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LUCY3 men able see


STAFF TRAINING (mc, md, humiliation) (c) 2002, B. Devlin

Part Three - Starting Work.

She called me on Friday. Her results were all she expected. I told
her to arrive at 7.00 on Monday, and to expect to be working with me
for the first week, on 'induction'

She was late, again.

I was pissed off. She had to learn to stop that, right now. "Lucy,
company policy dictates that when I give you a time to be somewhere,
you should be there early, waiting for me. If I say you are late you
must get down on your knees, kiss my hand and beg me to forgive you,
until I do."

"Yes Master."

"You are late Lucy."

She literally threw herself to her knees, took my hand and kissed it,
holding it as she said, "Forgive me master, please. I'm so sorry,
please, please forgive me."

"Okay, forgiven. Get up."

"Yes Master."

Over the previous week, I'd gathered together the kind of thing I'd
like to see her wearing in various sizes and made up a list headed
"Uniform: Female" which read:

2 pairs regulation shoes, black
2 regulation skirts, black
1 regulation jacket, black, to be worn to and from work, but removed
3 regulation shirts, white
1 regulation garter belt
5 pairs regulation stockings, black, seamed

I gestured at the piles of clothes on my desk.

"These are the regulation items. Remember company policy dictates that
you always wear them for work. Go to the toilet marked Ladies and try
them on."

"Yes Master."

"Oh, and Lucy, company policy dictates you wear make up at all times.
There's a selection in the ladies. Use it."

A vision of perfection returned just a few minutes later. The green
eyes were accentuated by a dark line around them and shadow on the
lids, and the full lips were painted a luscious dark red. As I looked
at them, I could quite clearly picture them sliding along my cock. The
shoes I'd chosen had 4 inch heels and an ankle strap, the skirt was
very snug, and reached to 2 inches above the knee - calculated to ride
up and show just a tantalising glimpse of stocking top when she sat -
the jacket was tailored with a single button. The look was very chic,
and very, very sexy.

"Take the jacket off, Lucy, we're inside."

She did, and I could almost have gasped. The shirt was all I'd hoped
when I saw it in the shop, white, and so sheer that I could clearly
see every feature of the lace in her bra, and the lovely nipples
showed as a distinct pink shadow through the fabric. I was going to
love looking at her, and so would the staff. I could just hear the
comments they'd make.

That prompted a thought. "Lucy, company policy dictates that our staff
should be polite and obliging, so, when a man pays you any kind of
compliment you must follow the protocol, look him straight in the eye
and thank him in a way that leaves no doubt that you are sincere and
that the compliment has made you very happy. All men, other than me
are to be addressed as sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

I smiled at her. "Good girl. Now, the rest of the staff are arriving.
Let's go meet them."

"Yes, Master, That would be good."

I took her through into the main office and called the men together.
"Gentlemen," I said, "this is Lucy Fulton. She's going to be working
with us."

One whistled, and Jeff Roberts, our senior design engineer, who's
skinny, bald, crude and nearly sixty, murmured "God, look at those
tits, they're beautiful! I'd just love to get one of them in my
mouth!" There was a ripple of laughter, which quieted to a collective
gasp when the vision turned her clear green gaze on him and breathed
"Thank you for the compliment, sir" as if the idea sounded wonderful,
rather than snapping his head off.

"Lucy will be serving as our organisational psychologist. I'll
explain to you what that involves later, in our operations meeting,
okay? But for now, this is her first job, and I'd like you to make her
feel welcome here. Right, get on with your work."

They left, buzzing with chatter.

"What time is the Operations Meeting, Master?" she asked.

"Nine," I replied, "but you won't be needed for it, usually, unless I
tell you to come. While we're meeting, I'd like you to set up your
desk." I gestured to a desk with a computer on it, immediately
outside my office door, right up against the water cooler. "Arrange it
so that it's facing into the main office, and so the guys in the
factory can see you through there," I gestured to the open door into
the factory. "You'll be an integral part of the staff, and I want the
men to be able to see that you're around when they want you - to talk
to you, I mean" Of course, what I wanted was to have her where
everyone could feast their eyes on her, and get a closer look with the
excuse of needing water. It would do wonders for company morale.

"When the desk is organised, check through your job description and
take a look around the system - you've got read access from the
'guest' account, until Leo, one of those nephews I told you about,
sets up your own account. Okay?"

She smiled. "Sure, thanks, Master"

I closed the door to the factory for the meeting.

"Right Guys, I'll get right down to it. You all want to know why I've
broken my policy of 'no women', right?"

"Yeah ... too right" It was a chorus.

"Simple. This one comes with a strong recommendation from an old friend of mine. He says that if I train her right, she'll give me no
trouble." I winked, "she's, um, very eager to please. Very, very

There was a dirty laugh.

"Exactly. I haven't been laid in a while, and this, um, lady looks
likely not only to break my drought, but to provide you blokes with
some entertainment, too. She's nice to look at, for a start, and my
information indicates that she's not shy, so, how do I put this... if
my door doesn't say 'engaged', come on in, even if Miss Lucy is with
me. Perhaps I should say *especially* if Miss Lucy is with me."

"Let's get this clear, boss, are you saying that this bird will let us
watch while you fuck her, or what?"

"I'm saying that she has no idea what I've got planned, she thinks
this is a normal job, but for a number of reasons which I have no
intention of sharing with you, I think that she will prove, um,
willing and open to my instructions."

"You've got something on her? "

"You could say that. I plan to have fun with little Lucy, and if you
lot play your cards right, you could get to share in some of the fun.
All you have to do is play it by ear, and act as if whatever she does
- and I do mean whatever - is perfectly normal and ordinary."

"Oh, come on boss, don't be so bloody mysterious."

"Look, Doug, why not wait and see? Surprises are so much more
enjoyable, and anyway, I haven't decided all the 'what's and 'how's
yet. It's a new situation for me, too. Suffice it to say that the next
few months are going to be ... um ... interesting."

A gale of laughter greeted this, and then we went on with the normal
business of the meeting. They must have been wondering what was really
going on, but while I was more than prepared to share a bit of my good
luck around, I didn't want anyone but me fucking with Lucy's mind -
I'd decide about fucking with the rest later. Fortunately, I run a
tight ship, so however much they might wonder, they'd never cross me.
With that in mind, I said as the meeting broke up,

"One more thing guys. What I said earlier about coming into my office
- if the door *does* say engaged, I'll fire any man who opens it. I'll
also fire anyone who talks about any of this to anyone outside the
company. Understood?"

"Sure thing, boss."

So we went back to work.

Now, normally I'm a busy man, so I don't want you to get the
impression that I get my money for nothing and my chicks for free, as
Dire Straits would say. I'd taken Lucy's induction week as a kind of
holiday from work, so that I could get a big chunk of programming
done, that way, from then on, I planned to be able to use the routines
for my daytime fun, fitting it around work, and to have her more than
willing to come to me for more programming over evenings and weekends,
if she needed it.

As we left the factory, I turned to Jeff Roberts and said, "I'll be
busy with Lucy's training this week, so to all intents and purposes,
you're in charge, as if I was on holiday, unless I need something
specific, okay?"

He grinned at me. "You betcha, Jim. But sometime soon you're going to
have to take me out for a drink and tell me a bit more than you gave
the others."

I thought about it. Jeff's a bigger misogynist than me, if that's
possible, made that way by a couple of bitch ex-wives - mistakes he's
still paying for. He's my closest friend at work, and I thought that
I'd probably be able to trust him, as long as I kept the
technicalities secret.

"Thursday night," I said. "My place, 8pm. I might have Lucy come along
too, for later."

He grinned so wide that I thought the bottom half of his face might
fall off.

I turned to Lucy, whose desk was now neatly organised and arranged so
that she was basically at the centre of all eyes.

"Okay, Lucy, let's get your induction started. Come into my office
please, and push he sign to engaged, before you close the door."

"Certainly, Master," she said, and I saw the eyes of the men within
earshot widen as they heard her call me that.

As soon as the door was shut, I gave her the tits out instruction, and
permission to play with her boobs, followed by truth-drug. I'm easily
amused, and I found the incongruity of her slightly belligerent stance
and attitude coupled with the constant 'Master'ing and the open
sluttishness of how she showed off her tits really hilarious.

"So, what do you think so far?"

"The uniform isn't what I expected, Master, the men who work here look
like a bunch of losers, and the job description is worrying, it's so

"But you really want this job, don't you?"

"Oh *yes*, master, of course, I love working for you."

"So what worries you about the job description?" Of course, I'd been
deliberately vague, as I planned to use the JD as a programming tool.

"Well, it's just not clear, Master. What does 'Assist in maintaining
and improving the morale of the workforce' actually mean, for example?
What do I have to do to achieve that?"

"I don't like to be prescriptive, before we know how you fit in. We'll
iron out the details as we go along. Is there anything else that
worries you?"

"Well, yes, now you mention it, Master. It worries me, a lot that the
uniform is so tarty, and well, I'm a little scared at the way I don't
seem to be able to not say what I think, and that I'm sitting here
half naked with a virtual stranger, playing with my boobs like some
kind of slut - but what worries me most is that while a tiny part of
my mind is screaming 'stop that and shut up' most of it is saying 'no,
its essential that you do this, you have no choice' and my body is
telling me that is feels so good I should never stop."

Oh, that was the paydirt question! I had wondered if she retained any
awareness of what she was doing, because, well it was going to be so
much better having her do the bizarre and obscene if I knew she could
feel the humiliation of it. I hadn't known how to phrase the question
so that it wouldn't make her aware if she wasn't, and perhaps break
her programming. This was wonderful!

Then I worried again. I decided to phone Bill and clear up whether I
needed to tell her to retain awareness. I was too new at this to do it
on my own, and I wanted to be sure not to overstep the bounds.

"Damn, it's hot in here right now" I said, and when she was under, I
said, "You can hear my voice but nothing I say will make sense to you
from the point when I say 'forget' and your name, until I count down
from 5. When I finish the countdown, you will forget that I've even
been speaking, isn't that right?"

She nodded.

"Now, forget, Lucy."

I dialled Bill's number quickly, and apologised for bothering him. He
laughed, and said it was no bother. I explained my problem, and he
told me that I did, indeed, have to programme a level of awareness in.

"You can even have her fully aware that what she's doing is totally
shameful and sluttish, but that she can't help it. However, that's
very fragile, and might not hold if she's pushed. I personally prefer
to have the imperative for action and the feel-good factor outweigh
the humiliation, just to be sure."

"Thanks Bill, I owe you."

"Pay with reports, okay?"

"Sure, Bye Bill." I hung up and counted down. Lucy looked at me, as if
the intervening minutes hadn't happened, and she was waiting for

"Right, Lucy, let's get down to work. An essential skill you must
learn is 'turn on'. That means that when someone says the keyword
'turn on', together with your name, you will experience all the
symptoms of strong sexual arousal. Your nipples will get hard, and
your cunt will get wet. The symptoms will increase, every time the
words are repeated, until, after five repetitions, you will be on the
point of orgasm. However, you will *not* orgasm, however many times
it's repeated, nor will you make any attempt to give yourself an
orgasm. The keyword, 'turn off' will return you to normal. Isn't that

"Yes, Master."

"Pr cis the 'turn on' skill for me."

"'Turn on, Lucy' will make me hot, but I won't come. 'Turn off, Lucy'
will make me normal again."

"Great. Good girl. Now, another essential skill is 'tits2'. That's
exactly the same as 'tits out' except that instead of asking
permission to play with your tits, you will politely ask the person
who gave your instruction to touch them, lick them and suck them. That
will feel just as good as doing it yourself Isn't that right?"

"Yes, master."

"You like working here, don't you, Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

"You like being close to me, don't you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Lucy, under hypnosis, the following phrases will make my instructions
more imperative, just like "isn't that right?" does - 'wouldn't you?',
'aren't you?', 'do you understand?' , and 'right now.'"

I wondered if I was pushing to fast, but decided that at the moment I
was just building on foundations already set. However, I decided to
ease off for a while. I'd practise with these little programmes for a
while, then build in a few more after lunch.
"That's better, cooler now" I said. "You really do have very pretty
tits, Lucy"

"Thank you, Master, I'm happy they please you." Her green eyes were
full of sincerity.

"Cover up, Lucy."

She did.

"Now, would you please get us some water, before we go on?"

"I hope you aren't going to treat me like some slave secretary,
Master, running around getting you drinks, just because I'm a woman."

I smiled at her. She didn't know how much her aggressive attitude
increased my pleasure.

"Turn on, Lucy"

I grinned as I watched her nipples rise in front of my eyes, poking
perkily at the sheer material.

"Of course not. I'm asking you to get the water because I'm the boss.
Turn on Lucy. I'd ask any of the men, too."

"Oh, well that's alright then, Master."

She went and got the water. As she bent to hand me mine, I said

"Thank you, Lucy turn on, Lucy turn on, turn on Lucy"

I heard her gasp, and she wriggled a little uncomfortably.

"What's the matter Lucy?"

"I'm feeling really aroused, Master. I don't understand it, but it's
like I'm about to come. My tits and cunt are on fire."

"Obviously you fancy me."

"But I don't, Master. You're much too old for me, you're too fat, you
look grey and unfit. I like my men young, pale and slimly muscular.
That's why I can't understand it."

Suddenly I felt angry. It was irrational, because it made sense that
she'd fancy young, studly men, and I'd put her in the position that
she couldn't help saying so. What's more, it didn't matter, since
whatever she felt about how I looked I was setting her up so that I
could have her anytime and any way I wanted. Even so, hearing her
dismiss me out of hand like that while her cunt was oozing lust made
me furious.

I put her back under.

"Turn off Lucy."

Her nipples went down like deflated balloons.

"Your tastes are changing, Lucy, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master."

"Listen carefully, Lucy. You know that older means more experienced,
don't you?"

"Yes, Master"

"And more experienced means better, isn't that right Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

"So it makes sense that older men are better than younger, don't you
think that's reasonable?"

"Look at me Lucy. Take a long look."

She stared at me, her eyes wide, her lips very slightly parted.

"What you are looking at, right now, Lucy, is your idea of perfection
in a man from now on, do you understand, Lucy? Isn't that right?"

"Oh yes, Master.." With that many intensifiers, it wasn't surprising
she was emphatic.

"Other men will be able to turn you on, Lucy, but you'll experience a
stronger reaction to men who are like me - heavy men, over fifty, will
always cause a little gush of wetness in your cunt when you see them,
isn't that right?"

"Yes, Master."

"And me. Once I take you out of hypnosis, Lucy, when you are near me,
you will *always* be aroused. Do you understand, Lucy? It'll start
when you first catch sight of me, Lucy, or hear my voice, and the
closer I am to you the hotter you'll get, so that when I'm close,
Lucy, you'll always be ready for fucking, Lucy, always on the edge of
coming. Isn't that right, Lucy?" My voice was like a battering ram,
the intensifiers coming thick and fast.

"Oh, yes, Master, *yes*" Such an eager, willing little voice!

"If I'm close enough to touch, Lucy, you won't be happy unless we
actually are touching - you'll have to find some way of being in
contact with me, a hand on my knee, your thigh pressing against mine,
it doesn't matter what, but you will have a burning need to touch me.
Your mind will keep drifting to visions of kissing me, stroking me,
fucking me, and you'll feel happy every time these thoughts cross your
mind, do you understand?"

She nodded, said yes again.

"Do you know what will happen the first time I kiss you, Lucy?"

"No, Master."

"You're going to come, the moment I slip my tongue between your lips,
Lucy, and it's going to be the strongest, most powerful orgasm you've
ever had. Lucy, my little slut, you are going to cling tight to me,
shaking from the force of it, and it's going to go on and on and on,
till the juices run down your legs. It won't stop until I say "That's
enough", and when I do you'll be so ashamed at your lack of restraint
you'll burst into tears. Isn't that right Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

I woke her up.

It was as if there was an explosion in her body. Her nipples seem to
physically jump upright, and her hand shot out to rest on my knee,
where it rested, stroking instinctively. She was trembling, and I
could smell the sex on her.

"Are you alright, Lucy?"

"I'm, oh shit, oh God, Master, I'm so horny!"

"Why do you think that is?"

"It's because of you, Master. You're everything I want in a man,
everything that turns me on. I..."

"You what, Lucy?"

She was blushing, fiery red, and I felt like I'd just won Olympic

"I want you, Master." Her voice was just a whisper, full of urgency.

It was too soon, of course. She'd only been here five hours, and now
I'd got her into a state of frenzy, I just wanted to play a bit. I'd
have her doing plenty of things to me and for me, before I'd fuck her.
"That's flattering, but we are at work, I don't think it's a good idea
right now. Not that I don't like the idea, you understand, but, well
we've really only just met."

The blush heightened, and she dropped her head, but her hand kept on
stroking my leg.

I heard the lunch whistle. I took her hand from my knee, and felt her
clutch it tight, so as not to let go. I grinned.

"Let's go and have some lunch."

"Yes, Master."

I opened the office door, and stepped through it. Pretty much everyone
in the company was milling around. So, I pulled her gently against my
body, and kissed her, poking my tongue into her mouth.

She jolted in my arms like a current had been put though her. One of
her hands tangled in my hair, and the other slipped round my waist,
and her hand gripped my arse. As I let my hands rest lightly on her
waist, she was shaking as I said, but she was also sliding herself
sinuously against me, grinding into my erection with a rhythmic,
fucking motion of her hips.

Unsurprisingly, everyone was watching.

I broke the kiss, but didn't let go or stop her because firstly I
didn't want to stop the show, and secondly I could feel her rubbing
pushing my cock to a well deserved climax. Her mouth free now, she was
moaning like any porn star, "Oh yes, Master, yes, *yes*, I'm coming
Master, I'm coming so hard, oh, oh, ooooooh..." and her skirt was
lifting higher with each of her little thrusts, exposing the tops of
her stockings, and an increasing amount of golden-skinned thigh to my
delighted workforce.

"Oh GOD!!!" she screamed, "It's never been like this, Master, never!
I've, ooooooh, I've never come this hard! AAAaaaaaaaahhh!"

Her scream sparked my climax, and her grinding milked it through its
spurting progress. When I was done, I took her firmly by the arms and
said loudly, "That's ENOUGH, Lucy. You're embarrassing me and your

Her hands fell limply away, and she looked around the room with
horror, finally registering the audience, and crumpled into tears of
humiliated shame.

I felt like God.


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