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LUCA 1 panties when she returned pack


INTRODUCTION: This was written in '94 if my memory serves me well. I
haven't reworked it other than to run it through the spell/grammar check
and correct some of the more glaring errors, and to note that it is based
on events over two decades (and not one) ago. In fact this was the first
time I even looked at it in five years. It was originally posted in A.S.S.
but probably before the archive was set up. Thanks to those who sent
positive comments on "Visiting Professor I" and until I'm ready to post new
installments of that story, hope you enjoy this. ASS.


by Alex S. Sexton

This is subject to all the usual provisos: Graphic sex follows. I'm not
responsible for you reading this if you are underage. The contents are
purely fiction and all characters are figments of my imagination. This
story is copyrighted and any reproduction requires the explicit consent of
the author; i.e. me. AIDS/HIV and other STD do not exist in my fiction
but do in reality-if you attempt to live the lifestyle depicted please take

"If you lack the maturity to grasp this disclaimer, then under no
circumstances read this story without guidance of someone more mature" (to
quote Deirdre).

The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places
have been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who
find the early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among
topics are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild
non-consensual, and inanimate objects. The events took place over two
decades ago in a time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to
practice safe sex. Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am
flamed for this I would like to point out the setting is an enlightened
foreign land where such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be
addressed to me.

ONE: A BAD DAY Luca was perspiring when she finally sat down on the
train. She was also very angry. Sweat matted strands of her frizzy brown
hair to her forehead and her face glisten. Luca's anger made her eyes
appear wider and cheekbones more prominent and enhanced her already
attractive features.

Why was she angry? It had been just one of those days. Everything had
gone wrong, or so it seemed. Her lover...[the author, perhaps I should be
described given what unfolds here more accurately as Luca's "then current
permanent lover"] . . . had called to tell Luca he'd be delayed a few days
and miss most of the weekend get away she had planned for their reunion.
It hardly put her in a good mood. At work in the trendy upscale boutique
where she clerked, Luca snapped at a customer and when reprimanded by the
store manager talked back and quit. Or was fired.

Whatever.... Lonely, jobless and frustrated was not a good combination
of feelings for someone as volatile as Luca. She had decided to get away
from the city a day earlier. Her friend Ana had promised her the apartment
at the beach for the weekend, the weather was nice, and her ingrate lover
had abandoned her. Luca had quickly packed and rushed to catch the train
for the beach and almost missed it.

The cheap vinyl seats chafed Luca's thighs and sucked her flesh. When
she shifted her legs to unglue them the old pervert sitting across from her
tried to stare up her legs and under her floral short skirt, not quite mini
but close, for a peak of her crotch. She shuddered at the thought, and was
glad she'd put on panties when she returned to pack. Still he's staring at
my breasts...not much there, she thought. Nonetheless, she felt her
nipples harden. The old man offered her a cigarette, which she decline and
lit up one of her own import brand. She smoked staring at the ceiling of
the train carriage, pouting when she exhaled and always feeling his eyes
all over her.

Luca was glad when the lights in the car weren't turned on when the
train passed through the dozen tunnels before her stop. The old pervert
didn't have the nerve to reach out and touch. She thought about her lover
in the dark, what a bastard, leaving her and then not coming back when he
said that he would.

When her stop arrived Luca quickly ran through the station and through
the winding narrow streets of S-----. The town had been a fishing village
and market town for the surrounding area until discovered by the tourists.
In the two decades since the Spanish tourist boom had begun the foreigners
and the locals had cheapened the S-----'s with postcard and souvenir shops,
bars, dank apartment buildings and the rest of the trappings. Still, the
older parts of town still maintained much of the charm that brought the
tourists there in the first place.

As Luca walked to her destination a crew from the municipality water
works whistled and cajoled her, inspired by her teenage body. Ana's
apartment was at the old center on a hill that bisected S-----'s two
beaches, near the church and had a view over the market square from the
kitchen window. Luca climbed up the narrow stairwell to the top floor and
unlocked the door. The front room had a small balcony that looked down
over a street to the northern beach though it was set back from it by a
couple of blocks. The furnishings were spartan and cheap, as they were in
the rest of the apartment. A narrow hallway led to the back of the
apartment where the small kitchen and bathroom were, with a bedroom on
either side. Luca threw her bags onto the bed in the larger room and sat
down. It was three o'clock on Thursday afternoon. There was nothing to do
until Monday; then she'd have to look for a job. Well no, nothing to do
until Sunday when that shit Remo finally arrived.

She'd take a shower, Luca decided, cleanse herself from the city grime
and wash away the bad day. And then to the beach to work on her tan.
Summer was almost here and she might as well get a head start. Maybe a
swim if the water was warm enough.

Energized by this plan Luca quickly stripped off her damp clothes,
grabbed a towel and some toiletries from her bag and walked naked to the
bathroom. Ana had put in a full-length mirror, she noticed. She stood
before it and looked at herself. Her hair was a mess, plastered down by
the heat and the day's exertions. Her breasts curved pleasantly from her
chest. They were small but full and hard. Remo liked that. Luca cupped
them so that her nipples showed through between her index and middle
fingers and pressed them together to form a valley of cleavage. Luca's
skin was naturally dark, but she was always fascinated that the plateau
behind her nipples had a pink hue.

[I had perhaps attuned her to that--the fascination was originally

She turned around and looked at her reflection over her shoulder. Her
cheeks were like a 13 year old boys' -- very compact and firm. Luca
continued her self-scrutiny and decided she was in good shape except...the
hair of her snatch had grown out over the winter months and needed some

In the medicine cabinet Luca found a couple of new throwaway razors but
no scissors to first clear the jungle of her pubic hair. Luckily she had
brought a pair of nail scissors, and Luca used these to remove some of the
thicker tangles. She mixed some soap and water into a foamy cream and
shaved the edges of her thatch. Damn, she thought after she rinsed after
the third attempt, I can't get this even. Luca decided to just get rid of
it all. She used the worn razor to mow down the rest of her pubic curls,
just leaving a tiny triangular patch above her lips, and then used a new
razor to smooth the remaining stubble. It felt weird, the air passing over
her naked lips as she finally finished the job and want into the shower
stall. Luca looked at the small tuft she had left, cow licking to her
left, and turned on the faucets.

The cold water shocked her body. Luca immediately picked up the bar of
soap from the dish and ran it over her upper body and hoped that the warm
water would come quickly. She noticed her nipples were shriveled from the
temperature change and pinched them in an effort to restore their
perkiness. The pinkness of their outer halos were readily apparent against
the white bar of soap in spite of winkles. The hot water started to flow
and Luca rubbed the bar across her belly. She felt a longing tremor her
body. Too preoccupied with the task of shaving herself without injury,
Luca hadn't realized how turned-on the razor's sharp edge had made her.
Concerned about her appearance Luca reached through the curtain and found
the small scissors in the sink and trimmed the cowlick.

Picking up the bar of soap she lathered it over the newly exposed skin.
Her fingers curled through the little triangle that she had left unscathed.
God I'm horny, she thought. Remo had been gone for two months and her body
missed her. She let a pinky slide over her embedded clitoris, between her
cleft, and its immediate response. She washed the opening of her vagina and immediately her outer labia began to engorge. Damn, the asshole. She
pulled apart the lips with both hands, stretching them outwards and rubbed
her index fingers around the mouth of her vagina. Immediately she felt her
wetness mix with the water flowing over her body. Her thumbs needled her
clitoris slowly, as if walking on the spot over it. God damn him, Luca
thought, and let her hands march faster. She closed her eyes and leant
against the wall of the stall. Her fingers circled faster inside her and
begun to focus on the spot, just out of their reach, while her thumbs began
to run the spot. A minor wave of pleasure jerked her body, and then Luca
was racked by a major orgasm.

Opening her eyes because her legs had jellied with the intensity Luca
realized the water was turning cold. She was panting.

[End One]


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