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LSHXXX9 stretch little dislodge the



Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18 although it
will probably be
read by kids who pretend to be older than they are. For shame.
All characters copyrighted by DC Comics, yadda yadda yadda.

What has happened Before:
Brainiac 5's mind went somewhere else and
he betrayed the Legion of Super Heroes. Faking his
death and the death of many of his female teammates
he set up a fortress on a remote planet where he
enslaved and robbed most of the girl's of their free
Triad was split into her three selves and Triad
Purple was given control over her "sisters". She promptly
turned Triad Orange and Neutral into human-dogs named
Mousey and Lu. She then turned Lu into a male dog by shaving
her head and giving her a strap-on dildo as a cock.
LSH: Payoffs are a Bitch
by Alexi92

"If he wants to fuck you then you will fuck him. If
he wants you to dance then you'll dance like you've never
danced before. If he wants to beat you then you'll let him
beat you, only making a sound if he permits it. Who you
will be depends on how he wants to treat you. If he decides
that you're nothing more than a doll, a mindless construct
with no other purpose than to fuck him then that is all you
will be. If he decides you're a whore then you're a whore.
If he decides you're a slut then you're a slut. You must do
whatever he commands you to, no hesitation. You live for
his word and nothing else. He is your god now. There is
nothing more you fear than his rejection. Do you



The sound woke Ferro up. From behind his iron mask he
blinked his eyes, allowing them to get used to the light.
Once his vision had returned to normal he continued to
blink his eyes, to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.
Kneeling at the foot of his bed was Inferno, the hot
tempered mistress of fire he had met in the twentieth
century. If that wasn't strange enough her costume had been
replaced by two large ribbons which came over her shoulders
and covered her breasts, continuing down to a bow which
strategically covered her genitalia. She looked like a
human present.

"Miss Inferno?"

"Hello Ferro."

"What are you doing here? I thought you stayed in the
twentieth century."

"Someone brought me back."

Another odd thing. Inferno had always been a brash,
head strong teenager. She was speaking as if she were a shy
little girl afraid of making anyone angry.


"That doesn't matter. Ferro, you had a crush on me in
the twentieth century didn't you?" She looked at him
eagerly awaiting his answer like a puppy dog listening to
its master, ever fearful of hearing the wrong thing.

"Um, ah..I"

"Please Ferro, it's important."

"Yes. Yes I did," Ferro said, embarrassed.

"So.. So you'll treat me nicely won't you? You won't
beat me or treat me like a blow up doll. You won't treat me
like a whore."

"No! I would never dream of..."

Ferro's words trailed off as Inferno snuggled up to
him a relieved smile on her face. "Thank you, thank you. I
knew you wouldn't be mean to me."

"Ma'am?" Ferro asked confused. Not that he didn't
like Inferno hugging him, in fact it was a dream come true.
But it just didn't seem like her.

"The man who brought me back to this time, he bonded
me to you," Inferno explained. She didn't let go of Ferro.


Inferno looked into Ferro's eyes and said very
plainly ",I've been given to you as a gift. I have to do
everything you tell me to."

"That's horrible!"

"You don't want me then?" Inferno said with a hurt

"No! But it happened against your will," explained
Ferro quickly.

"I don't really mind anymore," said Inferno. She put
began to take Ferro's mask off. "I guess you'll want me to
kiss you."

"No! Stop!" shouted Ferro backing away.

Inferno stopped. "I'm sorry, did I upset you? Please
don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad," Ferro said. "It's just... Don't look
under my mask. I don't look too good under there."

"You don't understand. I have to do anything you say.
It doesn't matter what you look like. I exist only to make
you happy. I love you."

"N-no. I'm sorry. It's just too horrible. You should

A very pained look came over Inferno's face as she
slid off the bed. "Please Ferro! Don't! I want to stay with

Inferno began walking to the door, her body twisting
to not follow orders. "Say 'Stop'! Please! Say 'Stop'!
Please Ferro. Please. PLEASE!"


Inferno stopped her travel to the door and began to
cry to herself. Ferro quickly went to her. She threw
herself into his arm.

"Please don't make me leave," she sobbed. "Please
never say that again."

"I don't understand," Ferro said, perplexed.

"I have to obey every order you give me, even if I
don't want to. If you tell me to leave then I have to
leave. But I don't want to leave you Ferro. Please don't
make me leave."

"Um, I guess it's okay if you stay."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Inferno let
herself be held by Ferro for a while, listening to the
steady sound of his breath.

"Um, Inferno?"

"Yes my darling?"

"Why are you acting this way? All afraid and stuff."

"I was reprogrammed."

"I don't like you like this."

She pulled away from him terrified. "You don't like

"No, wait... um..." The room fell silent as he
thought about the situation. Finally he said ",Inferno, act
like yourself."

Suddenly a change came over Inferno. The pathetic
puppy expression she wore turned into an angry sneer. She
pushed Ferro away from her.

"Oh Grife! I can't believe I acted like that! Ferro,
you tell anyone what I did tonight and I'll fry you."

The threat seemed to make Ferro cheer up.

"I acted like a sprokkin' five-year-old. I'll kill
him when I get my hands on him. I'll kill him."


"... I don't remember. But I'll find out and the I'll
kill him. No one turns me into a weak, cowering, little
girl who's afraid to be booted out by some guy."

"I'm glad you're back Miss Inferno."

Inferno looked at Ferro again. She got a scared look
in her eyes.

"It didn't work," she said in a quivering voice.

"What? But I thought you were back to being

"I am. But I still love you, and I still have to do
everything you say. Ferro, you've got to help me."

"Uh... Inferno, don't listen to my orders, do
whatever you want to do."

Inferno seemed surprised. "Do you mean that?"

Ferro nodded.

"You don't want me to fuck you or dance for you?"

Ferro shook his head. "I just want you to be who you

Inferno was stunned. She wasn't used to such kindness
and innocence. Here she was, under the complete control of
a teenage boy who had feelings for her and he didn't
exploit the situation. She had expected him to make her
fuck him. Instead he was doing his best to free her.

"Tell me to do something," said Inferno. "I want to
test it."

"Um, raise your hand."

Inferno's hand shot into the air.

"I'm sorry..." Ferro started. Before he could finish
Inferno pulled off his mask. Since it was similar to a
helmet she had to putt it over his head. He tried to hide
his face with his hands but she grabbed them and forced
them aside so she could look straight at his face.

"Don't," shouted Ferro. "Please don't look"

Since it was a plea and not a command Inferno looked
anyway. His face really was repulsive. It wasn't even a
face a mother could love. In fact his mother had abandoned
him and denied his existence. It was one of the reasons he
had been able to travel a thousand years in the future and
not feel homesick. Inferno didn't have it much better, she
was given to the millionaire McCauley at age six when it
was discovered she had powers.

"Ferro look at me! Look at me! I'm not disgusted by
your face, I think you look fine."

He opened his eyes and looked at her. He didn't see
the slightest hint of revulsion or disgust. Only complete
devotion. It surprised him.

It surprised her as well. She knew his face was
misshapen but for some reason she wasn't sickened by it. In
fact she sort of liked it. It was unique. And private. A
secret sight only she knew about. If this was the power of
love it was indeed a powerful force.

Inferno grabbed and kissed him. She held him to her
for over a minute before releasing him. He stared at her
and she was afraid she had been too forward.

"You're not sickened by how I look?" he asked.

"I think you look handsome."

"You do? Why?"

"Because I love you."

"But that's because we haven't figured out how to
free you."

"It's okay Ferro. Just... Just let me be myself. I
think I can live with being forced to do everything someone
says as long as it's you."

"I don't understand."

"You're a kind man Ferro. You wouldn't make me do
anything against my will."

"Of course not."

"See, that's what I'm talking about. Most men, they'd
command me to fuck them. And if they got bored with that
they'd do all sorts of things to me, force me to go out in
public naked, make me lie still while they beat me, have me
masturbate while they broadcast it over the vid-network.
But every one of them would treat me like a slave or a toy.
But you Ferro, you treat me like a person, even trying to
get my free will back for me.

"So I think I can live with being your slave. I know
you won't treat me badly. Just watch what you say to me so
you don't accidentally make me do something you didn't
intend. I've never loved anyone before. I like it and I
don't want to give it up."

"You want to be under my complete control?"



Inferno began to be annoyed. Didn't this boy
understand she loved him? "Yes."

"Really 'really'?"

"Yes damn it! Really! I want you to be my master."

"But you've been made to think that! It's not what
you really want. I can't let you..."

"Let? This has nothing to do with let, you're not
letting me do anything," she exploded. "I've been
reprogrammed to do what you want and I'm telling you I
don't care because you're the first person I've ever met
that cares about me without having some sort of secondary

She kissed him again. "Do you understand that?"

He stared at her and for a moment she was afraid she
had scared him.


"Good, so unwrap me."


"Unwrap me." Inferno gestured at the ribbons. "Unwrap
me and take full advantage of your gift."

Ferro hesitated. Annoyed, Inferno took his hand and
pulled it to her breast, making him grope her. Ferro's hand
began to shake but Inferno held onto it, making sure it
held her tit. The shaking began to subside. Inferno sighed
to herself in relief.

Ferro ripped the ribbons from her body, revealing her
naked breasts. Inferno was startled by his sudden
eagerness. But when she looked in his eyes she saw a sudden
enthusiasm that hadn't been there before. He seemed

Ferro grabbed the bow covering her crotch and pulled
it away. Unfortunately the bow had been held on with
adhesives and painfully uprooted many of Inferno's pubic
hairs. She doubled over in pain, tears welling in her eyes.

Ferro caught her. "I'm sorry!" he said quickly.

"It's okay," said Inferno, annoyed that the mood had
been lost. "Forget all about it. Let's just fuck."

"We don't have to," Ferro told her. He still held on
to her despite her half-hearted attempts to push him away.

"I want to," Inferno said angrily.

"It's okay if we don't."

Inferno grabbed his crotch, careful not to hold too
hard. "Ferro," she said. "I am your slave. I have been
programmed to obey your every command. In effect I have no
other purpose but to make you happy. I want to make you
happy. I love you. But if you don't stop being such a
momma's boy I think I'm going to be sick."

"Let go of my nuts."

Inferno's hand released Ferro's groin.

"Fuck me."

Elated Inferno jumped on Ferro, causing him to
stagger back and fall onto the floor. Ignoring her own
minor pain she tugged Ferro's pajama pants of and mounted
him. His cock tore through her and she felt quite a bit of
pain. But orders were orders and she began to rock on his

As she rocked his cock stiffened and she found it
necessary to change her motion. She bounced on his manhood,
their bodies perfectly perpendicular as she churned her
cunt on his iron hard member.

She felt it change within her body. It became cooler,
cold in fact. Her body shivered as his cock seemed to
freeze her insides. But it became warmer with her body
heat, although not less stiff. In fact it felt more like
metal than... She looked down at Ferro. He had turned to
iron! She didn't stop, compelled to keep fucking him, the
metal shaft slipping in and out of her pussy.
Then it softened, but became no less erect. Ferro had
powered down. Inferno was surprised she could feel the
difference of the change that occurred in her cunt. A
powerful orgasm spread through her body causing her to
shiver in pure bliss. Ferro must have felt it because he
powered up again, his cock once changing into metal.
Inferno screamed out as the sudden change spread another
wave of pleasure through her.

Ferro powered down and Inferno collapsed on top of
him. She fell forward, burying her face in his shoulder,
his erect cock still buried in her cunt.

"Oh Ferro, that was great."

"Never mention my mother again."

She looked at him in surprise. "What?"

"Never mention my mother again. If you do it's over.
I'll command you to leave me alone forever."

The thought chilled her. "I'm sorry Ferro."

He kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "It's okay.
Just never let it happen again."

"I won't. I promise."

"Good now suck my dick until I cum. When I do hold it
in your mouth until I tell you to swallow."

A little tired, she picked herself up and crawled off
his body. She had to stretch a little to dislodge the cock
from her cunt but after some struggling she managed. She
ended up crawling until she faced that very same cock, her
own juices coating it with a shiny liquid. Inferno closed
her mouth around Ferro's cock and began to suck on it,
tasting her own nectar. She did her best, a little guilty
she hadn't made him cum when they had fucked. She worked
her entire mouth around her cock, sucking and licking with
loud slurping noises. Soon a large deposit of semen shot
into her mouth. She caught it all. More and more of the
stuff continued to flow from the tip of his cock, and she
didn't let a drop of it fall anywhere else but her mouth.
When it was over her cheeks bulged with cum.

Ferro stood up and looked down at his slave, her
mouth filled with his seed. She looked up at him
expectantly. He marveled at her beauty and wondered if it
was a dream that she had fallen in love with him. She was
truly happy that to be completely at his mercy. She was

"I love you," he said to her. "Now go in the corner
and masturbate until you orgasm fifty times. When you're
done you can swallow. If at anytime you spill any of my cum
you swallow whatever you have left, lick up the spilt
stuff, suck my dick, and start over. After you've orgasmed
fifty times and swallowed you can come join me in bed."

Inferno rushed to the corner of the room, her fingers
already in her cunt as she began to play with herself.
Ferro went back to bed.


Ferro was woke up in the middle of the night to find
Inferno sucking on his cock. She looked so tired that she
could collapse at any moment. But instead her mouth was
playing with his cock, which felt a little raw for some

"Stop that," Ferro commanded.

Wearily Inferno brought her head up. Ferro's cock
fell from her mouth.

"How many times have you had to restart?"

"Twenty," Inferno mumbled, barely audible.

"How many times did you orgasm?"

"Three hundred," Inferno sniveled. Tears began to
flow down her face.

"I command you to ignore my commands about having to
orgasm and swallow my cum. Now come to bed," Ferro said

Inferno stumbled to the side of the bed where she
collapsed onto the mattress besides Ferro. He pulled the
blankets from beneath her and pulled her to him. Then he
tucked them both in. She began muttering apologies for not
being able to follow orders.

"It's okay," he told her. "It's my fault. I should
never have abused my power over you. I'm sorry. I'll never
do it again. I love you too much to risk it."

And the thing was Inferno didn't doubt for a second
that he meant it. His voice was rife with fear and guilt.
Her well being meant more to him than pleasure.

"I love you," Inferno mumbled happily. She snuggled
closer into his body and fell asleep.


Ferro and Inferno walked hand in hand down the halls
of Legion headquarters to the commissary. Inferno wore some
of Ferro's more baggy clothes since the gift wrapping she
had worn earlier was in no condition to be used as

When they had awoken they had a long talk about when
Ferro should be able to abuse his power over Inferno. They
finally agreed to two nights a week (more if they both felt
like it) and whenever Ferro got a day off from his Legion
duties. The rest of the time they decided to let the magic
of the moment take care of their amorous instincts. That
resolved they fucked until they got hungry.

They walked into the commissary and were met with

"What the are you looking at?" demanded Inferno.

"Inferno, nice to see you," Ultra boy said slowly.
"What brings you here from the twentieth century?"

"We just came to get something to eat before we went
back to Ferro's room," Inferno said gruffly. She almost
dragged Ferro to the counter.

"What have you two young people been doing?" Tenzil
Kem asked glibly from behind the counter.

"Fucking," Inferno said nonchalantly, enjoying the
look that came over Tenzil's face. She could imagine it
reflected the same as everyone else's in the room.

"Inferno!" Ferro shouted shocked.

"What, you don't want your friends to know you've
been getting some?" Inferno asked in an almost mocking

"It's not something people should talk about in
public. Stop it."

"...okay. Sorry."

Before anyone else could say something Magno rushed
into the room frantic.

"Chuck Taine vanished from the Building! It's on the
security tape, one second he's there, the next nothing!"


Chuck Taine looked up at Brainiac 5 as the green
genius described how the architect had come to be brought
to the fortress. Apparently the best way to teleport
Inferno into the Legion headquarters was to teleport
something of approximate size out.

"So why me?" Chuck asked.

"Process of elimination," said Brainiac 5. "It was
either you or Gates, if it had been anyone else the Legion
wouldn't have stopped until the missing person was found.
You're expendable."

"Wonderful," Chuck muttered.

"It doesn't matter. You're here now. I suppose I
should give you a grand tour but I don't feel up to it.
Besides all you need to know about is your room and maybe
the dog kennels. The rest of the compound is off limits to
you. Now if you'll excuse me I've scheduled the rest of the
day with my wife."


Andromeda flew into the room at super speed. Almost
like a flash she was leaning over Brainiac 5 with her hand
down his pants.

"Ah," grunted Chuck in understanding.

"Yes well, back to your room with you. If you want
anything call the maid and Kid Quantum will bring it. Feel
free to fuck her if you want."

Brainiac 5 pressed a button on his throne and Kid
Quantum, dressed in her maid's uniform, feather duster
shoved in her ass, and arms bound in a leather sleeve
behind her back, walked into the room. Her head was bowed
in shame and dishonor. Chuck gawked at the sight of the
once proud superhero.

"My god, you're a monster!" cried Chuck.

"I was. I'm better now."

"Then why don't you stop this?"

"What, are you insane?! Give up a bevy of beautiful
women forced to exist only as I let them?"


"I can't," muttered Brainiac 5.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm happy." Brainiac 5's hand came to rest
on Andromeda's thigh.

On an after thought Brainiac 5 said ",You know I
can't let you leave."

"So what're you going to do? Kill me?" Chuck
demanded, fire in his eyes.

"I don't kill," said Brainiac 5. He thought as he
spoke. "I suppose I can let you stay here in the fortress,
it's big enough. As long as you accepted that I'm in
charge. You'll get your own lab and tools so you can
redesign any part of the castle you like. All the comforts
you need will be provided."

"I'll never work for you," Chuck said defiantly.

"And I can give you Triad."

Chuck was silent for a long time. His face became
expressionless. Finally he was able to blurt out ",She's

"Of course she is. Haven't you noticed that all the
people that supposedly died in that mission are here right

Now that it was mentioned it did seem glaringly
obvious, thought Chuck.

"I can give you any one of the three Triad's once
every other day. She's been split permanently, and they
need to train. But once every two nights she is yours to do
as you like. Fuck her, romance her, whatever."

"I-I... Okay. For Triad."

"Good, then which one do you want?"

It wasn't even an afterthought. "Neutral."


Lu, who at one point had been Triad Neutral, crawled
behind XS. The speedster was impatient but Lu found it
difficult to crawl around at any speed with the strap-on
between her legs. Ever since Triad Purple had been given
dominance over her "sisters" by Brainiac 5, Triad Neutral
and Triad Orange had been forced to live as human dogs
named Lu and Mousey. To further humiliate Lu, Triad Purple
decided to make Lu a male dog. All of Lu's hair had been
shaven off and a strap-on dildo had been affixed to her
abdomen, permanently according to Triad Purple.

In the six months since that had happened Lu and
Mousey had almost been completely turned into dogs.
Begging, crawling, and barking had become second nature for
them. Lu had left all traces of self respect or dignity far
behind her, forgotten in the haze of the remote control
pain chips Triad Purple could activate in her doggies'

Pain chips so powerful that Lu would fuck Mousey with
her plastic cock whenever and wherever she was told. Lu had
performed her tricks for everyone in the castle and Triad
Purple came up with new ones to learn every day. It was a
hell Lu had long ago resigned herself to.

"We're here," XS said, stopping in front of a pair of

Lu looked up. It was a bedroom. That was confusing,
the only people on the planet with bedrooms were Triad
Purple and Brainiac 5. But Brainiac 5's room didn't have
such plain doors and it wasn't Triad Purple's room. Lu and
Mousey had memorized the way to Triad Purple's room since
they were called to perform there so often.

XS knocked on the door and ran off, muttering
something about her grandfather. The doors opened inward.
Lu crawled into the room and saw Chuck. Chuck! She didn't
understand how he could be here. But he was, and seeing her
like this, bald, with a penis. All her training melted away
and she began to cry.

Chuck rushed to her. "Oh my god, Triad! Are you all
right? What did he do to you?"

"It was Triad," she sobbed.

"Oh nass," Chuck whispered.

Chuck picked her up and laid her down on his bed. She
couldn't look at him, not after everything she had gone
through. She was nothing but a dog now. Nothing more than a

Chuck got to work. He removed the collar from around
her neck and after much work and ingenuity got the strap-on
lock open. He removed her artificial cock, taking care to
remove the dildo in her pussy. Her cunt, molded by the
dildo for months, stuck open wide. Stumped by the gloves
Chuck finally peeled them away carefully with a shard of
the vase he threw against a wall.

"You know I really missed you," said Chuck. "I'm
really glad you weren't killed."

Tears welled up in Lu's eyes but he brushed them
away. "It's all right," Chuck told her.

"No it's not Chuck," Lu cried. "Brainiac 5 gave me
and Mousey to Triad. She turned us into dogs. I have a
penis and a bald head. I fuck Mousey every day and Triad
teaches me to do tricks. And...."

"It's okay," said Chuck. "Brainiac 5 said I could
have you every other day."

"But why do you want a dog?" Lu cried.

"I don't," said Chuck. "I want Triad, and I've got

He kissed her gently on the cheek.

Lu's tears wouldn't stop. Chuck was here and she was
being treated like a person, like she was Luornu Dagu and
not Lu the male dog. It was a dream come true. She reached
out for Chuck and kissed him on the lips as passionately as
she could. He kissed her back and her heart flew.

She began to undress him and with his help he was
soon naked. Lu grappled on to him, hugging his naked body
to her own. It was the first thing she had done on two legs
in six months. She basked in the feeling of his body
against her own. Chuck held her tenderly in his arms,
letting her cope with everything that had happened in her
own time. Quietly she told him everything that had happened
to her. As she listed every detail she kept waiting for
Chuck to push her away. He never did. Although when Lu
explained how she had been turned into a male dog and now
thought of herself as a male dog Chuck's body stiffened but
didn't let go of her.

When she had finished he let go of her and for a
brief second she feared he was rejecting her. But then
Chuck scooped her up in his arms and looked in her eyes.
She watched his face as he very calmly told her, "You are
Luorno Durgo, the hero known as Triad and the most
beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on."

She hugged his neck as he carried her to the bed and
laid her down. Lu looked at his frame and noticed Chuck's
cock was hard as a rock. Smiling, she sat up and pulled him
toward her.

"Prove to me I'm a woman," she whispered. Chuck
wasn't sure but she seemed to be pleading.

Chuck used his hands to spread Lu's legs apart. She
got the message and spread her legs wide open. Chuck
positioned himself between her thighs and guided his cock
to her cunt. As the tip of his cock probed her opening Lu
found herself genuinely smiling for the first time since
she had been made a slave. She wanted Chuck to fuck her,
she wanted to be with him in the worse way. She ached to
reclaim some part of her old life, and what luck that the
connection she had been blessed with was Chuck Taine. They
had dated a few times and everyone in the Legion knew that
Chuck was Triad's unofficial boyfriend.

She had thought it all lost when she was enslaved by
Triad Purple. And nothing Triad Purple said stung Lu worse
than when Chuck Taine was used to mock her. Just one
mention of how Chuck would react at seeing Lu perform like
an animal had always been enough to make the dog girl/boy

Now he was here, stripping away her dog identity and
replacing it with her self, her true self. Lu would have
thought the dildo that had been shoved up her cunt as part
of the strap-on would have made her exceptionally loose.
Imagine her surprise when she could feel Chuck's cock fill
her pussy, stretching her cunt to new lengths as it pushed
into her body. Lu groaned appreciatively.

Chuck fucked her pussy, varying his speed and push.
Once he took time out to kiss Lu's nipples. Lu wrapped her
legs around Chuck's hips and pulled his body toward hers,
encouraging him to continue fucking. Chuck got the message
but Lu kept her legs around his waist, ready to pull his
cock deeper into her body whenever she felt his pace too
slow. They finally found a comfortable and pleasing rhythm
and continued with it, shouting declarations of love at one
another. Lu felt her body shiver with the familiar prelude
to her orgasm. She had a lot of them in the past six
months. But as this one hit she found herself feeling
something new, it was more intense, more pleasurable,
more... Chuck.

Lu screamed out, shocked and elated. "Don't stop!"
she pleaded with Chuck. "Don't ever stop."

Chuck kept at it, pounding his hips into hers. His
cock probed the moist depths of Lu's cunt for what seemed
like hours, wave after wave of intense orgasms coursing
through Lu's body. Eventually she stopped begging Chuck to
continue and just enjoyed the ride until her man finished.
Finally, just when Lu thought she would faint, she heard
Chuck groan and a warm feeling flowed through her cunt. It
shot up toward her womb, a flash flood of semen that caused
Lu much satisfaction.

Chuck nearly collapsed onto her. Wearily he crawled
next to her and laid down. Lu put her arms around him,
unwilling to let him get away even in his tired state.

"Oh Chuck, I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"I can't believe you're here. It's like waking up
from a nightmare."




"Are you okay?"

"Jus' tired. Be fine."

"Then sleep. Just be with me."

Chuck's eyelids fell closed and he began to slumber.
Lu spent the rest of the night watching the man she loved
sleep peacefully. Impulsively she would kiss his lips or
rub his cock to hardness when she felt devilish, relishing
that she was a woman and the cock she held was her lover's,
not her own.

When morning came XS attached the collar around Lu's
neck. Lu asked what was going on, confused.

"You only get to be with Chuck every other day," XS
explained. "The rest of the time you're still a dog. Now
come on, I have to get you back in your doggy gear."

XS left a message for Chuck telling him that Lu would
return by morning the next day. Then the speedster
completed her appointed duties by burrowing under the
covers of the bed and sucking on Chuck's cock until he came
in her mouth. Lu began to protest but remembered her place.
She was a human-dog once more. XS swallowed her mouthful of
sperm and led Lu to the fitting room where robots turned
the bald girl into a male dog once more.

It was with considerable regret that Lu let the two-
headed strap-on dildo be placed back on her. The invader
was nothing compared to the flesh cock of Chuck Taine and
all Lu thought about was returning to him the next day. The
finger restricting gloves were placed on her hands,
creating faux paws. Her transformation complete, Lu crawled
back to the training room.

"It's about time you got back," Triad complained
angrily. She was dressed in her crotchless, tit exposing,
purple trainer's outfit. "What the hell does Brainiac 5
have for you to do that requires you to be away from your
training half the time?"

"Chuck," Lu said bashfully.


"Chuck, I'm entertaining Chuck Taine."

"Oh my god," Triad said aghast. "When did he get
here? I don't believe it."

"It's true."

Triad stabbed her glove. Pain shot through Lu's body.
Every nerve she had was on fire, painfully telling her to
hurt. It stopped and Lu collapsed.

"Never contradict me," Triad said angrily. "It seems
your time with Taine has made you forget just who you are.
You are Lu, Mousey's boyfriend and nothing more than a dog.
If this is the influence he is going to have on you I'm
afraid I'll have to work twice as hard to remind you of
your place. Now then, it's time you learned how to suck on
your own cock."


It went on for a month. One day Lu would spend at the
mercy of Triad, the next she would spend tenderly with
Chuck. She endured Triad for Chuck. When she was with him
she lived life to the fullest, going on picnics in the
arboretum or dancing in the ballroom. Some days she just
talked with Chuck while they walked in the garden. Lu loved
every moment of it. She felt human again. When she went to
Triad she no longer felt like a dog but a woman pretending
to be a dog.

Even her permanent baldness, caused by Triad, was
overcome when she was with Chuck. In his lab he created a
wig which looked just like her old hair. When he gave it to
her she hugged him and gave him a blowjob, right in the
middle of the dining room. She put on the wig every other
day, right before she went to meet Chuck.

She even began to wear clothes again. Lu had assured
Chuck that clothes weren't necessary, she had become
accustomed to being without them. But Chuck saw the look in
her eyes when Lu said it and insisted that she wear
clothes. They put together a beautiful wardrobe for her,
which she enjoyed wearing more than she would have

Triad though was not pleased. Finally she began
protesting to Brainiac 5.


"I don't want to see this," Chuck said.

"Triad insisted," explained Brainiac 5.

"Triad Purple, right? I've heard about what she does
to Luorno. Frankly it sickens me. Yesterday I found Lu
covered in whip marks."

"That's Triad's prerogative."

"God damn it Brainiac 5, just give her to me. I can't
stand wondering what kind of torture she's being put
through in that maniac's hands."

"I'd reserve my judgement," cautioned Brainiac 5.
"You're about to meet that maniac."

"I can't believe you're making me do this. I haven't
gone anywhere else in this castle where you keep slaves. I
can't even think about getting a sandwich after Kid Quantum
brought me one on that damned tray of hers. XS told me
about all the tortures in this fortress and quite simply it
makes me sick. And while we're on the subject can you tell
XS not to keep sucking on my dick? I'd like to be a one
woman man."

Ironic words, thought Brainiac 5, for the man who was
Triad's girlfriend. "I'll think about it."

The doors to the training room opened. Brainiac 5 and
Chuck Taine walked in.

Lu was about to shove her fake cock into Mousey's
asshole when she looked up at the new arrivals and froze.
Her face emoted something that was a mixture of shame,
fear, and sadness.

"Why the hell did you stop?!" shouted Triad. She
pressed a button on her glove and Lu went down spasming in
pain, screaming her lungs out.

When she stopped Chuck rushed over and knelt by her.
"Are you okay?!" he asked distraught.

"Lu's fine," said Triad. "She was just punished for
stalling. She knows damn well how to fuck Mousey up the
ass. She's quite skilled with her cock."

Lu began to cry. Chuck bundled her up tightly in his
arms, holding his naked lover with great care. Lu buried
her head in his shoulders, apologizing. He wouldn't hear
it, telling Lu it wasn't her fault.

Brainiac 5 sighed. "Chuck take it outside. You can
have Lu for the rest of the day. Fuck her or whatever. But
when you bring her back in two days I expect her to have
calmed down."

Chuck picked the hysterically sobbing Lu up and
walked out of the room.

Triad was not pleased.


Lu waited for Triad to come and let her out. Today
she would get to see Chuck again, her heart raced in
anticipation. But Triad didn't come. Where was Triad? She
had to let her go, Lu had to see Chuck. Lu needed to see

As the hours passed Lu began to get worried, she was
missing her time with Chuck. Surely he would miss her and
come for her. Unless... what if Chuck had gotten tired of
her, what if he didn't want her anymore? No she couldn't
stand the thought. If she couldn't see Chuck she would just

Lu cried herself to sleep with thoughts of being
forced to live her life having found Chuck and losing him.
She dreamt nightmares of Chuck rejecting her for being a
dog. She pleaded with him to let her be with him, but he
couldn't stand the sight of her bald head and plastic

She awoke, her thoughts even more disturbed than

The door to the room opened up and Triad walked in.
But rather than wearing her normal trainer's uniform Triad
was naked with a big smile on her face. A stream of cum ran
down her thigh.

"I've got to tell you Lu," Triad said. "You're
boyfriend is a great fuck. Not to bright though, he
couldn't even tell us apart."

Oh god no! Lu couldn't breathe, no, not that. Lu had
not only missed her day with Chuck, but he had mistakenly
spent it with Triad. Lu shook her head trying to deny it
all, but it wouldn't go away. She kept imagining Triad
fooling Chuck, stealing her time, stealing her love...

Thinking of nothing but to get rid of Triad, Lu
charged on all fours growling, teeth bared in an evil
snarl. And the pain brought her down, lasting almost an
eternity. When it stopped Lu was on the floor, lying still.

"You're a very bad doggy," said Triad reproachfully.
"I don't think Chuck would want to spend his time with such
a bad doggy. I guess I'll have to take your place from now

Lu shook her head. "Please no," she whispered,
pleading with everything she could muster. "Please."

"Lu, Lu, Lu," Triad said shaking her head. "Is that
all you can say?"

"Please, I'll do anything."

"You have to do anything anyway."

"Please, I love him."

"I don't care."


"No, I don't think I'll let you go again. I just love
the way his big ol' cock stretches my cunt."

Lu cried.


"I'm telling you it wasn't her," said Chuck.

"Are you absolutely sure?" asked Brainy.

"I can tell the woman I love apart from that psychopath."

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Brainy!" Andromeda admonished.

"Yes, Chuck I see you're point," said Brainiac 5,
letting his gaze fall on Andromeda. "Love is rather a
unique lens to look through things. But what do you want me
to do about it? If she could do it once she could do it
anytime. And if I were to punish her she would only take it
out on Lu. You wouldn't like that would you?"

"No," said Chuck, dejected.

"There is one solution. I could give Lu to you

"Yes," said Chuck eagerly.

"But you would have to do something."


"You would have to keep her as a dog, every day."

"... Could I take out that stupid fake cock?"

"I suppose."

"And she would be with me, every day."


"Fine," Chuck said reluctantly. "I'll do it."

"Fine, XS have Triad bring the dogs."

XS ran from the room, grunting as the dildo in her
ass began to move.


Triad groaned as XS' hundred-mile-an-hour tongue
flashed over her cunt, overloaded her nerves, and plunged
her into orgasm.

"Brainiac 5 wants to see you and the dogs," XS said.


"I have decided to give Lu to Chuck permanently."

Lu's heart soared. She would get to be with Chuck
forever. Together with the man she loved.

"But she is to remain a dog," continued Brainiac 5.

Lu was saddened to hear this but she accepted it. As
long as she could be with Chuck. After the fear she had
wallowed in yesterday, thinking Chuck was lost to her, Lu
would have been a tree to be with him.

"But Master," protested Triad. "You said I could be
in control of them."

"You were," said Brainiac 5 darkly. "Do not test me

"Yes master," Triad said, suddenly fearful. She did
not want to end up like the other women. Even Andromeda was
forced to fuck thousands of robots on occasions to amuse
Brainiac 5.

Lu crawled over to Chuck and rubbed up against his
leg. He knelt down and embraced her. She responded by
licking his face. Then he removed the strap-on from her.
She looked at him strangely but he assured her ",Brainy
said I could."

Lu smiled and licked him again. She not only got to
stay with Chuck, but as a girl. Oh, it was almost
everything she wanted. Chuck put his finger in her cunt and
she moaned appreciatively.

Triad watched the display, angry. She couldn't let
this continue.

"Master," Triad said.

"What?" asked Brainiac 5 wearily. Andromeda, naked
and sitting in a chair next to her husband, cooed over him
and took out his cock. She bent over and took his green
member in her mouth, her blonde head rising and falling as
she sought to alleviate her husband.

"May I become Chuck Taine's Mistress?"

"Are you serious?" asked Brainiac 5.

"Yes master," Triad said. "I wish to share his bed
while the dog sleeps at its foot."

No, thought Lu. No, if Triad became Chuck's mistress
then she and Chuck would never be together at night. Triad
could ensure that Chuck never let Lu act human in any way,
maybe even turn Chuck against her.

"I don't want her," said Chuck.

"Quiet," shouted Brainiac 5. "I gave you one favor
today. I can revoke it if I like."

Lu cowered behind Chuck's legs. Things didn't seem to
be going well after all. "Sorry," Chuck said.

"Forgiven. Let me think about this proposal."

The throne room was silent as Brainiac 5 thought.
Silence was only interrupted when Brainiac 5 grunted,
cumming due to Andromeda's skilled mouth on his cock.
Andromeda never took her head off his member, swallowing
all of her husband's salty seed and using her tongue to
make him hard again.

Finally Brainiac 5 spoke. "Triad you may share Chuck
Taine's bed at night. But in the day you will serve as
Taine's maid, similar to how Kid Quantum serves as my

Triad recoiled at the thought. She hadn't expected
this, being the maid wasn't good. Kid Quantum had a feather
duster shoved up her ass, and she had to lug around that
tray by her pussy lips when people wanted things.

"Lu," Brainiac 5 continued. "I have changed my mind.
In the day you may act as a human, be a dog only in the

Chuck helped Lu stand up. Once on two legs she hugged
him, planting multiple kisses over his face. He beamed at
her and she returned his wide smile.

"Unh." Brainiac 5 came again in his wife's mouth.
Andromeda happily swallowed the cum and released her
husband's green cock from her mouth. She sat up and wiped
her mouth, smiling smugly.

"It is day isn't it," Brainiac 5 continued as though
nothing had happened. Andromeda tucked his cock back in his
pants. Brainiac 5 spoke into the intercom on his throne.
"Turn Triad into a maid."

Robots floated into the room holding various gear.
"Undress," one commanded.

Triad peeled off her trainer's uniform. She was
handed a bundle of clothing by another robot and she took
it, grumbling all the while. She put on the French maid's
uniform, which had some sort of wonderbra mechanism that
enhanced her cleavage. The bottom of the dress was
ridiculously high and showed off her cunt and ass. Another
robot pulled her arms behind her back and laced a leather
sleeve over her arms. Then she squealed as a robot shoved
the feather duster handle up her ass. While her ass
throbbed in pain a final robot floated into the room. All
the other robots held Triad down as the new robot revealed
two needle like arms and made its way to Triad's groin.
Triad began to struggle but with two quick incision her
cunt lips were pierced. Her pussy felt like it was on fire
and Triad screamed in great pain. Two rings were welded
through the piercings, permanently affixing them to her
cunt. The robots pulled her up and floated away.

Kid Quantum, dressed exactly like Triad, entered the
room dragging a pedestal on wheels behind her. The pedestal
was dragged by two silver chains connected to piercings in
Kid Quantum's cunt. The weight and the forced pulling
caused the chains to pull on the piercings and thus pull on
Kid Quantum's pussy lips. They were long and distorted.
Brainiac 5 ordered her to stop and Chuck detached the
pedestal from Kid Quantum's piercings. Kid Quantum sagged
with relief.

Chuck pulled the pedestal over to Triad and connected
the chains to her piercings. "Take that to my room maid, Lu
and I will be by after we take a walk through the garden."

Triad slowly moved forward, dragging the pedestal
behind her, the chains stretching her already sore pussy.

"What about Mousey?" Lu asked.

"Mousey," Andromeda called. "Come lick my pussy."

Mousey bound over to the sitting blonde and began
lapping at her crotch. Andromeda looked over to her husband
and shrugged. "I always wanted a dog. And she can suck your
cock when you order me to fuck all those robots."


That night Lu didn't sleep. Instead she knelt at the
end of the bed listening to Chuck fuck Triad's already
ravaged cunt. The remaining pain from the piercing and
stretching, coupled with Chuck's intense fucking, was too
much for Triad and she was screaming in pain. Chuck hadn't
removed Triad's maid accessories so she was helpless, her
arms bound and a feather duster in her ass.

Earlier that day Lu and Chuck had snuggled and fucked
for hours in the garden. When night fell Lu assumed her dog
role and got on all fours, but Chuck had another surprise
for her. He fucked her doggy style before they went back to
his room.

Triad's screams subsided and Lu wondered what would
happen next. She was surprised when Chuck knelt down next
to her and kissed her fore head. He lowered himself next to
her on the ground and lay next to her. She snuggled into
him as a dog would and smiled when he placed his arm around
her. Then the two lovers went to sleep on the floor.



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