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Archived Sex Stories

LUST story contains explicit sexual conduct and


Warning: Don't proceed if you are under 18 years of age! I assume that
those that continue are either 18 and over or a horny minor...Either
way, enjoy!

This story contains explicit sexual conduct and heterosexual activities
between a teenager under 18 and a teenager of 18. If any of this offends
you, than don't continue!


I had just got out of History class when I spied her at the other end of
the hall. I was instantly hard at the sight of her. Her honey colored
hair, her perky breasts, and finally, those big blue eyes. That's what
did it for me...The eyes! I quickly pulled my binder down in front of my
crotch to mask my erection. She pasted me in the hall, "Hi there Aaron!
Could you give me a tutoring lesson at lunch today?" I was only 15, and,
though she was 18, she and I were in the same class. "S-s-sure!" I
managed to say. She smiled that smile that lights up her eyes like a
pond when the moon shines on it. I barely managed to get through the
next class. All I could think about was me in a room alone with Karen.
As soon as the class ended, I bolted to my locker to get my books, and
then tore off towards the room where Karen would be waiting.

The lesson went fine. I sat beside her while I explained stuff to her,
when suddenly she looked into my eyes, and slowly pressed her lips
against mine. I was surprised at the action, but at the same time, I
melted at being kissed by this gorgeous girl. After our lips parted, she
looked into my eyes and said, "You like me, don't you?" I let my lust
for her answer her question as I quickly lunged forward into a deep
passionate kiss. Tongues touched, and I felt a jolt of sexual power
surge through me. Suddenly it became apparent to me that while we were
kissing, she had taken off her top and bottoms and now was wearing only
a bra, and see-through panties. When we seperated, she began to undo the
button on m jeans. "Karen...I don't know how..." But before I could
finish she shushed me with her finger and said, "Don't worry Aaron, i'll
lead, and you follow!" She quickly stepped out of her panties and took
off her bra until she wass naked in front of me. I then followed suit by
pulling off my shirt and jeans, and leaving only my underwear on. We lay
down on top of a line of desks, and she started to tell me what to do. "
Now, i'm gonna put my pussy on top of your face, and you are gonna lick
me until I cum, ok?"

I nodded in approval as my insides were doing cartwheels at the prospect of actually
fucking the girl of my fantisies. She sat on top of my face, and with her instructions, I managed
to find her clit pretty easy. I took it in mouth, and sucked on it, which caused
Karen to squeal in ecstacy. After a few seconds of that I felt her pussy lube up so I put my tongue inside her and began to eat her out. She
moaned in delight, and said, "See Aaron, you're getting the hang of it."
I licked her pussy and clit for a few more seconds before she started
grinding her pussy into my face and she exploded in orgasm and her
juices covered my face. She slowly got up from my sticky face and said,
"Now comes the part you've been wanting since I first came here!" With
that, she pulled up my hard cock and stuffed it into her soaking pussy.
She started bouncing up and down, and from there, I just let my body
take over, mimicing her bouncing with my thrusting. Suddenly, I felt her
pussy clamp hard down on my dick as she hollered in orgasm. That set me
off, and I shook as load after load of hot cum squirted inside of her
from my throbbing cock. We both collapsed onto the desk, and were dozing
off when the lunch bell sounded. We quickly got together our clothes,
and books, and left the classroom. As we were turning to go to our
lockers, I turned to Karen and said, "Thanks for the lesson...I learned
a lot!" She smiled as we walked off in opposite directions. The good
news is, Karen is gonna need more tutoring, and i'm the guy to teach

Note: Unprotected sex is the cause of many STD's and pregnancy,
especially in teenagers who are stupid and think they are too young to
be pregnant, get AIDS, etc..So, if you HAVE to engage in sexual
relations, have Safe Sex!


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