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LUCY5 stretch erotically every half hour


STAFF TRAINING (mc,md,humil) (c)2002, B. Devlin

Part Five - Advanced Training

My phone rang at 7.30am.

"You evil, wonderful bastard!" Bill's voice was ecstatic. "This is so
much better than you giving me reports. Hearing Lucy tell me so
earnestly about everything she did and how she felt - God, James,
Josie got the fucking of ther life last night."

"Well, Lucy will be calling you every night for a while, old son, so
make the most of it - and I hope Josie has fun too."

"I'm sure she will, she was positively purring last night."

"Would you like me to send you pictures of the cucumber fuck?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?"

"Okay, check your mail in about five. I'll password the file - we
wouldn't want Josie or the Chancellor getting hold of it, now would

"Good thought, that man."

"Right, sent, password: mesmer. Enjoy"

"Received and opening... *HOLY SHIT* James! These are ... incredible.
I'm beginning to feel sorry I didn't push her further when she
belonged to me."

"You've got your 'up and coming's, but just say the word, and we'll
arrange for Lucy to fulfil your wildest fantasies. You can come
'round here, where it's safe from prowling wives and academics."

"I appreciate the offer, but ..."

"Tell you what, Bill. I still feel I owe you, big-time. You remember
the cottage by Coniston Water?"


"I'm sending you a key. It's yours to use whenever you want it. Let
me know when you'll be there, if you don't want company. It'll give
you somewhere safe to take Lucy's replacement, if you want, or to take
Josie, if you prefer. If you *do* want company, well you, I, Lucy and
whoever you choose as Lucy's replacement... Well, I can picture it,
can't you? Don't refuse, it'll make me feel better. "

"I've got no intention of refusing, mate. I... shit James, you've
really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities here."

I laughed. "Enjoy, Bill. I have to go, get today's training sessions
ready. Talk soon. Lucy'll call tonight. Bye Bill."

Lucy arrived at 8.45. I was glad to see she'd learned the punctuality
lesson. I'd left the door open for her and called out a "Come in,"
when she knocked. From the living room, I could see her standing just
inside the open door, stripping automatically down to her shoes and
stockings, and behind her, I saw with a grin, the milkman was getting
a free show. The look on his face indicated he was appreciating it.
"Shut the door," I called, and she did, shutting out a face that had a
happy that-was-a-bonus smile plastered all over it.

As she walked towards me, I got the first opportunity to observe what
my arousal programming did to her. Her nipples grew and hardened in a
kind of beautiful time-lapse so that by the time she was five feet
from me they were as hard and high as American hardgums - you know
those kids' sweets all covered in sugar? - and just as tempting to
suck; her walk went from easy strides to a kind of swaying mince in
which her thighs slid over each other, damp and slippery; her pupils
grew noticeably, and her mouth fell just slightly open. She
transformed as she walked from Athena to Aphrodite. She reached out
and touched my arm where I stood and her hand began to stroke.

"Good morning Lucy, I'm glad to see you on time today."

"Good morning Master."

"How do you feel today, Lucy?"

She dropped her eyes. "I feel dirty, master, like a filthy slut. But
at the same time, I feel hornier than a warren full of rabbits."

"Do you like feeling like a slut, Lucy?"

"No, Master. I despise sluts. A woman with a brain should never be so
desperate that she'd beg a man to fuck her or submit herself to his
will. I like to fuck, but I've always done it on my own terms."

"Always, Lucy?"

"Until yesterday, Master."

"So, what changed yesterday?"

"You did, Master. I've never been in the situation before where it
made me wet just to be with a man, but when I'm near you, it's like I
have no control of my body at all. I *have* to touch you. I know that
I'll do anything you want, just as long as it means that I'll get you
inside me. It makes me ashamed of myself, but I can't think of
anything when I'm around you other than having your cock in my cunt."

"So, what you are saying is that you are my slut, but you don't want
to be?"

"Yes, Master, I suppose so."

"Do you want to fuck me now, little slut?"

"Master, Don't call me that! I'm not a slut! But yes... yes, God help
me, I want to fuck you."

"You are a slut, Lucy. You're my slut. You said so, yesterday, when
you knelt there and begged me to mount you."

"I didn't mean it, Master, I just needed you to fuck me so bad..."

"And you need it again now, don't you Lucy?"

"Yes, Master." It was a whisper.

"So, what does that make you?"


"It makes you a slut, Lucy and you know it." I took her chin in my
hands and forced her to look in my eyes. Her face was burning with
blushes, and there were tears behind her lids, but I didn't plan to
show her any mercy. "Say it, Lucy."

"I'm a slut, Master." She shivered, as if admitting it made her cold.

"Whose slut?"

"Yours, Master."

"Company policy dictates that sluts answer to the words 'slut',
'bitch' and 'whore' as if they were their own name. Do you understand
that, Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

"The bedroom is through that door," I pointed. "Take me through there,
slut, undress me, and fuck me. I want you to talk to me while you do,
tell me everything you feel, good and bad, everything you want. Do you

"Yes, Master, oh, thank you Master."

She almost dragged me to the bedroom, and her hands were quick on my

"I love your body, Master, it's so perfect." She kissed my chest and
stroked my ample belly, "I don't know what it is, but everything about
it turns me on." She knelt to slide my trousers and underwear off me
and her hands caressed my cock, my balls, my legs. And them pushed me
gently backwards onto the bed, straddling me smoothly and positioning
her cunt above my cock which was hard as diamond and straining up to
meet it. "I want..." she started to lower herself onto me "Oh GOD!
Yes, that's what I want, I can feel your hardness filling me, Master,
and I want it so deep inside. It feels so goooood!"

She leaned forward, so that her tits swung in my face, then cupped one
and held them to my mouth, brushing her nipple across my lips. "Suck
me, Master, please. Oh god, yes, yes, like that! Oh Master, I'm on
fire for you!"

She certainly felt as if she was on fire, as her hot cunt slid over my
cock in smooth swoops of her hips. Her clit was so erect that I could
feel it grinding into my groin, as she tried to push herself to a
climax that I knew wouldn't come until I allowed it. Her hands stroked
my shoulders and arms and I let her take my hands and bring them to
her buttocks. "Yes, oh yes," she whimpered, "I want that, I, oh SHIT
YEEES!" this last as I bit hard into the nipple I was sucking and
tasted her blood.

She drove her hips hard and frantically against me, arching back so
that the breast in my mouth was stretched and taut. I let it go and
she lifted her own hands to rub those beautiful tits while she bounced
up and down on my cock, sheathing it so deep in her cunt that I could
feel the tip brush her cervix. "I want to come, Master, I want you to
come - I want to feel your spunk filling me, and ohGodohGodohGOD!
THISFEELSSOFINE! I want to come, Master, I'm so close, oh please god,
let me come. I love fucking you master, I want to fuck you forever but
I have to come."

I could feel my own climax building in my balls while she rode me like
my cock held the answer to all her prayers, so I whispered "Come now,
Lucy" and her words became screams as her cunt rippled around me,
pulsing, squeezing as she tightened for my pleasure.

I bucked up, pulling her onto me with my hands so I was buried to the
balls in her and my cockhead was pressed against the opening to her
womb as it shot its stream of spunk into her waiting, wanting, tight
little cunt.

She was still riding me as I softened, her climax still shuddering
through her. I enjoyed my power for a moment or two, then murmured

Immediately, she slid off me, and down the bed, in a strangely
graceful movement, to take me into her mouth and bathe me clean, her
tongue finding every drop of our mingled come on my cock and balls and
following the trickle that ran down the crack in my arse.

Her immediate need sated, I put her into a trance and set to work with
more programming, since that, after all, was what these induction
sessions were for.

First, and most important, was a programme that would get her to
follow complex written instructions. There would, of course, be times
when I wanted her actions to appear completely as if they were her own
idea and desire, and I could hardly do that if I had to tell her
exactly what to do. Given her intelligence, it would be child's play
for her to read, memorise and then carry out a list of instruction,
shredding the paper. These instructions would be identified by the
heading "Desk of James Eaton For the eyes of Lucy Fulton only", a
moment's thought and I specified that these instructions could also
come electronically - I might want her to join me on a business trip
sometime, who knew?

Next I set up an imperative that said that the first order of business
in any office working day would be to suck off the boss. I made sure
that it applied to anyone fulfilling the 'boss' role, so that Jeff or
whoever I left in charge would receive the service during my holidays
- if someone takes on your responsibilities, he deserves your perks.

An instinct to drop her eyes to look at the crotch of every man she
met, then lick her lips, and to suck her pencil exactly like a cock
when thinking were added to amuse the men at work, along with a need
to stretch erotically every half hour or so while sitting at her desk,
lifting her arms above and behind her head and pushing her breasts out
towards the men facing her. I had other plans for morale raising,
later, but planned to ease them in gradually - after all, it was
better to give the boys something to look forward to, rather than hand
them everything on a plate too soon.

With the new programmes in place, I decided that it was time to take
Lucy back to the office for a while. I didn't want the staff to think
I was being greedy, but as we drove, I had her masturbate to ease the
aching in her poor desperate cunt. I had her come almost as soon as
she slipped her fingers into herself, and she made a beautiful picture in the car, her long legs spread wide, one hand caressing a breast through the sheer fabric of her shirt, and the other frantically
rubbing inside her white lace panties. Her head was thrown back and a
happy mewling sound came from her throat. I lost count of the number
of men whose jaws dropped on the journey. When we arrived back at the
factory, she stank of sex.

First, I made suggested she apologise to the boys for "embarassing
them with her display" the day before, and then I left her to lunch
with them, her truth-drug command still on, as I went into the office
to prepare the next stage of her training. I grinned as I heard Doug
ask, "So, sweetie, are you enjoying being with us at Eaton
Engineering?" and she replied "Oh YES, sir. I really wanted this job
and I love working with Master... Mr Eaton."

I wondered if they'd ask the right questions to get all the
information about our training so far from her. In case they didn't, I
loaded the cucumber pictures onto the company intranet, and sent all
the guys the URL, as a little treat for the afternoon, with an
introduction screen - "Increase productivity by ten percent, and next
time you watch it live." I thought it would prove a better incentive
than a week in Ibiza with the boys.

I watched grins spread over faces and hands stray to crotches as she
joined me in my office after lunch, and I knew that when I walked
round the office later I'd see one or other shot set as wallpaper on
pretty much every PC.

I sat Lucy opposite me and put her under again. What I wanted to do
next was going to take her beyond where she'd been before, but what
good is having a slut if you can't use her for your benefit as well as
your satisfaction?

"Have you ever had anal sex, Lucy?"

"No, Master, of course not, it's filthy and degraded. I'd never let
any man do that to me!"

Oh dear. There were those opinions again, there was the 'I'd never
let.' Obviously, I couldn't have that. No woman *I'm* involved in can
be allowed to dictate what she will and won't do.

"Of course you will, Lucy. You will, in fact let *any* man do it,
because you crave anal sex, deep in your darkest fantasies, don't you

"M... Master?"

"You are simply dying to have some man shove his cock deep into your
arsehole, isn't that right?"

"I... um ..."

"It's depraved, and dirty, and sluttish, Lucy, and it makes you
ashamed, but secretly you've always wanted that more than any other
sexual act, don't you, my Lucy?"

"Y... Yes, Master."

"I knew it, Lucy, my sweet little whore. I can see into your soul and
see what you want better than even you can. Isn't that right, Lucy?"

"Yes, master."

"Sometime soon, someone is going to offer to sodomise you, Lucy, and
when they do, you're going to look deep into their eyes with your big
green gaze, and you're going to say 'oh, yes PLEASE'. Isn't that
right, Lucy? You're going to love it, too. Once you've been buggered
once, you'll want it regularly. You'll offer your arse for fucking as
eagerly as your cunt and mouth, and you'll come like an express train
every time a cock obligingly fills it."

"Yes, master."

I toyed with the idea of buggering her senseless myself, right there
and then, but although I had no intention of missing out on a piece of
that arse, sometime, I had another recipient in mind for her anal
virginity, which was the primary reason for this particular branch of

I was tendering for a big contract with the an organisation whose
decision-maker was Rich Castle, a nice guy with a bitch of a wife. She
withheld the marital goodies far more often than she dispensed them
and I knew, having heard him say so on several drunken carouses, that
what wanted more than anything was to bury his cock between a nice
round pair of female buttocks. I knew that he'd been fruitlessly
begging his ice-queen for years for the privilege. I was meeting him
that afternoon to deliver the proposal and I was more than confident
that if I took Lucy with me, and let it be known that she craved to
receive what he craved to give, I'd be one contract the richer by

I called Rich to say that I was on my way, and told him that I'd be
bringing a colleague. Thankfully his office occupied a floor to itself
because glass was a big feature of the architect's design and his eyes
bugged out as soon as I ushered Lucy into his office. Of course,
since she took off her jacket as we sat, and that sheer uniform blouse
gave him an excellent view of some of her primary attractions that
wasn't surprising.

"I didn't know you had any female staff, James," he commented, his
eyes fixed on Lucy's tits, until she crossed her legs and the
stocking-top came into play.

"Lucy's new," I replied. "She works very, um, closely with me. She
provides some very, um, *special* services."

"And she worked on the tender?"

I smiled at him. "Oh no," I said, "I only brought her along because I
thought I might play cupid, for the pair of you. You share a common,
um, secret passion that neither of you have been able to fulfil as
yet. I thought perhaps you could discover its joys together."

He looked me mystified for a moment, and then a sudden look of hope,
coupled with suspicion dawned.

"Are you offering...?"

"I'm not offering anything Richard. I'm just introducing you to Lucy.
I'm sure if you asked she'd tell you what her most secret desire was."

He stared at her for a long moment, then whispered, "Lucy, would you
mind telling me your most secret desire?"

"Of course, Mr Castle," she replied with a blush, truth-drug
compelled, "I've always, in my darkest fantasies, craved anal sex."

"And you've never..."

"No, sir."

"Surely a girl as beautiful as you would have had no difficulty
finding a willing partner?"

"I've only just admitted it to myself, sir."

"What do you expect to get out of this, James? It could be construed
as a bribe."

"Lucy," I said, "would you please pop to the ladies and freshen up for
a moment, I want to talk to Mr Castle."

She went immediately, with a murmured "Yes, Master" that made Rich's
eyes fly open.

"She's not just a whore then?"

"Nup. She really does work for me, and although her tasks aren't quite
what she expected when I interviewed her, she's turning into a very
promising little slut with training."

"I'm not sure I should ask any more."

I grinned. "Probably not. Look Rich, you asked what I expected to get
out of this. Honestly? I expect to see a good friend get his heart's
desire. I expect that the friend will remember that I gave it to him,
when he awards the contract - but I don't demand it, and I think the
tender speaks for itself anyway. I expect to watch my budding slut get
her very first buggering, and I do demand a few photographs for my
album - I'll make sure not to show your face though. It's that simple.
So when she comes back, just ask her to let you bugger her, okay?"

Rich Castle looked like a very happy man. "Okay, James."

When Lucy walked back from the ladies, he stood and held out a hand to

"Lucy, as James said, it seems that we do share our darkest desire.
So how about sharing it's fulfilment? Would you let me fuck your
lovely arse?"

She looked at him, her smile ecstatic, "Oh, yes! Yes please!"

I shuffled my chair to the perfect angle as he bent her forward so
that her hands rested on the dark oak of his desk and slid the tight
skirt almost reverently up her thighs to bunch at her waist.

"Are you sure?" he whispered in a strangled voice while he slid the
white lace panties down her stocking-clad legs.

"Beg, Lucy," I whispered, just loud enough for her to hear.

"Yes, oh yes, please. I want this, sir, please. I want your cock deep
in my arse."

He hastily unzipped his trousers and scrambled out of them, gazing at
the beautiful spectacle of my slut's lovely buttocks, framed white
between black stockings and garter-belt, then gently used his hands to
separate them and expose the puckered little ring of between them. As
he rested his cock head against that opening, Lucy pushed herself back
towards it with a whimpering, "pleeeeaase."

His cock, erect, was a good ten inches, but he cupped her cunt in his
hand and pulled her back onto him so that he sheathed it in her tight
hole in one hard shove.

They both yelled as his meat pounded into her that first time, and I
heard him say in wonder when her juices gushed into his hand "Shit
James, the bitch loves it! I swear she's coming! and took her cunt with his hand as deeply as his cock took her willing arse.

There was no doubt of that, I thought, as I photographed the ecstasy
on her face, the wildly arched back, and the backside that pushed back
urgently against the hard rod of flesh impaling it.

Rich was muttering "Oh fuck, yessssss!, Oh, fuck, this is wonderful,"
while Lucy moaned her delight without words, apart from the occasional
gasping, "Harder!" which he was glad to obey.

They were both like wild things, fast, furious and savage. He almost
lifted her from her feet by the end as he thrust like a pile driver
into the tender flesh, his face twisted into an expression of almost
tortured pleasure. I saw his body stiffen and he slid his hand out of
her cunt to grasp her jutting hipbones for the final assault.

He came into her with a gasp, and she pushed herself upright while his
semen gushed into her bowels, her buttocks gripping his pulsing cock,
and her face turned to his for kisses, which he gave her unstintingly.
I think he thought then that he'd died and gone to heaven, but he was
sure of it when he slowly pulled his cock from her, and she dropped to
her knees to clean him gently with her tongue.

While she ministered to him with her mouth, he said hoarsely "I'll
never, ever, have a ride like that again." He ruffled the hair on her
bobbing head and grinned at me, catching his breath slowly.

At his feet, Lucy slid his clothes up to cover him and was reaching
for her own panties, when an idea occurred to me.

"Lucy," I murmured in her ear, "Company policy dictates you offer
those to Mr Castle."

She shimmied her skirt down, then held out the little lace bundle with
a smile.

"Would you like to keep these, sir?"

He just nodded, grinned and tucked them into a drawer of his desk,
which he locked. Then he turned to me

"The contract's yours. Right now, I swear you could have every
fucking thing I own, and I'd think it a good deal."

I held out my hand, and we shook on the deal. "Always nice doing
business with you," I said, and took Lucy out, my hand resting on
lightly on one cheek of that well-fucked arse.

I could see that this girl was going to be a huge asset to Eaton


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