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LSS stretch tightly across her arse and


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Lesbian Schoolgirl Sluts... (F/ffff, MC, FDom, bd,
exhib, span, toys, latex)
By Hecate (

...No, no, she thought. I can't possibly title an
English essay like that. What was I thinking of?

Becky couldn't understand what was happening to her
since the new term started. She only had one more year
before she went to university. She was supposed to be
studying. But she couldn't get sex off her mind, and
lesbian sex at that.

She loOKed at the title again and went to delete it.
She stopped short and a smile played across her face. A
smile of amusement, but also of lust. Of course she
could write this! Marianne (Miss Lovejoy, her English
teacher) would love it. She just knew she would. She
felt a tingle of anticipation go through her and knew
she had a wet patch on her panties. Yes, she thought,
it's just the thing. She started writing...
(1) First Draft

Marianne Lovejoy was enjoying her job as English
teacher at the Catherine The Great's School for Girls.
It was a fairly odd title for a school, she thought,
though she did know that this was an area where Russian
emigres had lived. Still, she thought it was weird.

She had only started at the school this year and
already she had not only her own class, but her special
tutorial group of four girls, Becky Green, Liz Thorpe,
Angie McFadden and Dianna Marshall. They were such good
girls. Quite gifted. And the fact that they were the
prettiest girls in their year had nothing to do with
it. Oh, no. Marianne only ever chose girls for their
intelligence and ability. Or so she told anyone who

It was Tutorial Day, which, unfortunately, only came
round twice a week. Soon, however, Marianne hoped to be
seeing rather more of the girls. Becky, in particular,
seemed to have come around quicker than the others. And
the latest essay she'd handed in - well, it was going
to be hard to control the other three when she read it
out. Still, she'd never had problems before. A little
frisson went through her at the thought of what
promised to be an interesting session.

Marianne got through the morning on autopilot, thinking
about the afternoon's tutorial and what she could do.
By the time lunch came round, she was so excited she
could hardly wait. Every time she found new girls she
felt like this; her skin tingling, her nipples hard,
and her panties wet. At last the time arrived and she
strolled to the Tutorial Room.

As Becky walked in, the other three, already there,
chorused "Hi Becky." Miss Lovejoy still wasn't
there. They were all early. Becky smiled and greeted
the others and sat down. They all sat in the same
places each time - Becky next to Dianna, who was next
to Liz, who was next to Angie. They'd all become good
friends in the last four weeks, though when they all
discussed the tutorials, it was funny as it seemed that
they could never remember them exactly. Oh, they had
their handouts, and they sort of remembered Miss
Lovejoy giving out instructions, but... It didn't
matter really; they could all agree that they were much
better at writing now. The only thing bothering each
of them, and which none had discussed with the other,
was the content of the essays. Up till now, Miss
Lovejoy had just taken them in and marked them. Today,
she'd promised that they would each hear selected
passages from their writing.

When Marianne arrived, she could see that each girl
looked anxious. They were shifting about on their seats
and giving each other sideways glances. She was going
to ensure that they would be quite happy by the end of
this tutorial. In fact, if everything went well, by the
end, they would be very happy, and she hoped, in the
right frame of mind.

Actually, Marianne Lovejoy didn't need to see their
anxiety. She could feel it. Although she had only
recently honed her 'mind touch', as she called it, her
telepathy had been with her since birth. She had
already picked out her switch, and her three subs.
Angie had the character for a switch and would, no
doubt, become dominant when older. The other three were
natural subs. Angie, of course, had been the toughest
of all to mind touch and 'develop'. Becky, on the
other hand, had been the easiest of the three. She was
an instinctive sub. That was, no doubt, why she had
also written the most explicit story. She knew she had
Becky now. By the end of the day, she wanted the other
three to have 'developed' as well.

(2) Outline

"Good Afternoon, girls. Now, firstly, as usual, we are
going to get in the right frame of mind for this
tutorial. I want you all to sit back, just like you've
done before, close your eyes, and concentrate on a
pleasant summer's day. I'll start the timer, and you'll
hear it ticking away for the next five minutes. When it
rings you'll be nice and refreshed and ready for our
little session."

The girls all sat back. They'd always felt so good
after these tutorials, and they all thought it was the
relaxation session at the beginning that had done it.
Marianne, however, knew otherwise. She started to feel
their minds. As always, Becky had gone quickly into a
state she could affect, so she began with her. Becky
didn't need that much pushing. Marianne had already
found that underneath Becky was not only a sub, but a
lesbian one too. She played with Becky's mind a
little, inserting a new connection here, another there.
She could almost feel the chemical messengers

After a minute or so, Becky was ready. Marianne knew
that Becky would fall in with any suggestion she made -
naturally, and in her normal state.

Now for the others!

Dianna was next. Then Liz. Both were easily made ready.
This was their sixth session and Marianne had hoped it
would be enough. Now she was sure. She'd left herself
two minutes for Angie, the hardest of the four. But, by
the time the little bell rang, she knew she had them
all. Angie though, had been the hardest of all the
girls she'd manipulated. Still, she was pleased. When
the four left school, they'd make a nice little group,
with Angie at its head, of course.

Marianne watched their eyes as they sat up. She saw
them all look at one another, appraising each other in
a way they wouldn't have done when they had come to her
first tutorial. Then they looked straight at her and
she could see how their eyes ran up and down her body.
She shivered with lust. Oh, this was going to be good,
she thought.

"OK. Now we're all nice and relaxed, I shall read out
parts of each of this week's essays, and we can comment
on them afterwards."

Marianne had already made sure the 'Do Not Disturb'
sign was on the door and had locked it as insurance.
Plus, there were no classrooms next to the Tutorial
Room, only a storeroom, so moderate noise was
acceptable. She really hoped that this was it, that
today was the day, and began reading.

"The first one is by Becky and entitled," here she
paused slightly, knowing this would tell her for sure,
'Lesbian Schoolgirl Sluts'".

Marianne loOKed up quickly. All four sat there, intent,
seeming not at all bothered by the title. She was home
and dry! She grinned to herself and began reading the

"Liz caressed the breast before her, lightly sucking on
the nipple and moaning with pleasure." Marianne had a
quick look and saw Liz had a slightly shocked
expression, but it quickly passed.

"The nipple hardened in her mouth, and Angie's eyes
filled with lust". Again, a quick glance, but she just
saw Angie smile.

"I moved round behind Angie, fell to my knees and began
to kiss her arse cheeks. As my hands fell to her hips,
I touched Dianne's hands. She was between Angie's legs,
licking her pussy. Angie's body was shaking between us,
and Dianne and I held on tight."

Marianne watched Dianne. Again, the same dreamy smile
as Angie.

"I delved in between her arse cheeks and began to lick
up and down, burying my face between them."

Finally, Marianne looked at Becky. She was smiling.
But, more than that, one hand was up her school skirt
and, Marianne saw, it was moving frantically. This was
better than she'd imagined.

Now, the final part from Becky's story. "I looked
across and saw Miss Lovejoy. She was dressed in her
normal black. A symphony in latex; she loOKed so
beautiful. I stared at her and the flogger she was
carrying, before delving back into Angie's arse,
willing her to come with my tongue..."

When Marianne looked up this time, she saw that Becky
was lost in a world of her own, her mouth open,
breathing deeply as she caressed the centre of her
being. Angie was using both hands to caress her
breasts, but the biggest and most welcome surprise of
all was seeing Liz and Dianna leaning over towards each
other and kissing. She did so love it when a
breakthrough occurred.

Unwilling to break the spell, she continued reading,
first from Dianna's and then Liz's stories, both of
which were about masturbation, and then from Angie's,
which showed an interesting touch and had her orgasming
from being spanked. Hmm, thought Marianne, I'll
remember that for the future.

She loOKed at the girls. Dianna was now sitting on
Liz's lap and they were kissing deeply. Dianna had her
hand in Liz's blouse and was obviously stroking her

Marianne could see Liz's nipples pushing against her
shirt. She could see that Becky was now watching them.
Becky had pulled her skirt up, and Marianne could see
her hand working away underneath her white panties.

Becky's other hand was in her blouse, caressing her
breasts. She was red-faced and panting.

Angie was interesting. She was standing up, was looking
at the other girls, had unbuttoned her blouse, pushed
her bra down, and was pulling on her cherry-red
nipples, quite hard, it seemed.

Marianne wondered if she should join in. She had
dressed for the occasion, underneath anyway, but she
didn't want to break the spell. That was until Angie
loOKed over at her and said, "Miss Lovejoy, is it all
right for these sluts to be carrying on like this?"
whilst staring at Dianna and Liz.

Marianne's heart leapt. This was all she'd imagined. It
was the first time she'd had more than one girl to work
on, and she didn't know if it would be successful. She
felt pride in her abilities, but, at the moment, above
all she felt horny.

She glanced at Angie and said, "No. Pull them apart.

Angie left her nipples alone and went over to Dianna
and Liz. She bodily lifted Dianna off Liz's lap and
dropped her back on her chair. Dianna, to Marianne's
glee, looked both disappointed and, more importantly,
guilty. Something she could exploit. She peered at
Becky. She still had her hands down her panties and in
her blouse, but she had stopped moving. She was gazing
wide-eyed at Marianne.

Good, thought Marianne. We have an hour left.

"Right, my sluts," she said. "Watch me!"

She carefully unbuttoned her dark blouse exposing a
latex bra with cut-outs for her nipples which were
already swollen with lust. As she toOK her blouse off,
she pushed her breasts forward and watched four sets of
hungry eyes devour her. She felt her juices flood the
latex panties she was wearing, but she had no intention
of hurrying. Anyway, the next step would be

She pulled her chair in front of the desk and sat down,
perching forward on the edge.

"Becky, come here and take my shoes off."

Becky got up, removed her hands from her clothes, and a
little unsteadily, walked forward.

She started to bend, when Marianne said, "On your
knees, slut!" She thought she'd wait and see what her
reaction was, but to Marianne's delight Becky
immediately dropped to her knees and carefully removed
Marianne's shoes. Marianne widened her legs so that
Becky could see the beginnings of the dark vee where
her legs met. She watched as Becky was drawn to the
view up her skirt. Then Becky's hand began to move up
her own skirt again.

"No!" said Marianne.

Becky glanced up. "No, Miss Lovejoy?"

"No, slut!"

Becky obeyed.

"Dianna, Liz, come here!" They both got up and came

"Both of you kneel, and remove my stockings - one

All the time, Marianne saw Angie was smiling. And she
just stayed where she was ready to be commanded. She
might have been more difficult, thought Marianne, but
it's been worth the effort.

Dianna and Liz knelt and their hands slid up her legs
and then her thighs. She loved the feel of their hands
as they searched for the catches on her suspender belt.
She felt the slickness in her latex panties as they
slid over her cunt as she moved, lubricated by the
copious juice. The two girls pushed her stockings down,
the silk sliding against her legs, caressing her skin
with a light touch, making the fire inside her roar.

She stood up. "Angie, come and remove my skirt."

Angie walked over confidently, still with a smile on
her luscious lips, and went behind Marianne. She undid
the button and the zipper. The skirt whispered to the
ground, falling in a neat pool at her feet. She loOKed
at Angie. Angie got on her knees and lifted first one
ankle, and then the next, pulled her skirt away, and
folding it carefully, put it on her desk.

Marianne quickly removed her suspender belt and placed
that too on the desk. Then she went to her briefcase
and pulled out a small flogger. Nothing too scary, a
small one with a dildo handle and short latex straps.
Then she turned and loOKed at the girls. They were
staring at her in her latex bra and panties, and at the
flogger in her hand. Now the real fun would begin, she
thought jubilantly.

(3) Composition

"Becky, Dianna, Liz, you were all pleasuring yourselves
without permission. Especially you two, Dianna and Liz,
who were pleasuring each other," said Marianne,
conveniently ignoring what Angie was doing, but she had
plans for that girl.

"Liz and Dianna - get a chair each. Stand behind it
facing the seat. Good. Now stand with your legs as
wide as the chair legs. Good girls."

"Angie, come to me."

Marianne bent over and reached into her briefcase again
and pulled out a couple of pairs of ankle straps. Becky
and Angie's eyes almost popped out as they saw the
latex stretch tightly across her arse, and watched the
strain on the latex bra as she leant over, outlining
her hard nipples.

Marianne passed the ankle straps to Angie and whispered
to her and then gave her the flogger.

Marianne ogled the outstretched arses of Liz and
Dianna, tightly outlined by their skirts and licked her

"Liz and Dianna, you are to do whatever Angie tells you
until I say otherwise. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Lovejoy," they both said.

" 'Miss' will do nicely," said Marianne. A duet of Yes,
Misses was forthcoming, and Marianne turned to Becky.

"You need to be punished too, don't you?"

Becky loOKed sheepish and nodded. "Yes, Miss."

Marianne went and sat on her chair again.

"Drape yourself over my lap then girl, and be quick
about it!"

Once Becky was over her lap she glanced up at Angie and
saw she was ready and waiting for Marianne to give the
word. Liz and Dianna now had their ankles strapped to
the chair legs and were bent over facing Marianne.
Angie had flipped up their skirts and pulled down their
panties, giving Marianne the first sight of their
delicious arses and cunts. She was looking forward to
tasting them. But not today. Today she was going to
reinforce her hold over them as their 'Mistress'.

She glanced down at the delightful Becky on her lap,
and pulled up Becky's skirt. Then she grasped the
waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down,
revelling in the exposure of the smooth, firm flesh she
was displaying.

She looked at Angie and nodded. She'd told her she
wanted those bottoms to have a nice warm glow, a
blushing pink, and trusted that Angie would obey her.
As Angie started swishing the flogger, first on Dianna,
then on Liz, Marianne slowly began spanking Becky.
Becky didn't even cry out, and Marianne knew why. Part
of her pleasure was being able to feel what her sub was
feeling, inserting tendrils into their minds and
absorbing the rush of emotion and pleasure. She knew
that Becky was beginning to enjoy what was happening to
her. Marianne caught the rush of humiliation at being
displayed like this, and the guilty joy Becky felt at
the enjoyment she got from it.

And, as she spanked ever harder, her hands finally
leaving feint outlines on the juicy cheeks displayed
before her, she felt the onrush of sexual excitement
Becky was getting. Marianne congratulated herself on
her conclusion about Becky's make-up. Oh, it was easy
enough to get into their minds, but she still had
trouble reading their deepest, darkest thoughts. Her
intuition never seemed to let her down though.

Marianne could feel the wetness on her leg starting to
suffuse from Becky's cunt and stopped spanking for a
moment. She moved her hand between Becky's legs and
stroked her now swollen cunt lips, sliding her middle
finger through the groove, and then pushing it into
Becky. She pistoned the finger slowly in and out,
noting Becky's rising heat, and feeling how close she
was getting to orgasm.

Marianne so enjoyed this. She had the pleasure of her
own feelings, plus the pleasure anyone else was
receiving round her - whenever she cared to listen in.

While she continued, she tuned in to Dianna and Liz,
and saw that they too were aroused by what Angie was
doing. Angie herself was wallowing in her role, and
Marianne could feel she was really on heat.

Marianne was determined to make this memorable for the
girls. Something they would think and dream about,
something they would masturbate to. She had planted the
suggestions, unlocked their deepest desires, and
pointed them in the right direction, but the rest had
to come from them.

She nodded again at Angie, and Angie stopped flogging
the other two. She got on her knees behind Liz and
started licking and sucking her cunt while her right
hand began strOKing Dianna's cunt. Marianne paused a
little longer to feel their orgasms rising while
keeping a tendril of her mind attached to Becky.

Satisfied that Angie would make them come soon, she
turned her attention back to Becky. She was going to
keep her in a state just below her peak until Angie had

She went back to slowly slapping Becky's rounded arse,
until the moans of completion came from Dianna and Liz.
Now, Angie got up, and turned Dianna and Liz round in
turn, still leaving them with their ankles tied, but
facing Becky and Marianne. Angie stood beside them,
flogger in hand.

Marianne, knowing how it would affect Becky, whispered
to her, "Look. See how your fiends are watching your
punishment." Becky's head came up enough to see.
Marianne felt the rush of excitement that surged
through Becky. Now for Becky's finale, she thought.

She waved Angie over and whispered to her again. As
Marianne began spanking Becky hard, Angie stood behind
her and inserted the flogger handle into Becky's
sopping-wet cunt, speeding it in and out of her.

As Becky came, she came in Marianne's head as well, all
the feelings and emotions rushing through, one atop
another, the gasps and moans really nothing compared to
the feelings she was getting inside her head. Marianne
almost came herself then. But she stopped herself -
just. She had one more little thing to do.

When Becky's body had stopped twitching, Marianne
gently lifted her off her lap and laid her on the floor
on her back. Marianne whispered again to Angie. Angie
went to Marianne's briefcase and came back with a

Marianne stared at the girls.

"Now as a reward, I'm going to let Angie make me come.
At the same time, Angie will get a reward of her own."

Angie went over to Becky and moved her so that her head
was on the floor in front of Marianne. Then she reached
up her skirt, pulled down her panties and threw them on
the desk. Carefully, she stood with her feet on either
side of Becky's head and positioned herself so she was
kneeling over her. Then, she lowered her cunt onto
Becky's face, and settled there. Marianne could see
from the expression of delight on Angie's face that
Becky knew exactly what to do.

Angie leaned slightly forward, turned on the vibrator,
which she had kept hold of, and started to play it over
the tightly stretched latex where it outlined
Marianne's cunt lips.

Marianne was in heaven. She was getting the feelings
from the vibrator racing up her spine and exploding
like small stars in her head, and, at the same time,
she could, in her mind, feel Becky's tongue on Angie's
cunt. She held back and held back excited as she was,
until she knew Angie was about to come and then she let
herself go at the same moment that Angie came.

The dual explosions in her head were what she had
become addicted too. She was no longer content to have
just her own orgasm; she had to have someone else's
too. The feelings were indescribable. Sometimes she
thought she'd lose her sanity as her brain was
assaulted from two sides with the delicious, glorious
enjoyment that was so, so intense.

As she came down off the explosive high she had just
received, her eyes slowly focused to see Angie slumped
between her legs, the kneeling Becky, who had risen
from her position on the floor, her face slick and
shiny, and Dianna and Liz, staring, mouths agape and
flushed with exhilaration.

Getting herself together, Marianne had a couple more
things to do. She told Becky to go and undo the girls,
put the straps back in her briefcase, and for all three
to come and kneel in front of her.

She lifted Angie's head and addressed all four.

"I know you've all enjoyed yourselves, and now you have
a mixture of emotions. But we have a whole year to
enjoy ourselves, and soon it won't just be at tutorial
time. I know you'd all like that, wouldn't you?"

Marianne smiled inside as a chorus of "Yes, Miss" came
from the girls.

"One more thing to learn today. Angie, put your head
between my legs and inhale deeply."

Marianne knew that the intoxicating smell of her come
and the latex would excite them all again.

"Now, each one of you in turn."

Liz was next, then Dianna, then Marianne's personal
favourite, Becky. They all took deep breaths, inhaling
the mixture of scents.

"That girls," said Marianne, "is the sweet smell of
sex. Remember it. Whenever you smell that scent you
will become aroused."

As she told them, she went into each one's mind in
turn. She saw that she had done well. They all
implicitly accepted what she was saying.

"Now girls, we have seven or so minutes left. Quickly,
get yourselves presentable again and we will finish
with our usual relaxation session."
(4) Final Copy

Marianne hurriedly dressed and the girls straightened
their clothing and put their panties back on. All the
chairs were put back and the girls closed their eyes,
thinking of that warm, sunny place again.

Marianne carefully went into their minds and made sure
they were all happy and relaxed and that they would not
be talking about this session, except amongst
themselves for the first time. She had never rescinded
the order that they should obey Angie, and she hoped
they would have some of their own adventures together
whilst she arranged some more entertaining diversions
away from the school.

After the time was up, she told them to go home and
that their next essay assignment would be on the theme
of dreams. As always, it was up to them what they wrote
about. Marianne hoped for some more hot bedtime

The girls left, giggling amongst themselves, and
Marianne relaxed. It was always hard to start with,
and she felt quite washed out. She knew though, that
in the future she wouldn't have to use her 'mind touch'
much at all. The girls were primed and ready, and this
afternoon they had begun to go off.

Marianne smiled.

She was looking forward to the rest of the year - with
these four she knew it was going to be a most
stimulating one.

To be continued...?

Well, I will do if enough people mail me and tell me
they're interested <g>. So if you liked it mail me. And
if you have any ideas' or anything else you might like
to see - well, I can't promise anything, but I will

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