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LUCY7 camera Lucy spent the rest


Staff Training (M/F, oral, anal, exhib, humil)(c)2002, B. Devlin

Part 7 - Lucy's Lessons Continue
Life Chez Eaton was pretty damn good, after Lucy's first half year
with the company. The business was several contracts the richer, the
wheels of industry oiled, on more than one occasion, with Lucy's
copious juices. The staff were productive, and more than satisfied
with the perks that had come into their lives when Lucy joined us, and
I - well, it's hardly surprising that a man of fifty-six with a
beautiful, intelligent woman in her early twenties on his arm, eager
to open her legs, mouth and arse on demand was relatively contented.

I have to admit though, that despite the fact that I was getting
fucked to a schedule that most men would have waged an all-out war
for, as much of my enjoyment came from thinking up, and following
through, new and amusing ways to humiliate my lovely little slut as it
did from fucking her.

The best of these tended to arise from unwitting comments of her own,
which gave me insights into her personality, and provided me with
ideas that I knew would affect her profoundly.

Most of the time, if you visited me at home with Lucy, apart from the
incredible level of sexual activity, and her inexplicable and
insatiable desire for a man more than old enough to be her father, you
would have thought us a normal kind of couple. I had made no attempt
to change her opinions through hypnosis - there was no need, since she
would do what I demanded, whatever her opinions. I didn't want her
brainless when, after all, she was a bright and lively girl and
conversing with her had its pleasures, totally apart from the sex she
provided me with. Of course, her opinions on gender issues were
something that needed either to be addressed, or at least taken
advantage of.

Where she had often dismissed men as "losers" or "jerks" she did so
less often now, if only because so many of those losers and jerks had
fingered her to screaming orgasm, or shot their load down her throat
or into her face. There were still groups that she was scornful of,

There was a story on the news one evening that caught her eye, as she
was dialing Bill for her daily confession. It concerned hooliganism
after a football match, and she glanced over, and commented
"Neanderthals!" before continuing with her call.

To an extent, I agreed with her, but nonetheless, it will always
irritate me hearing a woman pass judgment on the male of the species,
particularly a disrespectful judgment like that one. The grin spread
across my face as it dawned on me exactly how I would punish her for
it and the anticipation was enough to distract me from listening to
her pouring out her heart and humiliation to Bill.

I arranged to take her shopping in London a couple of weeks later, and
by the afternoon she was dressed from top to toe in a new outfit.
Black leather spike heeled boots reached to just above her knee, above
which a long expanse of golden thigh rose to the hem of a leather
skirt which covered her modesty - but only just. Her breasts strained
against a little white, cropped camisole almost bursting the three
buttons that fastened it. She wore no underwear, naturally; I only
ever let her wear underwear for the first hour and a half of work
until the wank-break, and on the rare occasions where having her
remove it would prove titillating.

The underground station at Knightsbridge was deserted, as I expected,
but when the train pulled in, I knew that I'd timed things just right.
It was crammed to the gunnels with rowdy football fans, returning home
after a big local derby. I propelled Lucy to the center of the
carriage, where she grabbed a strap and I pressed my body into her
back. She was the only woman in the carriage, and the skinhead on the
next strap shuffled round to face her, staring openly into her
cleavage, like most of the blokes sitting on the seats beside the
windows. This meant he was in the perfect position to see, when I
reached round from behind her and undid the buttons on the camisole,
slowly, one by one.

"Holy fucking shit!" he exclaimed, as I smiled at him over her
shoulder, and pulled the camisole wide.

"Master!" she gasped, blushing wildly, but she unable to repress a
lewd moan as I cupped her gorgeous tits, and rather than fondling and
covering them I lifted them to display to the audience. The babble in
the carriage quietened, as one by one the supporters nudged each other
and turned to stare, slack-mouthed at Lucy allowing herself to be
shown off like this, without protest, I circled the jutting nipples
with my forefingers, and she jerked, and darted her tongue out to
moisten her lips.

"Fuckin' 'ell," came one impressed mumur, "what a bleedin' slut."

"And what a pair,"

But of course the show wasn't over yet. I put my hands on the outside
of her thighs and slid the leather skirt up her hips, revealing her
neatly trimmed bush inch by inch, until the hem drew a line along the
top of the dark triangle of curls.

There was a chorus of moans as I cupped her mons, then splayed my
hand, prompting her to take a little step to part her legs slightly.

"Oh Fuck!"


Slowly, deliberately I drew my finger back and forth along her hot
slit, making sure that the entire audience could see the juices that
glistened on my fingers and coated the inside of her thighs. Lucy's
head had fallen back and she was panting, making little gasping moans
of "please!" and pressing her buttocks back against me. All around
us, I could see boys drop their hands to their laps, desperately
rubbing at erections, while their eyes were glued on the action

"Take me out," I hissed in a whisper designed to carry, and she obeyed
instantly, sliding her free hand between us and caressing my cock
before she deftly flicked the button of my jeans open and pulled down
the zip. She gave a long moan as she felt skin under her hand and my
erection pressed against her buttocks. I was still fingering her,
although by now, she had spread her legs wider, and was rocking her
hips against my motions.

Comments and eager, lascivious instructions were coming at me from all
sides now:

"Garn mate, fuck 'er"

"Make the bitch scream!"

"Give 'er a proper seeing to."

But it was the boy sat right beside where we were standing who
realized first, when my hands spread Lucy's buttocks, what they were
in for.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ, he's goin' to bugger the horny bitch!"

The silence that fell was profound, and was broken only by Lucy
gasping her urgent desire. I pressed the tip of my cock against her
tight hole, and heard a hiss of "Do it!"

As I pressed in, slowly, and they could see my hardness sliding deeper
and deeper into her body, the boys moaned, but quieted as I breathed
in her ear "vocalize" - a programme I'd instituted, that made her
loudly express everything she was feeling, and wanting.

"Oh God, yes, that feels so good! Fill my arse with your cock just
like that master; you know how much I love it. Oh God, yes, ride me,
please, ride me harder, I love it, oh yes, I love it, oh God, I'm
coming, don't stop, make me come, yes, yes, don't stop, fuck me like
this forever, I want it, I need it, oh, yes, Yes, YES"

I don't know how many of them missed their stop that afternoon. I do
know that as we rattled through tunnels and stations, and doors opened
and closed, not a single person left the carriage while I took Lucy.

I know too, that the guys panted in unison with my grunts as I reamed
her, so that there was a gasping all around us to the and I'm sure
that each one of them was right there with me, jamming their cocks
deep and hard into that tight arse, feeling the hot liquids from her
cunt spilling over their hands, and hearing her begging them not to
stop fucking her because it felt so damn good to be sodomised.
They all let out a sigh when I yelled and finally emptied my balls
into her, and after a moment, a quiet murmur of conversation began.

It died away again though when Lucy twisted to face me, and slid down
my body to kneel on the filthy carriage floor. Her skirt was still
lifted and exposing that rosy, well fucked arse to them, and they
realized it wasn't over yet.

I think the bloke standing closest spoke for all of them, when, as she
took my slimy cock into her mouth to lick it clean, he whimpered,
"Sweet holy Christ!" and a dark stain spread across the front of his
jeans. I'm damn sure he wasn't the only one to shoot his load.

Nothing broke the silence when I helped her to her feet. I slid the
skirt down to cover her, but didn't allow her to rebutton the camisole
until we left the train at the next station, so that her lovely tits brushed as many of the pressing bodies as we had to pass. While I
guided her out, someone started to clap, and we stepped onto the
platform to thunderous applause and catcalls.

"Why, Master? " she asked, once she was fully covered again. It was
the first time she had ever questioned me, though I suppose it was
also the first time I had used her quite so publicly, and amongst a
group that consisted completely of strangers. It had obviously shamed
her more deeply than anything before, but then, that was what I had

"Because it pleased me," I replied, "and for another reason, too, but
you have a good enough brain to figure that out, if you think about

"How have I become such a slut?" she wondered aloud as I guided her up
the elevator and onto the train home.

I grinned. "Just lucky I guess."

She giggled, and snuggled against me on the seat. I knew that however
I used her, she would never blame me for it.

"I love you, Master," she said.

"I know."

I didn't have any occasion to punish Lucy for several weeks after that
episode, and the next punishment was much less public, but in many
ways, infinitely more satisfying.

I was interviewing for a new job - the new work we had been getting in
meant that I needed to expand, when a young man, around Lucy's age
walked in to the office.

He stopped dead in front of her desk, and gazed hard at her, his eyes
drinking in the braless nipples that showed clearly through her sheer
white skirt.

"Well, well," he said, "Lucy Fulton. This is a new look for you, isn't

She looked up at him, and positively bristled with dislike. "Hi Bryan.
It's a uniform."

"I'll look forward to working here, in that case," he smirked.

"You don't know the half of it," Jeff murmured from behind him, and a
general laugh made Lucy blush. I found it amazing, and very sweet
that despite her enforced sluttishness, Lucy's blush response was as
active as ever.

The boy, Bryan, looked mystified, but was too nervous about his
interview to push things further.

He had a good CV, and seemed a likeable and pleasant person, within
the bounds of what passes for likeable at Eaton. He certainly wasn't a
new age sensitive kind of guy, but he'd never have fitted in if he had

"So," I said, as the interview came to a close, "you know our lovely

He gave a bitter laugh. "We're acquainted. I never managed to 'know'
her though. We dated in University, and I was fairly keen to get...
um... closer, but she shot me down in flames." He gave a grimace, "In
the middle of the Uni bar, in front of all my mates."

"Aaah." I replied, and smiled. "Well, Bryan, I hope that won't put you
off of taking a job here. I'd like to offer it to you."

"Shit, no!" he grinned. "I mean thanks Mr. Eaton, I'd love the job."

I put out my hand. "Welcome to Eton Engineering, Bryan. And don't
worry about Lucy, I think you'll find her easier to get along with
than you used to."

He left, happy as Larry.

"I wish you hadn't offered Bryan the job, Master," She said later, as
she sat facing me on my lap, my cock still inside her after our early
evening tussle.

"Why's that?"

"I just don't like him, Master, that's all."

"He says you used to date."

"Yes, he's the one I told you about at my interview, Master, you
know, the total loser?"

"He didn't seem a loser to me, in any way. Why don't you expand on

"Well," she thought for a moment, "at first he was really nice,
Master, but after about a week he spent the whole time trying to get
me into bed. The last straw was when I said no, and he said 'I
suppose I can't persuade you to suck me off then?'"

I grinned. _A man after my own heart_ I thought, but all I said was,
"What did you say?"

She giggled then. "I told him I wouldn't suck him if he was made out
of sugar, and advertised as the only lollipop for the new

I managed not to laugh. It was a more than funny comeback, but

"That wasn't very nice, now was it? Especially from a girl who loves
to suck cock as much as you do."

"But, Master...."

"No, Lucy." I made my voice stern. "Bryan is going to be working with

She nodded.

"That means that you will call him Sir, like all the other staff."

"Yes, Master, of course."

I put her under.

'You should make a new start with Bryan, Lucy."

"Yes, Master."

"You should be especially nice to him."

"If I must, Master."

"You must, Lucy."

"Yes, Master."

"I think it would be a nice gesture if you apologized on Monday, at
the operations meeting, don't you, Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

"In fact, Lucy, I think you should go a little further than that."


"I think you should ask him, very nicely, very politely, if he would
allow you to make your rudeness up to him, by doing what you refused
to when you were students, Lucy. I think you should ask him if he
would like you to suck him."

"I don't want to, Master. I really don't like him."

"That doesn't matter, Lucy. Getting along with each other is an
essential skill, Lucy, and getting along with each other means that
you have to offer Brian the use of your mouth at the meeting, and if
he enjoys that, you have to offer to spend the rest of the day with
him, so that he can use the cunt and arse you denied him too. Do you
understand, Lucy?"

"Yes, Master."

"Don't worry, Lucy. It will wound your pride, of course, but you'll
still enjoy it, and you'll still come - that's part of getting along
together with each other. You may not like Bryan, but you will realise
eventually he is another colleague, and should be treated with

But first, I thought, she would have to eat a good slice of humble
pie, along with Bryan's meat, and I wanted to be sure that she
wouldn't enjoy it too much.

Bryan arrived good and early on Monday, and I took him through to my
office. "I'm glad you're here," I said, "I'll introduce you to the
staff at our Ops Meeting in half an hour, but before I do, I wanted to
talk with you."

"Yes, Mr Eaton?"

"Eaton Engineering is very different from many workplaces, Bryan. We
like to keep our staff happy, and we have provisions for doing so that
are, well, out of the ordinary."


"I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I do want to make clear that
these, um, special provisions are not ever, And I do mean EVER,
mentioned outside work. Don't worry about what they are, you'll
recognise them, but I should warn you that if I ever hear that someone
outside the company knows of them, I will fire you - because the rest
of the staff already know and follow that rule, okay?"

"Yes Mr Eaton, fine."

"Call me 'boss', everyone does. Well," I grinned, "Nearly everyone."

I introduced him at the meeting, and once the various 'making each
other known' bits were done, I smiled and said, "I hope we'll have a
great time, and enjoy getting along with each other."

The look on his face at what happened next was priceless. Imagine a
little boy, at Christmas, who's got everything he ever dreamed of, and
it's more special, because he wasn't expecting any of it. That was
Bryan when Lucy said.

"It's really important that we can all work together well. I'm sorry,
Sir, that I was so unkind to you, back at Uni. I'd really like to
make it up to you."

She dropped to her knees.

"Would you let me do, right now, what I refused to then? Will you let
me suck your cock for you, please?"

"What, here? Now?" He was dumfounded.

"Yes, please."

He looked round and saw the grinning, eager faces of the staff.

"Go for it, babe."

I always got a kick from watching Lucy's lipsticked lips sliding over
the head of an erect prick, and never more so than that day, when I
knew that she hated the person she was blowing, but that she'd do her
best - just to please me.

There was an added bonus, I noted, as she eased him out of his
trousers and stroked him - the boy was hung like a horse. His penis
must have been more than a foot long, and thick in proportion. Lucy
was going to get a real workout today.

His moans as she slid along his shaft and worked it with her tongue
were music to my ears, and we were all loving the show when he tangled
his hands into her hair, and held her while he thrust up to fuck her
face, with fast furious jabs. His eyes widened as Lucy's well trained
mouth and throat encompassed the whole of that massive prick - I
suspect it was a new experience for him, and he was very obviously
relishing it, sliding out to the tip so we could see her saliva
glistening on him, before driving back in.

I saw her cup and squeeze his balls gently, and he stiffened and
gasped loudly, once as he came, and again when her throat contracted
around him to swallow the spunk he'd shot into her mouth.

She dragged her lips over him as she let him go, and he moaned again,
and then, gently, she rearranged his clothing.

'Did you enjoy that, Sir?" she asked, still kneeling at his feet.

"Shit, yeah, Lucy. Fabulous. Thank you."

"No, thank YOU, Sir, for letting me start to make amends for my bad
behaviour when we knew each other before. I wondered if you would
allow me to complete that, by giving you the other things I denied you

"Erm, I'm not sure what you mean Lucy."

"Please, I'd like you to spend today with me. Fuck me anyway you
please, as often as you like. I'll do anything to make up for how I
treated you."

He looked at me.

"Lucy's time is yours today, Brian. As she says, it's important that
we all have a good working relationship here. Unfortunately, I can't
offer you complete privacy, but there's a couch in the staff rest room
that's comfortable."

He didn't need telling twice.

I watched on the security camera as Lucy spent the rest of the day
making loud and extended amends. Bryan was young and vigorous, and
had her every which way from Sunday, starting by spreading her on the
table and eating her with lashing strokes of his tongue that had her
begging him to fill her cunt in minutes. I particularly enjoyed the
moments when he slammed her against the wall and pinned her like a
helpless butterfly on his cock, the one where he hooked her feet over
his shoulders and first discovered her delight in buggery, and how she
looked after he squeezed her tits into a tunnel and rode them to
climax, covering her face with his come.

By the end of the day, Lucy had taken that huge cock into every hole at least twice, and come shuddering around his fingers countless more
times while he recovered his energy for another bout. My new recruit
was obviously ecstatic with his welcome, and poor Lucy was exhausted.

"Am I forgiven, Sir?" she asked as the hooter signaled the end of the
working day.

"I think so," he replied, grinning.

As she walked gingerly to the ladies, to freshen up, and no doubt to
sob her heart out in humiliation, he came to me, and shook my hand.

"Not a word, boss," he swore. Then he laughed. "Shit, nobody would
ever believe me if I told them anyway. I'm going to *love* working at
this place!"


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