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LUCA 7 sucked her juices off it while



by Alex S. Sexton

The Luca series are based on some true incidents, but names and places
have been changed to protect the not so innocent. For those of you who
find the early parts tame I can pledge that the series will heat up. Among
topics are autoerotica, male-female, female-female, group, mild
non-consensual, and inanimate objects. The events took place over two
decades ago in a time before the scourge of AIDS and the mortal need to
practice safe sex. Additionally, drug use is described, but before I am
flamed for this I would like to point out the setting is an enlightened
foreign land where such things are decriminalized. Any comments should be
addressed to me.

LUCA, Chap. 7: The Cabin on the Beach

Luca and Remo had spent the rest of Sunday together, making up for the
lost time of the last two months. After their initial lovemaking they had
gone swimming on the crowded beach and then eaten at one of the little
bistros on the esplanade overlooking the water. Back at apartment they
continued their reunion making love once before falling sleeping, and again
in the middle of the night in heated passion. The second time Remo mounted
her from behind and then tried to penetrate Luca's ass. For a moment Luca
almost allowed him, but just couldn't get over her fear that his hard cock
would rupture her if he penetrated that sanctum. Instead Remo let his
prick slide between her tight cheeks, the underside rubbing against her
asshole until his come streamed onto her brown back.

In the morning they decided to spend one more night in S----- before
going back to the city. Luca had to start looking for a new job and Remo
had to unload some of stuff he'd brought from out of country. But before
work they should enjoy the weather and the beach and spend a few more hours
with each other. As the dressed Remo insisted that Luca wear only the
bottom of her string bikini and use one of the new Indian scarves to bond
around her breasts. The gold thread that ran through the rough silk made
Luca's nipples sensitive and she was sure their shadows could be discerned
beneath the pinkish material.

On the beach they lay sleepily next to one another, dipping into the
cool water every once in a while. Remo liked to watch Luca coming out of
the water, her thin figure striding through the wavelets and her small
breast accentuated beneath the wet improvised top. There were few other
people on the beach, and no sign of Karol, the girl that Luca had
befriended before Remo's return. Around lunchtime they decided to walk up
the beach to Karol's cabin, to see if she was around.

When they walked up to the shack on stilts they could see that the front
door was slightly ajar, so they climbed up the steps to the small porch and
Luca poked her head in the door, calling Karol's name. In the back she
could hear water running so Luca entered Karol's home while Remo made
himself comfortable on the porch. As she suspected Luca found Karol in the
shower, and told her that she and Remo would be waiting outside.

After a few minutes Karol's head floated in the doorway.

Come on in, you two, don't be shy. I was going to roll us all a joint.

When they entered the shadowy room Karol was already burning a pellet of
hash and scraping the loose bits into a small mound of tobacco. Her still
wet dark hair was cascading droplets on the table and plastered to her bare
shoulders. All she wore was a small blue towel that hung from a loose tuck
between her generous cleavage. The towel barely reached the top of her
thighs, and both her visitors could see the wisps of her pubic patch.
Complaining that her hands were too moist, Karol asked Remo to roll the
joint. Karol had made a generous mixture that hit them as they passed the
spliff around. Remo in particular, not having smoked in the past couple of
months, felt the tokes hit his head. He was sitting on a floor cushion on
the floor opposite the two girls on the worn couch.

Remo watched as the scene unfolded in a dream-like state. At first
Karol examined Luca's new earrings, lifting them with her fingers while the
back of her hand brushed against Luca's ear lobes. From where he was
sitting close to the floor Remo's head was at the same height as the two
girl's crotches, and he could see the dark jungle of Karol's as she
casually parted her legs. Next Karol showed interest in the scarf wrapped
around Luca's breasts. As she felt the rough material her right hand
stroked Luca's breasts while her left rested on Luca's mid-thigh. Luca had
a sort of dazed looked, and seemed to not recognize what was going on, or
at least not care.

Do you mind? Karol suddenly asked R, who shook his head.

Karol immediately reached around to Luca's back and untied the scarf and
stretched out before her. Luca looked a little uncomfortable at finding
herself so suddenly half naked.

I don't think I could ever wear something like this, Karol evaluated.
She untucked the corner of the towel tucked between her breasts and stood
up, letting the towel fall onto the sofa. Her breasts drooped as she
wrapped the fabric around her chest and tried to knot the scarf behind her
back. Luca stood to help, but when Karol felt Luca's hands she grabbed
Luca's wrists, pulling them forward and making Luca's hands cup her breast.
Remo could see the breast flesh pliable in Luca's hands.

That's the kind of support I need, reckoned Karol. She released Luca's
wrists and turned and kissed her. Luca struggled for a second, but as
Karol embraced her and slowly let her down on the couch she relaxed a

After a few minutes of groping and kissing Karol paused.

I want to know your guy. Do you mind? Like, let him join in?

For a moment Luca and Remo's eyes met. It was a contact that expressed
mixed emotions -- some shock, some intrigue, some questions.

Look, I'll let you two decide on your own, said Karol as she stood and
walked behind the tapestry to her sleeping alcove. Silently Luca and Remo
reached some agreement and followed Karol and found her outstretched on the
ruffled bed, her thighs spread as her fingers stroked the crevasse edges of
her labia. Karol smiled when she saw them. Still in silence Luca pulled
down her bikini panties and joined Karol, kissing her on the lips while her
right hand squeezed Karol's generous breasts. Remo stripped of his shorts
and shirt and wondered what to do next.

Luca's tanned hand caressed Karol's creamy buttocks and her fingernails
stroked the seam between the generous orbs and the back of Karol's darker
thighs. The contrast of dark and white skin, and the nearly glowing
cuticles was a study of textures. The two girls were kissing passionately,
their lips partially hidden by the wild strands of Karol's hair and Karol's
petting hand that closed around Luca's face. Remo could see Luca's eyes
were closed as she earnestly mashed her lips against Karol's. Luca's
fingertips explore the valley separating Karol's derriere and noticed for
the first time a black mole, slightly off center, and the top of the cleft.
Luca's nipples were hard and the aureole inflated and rosy, a peculiar hue
surrounded by brown skin. The sight aroused Remo and he felt his engorged
cock swing like a derrick as he walked toward the two girls.

He lay behind Luca, the base of his prick clasped between her buttocks
and the head pressing against the vertebra of her lower back. His hands
slipped under her arms and soon he kneaded her breasts, pinching the little
rock hard nubbins of her nipples. Remo pressed his left knee and separated
Luca's legs, so that his thigh pushed against her cunt lips and her juices
began to matt the downy hair on his legs. His faced pressed into her hair,
and he could smell her oils and the Mediterranean each time he inhaled.
Karol's hand found his face and began to stroke it too, alternating
caresses between Remo and Luca. Luca's hips began to move against his leg,
at first grinding in a circular motion, but the moving vertically up and
down his legs as she fucked it. She became so caught in his pelvic
thrusting that she broke off her kiss and panted.

Karol's fingers stroked Remo's lips, beckoning them to her own.
Carefully Remo lifted his upper body and rested on his right elbow so that
he was high enough to kiss Karol by leaning over Luca. His one free hand
continued to cup Luca's breasts and torment her nipples, though her heaving
broke his grip. Remo found that he could clench his hand so that the
little finger encapsulated the tiny button nipples of his girlfriend, while
the larger opening of thumb and index finger could capture a soft distended
nipple at the apex of Karol's breast. Karol's were so pliable, like gummy
worms, as he blindly entombed them in his hand. He could feel Karol's hand
run up his thigh, stroking him and gradually finding the object of her
quest, the juncture between his leg and Luca's driving cunt. Remo felt the
palm of her hand rest against his legs, and felt the electricity of Karol's
first finger tip touch of Luca conducted through his body. Luca's rhythm
intensified, and she pressed harder and harder against his thigh as Karol
dallied with Luca's exposed clit. He could tell from Luca's breathing that
she was about to come and let his hand fall from between the two sets of
wonderful breasts and hold her belly. For the first time Remo pushed his
leg upwards against Luca and tried to match her stroke for stroke, knowing
that this would bring her over the edge.

When she came, Luca rolled over on to her front in a crumpled mass.
Karol and Remo looked at each other over her prostrate body, sharing
together with each for the first time the experience of wasted
post-orgiastic Luca and smiled as Luca's panting ebbed to deep whopping

Suddenly Karol ducked down and attacked the patch of juices Luca had
deposited on Remo's thigh. He could feel her tongue curl around the mess
and Karol's tongue spreading it around. Remo held Luca, nuzzling the back
of her neck with his face buried in her sweet smelling light brown hair.
He could feel Karol's mouth all over his left leg and then her tongue probe
and touch one his balls. At first it just darted, leaving a cooling film
on his sac, but soon she was kissing both of his balls. Luca was more
alert and she turned her face and begun to kiss Remo, small pecks on his
lips and cheeks. All at once he felt one of his balls disappear in Karol's

She cupped in her cheek, holding it there with her white teeth and
gnawing her jaw slightly against the fragile egg. Her tongue painted
spittle against it, while all the time sucking fiercely and stretching his
scrotum deeper into her mouth. It was an agonizing combination of sweet
and sour, and he felt his ball ache. Suddenly she released it and snared
its partner in her mouth; this time Karol let it rest on her curling tongue
while she tried to vacuum the egg down her throat while biting on the loose
sac skin. As Karol alternated her liaisons with his balls Remo noticed
that the straining hardon he had was numbed by the weird pain and
pleasurable sensations inflicted on his balls.

Luca's hands were now roving down Remo's chest and he felt touch against
his subdued but still hard penis. A finger, he guessed Luca's, began to
pierce his the outside of whatever one of his balls being engulfed in
Karol's mouth. Karol began to adjust her body, her attachment to his groin
being the pivot of her movement, until her wide hips loomed over Remo and
Luca's heads. Still partially kissing each other they lunged toward the
tangled thatch that only partially hid her engorged cunt lips. They used
their tongues, letting them ripple around the serrated mouth of her vagina before probing into Karol's steamy cunt. The aroma and taste differed from
Luca's, Remo thought as he sampled her tangy mustiness. Luca tasted much
sharper and crisper though her juices did not linger as long as Karol's.
Remo's and Luca's tongues entwined in the opening haven of Karol's vagina,
their noses bumping against Karol's prominent and aroused clitoris.

Karol began biting the underside of Remo's cock in between sucking his
scrotum. Her teeth nipped at his fleshy cock tube. Slowly he noticed
Karol move her hips away from his face and onto Luca's, while he felt her
mouth purse around the rigid length of his cock up towards its mushroom
head. He felt Karol's lips chewing softly at the knob, her tongue swirling
over the already straining dome while her mouth pushed down and made the
head of his cock even more taut. If it wasn't for the smarting of his
balls Remo thought he would have exploded, but it was as if those previous
ministrations acted as a local anesthetic to his arousal. Remo felt his
whole length slip into Karol's mouth and her teeth clench around its base;
then she began to suck. Slowly Karol increased the suction, breathing
through her nose while her cheeks imploded and massaged the sides of his
cock, like a snake digesting a still quivering prey. It was arousing but
numbing at the same time. As Karol's suction pulsated he noticed that her
hips began to sway in the same rhythm over and into Luca's face. All of a
sudden Karol's whole body quivered and she released Remo's wet cock, which
thumped against his stomach.

After a few moments Karol raised herself off the haphazard mattress of
Remo and Luca and turned to them and simple said, I need to fuck. With
that said she turned toward Remo and knelt with a knee resting on the
outside of each thigh. One hand slipped into the notch between her legs so
that the outside part of it rubbed between her slightly parted lips. Luca
and Remo could seen the moisture glisten on Karol's skin. After a few
strokes lifted her hand and sucked her juices off it, while her other hand
began almost hacking her dripping lips. Then she grabbed the base of
Remo's cock and held it vertically and lowered herself on to it in one deep
plunge, gyrating her pubic mons against Remo's. Without ceremony Karol
started fucking Remo with short intense stroke, rising up only a couple of
inches before mechanically pistoning down. One hand continued to brazenly
stroke her clit.

Remo just lay on the bed as Karol fucked him. He contrasted this
rubbery loose cunt with the tight warm tunnel he'd enjoyed the night
before. He could feel Karol's juices flow over him and hear the slight
sucking sounds as her cunt impelled and expelled air as she rose and fell
over his pelvis.

Not wanting to be left out of it, Luca straddled Remo's head so that her
cunt pressed her lips. To keep divert his attention from the fast fucking
from Karol Remo swirled his tongue around Luca's sweet sharp cavern, awed
by her hairless pubes. His tongue would flitter occasionally upwards and
glance against her rock hard clit. The tip of his nose pressed against
Luca's flower-like asshole, and he began to roll his face so that his nose
titillated this forbidden zone. Luca would move away to avoid this nasal
attention, but her craving of his tongue against his clit inevitably made
her return to a position where he could renew his attention to her rectum.

Karol's rhythm intensified and her strokes got longer. Luca was teasing
her breasts, occasionally bending forward to kiss them. Karol's arms just
rested on Luca's shoulders and she pumped and grinded against Remo until
she came, and then she plumped forward and rested against Luca. The walls
of cunt pulsed around the length of Remo's prick, as if trying to entice
his seed by gentle persuasion. His cock still felt numb but Remo could
feel the time bomb of his climax ticking down.

Luca's rocking on his face grew faster so Remo pressed his tongue
between the cleft guarding her clitoris and flexed it against the hard
button until he felt her mini-orgasm shiver through her body. Quickly Luca
lifted her body off his face and knelt next to the parallel bodies of her

I want to be fucked too, she pined.

Hearing her need Karol disentangled herself from Remo's hardon and let
him position himself behind Luca's buttocks. Before entering her he
lubricated his cock by rubbing it across the mouth of Luca's cunt, so the
uppermost third slid back and forth against her clit. Luca rested on all
fours, bracing her upper body on her palms. Slippery from both Karol's and
Luca's wetness, Remo's cock would occasionally slip away from its desired
target and snake between Luca's small tight buttocks. He could feel Luca
push against him and felt her hand grasp his length and direct his cockhead
between her lips. It easily slid into her wet tunnel, the walls of her
cunt embracing this welcome intruder. He fucked her hard, thrusting his
length into her in one sharp motion. Then Remo would very slowly withdraw
almost the entire length of his prick before lunging into her so that his
hips pressed against her pelvis despite the cushion of her ass.

Meanwhile Karol had rolled beneath Luca and began to lubricate with her
mouth and tongue the already moist juncture of prick and cunt. When Remo
first felt her mouth caress the length of his withdrawing cock, her tongue
pressing against the underside, he thought he would explode with only a few
more plunges. But then Karol began to encase his balls in his mouth,
sucking them again, and drawing his come back down to his scrotum. He
could feel Karol's tongue continue to stroke the underside of his cock, and
from Luca's gyrations knew that Karol was working her magic on Luca's clit.
To tease her, Remo withdrew his cock and rubbed it over the cleavage of
Luca's buttocks; almost immediately Luca reached for his prick and
redirected it for her pleasure. He did it again a couple of more times,
enjoying how her firm cheeks embraced his prick, but each time Luca grabbed
him and placed his prickhead into the confines of her vagina.

When Luca came she collapsed forward onto Karol. She was still writhing
in pleasure as Karol released Remo's balls and let him fall on top of Luca.
His prick nestled between those desirable buttocks and Remo moved his hips,
trying to press the tip of his cock against Luca's puckered asshole. In
spite of being racked with pleasure, Luca was aware enough not to let
herself be violated. continued to press against her, but eventually Luca
threw him off her back.

Stop it! she complained, stop trying to fuck me there. Don't spoil

Karol had disentangled herself from her lovers, and sat on her knees
surveying the scene. There was a moment of silence as Luca glared at Remo,
while he beseeched her with his look. Karol broke the impasse.

You can fuck my ass. If you like. . .

Luca rolled her eyes in reluctant approval. She watched as Remo
positioned himself behind Karol who rested on her elbows, her buttocks
pouting toward the straining prick that loomed above her. Karol looked
over her shoulder.

Have you ever done this before? Karol asked. Remo shook his head.

Make sure you're really wet. At first go real slow, but push constantly
until you get the head in. Then it's easy. . . but play with me, ok?

Remo placed his cockhead against the swollen asshole, and pressed it
between the jelly-like membranes. Karol's asshole swelled as he increased
the pressure, but following her orders he slowly pushed and felt the tip of
his prick disappear into Karol's anus. He could feel the mushroom enter
through the gates and the next couple of inches slipped easily into Karol.
Remembering the advice he'd been given he began to stroke through Karol's
matted pubic hair and place to fingers into her vagina while his thumb
rested on her swollen clitoris. His cock felt like it was in a vise, and
he pumped slowly back and forth, in and out of Karol's ass. When he looked
down he could see Karol's cheeks shiver, and the small mole being pulled in
the rift between them with each of his thrusts, and then creeping outward
with each outstroke.

Luca watched, sitting cross-legged on the mattress, her right hand
stroking her clitoris as she watched Remo assfuck Karol. Her left hand
soon joined Remo's and began to coax an orgasm from Karol. Within a couple
of minutes the tight clench of Karol's rectum, pulsing from the orgasms in
its neighboring vagina, brought all that come that had been welling up from
the constant stimulation to the point of explosion. Remo felt it ejaculate
into the tight confines of Karol's belly, jet after jet of thin sticky come
pulsing from his cockhead, a blinding emotion cutting off his vision.

Be careful when you pull out. Real slow please, said Karol.

It was only minutes later, but like another age. Remo was resting his
face against Karol's shoulder while Luca embraced both of them. Slowly
Remo pulled his cock out. Karol rolled over onto her back, and looked at
her two lovers.

No one quite knew what to say. But they all knew there'd be time to say

[End 7]


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