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Larry's story Intro



My name is Larry. I'm from New York originally, but at the age of 38,
I joined up with an all black theatre company in Portland, so I went
ahead and moved the wife and kid out West with me. Acting gigs aren't
always the easiest things in the world to come by, y'know, so sometimes
I have to take voiceover work. For awhile, I was actually doing some
teaching, the Portland High School of the Performing Arts hired me as
an "Artist-in-residence", meaning I didn't have to get a teaching
credential, but I came in every so often and I led some classes. Well,
that's all I did at first, anyway.

My schedule was pretty light, just one hour a day, plus some time on
the weekends to rehearse whatever play I picked to direct at the end of
each semester. Mondays I worked with the Advanced class, which was most
all the senior acting students, plus about half the junior class.
Tuesdays I had the Basics, all freshmen, and Wednesdays was an hour
with the Intermediates, the sophomores and the other half of the
juniors. Thursdays and Fridays I had off until I cast the play, then it
was an hour each day with whomever I cast in the play; private sessions
with the actors. Pretty sweet deal, I figured, considering I'd be
getting decent money for classes that didn't start until two every day
(this school was "alternative", the kids had academics in the morning,
then two hours of their art after lunch. My classes were all second-hour

I came to class that first Monday, acting exercises ready, monologues
photocopied, various plays I was considering doing... I thought I was
totally prepared. But in my haste to accept a job as easy and decent
paying as teaching acting part time at a high school, I had forgotten
one major element of high school... high school girls! My jaw must have
broke through the floor when I first walked into the acting room, where
I was to teach the Advanced class Monday afternoons. Of the almost dozen
girls in the room, six were hot as fuck, each in their own unique way,
of course, but they all had that thing... that thing you could never put
your finger on, but knew was there nonetheless. It had been missing from
my life, since my own high school days, now that I think about it, and
here I was standing in a room full of these amazing beauties, and they
were all looking at me.

The first girl to catch my eye, who I later learned was called Sara,
stood in the corner of the room nearest the door, talking with this
skinny kid... her boyfriend I figured. She had medium length brown hair,
straight, that framed her little oval face perfectly. Nice green eyes,
big-ass smile, a cute little blush when she got embarrassed. Only 16
and a junior, she had amazing tits for her age... I couldn't help but
stare a little at where they stretched out her purple Stegosaurus
t-shirt. Her hips curved out nicely from her petite waist, and man,
did she have a great ass: round, not too firm, not too jiggly... I
could see her panty line through her gently clinging black skirt, and I
was a happy man.

My gaze then traveled to the center of the back row, to a rather intense
beauty named Amara. She was just taking off her black trench coat to
reveal her white t-shirt, the only source of light in her all black
ensemble. Her long black skirt was too baggy for me to see much of her
lower body, though when she crossed her legs I saw she had a pair of
long black boots on, which I found strangely exciting. She was engaged
in what seemed to be an argument with one of the guys, also a senior,
and her bossy I'm-smarter-than-you attitude seemed a bit of a turn off,
but I had only to look at her beautiful face -- those severe eyebrows,
those soft, pouting lips, that skin as white as Greek marble -- and I
was entranced again by this seventeen-year-old beauty.

"Are you Mr. Jones?" a voice asked behind me, and I whipped my eyes off
Amara's lovely unblemished neck as I spun around to confront the
cheerful voice. My words died in my throat as I saw Megan for the first
time, so I resorted to a lame smile as my gaze frantically tried to take
her all in. You know the type of girls that all guys are supposed to go
for? You know what I mean, the tall, leggy girl with long blond hair,
bright blue eyes, big tits, small waist, mouth made for shouting cheers
and sucking cock? That was never my type, per se, but Megan made it my
type, with her little pink tanktop and jean shorts.... oh god, I swear
I wanted to take her right then and there. I might have, too, had the
seventeen-year-old senior not brushed a long strand of dirty blond hair
behind her pink seashell ear and repeated her question. I shook myself
back to reality.

"Yeah, that's me," I said, trying to sound both authoritative and cool
at the same time. "You're..."

"Megan," she replied. "Do you need someone to lead the warm-ups, or...?"

"Not today," I responded, "but thanks. I'll definitely take you up on it
once the class is in full swing."

She smiled and my heart jumped for joy. "Okay!" she replied cheerily,
and took her seat.

Next to Megan was a long, skinny girl, her long black hair covering her
face as she held her head down. I was about to pass her over when
something told me otherwise. "You awake?" I asked jokingly. She looked
up at me and smiled.

"Sorry. Just a little spacey. I'm Erica." She extended her hand and I
took it, her fingers were long and delicate, like a pianist's. The
sixteen-year-old's beauty was unusual... she had an asian last name but
her features weren't all that Oriental. She was Eurasian, I later
discovered, her dad chinese and her mother white. She had soulful brown
eyes, an aquiline nose, and a cute way of scrunching up her face when
she laughed. She seemed to jump from mood to mood second
seemingly depressed, the next super-perky, spastically so. Maybe it's
something all lanky girls get, but it was like she wasn't used to her
body... she would always be tripping, stubbing her toe, flailing her
arms about... it was really adorable.

In the far corner, two girls sat talking politics or something....
typical high school idealism mixed with typical high school angst. The
one furthest from me was a real quote-unquote alternative girl. She
obviously got her big funky patch-covered jacket at a thrift store
somewhere, same with her tattered jeans. She had short, choppy, reddish
hair, horn-rimmed glasses, carried a lunchbox instead of a backpack or
a purse... you get the idea. Nina -- that was her name -- wasn't as
pretty as some of the other girls, but she had nice, meaty tits and ass,
and this kind of energy... like she was an adventurous spirit or
something... I liked that. The girl she was talking to, Molly, had
nowhere near the curves Nina did, in fact, none at all, but her body was
amazingly hot nonetheless. She obviously wore no bra under her red
tanktop, as her pert little nipples stood out clearly as she shifted in
her seat. Her frame was tiny, just over five feet, and her short, dyed
black hair, only accentuated her pixie-like look, as did her big brown
eyes... they reminded me of those girls in those anime movies.... you
know how their eyes are always big? Anyway, I couldn't see her ass from
how she was seated, but if it was anything like the rest of her tight
little package, I couldn't wait!

Well, I eventually calmed down enough to teach class and it went really
well at first. The kids did the exercises pretty well and while most of
them were just spoiled white kids who didn't want to go to real public
school, I could see that one or two just maybe had the spark to become
a real actor. That was when Sofie came in, late, as was to become her
ritual. Short dyed blond hair, medium height, real skinny, Sofie had a
sort've punk rock feel to her... her collar belt and bracelets were all
studded with metal and she wore one of those thin white wife beater
shirts. She met my eyes and I could see her blue eyes were red with
smoking pot at lunch. She smiled nervously and sat down, so I continued
my lecture. Before long, the bell rang and the students filed out,
leaving me alone with my dirty, dirty thoughts.

A cold shower and one good night's sleep later, I reported in for my
second day of classes. Surely the Basics will be easier, I thought.
They're fourteen year olds, for God's sakes, I won't be attracted to
them. Oh, how wrong I was.

I met the first of them in the hall, outside the gym where the Basics
had class with me. I was early, I guess, and waiting for someone to let
me in to the locked gym, when this INCREDIBLY cute little girl in a baby
tee exposing her light pink midriff and a stylishly retro (and pretty
tightly fitting) pair of jean bellbottoms walked over to the soda
machine and inserted a dollar. Her hair, sort've a blackish-reddish dye
job, was up in little spikes on her head, maybe trying to make her look
a little older, but if so failing utterly... she only looked that much
the more innocent to these lecherous eyes. "Fuck!" she swore, banging on
the machine and dispelling the glow of childlike innocence I had
surrounded her with. "Gimme my change!" She hit it again.

Always the gentleman, I approached the girl and smiled. "Anything I can
do?" Her wide brown eyes gave her the look of a doe, and the little
freckles across her cute nose just about made my heart melt.

"Your machine ate my quarter!" she said, evidently mistaking me for the
soda guy.

"You seem to have me confused with someone else," I said, "I'm the new
acting teacher." Her hand went to her mouth in embarrassment.

"Oh my god, I'm so stupid. I'm sorry. I'm Lily. You must think I thought
that just because you were black--" Her hand went to her mouth again.
"I didn't mean that to sound offensive. I'm such a retard. I'm sorry."

I laughed at her obvious discomfort. "Don't worry about it. I'm Larry."
The bell rang. "Now how do we get into class?"

Once everyone had filed in (the freshmen were a lot more punctual than
the older kids, that was for sure) and taken their seats on the blue
mats set up on the gym floor, I let my eyes roam over the student body
(to use a very old, but reliable, pun). Cute girls clung together, it
seemed. Next to Lily was a really bubbly girl named Jenny with curly
short blond hair, sparkling gray eyes and a huge smile. Not to mention
an orange flower print skirt I could almost see up every time she
adjusted her legs. On Lily's other side was the tiniest girl I'd ever
seen... smaller than even Lily or Molly. She was Filipina I think, and
her name was Tia, her long wavy black hair cascading over her golden
shoulders and her clingy black pants showing off the most amazing little
ass I'd ever seen. And finally, making up the cute foursome, a tall
Mexican beauty named Lucia sat on Tia's left, her full breasts sitting
braless beneath a tie-dyed shirt and her long legs luxuriating in her
home made pants. I'd never gone much for the hippie look, but Lucia
transcended her style with her exotic facial bone structure... she
looked like some ancient Aztec priestess.

The rest of the girls in the class were nothing special... they hadn't
developed that special "thing" yet, that thing that only high school
girls have. Either that or they were just plain unattractive, to be
brutally frank. But those four were more than enough to occupy my mind
as I rattled off my introductory lessons. Time passed, and I had just
about worked all four freshmen into a sweaty mental orgy when the bell
rang. I sighed and packed my bag.

The next day, I gritted my teeth and entered the theatre, where I was to
teach the Intermediate class, ready for more of the same. Sure enough,
I literally bumped into the kind of girl I only dreamed about the second
I stepped in the door. She was short but stacked, and the way her baby
fat still clung to her round face and woman's breasts and ass... the
best of both worlds, let me tell you. She looked up at me with her big
brown eyes and for just a second, I thought I saw a flicker of desire
in them. Stop that, Larry, I told myself, you're just being eager. She
smiled and with a toss of her short blond bob, she turned away. Was it
my imagination, or was this fifteen-year-old sexpot actually shaking
her ass at me as she walked off? Her name was Kelsey, I later learned,
and I resolved to test her 'innocent' flirtation, see what she was
really made of.
A pair of girls onstage were already doing their warm-ups and it was a
sight. The first, Kim, had long brown hair, down to the middle of her
back and was as skinny as a post. The sight of her trim little belly as
her shirt lifted ever so slightly with each stretch drove me crazy and
her nose, which was upturned slightly, gave her a snotty look that I
would have loved to fuck out of her. The other one was skinny too,
with slightly bigger tits under her burgundy armless t-shirt, but it was
her bluejean-clad ass that really grabbed me. It was big for a girl as
small as this one, Melinda, her name was, but it was perfectly shaped,
promising me hours of pleasure if I could just get into those fucking

God, I was getting out of control, I realize now. Just my third day and
I was already desperately trying to come up with some scheme, some
desperate plan that would let me possess even one of these girls. Was I
being too obvious with my staring? I didn't think so, but-- "You gonna
teach us or just stare at her ass?" a voice whispered roughly in my ear.
Let me tell you, I just about jumped out of my skin, if such a thing is
even possible. Now I said earlier that that senior girl Sofie had the
punky look. Let me revise that. Sofie had the store-bought version of
punk, a disenfranchised middle-class revolt against too-strict parents.
But the girl standing behind me as I turned around, Taylor, she was the
real thing. She was one of the juniors that had gotten held back in
Intermediate, and she seemed like the type who didn't really bother much
with school. Her face was pierced in several places... eyebrow, lip, a
spiked stud underneath her lower lip and her hair was chopped short and
died dark blue. Her clothes were baggy and torn... she didn't have the
most healthy lifestyle, it was clear, and she wasn't thin like some of
the other girls, but I didn't mind. Something about her attitude,
combined with the smell of fucking she had on her, drove me crazy.
I could see her heavy tits behind her black t-shirt, and she saw me see
them. "You think you're gonna see these, you're crazy." And with that,
she went back to her seat. Turning my back to the class, I had to tuck
my now-erect cock up under the waistband of my pants. I breathed hard
and turned to teach.

At the end of the day I met with my new boss, the head of the acting
department at the High School of the Arts, a chubby bearded guy named
Brian. He was a bit of a pompous ass, but you get used to such things as
an actor, and, I must confess, I slip into it myself from time to time.
"How was the first week, Larry?"

"Not bad, not bad. I think I can do a lot with these kids."

"Good," he said curtly, and walked off, never guessing the insidious
double meaning behind my words. Of course, I could have never guessed
that those words, that hope, would become a reality sooner than I ever


Stay tuned for Part One.... coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed....


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