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LUCA 5 stretch her vagina some very



by Alex S. Sexton

The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places
have been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who
find the early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among
topics are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild
non-consensual, and inanimate objects. The events took place over two
decades ago in a time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to
practice safe sex. Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am
flamed for this I would like to point out the setting is an enlightened
foreign land where such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be
addressed to me.

LUCA 5: The Market

Saturday morning. Sunlight bathed the room when Luca stirred. Karol
was still asleep next to her, her dark hair fanned across the white sheets
and her face buried in the pillow. Luca tried to work out what time it was
and guessed it was mid morning. Without disturbing her friend Luca got out
of bed and took a shower. As the water flayed over her body she thought
about the night before. She really needed that, she thought. Oscar had
been a good tension-relieving fuck. Luca's cunt still felt a little sore
from the pounding from that cock head. And Karol's wantonness, the way she
arranged Daniel and Oscar in the living room leading up to the dramatic
climax on the cold tile floor. Wow. Luca had never watched anyone else
fuck before, but watching Karol take both guys, one up the ass while
straddling the other, had really turned Luca on. While Luca lathered her
smooth body, she stroked herself to a little orgasm reliving the scene that
had played out before from her hidden spot in the dark hallway the night

Luca finished her shower and put on the white maillot swimsuit. Back in
the bedroom Luca found Karol was still asleep. Figuring that Karol
deserved to sleep in a little longer on account of her sexual exertions,
Luca left the apartment and strolled down to the nearby beach for a morning
swim. The salty water made her so buoyant that she floated on her back for
a while, looking back at the shore at the picturesque town. Luca then lay
out on her towel and let the hot sun dry her and leave small salt patches
on her dark and tanning skin. Eventually Luca's hunger led her back to the
fifth floor apartment.

Karol was already awake, showered and dressing in the bedroom. She was
sitting on the bed tying up her shoelaces though all she was wearing were a
pair of baggy shorts. Luca recognized these as belonging to Remo, her
boyfriend. They were too big for Luca to wear, slipping easily over her
narrow hips, but apparently Karol could fill them. Across the street Luca
could see a shadowy figure watching from behind a curtain from a
neighboring apartment. Luca lowered the blinds to give Karol some more

I love that swimsuit on you, Karol bantered. I could never get away
with wearing something like that, but it suits you. Every time I see you
in it I just want to strip it off.

Luca laughed and recalled the way Karol had stripped the suit off her
the previous day. Karol then proceeded to eat Luca out. Luca felt a
little dampness between her legs at the memory.

That Daniel boy was quite a find, Karol continued. A cock like that can
go a long way toward satisfying a girl's needs, you know. How was yours?

Lot of staying power. A good fuck. But you should know.

Jealous are we?

No, replied Luca, and actually it was a lot of fun watching. I've never
seen someone take two guys at once. I don't know how you could take all of
Daniel up the ass like that.

It's the first time I've done two at the same time. It was weird. I
could feel both cocks rubbing against each other separated by a thin film
of flesh. My flesh! But I couldn't concentrate on sucking him off, so I
had to do something. God I was far-gone! So you never had long cock?

No, and I don't think I could. I'm really small and tight. It takes me
a while just to get lubed up for a normal one.

We'll see, Karol said with a playful twinkle in her eyes.

By this time Karol had finished dressing. She wore the same blue and
white-stripped bikini top under a loose t-shirt. The two girls decided to
get something to eat at the open-air market that was held twice a week in
the square in front of the church. They wandered through the crowded
stalls. Luca was paying for some lettuce and tomatoes when she saw Karol
miming a blowjob with an overgrown cucumber; it was amazing that no one
else noticed the act.

At other stalls Karol stroked other vegetables in a seductive manner - a
misshapen curved zucchini caught her attention in one display, a bulbous
eggplant at another. Luca blushed over her companion's licentiousness.
Luca brought enough food for the rest of the weekend and they returned to
the apartment.

There they prepared a meal and washed down a couple of glasses of wine.
Karol rolled a joint from her never-ending supply of hash and they smoked
it outside on the balcony that overlooked the sea. Luca felt a little
drowsy after the lunch and smoke and was drifting off to sleep when Karol
shook her shoulder.

Not yet, little one, Karol said when Luca looked up. It's time to play.
I think it's about time you learn how to eat cunt.

Figuring that she did owe Karol for bringing her off yesterday afternoon
Luca followed the brunette in the apartment. Still, she was amazed at
Karol's libido and her wanting sex again so soon after last night.
Strangely Karol wasn't in the bedroom when Luca went through the door, but
quickly came in carrying a plastic shopping bag that she placed next the

That's for later. First you've got to eat me, explained Karol.

They quickly got out of their clothes and lay down together on the bed.
At first they began kissing and petting each other's bodies. For Luca this
was a novel experience. It was the first time she had physically explored
another woman's body. In fact she never had the urge to before, but
somehow it seemed so natural to run her hands over Karol's limbs and torso.
And it was very different from her own and she noted how Karol's arousal
differed from her own. As Luca kneaded and kissed Karol's nipples they got
perky like her own, but the buds drowned in an expanding sea of Karol's
aureoles. Luca's own aureoles swelled and pushed her nipples into Karol's
mouth. Luca loved getting to know these large breasts, but after a while
Karol pushed Luca's face down.

At first Luca was a little tentative. The thick matt of pubic hair
exuded the aroma of Karol's cunt. Luca's tongue explored the opening,
feeling the crinkled edge of Karol's inner labia. She put her nose into
the tunnel and breathed its steaminess while her tongue explored the area
between the cunt and the petal like asshole. Soon Luca was lapping in
earnest and enjoying the slightly salty taste that gushed into her mouth.

That's good, girl, but put your tongue in deeper, advised Karol.

Luca did as she was told. The bristles of her tongue probe the wet
folds of the vagina's walls. The tunnel pulsed around the snaking
protuberance as Luca literally french kissed Karol's cunt. Luca couldn't
believe someone could get so wet. Karol's pubic hair was matted from the
dampness that Luca's tonguing was spreading. Karol gasped and her body
rocked orgiastically.

Now work on my clit, Karol ordered.

Luca unwillingly withdrew from the tunnel and her tongue trailed
lovingly around the engorged opening. Karol had spread apart the hood the
protecting the swelling bud with her left hand. It was huge, almost half
in inch long and straining upwards. Luca pressed it between her lips and
massaged it.

No, use your tongue.

The tip of Luca's tongue brushed against the clitoris and circled it,
relaxing and tightening. Karol sighed. Luca started to flick her tongue
against the bud quickly but slowed when Karol told her to be more patient.

Karol wanted a big building orgasm, so Luca applied a constant pressure
with her tongue and circled in around the clitoris, changing direction
every thirty seconds or so. Luca's fingers began to play with the folds of
skin at the opening of Karol's vagina. Karol ordered those digits to
penetrate. Luca was able to put two, then three fingers into the tunnel
and began to finger fuck. Looking up she could see Karol's chest heaving
and as she was nearing to come. Karol's free hand cupped one of her
breasts and Luca stretched out an arm to massage the other one. Luca's
tongue speeded up and so she gave up the circular motion and just lapped at
the jewel-like bud.

Oh God! Karol moaned and convulsed on the bed. God! God! Ohhhhh!

Luca was sure people could hear Karol coming on the street five floors
below, but kept up at her efforts until Karol pushed her away. Luca slid
her body up so that she was face to face with Karol and she could see the
misty look in Karol's eyes. Slowly Karol's breathing slowed to normal and
her eyes focused.

Was that OK? Luca asked.

It was very OK. Very very OK. You're a very quick learner.

They cuddled for a while, kissing each other and slipped into sleep.

Luca awoke when she felt something enter her vagina. Karol's fingers
were between Luca's legs and Luca could feel that Karol ministrations had
already made her dewy. Karol was nuzzling Luca's neck. Would this girl ever stop, Luca thought but enjoyed Karol's exploring fingers. Expertly
the edge of Karol's hand brushed against Luca's clitoris, heightening her

You really are tight, commented Karol and continued to excite her
friend. Luca closed her eyes and relaxed to the massage. When she felt
Karol move she waited expectantly to feel a mouth take over for the
fast-moving fingers. Luca lay still as the fingers withdrew leaving an
absent feeling inside of her. A few seconds later she felt the head of a
cock push into her. Surprised she looked down to see what Karol was doing.

Karol was slowly pushing the misshapen green squash in to Luca's cunt.
Karol was looking at the shocked look in Luca's in a mirthful way. Luca
could feel the curved vegetable stretch her vagina in some very weird ways
as Karol moved it in and out.

Karol! she protested.

It's all right, came the reply, I put a condom on it. But we really
need to stretch out this tiny snatch of yours.

Karol set her face down on Luca's breasts and nuzzled between the two
perked nipples. Luca watched as the in and out movement got deeper and she
accepted the whole seven or eight inches. She could feel the tiny bumps on
the surface of the vegetable press against the walls of her distended
tunnel. Karol began to twist the cylinder around while her thumb dallied
on Luca's clit. At first it felt really good to have this "cock"
revolving, but as the arc got larger it began to hurt some.

That's too much. It's too curved, Luca complained.

How about this then? Karol asked waving a monster cucumber. It was
twice as long and thick as the zucchini.

There's no way, said Luca.

But she watched as Karol rolled a condom down the green length. Karol
then splayed her fingers over Luca's labia and pushed the head of the
cucumber in Luca's wet cunt. Using the same in and out motion as before
Karol slowly got more of the length in. It was amazing. Luca couldn't
believe how the walls of her vagina could hold this huge thick thing. She
closed her eyes and enjoyed the rhythmic thrusts. The tip of the vegetable
started to butt against her cervix. Karol gauged the length of the
cucumber that was inside Luca and then withdrew almost all of the
vegetable. Then Karol started to thrust it in and out of Luca so that her
vagina was almost entirely vacated before being entirely filled. Karol
moved it very fast and Luca began coming compulsively. Luca closed her
thighs to stop Karol when she couldn't take it anymore.

Karol let go of the cucumber leaving over half of its length embedded in
Luca. Karol lay down face to face with Luca and kissed her, her hands
pawing Luca's breasts. As Luca came down from her climax she still felt
horny. And that thing inside of her made her feel like she was about to
explode. Luca began to reciprocate to Karol's caresses and soon had her
hand in the cleft of her hairy cunt. Karol began to rotate the cucumber,
and like the squash it produced the strangest sensations. And since it was
straight it didn't hurt at all. Soon Karol was rotating half a turn one
way and half a turn the other, and walls of Luca's tunnel were being pulled
round as they gripped the huge vegetable. Luca orgasmed in a heaving

I've got an idea, Karol said.

Carefully she pulled out the cucumber. Luca felt so empty without it.
Karol took another rubber and rolled it over the other end of the cucumber,
after first taking the stem of with her teeth. Karol grinned when she
finished her handiwork.

OK, lie diagonally on the bed, she told Luca.

Luca moved and spread her legs. Karol slipped the condom-clad cucumber
into Luca's cunt. It felt good to have it back. Karol moved and lay at as
a mirror image to Luca.

Lift your ass a bit, Karol said.

Luca rolled over slightly and felt Karol slip a leg underneath her body.
Their two cunts faced each other like a study in contrasts. Luca could see
the jungle of Karol's pubic patch damply patted down with its full-reddened
lips slightly agape. Meanwhile Karol could see Luca's almost hairless
mound and her thin labia stretched by the obscene green cucumber. Almost
imperceptibly Karol moved up to the end of the vegetable protruding from
Luca. Slowly Karol's cunt wrapped itself around the free end of this
organic dildo. In about a minute the lips of their cunts were rubbing
together. Nothing green could be seen between them. Karol started to play
with her clitoris, so Luca did the same. They could feel their labia rub
against each. Suddenly Luca felt another inch of the cucumber push into
her. It almost brought her off.

See if you can squeeze it back over to me, suggested Karol.

Luca clenched her grip around the cylinder and pushed. Eventually she
found some unused muscles and was able to send the cucumber back toward

You're getting it, coached Karol, just try to ripple along its length.

The cucumber slid an inch back over into her. Luca was able to shove it
back more easily this time. It was like she was massaging this thing with
her cunt. With a little bit of practice the two girls were able to find a
slow rhythm that Luca could manage. The tensing and relaxing were
extremely sensual for Luca, and every time the cucumber pushed into her she
came a little closer to orgasm. Both their hands worked on their
respective clitorises, their fingers brushing against one another. Luca
suddenly came. Her body heaved upward at the convulsion, and she felt the
cucumber snap apart with the spastic movement.

You can never find a strong cock when you need one, Karol said. She was
sitting up and removing the two halves from both vaginas and tossed the
broken vegetable on the floor. She resumed her laid back position and
started rubbing her cunt against Luca's. Karol's fingers flayed over the
bucking mounds and played with both clitorises. Karol started heaving at
the exertion and Luca felt another orgasm rising inside of her. They came
almost simultaneously.

It was almost dark when Luca woke. For a moment she thought she had
dreamed the whole thing, but the prostrate Karol beside her and the
vegetables on and around the bed dispelled her of that. She woke Karol
with a kiss on her lips.

I'm hungry, Luca told her.

Karol smiled. She picked up the latex wearing zucchini that lay beside

You want some of this, Karol said waving the squash.

No, I'm really hungry.

As they got up and dressed Karol went through the plastic shopping bag
she'd brought in to the room. She removed an eggplant from it and showed
it to Luca.

Now this would be a challenge for either of us, she said and held it
upright with her two hands.

[End 5]


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