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Labor Day


WARNING: The following story is fiction, describing sexual encounters
between preadolescents and adults. You are not authorized to read this
story if reading such stories is illegal for you due to your age or
location. The author does not condone or encourage sexual contact between
adults and children, no more than a "murder mystery" writer condones

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story Codes: MFb, ped, anal, oral, incest
Labor Day

I awoke quickly as my alarm clock jolted me from my sleep. With my
senses dulled, I began to think about getting ready for school. I reached
over to my nightstand and turned it off, and then realized that it
displayed 10:30 a.m. rather than the usual 6:00 a.m. time. It was then
that my mind cleared a little, and I remembered that today was a holiday.
School was out for Labor Day.

I was instantly relieved that I didn't have to go to school, and even
more pleased that I could go back to sleep. I fell back to my pillow, and
remembered that I hadn't set my clock last night. Anyway, I closed my eyes
and turned over.

Just then my bedroom door opened. "Rise and shine beautiful". Startled
by the male voice, I sat up to find Steve, my mom's newest boyfriend.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I squinted to adjust my eyes to
the sunlight entering my window. "Where's my mom?"

"Her boss called and told her she needed to work today at the store.
Somebody called in sick" he said. "Your mom called me and asked me to come
over and watch you."

"I don't need a babysitter, I'm gonna be 13 in a month" I snapped.

Steve yanked the covers off me and pulled me from my warm bed by the
arm. I knew better than to resist. Steve was a large man about 35 years
old. His work as a construction worker resulted in a muscular body. I was
no match for him. In fact, I was smaller than most all the other 12 year
old boys at school.

Besides, my mom would be mad if I caused problems between her and Steve.
My mom couldn't stand to be without a man. She'd do anything to keep from
being alone. This meant that Steve was in charge. He often slept over.
Most nights I would have to wear my headphones to drown the sounds of him
balling my mom in the other room. On more than one occasion, I would walk
into the living room, to find Steve on top of my mom humping as fast as he
could go. The last time was a couple of nights ago. I stood frozen for
what seemed like an eternity, but was actually not more that a few seconds.
Steve looked up at me and our eyes locked together as he released his load
into my mom.

I broke away from Steve's gaze and ran back into my room only to find
that I had an erection. I pulled the bottle of lotion from under my bed,
pulled my pants down and began to stoke my hard on. It was only a few
seconds before I felt the spasms in my groin. I closed my eyes as the
feeling took control over my young body. I fought to remain quiet as I
reached climax, and felt the warm sperm hit my belly. I kept stroking as I
shot two more loads. I slowly stopped masturbating, but continued to hold
my penis as the sperm ran down my fingers. Taking a deep breath, I opened
my eyes, to find Steve looking through the doorway. He must have heard me
on his way to the bathroom. He smiled at me and closed the door. I was
completely embarrassed and was careful to stay away from him for the next
few days.

Steve pulled me to the bathroom in my mom's room, and he turned on the
water in the shower. He closed the shower door, and began to remove his
clothes. First removing his old t-shirt, shoes, and socks. Our eyes
remained locked as he reached down and pulled his belt from his pants. He
unsnapped his jeans, pulled down his zipper, and dropped his pants to the
floor. I resisted looking down as he grabbed his boxers and slid them to
his ankles.

"Tim, your mom worries about you" he said. "She's concerned that since
you don't have a dad, you don't have anyone to help you become a young man.
I told her I would help her out, and watch out for ya."

Seeing Steve naked was not a shock since he made no effort to hide from
me. He would often, screw my mom, and then walk through the apartment to
get a drink. My curiosity would drive me to steal a glance at his manhood
when I thought it was safe. He was well hung. Sometimes I looked at my
stiff 4.5 inches and wondered if I would ever be as big as Steve.

"Have a look" he said as he shifted his eyes down towards his groin.
"Go ahead. I know you want to."

I kept my eyes on his until he raised his voice, "Do it".

I looked down, and was amazed. His erect penis looked to be at least 11
inches. It was standing straight up pointing towards his belly button.

My heart began to race as he reached over and grabbed the t-shirt I was
wearing. He started to pull my shirt up, and I raised my arms as he lifted
it over my head and dropped it to the floor. I didn't want to cooperate,
but I didn't feel as though I had any choice. He was much bigger than me,
and my mom would allow him to have his way, just to keep him around. I
stood in the bathroom in my white brief underwear. I didn't know what to
expect next. I was asking myself, what did he want? Was he punishing me
for watching him have sex with my mom? Was it because he caught me
masturbating, and wanted to teach me a lesson? Was he going to spank me?

As he reached for the waistband of my underpants, I became horrified. I
realized that I had an erection, and that Steve was about to see that I was
sexually excited. I was embarrassed and frightened as he began to slowly
pull my underwear down. He pulled the front away from my body to pass over
my stiff member. He knelt down as he continued to pull them down to my
ankles. He instructed me to step out so that I stood completely naked and
helpless in front of him. I stood completely still while he examined my
body with his eyes.

"You a queer, boy?" he asked. "I see you have a hard on." I didn't
answer as he opened the shower door and adjusted the water to an acceptable
temperature. "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" he asked.

Since I just woke up I needed to pee. ''Yes Sir'' I said trying to
sound as respectful as possible. I considered myself as a prisoner hoping
to get a reduced sentence for good behavior. Steve motioned with his head
for me to use the bathroom. I stood in front of the toilet and grabbed my
penis. It was beginning to soften. Steve grunted, and I looked in his

"Sit" he ordered. I turned and sat down like an obedient dog. I
focused on trying to relax, and after a few seconds the urine began to
flow. I looked back up to Steve for permission to get up.

"Finish your business" he said.

I carefully responded, "I'm done".

"Not yet" he said. "Empty your bowels".

I was stunned. I had always been a very private kid. My mom hadn't
seen me naked since I was 10, and now I stood stripped in front of a
virtual stranger, and was being ordered to take a crap in front of him. I
was quickly reaching my breaking point. I could feel my body tremble as
tears streamed silently from my eyes.

"Don't be a damn baby about it. Just take a dump", he said.

I looked away from him and tried to pretend I was alone in the bathroom.
Eventually I managed to go as the poop splashed into the water.

"That all?" Steve asked. I shook my head to indicate that it was. Once
again, he motioned with his head for me to get up. I stood and reached for
the toilet paper.

"You don't need that", he said as he took me by the arm and led me to
the shower. He opened the door and ushered me inside. The water was warm.
My mom's shower was small and only designed for one person. Steve pushed
past me as he entered the shower and closed the door behind him. I was
confused as to why he was taking a shower with me.

He grabbed me on the back of the neck with one hand and grabbed my
forehead with the other. He placed my head under the shower spray until my
hair was completely soaked. He then wet his own hair and then turned me to
face the back of the shower stall so that my back was to the water. He ran
his right hand down my back as he held me against the wall with his left. I
was too afraid to resist.

As his right hand reached my butt I stood perfectly still. "Spread your
legs" he ordered. I separated my feet so that they were about shoulder's
length apart. I could feel my heart racing in my chest as he ran his hand
down my crack and began to rub my anus with his fingers. My head was
forced down so that I was looking at our feet. As he rubbed, I could see
the brown flakes wash down my leg and into the drain. He was wiping the
poop from my hole.

As he continued to rub, my penis once again began to swell. I could
feel that he removed all the waste from my bottom. He let go of my neck,
but I kept my head in place. He reached down with both hands and separated
my butt cheeks. Holding them apart, he placed his index finger against my
rectum, and shoved it in to the first knuckle. I wasn't expecting him to
penetrate me, and I let out a yelp as his finger violated my childhood.

He ignored my response and continued to move his finger in deeper.
"Oowww, Oowww, please don't. It hurts", I begged. Then he jammed his
finger in as far as he could go. With my face pressed against the shower
staff, and water running down my back, I cried out loud.

He pulled his finger from my anus and then showed it to me. It was
covered with my poop. He rinsed his finger and then parted my cheeks
again. I tightened up my anus instinctively. He tried to force the tip of
his finger into my hole, but couldn't. He slapped my butt and ordered me
to relax.

I relaxed my butt muscles and closed my eyes. He entered my hole and
jammed his finger in again. This time he pulled out and pushed back in.
This continued as he increased the speed with each penetration. After a
couple of minutes he was screwing my ass with his finger. I could feel
more crap leaving my hole as he continued. Opening my eyes, I could see
more brown washing down the drain. He pulled his finger out every few
minute or so to rinse and then started over.

After about 10 minutes, he rubbed my anus and felt he had completely
cleaned my bowels. As I continued to cry from the shame and sharp pains in
my anus, he turned me around and placed himself to my right.

Once again gripping the back of my neck with his left hand, he reached
down with his right and gripped my balls and penis. He was gentle, but
began to massage my balls until I became hard again. He would run his
fingers under my balls and rub my anus on occasion. He finally gripped my
penis with his thumb and two fingers. He started to stroke up and down. I
closed my eyes and began to offer low moans as he slowly increased his
speed. As he reached a fast pace, I could feel my body responding. He
moved his left hand from the back of my neck to my butt. His large hand
gripped my entire bottom as I clenched my cheeks together. I could feel my
groin began to spasm. Even under these circumstances, I began to feel
pleasure at the hands of someone other than myself.

As he maintained his large grip on my ass, and worked my penis as full
speed, I stiffened my body. "Ohh, Ohhhhhhh, Ohhh" I moaned. At that
moment I tensed and shot my first load into the spraying water. Steve
continued stroking me as I continued offering more sperm. He began to slow
down as he sensed that I could not take anymore.

I realized that I was leaning against his naked body as I attempted to
catch my breath. My body was spent. I wanted to lie down and rest, but
that wasn't my decision to make.

Steve grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash me. It felt strange to
have someone else treating me as though I were a small child. He never
said a word as he continued to soap up every inch of my body using a bar of
soap in his bare hand. He shampooed my hair and began to rinse me off
starting with my head and working down to my feet.

Steve turned off the water and opened the shower door. He directed me
to step out and then he followed behind. He grabbed a towel and dried
himself as I stood dripping water on the floor. Once finished, he used his
towel to dry me off. I held onto his shoulders as he knelt down to dry my
penis, bottom, legs, and feet.

I was hoping this was it, and that he would allow me to get dressed.
All I wanted to do was go to my room and withdraw into my world. A world
without Steve. He opened the bathroom door and walked into my mom's
bedroom. "Come here son", he ordered. I hated it when men called me son,
but I walked slowly into the room trying to guess his next move. Maybe he
is planning to spank me. He grabbed all the pillows from the unmade bed
and stacked them on the edge of the bed. I began to cry quietly. My mom didn't even spank me. I was afraid to have a large man do it. I knew that
it would hurt.

"Please don't, Steve" I pleaded.

"What happened to sir?" he asked. "I didn't say you could call me

"Yes sir" I squeaked.

I noticed that his erection was larger again. He never went completely
soft while we were in the shower, but now he was rock hard. His penis
stood several inches as it extended from his big bush of black hair.

He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to stand in front of the pillows
facing the bed. "Bend over and lay over the pillows" he said. I did as he
said. I laid my body over the mound of pillows and placed my face against
the soft sheets and blanket. I buried my face to absorb my tears as I
puckered my butt cheeks tight to reduce the impending blows. The pillows
were high enough so that my feet didn't touch the floor.

I waited for him to smack my rear as I kept my eyes closed. I jumped as
I felt his large hand touch my butt. He began to rub it in circles. He
worked his way down between my legs and played with my balls. He stepped
away and returned in a few seconds. I didn't look for fear that he might
be getting a belt. All of a sudden I felt a cold, cream as he rubbed
lotion in my crack. He pulled my legs apart and stood behind me. He
placed his left hand on my waist and pulled my cheeks apart with the other.
I didn't know what was going to happen until I felt his penis brush up
against my anus. He grabbed my waist with both hands and began to push his
penis forward. I tightened up my hole to resist penetration. I couldn't
believe he was going to screw me like my mom.

He kept rocking his hard member forward until he broke through my
barrier. I could not resist the pressure as his head passed by the
sphincter muscles and popped into my anus. I hadn't noticed how wide his
penis was, but it felt like a coke bottle was being pushed into me. Sharp
pain struck through my body, and it felt as though knives were cutting my
tender flesh.

He continued to rock back and forth in small movements, and added a
little more of his length to my bowels. I began to cry loudly in pain.
"Oowww. Owww, Please stop. It hurts. Please stop. I won't watch you
anymore. Please stop".

He didn't acknowledge my pleas for help. He continued deeper until he
had buried the entire 11 inches into my virgin hole. As I was dealing with
the pain and sobbing, he placed a hand on my shoulder and leaned forward to
placed the weight of his body on mine. He began to hump faster and faster.
He was ramming his rod in and out of me at lightning speed. He gripped my
body tightly with his hands and continued to pump.

"Like mother like son" he said. "In fact you're a better fuck than she

He continue pumping a hard as he could. His dick popped out a couple of
times and he quickly realigned it and rammed it in. I could hear the
smacking sound as his groin slapped my butt. In addition, I could
occasionally hear a slurping sound as he pulled his plunger from my hole. I
was certain that if I had any poop left it would have been sucked out by
his efforts. My body rocked back and forth with the rhythm of his

He increased his speed and pumped me violently as he tightened his grip
so that I was in pain from his large strong hands. The smacking sound
increased and became faster as well. He raised his upper body and
stiffened and he rammed his penis in deep and planted it in my ass and held
it in place. He then started pumping again for a couple of times and
repeated the same process. He rammed his penis deep and held it in place.
"Ohhhh, Ohhhhh. You little cunt, I think your a better lay than your mom."
he said as he finished planting his seed deep in my bowels. He pumped
slowly until he was finished. I was relieved when he pulled his 11 inches
from my abused anus. I lay lifeless on the bed and continued to cry while
he rolled over onto the bed to get his breath.

I crawled up onto the bed and fell asleep with his sperm slowly draining
from my butt. My mom continued dating Steve for a few months. His sexual
appetite wasn't easily satisfied. He managed to screw us both several
times each week.

Recently he introduced a new twist to his sex rituals. After the three
of us sat watching television, Steve turned it off, and asked, "Which one
of you should I fuck tonight?"

I immediately looked away hoping that I wasn't the winner. My mom didn't say a word. I wondered if she was hoping it was going to be me.
Steve paused for a moment, and then got up from his recliner and stood in
the middle of the room looking at us both. I knew he was about to take one
of us to the bedroom for a good screw. My heart was pounding with fear.

"Well, why should I choose when I can screw both of you?" he said.

I was shocked. I looked over at my mom for help. She looked surprised
as well. Steve walked towards the bedroom, as he barked, "Don't keep me
waiting. I've gotta work tomorrow".

mom got up and stood next to me. "Come on son, don't make him mad" she

"Mom, please don't make me. This isn't right" I pleaded.

She placed her finger on my lips to shut me up. "Come on. I don't like
it any better than you do, but it's what he wants." She took me by the hand
and gently pulled me to her bedroom. We walked into the door as Steve was
pulling his boxer shorts down to reveal his erection. He walked over to my
mom, and began to remove her clothes. He unbuttoned her shirt and pulled
he off. Then he unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. My mom stepped
out of them as they dropped to the floor. She stood wearing her bra and

Steve reached around her and unsnapped her bra as he kissed her
passionately. I got a good look at my mom's breasts. They were quite
firm, with perfect tan nipples. I felt guilty that I was getting an
erection from looking at my mom. Steve slowly pulled her panties off of
her, and I blushed as he kissed her and allowed his hands to explore her
butt. I never realized what a hot babe my mom was. I felt terrible, but
my pants were pounding.

I interrupted my curiosity gazing to realize that of the three of us, I
was the only one wearing any clothes. Steve looked over at me and smiled.
He looked over at my mom, and said, "Take off his clothes".

"No mom, I don't want you to" I responded.

She put her arm on my shoulder, and said, "Honey, don't worry. I've
seen you naked plenty of times."

"But mom, you haven't seen me naked for years. I don't want to do
this", I said.

She turned to Steve, and he gave her a look that ended my argument.
With that, she stood in front of me, placed her mouth next to my ear and
whispered, "Don't worry honey. It will all be over in a while" as she
reached down and pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. She dropped the
shirt to the floor, and then looked at Steve.

"Go ahead" he ordered.

mom knelt down and reached up for my shorts. She pulled them down as I
turned a bright shade of red. It was certain that she was looking directly
at my hard on. She reached over and removed my socks as I steadied myself
on her bare shoulders. She looked up at me, and said, "Relax honey" as she
began to pull my underpants down. It was apparent that she was experienced
as she raised the front and dropped past my penis. I closed my eyes, as
she gently pulled them to my feet.

Steve lay back on the bed, and motioned for both of us to move to him.
"Come here Tim, and lay down next to me" he instructed.

I did as he said. We were lying side by side on the bed. He spread his
legs and said to my mom, "Suck my dick, babe". mom crawled onto the bed
and positioned herself between his legs and began to rub his penis to
stimulate his erection. As I lay there watching, my penis became rock hard
and began to leak a little clear precum.

mom placed her lips over Steve's penis and then started licking up and
down his shaft. She placed her mouth completely over his dick and began to
move up and down. Steve closed his eyes and moaned as she worked her magic
on his member.

After a few minutes he reached down and stopped her. "Suck the boy", he
said. mom looked up at me as she crawled in front of me.

"Spread you legs honey" she said as she moved to my right side. She
made herself comfortable and placed her left arm around my back. Taking
her right arm, she placed her hand on my stomach and began to rub in

"Please don't mom. I don't wanna do this" I begged.

She looked up and whispered in my ear, "Shhhh. Be quiet or you'll make
Steve angry."

I knew that I didn't have a chance. mom began to move her hand lower as
she began to caress my balls. I closed my eyes as she moved up my shaft
with a soft loving mother's touch. I felt bad about feeling pleasure from
my own mother.

She reached over and licked the precum from the tip of my penis. Her
mouth was warm and wet. She swallowed the clear juice and pulled back my
foreskin and began to run her tongue around the head of my penis. I fought
to keep the sperm from shooting in my mom's mouth.

mom placed her mouth completely over my penis and began to pump up and
down. "Ummmm. Ummmmmm. Oh mom", I moaned. She continued to suck and
lick. I tried to ignore the feelings and keep my sperm under control. I
didn't want to cum in my mom's mouth, but if she didn't stop now I was
going to feed her my cream.

She kept moving up and down as her lips closed tight on my penis, and
she moved her tongue to massage my head. She reached down with her right
hand and gently played with my balls. I raised my hip, as she moved her
hand to gently rub my bottom.

"Ohhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh", I moaned louder hoping my mom would move
her mouth from my throbbing penis. As she moved her mouth up and placed
her lips over the head of my penis and continued to rub my bottom, I shot a
load of sperm into her mouth. She masturbated my penis with her right hand
as she kept her mouth on the tip of my dick to catch every drop. "Umm.
Ummmmm. Ohhhhh" I moaned as I continued to feed more sperm to my mother.
She slowed the pumping and continued to lick up any remains.

I opened my eyes as she moved her head from my crotch. Steve was
smiling and his dick was standing straight up. He sat up and instructed my
mom to take his place and to lie on her back with her legs spread wide.

He looked at me and ordered, "Okay kid, I want you in the middle of the
bed doggie style. I crawled up onto the bed as he instructed facing my
mother. Steve moved behind me and grabbed my hips as he said, "Ever eat
any pussy, Tim?"

I shook my head to indicate no. "Reach down and start licking, son", as
he motioned towards my mom's crotch. I hesitated and looked at my mom.
Her eyes were closed. All of a sudden, SMAAAAAAAACK. I jumped from the
pain. Steve had slapped me hard on my ass. "Get started", he said.

My mom opened her eyes when she heard the slap, and said, "it's okay
Tim. Just do as your told".

I placed my face directly in front of her bush. I had no idea what I
was doing. My mom could tell so she reached down and pulled the lips of
her vagina apart. I moved my nose to her pussy. It smelled terrible, but
I had to get started or Steve would spank me. I closed my eyes and
stretched out my tongue. I moved my face forward slowly until I felt her
warm wet flesh. I started to move my tongue around a little. I didn't
care for the taste very much, but I had no choice but to continue.

I moved in closer and began to lick up and down. I stretched my tongue
out to lick deeper. My mom grabbed my head and began to position herself
to get more pleasure.

"That's it baby" she said. "Good boy".

As I continued I felt Steve rubbing my bottom. He move me a little to
position my body. I felt the lotion as he rubbed it into my crack. I knew
what this meant. He was about to screw me in the ass. I stopped licking
my mom for a minute, but he scolded me. I began to lick again as I felt
Steve press his penis into my anus. I stopped to recover from the sharp

"Keep licking", Steve ordered as he began to pump slowly. I continued
licking my mom's vagina as he started pumping my behind with a rhythm. As
he pushed forward, my face would press deeper into mom's pussy. She began
to moan. My face was completely wet from her pussy.

As she started to moan, I heard Steve doing the same. He was pounding
me hard, as he gripped my hips. Faster and faster, I continued to lick my
mom. She was moaning louder now just as she does when Steve screws her.
Steve continued to moan as well. Both were getting louder and my body
rocked back and forth faster and faster. Steve moved into high gear and
pumped me hard. I could hear mom yell and Steve moan loudly as they both
reached orgasm. Steve pumped his sperm into my boy hole as he slowed his
pumping to squeeze every drop into my ass.

I lifted my face from my mother's crotch and wiped my face on the
sheets. Steve pulled his dick from my asshole and moved off of me. I went
to my room and jumped into bed. When my mom came in the next morning, she
found me still naked and kissed me on the lips as she rubbed my soft penis
to wake me up.

My life changed a great deal since that Labor Day.


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