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Archived Sex Stories

Larry's story Part 01 or Nina



Hey, this is Larry again. Where was I? Oh, right, I had just finished
my first week of teaching acting classes at the High School of the Arts,
met all the students; met all the girls. Sara, the curvaceous 16-year-
old brunette with that wide smile and cute little blush; Amara, the
pale 17-year-old with the intense, severe beauty of a Greek Goddess;
Megan, 17, radiant in her popularity with long blond hair, big tits, and
shiny blue eyes filled with life and hope; the 16-year-old Erica, lanky
and awkward, fun in a sort of quirky way, but just a hint of sadness in
her soulful brown eyes; Molly, the pixieish 16-year-old with big, anime
eyes and a deliciously tight little body; Sofie, 17, pseudo-punk rock
with studded metal bracelets and collar and really cute, despite (or
because of?) her middle-class, pot-smoking pretensions; Lily, 14, with
probably the CUTEST little face I'd ever seen - big doe eyes, little
freckles on her nose, and the softest looking lips in the world; the
tall Mexican beauty Lucia, braless underneath her tie-dyed shirt, her
body looked much older than her 14 years would suggest; the bubbly
14-year-old Jenny with the curly blond hair and sparkling gray eyes that
somehow managed to be both immaculate and damnably alluring; the tiniest
girl in my classes (in the school?), Tia, a 14-year-old Filipina with
long, wavy black hair and the tightest ass I'd ever seen; Kelsey, the
short, curvy 15-year-old, she may have still had baby fat on her face,
but she moved her body like she knew what she wanted; Kim, 15, skinny as
a post with long straight hair and this bitchy little upturned nose that
made her ridiculously desirable to me; the tough and straightforward
Taylor, 16, hardcore punk and with the smell of fucking always wafting
about her; Melinda, 15 and super-eager in class with a cute little body,
short blond hair, and a pleasantly big ass that looked great in (or
presumably out of... I hoped to find out) jeans; and finally, Nina,
amazingly full of joy even for a 17-year-old's standards, her choppy
reddish hair and funky, alternative style making her irresistible to me.

Now, I know what your thinking. You just read one long-ass sentence,
with what maybe seems like a lot of exaggerated, hyperbolic phrasing.
Maybe you're a little confused? One description running into each other?
Well, that sentence, let me tell you, that sentence read like how I was
feeling after that first week: I was alternately turned on and
confused... the beauty, the beauty itself was, IN FACT, of such an
exaggerated quality as I could hardly believe it myself, being there,
just as you may find it hard to accept so extravagant descriptions of
such a lot of girls. But if you could imagine, just imagine the sensory
confusion you would feel if you were IN such a place where count them,
15 girls this hot were there with you, just LOOKING at you for an hour
at a stretch... well, then maybe you could have some idea what it was
actually like for me. Such is my goal, anyway, in telling this story...
I can only hope that I succeed, in some small measure.

Anyhow, I was in a literal haze of beauty, and the only thing that kept
me grounded those first couple of weeks was the exercises. I knew I was
there to teach and I knew these had helped me in my own training days.
So I gritted my teeth and just taught. Days passed, then weeks. By the
end of the first month, I actually felt like I had gotten some semblance
of control over myself, and was actually starting to enjoy the whole
teaching thing. So much so that I often found myself hanging around
after class, to see if anyone wanted extra help (my official private
sessions hadn't started yet, but I thought what the heck... it was so
much fun, what's a few hours without pay in return for the chance of
helping these kids out?). Of course, even at an arts school, hanging out
voluntarily after school wasn't really the "cool" thing to do, but I put
up flyers on the Drama board nonetheless. I didn't have many takers...
none at all in fact until the Wednesday of my fifth week.

I had just finished my hour with the Intermediate class, where I had
brought in some animal masks to free up the kids' thinking on their
monologues. Most of them felt pretty stupid trying to incorporate animal
behavior into their narrative pieces, but a few really gravitated
towards it, particularly Melinda, who really unlocked the nervousness of
her character with the bunny mask she used. And the sight of her hopping
around, with the bunny ears and the little pink nose... well it was just
adorable. Anyway, so class had finished, the students were filing out,
and I caught Melinda by the shoulder.


She turned and smiled. "That was so much fun today."

"Good, good. I'm glad you liked. How did you feel? With your piece, I

"A little silly, but--"

"Because I thought you really found something today."

"Really? Yeah, it's different... because it's not my usual-- Not the
way I usually move."

"So it freed you up. Good. Well look, just keep moving in that direction.
I think it's a great animal to use for this piece. When it comes time to
actually perform it, you'll have to pull back obviously, but for now see
how far you can take it. Very good work today, though."

Melinda's cheeks turned bright red as she thanked me and left. It made
me feel good to make these kids feel good about themselves. As I glanced
down at the bulge in the front of my pants, though, I realized that
wasn't the only reason I was feeling good. But damnit! No, Larry, I
scolded myself, the girl is only 15! Besides, you're her teacher and
the most she feels for you is respect, if that. I mean, she always
smiled at me, but I think she was just that way... you know, friendly,
flirty, blah blah blah. So I grabbed my bag, getting ready to head home.
Like I said, no one had showed up for my after school sessions in three
weeks now and my wife wanted me to pick up some baby food on the way
home... she forgot. I swear, if that woman's head wasn't attached to her
neck she'd forget it somewhere. Beside the point. So I got my gear,
headed out the door, and literally collided into Nina, sending my papers
flying everywhere.

"Ay! Sorry!" she said with a laugh as she started down towards the pile
of papers at my feet.

"No, no, no. My fault. I'll get 'em." I squatted and started gathering
my papers. One of them was wedged under her purple Doc Martin. I glanced
up at her gray eyes, watching me intently from behind her horn-rimmed
glasses. "Your, um--" I touched her ankle lightly through her jeans and
she drew a quick, barely perceptible intake of breath before noticing
the paper under her boot. She laughed loudly, as was her custom when she
was nervous, and moved her foot.

"Sorry," she said as I stood up, rearranging my papers. "Oh! That one's

I looked down at the paper I was holding to see the monologue Nina was
working on; Cleopatra's monologue to Charmian from Shakespeare's Antony
and Cleopatra. I played Antony myself once off-off Broadway and selected
the piece for Nina myself not because of any physical suggestions of
Cleopatra (far from being dark and slender, Nina had choppy red hair,
milky white skin and a curvy build. Then again, being a black man, I'm
not exactly what most people would think of when they think of the Roman
Mark Antony) but because the speech had a natural sexiness in it that I
saw in Nina. I mean, she obviously had the cuteness of the 17-year-old
funky, alternative girl thing going on, but this was something deeper,
below the skin. I had yet to see any of it from her while working this
piece in class, but I knew it was there. I handed her back her speech.
"Don't lose it now. Have a good one."

"Oh," she said, sounding disappointed. "You aren't doing after-class
sessions today?"

"I'm surprised anyone's even seen the flyers," I laughed. "Yeah, no
one's showed up for three weeks now, so I was gonna call it a day. But
if you feel like working on your piece, I'd be happy to stick around for
a while."

"Really? Rock on!" she said with a big smile.

"Yeah, come on in... I'll be right back. Just gotta tell the janitor to
leave me a set of keys so we can get out."
After spending far too long attempting to communicate with the rather
snippy chinese janitor, I just snagged some keys off the hook and ran
back to the drama room, where I found Nina seated, her nose in some book
called Big Sur... Kerouac I think. "Hey. I'm back. Let's get it on its

Nina appeared surprised as she put her book down. "Just start?"

"Yeah, stand up, whenever you're ready. I'd like to see it once just
where it's at, then we'll work through the beats."

Nina stood up, then gestured to her long 70s flower print coat. "Should

"Yeah, it'll be in your way. And do you need the glasses to see, or--?"

"Oh, no, they're fake." She folded her glasses and set them down, then
took off her coat and tossed it onto the wooden bench next to me,
revealing her shapely body. In addition to her somewhat tattered, but
tightly fitting jeans, Nina was wearing a cream colored tanktop, but it
was silky, almost like a chemise or whatever you call it. In any case,
when she bent down to stretch the loose fitting material hung down,
allowing me an amazing view of the tops of her large, slightly freckled
tits. Even when she wasn't bending over though, her sky blue bra was
easy to distinguish from the lighter colored shirt and it was all I
could do to pronounce "iambic pentameter" correctly. She cleared her
throat and began.

"O, Charmian, where think'st thou he is now?" And so forth. Not awful,
certainly, she had some of the basics down and it was a nice little
piece, but there was something missing.

"Okay, first off... describe in your own words what this speech is

"Well..." She thought for a moment. "Basically Cleopatra is-- I'm
thinking about Antony and how great he is and where he might be."

"And how you want him to think of you, yes, basically. But you're
leaving out a detail, though I know you know it. What's the relationship
between Antony and Cleopatra?"

She laughed again nervously, a short loud bark. "Well they're in love."

"Mm. How much is the love, would you say, intellectual love versus a
real romantic skipping through the daisies love versus a strong physical,
sensual love?"

She paused again, wanting to get the right answer. "Umm... maybe it's
all of them, in a way, because--"

I had to interrupt. "Read me the end of the third line and the whole
fourth line."

She looked down at her text. "From here? 'Is he on his horse? O happy
horse, to bear the weight of Antony!' That part?"

I smiled, looking into her eyes to see if she got it. "Why does
Cleopatra envy the horse?"

"Because... oh!" Bingo. Her face turned red as she realized what a perv
ol' Shakespeare really was. "Because the horse gets the weight of its
rider, Antony, pressed down on top of it like it is when Antony is on
top of her when they're..." She trailed off.
"Exactly." I jumped up and pulled out a small sofa from the props
closet. Nina gave me a strange look, but I ignored it, resuming my seat
on the bench as I gestured for her to move to the sofa.

"Should I sit?"

"Why don't you try it laying down? Not on your back, but recline a
little... get the feeling of a man on top of you... y'know. You'll tell
me if I'm being inappropriate, won't you?"

Nina lounged back in the sofa, spreading her knees apart. "It doesn't
embarrass me, don't worry." She almost sounded sure of herself, but I
could see she was slightly self-conscious. I pretended not to notice and
nodded along... if she wanted to come off like a grown woman, I could
certainly play along. Wait! I thought. She wasn't a grown woman... she
was only 17. But that was almost legal... was legal in some states, and
she looked so good sitting there, watching me. My eyes dropped to the
center of the "V" formed by her open legs; her tight jeans hinting at
the shape of her highschooler's pussylips. I was salivating, and looking
up didn't help either, as her breasts rose and fell behind that
incredibly thin little top with each breath. Above that was her face,
and she was watching me with this coy little expression... did she know
I was looking at her? Did she know I wanted nothing more than to lay on
top of her, to breathe in the sweet smell of her cute choppy red hair,
to tear her clothes off her and bang her until she screamed, begged for
me to stop before she died cumming. "Uhh..." Nina shifted on the couch
nervously. Shit! She was waiting for me to tell her what to do. I thought
"I want you to visualize Antony standing before you, Nina. Really
picture him... his face, his smell, how he touches you." She closed her
eyes and began breathing deeply. She brushed her fingers against the
side of her face, and, I noticed in a moment of delicious pleasure, her
pelvis was rising and falling ever so slightly. So she knew what it
meant to be with a man. She wasn't a virgin. That made my thoughts even
less inappropriate, I thought. "But you can't do the speech with your
eyes closed. Try to picture him... over to the side somewhere, but do it
with open eyes. Really see him." She looked off to one side and her
breathing increased. But judging by where her eyes were looking, her
Antony would only be about four feet tall. "I think you're making him a
little short there," I laughed.

Nina let out a groan of frustration. "I hate this part! Picturing people
that aren't there... we don't have to do it in real life, and it's
fucking impossible!" She caught herself. "Sorry, it's just..."

"No, no," I reassured her. "You're right. If this were the whole play
and not just a speech, you'd have an actual Antony. Here, I'll stand up.
Just look at me. Use my body, just, you know, give me your boyfriend's
face or something."

Nina stared up at me. "I don't have a boyfriend."

"Picture whoever, then. Now start." She started her speech, and as she
did, I gave her verbal instructions: "He's standing close to you now...
you can feel his eyes on you, feel him want you." Her hips jerked,
though very slightly. "He moves closer to you," I continued, and
incredibly, I found myself taking a step towards her. This is just for
motivation, I thought to myself, as I took another slow, deliberate step.
Nina started practically moaning her words as my dark brown eyes
devoured her fragile gray ones. "Start from the top," I demanded, "and
really feel him on you this time." She complied. "Want him. Feel him
moving closer--" I came even closer.

"Stands he or sits he?" Nina gasped. I sat next to her on the couch. "Or
does he walk? Or is he on his horse? O, happy horse, to bear the

"Again! Feel the weight!" I whispered into her ear, pushing a curl of
her reddish hair out of the way. "Feel his hot breath on you."


"Make that O bigger!" I hissed, my face centimeters away from hers.
"Feel him on top of you."

She made a tiny little sound like an animal whimpering. "O--"

"Feel him!" And without even thinking, just some animal instinct, my
left hand shot between her spread thighs, pressing my thumb against the
thin layer of jean and panty covering Nina's clit.

"O!" she shrieked, and my blood ran hot with desire and fear, "Happy
horse, to bear the weight of Antony!"

Realizing what I'd done, I pulled my hand away quickly, trying to come
up with an excuse, but all I could think to say was: "Yes. You got it."

And then she was on me. Her lips mashed against mine as she straddled me,
her tongue sliding into my mouth. Almost automatically, I began to run
my fingers through her short hair, to kiss her more passionately. Her
fingers worked at the buttons of my shirt frantically and I felt my cock
stiffen beneath my jeans. Nina pulled back from me, hungry eyes locked
with mine, her ample chest heaving with excitement. "I want you," she
said. I undid the last two buttons myself, shrugging my shirt off my
shoulders as she pulled her own off over her head.

The sight of those ripe breasts practically bursting out of the
undersized sky blue bra drove me over the edge, and I lunged for her,
burying my face in those magnificent breasts... kissing, sucking... I
pushed my tongue into the tight crack of her cleavage and she let out a
low moan. It was about this time that she began moving on top of me,
bucking her hips in a slow, steady motion, rubbing herself against my
now noticeably hard cock. She began kissing my neck. "Oh, Nina," I
moaned as her tongue traced swirls on the side of my neck. "Yeah." I
slid my hands down the back of her jeans and thrust up against her,
squeezing her luscious white ass in my hands.

"Mmm," she moaned, increasing her speed. I followed suit. "Oh, God...

"Yeah, baby, that's good." I kissed her roughly as our rubbing became
more violent. She tried to say something, but all she could get out were
incomprehensible moans as our lips remained locked. "Nina, yeah..." I
began to feel the first stirrings of an orgasm, and I slowed my pace,
then stopped altogether, lifting Nina off me. I didn't want to come just
yet. "Take off your clothes," I demanded, and Nina complied, taking off
her shoes before standing up in front of me.

God, she was sexy! Her misty gray eyes, creamy skin, beautiful breasts,
heart-shaped mouth, and those beautiful hands. I watched those hands as
she unbuckled her belt. I watched them as they undid the button of her
pants. I watched them as they drew down her zipper in one swift motion.
And I watched them as they slid her pants and sky blue panties down
around her ankles. She stood again, and without a word she stepped out
of her clothes and walked to the bench and grabbed her big 70s trench
coat. Then I got that wonderful, joy-filled Nina smile, but touched with
an impishness I had never before seen in her. She spread the big funky
coat on the floor and lay down, spreading her legs and beckoning me with
a single crooked finger. Damn, she was good, I thought to myself with a
grin. Her smell wafted towards me, and my cock could stand imprisonment
no more. I stood, unbuttoning my pants and sliding them down around my
ankles. I kicked off my moccasins, then my pants, as Nina's eyes roamed
all over my body, lingering particularly on the large bulge in the front
of my tight black bikini briefs.

"You like my body, Nina?"

"Oh yeah."

The briefs came off. A smile appeared on her face as she saw my 8-inch
cock standing at attention. "Tell me you want my cock."

"I want your cock."

"Tell me you want my thick black cock."

"Oh... Larry... please give me your big black cock."

"Where do you want it? Where, Nina?" I teased her as I walked to where
she was laying, standing above her stroking my cock.

"Shut up and fuck me. Now!" I laughed at her hormone-loaded impatience
as I got to my knees between her legs, then laid on top of her. I kissed
her slowly, sweetly, a gentle war between rival tongues, running my
fingers along her sides and sending shivers down her spine. One of her
hands wrapped itself around my tool and guided it to her entrance, which
I could see was dripping wet from all that rubbing. I circled my hips
slightly, angling so that my cockhead teased her clit. "Oh! Mm!" she
gasped, raising her hips against me. As she lowered them I pushed
forwards, sliding a good four inches of my cock into her with a single
motion. "Yes!" she shrieked.

I began kissing her neck with abandon, leaving a trail of little red
marks down to her shoulder, where I bit down gently as I pulled out a
bit, then slid back in, this time all the way. "Jesus! Oh!" Nina yelled.
I grabbed one of her breasts roughly as I began to pump her with
increasing passion. She began grunting and gasping with each thrust,
raising her hips weakly to meet my powerful thrusts. "Uhh... uhh... uh.
Uh. Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah! Oh... oh... oh. Yes. Yes! Larry!"

"Oh! Damn! Yeah, Nina... so... good!" I grunted hoarsely as I began just
slamming down into her with all my might. I attacked her lips, biting
and tugging at them, and she responded by digging her fingers into my
back as she wrapped her legs around me and fucked for all she was worth.
"Baby..." I gasped. "I love... your tight little pussy. Your little...
ohh... white... seventeen-year-old pussy... mmm... God..."

"Mm! Mmm! Mm! Ah! Larry! Fuck... me. Ah... yeah... God. Yeah. Fuck! Me!
Yes! Ah! Ah!" She wrapped her arms around my head and dragged me towards
that sweet little mouth of hers. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders
as I kissed her, pulling her down towards my cock as I continued my long
deliberate strokes inside her. She grabbed my ass and pushed me deeper
inside her further than I'd even thought possible... our bodies were
mashed together... we became one. The feeling of her hot, sweaty breasts
pressed against my chest was indescribable... I had to possess her
utterly, desperately.

Like an animal in heat, she pulled me into her again and again, crying
out as my meat spread her wider than she'd ever been before as I plowed
into her. Our bellies, slick with sweat, slapped against each other in
the sweet music of utter lust. "Damn! Yeah!"

"Aahg! Ooh! Ooh! Yeah... yeah... yeah! I'm... close!" She began hitting
my back with her open hands in time with my deep thrusts. "Keep. Fucking.
Me! Oh, Larry, yeah! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Harder! Harder! Mmf! Ahh!
Ah! Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Please! Yes... Ah! Larry!"
My head was next to hers, and I could swell the sweet smell of her
shampoo mingling with her sweat. "God! Nina!" I gasped into her ear as
her pussy began squeezing my cock rhythmically. "Sweet... ahh... pussy!
Gotta... oh. Oh yeah.... yes, God.... fuck yeah... yeah baby, yeah...
I'm gonna make you come... oh... so fucking hard... ahh!"

Nina's eyes rolled up into her head as her body began jerking spastically
beneath me. I felt her vaginal walls contract, squeezing me tightly
inside her, and I knew it was a big one. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she
shrieked as I continued to pound into her. I leaned back onto my knees
and lifted her legs in the air as I slid in and out, faster and faster
as her orgasm continued to shake her body. "Larry! Larry! So big! You're!
Ohhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Uhhnn! Uhn! Oh! Oh!" Her tits were jiggling as her
body shook with my animal lust. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I could hardly control myself any longer... I felt the orgasm well up
in my balls as they slapped against her once creamy white ass, now red
with rubbing against her coat. "Come on... baby... fuck me... yeah...
Nina! Oh, Nina!"

"God! Oh! Yeah! God!" she shrieked, and that did it.

"Fuck yeah!" I had just enough time to pull out before my cock erupted
forth, squirting my hot cum all over her belly and tits. Though she was
still trembling with her own orgasm, Nina reached out and milked my cock
dry with her fist. This girl was gonna make some guy a great wife someday,
I thought, and told her so. She looked at me seriously.

"Are you proposing?" She let out a big laugh. "I'm only kidding!"

"I know," I said, though I did have a moment's fantasy of trading the
headaches of my own marriage for a life of banging this hot 17-year-old.
Then again, I thought as I bent over her and parted her chapped pink lips
with my tongue, who said I couldn't have both? I remembered the next day
was Thursday, and I didn't have any classes. I stood up and walked over
to my pants. "You're not going to school tomorrow, right?"

She looked up at me with a moment's confusion before smiling wickedly.
"Nope. I'm gonna be sick. My mom leaves for work at ten."

"Excellent." I zipped up my fly. "I'll be there at 10:30."


Stay tuned for Part Two.... coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed...


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