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LUCA 3 girls packed their beach gear



by Alex S. Sexton

The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places
have been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who
find the early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among
topics are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild
non-consensual, and inanimate objects. The events took place over two
decades ago in a time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to
practice safe sex. Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am
flamed for this I would like to point out the setting is an enlightened
foreign land where such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be
addressed to me.


It was midmorning when Luca woke. The sun's rays passing through the
slats of the blind had already toasted her supple body. For a moment Luca
wondered where she was, stretched out on the tussled sheets and then
remembered. While Luca found it hard to move with any urgency she was able
to arouse enough energy to shower and dress, if that's what you would call
it, for the beach. Before descending to the bright sunny world outside she
breakfast on coffee, the heel from a loaf of French bread, cheese and the
obligatory morning cigarette. She was wearing a tight maillot that her
sister had given her the Christmas before last. It did not do much for her
skin since it whiteness contrasted with her skin and gave it a certain
sickly pallor. Later in the year, after Luca spent a few weeks toasting on
the beach, the suit would only emphasize her dark skin and tan. But Luca
wore it anyway - Remo liked the different shades of tan rippling across her
supple body. [That's not quite true: I always preferred the white bits and
their contrast with the skin in between.]

Luca looked for her new friend from yesterday, but the black haired
Karol was nowhere on the beach. It was a little more crowded than the
previous afternoon. Luca could see the same group of men and women settled
at the same spot they had been. There were a few families with young children playing in the eddies along the shore. Luca settled down on her
towel at a quiet spot away from most of the other beach goers, stroked
lotion on her exposed skin and lay on her back, eyes closed, to soak up the
sun's rays. She had to adjust her swimsuit as the crotch rubbed tightly
and uncomfortably against her own. Quickly she drifted into a near-sleep,
and only aroused from her slumber when Karol arrived and set down her
things and herself next to Luca.

They shared a quiet morning together, lying next to one another, talking
occasionally, smoking cigarettes and sharing a small "breakfast" joint that
Karol had rolled earlier. After a while they swam together in the cold
dark water, and then walked along the wave line up the beach. There they
flirted with the group of tourists, Germans it turned out, that had come
down for an early vacation. While they played some volleyball with the
four couples, it was clear that they were paired off and there was no
action for Luca or Karol there. But all enjoyed the game, throwing
themselves with abandon in the soft cushion of the deep hot sand. Karol
and Luca swam again to rinse the fine particles of sand off their bodies.

It seemed so innocent, thought Luca as she dove under the water. Last
night just never seemed to have happened.

Luca was thinking of the events just twelve hours ago when Karol had
pinned the hapless teenager against the wall of the courtyard and ordered
Luca to suck his cock. Luca had, greedily, enjoying its mouth filling size
and swirling the pure come that had involuntarily shot into her mouth. And
later Karol had sought to taste that same come from Luca's own mouth. Luca
remembered that kiss, and suddenly recalled that Karol's hands had stroked
her breasts earlier last night while Karol exhaled thick smoke from her
lungs into Luca's mouth. All that seem to be in another age. Now Karol
was just like another friend, one Luca liked but only knew a little more
than an acquaintance. Luca looked at her new friend, and her heaving
breasts as she jumped playfully through a wave, like small cantaloupes
straining against the netting of the blue and white bikini top.

As they walked thigh deep through the water to the beach Karol suggested
they eat lunch at her cabin, which overlooked the beach. She pointed
toward the row of fisherman shacks that stood tall on stilts that lined the
edge of the sand. The two girls packed up their beach gear and started
walking to Karol's home. Karol's particular home was plainer than most of
her neighbors, thought there was a delicate ornate red and green design set
on the white background. They climbed the steep stairs, almost a ladder,
to the front porch set some eight feet off the ground. Karol unlocked the
front door and led Luca inside. The inside was a single room about fifteen
feet wide and stretching back some thirty-five feet. Around the front door
was the living area with a threadbare sofa, a couple of hard chairs and
tables, and a small black-and-white T.V. A colorful Indian tapestry,
almost transparent, hung from the ceiling and offered partial privacy for
Karol's sleeping area. At the back of the cabin was a small galley kitchen
and, as Luca supposed correctly, a tiny bathroom.

Karol plunked down her bag and towel on one of the chairs. I _have_ to
shower, she said. Why don't you go through the fridge in the back and see
what you can find to make a salad?

With that she disappeared to the back of the cabin. Luca waited
discretely for a few moments before heading in the same direction.
Reassured by the sound of the shower Luca busied herself washing and
cutting up the vegetables she found in the kitchen. Luca heard the water
cut off but was preoccupied with slicing an onion and the eye watering
reaction it caused. She barely noticed Karol's presence behind her when
her new friend spoke.

That suit looks really tight. It's cutting into your shoulder.

Luca felt a hand brush across her back and a finger lift the strap off
her right shoulder. Karol slowly removed the strap down Luca's arm. Luca
stood paralyzed looking down at the diced onion and tomato slices on the
cutting board. She could feel Karol's breathing against her neck. Karol
softly grasped the nape of Luca's neck and massaged the muscles and
vertebra with her fingers. Karol's other hand stroked Luca's now-bare
shoulder down the top of her arm to where the strap pinched her flesh.

As if Luca was a doll, Karol turned her around so they stood face to
face. Karol was naked but for a towel that hung from her shoulders, barely
covering her generous breasts. Shower water beaded on Karol's dark skin
and pasted down her silky black hair. Luca felt like an automaton and let
the elder girl slide the other strap of the maillot from her shoulder.
Karol caressed the top of Luca's chest and felt the outline of Luca's
collarbone. Slowly Karol pressed her face toward Luca's and let their lips
brush together. Their flesh pressed harder together and Luca felt the
cursory explorations of Karol's tongue probe along the cleft between her
lips. Like last night, before, Luca could only allow her lips to part and
felt Karol's tongue snake along her teeth and curl into the space and touch
the bottommost portion of her jaw. Delicately Karol ended her search and
pulled away. She took a step backwards.

Do you want to take a shower first? Karol asked.

Luca wondered at the final word of the question. First, what did she
mean by first? Luca shook her head.

Karol took her hand and pulled Luca toward the front of the room.
Somnolent Luca allowed herself to be led. Karol plopped onto the bed and
pulled Luca down with her. Within seconds Karol had pulled the top of
Luca's swimsuit down to her midriff and nestled her face in Luca's breasts.
Luca lay on her back while the larger girl perched over her; she could feel
Karol's thigh jerk against her crotch.

I've never done this before, Luca said. She barely recognized her
voice. Karol removed her mouth from Luca's left nipple, and looked at her

I've never done this before, Luca repeated. With another girl, I mean.

For a moment Karol stared at her. Then all of the sudden she smiled and
said, Well girl, you're in for a real treat!

With that Karol went back to suckling Luca's nipples. Her mouth was
soft on them and she didn't nibble with her teeth as often as Remo Luca
closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings that were being aroused through
her body. She felt the maillot slowly being peeled downward to her hips,
and compliantly raised them so that Karol could pull the flimsy white
fabric from Luca's torso. This seemed so normal, Luca thought, so natural.
She could feel Karol's hairy crotch rub against her thigh, feel the wetness
that exuded from its cavern. Karol's fingers slowly dropped across Luca's
belly to the area she had shaved the previous day. Luca remembered the
self-induced orgasm she had in the shower after she had shaved her pubic
hair. She felt Karol's finger stroke her labia and yearned to be racked by
Karol to the same physical high.

For a big girl Karol moved with natural ease over and around Luca's
body. Luca soon felt herself fully aroused and could feel the droplets of
her anticipation dribble down to her thighs. Karol lapped these juices
easily and was soon circulating her tongue around the open pit of their
source. Karol's tongue traced a path around Luca's outer lips while her
nose nudged against Luca's enlarging clitoris. Luca enjoyed a small wave
of pleasure. Then Karol engulfed the engorged bud between her lips and
darted her tongue across the surface of Luca's clitoris. Luca soon writhed
in pleasure and clamped her eyes shut.

When Luca opened her eyes she was confronted with the dark thatch
partially hiding Karol's own cunt. Luca could see the reddened outer labia
and the dew that formed on them through the black curls of pubic hair.
Karol's heat and the tangy- sweet aroma brushed over Luca's face.
Meanwhile Luca felt Karol's fingers, at least two, pulse rhythmically into
her vagina. She could feel Karol's nails scratch the surface of her
moisten inner folds. And still Karol's lips and tongue wrestled Luca's
clitoris. Luca could not bring herself to do any more than a cursory lap
or two into the tangle of hair spread before her face. Before she could do
any more to reciprocate, Luca was lost to the pleasure brought about as
Karol found as massaged her g-spot.

Karol was intent on pleasing Luca and moved her hips so that they
pressed against Luca's left shoulder. Karol satisfied herself by rubbing
her crotch against Luca's arm while her fingers and mouth worked on Luca.
Spasmodically Luca orgasmed. Luca could feel her urinary tract tense.
Remo had done this once or twice before. Luca felt a desire to pee but
through will power forced herself to relax. Still Karol, ever energetic,
stimulated Luca's vagina, her clitoris and let her fingers dance over
Luca's secret spot. Luca started heaving her hips against Karol's face,
but the black haired girl persisted.

Suddenly Luca surged against Karol's head. Her whole body tensed and
relaxed, spastic. Luca felt an emission from her erotic physical being as
her mind blacked out with pleasure. She collapsed into the white sheets of
Karol's unmade bed. Unconscious, she panted.

When she recovered, Karol was gone. Luca could hear her in the kitchen.
Luca basked in the afterglow of her climax, prostrate on the bed. Her
fingers explored her crotch and felt they sticky drying juices that flowed
from her vagina. More gluey was a deposit of opaque viscous liquid that
she tasted from her fingertips. As Luca sucked the substance Karol walked
into the room. She was wearing a T-shirt and carried two bowls of salad.

I finished lunch, Karol said, but it's not quite up to the tasty treat
I've just had. Why don't you put something on and join me on the porch?

Before leaving Karol surveyed Luca's nakedness admiringly. After a few
moments Luca found a dressing gown and joined her new intimate friend.

[End 3]


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