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Lakeside Youth Sanatorium

By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
A lot of people wonder why a guy like me became a nurse.
The main reason is pussy which is pretty much the reason
for everything I do.

Four years ago I was looking for something different and
decided to enroll at Lakeside Community College. I went
for the Nursing Program because I heard most nurses are
free with their snatch and decided it was the best place to
get some serious action. During the process of me fucking
every student nurse in the class, I ended up graduating.
It was a bitch having to leave the promised land and get a
job, but I always land on my feet so I wasn't too

Most nurses won't work in a sanatorium and hardly anyone
wants to deal with teenagers. Since I didn't graduate at
the top of the class, I had to take a four day week, 6 PM
to 6 AM shift at the Lakeside Youth Sanatorium. It turned
out to be the best move of my life. It wasn't just the
good pay and benefits either. The hidden perks were

The night shift gives out most of the drugs so I had
ready access to anything I wanted. I think using is
stupid, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't let someone else
fuck up. I learned right away that sedating most of these
fools was the best way to go. That's standard
psychotherapy. Someone drops off a raving loonie and the
next time they see the jerk he's calm as can be. People
think progress was made and of course the patient is real
easy to take care of when he can't do anything but walk
around and mumble.

Most of the patients are between 12 and 15 years of age,
and all of them come from rich families. I could of copped
an attitude right away with these pampered assholes, but
fucking with them all the time gave me a whole different
perspective. Rich people can afford diseases that poor
people can't even spell. I figured I could help make their
problems real.

Mandy Kozarn is a perfect example. Most people have
heard of the Kozarn Family. They're big in computers,
software and all the other dot com stuff that pays off
major league. So of course she's an anorexic and thinks
she has problems even though she's been handed everything
on a silver platter.

I found out how easy it was to mess with her head after
eating dinner one night. The cook always gave me as much
as I wanted to eat including something to take back to the
ward for a late night snack. I don't know how I thought of
it, but I decided to fill a plate to overflowing with every
fattening thing I could think off. Just to make sure, I
covered the whole mess with gravy and whipped cream. It
almost made me sick to carry it back to the ward.

Mandy was doing her impression of a Dachau inmate when I
walked into her room. The cunt weighed 91 pounds of
nothing but skin and bones. She tried to hide it with real
loose clothes, but that only made her look worse.

"Here's a tray for you, Mandy, and I'm gonna sit here
until you eat it all. Get your ass started or I'll shove
it down you throat you skinny bitch."

"Take it away. Take it away. I can't eat it. Please
go away."

"You got to have some nourishment so I'll give you a
choice. You can eat everything on the plate or you can
suck me dry."

I didn't have to wait for her answer. I was unzipping
my fly when she started to throw up. It wasn't much, but I
figured she wasn't going to be eating a big meal any time
soon. She looked at me like she didn't understand what I
was saying which pissed me off to no end. I grabbed her
hair and pulled her down to her knees. Still no
comprehension. All I needed to do was move the plate of
food around and the bitch started pulling my cock out of my
pants. It took her some time to let my nine-incher see the
light of day. It was almost hard by then and her grabbing
it got it the rest of the way along.

She was trying to act like some sort of a martyr and
really wasn't getting into it much. Just a slow suck which
was fine with me. I had all night and her mouth was like a
vacuum cleaner. Eventually she figured she better end it
so she got down and hummed my big pole. I made her swallow
the whole mess and thought it was probably the best meal
she had in days. Every time I needed a good laugh, I'd
bring a big plate of food into her room to see what she'd
be willing to do instead of eat.
The job had its down sides, too. Teen boys are nothing
but trouble anyway and worse when their heads are all
scrambled. And, of course, the rich ones are a complete
pain in the ass. I learned early how to handle the

We used Thorazine to sedate the patients when they
started to act up. Every one of them had it prescribed 'as
needed' so that meant I could give them as much as I
wanted. This saved me no end of grief.

I heard two of the rich boys screaming at each other in
one of the rooms. I just grabbed a syringe and the bottle
of T and went looking for the problem. I only had the one
syringe but who would know?

"Get your clothes off, shit heads, and do it fast."
These two had my boot in their asses more than once so they
knew there was no backing away from anything I said. In no
time at all they were standing there in nothing but skin.

I shot each one up with about four times the usual dose.
They were walking around like robots after five minutes and
acting very cooperative. In fact I decided to do what I
call a science experiment. I got the two boys to stand in
front of each other and grab the other one's cock. All I
had to do was say something and they'd get right to it. I
had to repeat myself a lot since they tended to forget
things real fast but that wasn't too big a deal.

It took a little time, but they finally got each other
hard. I could of let it go like that and they would of
shot their wads at each other. It seemed like a better
idea to teach them something new.

"Tommy, get on your hands and knees. Yah, spread your
legs a little bit. Good."

"Billy, stick you cock into Tommy's asshole. It's the
brown thing right in front of you."

I loved watching Billy ream Tommy. Just minutes earlier
they were fighting and now they were acting like two
lovers. Billy must of liked what he was doing because he
came after a minute or two. There wasn't a lot of blood
coming out of Tommy's asshole so he'd just think he had
trouble taking a shit whenever he notice the problem.

"Tommy, you got shit all over Billy's dick. You better
lick it off before he gets mad."

Tommy must of figured I was on to something and he soon
got to licking Billy clean. One thing I have to say about
13 year old boys, they come back fast. All the licking and
cleaning got Billy hard as a rock again so I told Tommy
that since he was down there anyhow, he might as well give
Billy a blow job.

I could of spent the rest of my shift fucking with those
two, but I had other things to do.

girls usually do what they're told and don't cause a lot
of problems. It's just the way they are. Sissy Pine was
way beyond that. She wanted to please and if you even
looked a little bit unhappy with her, she would break down
and cry. I think everyone including most of the patients
fucked with her one way or the other. About the only
friend she had was the ward dog, Barkie. He was the most
friendly dog you could imagine and thought that Sissy was
special. I figured she owed him.

One night I found her playing with Barkie in her room.
They seemed to be having a good time so I decided to mess
with her head.

"You never do anything for Barkie, you lazy bitch." She
was starting to cry already. "It's time you paid him back
for being your friend."

It took me some time to get her to take off her clothes
and then get on the floor with the dog. Barkie had no idea
what was going on and just wanted to play. I had Sissy
give herself a hand job to let the dog get the idea. He
finally started paying attention and was licking her pussy
while she moved her hand in and out of her slot. She was
really crying by then and I thought she might not like
having a dog lick her box. By this time the dog's red cock
was sticking out and looked ready to go. When I put him on
Sissy's back he tried to slam it into her pussy, but only
ended up slapping it into her legs.

"Stick Barkie's cock into your pussy and quit messing
with the dog. What kind of an asshole are you anyway?"

She was crying a lot louder now, but her hand did move
back and guide the lust-crazed dog's dick into her box. I
don't think she was ready for him to slam it to her that
hard. Her crying turned to screams for a while and then
she seemed to get into it. I watched Barkie go for it
another three or four minutes until he came. She found out
the rest of it when the dog's cock expanded and the two of
them were stuck together on the floor. I think it was
painful but couldn't say for sure. I figure girls are made
for that sort of thing anyway, so mostly it was just her

Barkie was probably one of the happiest dogs around. I
told Sissy that she was a horrible person and to make up
for it she had to fuck Barkie every night and then give him
a blow job. The dog was confused when she tried to suck
him off the first time. I doubt if dogs give each other
head. He caught on fast and pretty soon he was following
her around everywhere she went. It couldn't of been all
that bad for her since she made her parents buy the dog
when she was finally released from care.

Deirdre Klein had a bad chase of schizophrenia. The
doctors tried all kinds of meds but nothing seemed to work
and she stayed in a dream world all the time. She would
cooperate with anything and go where you wanted her to go
but that was about it. She had to be fed and dressed. The
worst part was her pissing and shitting her clothes all the
time. She caused me a lot of extra work so I decided she
owed me.

Since the boys came from rich families, they had plenty
of money. They were always horny, too, so I was able to
make some cash to supplement my paycheck. When one of the
boys slipped me a few bucks I'd bring Deirdre into his room
and let him do whatever he wanted to her. I figure she
must have been fucked and reamed more times than your
average hooker. She never said anything about it so I must
have been doing her a favor. Sometimes I'd move her around
to five or six different rooms in a night. A couple of
those boys were pretty kinky and she ended up with some odd
bruises and bumps. All I had to do was put something in
her chart about her falling out of bed and no one was the

I thought I was screwed when Herbie Rocktower's dad told
me he knew I was fixing his son up with a whore. It turns
out that he wanted to be part of the action and was willing
to pay double for the shot at some 14 year old snatch. Why
not? It's not like Deirdre's pussy was going to wear out
and she didn't know it happened anyway. I saw Herbie's dad
visiting about twice a week and each time he gave me some
coin and I set him up.

There was a problem when Mr. Rocktower got an emergency
call one night. I figured I better interrupt in case it
really was important. I didn't think he'd mind me watching
his middle aged ass thrashing some tight little teen cunt.
Well, I was wrong in more ways than one.

When I got into the room I saw Deirdre laying on her
back which by now was becoming a familiar place for her.
Herbie was slipping it to her and he seemed to be having a
great time. It might have been because Deirdre was doing
it for him, or it could of been because of his father's big
cock that was jammed into his bung hole. I had to admit
that this was a new one for me and watched them go at it
for awhile. It must of been something they worked on
because father and son had a simultaneous orgasm. I don't
think Deirdre knew what happen.

Deirdre helped me out in other ways.

The shit in her bed pissed me off so I decided to see
what I could do with it to make up for my troubles. It was
fun the first couple of times I filled her hands with shit
and watched to see what she did with it. Painting her with
shit was fun, too, but there's only so much you can do in
that medium. My father didn't raise a dummy and it finally
came to me.

Deirdre shit her bed maybe once or twice a day. Now
that I had my plan, I happily cleaned it up. It wasn't
real messy and just a matter of getting used to putting the
brown logs into a bed pan.

Once I collected the nights work, I walked over to
Mandy's room and played a little game with her.

"You worthless cunt." I pretty much thought all of the
bitches were that and it seemed to get their attention.
"You're not eating because you think you're lower than
dirt. What did you do, fuck your old man or something?
Well, I got a better way for you to show us you're nothing
but scum. Eat this."

She didn't put it together at first and almost gagged
when I set the pan of warm shit in front of her. Her brain
mustn't of been working all that well because it took her a
minute to see that this was even better than not eating.
She looked around for a spoon or fork, but when she saw me
shake my head no, she buried her face in the pan and ate
like a pig. I never got tired of watching her do it and
she seemed to like it herself. I think she started to
acquire a taste for Deirdre's shit, or at least she didn't
gag when I gave it to her.

Through no fault of my own. I may have saved her life.
She started gaining weight and after a couple of months she
was up to 112 pounds. The doctors tried to take credit for
it but, when her father showed up to bring her home, she
told him that I was the one who got her to eat and she had
to have me around or she would starve herself again.

It didn't take him any time at all to put me on the
payroll at a sizable increase. Since Mandy was now my only
patient, I used her for all my little pranks. After awhile
I ran out of my own ideas and had to ask some of my friends
for new ways to demean her. Mandy was willing to do
anything as long as she felt humiliated and punished. The
list of things I got her to do is endless but my personal
favorite is when I took her downtown and watched six bag
ladies gang bang her in an alley. I had to keep back
because those bitches smelled so bad they could hardly
stand being next to each other. They did teach Mandy a few
new tricks and after I cleaned her up and dressed the
wounds she seemed almost good as new.
I always felt that someone like me would end up in jail
for the shit I pulled. It didn't stop me but it was always
there in the back of my mind. It turns out I was wrong
about that, too. Mr. Rocktower was so happy with the way
I got his daughter back to health that he didn't mind it
when she said she wanted to marry me. It was easy to get
her to do it after I told her I couldn't think of a worse
person for her to marry than me.

We're living in a big house he bought us as a wedding
present and I get a regular check every month. He figured
it would be better for me to be his heir since she had a
history of mental illness. I agreed and told him I'd
always be there to take care of her. Of course once I get
the money, she'll find her ass downtown with the rest of
the bag ladies.

We've never been able to have children and that is a
problem since I wanted some heirs to torture with changing
the will every time someone got out of line. That problem
will soon be solved. I found two eleven year old twin
girls whose parents were killed in a car accident. After I
slipped the case worker a couple of bucks, she approved the

I hope the two bitches are still virgins when they
finally arrive here.
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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