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LUCA 2 thick and glistened danced


The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places have
been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who find the
early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among topics
are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild non-consensual,
and inanimate objects. The events took place over two decades ago in a
time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to practice safe sex.
Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am flamed for this I
would like to point out the setting is an enlightened foreign land where
such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be addressed to me.

TWO: A NEW FRIEND Luca walked down the sloping street to the beach after
her shower. She had put on her string bikini and, for the walk, one of
Remo's soccer shirts that enveloped her. Luca's feet were bare and the
cobblestones of the old town warmed the soles. At the end of road she
paused, leaning against the wall, and looked at the curving sand and water.
The beach was almost empty. A girl lay on her stomach about a hundred feet
away close to lapping waves. About a quarter mile farther a group of five
or six men and women were frolicking in some game of netless volleyball.
Luca climbed down the stone steps to the beach and walked past the girl lying on her stomach and found a spot out of earshot of the rambunctious
ball players. She lay out her towel, took off the jersey and sat down.
From her bag she pulled a bottle of sun cream and spread the lotion over
her naturally brown skin. Finished with that task she lay on her back,
closed her eyes and listened to the rhythm of the beach. The waves coursed
at regular intervals and the occasional seagull's squawk provided an
awkward melody. Gently Luca fell asleep.

When Luca woke her body felt toasted and even her bones warmed from the
sun's rays. Before she had time to argue herself out of it, Luca ran into
the water, skipping over the small waves until her impetuous was tripped by
the deepening water and she plunged headlong into the sea. The coldness
was shocking as she sat on floor, willing herself downwards as her breath
staled and escaped her mouth.

Finally her lungs gave out and she jumped through the surface, exploding
into the bright sunlight. A little game Luca had played since she was a
little girl to scare her mother. Pretend to drown and then emerge
exhilaratingly to life! The water was too cold to stay in any longer so
Luca walked back to the shore. The girl was sitting up looking at her
while the group farther up the beach resembled corpses awaiting a burial
party. Luca dried herself briskly and applied some more lotion before
sitting down her towel to enjoy a cigarette. She sipped some of the tepid
water she brought from Ana's apartment to wash out the saltiness and smoke
and then lay on her stomach, untying the strings of her top. She thought
about Remo.

He really was a shit. She knew he wasn't but she wanted to blame him
for the loneliness his delay was causing her. It had been a shitty week
having to quit her job before she was fired. She missed him, he would
always make her laugh when she had these bouts of self-pity and knew how to
make her smile. She really missed him, and his sex. She imagined it hard
and pressing against her thigh seeking entry, the foreskin taut by his
erection. She also missed sex. Not just his but the thought of coupling
with another body, a faceless body, of being stimulated and thrashing by
the touch of another. Remo had been gone for two months and she had been
alone for that time. Not that Luca had to, Remo had been very clear about
that. They knew what they had gone beyond a mere physical bond and
tolerated the occasional indiscretions from each other. More than
tolerated, they shared in those occasions and recounted the experiences to
each other. It created a deeper trust and a secret reality that was

Luca's thoughts were interrupted. She felt the footsteps drifting
through the fine sand and then the shadow cast upon her back. Luca turned
her head to look up, carefully keeping her shoulders on the towel to not
expose her small breasts. It was the girl who had been on the beach alone
when Luca arrived.

Excuse me, the girl said, could I borrow your lighter?

Luca tied the straps of her bikini top and fumbled through her bag for
the disposable lighter. She handed it to the girl who lit a cigarette.
Luca noted the girl was taller and big than she, with larger breasts straining against a blue and white striped halter. She had black hair and
wore a straw wide brimmed hat. Her eyes were a deepest blue, the color of
the sea.

I thought you drowned when you went into the water, said the girl after
exhaling. Luca laughed, the prank didn't just scare her mother.

I didn't mean to alarm, replied Luca as she lit one of her cigarettes.

The girl lingered and seemed to want something. The girl asked Luca
where she had come from. Luca explained losing her job earlier in the day
and her flight from the city to the borrowed beachside apartment. Luca
also told her about Remo and his delayed return. The girl was less
conversational but let Luca know she lived locally and was taking a few
days from work before the busy tourist season begun. Finally, she asked
Luca if she could borrow the lighter for a few minutes and walked back to
her spot after Luca gave it to her. She returned a few minutes later bring
with her beach bag and towel and setting these down next to Luca. She
smiled conspiratorially at Luca and showed her the small roach she had
rolled. They smoked the hash and tobacco mixture in silence. Luca felt
the pungent smoke permeate her head. Luca hadn't smoked anything like this
since Remo left either.

Luca and Karol, for that was her name, chatted idly for the rest of the
afternoon until the sum dropped low in the sky. Karol suggested that they
meet later and see what the nightlife was like in S-----, though she warned
Luca it unlikely to be too exciting this early in the spring on a
weeknight. She suggested a boite where the music was quite good and the
drinks not too expensive and explained to Luca how to get there. With
arrangements made they parted. Karol walked up the beach to one of the old fishermen shacks that had been refurbished, and Luca to the borrowed
apartment after a stop at the store for some food and a bottle of wine.

After she had showered, changed and eaten Luca sat outside on one of the
balcony wicker chairs and sipped from her class of wine. The moon was not
full but it was bright enough to stir the luminescence of the sea's
surface. Luca was glad she'd met Karol since it insured she wouldn't be
completely alone this weekend. Luca didn't expect much from the night
having spent other times at these beach towns in the off-season. Perhaps
she'd would have a few drinks and dance a little on a deserted dance-floor.

When the time came to meet her new friend Luca strolled through the
empty streets following the directions Karol had given. Eventually she
found the boite. It was inside one of the older buildings behind a thick wooden door marked by garish hot pink and purple neons the spelled out the
locales name. The doorman, flanked by a giggly thin sixteen year old, let
Luca in without charging a cover. He pointed her to the right, through an
inside courtyard, toward some stairs leading to a basement. When Luca
entered the cavern it was fairly typical. Plush armless couches surrounded
small black box tables. On one side of the room was a long bar with myriad
bottles set on shelves in front of a mirrored wall. Opposite the bar was
the dance floor, a parquet affair that was empty of people and lights. A
DJ towered over her realm in a booth set above the floor and was playing
Bowie at a volume that made clear her intent was to inflict aural harm.
There was a group of people (perhaps the same ones she'd seen at the beach)
laughing at one of the tables, a couple necking at another, three girls leaning at the foot of the booth that were no doubt chaperoning their
companion at the door, and a couple of rough looking guys drinking rum and
cokes at the bar. Luca didn't see Karol anywhere.

Luca sat at the bar, away from the two men, and ordered then sipped a
gin and tonic. When the dance floor lights came on she turned around to
watch whoever was dancing, expecting to see the three teenage girls.
Instead it was a newcomer. At first Luca smiled because he was so comical.
He was wearing tight flamenco pants, or perhaps imitating Travolta, and a
white shirt with frilly brocade. It was a few years since 'Night Fever and
he looked terribly dated. His jet-black hair was oiled down and he looked
to be about sixteen though there was a musky masculinity to his looks and

He was also beautiful, Luca realized. A classic beauty like a Greek
statue. A perfect face proportioned and with perfect features. His lips
were thick and glistened as he danced and moisture formed on his upper lip.
And he could dance. "Let's Go To Bed" was blasting through the boite and
he stalked catlike across the dance-floor, spinning and genuflecting in
tribute to the Cure. His movements were sharp and subtle. Luca was
enraptured. The sexuality she detected in his dance aroused her yet Luca
realized the motions were innocent, almost virginal, to the dancer.
Almost, for she noted his bulging crotch and almost felt his embarrassment
that the elation of dance had latently aroused him.

He's beautiful, isn't he? she heard a voice say.

Luca turned and saw that Karol had sidled up to her stool Luca nodded
her agreement. Than dancer pirouetted as the song faded and the DJ spun
some Spandeau Ballet. The fawning teenage girls immediately surrounded
him. Karol already had a drink in her hand and drank from the glass.

Did you notice his erection? she asked Luca, who nodded in the
affirmative. He always gets one, she continued, he cannot control his

It's beautiful, Luca said and then corrected herself by saying, he's

Karol guffawed. You've got cock on your mind, girl. You've been
missing your man, any man too long! But you'll have not luck with him.

Karol explained that the dancer, whose name was Angel, loved to dance
but was somewhat of a romantic. He was betrothed, even though he was just
sixteen, and was waiting for his fiancée's parents to approve the union.
He would remain chaste until then, despite the overtures he had received.
Karol knew this, she explained, because a cousin of Angel was a waiter in
the restaurant where she worked. Karol went onto say that the tight pants
Angel wore minimized his attributes and his cousin was impressed by his
size. Karol's exposition was one sided, for Luca was looking at the
dancer, his still graceful movements, as he interacted and mimed with the
adolescent girls.

Come, said Karol as she drained her glass. He'll still be here when we
get back.

Karol led Luca out of the door and up into the courtyard upstairs.
There she found a niche and pulled out a crumpled joint. The two women
took alternating drags from it out of sight from the doorman. Karol asked
Luca if she ever had a shotgun. Luca had, but nevertheless Karol toked
deeply from the hand-rolled cigarette, placed it between Luca's lips, and
then engulfed the burning end with her mouth. Karol exhaled as Luca drew
in a lungful; touched her lips against Luca sensitively while Luca drew in
two breaths of smoke. Within moments Luca felt it rush to head, and leaned
her back against the plastered wall. Luca barely noticed Karol leaning her
back or Karol's hands dancing over her breasts.

You really like him, don't you? Karol asked when Luca finally opened
her eyes.

Luca felt giddy and did not reply.

He's quite stupid, Karol continued. But he has quite a body. And quite
a cock.

Luca thought about that statement, and felt her knees weaken.

He rejected me, Karol went on. Luca was surprised. Luca was eighteen
and figured the dancer, Angel, to be at least two years her junior while
Karol was a two or three years older than her.

To think I first saw his potential. His dancing, his looks, the body.
But he would never let me touch and enjoy him.

Luca looked at Karol and thought about what she was saying. The smoke
was making this whole scene seem otherworldly. Karol's eyes were so blue.
Luca felt the wetness between her legs as Karol talked of Angel. She
noticed the gleam in Karol's eye.

We could show him, Karol forcefully concluded.

What do you mean? Luca asked, confused.

You'll see, Karol said and took Luca's hand and led her back downstairs.
They each had another drink, and the Karol convinced Luca to dance and to
try and attract the attention of Angel. It was clear to Luca he enjoyed
their gyrating, but that it was performance for him and not any attraction
toward her. Still, Luca could not but notice his erection and light
headily allowed her gaze to repeatedly return to Angel's groin. She wanted
to caress it but was thwarted by his indifference.

Let's see if we can set a trap, said Karol when Luca returned to their
table from the dance floor. Luca was feeling disoriented from the drinks
and the hash but Karol was in better shape. When the dancer, Angel, went
to the bar Karol approached him and engaged him in conversation. After a
moment two they left for the courtyard. Karol beckoned for Luca to follow.
Unsteadily she got to her feet and found the two in the same nook where
they had smoked before. Karol was heating up another pebble to mix with
tobacco while Angel held a stripped cigarette and a rolling paper. Luca
didn't want to smoke any more as her head was spinning, but when the spliff
was passed to her she socially drew a baby toke before passing it on.

Luca really likes the way you dance, said Karol conversationally. Angel
smiled proudly.

And she really likes your cock, Karol continued without altering the
cadence of her voice. Angel looked embarrassed while Luca, a little
shocked at this revelation looked downward to her feet though she glanced
again Angel's groin.

Suddenly Karol pinned Angel against the wall with her shoulder. He
struggled to free himself but her whole weight held him. Luca suddenly
realized that Karol was a lot stronger than she looked. Karol began to rub
her free hand over the boy's crotch.

She wants to suck your cock, Karol said in a low menacing voice. Angel
protested, he was remaining pure for his fiancée but Karol placed her black
head hair into his face and muffling his words. Karol unzipped her
captive's fly and pulled Angel's pants to his knees.

Suck him girl, she ordered over her shoulder. Luca was amazed but the
forcefulness of the command made her drop to her knees and walk on them
toward the object of her desire.

Suck him! Karol hissed vehemently.

Luca pulled down the band of Angel's Y-fronts and released a wave of
muskiness. His cock was almost flaccid. Luca kissed its head and let her
tongue swirl around its circumference. Despite his efforts to the contrary
his member stirred.

I can't hold him all night girl, get to it! Karol urged.

Luca took the bulbous head into her mouth and felt it pop by her lips as
she drew in more of his length. He was hard now. Luca wrapped to fingers
around the base of his penis and began to work up his milk. Luca's head
moved back and forth in a piston like manner. With her free hand she
cupped his youthful balls and pressed her index finger behind his scotum.

Automatically, mechanically Angel hips thrust into her though he
continued to struggle with Karol. Luca was screaming with desire in her
head. It was such a beautiful thing, this cock. Her tongue swirled around
the knobby mushroom head, and then the tip of it stroked the small hole and
tasted the milky drop that oozed out there. Suddenly she took the whole
length into her mouth, stifling the gag reflex as the head passed through
her gullet. Her tongue stroked the underside as she pulled her head back
and then impaled her mouth on this sword again. Within a matter of moments
Luca felt the cock spasm. She released it from her mouth and delicately
pricked the eye with her tongue. She squeezed his balls, feeling the
gonads like sparrow eggs, and fucked him with her mouth again.

When he came it was in gobs. thick rich cream shot into her mouth in
four or five spurts. It tasted sweet but with the muskiness she smelt when
she pressed her face into his groin. Different from Remo's. She rolled it
around her mouth and over his cock. He was till hard.

We'd better go girl, Karol said. Luca had forgotten her, the whole
situation as she bathed in the glory of this cock. Luca released the prick
and stood up, not sure of what to do next. She could see Angel's eyes
glaring with hatred at her.

When I let him go run. OK?

Luca nodded, and suddenly Karol sprang away from Angel. Luca and Karol
skipped through the courtyard, and escaped from the teenager tripping over
his pants. Whores! he yelled. By that time the two girls were running
down the street, passed the amazed bouncer, and rounding a corner.

You suck well girl, Karol said a few blocks later as they paused to
regain the breaths. How was it? Give me a taste.

With that Karol kissed Luca, her tongue immediately entering Luca's
mouth and pressing against her lips and gums. Luca had never been kissed
by a girl before. With the exploration ended Karol ended the kiss.

Virgin come, Karol pronounced. I bet he never gets a blowjob from that
bitch he'll marry.

They walked through the narrow streets toward the center of town. At
the door of the building where Luca's friend, Ana, had the apartment they
talked and arranged to meet on the beach the next morning. As she drifted
off to sleep Luca still could taste the perfect cock's come, and imagined
the kiss she received to share that taste.

[End 2]


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