harden. And just now it
cracked off. Trivial, except for the bit of pink

It was moving.

As much as he loved his Automatic Dick Cleaner,
as much as his wife enjoyed watching him piss into
it, he knew he couldn't keep it if there was the
slimmest chance someone was alive in there.

"I'm sorry," he whispered and patted the statue
gently on the head.

Then he let loose lightning, enough to cook the
entire rubber casing that would exist if a human was
in there. It began to crack off. Garth stopped the
lightning and relied on brute force to tear away the
rubber. It was skin, definitely skin. He peeled even
faster. Questions began running through his head.
Who? How long had they been in the damned thing? What
if they had been there for the past sixteen years?

When the rubber was all cleared away he was

It was Imra. Only she was thinner, her muscle
tone had deteriorated dramatically, but she still had
enough to move around. Her hair was gone, completley
bald. Her eyes looked like they hadn't seen a light
in years. (As well may be the case he rationalized.)
She didn't look like she had aged well, but she had
no wrinkles.

But, thought Garth, she's still very beautiful.

It explained a lot. Like why the damned machine
had comforted him and provided what he thought he had
lost. But if she was Imra, and there was a
possibility she wasn't, then who had he married?


She was free? Free? Yes, she could feel the air
on her skin. Hear the breathing of a man. She
couldn't see, the lights were blinding, but she was
free. After all this time, free at last. Oh Garth,
she had to find Garth. Explain to him what happened.
Tell him that she loved him. She couldn't lose him,
not after everything they had been through. It
wouldn't be fair.


Imra crawled toward him. Garth didn't move. She
seemed to be moving blind, feeling around her so she
didn't hit anything. Finally she hit his foot. She
grabbed onto it, like a feral animal. Slowly she sat
up by supporting herself on Garth's leg.

"Garth?" she croaked.

"Yes," he said hesitantly.

She hugged his leg for dear life. It was as
though nothing to her was more important that his


A few weeks in the hospital and she was better.
Genetic records did show that she was Imra Ardeen.
Although apparently her biology had been altered
significantly. Extensive procedures had returned her
to normal.

Garth visited her every day. After his wife
found out what had happened she confessed the whole
truth. At first he was outraged but eventually he
calmed down. He wasn't sure what to feel, although he
supposed a little flattered that his wife went to so
much trouble out of jealousy.

When Imra, the original was able to talk again
the first thing she told Garth was ,"I love you. I
know you're married but I love you. The only thing
that got me through that ordeal for fifteen years was
the knowledge that I was with you giving you

As it turned out the original Imra still
thought of herself as Saturn Girl. It was one of the
many things he learned as they talked during his
visits. She needed him to love her, it seemed. It was
all she had lived for sixteen years. The problem was
he did love her.

But could he stay with her? He was married to
Imra, and he loved her. The past fifteen years only
heightened that love. But the one he fell in love
with was Saturn Girl, and it was with her, although
unwittingly, that he had found the final key to his
happiness. He loved Saturn girl since the day they
met, but he loved the clone for sixteen years, but he
thought it was the original. But what about family

It was all very confusing. Who should he be

Ultimately it was the clone that came up with
the final solution. According to her there was no
reason why Garth couldn't love both Imra's, after all
they were essentially the same woman. She invited
Imra to move in with them, under two conditions. One
was that the original be known as Saturn girl and the
clone as Imra in order to avoid confusion. No one had
a problem with that, not even Saturn girl who hadn't
used an identity in the last sixteen years.

The second was that Saturn girl would have to
enter the household as a servant to the family. After
a great deal of rationalizing Garth agreed. Saturn
Girl was okay with it as long as she got to be with


"Saturn Girl, bring the tea," called out Imra
from the dining room.

Saturn girl bustled in from the kitchen
carrying a tray of the demanded items. She was naked,
just like she was at all times when company wasn't
over. Her body had grown fit since her time in the
hospital and was once again in athletic form. Her
blonde hair had grown back to its shoulder length. It
was almost impossible to tell Saturn girl from Imra
except for the large Saturn tattoo that covered her
entire groin. It was a circle spanning the area
between her cunt and ass hole to the area just above
her cunt on her abdomen. Then there was the ring of
Saturn, a piercing through the left lip. Imra had
made her get it all done in order to tell the two
women apart. Garth said it was like fucking a planet.

Garth was the only thing Imra allowed Saturn
Girl to share with her clone. Saturn girl was given
her own servant's quarters, her own set of clothing
to wear when company came over (maids uniforms and
the like), and her own family. Once when Lyrna
accidentally called Saturn girl "mom" Imra went
ballistic and made Saturn girl lick Lyrna's cunt
until the young girl came.

Saturn girl placed the tea on the table and
poured three cups. As unobtrusive as could be she
placed them in front of each of the family members.

"It's Saturn Girl's night tonight isn't it?"
asked Garth.

Imra made an ascent noise as she sipped her
tea. Saturn Girl's heart skipped a beat as she
thought about what the night would bring, spending
the night with Garth. They would talk for a while and
then make out before they fucked until they

"But," Imra said. Saturn girl began to panic.
"First she has to finish her chores for the day. And
I want to cum seven time today."

Saturn girl sighed with relief. She climbed
between Imra's legs and removed her mistress'
underwear. Then with calculated strokes from
experience she began to shove her tongue up Imra's


Still to Come: Payoffs Are A Bitch

2 points. 1) The clone seems more devious than
the original. This is because she is a clone made by
McCauley. 2) I like to think that Lyrna convinces
Saturn Girl, who is more powerful telepathically, to
switch places with Imra and force Imra to get a
similar tattoo and piercing.

The concluding chapter of my Legion of
Superheroes story is being written as we speak. I'm
almost done with the Ferro-Inferno scene and will
soon be writing the introduction of Chuck Taine.

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