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LUCA 4 stretch she sought accommodate



by Alex S. Sexton

The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places
have been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who
find the early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among
topics are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild
non-consensual, and inanimate objects. The events took place over two
decades ago in a time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to
practice safe sex. Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am
flamed for this I would like to point out the setting is an enlightened
foreign land where such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be
addressed to me.

LUCA Chap. 4: The Pick Up

What we need, Karol said declaratively, is some hard cock.

Luca looked up to her new friend. The brunette was leaning against the
rails of the front porch overlooking the beach where they had first met
only yesterday. Karol was wearing a t-shirt and her blue and white striped
bikini bottom that was stretched taut by the generous buttocks they
strained to contain. From where she was sitting Luca could see Karol's
breasts sway under the cotton shirt. Luca was wearing only Karol's
bathrobe and sitting at the table finishing her salad.

Big, hard cock, Karol repeated. She turned around to face Luca. What
do you say, girl? Karol continued, are you up looking for some? I know
your boyfriend's coming back in a couple of days, but you should do
something in the meantime.

Luca nodded. It wasn't as though Remo would mind. Plus Luca felt a
certain growth in her self-confidence being around the older and brazen
Karol. The way she had pinned the teenage boy and then ordered Luca to
suck him off. Luca could almost taste that come in her mouth.

We'll go down to the resort on the south end of town and see if we can
find us a couple of hunks to bring home. I'll need to borrow a car, but
that won't be a big deal. Can we use your place?

Luca replied in the affirmative. The apartment Luca had borrowed was
larger than the one-room cabin of Karol's, and as far as she could tell
only one other person was staying there this weekend. They arranged to
meet at eight at Luca's place and then drive down to the big hotel complex
where a lot of the richer foreign tourists stayed.

At eight o'clock Luca heard the soft tapping at the front door of the
apartment and let in Karol. Karol was dressed to kill. She was wearing
tight black stirrup pants and a diaphanous loose black top that barely hid
the very white bra she wore. Karol was a little plump but in a very curvy
way. The outfit at once deflected her extra weight while making the most
of her attributes. Luca also saw Karol wearing makeup for the first time
and admired the subtle highlighting of Karol's eyes and cheeks and the loud
use of scarlet lipstick. Karol immediately kissed Luca with those lips.
Then Karol started to unpack some bottles of wine and harder liquor and
place them on the small dining table in the front room of the apartment.
Meanwhile Luca finished her dressing. When she returned from the bedroom
she was wearing a cream micro skirt and a plain light tan tee shirt that
clung tightly to her chest and plainly showed that she wasn't wearing a
bra. Luca rarely wore makeup, and only tied back her frizzy brown hair to
accentuate her striking facial features.

They drove to the resort in a rickety old Citroen that Karol had
borrowed from her cousin, and laughed at how the rust bucket contrasted
with the newer foreign cars that populated the hotel lot. Karol had
explained the plan of action. There was one task, to get laid. And as
quickly as possible. So once they had their targets picked they would lure
them back to the apartment. They entered into the hotel lobby and found
the dance club next to the restaurant. Unlike the night before they had to
pay a stiff cover charge to enter.

The club was a lot more ritzy than the place they been the night before.
The light show on the dance floor was amazing, and Luca noticed how the
u.v. lights caused Karol's bra to become translucent when they flashed.
Lasers bounced off reflectors all around the room, piercing through the
smoke. There were also a lot more people than the other place they'd been
too. Since there first drink was free the two girls sided up to the bar
and order a couple of gin and tonics. Almost immediately they were
approached by a couple of middle age German men, but Karol made it plain to
them that neither girl was interested. Karol explained to Luca when they
left that they were probably married and too old and drunk to worth a fuck.
The girls found a table next to the dance floor, which Karol immediately
went to while Luca smoked a cigarette.

Luca watched Karol's flirting and soon she was pairing off with this
tall blond Scandinavian type. After a couple of songs the Karol brought
her find back to the table. His friend, a slim dark haired guy who also
looked to be in his early twenties, followed them. Karol introduced them
to Luca. They were both Swiss and from Geneva. The blond was Daniel and
could speak French and German neither of which Luca could understand.
Oscar however could make himself understood in broken Spanish and also
spoke English, which Luca had some grasp of. Luca liked his winning smile
and infectious laugh.

What do you think?, Karol asked when the two guys went to the bar to get
another round of drinks.

No problem here, Luca replied, Oscar's pretty cute.

They both are, said Karol, and I guess we can start off with that
pairing. OK then, its time to get them to move on out of here. Just
follow my lead.

When the guys returned with the drinks Karol led Daniel back out on to
the dance floor where some roots reggae music was pounding. Luca continued
to talk with Oscar and didn't notice her friend leave through an open door
leading out to the beach. After about five minutes Luca saw Karol
beckoning her from outside.

I think Karol wants us to go outside, Luca told Oscar. They went into
the night and found Karol embracing the blond in the parking lot, leaning
against a sporty but old Alfa. Karol explained how to get to the apartment
downtown and promised the two that she had some killer hash there. The two
girls jumped into the beat up Citroen and took the route back followed by
the twin headlights of the car behind. Both cars were able to park in the
narrow alley behind the apartment building. The two girls flew up the
stairs to unlock the front door and hit the timer lights on every landing
while the guys followed at a more languid place.

Don't let them drink too much, Karol warned Luca, just enough to get
them into the mood but not so much they can't do anything about it. OK?

Karol sat down and started to mix the hash and tobacco concoction in a
large glass ashtray. Luca went to the kitchen in the back and found a bowl
that could be used as an ice bucket. When she returned the joint was
already lit and being smoked by Oscar, who was sitting in a rattan chair.
Karol and Daniel sat close to each other, with Karol's hand draped casually
on the Swiss' thigh. After putting the ice bowl on the table Luca curled
up at Oscar's feet, resting the back of her head against his leg. She
toked from the joint that Oscar placed on her lips, drawing deeply and
holding the smoke in her lungs. She felt the head rush. The joint made
another two rounds before it was extinguished. Luca felt a giddy feeling
in her head and relaxed against the warmth of Oscar's leg.

Karol started making some drinks for everyone, and when they were ready
Luca took Oscar outside. She still wasn't sure if she wanted to go through
with this. Oscar was a pretty nice guy and it been a couple of months
since she had really been with a guy. And Remo would be back in just a
couple of days and would be horny as all hell, so they could work of their
frustrations together. But that was then and Oscar was now. She let him
kiss her, which he did very sweetly and bided his time before probing her
mouth with his tongue. They stood next to each other on the balcony wall
and looked down to the beach. It was almost a full moon and the light
caught each ridge of the methodical waves as they crashed into white foam
near the shore. Oscar was running his hands over Luca's breasts and she
could feel her nipples perk up. Their sensitive tips itched as they
touched the rough cotton of her shirt. Oscar's thigh was pressed against
her stomach and rubbing slowly and gently arousing her. Luca broke off
their kiss and took his hand from her breast and led him back into the
front room.

Karol had already got a little a head of Luca inside. Karol was
kneeling on the sofa with her mane of hair covering her head and Daniel's
lower torso. But Luca could see his pants were down around his knees.
From the bobbing of her head and the slurping sounds it was pretty obvious
to Luca exactly what she was doing. Luca could see Karol's bra on the
floor and the brunette's shadowy breasts swinging beneath the gossamer top.
As Luca led Oscar by the hand past the prostrate Karol she stroked the
strip of bare back when the black top had risen up.

In the bedroom Luca got strictly down to business. As soon as she
closed the door she untucked her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She
kicked off her shoes as she slipped out of the cream mini skirt. Her
panties peeled off as she crawled on to the bed. She wrapped a sheet
around her body and lay on back, reaching to turn on the dim night light.
Oscar was still fiddling with his shoelaces though he had stripped off his
Izod shirt. Luca looked at his torso. He was a little smaller than Remo
and his chest hair was more profuse and in tighter curls and black. No
more thoughts about Remo, she mused, it's time to fuck.

Start of real slow, she instructed the undressing Oscar. I'm not quite
ready yet. I have to be really wet before I can take you. And turn off
the ceiling light before you come to bed.

Luca rolled over and looked out of the fifth floor room and at the
darkened windows across the street. With her right hand she stroked her
outer labia and felt the day-old stubble that was already growing back.
The light switch clicked and she felt the bed sway as another body joined
her on the mattress. He unwrapped the sheet from her back and began
dousing her neck with kisses, nibbling on her ear lobes when his mouth
strayed. She still played with herself, and liked the way he snaked his
arms through hers so that he could knead his breasts. She felt his chest
press against her back and the warmth that emanated from her. His hardness
fit between the cleft of her buttocks, grasped between their soft orbs.
Luca felt behind with her free hand as he begun to kiss her face and lips.
Her hand ran up his thigh and found the loose sacs of his balls and held
them. They were really big, she thought, and really low hung. She moved
to the base of his prick and made a ring from her thumb and forefinger and
held the stem. The joint her two fingers met over the soft underside of
his cock and Luca pressed the tips and massaged the pulsing vein she found
there. Very slowly the ring moved up the length of Oscar's cock and
delicately pulled it from the ridge between her ass cheeks.

Luca had a surprise when she got to the top of his prick. It wasn't
that he was any longer than most guys. But Oscar's cockhead was at least
half as wide than the rest of his length. Luca couldn't put her finger
ring around this true mushroom head and grasped in the palm of her hand.
She wasn't sure if she could get something that wide into her cunt. She
squeezed the head and felt the tip slip through her fingers. She rubbed
her thumb over the pisshole and felt the droplet of pre-come oozing there.

Well she wasn't going to get any wetter, Luca thought. She pushed Oscar
away and rolled onto her back, kicking away the sheet that entangled around
her legs. As she opened her legs Oscar knelt between them. Slowly he
lowered himself onto her. She could feel the enormous mushroom head probe
her nether lips but unable to gain entrance.

You have no hair down there, Oscar whispered in her ear as he furtively
tried to enter. He started nibbling again.

Just typical, Luca thought. She made a vee with her middle and index
finger and spread her labia. With the other hand she guided the cock into
the wide opening. God the head is huge, she thought as it stretched the
walls of her vagina. Then with a plopping sound he thrust his length into
her. Her tight cunt gripped him and he paused for a moment, as if getting
used to these new surroundings. Luca removed one hand and cupped one of
his buttocks. The other felt his ball sack and then moved over her budding
clitoris, stroking it.

Very slowly Oscar began pumping into her. It was almost excruciating.
She could feel the walls of her vagina draw around the mushroom as he
slowly withdrew half his length from her love tunnel. He would pause, and
then pound into her. His pace picked up, and the almost interrupted
thrusts became a fast tattoo pounding her. Luca began to direct his
thrusts by holding his buttocks. She didn't need to finger her clit
anymore; the friction of his prick and pelvis was getting her off. Her
thighs gripped his hips and shuddered with each stroke. She could feel her
wetness running down her thighs with every outstroke and forming a puddle
around her ass.

Luca could feel an orgasm coming when Oscar suddenly withdrew. The
vacuum this left in her vagina was awful - like a cold wind in winter. He
stood on his knees over her and grasped her ankles. He put them around her
neck and then ran his hands down her legs, coaxing his fingers over her
inner thighs till he ran into the dampness. Luca lay on her back with the
soles of her feet parallel with the ceiling and her ass a few inches off
the mattress. Oscar held his cock at mid-length and directed into the
upward pointing mouth of Luca's cunt. Slowly he pushed in half its length.
Luca gasped as the thick head filled her void.

You OK? Oscar asked. Luca nodded, unable to speak.

Suddenly he thrust the remaining inches into her. In this prone
position blood was rushing to her head and mixed with the drugs and alcohol
Luca already consumed. The orgasm that had been welling quickly expressed
itself in this new position and Luca shuddered as it racked through every
cell of her body. This guy knew what he was doing. Oscar began to
alternate his thrusts into her. First he would slide a half-length of his
cock out of her and then stab it all back into her before another small
withdraw. This would go on for a dozen strokes. Then he would only
withdraw an inch but his prick would piston mechanically back and forth,
very hard and fast and with the big meaty cockhead brushing against her
cervix. Remo would fuck her like this, she thought as she closed her eyes
and the starburst off another orgasm filled her vision.

After about five minutes and three more orgasms he withdrew again.
Luca's body was pliant as he turned her over onto her front. Oscar's hands
gripped her hips and lifted them so that the magic mushroom head brushed
against her engorged labia.

I can't come like that, Oscar explained, my prick points down too much
to let out my come.

Luca wasn't complaining. His cock slid easily into her. This time he
kept to the piston stroke rhythm. One hand grasped the one tuft of pubic
hair she had not shaved between his fingers while his thumb rolled a
circular pattern over her clitoris. Oscar's other hand tweaked her nipples
and massaged her breasts. Luca's head lay in buried in a pillow while
Oscar's hips pounded against her upright ass. She really couldn't take
much more of this. Oscar's hands gripped her hips and began a faster
frenetic pace. Luca lifted her head, resting her upper body on her elbows
and felt Oscar biting her shoulders in between his grasps. Suddenly she
felt his explosion and his cream gush into the wet tightness of her vagina.
Another orgasm erupted from her tired body. Luca's elbows gave way and the
two of them collapsed into the white sheets.

Luca felt the untensing body on top of her and the slowly softening cock
entombed her passage. It had been good. She felt physically and
emotionally spent and her mind drifted away in the sweaty warmth their two
bodies had generated. She closed her eyes. Luca felt Oscar slowly pull is
half-hard member from her and roll over next to her. His arm draped across
her back. She drifted into sleep.

Luca didn't know what woke her. The dim bulb of the night-light cast
the room into eerie shadows. Oscar was no longer there, but Luca could
feel his body warmth on the sheets beside her. She had no idea how long
she had been asleep.

Luca lifted herself out of bed. As she did so she felt the viscous
fluids spend from her vagina's mouth and dribble down her thighs. She
picked up her t-shirt at first to wear it, but the rolled it up and used it
as a rag to clean herself. She threw the ball into the corner of the room
next to her bags. Oscar's clothes were draped over the rickety armchair,
so she knew he was there.

She walked down the hallway to the well-lit front room, not quite sure
what to expect. Luca paused and leant against the doorjamb and watched the
scene in the living room unfold.

Karol was there. Luca could see her whole naked body bobbing up and
down behind the couch. Her breast rose and fell as she humped a hidden body. She was moaning and her hair flailed around her head and hid her
facial features. Karol was still fucking Daniel, and fucking him hard.
Oscar was sitting in the same rattan chair as before with his right hand
stroking his cock, the obscenely huge head poking out of his palm. No one
else in the room noticed Luca, and she dropped back into the dark hallway
so that she could still watch.

Karol lifted herself off her lover. As she got off the couch she kicked
away the coffee table and filled the space it vacated. Daniel lifted
himself up from the couch.

I want your cock in my mouth again, she said to Daniel. Daniel got on
to his knees on the floor in front of Karol's mouth. He stroked his cock
right before her lips, keeping it hard.

You, Karol barked at Oscar, fuck me doggie style.

As ordered Oscar positioned himself behind Karol's generous ass. She
leaned her head forward and grasped the head of Daniel's cock with her
mouth. She patted the back of her thigh with one hand and Oscar easily
shoved the monster head of his cock into her cunt. For the first time Luca
noticed Daniel's generous endowment; he had to be at least nine or ten
inches long. Karol sucked on his schlong and Luca could see the flesh of
her cheeks stretch as she sought to accommodate half of Daniel's length.
Oscar pounded her ass, and Luca noticed he used the same alternating rhythm
of stabs and slow withdraw with the interluding pistons that he'd used
before. Within minutes the curve of Karol's back shuddered and she
released Daniel's cock from the trap of her mouth.

Something different, Karol said.

She got Oscar to lie down on his back and then held his penis
perpendicular. Agonizingly, she slowly lowered her cunt onto his thick cock. Within moments she was gyrating on the sword embedded into her
tender folds. Luca saw Karol close her eyes as she orgasmed again. Luca
barely noticed that her right hand had found her clitoris and was stroking
it, her attention engrossed in Karol's pleasure. Daniel positioned himself
in from of Karol, and she eagerly took his prick into her mouth as he stood
in front of her, legs akimbo over Daniel. Luca watched as Karol grasped
Daniel's' balls and then sucked down his whole length. She could see
Karol's throat convulse as Daniel's prick entered her throat. Soon Karol's
head was bobbing over the whole length of the long prick, mirroring her
body's impalement and withdrawal on the prick below her.

Karol released the cock from her mouth.

Fuck my ass, she said simply. Luca's fingers were probing her vaginal
lips and bringing her body to some fruition. Daniel moved behind the two
bodies and knelt as if in prayer. Karol lowered her body so it was
parallel with Oscar's and her ass poked up into the air. Luca was amazed
that she moved into this new position without breaking her rhythm. Daniel
spat into his has and then rubbed his spittle over the length of his cock.

Now, Karol said.

Luca watched fascinated as Daniel pulled apart Karol's cheeks and
positioned the head of his prick against the puckered opening of her
asshole. Karol suddenly jerked her body backed and engulfed the head of
the prick. Daniel pushed against her and pushed in another three inches of
cock into the anal cavity before him. Luca could see the twin cocks brush
against each other as the pummeled in and out of Karol. Daniel was
eventually able to stuff most his length into Karol's ass, leaving her
gasping as she rode that and Oscar's cock. Luca could see Karol's eyes
engorged and dilate as the two guys syncopated their thrusts. Karol
started groaning as the two Swiss fucked her hard. Luca masturbated as she
watched the threesome fuck before her.

Both Daniel and Karol started yelling, God, in different languages as
they neared orgasm. Oscar probably wanted to, but his face was engulfed in
Karol's locks. Luca's own fingers stroked herself silly as she watched the
threesome climax. They collapsed in heap of flesh, and Luca returned to
her bed. She stroked herself to climax lying there, her mind permeated by
the images of the scene of Karol and her two lovers fucking, of Oscar
fucking her while her shins wrapped around his neck, and Remo who would be
here soon. She drifted into sleep.

Luca never woke until she felt a body embrace her.

It's me, Karol said. I'm clean.

Luca could feel Karol's cool body press against her and Karol's wet
hair. Karol's hand cupped Luca's right breast, and they dreamed together.

[End 4]


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