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By Felix Phile copyright Dec. 1999

During my time as a student I had many summer jobs, most of them
typical student jobs. This is the story of one of them.

One year when I was about 20, I spent the summer working for a
'Landscape Architect', which meant that I mostly mowed lawns. It
was a pretty good job - it didn't pay a lot but I got to spend my
time outdoors being active. I would show up at my boss's house
every day at 8:00 and we'd drive in his pickup to the first
location we'd be working at that day. Most of the time we'd work
at several different houses in one day, some of them really fancy
places that took a lot of work. Not just cutting the lawn but a
lot of trimming and weeding too.

Other places would be quite small, one person could do the work in
an hour or two. When we had one of these my boss would drop me and
a lawn mower off, then he'd go on to another place. I'd do the
work by myself until he came back to pick me up.

One of the contracts he had was with a small gated community. It
was really just a short 'U'-shaped street that was all private
property. I'm not sure exactly what the setup was but I know there
were some really strict rules. Everyone had to use the same colour
for painting their houses, no one was allowed a tv antenna on the
roof, things like that. Part of the deal was all the backyards
more than about 10 feet beyond the back of the house were common
property and weren't fenced off. My boss had the contract to
maintain all of the vegetation in this community.

Along the bottom end of the 'U', behind the houses, grew a small
stand of pine trees. The soil there was pretty sandy too. Because
of the trees and the soil and maybe for some other reason grass
just wouldn't last in this area. It would be fine until July or
August and then just dry up and die. My boss tried to talk the
owners into something other than grass but they just wouldn't go
for anything else, so every summer he'd put down new sod on top of
the old.

There was quite a bit of work to this, dumping topsoil onto the
old grass, raking it out, putting down rolls of new sod, watering
it all down. It was going to take a couple of weeks for two of us
to do it all. After a few days he decided that he couldn't leave
his other customers for too long and that I'd have to do the work
myself. At first, he'd drop me off in the morning and then come
back in the afternoon to check the work before going home. By the
start of the second week I was getting there and back on the bus
and he'd just drive by to make sure I had enough topsoil and sods
to keep going.

I really enjoyed the work. It was pretty hard and dirty but I was
getting in good shape. The Walkman hadn't been invented then but
I'd bring a radio and plug it in wherever I was working. I'd work
until lunch cleaning an area then spreading topsoil. After lunch
I'd put down the sods and pound them down. Then I'd have to water
them for an hour or so. Watering was easy work, just spraying with
a hose, which was good as it would be the hottest part of the day.
Then I'd rinse off as best I could and hop the bus home.

Then one day, which started just like every other day, I was busy
putting down topsoil behind one of the houses. I had my back to
the house as I raked out the dirt when I heard a girl's voice
behind me call out, "Hi."

I turned around to see who it was. Standing at the patio door that
each of these houses had was a girl that I took to be about 16
years old. I rested my rake on the ground, wiped some sweat off my
face and said, "Hi," in return.

"Can I talk to you?" she said.

"Sure," I said, then put down the rake and picked up my water
bottle from the patio.

"I'm Beth, I'm home sick today."

I thought it was a little odd that she'd tell me this. For one
thing, high school was out for the summer by now.

"Hi, I'm Felix. I'm putting in your grass." I paused, took a
drink, then added, "What do you want to talk about?"

"Oh, just stuff. None of my friends are around. They're all in

"But you're not."

"No, I didn't feel good this morning. I think I'm having... you
know... my thing."

I didn't know. I had an idea but again it seemed odd that she'd be
telling me this. "No, what thing?" I asked.

"You know... my woman's thing. I had a cramp this morning and my
mom said I could stay home when she went to work."

I was a little uncomfortable talking about this so I said, "I'd
better get back to work."

"O.K." she said, then "Can I watch?"

"Sure, I guess," I replied, then put down my bottle and picked up
the rake. I started spreading out the little piles of soil that
I'd shoveled on to the lawn earlier. I could see Beth as I worked.
She stood in the door for a little while then sat on the step.
After a bit I stood up straight to rest my back. Beth called out,
"How old do you think I am?"

Again, a strange thing to ask. I thought for a moment and then
said, "About sixteen?"

She stood up and said rather proudly, "I'm thirteen."

I didn't know what to say to this. It certainly went a long way
towards explaining her behaviour and why she'd still be in school.
I took a good look at her, more thoroughly this time. She was
tall, only a few inches shorter than my 5' 10". She had long dirty
blond hair down past wide shoulders. What I could see of her tits
under a white T-shirt were very good for thirteen. Not huge but
very respectable. Her hips were full, well developed inside her
cut-off shorts, and I could see that she had nicely rounded thighs
and calves with the skin you'd expect of that age. There was just
a touch of baby fat that served to fill out her curves.

My guess was that she'd hit puberty early. Combine that with a
large frame and she had the build of someone several years older.
She might turn out statuesque in later years or maybe just stocky.
She was obviously quite proud that she looked several years older
than she was.

"Well, you certainly look older," I told her.

"I'm in grade seven and I'm the tallest girl in my class. Do you
like me?"

I realized that she wasn't just bored, that she was flirting in a
simple way. Normally I would have brushed her off but I hadn't
really had any female companionship in ages and her interest was
flattering. I figured there wasn't any harm in talking to her
while I worked so I said, "Well, you're very pretty."

She looked pleased with that and said, "Some of the older guys at
school think I'm sexy. One of them told me that when we were in
the park after school."

This sound interesting in a vicarious sort of way so I prompted
her, "What were you doing in the park?" That was all she needed
because she obviously wanted to tell me the story.

"Well, Grant, this guy who's in grade eleven and seventeen was
talking to me after school and he asked if I wanted to go to the
park and I said O.K. 'cause he's seventeen and I didn't have to be
home until suppertime when my mother gets home. So we went to the
park and we walked around and he said 'Do you want to look in the
woods?' and I said that I never go there, which I did a couple of
times before. He told me it was really cool and he could show me
his fort so I said O.K. We went into the woods to where there was
this big hole in the ground with a big piece of wood on the bottom
that somebody dug out. He said it was his fort but I knew it had
been there before. So he jumped in and helped me climb down and we
sat on the wood and he put his arm around me."

At this point she was sitting on the step and looking at me with
kind of excited look. "So then what happened?" I asked. I had been
seventeen not long before and I knew what I would have been trying
to do back then if I had any female past puberty in the woods.

"Well, he told me about how he and his friends thought that I was
really cute and sexy and how they wanted to talk to me but they
couldn't because I was only in grade seven but he wanted to talk
to me anyway. Well, then he put his other arm around me and tried
to squeeze my ... my booby and he squeezed too hard and it hurt so
I pushed him off me. He tried to pull me and told me I had big
tits and how I was always trying to show them and he wanted to
feel them. I told him to get the 'F' away from me and I was going
to scream and he said I was just a ... some bad stuff and I got
out and ran home. Do you think I'm a ... a ... bad person?"

"No," I said, "I think he was an asshole trying to make a nice
girl do something she didn't want to do." I did think to myself
that I understood why he'd want to touch those tits and she
probably had been showing them off a little too much. But he still
was an asshole.

"Yeah, I think so too," she said.

Just about then I realized that we'd been talking for a while and
it was lunchtime soon. I told her that I had to get back to work
so I could finish raking out the dirt by lunch. I picked up the
rake and started working hard, spreading out the dirt as I thought
about her in the woods and what her tits would be like. I think I
worked a little faster since I was kind of excited. I managed to
get the dirt evenly distributed by just about my regular

I walked out to where the main pile of dirt and sods were, dropped
the rake and grabbed my lunch bag. I didn't want to sit in the sun
so I took it back to where I'd been working. I washed my hands
using the hose then sat down on the patio beside the radio and
pulled out a sandwich. Just as I was taking a bite I heard the
screen door open, I looked up and saw Beth.

She smiled at me and said, "Do you want to eat lunch inside?"

I looked down at my filthy clothes and said, "No, I don't think I
should go inside like this. But thanks for asking."

She looked at me and giggled, then said, "You are really dirty.
Can I have lunch with you?"

"It's your patio, go ahead," I said jokingly.

"O.K., I'll be right back."

She went in the house and I started my sandwich again. In a few
minutes she came back carrying a tray with a sandwich on a plate,
a bowl of potato chips, and a couple of cans of Coke.

She put the tray down beside me and then sat beside it. "I brought
you a Coke and some chips," she said. I had some stuff in my bag
but she was being really nice so I thanked her and took a can.

She chewed on part of her sandwich for a while then started to
talk, "That guy said I was sexy and cute but then he said I was a
... a ... a fat slut. Do you think that I'm a fat slut?"

I looked at her and then said, "No, I think he was pissed off
because he couldn't do what he wanted. You're definitely not a
slut because you didn't do anything. You're bigger than most girls
your age are, but you're not fat. He just wanted to be mean
because you stopped him. I think you acted very grown up and you
have to remember that guys like that are jerks."

She looked pleased with that and then asked, "So, do you think I'm

I didn't want to go too far with this, but I was a normally horny
guy, and it was stimulating to talk to her like this, so I
continued, "I think you must be the sexiest girl in grade seven
and maybe you shouldn't try to show it off so much if you don't
want guys thinking you're a slut."

"Yeah, I guess so. But sometimes I want to do something with a
boy. I necked with a boy in grade eight one time but I don't think
he ever necked before. I want to do it with someone who can do it
right. An older boy."

"I think you can get into trouble doing that. Somebody like that
guy in the park won't be much better and he'll just get you into

"Yeah, maybe I need to find an even older guy."

I decided that it was time to change the subject. I asked her
about school and when she'd get out for summer. We talked about
this and that while we ate lunch. Soon my self-allotted lunch
break was almost up and I told Beth that I'd have to be getting
back to work. She asked when would I finish and I told her that I
normally worked until about 4:00 when I finished watering. She
asked if she could see me when I finished and I said, "Well, if
you're here when I finish then I guess you'll see me."

She said, "You know what I mean," then picked up the tray and went

I went back to work. I loaded the wheelbarrow with sods and
brought them back to put on the dirt that I'd spread earlier. A
couple more loads and I soon had enough to cover the area. I'd
grab one, throw it on the ground and unroll it, kicking it into
place with my work-boots. I worked pretty hard, feeling the
stimulation of our conversation and trying to focus on what I was
doing. At one point I could see Beth looking out a window at me.
It looked like she moving slowly side to side, rubbing against
something, as she watched. When she saw that I saw her she moved
away quickly. I smiled to myself as I worked.

By 3:00 I'd finished putting down the sods and stamping them down.
I grabbed the hose and started to water them. After a couple of
minutes I heard Beth coming out. I looked over and said 'Hi'. She
asked what I was doing and I explained that the sods had to be
well soaked, as their roots weren't into the soil yet.

"Why don't you use a sprinkler?"

"Most of these areas are full of corners and stuff and I use the
hose to get it all watered. I guess I could use one here though if
I had one."

Beth ran around the corner and came back with a sprinkler. "You
can use ours, then you can be finished."

"Sure, why not."

I hooked it up and set it going in a couple of minutes.

Beth said, "Now you're done. Do you want a Coke? You could come

I said that I'd like a Coke but I was too dirty to go inside.

"You could have a shower," she really wanted me to go inside.

"What about your mom? And I don't have any clean clothes."

"My mom won't be home for hours and I'll wash your clothes. You
could have some that my dad left behind. There's a shower in the
basement and I'll bring the clothes."

At this point I figured 'What the hell'; "Sure, show me the way."

Beth told me to go to the side door. I went around and she opened
it from inside. I followed her down the stairs to a laundry room
that had a shower stall. It was meant to be used as a 'mud room'
when necessary. She brought me a towel and some old shorts and a
T-shirt, then went upstairs.

I really enjoyed the shower thinking it would be nice to go home
clean for a change. I finished, dried myself off, and put on the
clothes Beth had left. She'd given me a really ragged pair of gym
shorts and an old T-shirt with a beer logo. I would have to be
careful to stay decent in the shorts, they were so worn out. I
wondered if she'd planned that. I wiped down the shower stall with
the towel then I threw it into the washer along with my own
clothes. I added some detergent and started it up.

I called out, trying to find Beth. She answered and I followed the
sound through a doorway into another room in the basement. It
looked like someone had started to make a 'Rec Room' in the
basement but never got very far. It had been paneled with wood
veneer but the only things in it were a stuffed chair, a small
couch, and a TV. The chair had a pile of clean but unfolded
laundry on it and Beth was sitting on the couch.

She jumped up when I entered, posed with her arms spread and said,
"Ta Da". I looked at what she was wearing. She'd changed into a
tube-top and some satiny short-shorts. She looked at me and said,
"What do you think? Do I look sexy?"

I looked her over. The clothes certainly showed off her ripening
figure but they were definitely too obvious for my taste. And they
didn't flatter the remaining baby fat. She looked like trailer

"Well, you're sure showing everything. But I don't know, I think
you like you don't want to look."

"What do you mean?"

"I think you look like what that boy in the woods said."

"You mean a slut?"


She looked really sad when I said that. She'd dressed up trying to
look good for me and now I didn't like it. I tried to comfort her.

"I think you'd look really nice in a dress or a skirt or
something. Something pretty but not sleazy."

She brightened and said, "I know what," then ran upstairs.

While waiting I switched on the tv and tried to find something to
watch. It only got three channels down there in the basement and
all that was showing was 'soaps'. I left one on and sat on the
couch. It was small with only enough room for two people.

Soon Beth came back down. This time she was wearing a dress. It
was a green halter-necked sundress that came to just above her
knees. She obviously taken off her bra to wear it and jiggled just
slightly as she came in. Damn but she had great tits. High, firm,
and pointed.

She twirled around after she came in and asked what I thought now.

"That's much better. Now you look very sweet and attractive, and
that's sexy too."

"Good," she said and sat on the couch.

I sat beside her and we watched tv for a few minutes. Then Beth
spoke up and asked, "Have you kissed a lot of girls?"

I hesitated and then said, "Not a lot, why?"

She looked down, and then back at me and said, "Well, because I
don't know much about kissing and I want to know how."

"You must have kissed boys besides that guy in the park."

"Well, one time, but it was fast and I didn't learn much."

"Tell me about that time."

"Well, it was at my cousin Sarah's birthday party. She's a year
younger than me. We were at her house and there was a bunch of
kids and my Aunt Mary and my other cousin Steve who's her brother.
He's sixteen and he was helping at the party. Anyway, we were
playing hide and seek which is a little kidís game but we were
playing anyway and they have a really big house so there's lots of
places to hide like in the basement and upstairs and stuff. I was
going upstairs and Steve was going after me and he told me to go
to the top floor which is like this little floor at the top of the

"We got up there and he opened a door which was this closet where
there was a trap door to the attic and where they kept their
winter coats and stuff. He pushed me in and then went in with me.
So we had to stand really close because of all the coats and be
quiet so we wouldn't be found."

"And that's when you kissed?"


"What happened?"

"Well, he put his arms around me and started kissing. It was kind
of good so I kissed back."

"Was that all you did?"

"Well, he put his hands on my bum and squeezed. It felt kind of
good so I didn't stop him."

"What else did he do?"

"Well, he put one hand on the front and started rubbing my

By now I was trying to cover up the erection that had formed in
the beat up shorts I was wearing. I was picturing this well-
developed but naive girl getting felt-up in the closet.

"Did you like that?"

"I knew he shouldn't but I couldn't stop him. I was just frozen."

"I think you liked it. That's normal; it's supposed to feel good.
Then what did he do?"

"Nothing, we could hear people yelling for us to come and eat cake
so we went downstairs."

"Do you want to do that again?"

"Yeah, I'd like to but not some place where we have to hide. And I
want to learn how to kiss."

We watched tv for a few more minutes while I tried to push my
erection down and managed to rub it a little in the process. Then
Beth spoke up again, "Would you kiss me?"

Now I don't know if you know this, but the little guy with the
helmet and turtleneck sweater that lives in my pants has
extraordinary powers. Sometimes he changes from this soft little
guy to the man of steel and develops the ability to control my
mind. He had been undergoing this transformation as I listened to
her story and I was now under his command.

"I guess we could just do a little," I said.

Beth closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

"Let's get comfortable first," I said. I put my arm around her
shoulders and bent over slightly. I brushed her lips with mine.
She tried to push her mouth onto mine but I pulled away.

"No, start slowly. Just relax and take your time."

We started again. I kissed Beth lightly, just soft pecks really.
As she got used to this I pressed a little harder, then parted my
lips slightly and brushed my tongue across hers. This startled
her, but then she opened her lips and returned the tongue kisses.
Eventually we moved on to real French kissing, I lead the way and
she followed, copying my actions.

I was getting into this, forgetting that she was barely a
teenager, and really enjoying myself. I slid my free hand up her
side and then across onto her tit. She flinched, but then pressed
into my hand as she realized that I wasn't going to squeeze hard.
She moaned quietly and kissed even more excitedly. I couldn't
believe how firm her tit was, almost like foam rubber, and yet so

Suddenly I heard the washer in the other room shut off, my clothes
were done. I broke the kiss. I waited to catch my breath then
said, "I think my clothes are done. They better go into the
dryer." Then I realized that if I got up I'd look like a sailboat
with its boom out. "Maybe you should do it," I said to Beth.

"Yeah, O.K.," she replied, then got up and walked to the other
room. I could hear her moving the clothes from one machine to the
other. I tried to adjust my erection to the most comfortable
position, which was pointing towards my navel. As I heard her
coming back I put my hands in my lap to cover it.

"Can we kiss again?" Beth asked as she came back in.

"Uh, yeah," I said.

This time Beth didn't sit on the couch but walked over and
straddled my lap. I quickly pulled my hands away as she slid up
close to me. I reached out and grabbed her ass, pulling her up as
high as she would go. Now she was sitting right on my hard dick,
she couldn't help but feel it. She bent her head down and we
started kissing again, getting right into it.

I kept my hands on her ass, gently stroking. Beth really seemed to
like this and started rocking back and forth. I'm pretty sure she
was rubbing herself on my cock. It sure was doing wonders for me.
I slid my hands up under her dress to the top of her panties, then
slowly down over her full buttocks.

Beth was pushing down onto my cock harder and harder, then
suddenly she broke the kiss and pushed away from me. "I've got to
go to the bathroom," she said and climbed off my lap. She ran out
of the room and up the stairs. A minute or so later she came
running back. "That's better," she said and climbed back on my
lap. Once again I pulled her up on my lap and we started necking.
Again I ran my hands under her dress.

This time I didn't feel any panties though, just bare skin - she'd
left them upstairs. I could feel her smiling at my discovery as we
kissed. I just kissed harder and grabbed her ass, squeezing it as
she started rocking again.

Remembering those gorgeous tits that were now rubbing up and down
on my chest, I freed a hand and ran it up her side and onto one of
the beauties. I flicked my thumb back and forth over the nipple
feeling it rise to the occasion. 'I've got to see these,' I
thought. I put my hand behind her neck and pulled on the bow of
her halter. It released and I pulled on string down, pulling the
front with it.

I pulled my head back and looked at the pink mounds in front of
me. White, translucent skin, with fine veins showing through,
capped by pale pink nubbins. I moved to one, licking across the
nipple, then sucking it into my mouth. Beth just looked down at me
not sure what to do. I moved my mouth to the other and repeated
the process, pulling her chest hard against my mouth.

Beth gasped and her hips started moving again, this time losing
their steady rhythm and becoming chaotic. I think she was about to
cum for the first time. I heard her grunting softly in time with
the movements of her crotch over my hard cock head. "Uh, uh, uh."

I was determined to make this experience a good and satisfying one
for Beth. I kept sucking away and encouraging her hips to rock
back and forth. By now the old shorts I was wearing were soaked by
the various fluids coming out of both her and me, but I think they
were too rough on her tender parts.

Beth put her hand down onto the waistband of the shorts and,
lifting herself slightly, pushed the waistband down, freeing my
cock. She dropped down again so that it was now running freely up
and down her completely saturated groove. I was beyond thinking at
this point. I threw my head back against the couch, grabbed her
hips with both hands and started jerking them up and down across
my cock.

Beth leaned forward so that her tits were on my chest and changed
her motion so that she was now sliding up and down my chest. Of
course the obvious thing happened. She moved far enough up that
the head of my dick slid into the place it belonged. There was no
way that I was going to stop. My dick was now the all-powerful
master-of-creation with but one goal in mind - the placement of
its offering in the holy grotto.

Beth realized what had happened as she felt the head slip into her
opening. She paused for a moment and then just sat down, forcing
it in. It was a tight fit, but there wasn't the resistance that I
would have expected. I was in Valhalla, Nirvana, Paradise. I was a
god about to unleash lightning from my sceptre of power.

I was bucking like a bronco trying to shake its rider. Beth
reached her climax first and began to tighten even further. I
could take no more and began to squirt into her what felt like the
entirety of my balls.

Gradually we slowed and my cock shriveled down to almost nothing,
then fell out of her. As I recovered I realized what I, what we,
had done. I pushed Beth up so she was sitting upright.

"Beth," I said, "what we did, what I did to you, we shouldn't have

"But it's what boys and girls do, isn't it?"

"It's what older boys and girls do, not thirteen year-olds."

"Some thirteen year-olds do."

"Yeah, well they shouldn't, they're too young."

"Well I'm not too young. I wanted to learn and I made you teach

I realized that she had. Not that I was fighting it, but she had
led me on at each step.

"We better get cleaned up," I said, looking down at the mess we
were in.

"Yeah," she said and smiled, "I'll go upstairs."

I went into the shower and cleaned my self up, then I put on my
clothes that were now dry. I looked at the shorts which had a huge
pinkish wet patch. I pushed them down into the laundry room
garbage making sure they were well hidden.

Soon Beth came down again, still wearing her dress but looking
much tidier. She rinsed her face and brushed her hair. I reached
out and pulled her to me, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

"I think I'd better go now, before any neighbours come home."

We went up stairs to the side door which I opened and stepped

"Will I see you again?" Beth asked from the doorway.

"I'll be working here for another week or two," I replied.

"I think I'm going to have cramps tomorrow again," Beth said with
a grin.

"I hope they don't stop you from talking to the gardener," I said
and grinned back. I walked around the corner and turned off the
sprinkler which was still watering the lawn. I looked at the grass
and thought 'It's just going to die again. I wonder if I'll have
the same job next year.'

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