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LUCY1 girl who going finish


STAFF TRAINING (mc, md, humiliation) (c) 2002, B. Devlin

Part One - Higher Learning

I was sitting in my living room with my old friend Bill Eames, who is
a professor of Psychology at our local university. We were discussing
hypnotism, which I'd got into a few months before, just for fun, and
he covered as part of one of his courses. He was a little drunk, which
probably accounts for him telling me what he did. God bless wine!

"It was weird," he said, "I found that the loudest, most opinionated
students made the best subjects - the girl who is going to finish top
in the Master's class, for example, was a complete pushover."

"Oh?" At that point I wasn't particularly interested.

"Yeah, went into trance like ..." he snapped his fingers. Then he
laughed. "Tell you a secret?"


"I never bothered to remove the key phrase to put her back under."

"Why not?"

"Well, she's gorgeous to look at, but she's irritated the shit out of
me with her know-it-all attitude for the last five years, so now when
she comes for one-on-one tutorials, I just put her back into trance,
get her to strip and spend the hour with her lying on the floor while
I play with her and make her come. When I'm finished, I tell her we've
had a most productive session, and she gets up, puts her clothes on,
and goes away, very satisfied with the work done. "

NOW I was interested.

"Jesus, Bill, that is totally unethical! And absolutely wonderful.
Have you managed to get her to fuck you?"

"Never tried, James, too risky. People have the habit of 'dropping in'
fairly often, for a start. As it is, I get little Miss Fulton to lie
behind the sofa, and if someone knocks she's invisible to them, and I
can be standing by the bookcases or walking towards the door in the
time it takes to say 'come in'. It wouldn't be quite so easy if I had
to scramble off her and get my clothes straight. Since the department
secretary keeps a board of who's in and who's out, I can't pretend not
to be there. It's not worth losing my job or my wife over."

Since his job pays him very well, and his wife's a knockout ex-model,
I could see his point, and nodded.

"Pity. Do you think she would, if you asked?"

"Without a doubt, although it'd take a while to get there. I've found
that making people accept suggestions works best if I can make it
sound logical for them to do so. I mean, however suggestible they are,
I'd not go try to suggest they wake up gagging to fuck me in one step.
It's not smooth enough to be accepted."

"So, how did you do that with this girl?"

"Basically, when I started it went something like: You've been working
too hard, you'd do better to take a rest than talk about classes
you're already doing well in, doesn't that sound reasonable? ('doesn't
that sound reasonable?', 'isn't that right?' and 'don't you?' are the
intensifiers I use most since they work in a natural flow of
conversation, and, of course, repeating her name intensifies too,
that's standard.) I think you'd rest better lying down, doesn't that
etc., behind the sofa you could rest without being in the way, doesn't
that..., if you took your clothes off they wouldn't get creased, I
think a massage would help you relax, you must feel really sexy lying
naked while I touch you, don't you?, you want to come, don't you?"

"I thought you couldn't make anyone do anything under hypnosis that
they wouldn't do otherwise. That's what they taught me."

"I'm not sure I am doing - if the girl was naturally gay or frigid,
I'd probably have got nowhere, but she's not, so she isn't actually
doing anything that is unnatural to her, she's just doing it in
circumstances that she wouldn't have chosen for herself. It works best
if you give a suggestion a while to sink in before you add the next
one - I tended to add one each session, and upped her session schedule
to three a week. Of course, these days she's pre-programmed, I just
say we'll do relaxation work and we're away, no need even to put her
under unless I want to add more programming."

I poured him another drink. "It must piss you off that you can't
follow right through."

"No, not really. I'm happy with my sex life as it is - being married to a beautiful woman who loves to fuck is all I need."

I laughed, "You lucky bastard. So why do any of it?"

"For shits and giggles - mostly because I enjoy making the arrogant
little bitch obey me. I know I *could* have her, whenever I wanted, so
I don't need to, if you know what I mean. I won't even miss it when
she graduates this month, although I may pick a plaything from he up
and coming class. God knows there's enough irritating loudmouths to
choose from, I just hope I can find one as suggestible as Lucy."

Suddenly, my mind was working overtime. Lucy Fulton, and graduating
this month.

Idly, I asked, "You said your Lucy is graduating. Does she have a job

"Not as far as I... " he looked at me, as he read my mind. I'd guess
it wasn't hard. "Are you thinking of offering her one?"

"Well, we've never had a woman working for Eaton Engineering. It
might be time, especially if she was ... um ... predisposed to be
flexible about her tasks. I'd have to interview her, of course, just
to see she was suitable. We really need a ... psychologist on staff."

He grinned. "You want me to suggest she applies?"

"Oh, I think so. And if you forgot to remove that key phrase, and
happened to let me know what it was, it wouldn't hurt her chances of
getting the job."

He laughed. "You are a wicked, wicked man James Eaton. I knew there
was a reason I liked you."

"The phrase, Bill?"

"Just say 'Damn, it's hot in here right now'. She shouldn't say
anything. Then you confirm she's under with the question "Aren't you
hot Lucy?' if she's moved into trance, she'll reply 'Yes, but I like
it hot, it makes me feel calm and happy.' To wake her again, say
'That's better, cooler now'."

I wrote it all down.

"Remember, keep it to one suggestion at a time for best effect - it's
kind of fun doing that anyway. The anticipation adds to the enjoyment,
and while we're on the subject, for your current anticipation I've got
a couple of pre-programmes you might like to use at the interview."

"Go on."

"The first, which I've used with several students is 'Lucy, truth
drug.' - use that and she'll answer any question, and I do mean any,
you ask her with total truth. It's terminated with 'Lucy, hush.'" He
smiled again as I though how like dog training commands it was. Bitch
training, perhaps.

"The purposes of the other two are self evident." He went on. "First
is 'Lucy, tits out,' second 'Lucy, cover up'. Unless you're planning
to share her, I suggest you make the interview one on one, not panel."

I nodded, with a grin. "I'm not sure what I'm planning, yet."

"Oh, one other thing ..."


"If it works out, I want progress reports. Lots of them. Detailed. I
like to keep up with how my students are doing when they leave."

I gave a crack of laughter, and we had another drink or several. I got
her application letter three days later, and the interview was fixed
for the Friday following.


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